Qatar World Cup Costs 6,500 Workers Their Lives – Blog

FIFA has blood on their hands, and they don’t care at all. It’s beyond disgusting.
mr question
WenDell WenDell
If I was a player, I wouldn’t go. Other country’s should not send teams
Fans are the consumers of this. They have power. If they cared at all, they could demand change.
rokia gad
They don’t care. FIFA doesn’t care. The sponsors don’t care.
Tyler Hackner
Rip to all of those who died
Nicholas Williams
I was deployed there 3 times over the past few years and when I’d go venture to to local areas I’d see these guys working in these insane temperatures like dogs. Sadly nothing will be done because Qatar is swimming in oil and no one wants to risk losing on trade relations.
Eye Exaggerate
This is on FIFA just as much as it is Qatar
Paul Honey
Definitely be boycotting this.
I’ve seen this first hand. Qatar, UAE they are all in violation of human rights. FIFA should immediately strip them of the 2022.
Vice did a report on this 5 years ago. They take their passports and force them to work until they “payoff” their debt for coming to work. Same in Dubai but no one cares.
Mo Lester
I went to qatar for contracting a couple years ago where I was overseeing all the workers at construction site for a local hotel. You wouldn’t believe how many conversations I’ve had where they tell me their passports are stripped, they get paid a couple dollars a day & haven’t gotten a day off in 10 years. Some haven’t seen their families in decades. Be thankful for your current position in life, some have it much worse.
Lindy Brown
How is it even possible to have that many construction deaths? A handful of deaths would be bad but 6500 is insanity! Obviously there is something incredibly disturbing going on.
As a sri lankan living in Qatar, I can 100% say this is true. I’m privileged enough to have hard working parents that earn enough money to give me and my brothers a comfortable life, but I cant say the same to others…
The players should take a stand and refuse to play in Qatar.
Terrence King
The players should not play for these human traffickers and sellers of lies .
Bernard M
Dubai was built the same way, the whole damn city. People just want their stupid selfies, nobody cares….😓
This isn’t a Qatar story, this is a capitalism story. Capitalism will always create slaves. Always.
We need to boycott Fifa. Let everyone you know, via social media or otherwise, what these people have suffered and will continue to do so in the name of Fifa and greed.
Lifelong Pistons fan
The 2022 world cup should be boycotted
save your hero
why aren’t we hearing about this more often ?!
Mimi 78
Easy solution… don’t watch the Qatar World Cup. Not one second.
Steve Smith
For a game! We’ve got to step away from professional sports. So much greed.
Patricia Rhodes
The Qatar World Cup should be boycotted, full stop.
Mats Lie kardash
There’s one thing you NEED to report on regarding the Qatar World Cup. Several Norwegian teams, fan groups and players have gone to the Norwegian Football Federation (NFF) and suggested a boycott of the World Cup. This will be discussed with NFF in the next couple of weeks and could lead to a serious domino-effect
William N
no national team with morals should go to this game
Sailor Mars
They don’t get paid? They don’t have there passports? They can’t leave? They work long hours? They get bread and water every day? Is this a freaking joke? This is literally slavery.
hector ortiz
Npr had a podcast on this 10 years ago Qatar should have never been awarded the World Cup
Rodrigo Rodriguez
How could they allow this to happen? Futbol stars should speak out against this atrocity. If they don’t, they are culprits to this horrendous acts, by this government.
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman
“Do you feel that Qatar has been treated unfairly?” “Yes, very much so.” The oppressor always cries out when he strikes you.
A Morfus
And Russia slaughtered their street dogs before their World Cup so visitors wouldn’t see them. Teams have a choice to participate. Companies have a choice to sponsor. People have a choice to watch. Perhaps boycotts? The power of consumerism goes a long way.
This is capitalism without regulation; this is what Republicans want: NO workplace safety regulation, NO food safety, NO environmental regulations.
Guess whose not watching the World Cup. They shouldn’t move forward with the World Cup at Qatar. I hope players and countries boycott.
Poetry Rhymez
This happens around the world. People in power will always abuse that power. Instead of fighting WARS to defend/protect people we WAR for greed, resources, and power.
Hei C
Cancel Qatar’s world cup. Ban from ever hosting anything.
