Qatar World Cup 2022

2 A labourer and electrician tell all about working in Qatar

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27 sep. 2012

International unions, the ITUC and BWI, have issued a formal complaint to the International Labour Organisation, presenting evidence that Qatar is breaching global freedom of association standards by refusing to recognise the rights of migrant workers. Watch these Nepalese workers talk about what working life in Qatar is really like.
Lilly Jetti
THE F.I.F.A. should stop work and say to Qatar that worker must be engaged and regularly paid. NO MORE PEOPLE SUFFERING !!!
Migrant workers mistreated in Qatar is known to all.
Walton Pantland
Good video, well done for highlighting this.
Diego Candia
Yay so excited for the 2022 World Cup. (sarcasm)
Acehnese Nomad
Thank you very much.
suchan rai
2022 World Cup should be stopped in Quatar …
amazing how people act tough behind their tiny screens while in real life they will be the first chicken out .. lets just agree to disagree since this never gonna end
Armis Game
tell it to the people before they go to Qatar see if it makes a difference — what they know is millions of their country men are making millions of dollars in Qatar and send it to their respective countries, they know about the problems and deaths hear and there but it doesn’t stop them because they are looking at the greater probability, not the lesser probability. What they know for sure is if they do nothing, and remain in their own country, they are assured of NOTHING.
nice speech .. now put all the words you said in action and GL
Armis Game
Yeah, and given to a county with NO labor issues The only reason there are labor unions, labor laws, and labor lawyers is because of abuses, furthermore, the only reason they remain is because the abuses are never ending. Those who go to Qatar in 2022 will experience something that no other World Cup audience has ever experienced — outdoor air conditioning of a whole stadium.
Md Shabbir
the main culprits are the agents overseas placement Consultancies in india nepal they just take contracts and send there own countrimens without any care
lets just agree to disagree and end this discussion 🙂
Acehnese Nomad
and ‘Maybe’ if you give the passports back to the owners + exit permit, millions of people would leave this country and you would have NOTHING to build.
Caleb Schwarzenegger
I am working in Qatar and I have never regret Qatar is the best God bless Qatar.
a al
people why don’t you understand the situation, this is life people work hard to be able to support there family, what can QATAR do to the wether? its the environment, and regarding the rights, they do have rights, they work like normal people they are provided with accommodation, they are provided with food and they are allowed to do  what ever they want wen they finish the job allocated to them, if its about the money it simple, rise the salary, cut the tickets, visa fees, accommodation and food!
Acehnese Nomad
You’re definitely losing it after your divorce. You’re writing in capitals as if you’re screaming. 2 years in Doha will not give you enough knowledge about the locals here and how they treat most laborers. I’ve been over a decade in Doha, I work in construction industry for 6 years and I have seen how these men are treated.

1 Qatar’s World Cup 2022 workers: ‘We may as well just die here’ | Guardian Investigations

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28 jul. 2014

The Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums and infrastructure are being built by Nepalese men employed in Qatar’s construction industry who work for little or no pay. Appalling living conditions and unsafe employment are not the only difficulties they face: there is pressure and disbelief from families in Nepal when no money is sent back home.
The Guardian’s report exposing labour conditions in Qatar ► Part three ►
6 years later and more than 7000 people died! This breaks my heart! This is awful, we life in a world that practices slavery 😢
Viking Racer 16
Fifa is basically murdering people by welcoming Quatar to be in the world cup.
Abhilash Aniyan
If Qatar is doing this to build football stadiums, I don’t think I will be watching the world cup…
Marijn den Harder
This video should be played on TV before every match starts…
Here we have Al Jazeera snitching on every country’ dirty laundry, yet they are completely silent to Qatar’s dirty diaper🤬
Javier Martinez
And FIFA sanctioned Mexican Fans for Chanting during Matches…and England Fans…But people dying during construction of stadiums in Qatar is okay, as long as they make Money…Boicot Qatar
Kamal Raj Baral
I’m from Nepal. I cried after watching this. I feel very bad about our brothers being slave. Many of our brothers died because of Qatar. So every Nepalese is hating Qatar and I think every human is going to hate Qatar after watching this.
Rishon Bhuju
Recent studies shows that more than 1500 Nepalese already died in stadium construction in Qatar😢😢
Mohi Uddin Pabel
Its 2019 and nothing has changed.
FIFA ”WE ARE NOT CORRUPT!” Also FIFA ”Lets Play Football in the desert”.

3 – 750 migrants dead in Qatar

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4 Migrant Workers in Qatar – Trapped in Slave-like conditions as they work for World Cup 2022

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8 jun. 2019

How migrant workers are being exploited in Qatar. Due to the documentary “TRAPPED IN QATAR” FIFA has for the first time admitted a violation in workers’ standards as Qatar prepares for the FIFA 2022 World Cup. The revelation comes following this investigative report by Benjamin Best for German broadcaster WDR. Broadcasted June 5th 2019. WDR journalist Benjamin Best went to Qatar undercover without the approval of the Qatari government, armed with a hidden camera, to shed light on slave like conditions and the human cost of the 2022 World Cup.
It’s another troubling development surrounding the working conditions in Qatar for workers, which have been heavily criticized for several years by unions and human rights groups alike.
While a lack of pay, terrible housing conditions and lack of food were recurring themes, so too were the deaths of migrant workers. The Nepali government granted WDR’s request for official data regarding Nepali workers in Qatar, which showed that 1,426 had passed away between 2009 and 2019.

5 Qatar 2022 World Cup workers have died or suffered abuse, investigation finds – BBC News

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15 nov 2022
Across South Asia, hundreds of thousands of people have left home to work on infrastructure projects at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

However, the BBC has found evidence that some migrant workers have recently died or suffered abuse, despite assurances safety standards had improved.

In a statement, the Qatar government said it’s committed to ensuring the health and safety of workers employed on its projects.


