Migrant Workers in Qatar – Trapped in Slave-like conditions as they work for World Cup 2022 – Blog

Bibek Neupane
A shame on those 40 people who have disliked this video…
Ruben Pereira
The 2022 World Cup will forever be remembered as a disgrace to the sport.
FIFA and their “beautiful game”.
Thank you for the English version.. Now many more people will understand the situation..
Richard Straka
FIFA dont care, money rules, thats the system of this world
Rios Video Foto
I lived in qatar for 6 years. I can confirm.
anil shrestha
Truly sad .our Nepalese government is always deaf and dumb in situation like these.our government is more corrupted than than these contractors. They seek for bribe and hungry for power. We are helpless.
Transparent Aid
Thank you Benjamin Best for this production. Jari Kinnunen, president Transparent Aid, Sweden. In spite of reports already in 2010 of hundreds of dead migrant workers in Qatar, FIFA and Sepp Blatter announced that Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 8-9 years later the situation is pretty much the same or as described by the current FIFA president Gianni Infantino in november 2018: “Already on the social side….already now it has had an very important social impact…this world cup will leave really a great legacy”.
Superb Radical
FIFA should do something about this tragic situation! I ask Nepalese to put pressure on your government to do more for these pitiful workers! Make your voices heard!
The One Who Knocks
This is ABSOLUTELY heartbreaking & I’m genuinely worried for their safety now that they’re speaking about the situation publicly. FIFA/Platter/Infantino & whoever contributed to Qatar hosting the WC should be ashamed of themselves.
“Without the World Cup, these debates wouldn’t have happened, and these improvements wouldn’t have happened either.” Wow seriously Infantino?? Seriously???
Jan Roskott
This should be boycotted! I’m a huge football fan but we need to draw the line here
I’ll get this downloaded in HD, the Qataris will surely pay google to delete it 🤣
My dad moved us to Saudi Arabia when I was a kid, back in the 70’s. We lived there until the 90’s. Everything described in this video happened around or to us. He had his passport confiscated by his employer. He was routinely not paid for long stretches – my mother had to push her way into his boss’ office, and beg and cry for money. We saw people being beaten or detained without trial by the police. The only laws that were followed were “the old ways”. The gulf states are savages, if you look at their history you’ll see that savagery runs deep in their culture. Other Arabs, like those from Levant, or Egypt, they are as cultured as anyone can be, but the gulf arabs … there is a reason Wahabiism, violent islamic fundamentalism, sprang from those people.
The Couchsurfer
This is really sad. It`s all about the money and corruption among the big guys. #makeachange
Workers rights are human rights… tragically sad </3
Players should go on strike before this world cup takes place
paul gitao
His wife crying at 10:28 broke my heart, it’s a pity
Selow Hgts
This has being going on in the MidEast for 40 years. Its surprising they can still get anyone to go there to work.
Abdul Vahid
This is 💯% true. I had 5 months unpaid salaries when I finally left.
User 97
One of the worst World Cup to host ever and FIFA is corrupted and doesn’t do anything and we’re going to see one of the “best” World Cup ever held in the middle of winter in 2022 on stadiums built by 1,500 deaths.
Dingle McCringleberry
I can’t wait for their oil deposits to dry up. Then, and only then will the Qataris suffer like these workers do every day.
Gaurav Marathe
Where’s al Jazeera at?
Ben Shaffer
That is every country in the Middle East. I live in Kuwait, and it’s the exact same.
Nilesh Kumar
Really hardworking journalism to show whats going on with these workers… Hope this helps these workers.. 🙏
Дендроид Вивернович Драконов
Full boycott of the 2022 world Cup in Qatar! No fans! Large-scale investigation and punishment of all guilty! What is it but slavery in the 21st century? Poor workers…
I am from Qatar and honestly, the FIFA world cup shouldn’t be in Qatar most people here are ignorant of what is happening it’s frustrating being here and not being able to do anything about it nobody here even belives this is happening and I can’t bring it up without hearing these words “it’s fake”
carlo gilbert zamora
i worked in qatar for 3 years. at first, i defended this country against bashers. but when i saw the real situation, esp. the Ministry of Labor’s failure to address for migrants welfare, i feel disgust with the qatar government.
Everyone share this! This needs to be on the news!
Brian Swanick
Really appreciate the risks that GmbH are taking to get this info out there. It’s hard to know how bad things are when these issues don’t get exposed.