Hx Dx
Most of the workers are from India Pakistan Bangladesh God help them,us This is truly crap guys Come on!
Calvin Williams
Damn this is just sad it doesn’t matter where you’re from it’s all about being human in the end
Nay Myo
The world should boycott this 2022 World Cup, period. FIFA stinks
Mandu Rugas
imagine their families waiting for them to return and how hard it could be broken families😪😭
This is beyond sad man. Modern day slavery everywhere.
Omost IM
As a kid who grew up in Saudi Arabia I’m not surprised to hear Qatar does this. Same thing with Dubai. There’s this whole under world of people who keep the country going with free labor. I remember once my dad hired a man to help with a party when we lived in Saudi. Afterward we drove him home to this dark shanty area I never knew existed in Jubail. My moms jewelry ended up missing but my parents didn’t go after him because they knew he’d probably be killed or at least get a hand chopped off. No one is gonna do anything about it because oil money talks.
Sasha Gift
MODERN SLAVERY is real!!!!
Jeremiah L
The players should refuse to play in Qatar. I can already see that this county will be a danger to the players and the people attending.
aleck pons
Would be nice if top players boycott this event. But that will never happen. Or if fans don’t watch the pool games but maybe watch a playoff game or final
Keith J
More then 6,000 deaths just to kick a ball.
Someone died a horrid slow death. Just so someone else that doesn’t even know or care about them; can kick a ball and get yelled at.
Mike Colin
This is SLAVERY. FIFA needs to pull the world cup and nations need to boycott.
Only 420
We should all just not watch the World Cup
Fadi Haroun
Don’t watch the World Cup this year not worth death
Tom Jones
FIFA leaders should also be charged and imprisoned
Thomas Frerk
The soccer players need to take a stand and not play and if the soccer league has any cjones will cancel the cup
All Arab rich countries treat there workers this way
The first thing that came to mind was boycotting.
I won’t be watching a single game in that world Cup, fifa are corrupt that’s been proven and have been paid millions to award this to Qatar, this should never went ahead! I hope clubs and players pull together and boycott this tournament!!!
Hans Christopherson
Please tell me there’s talk of a boycott cause this has clearly gone WAY too far
Thanks for highlighting this! I feel like people are afraid to criticize these countries!
Saitama Geo
There’s gonna be some bad spirits during the world cup. I hope every player breaks a leg and they cant play and fifa goes bankrupt due to canceling the cup and law suits.
Fun fact: the IOC is NEARLY as corrupt as FIFA when it comes to a “the games must be played at any cost, including human” attitude.
That’s very disturbing to see and hear, one could say crimes against humanity, and human trafficking violations, not a pretty picture too a humanitarian, or United Nations. 🇺🇸🇺🇳
Joshua Valentine
Disgusting. They can keep their death cup. Decent people should avoid participating in that ego driven garbage. Seriously enrages me.
keep faith
I’m Loving The Age of Aquarius Already!!!! Let the Light In Planet 🌎.
They oughta call it “The Crude Oil Enslavement Cup.”
Anissa De La Rosa
Please raise awareness and pray for every person. Be kind and loving and pay it forward but only if you can. You matter and who ever reading this I love you brother/sister.
Tariq Tayab
FIFA players should be responsible and refuse to go or play for countries like that if they want things to change
Baby Driver
When a supposed employer asks for your passport then says “am gonna keep it” , your life is about to be turned upside down. Either 1) You are dealing with a PIMP 2) Slavery as you see in this video
Viva Fernandez
After seeing this video, I support the European Super League
Bitey Nibbles
This is so oppressing. I pray for these workers. 🙏
Jeffrey Lebowski
When people say “let’s not bring up politics or race in this this is sport” it’s usually because they have sh*tty take.
Chuck Stark
The US uses a similar system by connecting health care to a worker’s employer and offering only sub-poverty wages.
James Orsby
Why hasn’t the US media made more of issue about this? They’ve sure made every effort to point out what’s going on with the Uighur population in China. What’s going on in Qatar is just as bad, and totally unacceptable.
Damn this is finally getting attention, this type of labor in that area has been on going for years
This has been ongoing for years. Wasn’t their a Kuwaiti beauty vlogger too saying that maids shouldn’t get a day off?
kevin g
All of the soccer teams should boycott
Shawn McManus
Rich people see poor people as disposable. Keeping them poor and threatened is used as motivation. It’s absolutely disgusting, and absolutely how rich humans treat poor humans all over the world.