Qatar World Cup Costs 6,500 Workers Their Lives

9 mrt. 2021

There is a massive atrocity happening in Qatar. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!
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6 Qatar: World Cup 2022 forced labour

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31 mrt. 2016

Migrant workers building Khalifa International Stadium in Doha for the 2022 World Cup have suffered systematic abuses, in some cases forced labour, Amnesty International reveals in a new report.
The report, “The ugly side of the beautiful game: Labour exploitation on a Qatar 2022 World Cup venue”, blasts FIFA’s shocking indifference to appalling treatment of migrant workers. The number of people working on World Cup sites is set to surge almost ten-fold to around 36,000 in the next two years.
How do FIFA officials sleep at night? Besides on a huge pile of Qatar money, I mean.
blatter and platini should be prisoned for this shit
Richie Gaita
these workers are human too God watches
Noel Padavan
Qatar doesn’t even deserve to hold this world cup PERIOD.
aswin ajay
Qatar has yet again proved that with money and influence, one can get away with any attrocities.
USA 94: $30 million to host Qatar 2022: $220 billion!!😳

7 Inside Story – The plight of Qatar’s migrant workers

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14 jun. 2012

A recent report by Human Rights Watch is warning that foreign workers in Qatar risk serious abuse in the run-up to the 2022 football World Cup. But this is a problem affecting an estimated 35 million migrant workers across the Gulf region. What are the respective governments doing to protect their rights? Guests: Zahra Babar, Tim Noonan.
At Al Jazeera English, we focus on people and events that affect people’s lives. We bring topics to light that often go under-reported, listening to all sides of the story and giving a ‘voice to the voiceless.’ 
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8 Should Qatar Be Stripped Of The World Cup?

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8 jun. 2015

Slaves to the Beautiful Game: Following the corruption scandal and in light of the horrific conditions of its preparation, is it time to strip Qatar of the football world cup?

The scandal surrounding FIFA corruption has focused fresh attention on migrant workers who have died building stadiums for the 2022 World Cup. This report reveals the shocking conditions endured by workers.

The lead up to the World Cup has been enshrouded in scandal at every turn. With reports that over 1200 have died in Qatar already, the reality of the World Cup for those building the stadiums is far from glamorous. “They live in squalor… They’re owned by another individual, lock, stock and barrel – that’s slavery”, says Sharan Burrow, head of the International Trade Union Confederation. Burrow takes ABC on a tour of a hostel of Nepalese migrants, who work six days a week for 12 hours a day, with no paid overtime. “They just send you back when they decide you’ve finished”, explains one worker. Under the Kafala system in Qatar, workers need permission from their employers before they can leave the country. “The workers here can be physically and verbally abused… they can be stuck in detention centres or they can be kicked back home”, says Mustafa Qadri from Amnesty International. Even footballer Abdes Ouaddou was a victim of Kafala. After being hired to play in the Qatari league, he was denied an exit visa. Expressing his outrage, Abdes says: “How can such a prestigious, popular competition take place in a country that doesn’t respect human rights or the law?”

ABC Australia – Ref 6464

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Robert John
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Kai F
Yes. answered the question.
Bill Mason
Won’t be attending, watching, or following the 2022 Qatar World Cup. I’ll be boycotting any companies that align themselves with it, and I’d suggest anyone else who cares do the same and (more importantly) let the companies broadcasting and advertising know how you’ll be voting with your wallet and tuning out. Punish FIFA and punish its corporate sponsors. This is EXACTLY the type of inhumanity we’re told international sport combats, but obviously that’s not happening here.
tarun kumar
one of the best and true reporting journalism at best but can the venue get changed after finalising
the players have the power here. boycott and refuse to go and the tournament will fall. I couldnt agree will Bill Mason more.
Nilo Rodriguez
Four years later and the controversies surrounding Qatar and Fifa keep accumulating. Yet, nothing is being done. World Cup preparations are still going and not stopping.
J.R. S.
Qatar is in no way a country that should be rewarded with the World Cup I hope Western European countries will boycott this circus or at least government officials boycott this minuscule kingdom.
Krishna Gurung
The main reason is FIFA is corrupt that’s why Qatar hosting world cup. They are expolating cheap labour. They are died everyday.

9 – 10 reasons why Qatar World Cup is going to be a disaster!

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18 nov 2022

10 reasons why Qatar World Cup is going to be a disaster!

Across the globe, people of all ages and backgrounds are interested in and excited for the FIFA World Cup.

Qatar is being criticised for everything from poor planning and bribery to human rights abuses nine years before the 2022 World Cup is scheduled to take place there.

However, there were always questions about fairness and integrity at the competition. The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been the most controversial of all the tournaments to be held there.


7 reasons why the World Cup in Qatar is a disgrace | Oh My Goal

16 okt. 2019

Since being awarded the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar’s come under the microscope for alleged human rights abuses, corruption, and numerous other scandals. Should Qatar be hosting the next World Cup? In this video, we look at the seven reasons why a World Cup in Qatar would be a disgrace!
Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal
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Fan Site
Wonder what’s gonna happen to those beautiful stadiums after the World Cup ends
Irish Gamer
”empty stadiums” 2020: Am I a joke to you?
Solution: Just host it in England, perfect country that LOVES football. Beautiful stadiums like Anfield, Old Trafford, Wembley, Emirates, Etihad, White Hart Lane, Goodison Park, Villa Park, St. James Park, Stamford Bridge, London Stadium, Celtic Park. So many beautiful stadiums to be hosted at, and they chose Qatar
kiwi tath
I love this man’s voice.
Ritvik Balvally
Rest in peace to all the brothers and sisters who lost their lives while constructing Qatar. I will never forgive them for those atrocities. Most of the times I travel abroad I always meet a migrant labourer who is returning to India scared and worried, saying they will never return again.

