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I feel like a Qatar World Cup had potential to be good for the world. A deconstructable stadium, new infrastructure etc. But the use of slave labor, violations of human rights, and Interruption of the season for the World Cup with breaks of only a week makes this World Cup the scummiest World Cup. Not to mention that instead of addressing these, the Qataris are often crying racism and using whataboutism. The negatives outweigh the positives. FIFA should have auditing groups who visit the host countries right after they are awarded the rights to host something to check how the workers are being treated and whether they have enough funding, with help from Human Rights and Financial Organizations. But we know FIFA, they prefer money over Human Rights sadly. As an Indian, seeing my countrymen die because they have been fed lies about their wages hurts me.
Great video, as an Arab i feel guilty because i want an Arabic country to represent us and be the first at it and i felt like qatar was great for that but when i later discovered the horrible things they did i only felt guilty and ashamed. It is to note however that not only Qatar does this but most countries in Asia and the middle east do everything you’ve mentioned including the sponsors, such countries like S.Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and others I can’t name from the top of my head. Edit: this obviously doesn’t excuse their actions i thought it was too obvious that i didn’t say this I’m sorry and I just liked to mention that because it’s a global problem that needs to be fixed not only in Qatar but the whole world
Eashan Saju
A very fantastic video and sorry for the incoherent rambling below As an Indian living in Qatar for practically my whole life (and ironically likely to miss the World Cup next year), I was hyped when it was announced in 2010 that the hosts were gonna be Qatar especially because it always seemed to me that only Europe, the Americas, Australia, Japan and China usually host these kinds of things. Many celebrated out in the streets because that’s what usually happens when your tiny country hosts the world cup. But then I grew up and got exposed to the horrible conditions that were happening behind the scenes through the internet. However, it was always kinda uncomfortable when Twitter accounts or Youtube channels kinda feel like they would happily just keep the world cup always within the limits of the Europe, and always feel like it’s guilt-tripping when, to be honest, I didn’t exactly contribute to the human rights abuses. So it’s kind of a relief when at the end you said at the end to not feel guilty about watching the World Cup. Football is out of the control of fans structurally for a long time when the Oil industry was almost omnipresent throughout with Gazprom, the Middle Eastern takeovers etc and hosting has been for a long time been corrupt with 1998,2006,2010(maybe),2018 and 2022. It’s gonna take complete destruction of the current institutions to take it back. I’m kinda glad that the main arguments didn’t revolve around football pedigree or the winter slot (which I feel was dumb since the Melbourne Olympics took place in December) and has mainly stayed with genuine issues like human rights violations and social issues. Overall, Great video, As someone who has gone to one of these stadiums and have friends who’ve visited as well, I don’t doubt for spectators it’s gonna be a good or great world cup but it has to always be in our minds the many problems plaguing it.
Yeah I agree and to be honest, I feel the 2022 Wolrd Cup would be a bad world cup due to the scandals and other horror atrasosy. I will still watch it and boi, let see how the 2022 Wolrd Cup plays out
Anthony Cardenas
Great video man, very interesting and well researched. I hope your channel keeps on growing. Keep grinding and take your time on making the video essays because they are worth the wait. Take care.
As a person who has lived in Qatar basically my whole life and left a few months ago, I did not want to believe this, it was something so exciting and rare a country literally the size of a fricking mouse, was going to host the tournament of the world, I was overwhelmed with excitement and just slapped all the negative news, but now since i actually have a open mind now, Qatar definitely did not deserve to get responsibility of getting the world cup, its sad a country so close to my heart did something against human rights, Im just praying that its all improved and even that can’t take away the sadness i feel, we just have to accept the bribery
I have a lot of personal thoughts from this video & I really enjoyed your coverage! Such an important video, and you’re right, we as fans don’t have the influence to be able to force pressure onto Qatar, but what can be done in terms of this video is to be mindful on how the process to the 2022 World Cup happened, and that ugliness must really be ensured that it shouldn’t happen again in future World Cup competitions. It’s not just Qatar that has the kafala system but all the Gulf states do as well (Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, etc.). Also, the Gulf states have a TON of immigrants, or as they would like to call the East Asians/S.E. Asians: migrants, as opposed to the people coming from more privileged backgrounds (aka whites): expats. The very least these Gulf states can do to the people that legit built the whole country is to recognize their importance & their significance at the very least. They are just left under the mud, some treated like actual below shit at times. I remember seeing in Dubai, in 2021, god awful living conditions of workers in the middle of the desert, right beside a place called Global Village, a place full of entertainment, shopping, seeing cultures from all around the world. That stark contrast was honestly appalling from me, yet I’m just not surprised sadly. In terms of LGBTQ rights in Arab states, imo I’m somehow even less optimistic about that than workers rights unfortunately.
