As World Cup approaches, Qatar hits back at allegations of abuse – Blog

“hey, let’s build 8-10 arenas for billions of dollars that can be used for few weeks then collect dust….”
Ben ShaP-Word
If your country has not demonstrated a basic level of international success at a sport, it should not be hosting its world championship. Imagine if Mexico got to host the IIHF world championships.
Hobo Ryan
Using AC to cool a entire stadium can’t be good for the environment…
Ver Coda
There has already been significant documentation of worker abuse and deaths there, especially for exploited migrant construction workers. The country has a poor enough human rights record as it is without adding all this into the mix, too.
Disclaimer: this segment was paid for by the government of Qatar
Christopher Hylton
“We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about, you know? That’s what… that what I think, that’s propaganda” -Charlie Chester, CNN Technical Director, 2021
David Bullis
The no drunk in public is gonna be a challenge. I mean, it’s a sporting tradition.
I’m very excited to see how crazy ish will get when football hooligans get there 😂😂😂😜
Sanga Waldron
We have to pretend that this is ok because it can’t be stopped.
Gully gullible
The English Football Association was mad as a bat When Qatar got world Cup I never missed a opportunity to rub it in to them and will continue to do so ! Peace
Alberto Moscoso Jr.
Let it be the LAST TIME something like this is allowed to happen. Money in general is the root of all evil… but OIL MONEY is particularly disgraceful. Still, us Football fans need to enjoy the action on the pitch, so I cannot wait.
I’m expecting a boycott from my nation England.. there’s a lot of talk about anti racism and if England show up at this tournament the FA will look like clowns.
Geir Myhre
Is this journalism or advertisement? For me its 99% advertisement and 1% journalism. Critical questions, sure. But where was the follow ups? I love CNNs Reliable Sources with Stelter, but this is taken a word for a fact. Himmlers words didn’t get facts because it was words. “the numbers was wrong” is not an answer if you don’t give us the (what you consider to be the) right number (It wasn’t 6.5k death, it was something else) then give us a number. If you don’t give us a number you doesn’t have more reliability than FIFA…that’s not a lot. Becky, You are so much better than this. Becky, you are one of the best!! Show us. I know you will! I will always see your show (and be critical :))
4tright citizen
No need for a ballboy to throw the ball back…
JourneyMan Smitty
Wow the stadium in that story this has been an eye-opening experience🤔
ym. Real
Well, we are looking forward to be in Qatar for the world cup 🥤
Michael Vile
8:03, his claim is…thousands did NOT drop dead, building this stadium… neat
Lee Walker
“Many believe one of the keys to success is waking up early each and every day. Having a head start before everyone one else and begin on step ahead at all the time and fully prepare. When others are still sleeping you are already working.
Jesse Zavala
So all that construction for a One month World known event. What’s going to happen to the stadiums after the WC? 😂
Kiroo Lioneaver
Seriously debating not watching a millisecond of this “World Cup” lol
S Chaitram
Government reforms are only on paper. The sponsorship system is still very much at play here. Only local Qataris can sponsor workers, and the Government will never crack down on its own people. NEVER. Because they are afraid they would turn on them as only the locals in Qatar have a say in anything in the Country. Foreigners, no matter if they are workers, business owners or billionaires, have NO voice there. Lived and worked in the Region for over 12 years, same structure in the Entire Gulf.
Mr Meeseeks
Why couldn’t they host it in the UK?? We have about 30 stadiums that cost giant World Cup games
channel sna
Using AC to cool a entire stadium can’t be good for the environment…
M Maarj
Looking forward to it!
Kimi W
And let’s not even think about what they’ll be tossing into the ozone while air conditioning a massive Stadium like that!
Curious Uranus
You might not realise it, but Qatar is actually generating human beings out of sand, their diligence and belly button fluff – as the king of Qatar said: Who in the name of Colin the Camel are you, and where did you come from? Now hand me my y-fronts.
Tainted world cup already. As a big football fan, I will still follow the tournament albeit with only slight passing interest. Probably watch american football (NFL) more during that time . Very much look forward to the edition after Qatar.
SING UNTO THE LORD Inspired by the holy spirit
Publicly there will be glitz, glam and the most modern structures, but behind all that are some of the worst treatments of immigrant workers and human rights violations ..they should never have won the isn’t all.
