Imprisoned Without Trial in Dubai’s Waterfront – Full Documentary – Blog

Such a nice guy and supportive wife. Tragic experience for them both. Was so good to see them back in Australia with their family and happy.
I lived in Dubai as a kid, for 4 years. It’s a part of my childhood I’ll never forget, I have such great memories. But seeing this… discovering what’s going on behind the scenes… it just breaks my heart.
I wish Marcus and Julie the very best in life after what they’ve been put through 💕
J Clar
What a strong man Marcus is he really inspires me. You can tell if you listen closely to his voice though how stressed out he is about this. But he maintains his dignity.
Pete Zauw
What an amazing woman Julie is. Everyman should be so blessed to have a woman of her caliber and unfailing love.
Wallo Maie
Having been there… i can attest to the luxurious front of the place, but when I learned of the modern day slavery that goes on under covers….my whole trip was spoilt. I felt so disgusted I just wanted to get out.
His story has been heard because he is from a first world country. There are many foreign workers from 3rd world countries who have been executed without trial in UAE, many women house maids get gang raped by their employers, beaten, passport taken, its daunting to even hear their stories. However, these stories do not get the highlight that is needed.
Peter Callwood
What a bloody mess and I can understand what Marcus and Julie went through. They were innocent people and were hopelessly let down by the Dubai Authorities, Australian government and the guilty parties of Matt Joyce and Angus Reid. I left Dubai one day in April 2013 when I could not suffer a day more with all the hypocrisy and bullshit that goes on in the UAE. I will never return to the Middle East as I wanted to enjoy the rest of my life in a free democratic country where the rule of law is fair to all parties concerned. The UAE is an Islamic dictatorship where corruption and hypocrisy are endemic. Do not think of even transiting through thus God forsaken land.
Marcus Lee and his wife should sue Matt Joyce and the Sunland Group for what they put him through. It’s unbelievable that Matt Joyce is able to get away with ruining someone’s livelihood and not a single trace of guilt for the innocent. The rich get rich through a lack of conscience.
Russ Lilly
Illustrates as much the total incompetency of the Australian government as the horror of living and doing business in a medieval Islamic nation….not to mention the harsh treatment by their employer
William van Rooyen
I know exactly what this feels like.I was imprisoned for 8.5 months for a cheque that bounced because of the bank being underhanded. Don’t be fooled by the shining facade
Happened to a friend of mine, jailed in Dubai for bouncing a check, he couldn’t run his business so more debts mounted and more charges where raised.. they took everything from him, from rich to prison to broke in 12 months…. Never forget how happy I was when he sent me a photo of him on a plane to Thailand with the words.. ‘im out love you all’
Polska Laska
I feel so bad for Marcus and Julie who got cought up in the other people dishonest ways but they show they are honest and strong couple. They stand together in such terrible hard situation and life will bring something very good to amazing people. God bless you
Jerry Smith
I’m glad Marcus and his wife are safely home. Fortunate for Marcus, Julie is one heck of a woman. He’s very lucky to have such a wonderful woman like that in his life, hats off to her!
rajeev popli
man thanks for putting this information out there for everyone
joey g
My hats off to Julie for staying by Marcus’s side.
After what that couple has been through together they have a bond that cannot ever be broken! God bless you and your family!
Nas Eleazar
JOHN SNEDDON what a man and lawyer. To work for free and have sleepless nights just by hearing about the mens ordeal is just amazing. Also what an amazing woman JULIE is to give up everything to help Marcus, is the true definition of a wife, friend and life partner through thick and thin.
I was in the UAE for years. My late father was working there. From 1985 till 1997. Different times. The beginning of the boom. People who are still there tell me that I wouldn’t recognize the place. Anyway, my dad loved the place and the locals but he was telling me very clearly that under no circumstances you should get arrested there. Not even to pass through the police department doors. They were ruthless. You were gone. Once, a friend of his was arrested in the street for something trivial really and I remember how frantically they were phoning local connections BEFORE he reached the police department. You didn’t want to mess with the police. On the other hand why one clever Australian should make 14 million in someone else’s “home” by doing nothing. That angered them I’m sure and wanted to make an example. Unfortunately the innocent pay the prize most of he times…
Props to the strong woman (Julie, Marcus’s wife) who stuck by her innocent husband through the worst times one could ever imagine. Amazing woman! Sad to see some of the anti-arab comments on here. Each country has its own way of dealing with corruption, and this was another case of a crook trying to swindle money and then doing a runner leaving his employee to face the charges. If there is anything anti it should be anti Aussie related. U move to a country you read the rules and abide by their law. Yes their law is one of the strictest but it is what it is. Dubai is a fantastic city, however with the most strictest inconsistent law in place. Live with it and accept their ways.. Dont like it or refuse to accept it then just don’t visit.
Imagine people with money suffering like this in Dubai. Imagine all those their maids and house assistants suffering in Dubai, With no money and no support. Wickedness of the highest order. God will definitely judge all of us at the end.
Gonzo Duke
It’s hard to feel sorry for the businessmen who ignored the human rights issues in Dubai. Instead greed was their drive and as a result they became part of the human rights abuse.
ben No2
And a big thanks to the Australia government for helping you other wise it would have taken ages
richard padley
This guy was set up as a patsy right from the moment they set eyes on him. They knew exactly what they were doing and how it was going to end for him. It was one long con that even the courts knew but were too proud to admit they got screwed over. Peace
Catalin Radulea
Worked there (in Dubai) a few years, then got back to Europe. Few years later got another opportunity to work there so I joined the team … soon I realized I was in first line to go to jail if mistakes were made, bought my self a plane ticket and flew the same day and quit ( Worked for the company just 3 days 🙂 )
I will never ever visit Dubai, ever! Dubai wants to be part of a cosmopolitan world, but they are in the dark ages politically, judicially. They treat their immigrant workers beyond horrible, cruel living in filthy conditions and not paying them. I would be afraid of being denied basic human rights if i went there to vacation.