10 Company cancels World Cup contract after migrant workers’ deaths on construction sites | DW News

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12 mrt. 2021

Dutch Company ‘Hendriks Gras’ has canceled its deal for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. That’s following media reports that more than 6,500 migrant workers have died on construction sites. Supplying the grass for the World Cup pitch is usually a dream job for busin esses in the turf industry.
Guten Tag
So playing football in such a Stadium is like playing on a graveyard?
zabana 16
They take their passports so they can’t leave when they’re fed up with their master’s bidding. This is slavery for real.
Dhruv Sharma
Unfortunately, When Rich dies: Sad Moment. When Poor dies: Statistics.
Ashwin Ned
It takes a lot of balls to do the right thing in spite of having million-dollar contracts at stake. Well done Netherland.
Canyon Racer
Hendriks Gras, one of the few large companies with a conscience! Bravo! Shame on FIFA😂
Waiting for Al-jazeera to cover it.
Damian wolff
In Brazil the new stadiums built for the Olympics are now abandoned and trashed waste of money .
jim hong
imagine using this money to build hospitals, schools and housing instead of building more sport stadiums
Ozeh Tdz
World Cup filled with blood. The number of deaths is beyond belief, even if cut one zero out of this figure. No to racism. No to Qatar.
Nepal receives 2 dead bodies everyday from the gulf. These stadium are built on the graveyard of the extreme poor south asians. The cries of the mother, wives and children of these families that I have seen crying hugging the red plywood coffins, plays loudly on my ear everytime I hear any news on these topics. Makes me sad everytime

11 Should Qatar Host The FIFA World Cup?


11 jun. 2015

Should Qatar Host The World Cup? – The reality of abuse and exploitation for Qatar’s migrant workforce.

Discover the Hidden Brutality Of Qatar’s FIFA World Cup Preparations :

“We have been here for two months […] for two months we haven’t been given beds.” Such is life for a migrant worker. Lured to Qatar by the promise of good salaries and regular trips home – they have their passports confiscated on arrival, and their wages slashed. Some work seven days a week, fifteen hours a day, returning home to overcrowded slums where even stray animals struggle to survive.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will cost the country $200 billion, and for the contractors charged with making it happen – finance is all that matters. “They don’t care how many die, only how much they get” claims one insider.

Yet despite the appalling conditions, some are better off in Qatar than back home. “This is our life. In my country there is no work. Too much corruption. No money, no work.”

Press TV – Ref 6470

Prince. Olufemi Sharaibi
I’m from Qatar ( despite my YT name ), And this is truly a shame, it’s a shame that this is happening while the general public are mostly unaware or are in disbelief of this, blaming it on exaggerations from the media, Thank you for this Documentary 🙂
Suraj Magar
No World Cup in Qatar Please save our Nepali and other brothers God
Captain Carter
Am done with Sainsbury never again.Pure madness if this World Cup happens in Qatar.
Гений Бурунов
2019. Greetings from Qatar. Everything is the same. Constructors working for same salary, housekeepers also. Only bus drivers get a bit better. But they and security staff still living by 8 people in room. One washroom for 8 people even for hotel staff(Sheraton accommodation).

12 How Qatar built stadiums with forced labor

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1 dec 2022

And hurt thousands of migrant workers

Ever since Qatar won the rights to host the FIFA World Cup in 2010, its treatment of migrant workers has made international headlines. News stories and human rights organizations revealed migrant workers who built the stadiums, hotels, and all the new infrastructure required for the World Cup were being forced to work, not getting paid, unable to leave, and in some cases, dying.

At the heart of the abuse faced by migrant workers is the kafala system. A system prevalent in Gulf states that ties workers to their sponsors, it often gives sponsors almost total control of migrant workers’ employment and immigration status.

Due to all the scrutiny Qatar has been under, some reforms have been put in place, but the kafala system is more than a law — it’s a practice. And while these reforms exist on paper, human rights organizations say there’s still a long way to go.

To understand how hundreds of thousands of migrant workers were stuck in an exploitative system while building the stadiums for the World Cup, watch our 10-minute video above.


Why is the 2022 World Cup in Qatar a disgrace? – INVESTIGATION

15 dec. 2020

The 2022 World Cup will be very particular. It will take place in winter and…in Qatar! A country that has never hosted the World Cup before. But above all, the allocation process for the 2022 Qatar World Cup was the result of an extremely corrupt system. On top of this, Qatar is regularly accused of not respecting human rights, especially regarding foreign workers. So should we go to Qatar? Should we follow this World Cup on TV or boycott it?

13 The Hidden Brutality Of Qatar’s FIFA World Cup Preparations

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8 jun. 2015

Qatar’s World Cup Slaves: The devastating truth about Qatar’s world cup bid.


In Qatar, 4000 workers will die to put on the 2022 Football World Cup. This staggering figure indicates the slave-like conditions the builders of football’s most expensive construction project are enduring. 

Workers won’t speak out for fear of being fired, but for some, hopelessness outweighs the fear. Qatari labourers building for the 2022 World Cup are forced into long hours on the side of roads or inside factories in the sweltering heat. Their living situations are just as trying: “We have been here for 2 months. And for 2 months we haven’t been given beds.” These workers entered into pseudo slavery due the loans they took to travel that they can’t afford to pay back, as the hope of the income they were promised was a lie. They can’t return home, and if they’re sick “the company cut their salary for going to the hospital”. Take an inside look at the conditions of these impoverished and undervalued workers, who risk overworking to the point of death for fear of unemployment. 

PRESS TV – Ref 6457 

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Arijit Deb
I would like to see Al-jazeera make a video about that.
Boycott the games and hit them where it hurts: their pockets.
Sad to see some Qataris defending this by saying the US and UK were build by slaves as well, even though they admitted their wrongdoings and have given everyone regardless of race the same rights. You can’t change the past, but you can change the future.
kuikai kui
if the footballl player’s had any balls they would not be playing there
Jamal l
stop calling it modern slavery, just call it slavery…
Qwerty Qwerty
It is so easy, everyone who gives fk about human decency should just boycott the games. Just don’t go to the world cup matches and see how they burn.