Thanks for this good documentation and making aware of the Situation. I hope this reaches YouTube trends.
Even if they want to openly talk, they don’t know the repercussions for speaking openly and you should have still tried to hide the details
BBE lovatoo
80% of migrant workers in Qatar Has same situation as shown In The video’s. I live here since 2011.
Absolutely heartbreaking
Saroj singh
Tq for making such kind of videos & ur help its really heart touching… Love from nepal… 😢😢😢Love from nepal
Kefah El-Ghobbas
I reconfirm 1000 % this is right and this is on senior staff as well… I can show my case
its not only about WC 2022 its about most of things that surround us
Kween B
Those neplease are killed definitely. 😭 updates please!!!
Yuni Ale
Thank you for the videos 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Farhan Ahmed
11:30 Finally, a wholesome moment! 2 seconds later: A L L H O P E I S L O S T T H E W O R L D I S A M I S E R A B L E P L A C E
Thank you for good work
Captain Jack
What a tragedy.! Quatar deserves blockades.
sushila shrestha
My Country Nepal’s Youths and Reality … Thanks for this video
Kenneth Sundby
FIFA organized this, and they do not care. Do not waste your energy on them. Countries, sponsors and organizations need to withdraw completely from this system (FIFA). It is corrupt through and through, and anyone participating either directly or indirectly (like television viewers) are complicit, like it or not.
joe Morrison
I hope all the player pull out this coming worldcup
FIFA should/must burn.
Nepali babu
Corrupted Nepal government never understands like these problems,
Unlike with a lot of claims, this exposure shows that there are and have been problems
Power Stroke6.7
The richest country and minimum wage is like 50 cents an hour. And you don’t even pay that. So free labor not hard to see how you get rich here or should I say stay rich. And Joe Biden want’s to support Qatar’s actions by lifting the blockade.
Marc10 Huncho
This is the life In Qatar I really experienced miserable life from the company I was working… Let’s pray for changes in Qatar before world cup, the government must be very keen with the companies and arrange for mandatory inspections atleast twice a month. The problem is also with the government not doing follow-ups that’s why employees are mistreated without their knowledge
Destin Games
I hope none of them are found having had some terrible accident :/
Dandom Rude
This is so fucking insane and the world just ignores it. I feel so bad for those men.
In interview with the Emir Tamim al Thani he said that Qatar is against unfair use and slavery of immigrants labor because no “Qatari would go against laws” and that he personally care about it.
Mahesh Bohora
I workin qatar as a security and they give 1400 qr monthly bt I’m not happy with this salary. Qatar government never think about labour. Even after world cup
Abdul Vahid
8:24 This us an example of Mfkig GCC national
Shahyra Awatif
Holy shit this haven’t been solved even after 4 damn years?! Shame on you Qatar!!! Even have good Quran recitors but do not behave like a real Muslim!!!!!!!!
Everyone knows the corrupt Nepali government not gonna bothers about it but Where is the human rights activists? This video should share by BBC NEWS ,CNN ,FOX NEWS..etc
arjun pariyar
There are so many 3rd party companies in Qatar, in this way Nepalese, and others migrant works have been exploited. Thank you for kindness ❤️ video. Qatar government must be raid into 3rd party companies if they want to solve the actual problem of migrant workers.
Mary Anne Gatbonton
richest country but my god, how migrant workers are treated?!!! Treat them well!! you cannot take ur money to your grave.
Mehtab Ahmed
Please don’t degrade Qatar I was working there and it’s a great place to work and live they are giving the best facilities and attractive salaries to their workers. Qatar Labour Ministry works effectively throughout the country.
Troy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SC
Yet Qatar is a Muslim nation. Believers of the Quran. Peace and Equality to all peoples. HYPOCRITES!
Rahma Eyad
I am honestly in shock. I hope the Qatari government does more to demolish this situation.