Tracy Gilbert
Even with all our problems, it’s still a blessing to live in the USA.
Matt and Angus did STEAL and commit fraud. They should be locked up! Pity Marcus got dragged into this mess. Truly heartbreaking what these corrupt people did to him and his family.
Sandy 22
I used to work in the corporate environment and the idea of going to Dubai crossed my mind as there may be opportunities at a certain point in time. But my guts told me that it was not a safe place to be for a woman…specially for some one like me who I just like to think myself as one of the guys. Too sure of myself, too opinionated, too empowered, too outspoken. I don’t think I would last minute. A society were men, specially powerful men were women do not share the same freedoms as men….no no no. I would never go to Dubai not even in holidays, and I have always known that. I like documentaries and whenever I have seen one about Dubai, if read between the lines…there are hidden things. Too good to be true….When the king builds things to show off their greatness…Power obviously is to be feared in places like that.
I knew a young guy who had to be smuggled out of Dubai by his parents. He was a graphic designer, (Irish national). He went to Dubai on a contract with an advertising company owned by two UAE brothers. The salary was not that great but perks like apartment and a BMW swung it for him. After a nine months, they stopped paying him claiming that financial problems had beset the company, but promised he would be paid fairly soon. In the mean time, his apartment and car were ok. They set up an account at a nearby hotel for meals. He could not leave the country because the brothers would not say he was released from his contract. In the mean time, the Irish guy’s work was splashed across billboards around Dubai. So the brothers had some work coming in. After a time, things seemd to be goiung fine but there was still no pay. Then one day he got a call from one of the secretaries that used to work for the company – the brothers had made a statement to the police that they were not to blame for the rent on the apartment not being paid to the landlord – and the police were on their way. He spent the next couple of months hiding with different expats he befriended, I met him when he was staying with a mate (I was working in the oil industry at that time and over in Dubai for a couple of months work). Next time I got back to the UAE I heard the news that he had got clean away. His parents applied for the passport in Ireland and somehow got the passport as if it were the only one he had. Do not ask me how that works – I have no idea. His parents travelled to Dubai and after a couple of days, all three flew out of Dubai on the same flight. He was lucky that he could get out of the UAE using a duplicate passport. I do not think that would work nowadays. This happened in 2002 – during the boom times. Even today, this scenario would be very likely. Dubai still treats foreigners as if they are in servitude to their employer and the UAE.
Colin Stewart
I would never go to Dubai or anywhere is the UAE , and this is my suggestion to everybody else that see this . So many innocent people jailed and abused by the government.
Corn Pop
As someone from the US to question their justice system or laws or morality or to even judge them should not happen from me or anyone else from the west we should try like hell to fix us first because we are in no position to force our belief on anyone
dr. perfect smile
Thank you for the documentary…..before I was thinking to look for a surgeon job in Dubai just for fun…..because when you go on holiday there “there is no criminality”&”the western expats have rights”….after everything this guy went through is amazing he survived and didn’t loose completely his minds……
John Gray
The Australian governments failure to take any form of action against Dubai from one year to another is truly shameful.
Sunshine M
I think if I went some where to work and the employer wanted my passport I would excuse myself and get to the closest airport, the big money promised for me to work there isn’t worth it.
Cesar Gil
I am glad to see him smiling now and restored to good health, with no outstanding emotional scars.
Demona Black
As a woman, Dbai was always a NO GO EVER IN MY LIFE ZONE.
Ace Spader
Ever hear the saying: “It’s a nice place to visit, but you never want to live there?” Well, apparently, Dubai isn’t even a nice place to visit anymore!
Mustafa Al-Naseri
This is really sad – Marcus was just caught in the middle of a bad deal and had to spend 9 months in a jail for it with barely a charge. Really hope he can move on and put this behind him and gets himself back on track.
Aleksandr Markelov
Their lawyer was a saint–all for free, no doubt at great expense to keep flying back and forth.
Aphiwe Magaya
All I can say,there’s advantages and disadvantages in every law or justice system of a country,so this is of no surprise
Crazy Oldfart
Makes me grateful that I live in Canada. Have traveled a fair bit, and am totally aware that other countries in the world can jail you for no reason at any time.
Dylan Caccioppoli
Wait so you’re telling me that when they come to our countries we HAVE to respect their customs. But when we go to their country we HAVE to respect their customs?
Sagar Jinachandran
It is so touching for me as I have experienced both ends of the coin. I grew up in Muscat and I am in Sydney now, so interesting to see such topics. I am so happy for them to be set free.
Rina Willemse
Sorry to hear about this couples hardships. I lived in Dubai with my whole family for 5 years. This was the best years of my life. Abide by the rules, keep your nose clean and remember where you are. My daughter encountered a problem in the Mall of Emirates but the Police Commissioner dealt with that quickly. My experience in Dubai was a happy one. I would go back in a heartbeat! Dubai is much better than the shit hole rape capital I live in now. Crime and corruption is all over and in every Government department , murder and destruction keep me imprisoned in my own house. To go out and buy a bread seems risky. If you want to see a shit hole then visit my country!
Amanda Blevins
Thank God for Julie and the lawyer for helping him. No doubt I would sell everything we have to free my innocent love.
