Where did the money for Prince Andrew’s legal settlement come from? – Blog

Adam Richardson
Behind the scenes we know the Royals, perhaps the Queen herself offered to pay that $12 million to close the case, to salvage the establishments reputation.
Laura Aston
The monarchy are very wealthy and they should refund the subjects for all the monies spent on Andrew when travelling and being with Epstein.
Micheal Currie
Tax payer’s. Just footed the bill for his sexual endeavours. What a sanctimonious James hunt.
His years of hard, diligent work… 😂
When the queen dies, the monarchy should be dismantled.
mel grant
Only andrew can pay off his victim and call.it an act of charity 😊
brad shefmire
Winning’s one thing – collecting can be a whole other problem.
Jānis Bērziņš
Everyone else would go to jail, but not rich.
janet clough
After the Queen I believe the monarchy should be fazed out, the French had the right idea. We don’t need them, they need us. Saying they make us money with tourism is stupid, those Americans would have much more fun having a good run of their palaces and large stately homes, think of the money we could make and keep, not giving it to them to live the high life, while alot of us are starving and freezing. Enough is enough
Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions may be based only on considerations of the common good. Article first DECLARATION OF HUMAN AND CIVIC RIGHTS OF 26 AUGUST 1789 Excuse my French 😉
Cejay Deo
Poacher turning gamekeeper won’t work with Randy Andy
norma desmond
the money came from his mother. And this was really the only way to handle this situation. But he’s over, I guess and hope. Disgusting behavior.
Harry Callahan
Virginia “It’s not about the money, I want justice” Then she gladly takes 12 million. Didn’t this girl throw 9 of her own friends under the bus and encouraged them to lie about their ages? Hmm…right little schemer.
Gerry Powell
I suspect that if you are a criminal and have status and a rich mummy,your going to be okay😳
pax und peace
Now even the PM is tugged in to it. He should resign immediately. Not even the police is independent. The Home Office does select the Police Commissioner on behalf of the PM. While the Police is investigating wrongdoing by the PM.
As a tax payer, we paid it.
Irving Clarendon
The admission of wrong doing is implicit in this settlement. It might take religious conversion for Andrew admit his guilt openly.
If a penny came from public funds then the monarchy is finished
Pacis Regis
A woman “Queen of England” raised a monster boy, the boy man has been object of scandals for years. Yet, nobody blames the woman queen for her failures as a mother. Rightly so, she should help him with payment, she played a role in what Randy became over the years. Too bad she may not have long to live so that the pair can enjoy the shame together.
Israeldiegorivera Genius2 The real Genius
We have a moral duty not to comply. No to discriminatory vaccine passports and mandates, it is an utter disgrace. This must not happen England. Will never vote Labour or Tory again.
AM Utah
No royal family = No royal scandals.
Eric Peters
Журналистика печатает то, что власть имущие не хотят печатать, все остальное – пиар. 6:26
John Taylor
It will be families who can hardly feed themselves who will foot the bill for this waste of space
Gerry geko
His Mommy paid for his get out of jail free card
This compensation is DIRTY money! I hope this tainted money is rejected by the Charities..! An investigation , of where this money is coming from, ‘would be interesting ‘ to say the least?
Which ever way you look at this, it’s the people of the UK who have provided the wealth that is going to foot this bill.
Rick Roth
Prince Andrew is joining “Rudy Giuliani selling personalized video messages for $199 as he faces massive legal fees”
Jefferson D
Oh the guilty joke of York Had one too many teens Now his mum will bail him out With 12 million from you and meeeee 🤷‍♂🤣🤣🤣🤣👍 I BLAME THE PARENTS🤷‍♂👍
If this happened to my mate Dylan from across the road, he’d be in jail by now as he’s not royal enough.
Karrier Bag
I live on a boat 12 miles from York and no one wants The Prince of Peados as the Cities ‘Ambassador’
Vim Fuego
At last I see the end of the monarch which I never thought I would live to see. Once the Queen has left this planet, it’s the end. The young people on the whole don’t care if there is a monarchy, they are redundant and a spent institution. I have no problem the monarchy survive but only as a private family and not have access to the public purse any longer.
