Former royal butler questions Giuffre settlement over fears court case would ‘overshadow’ Jubilee – Blog

Bri Mcilroy
We see again that money talks and Andrew says he had no recollection of this woman and denied ever meeting or knowing her and yet he settle for probably millions and I would of thought anybody innocent would fight their corner but no richboy pays his way out as he’s guilty as sin.
Gavin Scrimgeour
This must have been such an inconvenience to him caused by us “little people”.
jack goeswalkies
So you can commit a crime then pay them off most ppl can’t do that and have to face to the consequences a perfect example of if you are rich the law means nothing
Sharon Noble
And to think that his train wreck of an ex wife went on social media defending her knight in shining armor calling him the most principled man she has ever known. She must be rubbing elbows with the absolute dredges of society!
Does this mean he accepts her claims and is paying for them and has he paid her legal bill too? Who knows! Not me.
malcolm holder
There are a few unresolved issues here, where is the money coming from, what will he do going forward, what effect will this have on the remaining Royals? So, if the Queen pays then that could cause a constitutional crisis in a jubilee year and just give more ammo to the republicans. A job for him on one of the Royal Estates would seem to be the only option away from public gaze, he made a balls up of promoting British Business around the world and no country wants him as Governor or Ambassador. The remains Royals need to circle the wagons with The Princess Royal, Prince Charles and Prince William and his wonderful wife and get out and support the Queen and the people to ensure the continuation of the institution. They also need to cut out H&M and stop reacting to everything they say ignore them completely and they will lose relevance very quickly. Andrew in Scotland or Sandringham also ensures he fades from public thought.
I want to know who is paying this, if it is the Queen then this is a constitutional crisis issue, as the Sovereign would be paying a woman whom her Son allegedly had unlawful sex within the USA. If that is not a problem I do not know what is. If he has no money of his own, who is paying?
Innocent men don’t hand over £20M – period !
Darren Neil
Way to look guilty Andrew! Epstein, Maxwell, Andrew. The company we keep says a lot about us. Allegedly of course.
Mary Clynch
The damage to the Royal Family has already been done.
Furious Styles
Guilty as sin would any normal person settle for millions out of court to somebody they never met.
The Judge
Tarnished forever. If he wasn’t guilty he should have gone to trial in court. The fact he’s settled out of court may seem to most that he’s accepted he was actually guilty.
So guilty as sin just as we all knew! No rich person gives money away without a fight.
Press To Delete
Sparing the Queens blushes is clearly far more important than silencing accusations that could otherwise end in a criminal court, as seen with Bill Cosby previously.
Tony Sheerness
Once the accusations are made it should have gone to court these out of court settlements just proves if you are rich enough you can buy your way out.
“That’s the only reason I can assume this happened” – what about the fact he might be guilty? I know GBNews has a hard-on for the monarchy, but come on challenge your guests
Andrew Walton
To ordinary people this will look like a pay off by a guilty prince. Money can clearly buy you virtually anything . The pay off is tantamount to an admission of guilt. Absolutely appalling. He is finished for life after this.
King Brian
Poor people would have been extradited to the USA to answer the charges.
Steve w
A former “Royal Butler’ SHOCKED by this settlement???? I don’t think it comes as much of a shock to most of us. We’ve all heard of the MBE Award maybe they ought to introduce another the MBD (Manipulative. Bewildered. Deluded.) Which seems to illustrate Andrew’s response to this lawsuit! It would seem there’s adequate space on his numerous uniforms to pin the new award! Are we really surprised by this settlement despite his assertions of innocence and intentions to robustly defend himself in court and Ms Guiffre’s insistance that she would not settle unless he acknowledged and apologised for his actions.
Craig Stevens
I reckon he offered her unlimited trips to Pizza Express
Christine Keenan
Isn’t it fergie that’s settled with her ?? Big difference x
Le Sigh
This is Giufres career. Compromising powerful men in her former career as a high class tart, then blackmailing them with reputation damaging lawsuits unless they keep paying her hush money.
