BBC’s UNBELIEVABLE Response To Prince Andrew’s Settlement – Blog

…so Andrew is a victim because he can’t cut ribbons or wear medals in public any more? And thank god this was ‘settled’ before it distracted from the Jubilee?! Tiniest violin indeed. When it comes to the Windsors, the subservience of our press, and chunks of the populace, never ceases to amaze and anger me.
Jens Berlin
Royal correspondent? That term is enough to show what is wrong with a monarchy
Josef Picken
I wonder if the BBC royal “correspondent” is on the firms payroll
In an age of taxpayers cold, hungry, homeless, neglected, begging for aid for bill, homes in need of repair. We have one leeching family sitting on 100Billion and their wealth growing is unbearable
Andy Dudley
i’m pritty sure patel will accept him as patron for the met police
Susan Hayward
Here’s the thing; I was employed as bait as part of my job and trafficked. I wouldn’t presume to be an expert in the matter let alone be an ambassador for charity groups as I had Intel back up. If someone suggested to me that any of the perps I helped catch were employed in such a way I think I’d scream. Information only from the perpetrators not raise them socially.
mr friendly guy
An organisation that protects sex abusers in their ranks, goes easy on an accused sex predator. I am totally shocked.
David Bennett
Well…….They gave Jimmy Saville a hospital so why wouldn’t they give Andy access to vulnerable and abused people.
Steve Healy
They started with Saville, obviously have learned nothing since.
John Scotcher
Nicholas Witchell has, since becoming the Royal correspondent for the BBC, shown total bias in favour of the Royal Family. He was never a great BBC news reporter but has managed to make a career by being a fully paid up member of the Royal family fan club. Totally useless at the job he gets paid for, just a Yes man for the Royal circle.
I would suggest that Mr Andrew Windsor draft his CV and apply for a job, any job and see what happens. That should tell him what direction to go.
Very disappointed with the Andrew v Giuffre settlement, felt let down by it, everything is for sale, including dignity
timothy mcgregor
Why hasn’t he cooperated with the FBI? That could be an interesting narrative.
James Lochridge
It has passed the time where this country/union should have rid itself of the monarchy.
Paul Inskip UK Progressive
Great analysis about Prince Andrew But I feel like we didn’t really go into the catastrophic condition of the BBC And how it has been corrupted
tim doyle
Great vid and comment, as ever by Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial… You say it like we think it… Brill… More!
Frankly, given the BBC’s prior track record with serial abusers, what did you expect?
Hand-made Fashion UK
The chance he had was straight to jail, as the case wasn’t in the UK court, but USA. he and the whole royal family fought to save him from going behind bars as it would have jeopardise their future royalties!
We aren’t referred to as “subjects” by them for nothing. They’re past their sell by date. Time to get rid. We can’t afford them.
The BBC have always kissed the Royal backside. Nicholas Witchell takes it especially deep, and has been doing so for years. That trauma would ruin anyone’s judgement.
m d
With the BBC coming under attack from the Murdoch media and forces on the right, its future in question and funding in the balance I find myself wishing I was in a position where I could stand up for it. The principle of a public funded nonpartisan broadcaster feels so important, but the content they put out is for the most part fairly shite and the news coverage so deferent to the establishment that I find myself struggling to care about it
Tony Maries
Time for Nicholas Witchell to retire. Out and out the worst reporter on the BBC payroll and an odious sycophant to boot.
Andrew Fox
Dalia on the money again ,well done
I am going to suggest this to a fox I know who keeps attacking chickens. Maybe he could guard the hen house instead?
Seanie K
I hope the money paid over to the ‘charity’ in this case will be used for the purpose intended.
Pollie Bain
So Hugo thinks things are ‘unseemly’ and ‘unpleasant’. Who’d have thought it
Tbh I can see him coming back people that high up can get away with everything
Dalia Gebrial is quite simply gorgeous. I found this essential to convey. Very important.
Why would you offer to pay for a crime you didn’t commit?
Pamela Persad
If the royal PR worked to change the narrative of Camilla from Princess Consort to Queen Consort, of course, they will work to have Prince Andrew back into public life 😨😰😓😥😢😭
Helen Swan
Suitable jobs for Andrew in future. Answers on a postcard please.
Matt Charman
That Newsnight bit is belief-beggaring. Oh boo-hoo, the hereditarily wealthy sex offender (who never had any immediately apparent talent) might have to… live privately? Unbelievable!
shaun lynch
next you will be saying saville should not have campaigned for the tories in 2010
thomas tully
“weasel Witchell’ he was known as in the 90’s ,horrible man indeed.
Tony B
You’re losing sight of the fact that he has neither been found guilty of nor admitted to any offences. Sure, agreeing to pay a settlement figure is not a good look, but then nor is accepting one, especially after her lawyers made such a lot of noises about how she wouldn’t accept a purely financial settlement, which is exactly what she has done. As far as I can tell there is no suggestion that Andrew was aware that she was trafficked or coerced, let alone part of that coercion and in British eyes, at 17 years old, she was not a child, so it is not exactly paedophilia. We have to stop trial be media, it goes against every principle of our justice system. We none of us have the facts. Your article is therefore nothing more than a poisonous witch-hunt. Disappointing.
Asad Ashraf
That wasn’t the worlds smallest violin, that was a large cello
This is the definition of access above objectivity. The BBC needs access. Simple really
Settling out of court is tacet guilt frankly.
Darren Jones
Msm, Westminster… all of it completely introspective and institutionally corrupt
Stuart Walsh
Whether its Andrew or Brexit, the bbc are showing too much bias.