Space Lemur
I guess it’s yet another major sporting event that I used to like, but now avoid.
James Hally
“Old black Joe’s still picking cotton for your ribbons and bows” Everybody Knows – Leonard Cohen
Kevin Clements
NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO WATCH THIS TOURNAMENT, BOYCOTT THEM….I hope the athletes get the balls to boycott it
Mom Loves
The players should protest and refuse to pay! This is so sick
lilieth cameron
And Fifa supports this stuff. “Modern-day slavery… we’re all for it, as long as we make money who cares.”
Dean Jones
The governments of the world who profit from this shame are also to blame. It’s not only FIFA.
Andrew Cummings
FIFA is the root of this bloodshed
I love the world cup and watch it every four years religiously, but if these things are true, it should be cancelled or boycotted.
Eddie mo
“Just as suddenly we were arrested they let us go”- that was wyld
Greg Knutson
These are the types of countries that are on the U.N.s human rights council
Jordan Is Alright
RIP to all those who died. And you are telling me out of the US, Japan, Korea, Australia and Qatar they voted for Qatar?
Goon Head
No different than Nike, Apple and other companies be outraged not just by this but all the others….. FIFA isn’t the only one with blood on their hands but everyday companies
Keaton Tycer
I don’t know why players aren’t refusing to play along anymore. The World Cup is tainted. The only cups tgat matter anymore are Euro and champions league
More ppl died (6,500 ) making world cup stadiums in Qatar than by covid in a year in Canada. But yet its a pandemic. This info should be spoken about more!!!!
Space Lemur
I would like to see nations refuse to play there. I would like to win the lottery. There is an equal probability of each.
Vance Scott
Kill anything you need to, but make safe the profits! way to go FIFA you’ve been hanging around with EA too long!
Ujiri Ukiri
The players need to step u
joeyyy maybe
The amount of people that liked this video as of now is the same amount of people that have died building the Qatar world cup infrastructure…
Raymond Rivera
I will be boycotting this corrupt World Cup.
Friendly reminder that both buffon and zidane where ambassadors for it, so they have blood on their hands too.
Sean T
Being that social media exists, I’d love to see all the regular people around the world all simultaneously come together and coordinate to overthrow every single government in the world… that’d be tight
anarchy deluxe
FIFA is unbelievably corrupt, and its exceptionally shameful because sport relies on honestly and integrity.
Cody Hartman
One of the richest countries in the world treats these ppl like slaves. So sad and wrong
ido shapira
What took you so long. This is bat shit crazy boycott the World Cup
Juan Lopez
Time for the players to come together and show they do not support this and will not play untill there arent anymore complaints or people owed money
Dylan Mackowetzky
Wow! A TYT sports clip that actually has a connection to sports. 😲
Aland Gomez
Wow! This is pretty fuckin’ horrendous! Thank you guys for continuing to do stories like this. Everybody should boycott this!
Smile an Shine
This is why I won’t be watching in 2022 and FIFA needs to ban Qatar now
I spent time in the Middle East during the first gulf war. I’ll never go back. I’ve seen how they treat foreign workers and it’s abusive.
Peter S
Modern day Pharaohs building their pyramids
What happens when you award it to the highest briber instead of the best bid
Slavery is haram in Islam. We are suppose to treat each other with respect and care regardless of status in society. No matter how clean and white their clothes look these people hearts are black. May Allah help these people and solve all their issues
Mahdi Mrabet
Damn, love these countries boycotting Qatar for this when nobody dares boycott China for the hundreds of thousands of lives they are destroying.
Hector Rodriguez
If the world knows about it why don’t they take action instead of just advertising it. 😭😭 Boycott the world cup.
Saxon de Rohan
If the countries don’t boycott the World Cup, then the players should boycott the World Cup.
nobain _YNWA
Thanks TYT Sports for covering this news. Im from Nepal and i’ve actually heard from the migrant workers working to build their stadiums abt the horrible work conditions and how many poor migrants have died. They dont give a shit about these workers. FIFA is corrupted and wants to take no action. Huge soccer fan myself but i’m planning to not watch a single game to protest. Please do not let the world forget what’s happening to the workers in Qatar. #boycott2022worldcup
Odiame Mas
players need to boycott the 2022 World Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laura Walker
I remember when Qatar was announced to hold the world cup, people were like, where? 🤣 So corrupt
Anthony Stewart
FIFA is a complete hoax. European corruption at its worst. And to think, they’ve made “corruption” synonymous with “African nations”. Hmph.
