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T Wiley
As a court reporter for 42 yrs in California it is most common for cases to settle at the time of trial. There’s pretrial court haarings at that time and mandatory mediation plus the attys know their cases and whether their clients will be good witnesses for themselves. I’m happy for the victim not having to go through this trial. Andrew’s life will never be whole again.
Tom Bowen
He was a matter of days away from a very lengthy deposition conducted by Boies. We all saw the shambles of a response to Maitlis – Boies would have eaten him alive. His arrogance and dimness sealed his fate and emptied his pockets.
The explanations Andrew gave during the Palace interview as to why he could not have possibly met or known Virginia Guiffre were positively ludicrous. He would have been the worst defendant taking the stand since Jean Harris.
Kailei M
Of course he is guilty. Did you see his interview in fall of 2019? It was almost a confession, his excuses were ridiculous. He settled now before he would have to sit for deposition under oath. He would have been asked very embarrassing questions, questions about his relationships with both conviced pediphiles and sex trafficers, asked to provide proof of his assertions of not being able to sweat, asked to provide his security detail information– where he was when. He was cooked.
Given that this is from 20 years ago, Virginia and her team have done an incredible job in getting it into court in the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, making it almost certain that the Queen would pay any price to have it go away……
Laura Resnick
Puzzled by these pundits’ comments. Andrew was always going to settle. It was so obvious, I don’t understand why these people thought otherwise.
Corina Popescu
His daughter was in Los Angeles for a reason with Harry. It’s plausible that she will do a bunch of appearances for charity for victims and talk about her own support on talk shows. Her mom did that after the divorce and made a fortune in the US
dannette peters
The fact is, there are a good many, powerful, wealthy people, in the US and elsewhere, that did not want this case to go forward! I would not be surprised if they put pressure on Andrew to settle, as well. These are the kinds of “extraordinary” folks, that Andrew would have rubbed shoulders with, through, Epstein and Maxwell.
gail ann
Thank you for your more balanced reporting of the American legal system. Tired of other royal watcher channels trying to defend this guy by completely trashing Americans, our court system, and pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories. It’s transparent and disingenuous.
Sharon Stanley
There are a lot of things going on in the RF that would be brought to light. It does not clear the decks. There can still be criminal charges depending on what is revealed and what continued to be covered up. Everyone from top to bottom is involved in one way or another in the corruption. Things are the same here in the USA. I still have not given up that the corruption will be found and eliminated. God bless the people who are subject to this corruption.
Kay Cee
I believe HMTQ told Andrew that he must settle asap. She wanted the stress to end.
British Scorpion
Amazing what a suitcase, or two, of money can buy. Andrew, an arrogant man it is reported, has been puffed up from birth now, sadly for him, it’s all over. I won’t be losing sleep, he deserves whatever he gets.
Jennifer Hosmer
ANd also he said in his famous interview, “I was happy to have connections with Epstein” now he says what???
He surely believes in the “Divine Right of Kings” following his family history. Today however the age of deference has gone & the Royals forget that a monarchy still exists because the people let them. Arrogant Andy will go down in the history books as a weak selfish man who raged when he didn’t get his way. Very similar to other Royals in the past. Let no one be in any doubt that the Royal Family is ruthless & will fight tooth & nail to keep going. The Royals distanced themselves from Andy for their image but they are not really distanced. Andy was thrown under the bus but his legal fees paid & a settlement was agreed with Virginia G so he didn’t have to go to court. If he had what other secrets would come out? The Royals have amassed £ billions & this settlement a mere drop in the ocean. The Feds need to have a chat with him. Charles charity needs to be investigated & all financials should be opened to the public for transparency. The Queen has had U.K. laws amended so she could hide dealings & finances. That’s just wrong.
This affects the RF and also his daughters…!
Finn Ister
Andrew was brushed aside by the firm in order to keep his clumsy mouth shut. The firm dealt with the decision of settling and got Virginia to accept. Andrew didn’t have a say in the matter. Regarding the settlement money, the queen shouldn’t use public money to bail him out. Let him pay through the sale of his chalet, for Pete’s sake !
Frank Ozoh
There will always be some sort of stumbles in the RF by her members. Therefore, the RF should rehabilitate such members with lesser roles. The only senior royals direct inline that are not dented with immoral scandal are William and Harry, apparently. Although Harry has stepped down as senior-working royal to seek financial autonomy and freedom in North America due to ill-treatment to him and his family in the RF. There is every need to unite the RF going forward, particularly in the era of the jubilee celebrations. Otherwise, Charles and Camilla have lost the moral latitudes with all the accusations of infidelity, and frustration to Diana leading to her death, coupled with the cash for honours and citizenship deals. Strictly speaking, Charles and Camilla should have taken the honourable way out by allowing William to the ascendancy of the monarchy.
