The Queen could pay for Prince Andrew’s settlement with Virginia Giuffre in sex abuse lawsuit – Blog

A Girl Gossips

It’s so bothersome the “I would” comments…the truth is, NONE of us can intelligently say what we would or wouldn’t do in this situation. I don’t think Virginia is lying, I never have.
Finn Ister
Clearly there’s more than meets the eye here. In my point of view, the firm is behind the settlement and will probably upfront a large amount of the money. Clearly, Andrew would have made a fool of himself in court and that would have been a disaster for the image of the monarchy. It doesn’t change the fact that he is definitely guilty, at least in my opinion. All the rumors that have been spreading over rhe years involving his character and dubious connections are too many to be unfounded. The lack of empathy he showed during his catastrophic interview towards Epstein’s victims, his pathetic excuses concerning his so called medical condition and pizza express alibi… the man is clearly delusional if he believes for a second that we are so gullible to take it all in ! He may be the Queen’s son and she no doubt loves him unconditionally, still she should listen to the people of York and demand that parliament revoke his dukedom, then send him into exile somewhere in the Commonwealth, far from England.
SpockvsMcCoy Kirk
The British taxpayers settled this lawsuit.
You don’t settle if you’re not guilty. Victims do sometimes want to testify because they want justice and to inspire other victims to come forward.
Suren Moodley
Why pay a settlement to somebody who you insist you’ve NEVER met (despite photographic evidence to the contrary…) ?? 🤔🧠
I think the first caller may not have a good understanding of the realities for victims of sexual abuse and victims of sexual trafficking. For her to say Virginia G, had she been so traumatized, would never go to court is an example of the caller’s lack of understanding.
Toni A.
I don’t believe for one moment that Randy Andy is still the queen’s favorite. She may love him as a mother but is under no illusions about his character or lack thereof. I strongly suspect her favorite is actually William.
trevor cox
Run to mummy , what a sad image if a man . My mum is gone now but I NEVER ever expected her to bail me out of a problem I caused myself. He should be utterly ashamed
steve campbell
The Balmoral Estate in Scotland which is the Queens personal property (Not part of the Crown estate) is bigger than Greater Manchester!
HRH: He’s Really Heinous. $10 Million. Wonder if he is still the Queen’s favorite son? He could get a job selling “Chuckey” dolls.
Maryanne Melenka
That doesn’t matter, he is her son, he’s already spent his own. I would do same for my child. He was stripped of duties, meaning an income. That’s nobody’s business. And how much settlement was. There’s other issues in the world leave this family to their privacy.
S Sartré
cutting the video when that woman was saying the truth about the Queen …. I want to hear the rest.
El Loco
If the scumbag paid an estimated £12m because he’s innocent, just imagine the amount he would have paid when guilty!
Max Fitnesstraining
Why on earth would he agree to pay someone he’s never even met millions? 🤔 surely those Waiters at Pizza Express Woking can vouch for his whereabouts on the particular night he was there 20 years ago..
linda chapman
Omg! When will it all stop 🤦🏻‍♀
Starla Baucum
The queen hasn’t addressed Andy’s debauckle nor will she ever!!! You don’t settle if your innocent. Once again no consequences and the royal brat gets to stay in a dang palace. His mummy pays his debt again!!!! He’ll be sentenced to the chalet. Awww yes the royal mess!!!
Sandy Low
Yeh she could ten times over but how mutch of it comes oot of the national purse 👹🤬🤬🤬
It wouldn’t be right for the Queen to pay for the settlement. I hope she says no
Judite Marchany-de Castro
If they are so rich then why do the people of England support them. why do they take money from the people who go without
Let’s hope the taxpayer’s money goes to the “charity” that Virginia has.
Simon Parker
Why do they keep saying there’s no way back for him? No way back to what? He did sod all of any use like the rest of his family.
So embarrassing
we taxpayers will pay for this. That’s what we peasants are for right?
Angela Hogben
Of course he’s guilty no one pays millions to someone they don’t know that’s insane
Hansel Mansell
So basically our money 💰
He is a “privet citizen ” so Stop addressing him as prince andrew perhaps former prince would suffice. .
Gillian Hamilton
A cautionary tale of misplaced trust. The real vilains are dead or behind bars. End of story.
Carolyn Boyce
This whole drama is what killing the queen along with the lost of her husband. Leave Harry and Meghan out of this drama and MESS.
Trevor Whateley
What!!!!! Is that coming from publics purse???
Greta Hassock
Well I don’t think its an admission it’s a conclusion
He should be known from now on as Commoner Andrew with no titles
Hieu Vu
It’s not a good year for someone whose names are Andrew.
mark cunneen
It won’t stop straight forward shooting weekends will it, mummy?
Carol Townsend
Down with the CROWN—
twingy twango
Why is the gal in the red floral dress so aggressive in defending her opinion? What’s up with that on the air ???? What’s her problem???
John Graham
jerery vine,hows your goggle box going,all your rich friends in london
Sandy Low
Send no sweaty Andy to the Tower and Ave iz heed aff 🤣🤣🤣
Pink Cat
12 million pounds.
zeba wasay
It’s draction from Boris
Cheryl Telfer
Bring H&M home because they’re better than Andrew.
John Graham
jeremy vine gogglle box? sorry your a celebrity getting paid £15000 a month,with celebs for you to promote your career,dont you find this ,mybe you can ask Sir Tom jones
Pink Cat
3 fcuks, 12 million bucks.
Karen Christopher
H&M wanted to profit off the monarchy – NOT THE SAME