Errol O'Driscoll
Gary Glitter Prince Andrew Michael Jackson two of them could afford a top lawyer one of them is banged up the three of them as bad as one another
Helen Hills
Even if PA wan the jury’s trial, a lots of private things would be dragged out and made public. That’s why the woman insists on a law case she is certain to gain. This kind of thing has the nature that the more you wash it, the more muddy it becomes. The quick settlement without an apology from PA as demanded previously by her lawyer indicates the case is weak and the settlement is not as large.
Carmel Grace
Won’t matter if the Monarchy is abolished.
Dawn C
Vg crapped herself when he insisted on a jury trial…I think she ran to prince andrew and said give me 500k and I’ll go away like I did with epstein….he’s apologised for his connection to epstein but not to vg as he did nothing wrong!
Michael Taylor
Andrew has been told to settle
Moss Head
Just proved your guilty Randy Andy.
carol Brewster
He guilty as sin she say never the money but go that bigs pay out
Thought he lost all Royal titles
James Helm
It is the same as a guilty plea,
Hey Andrew, can I have 20 million quid please, you’ve never met me either ? 😂🤣
steve F darby
I bet he’s sweating now.
john bellamy
of course he is guilty. mummy would pay.
Karl Newsome
But,but he was innocent remember………🤔🤔🤔
Irving Clarendon
The Prince is not innocent and he knows it. The Prince should start some enterprise in farming or land restoration. .
Mr C
One must get over such trifles, one has a life to lead and one needs a few holidays, ‘and’ one needs mummy to spend the peoples money to help one out a bit now and again,….one seriously does deserve this type of help as one was born to it!
Fiona Saunders
High time Prince Andrew, does meaningful charity work,with out any press coverage .He is a out of date playboy . Disgraceful behavior for far too long.
Fiona Saunders
Why doesn’t Prince Andrew do meaningful charity work , with out all the press coverage.High time he rolled his sleeves up instead of a out of date playboy.
What comes next – a 365 days a year holiday. Retire! – spend time in other countries – my arse.
Steven Robertson
They could never have allowed him to take the stand, he would have embarrassed the royal family and the nation, he is nor the brightest chap in the world.
HARRY carry
So now he admits it? That means he was also lying!!
Saint Cedd
He’s taken the cowards way out ……….. we knew he would ! He’ll be keeping his ‘ title ‘ then ?
Jeffrey Goggin
He was always going to pay her off
maxwell geary
Statistics and Court history tell us that between 70 and 90% of these cases are settled out of court. If he went ahead with the case either way it would have gone to appeal all the time overshadowing the Jubilee. One other point she has adamantly claimed from the start that it wasn’t about money. The one thing we dont jnow is who instigated settlement? If she was so adamant for justice why settle out of court. Im not saying she right or wrong innocent or guilty but everything you claim against one is also true of the other. The one absolute we take from this is we dont know and will never know because everything is now speculation.
John M
He would lose the court case thats why it happened. Get a grip !!!
Robert Norman
Makes him guilty we new any way
easy tiger
Get away with anything if you have enough money 💰
Mark Fru
Everyone will now think he is guilty, faced with his situation, i would have settled to, after all, the judge did rule VG was a victim, and that was before any evidence has been presented, the judge ruled that her book could not be entered into evidence, he also ruled any of her statements could not be entered as evidence and he also ruled that none of her confessions could be entered as evedence including her confession and admission to under aged child sex trafficking for Epstien, sorry but i do not see he had a choice, the sadest thing is, everyone seems to have forgotten about all of those things. I think he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t, if he did fight the charges, he would have lost far more money in leagal fees than paying her off, she settled for five hundred thousand with epstien and he was worth far more than Andrew , i would say she settled for about the same with Andrew, i doubt it was millions… i would also say, he made the best decision he could under the circumstances
To me, that just says that he’s guilty until proven innocent.
Robert Waye
Admission of guilt what was he afraid of .