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It’s rare finding channels that make good content like yours bro
8:56 Small correction! Not all of those 6500 workers are not related to the world cup. They are the number of workers that died on every construction site in Qatar since the announcement about the cup in 2010, this includes new airports, a public transportation system and more. However the number isn’t categorized by where they died so there is no correct estimation about the actual number. I can’t post the link to the article but its the same article that the headline is from. Ps: Im not defending Qatar i just want to inform about a small misunderstanding 🙂
This was a very good video maqwell, enjoying these essays videos a lot and I cant wait for the next one to come out! Much love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❤
Wales. Golf. Madrid. In That Order.
While I am disgusted by Qatar’s human rights record, I would still support my country at the World Cup because we haven’t been since 1958
No Name
As someone of Bengali descent, I feel really sorry for my brothers back home. It seems that no matter where they go, their work lives are horrific. Same goes for all the other migrant workers.
The production quality of this is really good, especially for how under appreciated your channel is. I feel like I’m finding someone early who is gonna blow up in the next couple years
I know it probably won’t happen, but I’d like to see you talk about other leagues from other continents. One interesting case is that of Fortaleza; after a near decade in Brazil’s third division, they have recently earned themselves a spot in the first ever Copa Libertadores.
So, this is the second video I watch from your channel and I’m subscribing. I really like your opinions and you’re good at talking. As you might guess I’m mexican and about the past friday qualifier, all I can say is that USMNT won all my respect. No rage, no h8 at all. It was a clean match where this young generation demonstrated that they have the balls to stand up and make a statement to the whole CONCACAF. Same goes for Canada, a huge surprise this time and this makes me realize that a lot of national teams have gotten better, but sadly that’s not the case of Mexico. Saludos, hermano, thank you for these videos.
Coming from Kenya, this is horrifying to me, and after watching @Adam Something’s video on Dubai, and having been to Qatar two weeks ago for Formula 1, having seen all pretty much all of the stadiums it left a sour taste in my mouth the entire vacation
Azad Ali
I’ve seen a lot of ppl on the internet saying they won’t watch the World Cup and that players should not be taking part in it. At one point, i understand why you should turn your head against this kind of corruption, but at the same time I feel like a toddler who just wants to see his country or his favourite player lift the World Cup. (I’m a Ronaldo fan, I hope he wins it)
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this guy is so underrated. so glad i found this guy. big legend and no im not one of those people who say this just to gain some clout, im being dead serious. this guy is amazing
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I can see this channel grow with high quality editing and great research of this topic. Imma start watching the podcast that you recommend to us. Also take your time with your video. Thier a reason why your views are starting to increase.
Honestly man you make some of the most interesting videos I’ve ever seen, keep up the good work!
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As much as I want it to come home as an English person. I just feel that winning the world cup next year won’t mean as much due to the disgraces around the tournament
The saddest Thing (except for the slaves of course) is that its completly obvious that Qatar bought that WC and FIFA was ok with that.
Niels Meijer
I think it comes down to one question: Would I go to or watch a party, for which, thousands of people had to die in an avoidable manner that is only being hosted there because of corruption? I understand not watching it won`t change anything, but I choose not to.
Keep up the great work!!
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Awesome vid, really informative not to mention eye opening. Quite shocking how mainstream media is not talking about this
dayz n die
Double standards at its finest there is no perfect country
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My new favorite Football channel, love your style of videos bro ! Steady follower 💪☝
Bro,as a qatari person watching this,I’m sad but I agree at the same time.I’m one of those Qatari people that just hate the government.I’m 12 so I try to hide my hate from my father,because I know he would be very angry if he knows I don’t support our government.He thinks it’s national disrespect for the country.Qatar’s government is horrible,but the people are amazing.Us Qatari people deserve such a better government,we would be respected if we had that,but the government sucks,and I sometimes think when people say bad stuff about the country is like offending the people as well.I’m always saddened by people saying bad stuff about the country and I sometimes get close to crying.Just stating my opinions here.
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Goodness me, this video was outstanding. Keep up the great work.
The USMNT finally got a Good Squad and I’m going to feel guilty watching the World Cup Next November. Also, I see your shirt. See you in 2022! Vamos Atlanta!