Marianne Stuart
Anyone who travels there to the World Cup or for any other reason is supporting the regime. No exceptions.
Me, Myself and I
Wtf is wrong with the big media outlets? I feel like AJ tried to make great docs in Americas, Africa, Europe Australia and Asia except Qatar’s labour work.
Erish Gallardo
This is true, I can definitely say that modern day slavery exist in that nation
There shouldn’t have even been a cup here to begin with. It was bought. Should have gone to USA, England, Australia or even Morocco. I live for the World Cup but I’ll be surprise if I watch a few games
Anonymous Anonymous
Stand up all victims of oppression, for the tyrants fear your might
Khalil G
@TYT Sports, the video is wonderful and an eye opener, but please, the music was frustrating and not appropriate nor required at all, we are here for your great journalism not the music, I hope that this constructive feedback will help you improve going forward, thank you 🙂
Kantstenchon themel
I wish all the players would be able to take a knee in respect of the workers who lost their lives building all these stadiums… but I doubt it
Notorious Glez
15$ million to CEO’s and ZERO cents to the people who made it happened.
Boycott the World Cup! It’s supposed to be about unity!!-the whole world coming together!!! BOYCOTT FIFA!!!!
It’s so ridiculous how badly FIFA is handling the next World Cup. They have really been doing shady business with Saudi and Qatar. Somebody oust Infantino already. Terrible FIFA President.
So i have just been reading on Al Jazeera news about all the black people who have unfortunately died at the hands of the police, but i was wondering if Al Jazeera could name any of the migrant workers who were killed while building these football stadiums, Al Jazeera loves to criticize the west but what about what happens in Qatar.
FIFA is so powerful have more members than UN
B Emm
This is fifa’s fault, shame on them
Austin Texas Law
It’s not “slavery like” it’s literally slavery. They can’t leave and they can’t stop working
Eric Davis
Will any nation stand up and boycott the Qatar World Cup?
Kenneth Meye
Why are people surprised? This has been the normal for centuries. Whether it’s a ‘first’ world or ‘third’ world nation. Treating laborers as nothing more than cattle is not considered bad in many countries. That is until someone shines a light on the roblem. Then everyone is scrambling to cover it up again
Stadium looks like a giant tiramisu.
Robert Smith
Every conservative US businessman is jealous AF of these guys.
Dontworry Aboutit
Ah man, can’t wait for the World Cup 🥳
Hans Wurst
Thanks for this upload. It’s not news on the other hand…we know about that since the building of stadiums started years ago…one can only hope that people start boycotting this “event”
Jessica Bixler
FIFA is one of the most corrupt sports organization…if not THE most
So why don’t these teams rise up and say we’re not going to Qatar ?
Mr. Grunge
Totally injustice for those poor worker…
Peter Fraumeni
Holy shit, boycott that scene.
Shaman Cradoc
All sports should be local but the Olympics. Sports should build communities not exploit the poor.
joseph prouse
Some governments act like malignant narcissists
Julius Archer
UAE is the Europeans monarchy and Catholic Churches wet dream. If they could have got a grip on their populations like Saudi Arabia has; slavery would still be in place, human rights would not be a thing, no UN, nations at war constantly for empire expansion… looking at them is like seeing a alternate dystopian universe. Like all the great monuments in history: built on slavery and oppression
Had no previous knowledge of this. In fact, I had a much different concept of Quatar and the U.A.E. as a whole. It’s quite an eye opener!
And you expected some democracy and freedom in a feudal system that runs on the well oiled gears of Sharia Law?
We knew about this for years since they started building it…..
Greg McQueen
Large construction projects of he past would routinely cost the lives of many workers. Panama Canal – 408 dead, Hoover Dam – 96 dead, Brooklyn Bridge – 20 dead. When you here people arguing for deregulation and union busting, this is what they are advocating.