The Matts Channel
Whenever I’ve seen this guy talk, he’s come across like a sound guy, has the ambition and ambition. I think the death numbers have probably been a bit more than what Hassan is saying however I call bullshit on the idea that 6500 workers on this project. There are issues but the accusation is ludicrous, especially with no real evidence or report to back it up on
People who never set foot in Qatar, never interacts with people living in Qatar, have never even GOOGLE Qatar aside from just reading propaganda headlines the attacking colonizing countries wrote. Should not make a comment 😔
Gluteus Maximus
Oh yes, Qatar that famous soccer/football country. Real fans of that sport will not give a rats fart for this venue in the desert.
they’re learning to be like us Americans , good for them 👌🏼
Renegade of Funk
Man is lying right out of his teeth. I work in Migrant Labour organisations and was in Nepal during summer of 2014 when about 3 bodies a day was returning back from Qatar. Workers were working ungodly hours, packed like sardines in their accommodation, indebted to their masters, and not given medical treatment when they were having heart attacks and seizures out on building sites. The Nepalese govt have blood on their hands too as they knew they were sending young men and women to their deaths because they needed the remittance money that was being sent back by those desperate workers.
A.Z.M.Mehedi Hasan
Hope for the best worldcup in the history of Football…..WC22 is the best ….
XxThe Awoken OnexX
Iam going to back Mexico to win that World Cup.
Cheyenne Craig
I want you to know that Jesus is real. He can heal the broken, repair what was lost, and so much more. God is not done with you. Don’t give up on God because he’s not giving up on you. He loves you more than you could imagine. Give all your pain to him and make him your Lord and savior. God bless.
Chily Official TV
The no drunk in public is gonna be a challenge. I mean, it’s a sporting tradition.
쥬얼리는 누구입니꽈
It is going to be the worst Worldcup ever.
It’s an autocracy for crying out loud. They can enforce anything they want. If they want. To senselessly cool down an entire stadium is wasteful. No praise for CNN for holding the microphone for this “interview”.
Sabrina Grant
They sent him to the RIGHT English speaking school👀
I love Jesus Reigns forever
that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9‭ NKJV ❤ God bless everyone reading this, in the name of Jesus
M.Osm. M. Ali
Blessed is Mighty Qatar well done super awesome
hajara vt
Highly developed nation
Harsh Choudhary
I don’t know why west is so biased against an asian country hosting WC. I have been to Qatar and it’s a very wonderful place.
You couldn’t pay me $10,000 dollars and a free plane ticket to step foot in that region.
Elizabeth Grogan
Qatar has a history of using Indian and other workers to build their many lavish hotels and there is no doubt in my mind that the same was true here. The death rate is huve. The entire UAE block is exactly the same. We should also remember that women are treated as 2nd class citizens. Drinking alcohol there brings with it a sure fire prison sentence. I wouldn’t touch it.
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john doe
Whilst i’m busy turning lights off & conserving water we head over to Qatar with its air conditioned football stadiums.. No wonder we are on a one way ticket to extinction.. sad.
Rami iq
Qatar deserves to host the 2022 World Cup
Laty H.
Don’t push them and go there
Let’s host the next one in North Korea and then Azerbaijan, let’s only host it in places that don’t treat women as equal citizens….
Let’s admit it, the only reason why Qatar is been scrutinized is because it’s an Arabic country. Qatar is the best country in the Gulf that respects science, progress and professionalism. Therefore, they have more enemies out of jealousy.
Michael Vile
how did that stadium in south america work out?? in the middle of the jungle apparently?
Michael Vile
i was seriously expecting him, to proclaim that there are NO GAY people in when the “president” of Iran said that there were none in iran..LoL 13:01
Upright Ape
FIFA is the scuzziest.
I have worked in Qatar, this country has the highest worker fatality rate on Earth, there is a reason they have a terrible human rights reputation. They are slavers as well.
Martin Switzer
Now that’s manspreading taken to a new level.
bngr bngr
It’s to hot to play sports there. Unless those stadiums are A/C’ed.
Black Russian
Qatar violating human rights… shocker
Its gonna be bloody hot!! Yikes but unreal the stadium cooling stuff down. Damn talk about super rich Qutar. What they have done is unreal.