My thoughts are with this poor victim and the many others, this vile family does not represent me and needs to go!
Prince Edward may have to step up or at least deputise for the Queen, as a result of potential scenarios
Barbara Gregory
Probably go down in history books in years to come,something our great great grandchildren will be reading.What a wonderful thing to remember a prince for.He should have had his day’s in court,to prove his innocents,this to me,and many more people just makes him look more guilty.dont you think?
The Queen could have resolved this lawsuit years ago. Her cooperation in paying for Andrew’s sexual acts is now Royal history. This stain won’t go away.
Yvonna Webb
If Dufree was 17 how old were his daughters at the time?
I’m not baffled, he’s guilty!
Margaret Smist
I’m American and I disagree that our justice system in civil cases functions well. I believe both of the two involved are at fault.
Carol Donaldson
Why didn’t you address the sound glitch?🤷‍♀️ No idea what Mr Cawthorne was talking about!😠😡
Deb Seitz
The Queen wanted Andrew free of the mess he got himself into while she was still here to help him.
Andrew was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. If he settled, she’s admitting guilt and harming the Queen. If he fought this, and prolonged the case, then he was harming the Queen.
Caroline Owens
Where is Richa d Eden ..he makes the programme
Peter Bryant
The Mail has hardly been unbiased on the issue having paid Roberts a large sum of money for a copy of that photograph and her story. I came to the conclusion that the agenda here was anti Andrew.
Nick Peim
They seem incapable of accepting his guilt!
Marguerite Cahoon
Pressure from the family to clear the deck most likely. The press and republican movement will continue to keep this issue alive unfortunately.
Virginia and her team have played a blinder ! Considering this is from 20 years ago, to engineer it to get into court in the very year of the Platinum Jubilee making it almost certain the Queen would pay any price to make it go away……
merrick forrester
Viva Virginia! Bravest woman since Joan of Arc. All you Karens can stop smearing her name now, she won! One lone little working class woman took on the royal family and some of the wealthiest animals on earth and beat them. Hammered them. What a woman.!
andy wei
V is such a baller, dealing damage AND getting paid for it
Melinda Gaeke
How does anyone know the amount of the settlement? Is there a mole in the legal offices of Virginia’s team or perhaps in the the offices of Andrew lawyer? Did that person call the Daily Mail ? What part of confidential do any of you not understand. Are speculating so you have some “dirt” to write about and discuss?
Caroline Howard
I am beginning to think they need to get rid of the royals as they are so expensive and they keep the system of heirarchy going. No one is any better than anyone else. The country has plenty of expenses that this money could be used for with people on the streets and going hungry. What is more important, the people or the money? The reason Andrew settled is because he would have to swear on a bible to testify. He couldn’t because he would have to tell the world what he did.
Charon Stormborn
At around 3:00 the woman in red said that she thinks public opinion is favouring Virginia. I beg to differ on that. So many people, including myself, are disgusted with her! She swore she wouldn’t settle and that she was doing this for other victims. The truth is she just got her big payday. Live your life Virginia now fade away into obscurity. I don’t want to see your face again..
Emma Jones
That old guy, shown with the purple background, is unintelligable. If they wanted to include him in the clip, they should have at least put in subtitles. Or made sure the sound was working properly.
In the U.K. you are considered a minor until you are 18 years old. Whilst the age of consent is 16 it’s assumed it won’t be with an older man who is a figure of authority. Andrew won’t be at Jobseekers any time soon, Mummy will bail him out. Social Services might object to him being a grandfather alone!
VG couldn’t find the original photo, that’s what happened!
This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about if he realistically thinking court was ever an option. There’s no way the royal family would have allowed it
chipum2 fleming
Hold on here, Stain the Royals? Has anyone really looked at English Royal History? Now First I would like to say I truly admire the royals, it takes intestinal fortitude to look someone dead in their eyes and say Yes, God appointed our blood line his Otherworldly Authority to enslave murder and Take anything or one of value because it is all of it mine and that includes your life also. Then proceeded to reward those that served him in doing whatever the f they wanted, literally giving his governors or administrative Knights the right to every woman first experience as a woman to the landlord appointed by knightly achievements. This wasn’t even what was considered bad times, this was established and fought against by everything that wasn’t roman after the Romans left. They either murdered or imprisoned those that were as royal, that were threats to their rule, to include 2 nephews that haven’t been found to this day. There is plenty of blood stains already on the Family, from both family and foreigner. In the past the next move for Andrew would be to take out mom and chuck, Imprison the Nephews send Camilla to another isolated Palace, and remind her that death stood one inch out the door.