I barely have time to watch the world cup and I also don’t want to. It’s almost winter when it starts and that means that all the people I know are at work or school during many of the groupstage games. The vibe is also not the same like normal world cups during the summer. It also ruins the league season, I watch the 2. Bundesliga because of Schalke and there will be a break from the 13th of November until the 27th of January! And the thousands of workers that died while building those stadiums are also a reason.
your channel is so good, i don’t understand how you’re not bigger! this video was also great, really informative and entertaining.
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This is one of the best videos you ever made well done😊😊😊😊
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I do kinda disagree with you adding the bit about watching the world cup, I don’t think it was necessary. Plus if people do not watch, it will teach FIFA not to award questionable countries as hosts, but again whether you watch or don’t, it doesn’t diminish the atrocities committed.
Great work, Maqwell
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And yet they want to lecture us about racism, culture, and equality.
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Great video man. I couldn’t help noticing the impressive kit collection behind you. do you know any good websites/ stores for jerseys?
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Great video bro keep it up!
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I know this is late but my 2nd cousins uncle had actually died, he was working as a worker in Qatar. I had only seen him a couple of times when I was little but it does hurt seeing that he was abused and eventually died due to a heart attack.
Great video..and nice research maqwell!!
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Content is getting better bro keep it up
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Funny how the US will (diplomatically) boycott the Chinese Olympics citing human rights violations, but not the Qatar World Cup. No wait, that’s not funny at all. That’s just really, sad.
Luciano Arebalo
Man I wish so much that the US would have won the bid for hosting the 2022 World Cup. Would’ve been incredible to attend matches of both Messi’s and Ronaldo’s last world cup
Jason Manzanares
Honestly, this video is well made. So I applaud you
great video! there have been so many south asian migrants, Indians especially who are stuck in Qatar even during COVID Fifa is a very corrupted organisation
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I remember watching the sky doc with Gary Neveil and i feel like Gary was being too soft. 🤣🤣🤣
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Just saw this. Dude great video. Love your content
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We got a w last night against Mexico 💪🏻
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Qatar’s World Cup bid for 2022 is BS, when they won they only had 3 football stadiums in the entire country, and only 1 was Considered Safe and large enough for the World Cup. What a joke. Although I don’t know why 2018 was talked about so much in this video. Russia’s World Cup bid was legit, except the fact they were banned from all international sporting competitions a year before the tournament but they won the bid years before that.
I don’t know what to believe right now but all i know is that Qatar has improved since 2020 , they cancelled the kafala system and they decreased working time in the heat also in the al bayt stadium they put photos of everyone who worked on the stadium and beneath them are thank you written in every language , and as for LGBT you are allowed to be in the country no harm will come into you just don’t do anything in the public as this is only not allowed
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How does he not have more followers, this man makes films
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All this is happening and fifa is getting mad at mexicos crowd for saying puto 🤣🤣
Finn McNeil
I’m an Australian, so this is obviously a biased opinion, but I really think Australia would be a good host for a WC. Kids in Australia love football/soccer and there are many stadiums here too. The only problem I could see with Australia hosting the WC is the heat, as it would be in our summer as we are in the southern hemisphere, but we could also possibly cohost will New Zealand too.
Michael Jirava
FIFA is really stepping up their spitting-on-human-rights game after hosting the cup in Russia
Qatar 2022: The cup of the shame
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I was suprised of the quality, good job.
I’m not defending Qatar and what they did I’m not Qatari and hated the country for a while. The World Cup is something that has always had a lot of blood and corruption behind it and you can find similar things in other world cups with many atrocities being committed to set them up. People are noticing now because information is more widespread and you’ll begin to notice that this is actually very common and just know that the atrocities to set up the World Cup in the future are not because the sport has been ruined but it’s because the sport has a lot of blood behind it. Also the good news about Qatar is that the pressure has worked and they are trying to change the sponsor law it may take a while to implement or it may be a camera trick but let’s look on the bright side and hope it’s a step in the right direction.
Hrvoje Ban
Are the countries of the migrant workers doing anything on the diplomatic and international level to protect the rights and lives of their citizens? I guess they could at least try to sue Qatar at the International Human Rights Court for damages for families of people that died due to poor working conditions.
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Thank you for the video.