Nina L
Marcus and Julie remained so positive. I hope for them the best.
Whether you’re innocent or not, depends on how much money you can pay.
I remember telling an arabe friend I would never go there and they were so offended. This country is horrible behind its surface
Harvey Hudson
This can all be put down to one word – GREED!
Test Test
Very interesting.. But its clear that this was a case of guilt by association. I’m glad marcus and Julie made it back in the end. But the Dubai authorities knew there was shit going down. I think Marcus should sue Sunland for slander in Auz..that way they may get some dosh back..considering it was that company that made the loudest insinuation against marcus then admitted making false statements.. Sure they are liable for slander?
Jason S.
If I were Marcus I’d be suing that smug Sunland guy for making false statements that led to being imprisoned.
bernie mckean
The love of money is the root of all evil
Aphiwe Magaya
That’s why it’s very important that you do a deep research about a place you go to and not get surprised when you spend 50 years in jail
What an ordeal they had to go through. Thanks for the video.
The ruler of Dubai imprisons his own daughters, and his own wife escaped to England. Enough said!
Almestica Red
Known this for years about Dubai. Would never even do a vacation there. Just not worth the risk. To many backwards rules. That will send you to jail in a country that answers to no one.
Ciara danaher
I an Australian lived there for 15 years, I grew up there and will always consider it home. I would not want to have grown up anywhere else. Yes, this country has its issues and definitely needs to work on changing many things but no country is perfect.
What a horrible thing to happen. I wish that couple every happiness for the rest of their lives. NEVER GO TO DUBAI. And if your flight has to stop there…STAY IN THE AIRPORT. I thought the Australian Embassy was there to help in these situations. So who has diplomatic immunity???
Niv Yatom
Australia is a paradise, why ever leave it for any other place? Glad all worked out for Marcus and Julie.
Matt Joyce seems guilty as hell. Marcus Lee completely innocent. What a horrible nightmare for Marcus and his wife to have to go through.
Christina Alonzo
His case was very tragic indeed and I have an enourmens amount of sympathy for them but somehow I don’t think the juidical system alone is at fault here. It’s also the nature of his case and that he was involved in a multi million dollar deal. That’s a lot of money and many people will pay a lot to protect their interests and go great lenghts to win.
Home Deliveries & Finance
We lived there from the uk and I was kept me in a police cell for 10 hours because the valet guy at Dubai mall hit the ballad while parking my car 🤷‍♀ It was my car I was a woman my fault end off ! scary 10 hours off been treated badly and only let go by admitting it was my fault and paying a fine I was not even there when he parked it there crazy people
Jake Baba
Dr-Saima Malik
God bless You!!! what a brave man
I made the decision when all those slave laborers were being held against their will to build that city that I would NEVER go into or through that country. I’m glad I did. This is horrific. People don’t realize that different cultures can be incredibly different from their own. And they can be very naive. SCARY.
this is a shocking story why do people even bother going to these backward countries
Metro Customer
I feel so sorry for this couple. However my advice is! If you’re going any place abroad. Do your research of the pros and cons, the do’s and don’t. Find out from other people what was they experience there. There always two sides to every story.
While I am sad for Marcus and his wife going through what they went through, this can happen in any country. No where is 100% safe no matter what. For all those who have a hollies than thou attitude, look at your criminal system and you will see that it too can be unfair. Also, for those who do not want to visit DUBAI, that’s your loss. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Lastly, even in the most economic developed countries, slave labor exists. I don’t see you ranging against it. Next time you are in a hotel, go down to the kitchens and talk to the employees. See how they are treated and what their lives are like. Also, especially for the Australians who have a holier than thou attitude, ask the aboriginals what they think of your justice and laws. Pot, kettle.
Carol Cooke
Horrible experience for this couple. You are home now, all the best in the future.
elena yamaguchi
God bless this man and his wife🙏,…they’d lost everything but not their reputation and dignity and strong bond of truly husband and wife.❤
Kimani H
I think since you’re still quite young, you could file a case at home against the country and eventually probably through appeals up to the highest court you will win, where the country’s assets in Australia will be seized to compensate you for everything you’ve gone through.
chris cunningham
Well, THIS just made my decision of whether to go visit Dubai as a tourist MUCH easier!!! NOT EVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬
Rand Burkey
I feel so bad for what you folks went through. Those people who did this to you should all be executed. They don’t deserve to be in their positions. They have no right to treat anyone that way. Who do they think they are? I’ve heard many horror stories like this.
Kim Williams
“Justice has been served?” Excuse me, but did they regain their life savings? Did they regain their family home? Did they regain all the lost wages from being forbidden to work? I’d justice has far from being served!
Dubai is very INHUMAN PLACE. In the philippines, even a prisoner have the right to be checked up by a doctor. This really FRUSTRATING FOR DUBAI
Mich Ritch
Wow. Kudos to ABC or whoever the journalists were who kept going back every year and not airing this story ’til it was done. Also glad that Marcus didn’t die in jail, and that his marriage also made it through. A long, slow torture.