Lady C has inside knowledge.
David Boies would have had a very easy time with Andrew. How many times has he lied? Why should the jury believe you suddenly have full truthful recall right now and not last year this year or five years ago. Of course, this would be AFTER the public questioning of all manner of things.
Bond James
Don’t you find it odd we don’t talk about what’s wrong with the girl? As if she’s some innocent child who can’t talk or think for herself.. She was 17 for Christ sake. Flying on private Jets and living on private islands in full luxury. She knew what she was doing and didn’t care.. Now the party is over and she gets to point the finger and get paid.. Makes me sick.
Am I to understand that the British people feel sorry about the prince deprived of wearing his medals, not be celebrated in public, and his daughters carrier might be compromised. What polite people. Wouldn’t you be more concerned about a proper criminal investigation of the suspect; to remove all layers of secret veils and to show who they really are? Jubilee or not.
Fozzakawa Dom
Lady Colin Campbell’s explanation of events – including legal and settlement – are much more News Worthy than the “experts” here.
geoff beard
Put Virginia Giuffre on the Honours list
matt o'sullivan
Andrew was the greatest British strategist since Cornwallis at Yorktown
Edward Catton
Wonder what Guislane thinks?, after all, they were Extremely Close Friends for 40 years?, Wish she could have used what’s left of Daddy’s Stolen Pensioner Funds, to PAY AWAY the Victims.
You should always defend your innocence, Andrew knew what business Maxwell was into and the type of people she was involved with. Andrew is a total discredit to the human race, let alone the Royal family.
Gleeful Me
How does this stain the RF? They never went to Tramps night club with her,
Nothing will happen to Charles, as the future King he’s untouchable …… Guilty as he no doubt is !
Maria Jenner
If my son makes wrong choices NOTHING to do with me Move on
matt o'sullivan
What is the difference between Andrew and a sack of Organic Fertilizer? That would be the sack
Marguerite Cahoon
Review of Councillors of State arrangements will come in time surely. That should include Harry who, of course, will stir up more trouble should that happen. He’s hell bent on attention and revenge unlike Andrew who has withdrawn from public view and kept a low profile.
Sir Hillman Rootes-Arrow
He coughed up because depositions under oath were about to be taken
Isabelle Vince
I think he settled when he became aware of the extent of the evidence against him. Think of all the people who saw him at Tramp dancing with the teenager. Did he really think no-one would come forward?
Fozzakawa Dom
Actually the USA court system – is no longer what it was.
Linda H
Your British guy does not understand what a crap shoot going to court is in America. Settling out of court is the usual resent of lawsuits. Going to court is a risk for both sides and no one wants to get in front of a judge and jury. Too unpredictable.so Andrew settling puts an end to this and saved the Palace even more embarrassment. .
Cinzia M
Why is this guy baffled? Andrew didn’t go to court because he’s guilty and it would have made things worse.
Lady Colin Campbell has the inside knowledge. Watch her.
Andrew was never ‘determined to go to court’ it was just a show. He had to settle a large amount or VG would have wiped the floor with him..
nick fleming
He never wanted his day in court, what they on about.
Anthony Möller
not over yet. because of the fact that there is still a possibility that there will be a criminal prosecution. All it will take is for the Prosecutor to lay a criminal charge against prince Andrew. But , yes, the Civil case between himself and Ms. Virginia Giuffre is (apparently) settled.
Jan Weatherhead
My thought pattern is she was asked to produce the original photo and she could not, no one is looking at the possibility that it was Virginia the entered into the negotiations to settle it knowing without the photo she had a big possibility of losing her case so let’s go for a payout.
kc vail
Charles and Andrew need to retire.
Puff Piece
The public think Virginia is a dishonest hustler. Unfortunately Andrew’s behaviour has made him unpopular with the public and there’s a lack of sympathy. It doesn’t mean the public support her though
Vincent Devos
When mud dries it sticks ! Bad move Andrew ! You blemished the Family !