14 Qatar World Cup 2022 stadium workers earn as little as 45p an hour | Guardian Investigations

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29 jul. 2014

Migrant workers building the first stadium for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup have been earning as little as 45p an hour, the Guardian can reveal.
The pay rate appears to be in breach of the tournament organisers’ own worker welfare rules and comes despite the Gulf kingdom spending £134bn on infrastructure ahead of the competition.
World Cup Slaves ►
More than 100 workers from some of the world’s poorest countries are labouring in ferocious desert heat on the 40,000-seat al-Wakrah stadium, which has been designed by the British architect Zaha Hadid and is due to host a quarter-final.
Qatar’s unpaid World Cup workers ►
Pay slips show they are toiling up to 30 days a month for as little as £4.90 a day. The rates are among the lowest the Guardian found during a week-long investigation into conditions for migrant labourers across Qatar’s construction industry, and come despite pledges by the tournament’s organisers to make workers’ rights “our top priority”.
Get the whole picture ►
terry jav
i thin k all the players should refuse to play in 2022 until all the workers get compensation and the money they worked for.
FIFA know full well what goes on and they don’t care. As long as Qatar gives them $$$ they couldn’t give a stuff.
This is how Dubai was build too not just Qatar.
George Parfitt
The first part of the video where he is being shown around the apartments reminds me of ‘The Interview’ movie where everything is constructed from styrofoam…
Jacques Huart
Boycott #Qatar2022, and this stadium will be empty in 2022. 😂😂😂😂
Frank Madrigal
Wow!!! Looks beautifu
Euan Weddell
the stadiums aren’t big enough should of been England
michael diaz
The Guardian…. You can also look on the camps in Al Shahaniya… Please check the camp of some of the big construction companies in Qatar in Al Shahaniya… You can also find worst camps there…
Why does The Guardian hate Zaha Hadid so much she isn’t the only architect who designs building for dictator/kings.
Congrats Qatar your leaders blended fifa officials hands in oil, you have never qualified for a World Cup and fans along with players will collapse from heatstroke before they make it to the stadium…
Boycott Qatar 2022 World Cup
Khem Francis
I would never visit if it was built by modern slaves
Damn can’t wait to play on my PS5 the FIFA World Cup game 2022 lol haha
That’s capitalism for you. Can’t wait until the games.
Miles Backman
fifa and this soccer crap pisses me right off.  we gotta stem their income flow. IN A BIG WAY!
Food at first sight
this shows inhumanity. this is not good.
Sabrina grande
We didn’t say anything bad to people accept when they’ll start
Vote with your wallet, don’t go and don’t watch. If you want to do more, write sponsors of the 2022 world cup and tell them you are not buying their products if they support this. The strongest voice you have is though your wallet.
Everything With SAM
Beautiful Stadium 👌. Qatar one of the rich country. Guys Look at labour salary monthly just 150 $ 😑 It’s nothing……. Qatar can waste million Money others Side but THEY Don’t care labour Salary side 😣. Love & respect Qatar❤. Go ahead 2022.
wladimir moreno
A world cup based on missery of human beings what a cinic event like the last one in brasil same shit we as a human beings show a poor image in ourselves doing this kind of spectacule….

15 FIFA World Cup worker deaths: Is Qatar making good on its promise to change? | Business Beyond

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23 mei 2021

An army of migrant workers has been helping Qatar to prepare to host the 2022 World Cup. However, headlines about excessive deaths, unsanitary living conditions and unpaid wages have led to criticism of their treatment. In this Business Beyond we look at how the Arab state used to recruit its labourers – the kafala system, what life is like for them, and what’s being done to improve that.
00:00 – Introduction
01:20 – World Cup Preperation
02:30 – Qatar & Migrants
04:45 – The Kafala System
05:48 – Reforms
09:55 – Migrant worker deaths
12:25 – Boycott
14:30 – Outlook

16 The Disgraces of World Cup Qatar 2022

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13 nov. 2021

Corruption, human rights, social oppression, it’s all talked about in this video as we discover the many problems behind the highly anticipated World Cup in Qatar.
0:00 Intro
1:20 Corruption
5:28 Worker Abuse
11:45 Blindness
15:15 Hate not Love

17 World Cup hosts Qatar accused of under-reporting deaths in Gulf’s killer heat – BBC News

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19 jun. 2022

18 Migrant workers mistreated in Qatar

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12 jun. 2012

Qatar, a tiny Gulf monarchy, might be known worldwide for its stunning wealth, ambitious Middle Eastern diplomacy and unprecedented winning bid to host a World Cup, but beneath the country’s lightspeed rise to prominence lies a class of unprotected, often forgotten migrant construction workers whose lives often amount to forced labour.

The workers, most of whom have immigrated to Qatar from South Asia, say many are lured by irresponsible companies who make false promises of big salaries and good conditions before withholding paychecks and taking away passports once the workers arrive.

Qatari law requires that wages be paid on time and housing meet minimum standards of comfort, but most companies are never forced to comply, according to a new Human Rights Watch report. Qatar does not have a minimum wage, has not signed key international human rights agreements and prohibits unions, the report said.

Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford reports from Doha.

19 – Working Conditions in Qatar Ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022

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1 sep. 2021

Migrant workers are at the heart of realising Qatar’s dream of hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. But 10 years after FIFA awarded the tournament to Qatar, thousands of them are still being exploited by unscrupulous bosses.

20 Qatar’s World Cup Building Boom: Too Hot To Work

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Qatar: Killer Heat Cripples Workers

10 jun. 2022

Qatar is rapidly heating to extreme temperatures. From deaths and chronic diseases among migrants workers, to disastrous sports events, the rising temperature in the Gulf is both disruptive and deadly.
As a result of climate change, temperatures in the Gulf are rising at twice the global average – with temperatures regularly reaching 50C. ‘Above 40C, the body’s normal working mechanism starts to disintegrate’, explains cardiologist, Dr Ratna Mani Gajurel. For wealthy citizens, air conditioning is readily available. But for the Gulf’s over 14 million migrant workers, remaining cool is a challenge. Sita Magar’s husband Dhar left Nepal for work in Qatar. In 2021, he died aged just 31. ‘He was always sweating when we video chatted’, says Sita. ‘The heat made his nose bleed’. His death was attributed to ‘cardiac arrest’. But Dr Gajurel suspects extreme heat was to blame: ‘any migrant worker who works continually to the point of exhaustion in 40C or more has a high chance of sudden death’. Meanwhile, even athletes at the pinnacle of health have been impacted by the heat. In the 2019 World Athletics Championships, nearly half of the competitors had to drop out of the women’s marathon due to the extreme temperatures. ‘The air was like a fiery furnace’, says marathon coach Haji Adelo.