I went to Dubai and had a blast it’s one of the most amazing countries to visit. I also knew that the laws were strict and there’s no real justice system, so it was in the back of my mind. DJ esco from Atlanta went there and got caught with weed and they jailed him for a long time. It’s a nice place to visit just don’t get into trouble. 😬
I was in Dubai last year for my birthday. First flew to Mumbai, India and from there to Dubai for 4 days. As an American, it failed to impress me. It was a private vacation, not one of those tour packages. Dubai is finished financially, like a city past it’s prime. It tried to emulate the west too fast, too recklessly. Now you have abandoned luxury villas, unfinished luxury housing projects. You can buy a house in Dubai for less than half of what you would have paid 5 years ago. Most of the people you see there are Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Sri Lankans and the occasional American or Japanese tourist. Jackson, Mississippi.
this should definitely go on the series locked up abroad
This poor man has been through hell and back . I am glad in the end after so many years he has been found innocent. The UAE is a corrupt country and this innocent man was caught up in this corruption.
Politicriminalwatch of Adam Coleman
Great journalism here as always. The surest way to appreciate your freedom is to have had it removed. -Adam Coleman 2008
Eric Griffin
I’ve spent a lot of time working in the UAE, once the crash hit DXB many of the real criminals dumped cars and fled the country to avoid arrest, innocent people being put thru this is alarming and extremely concerning and I agree DXB is off my list full stop bec this can happen to anyone going to DXB is very risky …loads of other places far safer. Extremely sad these 2 lost everything and were always not guilty shame on Dubai and happy they both got home ..really nice expats, horrible story guys, very absorbing documentary. Justice always prevails !!
Shane mike
Jail you for months or years and never tell you why? Crazy place I would never want to see
Martin Eastwood
Great documentary, enjoyed it! Thanks.
That passport thing is so true. Been there and witnessed it. Employer will take your passport unless you have a US or Canadian passport
james fox
Im british, i got locked up in singapore for something silly, be careful when anywhere but home.
Viewfinder Media
Dubai is amazing. The locals are very humble. The shopping is amazing. Night life is always fun.. none of what this video says is really true. Their laws never really apply to westerners unless someone is really going out of their way to brake the law. Feel sorry for the portrayal. I spend 3.5 years there and it was truly amazing.
Changu Ng'andu
I am living in Dubai over a year now, I thank God my experience is different. Had I seen this before coming here I would have the same mindset as everyone else in the comment section.
Tez A
Marcus should write a book. Should at least make a little money back off such an awful experience.
John Doe
Man that’s so sad what they all went through.
Elle Belle
Angus Reid and Matt Joyce are as guilty as the Dubai legal system for Matt’s mistreatment in Dubai.
I wouldn’t do business there no matter how lucrative it may appear.
Vaunnie Thayer
Frightening to say the least, this is why we must protect our rule of law.
Lexus Smith
There is certain countries I will never step foot in
great journalism! Feel for Marcus & Julie, but so glad they eventually got their happy ending. whew!
Van R
He ought to be heavily compensated for everything he has gone through.
Michael Thompson
I totally agree Al Ian. And I’m a black man. Quite sure I would be arrested for requesting pork barbecue ribs and fried chicken. lol
As the last of my “trilogy” comments on the UAE they are friendly people, they want business there and I do not think that they would ever harm anyone. It is the system that is slow and rigid and unfortunately if you find yourself caught up in it you are in trouble. They are good simple people especially the over 50s. Havent been there for 20 years though. It was simpler then on the 80s.
Alison H
My brother in law worked there (as a business man) for a year. He is of middle eastern decent and speaks perfect Arabic however looking at him one might think he’s some kind of Caucasian. He tells me that in every office, n restaurants, every where he went he’d over hear the natives talking shit about him (assuming he was white) and of other Americans,etc. Even his coworkers in the first week right in front of him having no idea he could understand every word! He’s Lebanese . Anyway when he accepted the job he was full of hope & enthusiasm of a new adventure but a year later he left there disgusted and abhorred by that countries true nature and views of their tourists. If the world only knew their true view of their own tourists they would never go!
Sarah Macdonald
Matt Joyce seems as crooked as any rich tax dodger. Innocent Aussie property exec is lucky compared to the poor labourers and servants especially women who have no money, no passports no rights and no country to fight for them
Kim Williams
This is why our constitution is so precious
I think the court failed to understand he only world there and people above him made the decision. So as a worker he did nothing wrong. This is so dum and stupid it’s so unfair what has happened to them.
The leader is pure evil there – everything there is evil they will be judged in the end
Kim Ballentyne
Keep safe.  Sorry about your nasty experience.  Hope you can move forwards and happily enjoy your lives.
Dan Stephensen
Sounds like a great case for Pain & Emotional Suffering at least. God bless their impressive souls and Peace to them.
Timmy Jones
We should quickly question such Glitter & Gold of dreams in far away places in other nations and islands I’ve heard a many horror stories and even some where the people did not make it home some never heard from again ect… So first we should check the legal system where we plan to travel and check on line for stories of what is behind all those Glitter & Golden Paradise Offers of Heaven on Earth .
Mmè Emma
Unbelievable. You are both still alive only by the Grace of God Marcus and Julie Lee. All the best to you both – aother 5 years on
Jamal Saxafi
Respect the country and it’s laws
Diane Bays
Remind me to stay away! What a horrible place.
cyril layman
After watching this show I am so happy i live in a great Country such as Canada & why i never travel to another Country because of stories like this.Quit happy to be living here thank you very much.
The WET TEE!!!!
There’s a difference I would’ve been on a boat the second I was supposed to answer any questions, one upside of being a minority “ don’t ever turn yourself in “ shit can always get dealt with from afar and with a lawyer fighting
Francisco Burgos
I worked for a construction company in Afghanistan and constantly went through Dubai. It’s a nice looking city but yea, all they’re saying is true. I was pretty disappointed and really don’t recommend travel there.