Suzanne Elmer
Why are you talking about money when nobody know….all lies lies lies! Cam we move on now…boring! 🤔
June Simon
Why drag it on. He was thinking of his MOTHER THE QUEEN!
Dodgy Number
There is a really bad audio problem ….with Nigel Cawthorne’s commentary.
Maria Ware
Patricia Boyd
The mail started all this nonsense. Did he found guilty.
Jill Wootton
It will be forgotten once he’s out of limelight an people stop talking about him
Janet Webb
I do not believe this woman being paid off! She’s too guilty of her own despicable child ABUSING sins to point fingers! PERIOD!
Dimitri James
if you want to know what happened watch lady colin campbells youtube, she knows the scoop much more than these butterflies
All Andrew’s own fault. He probably has $ in some off shore financial bank / tax haven !!!
Rosalind Baker
Taking a long look at the ” Lost original photo ” i think this photo is 3 different photos put together , Prince Andrews left on looks very long compared to his other arm, and i believe he settled out of court for the love of his mother , this could have been dragged out into one year& a half too two years , what happened to its not about money , ill never settle out of court! She very well may have ended up as a room mate of Ms. Maxwell ! God save the Queen ❤🙏
denboer908 Denboer
Arrest the accuser with a DIRTY HANDS.
Josh Bixby
Virginia is a liar I thought she said “ it wasn’t about money “ she is a c u next Tuesday
Retha Doubell
He is guilty as hell
Conga Man
Will Andrew be applying for universal credit ??
Seeing the picture of Charles and Camilla in background makes me nauseous.
Dr. Sleep
will the Elmer’s Glue from Andrew stain Virginia’s cheeks forever?
Scorpion rising
It still not to say he is guilty!!
EL's Psychic Zodiac
She couldn’t produce the said ” Photo”
Andrew must think we are all thick , he knew what epstein was yet continuing to go back time and time again , feel sorry for his daughters, He is finished as a royal
John Taylor
i didn’t understand a word that your guest spoke at 6:00 Do you have subtitles because the reception was quite poor.
Who was the guy standing in for Richard Eden?
marina parigiani
it might twist.things are not clear at all. why did everyone. Usually plaintiff has to bring evidence. She brought only a faded faked photo, I’d say, since the original has gone “lost” – I would have preferred that he’d go to court. However I wonder why prince Andrew was not believed while giuffre was. It is said that he is not exempted however, why is giuffre exempted? Please explain.
Why be baffled? He is guilty.
Sandee Orozco
Can Richard Eden please be replaced with this gentleman?
Michael Hardman
BS, he had pressure from the Royal Family such as HM the Queen, Limp wristed Charles, no there is a wet blanket.
Joanna Hampton
These people really haven’t dug into the life of Guiffre$$$$ who now can’t find the original photo 🤨
Tahir Sahibzada
Not one of you have said he’s payed her of because he’s guilty it about the jubilee and where’s the money coming from blah blah blah can endometrial in the media say it the way it is
Manus Mcdaid
There’s no money like Royal money – but whose is it, actually?
Helen Clark
I believe it’s unfair to attack the monarchy by saying this will stain the monarchy the queen is the monarchy and head of the monarchy she can not and is not responsible for others actions theses are all grown men and intelligence people they are responsible for their own actions
Hendrika Handforth
Rubbish, there have been so many scandals in that family and yet they are still there, unfortunately
Andrew Stanton
Abolish the monarchy
Stan Anders
Long Live the UK Republic
least worst? How about least damaging?
£2M to the charity, £10 M to Virginia = £12M
Plus there is a time limit to pay it off.
Carrie Tymchuk
No one with that amount of money and means would settle if innocent. They do because they don’t want their dirty life exposed. Even more for this creep. She finally won, good for her.
Mar Mac
Why did he pay Virginia off and the queen helped him what happened to his fight him and v d in court it didn’t take long for him to settle out of court and she took it he did not look good for the pair of them I have lost sympathy for the queen in fact Andy Harry are going to kill her with stress fergie is by his side and the Duke of Edinburgh would turn in his grave he wouldnt have liked anywhere near their home and Andy should have all his responsibility taken away if the queen doesn’t do it the public opinion will drop a not in her favour
Calvin 11
Code for: we have a video? 🤷‍♀
It’s just one more stripe on the BRF. Let’s not forget Bishop Peter Ball and Jimmy Savile.
Margaret taft
Who can listen to that old man with the glasses. Sounds as though he had his tongue cut off and he’s ready learning how to speak.