Anyone Home
After Saville, why would anyone watch the BBC? Or give any time to the monarchy. They can’t go any lower.
Roseann Campbell
IF he REALLY wants to help the victims and survivors of s3x traffiking he needs to do one thing and one thing only: NAME THE NAMES OF ALL THE PERVERTS HE WAS FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES WITH. END OF
Iamsexy Andiknow
I can’t get my head around is the crisis we all going through and here we are 12 million in a settlement. On a week of full food banks and April fast approaching.
Paul Hart
This is not the 1st time he has been outed is it!? lets face it a certain lady was sectioned after naming him! and is still being fed lots of mind altering medication to stop her saying anything and still in being held in the highest security phyciatric prison in the UK
jim crow
‘scintillating conversation’… love to have been a fly on the wall. What did they have in common? Deviant sex. That is what Epsteen was all about… and blackmail.
What drawn line under what. Come on she has not got her book out yet. Thats when the gates of Hades will open.
Paul Wilson
Time to get rid of the Royals this is the 21st Century not the 16th.
Big pants
Witchell, desperate for his job.
covid my arse
i would say this andew stuff is the tip of the iceberg,, they are rotten the lot of em
Saeed Hossain
so he’s going to go back to being an arms dealer…..
Piccalilli Pit
OH MY GOD the way the BBC frame it that HE is the victim…!!! Disgusting.
raven king
Question , Does this country need a revelation to get real and meaningful change ?
Les Parton
Witchell needs to grow a pair!! Why the hell is he supporting Andrew’s behaviour? Andrew should never feature in public life ever again!!
Dean Clark
Erm, royal charter. The clue is in the name 🙄
John Nicolson
Just now is the right time to get rid of the monarchy
He won’t be able to go outside let alone back into public life.
Murray Scott
Maybe, Prince Andrew can work with the Bill Gates foundation. I hear there’s an opening.
william kelly
Dalia gabrial is spot on.horrific is the word.
Time for a republican party.
The BBC is lost.
Sonia S.
The way the treat Meghan and Harry, and how they treat the rest is so 👀😲
He can get a job filling your pool with his sweat.I’d say he would be sweating buckets…
Become a campaigner for those who have suffered from sexual abuse ?, In this case would take the “poacher turned game keeper” roll to a whole new level ffs.
Anthony Rock
This is not surprising. I expect stories of Meghan and Harry to start appearing any minute now. The BBC has let me down.
Firsteerr Lastmwwew
so he paid her off ?? but that makes him guilty right ?? ok so is Ronaldo and so is Michael Jackson
Angelo Terribili
The BBC should be ashamed of themselves he’s as culpable as Jimmy savell if he’s not nether were judged by law so savell is not gilty this shows the monarchy for what they are
lynn warburton
Poor judgement !!! What the actual f ………. ok trying to remember that i dont swear on social media … yet again another example of the unbiased bbc !!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤔
Martin Griffiths
Someone needs to “drain the swamp” down at the BBC before they loose all credibility and get branded FOX news-esque !
Tabloid style details? (in non Royal speak, is that what normal people call “what happened?” or the “details” 😂 😂 )
shaun lynch
so the right wing now opposing the monarchy glad to hear it as a republican
David Ripley
HELP ME I AM IN HELL – Frank, Hellraiser. 🥶
Paul Jackson
‘Perhaps the best, perhaps the only route back for the fox, is to have him guard the chicken-coop’. WTF!!!!!! ‘He faces a future of near total public invisibility, never having had a chance to prove his claims of innocence’. WTAF!!!! Is this the bloody Twilight Zone???
Martin James
Will he be down the Job Centre next week, then?
Tony Johnston
Oh wo ! Nothing better to talk about ….. I love the hypocrisy …..
Stephen Walters
Just watch his kids, distance themselves.
Miranda Dunsmore-Gladue
Google Peter Nygard… prince Andrew and Duchess Fergie
sunny rowe
The bbc should just report the news , not the gossip! Charlie sad he didn’t like the man I h@ve to agree! Stop the gossip shit !
Robert j Smith
He could deliver pizza’s
shaun lynch
No he didn’t he said i cant see a way back, why are you platforming bollox omg
cmo butts
A Royal correspondent,what a pathetic way to make a living & going by his response its turned his brain to mush .
similar to how saville was denied.
Susan Mccusker
Brine ways this man has nothing up stairs
The Earthbound Crimson King
Yeah bring him back into public life and while you are at it let’s get Rolf Harris back on kids TV. FFS!!!!
Rebecca Mondloch
We don’t want any of them
Ilyas Valli
nonce is a nonce sweaty or not 😂😂🤣
I’m not sure which I hate more – the far-right or the extreme left.
lorraine bishop
What a load of rubbish.
i allways have to chuckle at this one specific thing in Novara videos. There is that bloke casual in a T-Shirt running a scrubby beard and then they switch to the female part and they always look like they are about to go to the club. I mean talking about stereotypical gender roles eh?^^ it’s weird because i tend to agree with most of the content, but then i think to myself “well, and yet they are seemingly unaware caught in the very same machine they so rage against”
Ingrid Redfern
This is getting boring now.She,s got what she wanted .Thats the second pay off she,s had.😧👎.
Jack Jones
Mmm I usually like this channel but your bias is showing I think, that analysis was pretty scathing there was no support for Andrew or his actions it was just an analysis of what his future could be. He said Andrew May try and return to the public eye through charity work “but would any charity want him at this point?”. There was no indication that he believes the public or anybody should be forgiving him.