Max Dao
Goes to show you shouldn’t work in senior positions for dodgy companies because the big guys are going to run away before things go bad
Sahib khan
There are literally so many people who suffered this kind of a thing in dubai…
Linda Keaton
Yes, boycott, for sure! This story is scary!
Wow.  Awesome documentary as always.  I can see why the Dubai authorities were initially skeptical of their innocence.  However, its clear due process doesn’t exist there.  You can literally die waiting to be charged.  Its amazing that they faced so many road blocks even with assistance from people in high places.  It makes me wonder about those poor migrant workers.  I can’t understand why the prosecutor was so persistent even after evidence of Mr. Lee’s innocence.  I still hope to visit Dubai.  However, now I know to be extra cautious.
Celiwe Nyanduko
I’m glad there returned home safely
Rayhan Kareem
25:55 this is flipping emotional I wouldn’t be able to bare this.
The best part about this is the ex foreign minister admitting to being corrupt and only having a change of heart after he left office. Corrupt Australian government strikes again
Antonio Rocco
Without his wife he may not have made it
Mt. Meru Arts, Music and History
This is truly scary. Oh my God!  Thanks, Journeyman, for letting everyone know that justice and Islam do not live in Dubai.
After living in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for a year I would never go back. It’s superficial and has a very dark side. Lots of human trafficking and superficial. Cool to visit for a couple days but gets old very fast
Dude and his wife are crazy to be featured in this doc when they are still stuck in the country.
Thanks for uploading this doc, I just finished the book. It left me with a lot of questions so here’s hoping…
End the Mandates
I worked with a wise older Aussie who had to fly to Dubai to assist with a work prohect. One of the cheques he gave to pay a bill for bounced only by a balance of $3.00 due to a Dubian citizen Accountant not transfering an overdue payment to the business account of a huge and substantial amount of money – the Dubian government arrested this nice older man from Australia and the Dubian citizen who caused the mess got no repercussions. My Aussie friend spent just under a year in jail and by the end of it all – paid three sets of $35k bribes before they were freed. It was the bank that received the cheque who called the police and all they had to do was just wait 4 more days for the balance to clear and for the cheque to be reissued. What this Aussie man was trying to pay for wasn’t overdue and he just wanted to pay it earlier and had been advised by the Dubian accountant that the overdue transfer was all completed. He says he will never ever forget how bad the jail was and also his mum helped pay for the bribes and release. Not even the particular company assisted.
Iam God
Toiling for all those years in another country and going home with nothing is so sad
Mike Foreman
My dad took a job in Dubai for 6 months…. I’m not sure of all the ins and outs, but when he got back he had to wait for over a year until he got paid for the work he did.
It’s a kind of country that for me is not worth a penny
so dubai court system is fucked up ? what a shame
Charles Smith
5:30 mark – now I see why UAE has a very strict law against photographing aircraft there. Doing that, under the mentality of UAE, is perceived as spreading very damaging gossip or loose talk which can cause extremely severe damage. So never photograph any planes in the region – especially without consent – OR YOU GO TO JAIL THERE!
Tim timmy
Follow the rules and you’ll be fine just like everywhere else. Ive lived there for 5 years and have never had a issue. I drink and live with my girlfriend unmarried. You only have trouble if you bring it on yourself.
really feel there pain!!! god bless them! greed n money! blackmail! there law is backwards to me feel thankful to live uk now!
Cheryl Clarke
This horror story makes one soooooo grateful to live in this beautiful country, AUSTRALIA… all the best Marcus and your beautiful wife… never will I even consider going to a country controlled by islamist..
Mathers Davis
Dubai is a savage country i escaped dubai by changing my flight two times making it seem like i was going for a visa change in Bahrain from Bahrain to my country..took advantage of the over night immigration officers who were too tired and weren’t keen on details. Looking back i swear its was so surreal.
Charlie Montero
Horrendous experience thanks for sharing
Helen Maraki
You are both brave, strong and courageous… How could those filthy bastards that you worked with do that to you??? Admiration for you resilience and as for you Julie! Your love for and to each other helped get through this filthy greed of those bastards who put you into that horrid situation. The Lawyer who represented you, amazingly wonderful role you did! Unfortunately your gran was able to see you before she left this world. However. she would of been right there beside you in spirit and pray. Your Mum and families were an incredible hidden strength. I humbly thank you both for returning safely to Australia in one piece. And for sharing that nightmare of an experience. Sincere gratitude and blessings to you both and to both families xoxo
A soulless concrete jungle with draconian thanks!
I have always suspected that these sorts of things were happening. It almost requires no deep analysis of the mentalities or cultures of the people.
robert son
UAE is an amazing country with their best laws, just follow the rules and you will never suffer but if you try to act smart they are better to catch you and make you realize what smartness really means .
I stayed long time in Dubai I never experienced the same thing… it’s matter of respecting country law, I saw so many American and European laying on the street drunk they don’t respect the law so where ever you go if you don’t respect country law 100percent you will go behind bars. This is just making bad things in Dubai and all Arab countries…
Kurtis C.
This is part and parcel why I’m not interested in going to Dubai, or really any part of the United Arab Emirates. I would not feel comfortable financing the abhorrent human right abuses that happen there on a daily basis.
Magz B
So glad I’m proud of my own country and validate that by living in it. Wouldn’t even consider going on holiday to this fake destination. I would have gone before oil money helped some men act as the dire humans they already were.
Manuel Gaetan
When will these silly people ever learn never to step foot inside Dubai?