Say Hello Harvey
The English are very niave about their government and monarchy
Greedy ol’ Chuck at it again, huh?
Elaine Venn
Only if the press carries on with it. Her Majesty must have had enough now, what with Henry and Rachel over the last couple of years and this Andrew thing hanging around like a bad smell. The Queen has continued to serve and like most mothers tried to stay loyal to her children. Virginia Guiffre is a nasty piece of work, she’s a cheap liar! Well, Andrew has paid up, he’s hopefully going into exile and unlike the other two he’ll be quiet and remain forgotten. This isn’t a stain on the Royal family, it’s a stain on Andrew. There’s a difference. Stop talking about it, forget it. There are other more important things going on in the world to worry about.
Jerry Traveler
LMAO. America is not a Banana Republic. Sir you are very wrong about that statement.
Cynthia Spano
Why is Megan’s participation prior to her marriage to Harry. not mentioned. She participated as a a teenage “yacht girl” both in the US n in the Commonwealth Islands allegedly with Andrew.?
merrick forrester
This ruritarian pantomime of monarchy must surely now be abandoned when the queen falls off her perch.
Pink Moon
He could not win he was guilty and after bluffing he wanted his day in court was too scared to face a trial
Dolores Cook
I will always ask, what was she at 17yrs doing there? Where were her parents? She should have been embarrassed to come out w/, whether true or not. How many married men did she get to know? The entire thing is terriblely nasty. And she’s always smiling. It’s not the Queen’s fault. God bless her & her family. To have to go through this on her 70 jubilee yr. Did this woman plan it this way?. BUT, she took the money, that will always be a stain on both parties.
jacqueline wilson
Can’t understand anything teh commentator on Zoom said – get a decent microphone and get somebody who doesn’t whistle when they speak.
Very difficult to hear the author. A pity.
I don’t think Virginia is getting any money. The settlement is money towards a Charity. This agreement is only in ‘Principle’ to close the case, No Guilt admitted.
Ester Boyd
If this girl was working for Epstein and she felt like that about Prince Andrew why didn’t she say it when it happened Why is it coming out now so many years later And what about the other men that might have done the same thing to her She hasn’t listed any of those men Haven’t they got enough money to pay Not excusing the behaviour should have been brought up when it happened not years and years later Maybe Harry’s wife knew about this Harry’s wife is a troublemaker For England These are my thoughts and opinions only through my readings for my entertainment purposes only and you can do your own research if you want to
Amanda Staley
Absolutely rubbish. End it
Beth R
Oh come on Baffled why??
Lita Hughes
It wouldn’t if everybody shut up about it.
Michelle Norris
Petition U.K. Republic.
What happened – well Virginia’s team got scared – rushed to settle out of court.
Combatting Hate!
Vindication, for Harry and Meghan!
Natalie de La Grandière
Other girls will file lawsuits. So it’s not over.
Pia Suopanki
“mistake” ?? Yep .I guess you can call rape “a mistake” . Then again , drive too fast and you will not get out of getting a fine by saying it was a mistake , although in such a case it may well be
Angela Harris
Who cares leave them alone. There is a bigger issue at play. Also the Judge was appointed by Clinton, Andrew never had a hope. Shut up you are all disappointing.
Nature Witch
It all just points to his complete guilt !!!
Irene Swan
Poo audio on expert guest
Mavis Batson
And Harry loose him for marring a woman of color you hypocrites
Randy Kirkland
She was only after money anyway. I’ve always believed she was a liar.
Mavis Batson
He can go to Harry he is free.
Ralph Owens
Because he’s guilty!
Mavis Batson
No one will pressure me to give up my innocent he is guilty as he’ll HE did not ask for his day incourt she did, he had pay. Why would you pay out a woman you never met. You have one day do you have a June aurred you never think of the a use kids all you think about a day Job lying just watch and seriously wait. She is going to cherp like a canary she is not going to stay in the jail you mean 100million start talking about money she did not settle easy
Birgit Kudsk
I recomend: By Laura Clancy: Running The Family Firm. Get rid of these Mafia-Royals now. God save democracy! Cancel it all.
Tony Soprano
whites will protect price Andy and scrub history books as usual
Rhee Dixon
The disgrace isn’t all his.. this CIVIL case stopped for more than one reason. One is that her part in trafficking would have been blaring and there she’d be… So, Andrew learns a lesson and she’ll go on to her next victim… yes, her victim. There’s nothing smelling like roses in all this crap…