21 Qatar 2022 World Cup: Forced labour and human rights abuses against migrant workers

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2 mrt. 2019

Download/rent the full-length film here:
It’s a scandal that has gripped the footballing community over the past 10 years, and which spans far beyond the board rooms in which it was bid for: the 2022 World Cup. In spite of accusations of bribery to have initally won the bidding, Qatar has pushed ahead with construction of 9 new stadiums and the upgrade of 3. This has come at a scandalous cost: according to a report by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), at least 522 Nepalese and more than 700 Indian migrant workers have died since construction began, with Amnesty International and The Guardian predicting that up to 4,000 workers will have died the first World Cup ball is kicked in 2022. Furthermore, extensive human rights abuses have been documented: passports withheld, wages being reduced beyond what was promised, squalid living conditions, forced labour, and blocked exits from the country. Many workers have drawn comparisons between their work and prison life. We sit down to talk to two former workers about the mistreatment they suffered in Qatar.

22 Qatar announces changes to labour law

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15 mei 2014

Qatar has proposed changes to its controversial labour laws affecting 1.4 million migrant workers. People will now apply to the government rather than their employer for permission to leave the country. The tiny Gulf state’s successful bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup has led to increased international scrutiny. Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Vall reports.
qasim Ansari
very good information thank you so much sir
Yousuf Baig
I just raised an exit permit request with my employer to travel India for Eid. This is July 2018. THIS STILL EXISTS!
Swin James
Sir what if i have a delayed salary for 4months ? Do i still need a NOC to change employer ?
Mohamed Rafi
Check Kerala house restaurant in Al wakra  workers place and food making place and keeping Non Veg food stock place  
Kevoh Wa Pipeline Transami
Almost 5yrs still waiting to change 🤣🤣🤣🤣LMAO
purushottam Gamer
When will u started to follow this rule and regulation and how many years need to spend the company or employeers, even this rule is follow all company?
Good news for labours.
Nabaraj Karki
Good ruls for workar
Peter Bomoa
FIFA have shown greate surpote to violation human rights over the past years by corrupting its systems in the aim of making profits and it’s evidently suggesting it has lost its values and aim to protecting the peoples game and soon the world will lose trust in this precious body
masum ahmed
Brother Plesse tell this also for allowed house driver
maya cezar
salam plz I need answer for this question. . plzzz I’m working in the house then I travel end of Oct in my country But I want to come back her to find a working outside … this is my question there’s a band for me???? or no????for this coming rules!!! tnx plz answer my question
Aliah Noor
Thise is a very good for us some employer don’t fallow the low cus my passport my sponsor hold I want to take but they don’t gave cus they want to make sure
Rohit Kumhar
I am finishing carpenter furniture
ronnie batiles
kerla mngt. dafoos technical services wll until now January 2016 the salary of the Months of September not give to the workers including the overtime they will not pay check this violation.
op mikshang limbu
But it’s not implemented
Blatant propaganda. 4 years later, nothing has changed.
anjelina anjelina
house drivers want kapala

23 Qatar World Cup 2022: migrant workers forced to work for no pay

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25 sep. 2013

Qatar, one of the richest countries on the planet, will be hosting the World Cup in 2022. But much of the Gulf state’s expansion is being built by some of the poorest migrant workers in the world. In the worst cases, employees are not being paid and work in conditions of forced labour. Each month dozens of young Nepalese migrant workers are returning home in coffins.

24 As World Cup approaches, Qatar hits back at allegations of abuse

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10 jul. 2021

Qatar’s stadiums for the 2022 World Cup speak to its future ambitions on the world stage. Yet each, also, captures and embodies the problems and criticisms that swirl around this World Cup — notably the allegations of the human cost of massive building project. #CNN #News

25 Imprisoned Without Trial in Dubai’s Waterfront – Full Documentary

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14 aug. 2014

Trapped (2014): An innocent Australian property executive’s real-life Kafkan nightmare dealing with Dubai’s notorious justice system. Subscribe to Journeyman for more: 
Thrown behind bars for an unknown crime, Marcus Lee saw the dark side of Dubai’s booming property development industry when the economic crash shattered the dream. An exhausting battle for justice ensued. 
When the outrageous glitter and stunning promise of Dubai beckoned, Australian couple Marcus & Julie Lee packed their bags and set off for the booming Middle Eastern city to chase their dreams. So how did Marcus Lee end up in filthy Dubai jails for nine months, unaware of what he’d done wrong? And why, when authorities finally charged him in connection with an alleged multi-million dollar property fraud, did it take close to five years to navigate the legal system, ultimately clear his name and return home?
ABC Four Corners – Ref 6142 Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world’s most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world’s top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you’ll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.

26 FIFA and the World Cup: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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9 jun. 2014

John Oliver’s excitement for the World Cup is tempered by knowing information about FIFA, the organization that produces it. John details the problems with the upcoming tournament and the staggering allegations of corruption against FIFA.

27 Why is QATAR the RICHEST Country on EARTH? – VisualPolitik EN

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25 sep. 2017

The government of Qatar has investments and properties all around the world. It is the birthplace of Al Jazeera, the most important Arabic media company and then there is Doha, the capital, which is a sea of skyscrapers, malls and luxurious cars. Today we’ll be talking about Qatar!

28 Qatar’s Future Mega Projects (2018-2030) -Over $200Billion

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30 sep. 2018

Qatar’s Future Mega Projects (2018-2030) -Over $200Billion

Once upon a time, Qatar was a poor fishing village. But one day,
oil and gas were discovered and everything changed for Qatar.
Today ,Qatar is the richest country in the world with a GDP per capita of $129,360. The country has a lot of modern infrastructures and invests a lot in science,technology and education.

Doha,the capital is very modern and futuristic .There are countless skyscrapers,modern malls and many other beautiful things.

The governement created the Qatar investment authority,a fund that will invest the country wealth. Today, the fund manage $335 Billion and purchased many foreign companies and assets. These aquistion include : The PSG, FC Barcelona ,Harrods stores and the Shard in London,Or Miramax movies .
The country will host the Fifa World Cup 2022.