Congrats and thank you for this documentary realised under very difficult and dangerous conditions, reminding at least from time to time that (almost) nothing has changed for the better in Qatar ( which is not really better in the other Gulf states, maybe with the exception of Oman only) and pointing out the real and terrible situation, especially for these poor helpless workers, a situation which (doesn t in every case but ) can happen as well unfortunately to every foreigner /worker under a Qatari ID. All still depends from the Qatari ( and in most Gulf states still existing ) ‘Kafala’ system! and their arbitrary abuse of it (‘Sponsoring’ system= modern slavery), a system which applies for all foreigners in Qatar! …whether you can leave the country ( exit visa mandatory each time you want/ need to leave the country and valid for 7 days only etc.), whether you can open a bank account ( which is fully controlled by the state whenever they want and block your accounts, as well for no reason), whether you can stay in an accomodation or get housing allowances, whether you can change work /’Sponsor’ by a ‘release letter/ or no objection letter’ ( which was said to be changed as well etc..). And note : Until now the Qatar Labour Law was and has been a whole farce. Even if you are holding a contract under Qatar Labour Law ( which has been amended so many times to ‘improve’ the situation since 2004 – and 5 times to my knowledge) in English and Arabic corrrectly, a foreigner will 1) have few chances to get his rights in the Qatari courts 2) it might turn out, once you are in trouble bc only of an arbitrary behaviour by your ‘sponsor’/’kafeel’ ( who simply refuses to give you an ‘exit visa’, or doesn t pay, or block your account, or or- and all without a valid, legal reason) , and even after having opened already court cases against your ‘Sponsor’/Kafeel’= employer t h a t your contract is n o t in accordance with Qatar Labour Law although you signed it under Qatar Labour Law conditions- since suddenly they pretend your company would be ‘semi- governmental’ – which cannot be seen and was /is not written anywhere ! Therefore: Your so called contract under ‘Qatar Labour Law’ does not apply since your ‘kafeel/sponsor’/employer is semi- governmental- which you will only find out sometimes after your 5th or 9th so called ‘Hearing’ in the Doha Court ( only many times no ‘Hearing’ takes place since nobody shows up from the ‘defendant’ party = your ‘sponsor’/’kafeel’), although scheduled. And after 9 hearings- like in my case ( and many others I knew personally) a lawyer showed up suddenly from the Ministry of Interior only stating that ALJ for ex would be semi- governmental and so, the Qatari Labour Law does not apply!) This happened to me personally with Al Jazeera and the Qatar Stars League/ Qatar Football Association! Both were under Qatar Labour Law, but at the end ‘semi- governmental’. So no chance to be treated under Qatar Labour Law! (and no other official trial to be opened by the foreign plaintiff) Nothing has changed so far, or almost nothing during the past 10 years. Even the FIFA is and was previously fully aware about many ‘cases’ of abitrary abuse of the system and the heavy violations of human rights of players ( I knew/know) and my own case! N.B. And without the British ‘Guardian’ who finally made the abuses and the Kafala/modern slavery system in Qatar public in 2013 until now nothing would have happened and the world would not even know (although the use/abuse of the current ‘Kafala’ system has been ongoing in its actual abusive way since 1995 since the former Emir, Sheikh Khalifa was dethroned by his son Sheikh Hamad, who was now followed by Sheikh Tamim. What they did ever since ? The three monkeys ! Conclusion: No way to hold a Football World Cup in such a country which is continuously abusing and violating human rights in a very massive way ! When will this ‘Kafala’/’Sponsorship’ system = modern slavery finally be demolished ?
Aljazeera keep silence on this…..
herjik dimaano
Fight for your right and if your right..
John Doe
Brent Lancaster
boycott. tell your friends. There have been over 7,000 “workers” dead (aka human beings, fathers, sons, brothers) The number is more than the Guardian report as some countries haven’t reported their deaths – workers from Kenya for example. So 6,700 dead men is a low number.
Krishnaman Tamang
I am so sad to watch it,qatar goverment need to do something about the imigrant worker,
Victoria happy
This is slavery. Boycott FIFA.
александр караманов
The workers’ concerns have been addressed – secret police will ensure that the rest of the world doesn’t hear anything embarrassing about a state-sponsored slave trade operating in the 21st century. If you didn’t have a reason to think we should sever all ties with the Gulf states until now, what else do you need?
Michelle Guarin
Qatar should be ashamed of themselves.
Blank Blank
This camps are better than the camps shown in Vice’s video
Not only qatar is like that BUT all the gulf countries and some of them are much worse than qatar !!! The most disgusting thing is the (kafil) system they had !! Its like being a slave but in modern way !!
Haat Praat
I’m a football fan, but I will not watch the Qatar World Cup in 2022.
bigabs bigabs
were is amnesty, were is UN what is there responsibility for in this world…?
Yeah… this won’t change.
Alonso Luna
What can people do to help?