Ali Wright
Are we looking at a last ditch attempt to emerge as an ‘ex’ criminal..an ‘innocent’ …?! Can’t blame the crown for tryin’ I ‘spose! 🤣🤣🤣 Just note… a ‘cool, bad boy, ducking out of duty, misogynist, gangster, ‘boys’ boy…? No thank you.
Maverick 41
A suitcase full of cash to prove you are innocent 👍🏻
Kerry Fry
The descendants of William the conquerors friends, still own most of the UK. I’m not joking.
yin yang
Maybe it’s from the 90 million they receive from Canada every year!
Kris Brooks
🎼 the grand old Duke of York…
Xspot box
He should adopt her, she could be like a daughter he never had.
Always found him odd
Chris Morgan
…why concentrate on the small stuff? £130 billion cost of Brexit £380 billion cost of Covid £500 billion bank bail outs
The settlement is a lot bigger than what they are saying.
j.kenneth fraac
it comes from us the taxpayer. and we didn’t get sexy backrubs on epstein’s island. we’re owed
Gua Kip
Tax payers money do everything:
paul hoskin
His prince are all over it
Kris Brooks
Tax payers money for the out of court settlement
Rich Stone
I think the Windsors are ok financially. Lol
Dan Ayall
He chilled with monsters.. absolute monsters..that’ll do.
Vladimir Putin
When will the subjects wake up and shake off the nonsense that is monarchy?
Mike Hall
I’ve never met him. Can I get 12 million please?
Irving Clarendon
As for the tittle, Andrew is now the Duck of Yuck.
Lynn Jones
Shut up channel 4news enough 😒 questions that can only be answered by the Knights of the round table…ask them they know…McCartney Morgan Spacy n John I just looked around n they were gone ..I 🤞 wish…
Bʀɪᴀɴ Jᴜɴɢ
A $32,000 profit sent to my portfolio each week, mrs Marni Lynn Menden is amazing.
Uk tax payer, same as the rest of their money, however they dress it up.
Eugenio Aviraneta
Indubitably from the british tax payers.
Duane Pipe
Ashamed to be a royalist, this man has defiled a once great institution, he should NEVER be allowed to be in the public eye ever again
Anony Mous1964
He sold a ski chalet recently.
Michael Lawrence
Mommy and the tax payer sorted out he should be in prison with G Maxwell.It’s guilt money but he never met her pathetic
Susan Bradford
Please leave this family alone. The Queen is 95 and has been a great ruler. Knock it off.
Has Andrew set up a Go Fund Me web page.
Dogswhistle Sharam
Now he admits what was going on with these girls surely that only raises more questions? Why didn’t he blow the whistle on the whole operation???..🤔
De Spencer
The duke of Yuck.
Thats a silly question! ”Pleeeze mummy…..”
💰💰💵 heals pain and or grievances 🤔🤯🙋🏾‍♂️ – statuesque of liberty🗽 🤦🏾‍♂
Falstaff 1893
Looks like he is Guilty after all his lies on tv! Now mummy will pay his bill & charge it to the Taxpayers for expenses??
who is going to pay ?? rhetoric question innit? Is any of those royals even worked one day in their life?? and who is paying for their lavish life ?? and why JImi Saville was a friend of royals??? well well well…go figure
Gorilla's in The Mist
Public purse , Jimmy Saville was a family friend.
Former prince andrew plz….
bubba luv
mummay! i was a bad boy
dean mitchell
He sold is chateau for £23million.
a dally
Bet maxwell is livid
M Prywatny
The monarchy is a joke…
Pete Robbins
Is a 17 year old a child?
I’ve written to Andrew to see if he can pick up the tab for 25 years of booze and 15 years of weekly gack.
Chris Morgan
meanwhile in the real world….. 12 m? £37 billion on track and trace £12 billion on Eurotunnel £9.6 billion cost of Iraq war Where the f*ck is our money? that’s the question.
Harry and Megan were right all along to get out of here, protect their children from the nonce crew.
Ed Douglas
Jess Phillips? I’m out
Eric Peters
5:15 代词是说话的王色。
Andy was always Randy…. @
Moussaoui Ahmed
Of all the horrific things happening around the planet every moment of every day this is what the media continue to call news🙄