Here is the list of the projects !

1- Lusail city
The $45 Billion project is an all-new coastal city under construction north of Doha with an estimated population of 450,000, made up of 200,000 residents, 170,000 employees and over 80,000 visitors.
A stadium,2 marinas,a lagoon and many skyscrapers will be built.
Lusail city is a Doha’s area.

2- Sharq Crossing Bridge :
The project will be comprised of three bridges interconnected by subsea tunnels spanning a 10km stretch of water, and will link Doha’s Hamad International Airport with the city’s cultural district of Katara in the north and the downtown central business district of West Bay. The project has been designed by world-renowned architect, engineer and artist Santiago Calatrava.

3- Doha Metro :
The rail network will cover 300km, and has an estimated value of $36bn. Key to the system is the Doha Metro project, which is expected to be fully operational by 2019, and is designed to relieve pressure on the city’s roads.

4- Doha New Port (Hamad Port)
The $7.4bn Doha New Port is one of Qatar’s most important projects.It covers a 26.5km2 site which, alongside a major new port facility, will also contain a new 4.5km2 naval base for Qatar and a new canal for Qatar Economic Zone 3 – one of a number of new economic zones being set up to boost the country’s industrial sector.

5- The 7 Stadium for the FIFA World Cup 2022
More than $4bn is to be spent on the stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Here is the list of the stadiums :
A- Al-Wakrah Stadium
B- Al-Rayyan Stadium
C- Al Thumama Stadium
D- Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
E- Khalifa Stadium
F- Qatar Foundation Stadium
G- Al Bayt Stadium

6- Qatar Water Reservoirs
The goal is to Construct five mega-reservoirs that aim to boost Qatar’s emergency water supply . When finished, they will be among the world’s largest reservoirs, with a capacity of some 100 million gallons of water each.

6- Oryx Island :
Designed to host 2022 World Cup, the more than two million square meters Oryx Island will provide temporary accommodation during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It will feature five floating hotels, an open-air theatre pavilion, commercial district, leisure areas and various residential options. A series of venues are also planned for spectators to enjoy the football matches from the island. This $5.5 Billion project will be completed in 2020 or 2021.

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Fifa World Cup 2022

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29 Inside The 8 Amazing World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadiums

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29 apr. 2022

Inside The 8 Amazing World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadiums

The Arab States are renowned for their spectacular and monumental architecture. Think of the Burj Khalifa and Palm Islands in Dubai, the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, and the 10,000-room hotel being built in Mecca.

Fuelled by these states’ immense oil wealth, they’re constructing buildings with a scale and ambition unparalleled anywhere in the world. The Qatar 2022 World Cup is no exception.

Despite being the smallest nation ever to host the football tournament, they’ve gone all out creating eight breathtaking stadiums – the envy of the world. All the stadiums are powered by solar-panel farms, and, given Qatar’s scorching climate, their cooling systems have been meticulously designed. After all, fainting football superstars do not make the best headlines.

In fact, Qatar’s dedication to sound environmental practices earned all the stadiums four or five stars from the Global Sustainability Assessment System. It’s all very impressive.

Let’s take a tour around these eight modern marvels. We’re exploring how they were made, what they cost, and the unbelievable story behind each.

Thanks for Watching: Inside The 8 Amazing World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadiums

0:00 Intro
1:15 Al Bayt Stadium
3:22 Al Janoub Stadium
5:16 Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
6:47 Al Thumama Stadium
8:37 Education City Stadium
10:21 Khalifa International Stadium
12:15 Lusail Stadium
14:25 Stadium 974

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30 What’s next for Qatar after the World Cup draw? | Inside Story

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2 apr. 2022

The stage is set for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.
It will be the first time the Middle East hosts the tournament.
But it hasn’t been easy – most recently Qatar has had to navigate a blockade, a global pandemic and now the global effects of the war in Ukraine.
But despite all that, Doha has kept its promise.
But how much progress is being made?
And is the idea of holding the game every two years, really feasible?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan
Danyel Reiche, Visiting Associate Professor at Georgetown University also author of the book called Qatar and the 2022 FIFA World Cup
Politics, Controversy, Change.
Usher Komugisha is a an African Football Journalist.
Rob Harris is a Global sports Correspondent for the Associated Press.

31 What does Qatar own around the world? | CNBC Explains

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30 jun. 2017

This tiny country in the Middle East is the richest per capita. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi explores the global assets of Qatar.

32 The plight of migrant workers in Qatar • FRANCE 24 English

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28 okt. 2022

Qatar’s hosting of the upcoming 2022 World Cup has attracted thousands of migrant workers to build stadiums and other infrastructure. These foreigners left everything behind in search of a better life. But once in Qatar, they often experienced exploitation: unpaid wages, confiscated passports and extreme working conditions that have led to several thousand deaths, according to various NGOs. Some migrant workers agreed to speak to our reporters Chloé Domat and Rammohan Pateriya for this special full-length report. They explain how their Qatari dream has turned into a nightmare, even if Doha also offers some opportunities for upward social mobility.

33 The True Cost Of The Qatar 2022 World Cup | True Cost | Business Insider

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22 okt. 2022

In November, Qatar will become the first country in the Middle East to host the World Cup. But preparing the tiny desert nation for the tournament came with an alarming human toll.

34 FIFA’s Darkest Secret: The Qatar World Cup 2022

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15 okt. 2022

Qatar World Cup 2022, FIFA, #fifaundercovered

#FIFA, the largest #soccer organization in the world, is responsible for organizing the #WorldCup as well as other international soccer championships. The World Cup is played again every four years, and each time it is held in a different nation. In 2018 it was hosted in Russia, while this year it will take place in #Qatar.

This outcome is one of the most highly controversial choices in soccer history, which is why the news went viral. A questionable choice given that Qatar has never qualified for an international competition and that the tournament had to be shifted to the winter because of the country’s extremely hot summers.

