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What are your thoughts on Prince Andrew’s actions regarding Prince William?
It takes someone to defend the family and PW is the right person to do that. We are just born into the family, but the person is responsible for their own actions. I might not be Royal but I know how PW feels. We can choose our friends, ut we can’t choose our family. Both Andrew and Harry are old enough to know what they have done. The Queen must be happy that the throne will be passed to PW, after his father, and with Catherine by his side they will be the right ones in the throne
Laura Tibbles
I think William is in the correct track as for as his uncle is concerned and since he has bonded forces with his father all the more reason for much distance be put between Andrew and the family
Carl Jensen
This “settlement” is completely unacceptable. This was statutory rape.
Elaine Murphy
Oh William good for you, your decisions are so right when it comes to Andrew.
Edzashed Fudwinkle
What about the honours clubs & schools opposed on and returned to The Palace, 30+ sent them back not wanting to be associated with him, that was Andys last day as a Royal
Joanne Murdock
What!? Andrew had vision s of stealing the throne! ? Impossible!
Laura 55
Seems William was right about (uncle Andrew) , even children know if something about someone is not quite right.
Andrew has embarrassed the Royal Family numerous times! Thank God he is done!
Celsa Caunedo
William good for you, just because someone is “family” if they stray from the right path we don’t have to like them or support them, I feel bad for his mother the queen and his daughters, may God help them dealing with this and guide them, blessings🌈🌈
The British Press called him Randy Andy for years and the public lapped it up, stop feigning shock.
Sheila Gravely
Charles nor Andrew should Ever be King!! William will make a wonderful king.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😘💚
Laffy Taffy
Down with Randy Andy, the friends he keeps the lies he tells, I wonder If he’s sweating yet?
Annette Olson
That’s okay Andrew, you have your teddy bear’s support.
Rubber Ducky
William has his mother’s heart 💙
momzi Thomas
I’ve had to remove myself from members of my family. Much more peaceful now
Don’t worry Prince William, because of Prince Andrew’s poor judgement his goose is cooked! Do as you’re doing ignore any questions about your uncle!
Victor Leitao
Who in their right mind would want Andrew to be king. He is now way down the line. He could be, “From a Jack to a King.”
blanca bulgrin
This is the biggest looser next to charles , all andrew cares about is money and fame . You can see it in his face , he never has a good expression never makes eye contect all he sees money n girls , and hiding behind his mother staying close to her . Charles will throw him out in a second once she’s gone. No more living high .
Roy Pereira
Prince Andrew appears to have a persona of hatred and anger, more evil deep rooted within him. Good riddens!
Corina Popescu
Anyone think it interesting that Andrew’s oldest has moved to Frogmore and is with Harry & Meghan in California after being “deeply troubled” about her dad’s behavior. My opinion? She wants to talk to Oprah. Not about the royal family but about Andrew and he will then be out completely
Renata Tarnawski
Let’s see IF William and Catherine will feel the same about Gratefulness and the monarchy When it pertains 2 his Own kids AS they Grow!! Somehow I feel that Charlotte is the most entitled of the 3 kids
Cheryl Callahan
The List Prince Andrew 🤴 appreciate your commentary Listening from Mass USA TYVM 💙 list
Love Prince William and Catherine, they will be just like Queen Elizabeth 11 and put duty and service over everything else!
Pride of Durham
So Randy Andy has settled out of court.Proving he is guilty.The mighty dollar talks.
Andrew and Virginia have just settled out of court, a disappointing end to the case where just like Michael Jackson, Andrew can still say he’s not guilty but is settling to save the royals from embarrassment. It’s hard to say that justice has been served where it’s all about money and not transparency.
Heather H
Diana had a soft spot for Andrew because they played together growing up. She set Sarah up with Andrew, a true love match. I wonder what Diana would have thought of Andrew now.
Sebastian Zimsen
So it had nothing to do with him being punished except she wanted more money.
Kostya Fedorov
Желаю Принцу Андрю выиграть суд и все для него хорошо закончилось
Peekaboo Parrots
So basically no one likes Prince Andrew lol. Except HMTQ and his kids..Possibly Fergie too
Pamela Simpson
Can you imagine…if Andrew were to become King? Oh, my. What a mess that would be.