Bk caramel J Bk
I’m baffled by how they have gotten away with this!!! It’s peoples lives at stake here!!! This is a world issue that needs to be addressed ASAP SO SAD 🙁
Atlas Gonzalez
Someone tell me what is the difference between us now and ancient Rome and Egypt? Bunch of slaves building a coliseums to watch gladiators so lenistas and pharaohs can be entertained. While we die and maime ourselves for the love of the sport. Like gladiators.
Gino Zeus
“ALL that is done in the dark SHALL be revealed”
David Burp warrior
I wouldn’t trust the structure if that many people died trying to build it
Al Mej
I won’t watch this World Cup. RIP those workers, from North Mexico.
Neo VeNoM
Why are you all so shocked? this has been going on for years. But you were all to busy raving about imaginary oppression, and cancelling others on social media because your feelings got hurt with facts.
Poops & Shitz!
Knox Herrington
Where are the perpetually offended social justice warriors on this? Isn’t this worse than Dr.Seuss?
It’s very simple, if you watch the World Cup, your giving your approval to criminal behavior.
How the hell does Fifa still get away with this?
vic far
Never again will I buy or watch anything related to FIFA
margaret johnson
a very wealthy nation does this to people and the games are still on? atrocious.
Leonel Ventura
I guess FIFA is done LOL oh well, I never watched anyway. If you like soccer and you’re still young and able bodied enough, it’s way healthier to play your own game than to sit and watch.
Anas Rasheed
This is just how the entire middle east works. You book a flight and drop-down anywhere over here and it’s a similar situation. Qatar just came to the spotlight because of WC being the biggest global attraction in terms of a sporting event.
The commentor
I lived in the gulf for most of my life, and let me tell you that this doesn’t just happen in Qatar. It happens all over the countries that are part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC for short). Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. We know what the Kafala system is like. You go through it even if you have a decent job. I’m not gonna say what my parents do, but we’ve had our passports confiscated as well. You only get your passport back if you want to travel, or if you need it for any legal procedures. There’s no job security and you can get fired randomly – and this happened to my mother – due to the fact that they’re trying to hire more native workers as opposed to foreigners. Instead of creating new jobs, they fire foreigners with great experience in a managerial position and replace them with natives that do not have a damn idea about what they’re doing. It’s stressful thinking to yourself everyday that one day they can just fire you for that reason and you will become homeless, especially for the fact that there’s a lack of jobs in the market and a lot of people just don’t have the same opportunities as those living in the west, plus the fact that companies are now reluctant to hire foreigners for this very reason. Thus, if you ever get fired all you can do is pack up and leave. And to those parents that have a child in university where they have to pay for their tuition fees, it’s their worst nightmare ever, and I’ve heard stories like that as well. It’s an unfortunate reality for a lot of people.
darrin webber
Look… EVERYONE knows how arabic countries have slavery. It’s common knowledge. Even their language…uses same word for employees and slaves. (“servant”). . US doesn’t care. US government and military just want the oils and a good strategic ports/bases. Hell… Pres. Bush “jr” said himself… “Money is more important than lives”
Boycott the world cup and someone please get in there to free those workers. This is beyond disgusting.
Ollie Pepper
Oh but noooo let’s focus on western culture and how bad it is. Whilst we in the middle east abuse women, disfigure each other as punishment, make religious war with neighbours, keep actual real slaves, fund terrorist programmes and openly want Jews destroyed. Yeah nah let’s make the West look bad though because that’s how propaganda works.
King David's Art Studio
Even the devil 👿 would be angry to hear this #banqatar
I have been here since 2018, trust me i know the pain
Angie Young
Fricking corrupt government prayers from USA 🇺🇸
No country should compete in these games. Playing soccer on the corpses of slaves? My disgust can not be measured.
Why don’t the players boycott this?
The Terrible Towel
Yet it doesn’t even make the News sad corruption.
keir farnum
Industrial accidents happen; but 6500 workers?! That’s insane!
This is what capitalism does.
Zeus & Athena
FIFA & Qatar need to be boycotted! The world shouldn’t have anything to do with either. They’re both murders who have blood on their hands.
miles cooper
Fifa and the IOC- inherently corrupt organizations that are broken beyond repair- for years every hosting rights decision made by those organizations has stunk of corruption- and that stink will remain into the future – shut them down and start anew would be my approach
TotallyNotRedneckYall D
Yay sports! Go team win! Build slaves build! … wait, what was that last part?!