It has since come to light that #FIFA selected #Qatar for completely different reasons, and they are now being accused of some truly shocking activities like corruption and the violation of human rights. So what is the truth, and how can FIFA get away with it, if it is really that bad? Is it even socially correct to broadcast this World Cup on national TV or does that make us all approve this form of modern slavery? This video is a journey into the dark world behind the 2022 World Cup…. A look behind the curtain into one of the most controversial organizations ever. But to fully understand the story, we must first go back to the moment where it all began….

00:00 – 01:46 Prologue
01:47 – 04:32 Dirty Games
04:33 – 06:31 Corrupt Bidding
06:32 – 10:55 Human Right Issues and 6500 Deaths
10:56 – 11:49 Should we Boycott this World Cup?

35 The shadow workers of Qatar: Is World Cup host ‘sportswashing’ its reputation? • FRANCE 24 English

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27 okt. 2022

Will the 2022 World Cup, which is taking place in less than a month, be a successful exercise in “sportswashing”? Plagued with accusations of worker abuse, homophobia, sexism, racism and corruption since FIFA awarded them the World Cup 12 years ago, Qatar has had to answer for thousands of harrowing accounts of exploitation, mostly of South Asian migrant workers, toiling for long hours in intense heat to build the glittering new stadiums, hotels, roads and airports in place to welcome an expected 1.2 million visitors. We put the question to our panel, including journalist Chloé Domat, who has filmed a full-length documentary on the issue.

36 Canada Soccer adds voice to calls for labour reforms ahead of FIFA World Cup in Qatar

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Canada’s national soccer organization has finally added its voice to the calls for change in Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers and LGBTQ fans as the country prepares to host the FIFA World Cup next month.

A football stadium under construction in the Arab emirate of Qatar
Copyright 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

37 Qatar: Between tradition and modernity | DW Documentary

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22 nov 2022

The 2022 Soccer World Cup in Qatar is hugely controversial. The allegations range from corruption in the awarding of the tournament to Qatar to harsh criticism of the host nation for its human rights record, and its World Cup carbon emissions.

Even as the World Cup gets underway, there’s been no letup in the criticism. The decision to hold the prestigious sports event in the middle of the desert, in the small Gulf state of Qatar, has been controversial from the start. FIFA officials are accused of accepting bribes to award hosting rights to Qatar. Qatar itself, meanwhile, is accused of exploiting hundreds of thousands of migrant workers to build its World Cup stadiums. Then there are the huge carbon emissions. The tournament was moved to winter to avoid Qatar’s summer temperatures of 50+ degrees Celsius. But even in November, the stadiums need significant air conditioning.

Journalist Christa Hofmann shows how the conservative Muslim emirate is looking to establish itself on the global stage with mega sports events like the World Cup. She visited the newly built stadiums and spoke with migrant workers – as well as Qatari officials, World Cup fan representatives, and Qatar and Middle East analysts.

DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch top documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.


On the surface, Qatar is a dazzling and colorful Arab country, home to sheikhs and big business. But migrant workers without Qatari citizenship make up nearly 90% of Qatar’s total population – the highest such rate in the world.

Anyone traveling to Qatar arrives with plenty of prejudices: that it is a corrupt, filthy-rich emirate full of forced laborers who have no rights; that it is home to businessmen whose practices are, at best, questionable. But for the Qataris themselves, and the millions of guest workers from all over the world who live there, the picture is more nuanced. Yes, Qatar is a dictatorship with an emir who enjoys almost unlimited power. But at the same time, Qatar is remarkably open and progressive. The emirate is tiny, and yet tremendously fascinating – with its vast desert landscapes, its bizarrely-shaped mountains and its picturesque sandy beaches.

DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch top documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.

38 How Qatar Became the World’s Most OP Country

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30 nov 2022

39 Why Qatar’s World Cup May Be The Last of Its Kind

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30 nov 2022

While Qatar has reportedly spent $200 billion or more, most nations are now unwilling to spend a fraction of that on money-losing mega-events like the World Cup or the Olympics. The IOC and FIFA are scrambling to change their ways before it’s too late.

40 Qatar World Cup – Human Cost Of Building The Stadiums For The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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We’re just months out from one of the biggest sporting events in the world, but theFIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has come at a considerable cost in both dollars and in lives.


16 nov 2022

The Human Cost of the Qatar World Cup

In 2010, Qatar made history by becoming the first Arab country to be awarded the FIFA World Cup. The tiny nation beat out stiff competition from the United States, Australia, Japan, and South Korea to win the right to host the world’s biggest sporting event in 2022. But there’s a dark side to Qatar’s World Cup preparations that often goes unnoticed. Since Qatar was awarded the tournament in 2010, it is estimated that over 6,500 migrant workers have died while working on World Cup-related projects. So, how did Qatar win the bid? Let’s take a look.

41 How Migrant Workers in Qatar are treated | Full Documentary Dirty Games – The Dark Side of Sports

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© 2018, Lizenziert von fact+filmThe Film “Dirty Games” is an expedition to the dirty abyss of professional sports. The award winning investigative journalist Benjamin Best (among others: CNN Journalist of the Year 2011) takes a global look behind the scenes at the colourful world of sports and exposes the bitter taste behind the multi-billion sports business.
“The most heart-breaking scene of Best’s new movie, Dirty Games, takes place on the banks of a river in Triyuga in the Udayapur district of Nepal. A woman on her knees screams to the heavens. She has sunk to the ground after being confronted by the cold, dead face of her husband.” – The Daily Beast
“The film is at its best when showing the actual human cost of these stories we read, then immediately forget.” – South China Morning Post

42 The real cost of the World Cup in Qatar | VPRODocumentary

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The FIFA World Cup kicks off in Qatar on November 20. The biggest sporting event in the world has a dark side: Qatar won the tournament by buying a large number of votes and the construction of the stadiums has killed 6,500 people, according to research by The Guardian. Every day, coffins arrive at Kathmandu airport with deceased workers who sought refuge in one of the Gulf states. Journalist Danny Ghosen investigates why Nepalese people knowingly choose to work abroad under terrible conditions and why they also went into debt for that job. With all the consequences for the next of kin. Yet new workers report to the airport every day in search of a better life.