I’m glad i didn’t know much of the country when I went there with two friends back in 2015, otherwise I would’ve been much more nervous, which would’ve ruined the experience. But I can say that I always worried that I broke some law when I realized what kind of country I was in. There were so many rules and laws. I was dumb enough to think it was M.E Las Vegas before I went there. I was only there 10 days but during ramadan. It’s not fun not being able to drink outside in 43 degrees celsius, desperately trying to find some place to buy water and hide somewhere to drink it. Or eat in the toilet because you’re not allowed to eat in public
Lavish O Lisa
I just came back from Dubai and had such a great time. I was treated with great respect and had very good shopping and tours experience. No one talked about the Sheik they just said they like working there and wouldn’t leave to go back to their home. Now this is 2020 and this was in 2014 so I guess things have changed a bit for visitors. You can never say what can happen to you anywhere even in the good ole USA. 🤷🏽‍♀
This is why I wouldn’t ever set foot in that country or any Middle Eastern country.
Esther Lopez
I knew someone stuck there there are many still stuck there you can find a forum if you look of men asking for help financially. Sad that such a wealthy place needs to hold people for more money. Something has to be done to help those who cant leave .
Njeri Karlsson
Jesus……what a sad story of innocent person put so long in jail….im so happy to hear ur story coz from now on thats NO GO zone country……..i have been one time in Dubai for 1 wk holiday….
Liza J*
Matt & Angus … monsters, evil & they owe Marcus restitution.
Dubai is great place to live in if you obey the rules of the country. It gives all freedom to live in as long you are not wrong as per the law of the country. Dubai has a wonderful king who is just in all his rules. This is my experience as a Christian who lived there for 10 years. Muslims in UAE are wonderful and loving people same as the Australians.
Jen Logan
Added to my places of not to visit…. They are a lovely couple and I’m so happy to see them back home and smiling.
Elli Cortes
The thing is before you go to a certain place especially in an arab country, do your research first. You’ll never know if they have crazy laws or rules that you’re not aware of. Instead of getting yourself in a situation that you can’t get out of
anabela rainha
Shocking!!! Speechless…
Carla Vav
The pursue of wealth only brings forth sorrow. Money doesn’t always gives you happiness. Stay away from Dubai!
Sara T
I don’t know why people talk about Dubai Luke it’s this great tourist attraction. People jump on a band wagon whenever the rich or the media tells them that something is popular. I would bet everything that people would start wanting to visit Afghanistan if rich people and the media talked about how great it was. People are sheep. Dubai is a middle eastern country… It is not a free world.
Thanks for sharing, this was really interesting!
AOC yeah you know me
I’m glad to have seen this, I will never go there!!!
Archie King
Well done on being strong
Ike. B. Rowland
I kinda like it right here, in my back yard. I think I will vacation in the front yard if I decide to change up. Thank You Veterans, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank GOD for YOU.
Isabel casqueiro
Ele não foi maltratado por ser estrangeiro, apenas levou o “tratamento” que nos países Islâmicos é dado aos criminosos em geral!!!
John boy
Love this country good old traditional values with modern technology
m d
When your purpose is no longer needed. Then fun and ransom. Then you cease to exist. Happens all day ,everyday.
Prairie Bilton
That sucks. I was going to live there within 4 years……….Looks like I got 4 years to refigure out where to live now. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbara Leszczynski
I feel terrible for what they went through……But……the second that they were finally acquitted…..I would have immediately grabbed my passport, straight to the airport (no packing) got on the plane and never looked back. Wouldn’t have wasted a second to get out of there!
Susana Crisanto
I don’t understand how people decide to go there on a vacation ?? That’s a horrible place to go… no thanks !
I guess we take our western values for granted. Im so happy and proud of my western values, culture and upbringing, I hope that these countries adopt freedom and democracy one day.
ronald pellet
Have no desire to go to this pit and now I have a good reason….
Gosh! This happens everywhere in the world. What makes it special was that this was articulated very well. By e Bye UAE I am never stepping into that place even if it means cheap flights to transit
Abe Alexander
People are more focused in pouring the blame on Dubai Authorities even when its evident that a fraud indeed took place. Marcus was betrayed by his country men and made to suffer for a crime he did not commit.
karen berg
I hope Australian law allows these people to sue Sunland and the private citizens involved in the frame. They should not get off Scott free.
OneCueT - Kristi
I’ve heard so many horror stories regarding visitors to Dubai. I would NEVER travel to that God forsaken place!
M3TA Official
I was being paid $2,000/day to work in Dubai as a private contractor and I only lasted 6-weeks before deciding to call it quits! Everything about this place is the exact opposite of my values and although I’ve never had a job with such a high starting wage, I’ve never been happier to say goodbye to that god awful place!
Hector Abcdefg
You couldn’t pay me enough to go see this land
Jay Something
They were screwed by their own countrymen not the Dubai government…
Jeyhun Huseynov
42(42) “The blameworthy are those who oppress their fellow men and conduct themselves with wickedness and injustice in the land. It is they who will have painful punishment.” 21(47) “On the Day of Judgment, We shall set up scales of justice so that no one will be dealt with unjustly in any way; even if someone has an act as small as a grain of a mustard seed, We will bring it to account, and sufficient are We to settle the accounts.”
hellen keesha
if you don’t know what their laws and can’t abide by them, stay away from Dubai.
Dylan Harrington
My deceased Father in Law worked in the Oil Industry, and he said never trust an Arab. After watching this, I’m inclined to agree with him. I can’t see the attraction in visiting a place that treats people like this.