Guess Who
Even though its beautiful Dubai was also mostly built the same way
Brian Olson
Love soccer. I will stick to the EPL. I’m not watching one game of this sH%t Cup!
Cesar Hernandez
Isn’t it better not to visit Qatar for the Olympic? Tell everyone on social media and the news to exposed their lies. How they mistreat workers in those horrible conditions.
Brian Grigsby
Yet another great story by TYT Sports
Derrick Mawanda
Feels good to start getting real news from you guys. You wasted alot of time on trump
Stephen Irungu
The conditions are the same in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and almost all the Middle East countries but because they buy weapons from the west then I guess it’s okey to turn a blind eye.
I love your reporting bro. Keep it up.
John Bull
Middle-easterners have an appalling record with migrant workers. Slavery is very much alive in the Middle East. Boycott the Qatar 2022 World Cup. That entire region know nothing about human rights and equality.
Elise Mueller
Keep it up! Great reporting!!
Pablo Ramos
Daaam that’s crazy !!! Move that World cup !!!
loulou nana
All the players have to Boycott the World Cup!!!!
What a disgusting world! This is the world of Trump!
Daniel Palma
Hold FIFA responsible, they chose the countries knowing exactly what is going on
Edgar Andales
This is literally crime in humanity
Noomi Olsson
Wow TYT sports doing a sports related story.
Yeah, I’m not watching 1sec of the world cup. Olympic also on that list.. All you athletes competing should be ashamed.
100% Boycott. Footballers should refuse to play and I mean players from all countries who have qualified. This is a total disgrace!
And a year later after the World Cup is done, like the rest they’ve built in the past it will be abandoned.
The countries who would normally send teams need to boycott.
you never see this shit within real sports like professional slapping
Pulsar Echo
The companies in cahoot with the individuals doing that to people anywhere in the world, must be publicly called out for it.
Cajun Champagne
This is why politicians are bought. The oligarchy seeks this kind of world here. Look at how things have changed on the ground in the past 15 years. This is more or less what we have to look forward to if nothing changes.
Yeah, well… Now you know how the pyramids were built.
Diddy Bop
If they end up STILL having the game there. They better those damn workers. I’m so serious
el mask
Messed up but I can’t wait for the world cup to start
1) How is this 2021? Answer: because someone in the past said this is how years work and we all just agreed on that fact. 2) How are slavery and racism still a thing? Answer: greed, apathy, narcissism, superiority complexes, stereotypes being taken as facts, and weak education of the masses around the world.
Salman Islam
So I follow your channel for a long time now and I am so proud and so happy that you covered this.Migrant workers leave their homes and their dignity just to earn some money and send back to their family. Unfortunately sometimes instead of sending me they send their own dead bodies back home.I am so grateful you covered this.
Aria Invictus
This is an example of “free” market capitalism that crypto fascists AKA conservatives tell us is so “great” for the economy.
Black Panther
People keep worshipping Dubai they do the same thing!!! Many of these countries are keeping people in slavery. Not just Qatar.
Forest Dweller
This is so sad:(. I know the same thing happened to alot workers who came to Iraq to work for US contractors supporting the war.
Brad Krauss
I was at Al Udeid, the air force base right next to where they were building this. I heard many horror stories when I was there around 2017-18 about slave labor. Sad when the military gets billions at the base less than a mile or two away.
Anyone that actually turns up including the players are complicit in the deaths of these people. Crimes against humanity should be treated as such.
This will be the reasoning of storming a capital
Well done fifa..most corrupt governing body on the planet 😂😂😂
Pablo Ramos
Teams should not go . Relocate the world cup !!
Henry Torres
Rick Storm always keeps it real.
Håvard Hardy Jørgensen
if i was a player, i would refuse to play there.
Sydni Downey
Qatar and the cup games should be boycotted . PERIOD.
I really wish FIFA and the IOC would be abolished. Every time – they out on these big games, they destroy lives and communities. That’s why I haven’t watched any Olympics in two decades.