43 Soccer World Cup: Migrant laborers in Qatar | DW Documentary

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7 nov 2022

Trade unions have described the working conditions as modern slavery: Migrant workers from across the world built the football stadiums in Qatar – in dubious conditions. This is their story.

Sujan Mia came to Qatar from Bangladesh hoping to enable a bette rlife for his family. He returned in a coffin, with the circumstances of his death unclear to this day. Malcolm Bidali from Kenia came to Qatar to work – and ended up in prison. Today, he’s back in Kenia and wants to help other migrant workers. Despite the attention surrounding the Soccer World Cup, change seems to be hard to come by in Qatar. A report by Florian Nusch, with illustrations from Aleksandra Kononova.

44 Qatar’s World Cup workers – 6 Minute English

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17 nov 2022 ⏲️ 6 Minute English – Vocabulary & listening

In this programme, Neil and Beth talk about why Qatar wanted to host the World Cup and the migrant workforce who helped them prepare for it. You’ll also learn some related vocabulary along the way.

This week’s question
Which country has won the World Cup the most times? Is it:

a) Italy,
b) Brazil, or,
c) Germany?

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

treating someone unfairly in order to gain an advantage for yourself

much bigger or more expensive than it should be

an amount of money that you owe to someone else

something which is extreme large and powerful

sandwiched between
in a tight, narrow space between two larger things

soft power
a country using its economic and cultural influence to persuade other countries to do something, instead of using military (hard) power

45 Qatar 2022: A World Cup Built On Lies

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From the word go, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been mired in controversy in scandal – and whilst we were told by FIFA that all that controversy would be forgotten about as soon as the football started, that hasn’t been the case. There’s a very good reason for that, and that’s because this entire World Cup is built on lies; lies about when it would be played, lies about migrant workers conditions, even lies about beer in the stadiums! So in this video, HITC Sevens takes a look at some of FIFA and Qatar most notable lies around the 2022 World Cup, exploring the world’s most dishonest soccer tournament in more depth, and why you shouldn’t be fooled.

46 Qatar, la puissance à tout prix

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La coupe du monde de football se tient du 20 novembre au 18 décembre. Les compétitions se dérouleront dans huit stades construit à une vitesse record, dans ce micro-Etat grand comme l’Ile-de-France. Quel est ce pays passé en une génération de la plus grande pauvreté à une richesse illimitée? Pourquoi les occidentaux ne peuvent pas se passer du Qatar? Enquête sur cet Etat qui a réussi en 30 ans à se rendre indispensable en utilisant toutes les armes que sa fortune sans limite met à sa disposition. “Qatar, la puissance à tout prix”, c’est un reportage BFMTV de Marie Peyraube, Jérémy Muller et Olivier Ferraro.

47 Dubai: The City of Dreams | 60 Minutes Australia

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Just look where Aussie families are striking it rich. A job where the boss pays your rent, buys you a car, sends your kids to private school and gives you an overseas holiday every year. All that with a special, added bonus – there’s no income tax. Not a cent. It’s all happening in Dubai, the fastest growing city on earth. Thousands of Australians are flocking there to join this 21st century gold rush, as the sheiks spend squillions carving a modern metropolis out of the desert. You’ve never seen anything like it. Even the Aussies helping to build the new Dubai are gobsmacked. They just can’t believe their luck.

48 QATAR 2022: een Arabische avond in Souq Waqif (Ep 2)

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Qatar is de gastheer van de FIFA Wereldbeker 2022 en in deze video ontdek je een hele leuke plek om van te genieten tijdens het evenement. Welkom in Souq Waqif, een gigantisch winkelgebied vol restaurants en cafés. Mensen komen hier alleen ‘s avonds, als het koeler is en alle winkels open zijn. We maakten een lange wandeling, zagen de verschillende delen van de souk en genoten van een heerlijk diner.

De originele video is in het Engels, dit is een automatische vertaling om je te helpen in je eigen taal te kijken. Er zijn ook ondertitels, je kunt ze activeren door C (desktop) te typen of op de video te klikken en vervolgens bij CC bovenaan het scherm (mobiel).

Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar

00:00 Wat zit er in deze video en de Qatar-serie?
00:59 Aankomst bij Souq Waqif
01:47 Bin Zaid-moskee
02:20 Waarom Souq Waqif bezoeken?
03:43 Kamelen en valken
04:17 Winkelen op de souq
06:14 Le Pouce (gigantische duimsculptuur)
06:41 Diner in een Georgisch restaurant
09:26 Verschillende ruimtes (sieraden, boutique hotels,…)
10:26 De 5-sterren badkamer
11:21 Genieten van de cafés
12:06 Er is zelfs een fort in de buurt
12:42 Het moderne gebied in de buurt genaamd Msheireb
13:11 Terug naar het hotel en waarom we de metro niet hebben gepakt


Ik ben een Braziliaanse journalist die in de Verenigde Staten woont. Na meer dan 15 jaar de wereld rondgereisd te hebben met sport, nieuws en evenementen, realiseerde ik me dat ik echt van reizen hou. Dus verruilde ik het leven in de redactiekamers en stadions voor de dagelijkse uitdaging om een onafhankelijke contentproducent te zijn. Ik heb dit kanaal gemaakt om de schoonheid van de wereld te delen… dingen die ik zo lang alleen voor mezelf hield. Ook om mensen te helpen soortgelijke reizen te plannen en om meer mensen te inspireren om eropuit te gaan en van het leven te genieten! PS: De grappige kerel die in de vlogs verschijnt, is mijn man, Gordon. Hij is Canadees-Amerikaans en eigenlijk cameraschuw, daarom staat hij meestal achter de camera 😉

49 Le feu au derrière – Juste pour rire

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16 jun. 2013

La belle blonde retrouve enfin son amoureux. Il la soulève dans ses bras et la dépose sur le poêle juste à côté. Mais la cuisinière est resté allumée et la fille se retrouve les fesses sur le rond tout rouge. La belle a le feu au derrière, c’est le moins qu’on puisse dire!
Une présentation de la chaine vidéo YouTube officielle de Juste pour rire les gags. Régalez-vous des meilleurs et plus drôles gags de caméra cachée jamais tournés.