All of this are in together qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many more Gulf country.
Selow Hgts
Its called indentured slave labor. Np pay and you can’t leave.
Am I wrong or is there something in Arab culture that encourages adult men to abuse everybody else? If you’re an immigrant, you’re a chattel slave – no more rights than a dog. Arab women and children only a half step above. This is regardless of religion, as there are Christian Arabs and I’ve heard some stories of abuse there too.
I literally live 1 hour away if I take a plane and I’m not going. Sad
Liliosa Tariro Guta
But people say Qatar is the best place to be and there are greener pastures. Kenyans say it’s the best place to be
J.s 222
It’s not just Qatar – it’s throughout the Middle East including Dubai$. It’s a horrible thing – global exploitation!
Foreign workers make up 88% of Qatar’s total population. That number should scare the local bosses/government to be more kind because you don’t want 88% armed with any weapons.
Mi Familia
Only Covid- 19 can stop this World Cup 2022.
Content for Al Jazeera
Where is Blatter hidding now ?
Ankit Menon
All these middle east countries are no more than putrid and shallow swamp covered by a blanket of tall skyscrapers, glitz and superficial happiness
Where’s BLM,Corbyn, Abbott, and all the Free Palestine brigade?
Grant Burns
Who else is disgusted that pretty much nothing can be done to prevent the cup from happening there in 2022
Totally fun mere yaar
I want conect with u..today our company registered case..they only pay half salary
Steve Geee
Mr. Abdul
Give this tiny state a honor of hosting world cup tournament it was a messed-up from the beginning bribe the FIFA representatives to humiliate impoverished labourers and take advantage of them and but their lives on Jopordy solely to show off and to get known to rest of the world it is a matter of greediness and the inferiority complex they have.
Brehgan Kage
Why isn’t Aljazeera reporting about this!?
King_ 69
This is bad however all countries have a dark side
Harsh Mendhe
Shame on football and Qatar
football died in 2001
The problem is, this Arab peoples don’t work they just sit eat, drink and sleep because they have everything and then peoples will work for them and they won’t respect them
Opportunistic Traveler
This is an old report with slightly new coverage, but mostly old esp. the red coffin. What is the motive of the uploader?
Rajesh Maharjan
That is why Qatar facing blockade. Nepalese are not the slaves of Qatar. Nepal demands Free Nepal.
Sushil Rai
Tragedy, Qatar sucks… Hope the world cup bankrupts them
Juan Vargas
Fifa: feelin cute, might build stadiums and slave ppl in qatar later, IDK
Everything 007
ILO & Qatar government must visit company, hostel , meet worker, wotker’s family & must take action , if can not stop, dismiss ILO & We don’t need more ILo.
Mike G
Although Qatar does not deserve to host the upcoming World Cup, and while I also agree with advocating for the host to be reassigned, all these poor migrant workers who made it happen, would have died in vain…
Tea Dione
I’ve only one question- why are you making so many children without any money,any house,any work????? Why will you not work,earn money first before marriage???? That’s why so many workers like the slaves in other countries
mohammad zohorul
The companies you showed is one of the shady companies. Government is cracking down on those companies. These sub contractors are oppressing people. This has nothing to do with Qatari system.
Never work for muslims.
this is an old video from 2011, and its a fake propaganda
Arun Giri
I believe that Qatar has given nice opportunity to those Nepalese who is qualified for work and they all are happy to work in Qatar and they are satisfied with their salary as well. Only the problems for unskilled workers, my concern is only why our government is allowing unskilled worker to work in Qatar? Do not blame others, our government should think those problems in advance and please do not spread this kind of rumors that can effect our relationship with Qatar.
It’s totally propaganda against of Qatar. some neighbours country no like qatar, make fake story & vedio
Khaled Hedayed
Its amazing how your channel really dig deep about human rights cases. So why not go to KSA or UAE and really dig deep there ? How about the death of Jamal Kashogghi ? How about the people in Yemen being killed by Saudi Army? Also this video have no official resources of the false facts its presenting. So how many you got paid by the people who told to do this ha buddy ? 😀
yabnti !
These people don’t like Qatar and most of the clips were fake now I work at Qatar I have money I have car I have everything and if i need anything the country gives it to me it’s a beautiful place and I never ever saw this and I’ve been mostly every where in Qatar… alhumdilila none of these things are real I love this country to the moon and back