Marcus Aurelius
I saw the video title and my first thought was “oh, so Qatar is now hitting its workers too? That tracks”.
Brummie kel
Utterly corrupt crooks
Augistine Aquinas
the innovation of the latinos, the white folk, the blacks, and the arabs; humanity could b something more…
Keeping calm YT
Some hard core man spreading there
Pat Bhukkanasut
So how many workers died to achieve this hair raising effect?
Googl Reviews
This will be World Cup which I have no interest of seeing.
4tright citizen
The ballboys will have their hairs ruffled up the whole time
Manas B
“amnesty international”…….he he lol
“As far as I am aware.”
Mike Carroll
Football has never and will never form a part of my life, but footy fans + beer + conservative country is not a good mix. Bad idea to go there, Watch it on tv. I will read a book instead.
Gregory Desmarattes
They bought the world cup hosting, but do not frorget the blood price of migrant workers!
Sid Ali
Qatar should not have been awarded the World Cup thousands of workers have died working in horrific conditions
Faysal El idrissi
Got the World Cup giving exclusive gift and money to the FIFA top. More then 6500 people has died building the stadiums. taking their passports away. stay in prison like places with several people in one room. send them back to their countries with no payment. slaves built the Qatar fotball stadiums. BOYCOTT!
habi b
Qatar is no 1 for migrant workers. 👍
Pawee Sayson
Boycott qatar WC: let them convert deserts into jungles first and address labor issues
Arabesque Atout
Kafala system is still ON in Qatar in September 2022. Shame shame…
lib tard
Send all of our blue haired, 300lbers over there to sort them out.
All this for one game in a piece of shit nation. I’m not impressed.
Rubén G
Doing a World Cup in a dictatorship? Second time that FIFA makes this shamefull decision…
Bad neighborhood
Kafala system is still there 🤷🏻‍♂
Shabbir Rashid
Wait so what’s going on now?
Arturo Hernandez
The queen ant making his lil ants work non stop what an insect
Big Bad Wolf
They take the passport of the workers so they can’t leave.
Surya Naray
Honble UPA Chairperson Smt Soniagandhi madum please fight for to implement Ballot Paper voting system in next MP elections in 2024and to save democracy in india and public opinion in favour of Ballot Paper voting system and right to vote is fundamental right.public opinion is foundation of democracy
Eduardo SOTELO
From Paraguay I wish Qatar a new covid virus so they cannot host the world cup. They deserve for treating like that foreign workers.
Have had several chances to travel to Qutar. Because of their sick religious ideology have never had the desire.
Average Joe
When are the next rounds of stimulus checks going out?? And what about our student debt forgiveness???? We voted for help and nothing’s happening!!!!
Gato 008
He must hv gone to University in 🇺🇸…. It must cost a fortune to cool that stadium, unless they using green energy 🙏🙏🙏❣🕊♻♻♻♻❔
J. Hurt
To hell with Qatar. The united states should boycott this event.
Christian Reinisch
if there is no problem, they easily can pay for a one Million Dollars life insurance on every employee. Guess what would happen next? All go missing
AKR Tantrik Gaming
2% of people who are watching this comment I wish their parents still alive more than 100 years💝💖💝God bless you❤❤❤
Matthew Fritz
Why wouldn’t she ask him if he would be okay to be a stadium construction worker?? Would he be okay to possibly die while working a long way from home??
Damn, I just could not care less
Jon Erlandson
all of these events… remind me of a geologic process called… subduction… the thing about subduction however… it brings about… accretion… subduce (v.) mid-15c., “to delete;” 1540s, “to withdraw oneself” (from a place, allegiance, etc.), from Latin subducere “to draw away, withdraw, remove,” from sub “under, below” (see sub-) + ducere “to lead” (from PIE root *deuk- “to lead”). Related: Subduced; subducing.
Joanne Wilson
6 500 deaths that is a lot!
Sharon Rene' Davenport
Offputting Tile Pattern. Did They NOT Hire A Professional Decorative Agent ??
Lmao how you work for CNN but can’t even pronounce the country correctly. Mind blowing..
alister munro
Curious?? How many of the workers who built the stadiums, will be allowed access to actually watch the tournament??? If their not already dead!!