45:15 “Did you keep half the money as they claim?” “No [eyes close on the word ‘no’] that’s one of Sunland’s lies they continue to push.” A classic subconscious reaction is to shut ones eyes on the crucial word, the lie.”
hot stuff
I was stay in dubai for some months and i was very careful because if you have commited a mistake you will be impreson without any trial.
I have lived in the old Dubai. A very different city compared to the mega ostentatious city it is today. We observed the rules, therefore no trouble. I was visiting Dubai in 2000. I was at this hotel in transit. I got into the elevator, this Arab woman gave me the dirtiest look. That was the first I had experienced racism in Dubai. My dad was hit crossing a street. It was by an Arab woman. The insurance pay out was paltry. His was left disabled for the rest of his life. We are grateful for the employment opportunities my parents were offered. We did well there. Dubai offered a secure future for my parents. I had a good education at an international school. I think we would have succeeded anywhere. At the time ,Dubai was the closest to our ancestral home. Like all western countries they make good use of expatriates to build their country. People are lured by tax free income. They worship white, rich and famous. It’s just as corrupt as any other wealthy country. Islam is just as hypocritical as Christianity. My advice be realistic, take it with a pinch of salt. All that glitters is ……
susanita123 villa
Once you get acquitted leave on the first flight or how ever you can. Don’t wait for them to change their mind. These countries are scary
Amanda Blevins
The WISE man built his house upon a rock We all know what happens when man built his house upon the sand
Susana Arambula
What a great wife, she stood by her man every step of the way.. now that’s love
While I am very sympathetic for this couple I am left curious how the apparent interest in due process squares with Manus Island camp taking so long to close. And yeh, as a US citizen, I’m not throwing stones since we have Gitmo.
Oladipupo Zainab
Sunland should have compensated Marcus Lee for loss of income. The man had no idea whatsoever and was punished. Sunland caused all these.
Don’t forget about princess Shamsa, Latifa and now princess Haya. I really hope that Latifa and Shamsa are still alive and we will hear good news about them one day! Pray for them…
Bruce Neiman
Matt Joyce and angus reid should be ashamed of their behavior as well as the messed up justice system of Dubai, the guilty parties did a great injustice and the prosectors were also despicable human beings, the shag of Dubai was smart and sensible enough to release this innocent man.
Shadow S
Nothing and no amount of money is worth your freedom.
Funi Raphalalani
Julie is an amazing woman, I take my hat off to her.
That building out on the water, really interesting, because I visited one like that in my dreams many times before I’ve seen it anywhere. I noticed it for the first time in this video. In my dream I remember the sea and it was very warm, and I would swim out to it every time and it was a hotel with many floors and restaurants and some type of show area. There were many cars. I don’t know what’s inside this building in this video, but I remember that I could eat there for free, too. And I hear that in Dubai they have free food and water for people that need it. I don’t know why this place kept on appearing in my dreams and I assumed the place was in Florida. It felt real every time and I Could feel the water and warm tropical air. I loved it
I always had a feeling that place was up to no good. I hope the earth swallows it up. Anyone going to work in the Middle East should expect things like this to happen do I didn’t have full sympathy. He knew the risk he was taking.
bublla __
they seem so nice and humble, even smiling after this whole ordeal lots of people couldnt be like that
Emma B
As my grandma-ma said. If you buy a diamond for a dime. You got a stone worth a penny. If it seems too good to be true. It is too good to be true.
alan 777
U couldn’t give me free tickets🛩🛫✈ to go there even without watching this documentary Lmao🤣😂🤭🤫☠💀👺👹😈🙈….
Forza223 Bowe
Problem is their laws and customs are not published very clearly. When you book a flight or hotel there you should be informed of the laws. If people knew then they would be less inclined to break them
Ian James
I would rather spend 4 years in a brent council tower slum than 2 years in Dubai.
Macy Smith
Joyce deserved his sentence and should have been left to serve his 10 years sentence, he knew the whole time
Terelj Тэрэлжийн охин
Marcus looks suspicious to me. But i believe he and his wife are good people. It is a lesson to learn for all of us. Don’t be greedy, think twice before you do any big decision, and be cautious.
The Liquidstate
I hope to god that family sue all parties for everything they are worth. Its disgusting that they can get caught in the middle of all of this and not get compensated after the facts come out.
Ricky Reynolds
Many of these individuals could live a full functioning life if the corrupt judges, lawyers, and police would only steer them in a empathetic program. They destroy many lives by the prideful and ego driven sickness they get high on by destroying what could had been, a person who changed for the better.
Shaikh Mashhood Rahman
Happy to see them acquitted and back home.
Dubai, An 11th Century Culture in a 21st Century Setting.
Steven Williams
Matt Joyce AND Dubai has to absolutely pay compensation to this poor man!
There are companies all over Saudi Arabia that aren’t even in default who confiscate the passports of their blue collar workers and basically hold them without pay, forcing them to work just for room and board, nothing more, and refusing to allow them to renew their passports. Slave labor, basically. I have a friend who endured this.
Vanessa Kelly
Wow – such a dreadful case & to go on for so long……
Mermaid Mama
ANY person with a bone of decency and courage, would deny the UAE any means of profit and support. An international business willing to conduct business or an individual choosing to vacation within the borders of UAE must understand they are complicit with each BBC and every rape, kidnapping, and destruction of the most basic of human rights. If you are a corporation which chooses to do business or an individual who fully accepts travel within the UAE, understand the rest of us will not fight for your rights or release. Choosing any interaction of the Saudi government, you are on your own. A lifetime rotting in jail is a long bloody time.
george lopera
Im also been jailed for the case Im not doing! And they took my cellphone not allowed me to call to any body outside! They pressicute me without trial! And just detained me 3 months! And throw me back to my country! They destroy my life! I cant believe they did it to me!
wow how I dreamed of visiting Dubai I now wonder if I should go there at all
You won’t find a wife like that in the U.S. good for her, good for them. His partner really threw him under the bus.