Jackie Wiliams
Maybe the Giuffre team showed their trump card and he would have been a shit witness, lets have it right.
Helen Wangui Muturi
How can an innocent person pay any amount of money out of court? I smell shite
John Graham
What chance did he get of a fair trial in the US?
Melody Macken
He has to make a living… doesn’t he, or, is he going to be paid to go away and be quiet.
Samantha Thompson
Come on people. This was settled because of the royal family and more so the Queen. Andrew wanted it to go to court! Obviously advised to settle. But please bear in mind this woman already had a settlement years previous! Her solicitor stated that court or not win or lose she wanted a settlement anyway. So if all this is true and you were abused you would not settle and you’d stop at nothing to get it to court…..this was all about the money honey!!!! Also where are the names of all the other high profile abusers or is it a case of got photo go for royal guaranteed payout!! WHO ARE THE OTHERS!!!!
Remo Rossi
😂🤣😂🤣😂😂 never heard such rubbish money talks and you walk away free that’s what people do when you have Billions
Cynical Dude
Please stop talking about this and start talking about Bill Durham and the crooked Clinton campaign.
Brooke Angel
Them and us! It will remain this way no matter what we think.
Maria Dublin
Money talks crime walks
Jeremy Hooton
He should be in jail. Typical! just pay yourself out of trouble
Mister Man
He is another rich “pero” this kind of thing has been going for centuries
Flirty Girl2
Tarnpir Lane
At the end of the day…it’s all about money.
Tony Porter
So he lied in his interview. Now he’s admitted it paid for by the Tax payer, via his Mother.
Donna H
The Firm is tying up loose ends. No matter the outcome of the trial, Prince Andrew can’t come back to public life so why go through all the dirty laundry from both parties.
So butler running defence for a royal. Disgraceful.
all bow to the supreme leader
An innocent person doesn’t pay for something he hasn’t done just proves he is guilty and as usual the tax payer will have to fund this
Alan 59
Can he now travel to the United States ?
Andrew let his little head tell his big head how to behave He’s paying the price
Rubbish. If Andrew went to court he would lose.
David Wood
Suppose the propaganda will start to rebuild his public image and make us all forget about this. A bit like Charles and Camilla.
Tytz UP
So he’s guilty then.
Michael Ayling
Because he’s guilty.
rosemary raynor
With jobs and businesses lost, suicides up and people dying without getting to say goodbye to their loved ones two years of restrictions and liies form the Government (i could list a lot more)…are you seriously asking us to feel sorry for the Queen.
small feet
no court case after i bought the popcorn ,
Bert Kibbler
It has overshadowed the queen’s jubilee. It’s time all the royals retire.
Isambard Hooper
I hope he is never seen in public again
D J Art
I thought she wanted justice? Some people have a price after all
Andrew Newbury
So this woman who said it was all about principles and helping other women. Now settles for ANOTHER payout……….Very confused after her being adamant she wanted her day in court and bleating on about principles………………this is not a great day for women.if he is guilty then she should have seen it through and settled for less money………..another priveleged person gets a get out of jail card because money talks
william moseby
Lets be honest, this situation could happen to many innocent men. At 17 not exactly a child in British law.
Sausage fingers
If this has been settled financially does that mean she was payed off with tax payers money because he does not have his own money
james caley
Wealthy people almost always settle, that is why they are a target for lawsuits like this.
andy jennings
Still no talk about who the kiddies were trafficked for!
Songs Coops
Money money money..
This proves she was not after justice for the victims of abuse she was just after the money.
Seattle Roller Derby Fan
I’m not sure this was a good decision for us women.
Viggó Jörgensson
Her Majesty the Queen should meet mrs. Giuffre. And give her medal for work against abuse of youth and children. And make her dame Giuffre.
ian morrison
It was only ever about the money for her, not justice for women or anyone else.
Dale Skidmore
Nothing has been proven, but a lot has been intimated.
Never heard so many working class people with chips on their shoulders as in these comments section.