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man this was really in depth
I’m a migrant living in qatar and i don’t haveany problems it’s a nice country
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Qatar are so undeserving brilliant work Maqwell 👍🏻👍🏻
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Another issue I’ve thought of: alcohol. As we all know, the target demographic of football is fat bald men who drink beer everyday, and as alcohol is haram, there won’t be any to supply the fans. And because of the heat, I can’t see many fans travelling to Qatar
Homer Simpson
I agree with everything mentioned in the video but the Lgbt stuff, I might get hate but the country is ran by Islamic laws. and you can’t expect to make the government put westerners over their own religion. I’m not defending Qatar or anything but unlike alot of people, alot of the Qatari people are devout Muslims most of em won’t support the Lgbt and Just because westerners accept and support it, it doesn’t mean everyone should, they’re entitled to their own opinion and they shouldn’t be attacked or given hate for their own opinions in that subject.
Hey, I love your use of the yakuza soundtrack. Keep up the good work.
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I guess not qualifying for this world cup isn’t so bad
I mean when you think about it, it’s rather fitting that a European team lifts the cup in a stadium build on slave labor. Specially if it’s a country like France.
DowN A
well in arab cup (if any of you watched that) they legit added 18 minutes to the time because they were losing to algeria (they still lost though so there’s that)
Iain Litster
Lived there for 12 years. Everything he is saying is pretty much true
my dad and mom still get delayed salaries working in high paying jobs and they dont even get payed as much as people born in the country even if they worked the same jobs
Liam Adams
This channel is going places
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Same thing happened in Brazil no one cared except the locals. Except the people dying part
Chuck Nolan
Since 2002 every World Cup host (except for Germany, who only built three new stadiums) has spent billions to build brand new stadiums for the tournament. England and the U.S. already have stadiums ready to go, and there are billions to be made in construction contracts to build new stadiums. That is why England and the U.S. lost out to Russia and Qatar for 2018 & 2022. The only reason North America got the 2026 WC is because all the corruption with FIFA was uncovered.
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most underated chanel ive seen in years
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Quick correction: you said twenty twenty-two world cup, it’s actually pronounced two twenty-two
Adi Sassy
Australia or Morocco should have been the host for me. Nice tourist countries, qualified for many world cups, with good football or ‘soccer’ cultures. In my opinion as well, only nations that have qualified for at least 1 FIFA World Cup should be eligible to host the tournament. Some random nation with a lot of money, horrible human rights records and no previous World Cup qualifications should have no right to host the FIFA World Cup.
THIS. Absolutely this.
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Vamos Peru 🇵🇪
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Vid 72 of waiting for the san marino career mode. #stoptheworldcupinqatar #corrupt Podcast guy had feyenoord kit, imma watch now bye
This WC is such a dilemma. An Arabic country finally becomes a WC host but all the deaths and forces labour had been atrocious
I get your a sports guy, but peddling political misinformation(your Twitter) is where I draw the line. The misinformation in this country is so damaging. You’re actively hurting communities by doing so. I’m referring to the KR trial. If there’s riots due to a guilty verdict, it’s because people like you.
Ronald Madziro
This was atrocious, Qataris need to pay compensation to families of the deceased after the World Cup.This form of slavery is imoral.
daniel alberto hernandez merlin
In other hands fifa wants to kick Mexico out of the world cup just because of a “homophofic yelling” which it isn’t homophofic, that word has a mountain of meanings, bravo fifa, bravo!
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well no one speaks about lgbt when russia had world cup
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It would be funny if everyone boycotted it and the stadium’s are empty.
Anthony Long
What’s sad is several people on social media either downplay the slave labor or deny it ever happened and throw the “you just hate muslims” rhetoric.
god tier video u got a sub brother
I honestly cannot understand why Qatar is still the host. Just do a European World Cup like the Euros 2020.
Apocalypse bystander 2
Some say that many Central Asian migrant workers faced some of the same things during the building of the stadiums and other facilities for the World Cup in Russia 2018.
Philma Johnson
Fact that Qatar doesnt allow kids to be adopted by same sex couples is fine with me. When 28 out of last 29 school shooters, grew up without a father in the house, it might be time to realize the importance of both a mother and father. That being said, I’m not a fascist so let Qatar do Qatar things.
the most legendary eating of the onion ever
2 min into my first video and I’m a fan.
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Look as an Arab I am really gutted to see human rights in Qatar are in a bad condition and people dying is just something you can’t ignore but am not with you about the LGBT situation because as muslims and that’s just something that we don’t support and we don’t live with I hope that people one day realize that and for once just once respect our beliefs and our way of life ❣
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I agree with all the points of this video , except the last one regarding the lgbtq community We are Muslims and it is in our religion to punish them all . Heck there’s a whole prophet named lud . Just read about his prophecy U have to differentiate between western culture and Islamic culture Not everything u guys agree with is cool with us .