Dubai may look like it´s in the 21st century with its high rising buildings, shopping malls and expensive cars, but it´s still medieval and in many ways centuries behind the rest of the world!
Jan Kauffmann
There are so many beautiful travel destinations in this world, where you are not subject to sharia laws. Don’t understand people do this willingly and even pay for it. It’s not even a beautiful place, looks rather ugly
I love dubai, respect the rules respect the culture and be honest and life will be good whether you go to Dubai or America or anywhere!
Leon Lan
As a clinician, I always wonder how so many Americans in healthcare move there for work. It is not worth it!!!!!! Mr. Joy is a conman!!!!!!
denny thomas
21st Century city with a 15th Century legal system.
Been there! You can feel the RULE over you, no matter how many fancy high rises you see. You can’t go to the grocers and buy a bottle of wine. And don’t go on a dry holiday.
I will never go there! Ever.
DT scorecd
A horrible time in Dubai-Hell. Thanks for the revelations about this country that has gotten away so far with only a few !0s of thousands of murders, just-less imprisonments, robbery and destruction of many peoples life savings and incomes that help pay our former Presidents and families to promote this “Fairy tale” in a “Mythical Civilization”. I just saw a Doc. by 20/20 about this place also. I’m sure there’s more to see . I’ll be watching to to see if it holds up to a major storm that turns it back into Desert or another catastrophe like people and company’s wise up and stay away from this place. Maybe it’s “Genie” has enough $ to get out in time. Gonna check on this poor couples outcome if I can .
vik a
Workers from the Indian Subcontinent (Nepal, Bangladesh, SL etc) go there for work and get paid better then what they would have in their home country. The staying quarters, meals etc is in par with what they get back home. Most of the cases, Employers treat them poorly and in some cases, it is abusive and equivalent to what Americans did to African Slaves in the antebellum south (18th Century). There is no option of going against the Employer as they are Emirati’s and protected.
Islam Islam
Why everyone is going after Dubai !! Some Australia’s ripping each other off on Dubai land . If you go to a place by choice you need to understand thier laws and rules or don’t go
Pops 77
This is the definition of “for better or for worse.” Marcus is lucky to have Julie. Some women would have ran for the hills
we are happy u guys got free! how ridiculous! lots of crooks in this world! unfortunately!!!
Smita Bernadet Kujur
I would never go to that place even in my dreams
Terrifying to say the least. Great that it finally ended with an innocent verdict. Wonder how many foreigner’s are being unfairly imprisoned. This Country needs a Special Court for foreigners.
A worked for a company and they offered workers from the opportunity to go to UAE for 5 years and India for another 5 years to help build aluminium smelters. Once they explained everything we all said NO! Sounded like prison, especially if you were female.
Yelirosa Gora
The trouble these guys got in rather they were innocent or not, anywhere you go there is law so 🥶
Nyima Tsering
Marcus and his wife attitudes and faith in optimistic is phenomenal. .yet, they paid heavy price for nothing. .
Lisa Helmuth
Wow this is so crazy I feel so bad hearing this
You don’t have to to travel or go trough Dubai so many other route to take If you want to go to Australia or Australia to Europe.
John kleinman
The pursuit of wealth always has its risks.
Forced marriage is defined as when a person faces physical or emotional and psychological pressure to marry someone. This can range from threats of violence to being told you are ‘shaming your family’ by opposing a union. It was made a specific offence in England and Wales in 2014 and the law extends to prohibit victims being taken abroad to marry. Those who lack the mental capacity to agree to marriage are also protected. If authorities believe a person may be at risk of forced marriage they can issue protection orders that carry a maximum sentence of five years if violated. An offender who forces someone to marry against their will can be jailed for up to seven years. Forced marriage protection orders contain legally binding conditions that govern a person’s behaviour to stop them forcing someone into marriage. They can be granted in an emergency to give immediate protection, which prohibits that person being involved in a wedding.
Andrea Forcella
I was there honeymooning there in 2008. At some point a security guard in a shopping mall stared at us with a very meaning stare because we were holding hands and I was about to give a quick kiss to my wife. Absolutely pathetic, I never set my foot in that place again, my ( second,lol..) wife agree.
I think the real story here is that the powerful people in the company threw the blame onto the others.
Do you get a reduced sentence if you are declared innocent?
Alberrto garcia gonzalez
For this and many other reasons, I, ll never get a foot in Dubai. Or to any other U AE.
ahmed abbas
Except for the long delays in the judicial system, Dubai cannot be faulted for much else. Fraudulent acts did take place. Those two should have said much earlier that the executive was not involved in the negotiations, then he and his lovely wife would not have suffered like they did.
Ted thesailor
A first world economy with a medieval mindset…
God bless Tony Abbott the former prime minister. He was the reason why they were released
Maria Hinderscheid
isn’t wird how the wife was able to leave in Dubay up to the time his case was finally dismissed.Wander how she was able to manage such a task financially..
Shelley Tomlinson
When you see how this couple live in such wealth to an extreme, its sickening, I feel not sorry for them at all. Boo Hoo, go cry at the restaurant as your eating your fancy meal, just pathetic
charles phillips
i bought my 21 year old son 2 of em for his birthday, he has all the right stuff to be among the elite. If its not Seal Issued equipment this would come in handy if he was ever stranded