Andrew did a pay out – why if you were not guilty?! Even if no one wants to drag the RF into an embarrassing situation in court he obviously did something
caroline welham
Charles should opt to step aside for William.
Greta Persaud
I Think William Should Be King
Kate French
OH dear this doesn’t bode well for the Monarchy. It seems William and his father are more into making decisions based on their personal feelings, likes and dislikes no matter how it seems to the world. I like someone below also wonder if this would be their feelings and actions if this was one of William’s kids. We already know that Charles is bending over backwards for Harry who’s certainly ungrateful and has made that very public. As for Andrew I’ve never heard him utter one word against anyone in the Family, never heard him complain about how they are treating him or heard him whine about how this makes it harder on him because they world has seen his mother, brother, nephew abandon him in such a public way. We certainly can’t say that about Harry now can we?
Celia Gorleski
I know I’m a dreamer but I wish that Andrew is complete innocent. The picture looks to me like a girl who was so excited to get her picture tsken with a Prince and he had so many pictures with strangers that he can’t remember every person. Wish he and Fergie could remarry and live happily ever after as the Duke snd Duchess of York.
Kim Peixotto
What! I’m Shocked!😂
Colin garner
William is fundamentally a descent man , Andrew is not !
Janell Evans
Sorry, he has always seemed to be a wannabee. Sorry, his girls got a shirt shrift.
Let’s see if William and Catherine feel the same way about gratitude and the monarchy as their own children grow up!! Charlotte seems to me to be the most entitled of the three children.
Brenda Needle
No disrespect for the Queen, by why is Andrew her favorite child. The day Fergie and Andrew got married and were on the balcony, Andrew had to get even more attention, by cupping his ear, as if he couldn’t hear the crpud cheer. What an obnoxious person. He laps up all the attention he can get. I agree with Prince William, that Andrew could be a danger to the Monarch. Andrew needs to get that chip off his shoulders. Stating that itvwas “convenient to stay at Epstein’s house has sealed his guilt with me. He couldn’t come up with a better excuse than that? He ” wanted ” to stay at Epstein’s house. The Queen is adored the world over, and so polite, again I can’t see why Andrew would be her favorite..he is nothing like the Queen.
Ralph Owens
What about the bloody rumors about himself??
Sorry, but it’s sick that Willian and his family will not have to bow down to his mother’s mistress as their Queen. Sick, sick, sick!
Virgo Catleesi84
Oh, snap! Who needs HBO when you have the real life Game of Thrones going down in Club Windsor?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
B. Redewill
Diana had great sons, both great in their own way
I think Prince William is right about Prince Andrew. I think Andrew is a pervert and he looks like a very angry man since he got busted. I don’t care who you are, if you commit a crime then you deserve to be locked up. Look at all of the pictures of Andrew and see how mad he looks. He knows he lost so much for doing what he did. He needs to be held accountable.
Terry Turner
I believe Charles has always had serious issues with his brother Andrew.
Mama Hens Catholic Teaching
Philip himself took himself out of royal duties by befriending human traffickers and using their product which happened to be a 17-year-old girl
debra baird
They are supposed to remove him from Windsor soon.
James L Lafferty
I always liked Andrew, it’s such a shame that girl got him into trouble.
Merryl Cash
It’s time Andrew take up some charity work and do something worth while for the planet and people and get of the golf course and the couch potatoes roll That he being doing for years it won’t improve with a remarried to Sarah either he needs the change direction and do something positive with his life
What utter nonsense very little of this is true
Ann Matthews
Andrew is clearly unstable looking at his past He is of no value to the Royals Let him go just like Haz and Meg
Dene Neal
ANDREW IS A BUFFOON ( IMO), He’s a Creeper !!!
Janis H
Drama, drama, drama! I’m sorry that their family problems get air in public. They are people just like you and me, they are humans not autonomous robots. Please just let them be.
Judith Thann
The laws are only for servants.
Andrew is a selfish man he wants everything for his self and he think he above the law
Gmail User
Anne is the first child. Charles is the second.
Sugar snap
They Yorks are a sneaky bunch .
Gainsborough Line
Snakes & ladders……. the lot of them 🤣😂
Richard Grainger
Prince Andrew no longer has to worry, he has more on his plate, Queen Elizabeth II with his brothers help and nephew, took his title’s or can they?