Qatar pay mafia fifa for this
Jason Martin
His accent is interesting.
Pratyush Pandey
Marvels made out of blood
Paul Jansen
It’s all about money….Qatar has no sports culture at all…let alone any respect for human rights….
Ian Reed
Qatar wouldn’t even exist if they didn’t have oil. When the oil runs out, then what?
gamingspec 0000
bidding procedure need revamped induced aspect BNA —-
FIFA should have given the World Cup to North America 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇲🇽
Jase Boon
will we get to see the public executions at half time?
Augistine Aquinas
lol those stadiums r a waste of money. multiple stadiums won’t be needed in the future…
Darren Sallah
Wonder how much UEFA got paid in those brown envelopes!
We made a prediction of the World Cup 2022 outcome! Here it is:
Ask him about the woman that were taken off an international flight at gun point and forcibly strip searched.
Arjun Patil
Can you interview some of the workers to uncover their suffering?
modern middleages
j peres
I wonder how much she received for this propaganda exercise.
Миха Фомин
Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong
Karama Long
Boy, when you hear a Muslim country is suspending its religious laws for a check…. you know the dollar is a god.
Darren Jones
Jesus, terrible back music, quite fitting for a terrible country with terrible H rights. It will be difficult but I won’t be watching it.
For once.. can’t these mf’s just do something without harming the planet or people
firenz shah
He look like a nephew of a pharoah.
Jacob Urban
Very Very disgusting CNN disappointing
Jewish Democratic Eagle
It’s a great thing for the rich Arabs of the Gulf states in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. Let’s hope they don’t screw this up. The whole world will be watching…
바이러스로 인해 국제행사도 마비 입니다.
mustapha achlim
Qataris families sell maids and nannies online.
Keep in mind that Qatar abolished slavery in 1952 and Saudi Arabia in 1962, which is very recent. It’s part of their culture.
John Saldana
Wow, very good propaganda.
Nah I am not convinced… Workers are very ill treated in Qatar. There should be some law for safety of workers. Player should speak for these poor exploited worker
Patricia Lockhart
My advise would be if your gay or trans, don’t go to Qatar, even during the world Cup.
Clubsport R8
If you are CNN you get a free pass. “Women do not need to cover their heads, faces or wear a hijab or abaya, but they are expected to dress modestly so as not to offend the local community. Skirts, dresses and loose-fitting pants should be knee-length, and tank-tops and shirts should cover the midriff and shoulder areas.
Riley K
21 degrees sure… empty
Qatar? Soccer? Zzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzz.
Desperado Bazuka
Seriously not that impressive I mean damn what world has she been in?
Did they plan gloryholes? LOL
Pawee Sayson
Stone glass metal and not a tree in sight. Utterly disgustingly Ugly.
Ajiro Akomo
Why is CNN not live like other first world countries? Been watching other channels then remembered there used to be a channel called CNN. You’re doing poorly!!
Moussaoui Ahmed
Inezz Mullins
I’m just not feeling it. Hard pass.
Stewart Saunders
Embarrassingly poor interviews. Zero informed follow ups. American tokenism.
Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly - Retired
If they boycott this – then we need to boycott the Beijing Olympics for MILLIONS of innocents in concentration camps.
Rayuth News
Biden will Biden. He was an author of a horrible crime bill, back when.
Frank Garibay
I won’t be watching
t. g g
So qatar paid cnn 🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣
Boycot the WK, and shame on CCN for making this propaganda piece.
s Takala
Seiks give 0 f****s about workers
soggy biscuit
Get over it, like biden says respect different cultures. Let’s go! 🏳️‍🌈
Joshua van der linde
And you know whats the most saddest thing about this world cup that players are actually going along with this world cup instead of protesting the bullshit corruption and slavery
dave mitchell
All the Infidels please sit in this section??????
Global Goods
The better thought postnatally refuse because tongue peroperativly open towards a vivacious plywood. nosy, daily property
Mark Gaszman
‘a natural death?’ are they hiring 80 year old builders?
Jared R. Nicklaus
Top teams and players should boycott Qatar 2022 or they should be ashamed of themselves for being accomplice to the corrupted and the killer nation like Qatar!