Steelix Onix
That’s a number you get from war deaths.. this hasn’t been on main stream media
jay rock
The world is watching,and as usually, turning a blind eye to exploitation for profits for stadiums that’ll be torn down after the world cup is over…
JC 1985
Charge Fifa with their deaths
Unfortunatel nobody is going to stop watching the world cup because of this, I think the responsibility lies with the governments of the people who travel there to work to demand better working conditions for their citizens and to help get them out of the country if they don’t.
FIFA should be charged with their deaths, fined, payouts to families of dead workers, charged criminally, Corporate Sponsors pull out, and Qatar banned from hosting anything ever again. I didn’t think Brazil’s atrocities could be outdone but here we are.
meeka shantel
That’s some SAD stuff
Ku Da
When same event is conducted in west, everything is perfect. Anywhere else, they don’t deserve to host such events. Remember these media never talk about millions killed in the name of WMD etc because their leaders did it.
Soca Nick
What in the world am I watching??? I am speechless
random anun
Oh man it’s also as if the things people have been saying about middle eastern countries is true…
Tanya Wade
They should be boycotted! FIFA needs to be banned & driven to bankruptcy!😡
Socorro Benitez
Yup. That’s FIFA for ya… Same with the NFL when it comes to player injuries, concussions, and playing against tom brady.
Travis Williams
How does so much people die this is insane. I will boycott just for this
Spits Flamez
Wow, I won’t be watching!
James Newbern
That’s just…wow. How low can some people get? #BoycottFIFA
Blaise Arwyn
Every FAN should boycott the 2022 world cup.
The players should take the knee before every kick off .
Oh wow. This is so sad. Modern day slavery isn’t being covered as much as it should be
nuno gomes
Boycot The world cup 2022
The Experiment
I couldn’t believe that many people dying is true so I clicked. amazing how this is not a significant story in the USA or even a story at all. I had no idea about this. Qatar elite have oceans of blood on their hands and the world looks the other way.
P. N
Can we have evidence of this tragedy please? Verified by the embassies and families involved. That would make the Guardian story more legitimate. Hope your channel can ask for clear evidence.
Tazmanian Diva
God is watching all of this. They will answer for the bad deeds one day. I’m curious to see if the players will bend a knee to these atrocities in protest?
More will have died than players on the pitch for every single game combined. I’m shocked an elite competition like the world cup would allow this.
Brian Cook
M. G.
World Cup shouldn’t go on. This is inhumane and heart wrenching.
LaBronco 75
Players and countries should boycott, do not play in Qatar.
Irvin Garces
I love the sport but I have never felt comfortable with this World Cup and it shouldn’t have been held there but money talks and it’s so sad cause i feel they’re trying stain the sport cause the love of money
Jose Rosales
It is funny how fifa always “fights” for equality. When we see what happens. I will not be watching this World Cup. Also, the USA should qualify and make a stand and not go. Toni Kroos was right by saying what he said.
Marianna P
FIFA should not allow the World Cup to be held there!!! I love watching the World Cup, but if this is what it takes no thank you!!!!
This has been a shit storm from day 1… No one should support this tournament…
This story has been in the open for years. They were estimating the total deaths in 2015 or before. And yet on and on it goes. Crazy.
Madison Ann
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Bobby Ray Parris
The media needs to keep doing this so they will let me go back to their own countrys
Anila Sharma
FIFA need to do something about these issues, it’s no point in just highlighting it ?do something about it and insure those workers rights are heard out, they deserve better.this is not the first time ? it could happen again this kind practices should be stopped once and for all , after being aware of all this going on’s ? Still public attend these games are equally responsible . Inequalities if all the foreign workers who were skilled or none skilled had to endure while working on construction site and having to live in squalid conditions without pay , no medical or life insurance , you wouldn’t treat people like that if they were working in oil and gas industry?
Stephan Williams
I’ve been boycotting the world cup for 37 years. Where you guys been?
It’s almost like they are into sacrificing people for their bread and circus money events…………
Peter Fraumeni
They have petrol money and barbaric tendencies.
Soul Surfer
#PlayersStandUp. No players=No World Cup. No players=No FIFA. May the players provide the voice these workers need.
First and foremost the football players themselves need to protest. Then the teams/clubs/organizations. FIFA should be ashamed of itself.
barbara gonzalez
So why are the games still being held there? In no way could I as an athlete compete in a place that took thousands of lives for me to play in.
Meanwhile we give billions of tax payer dollars to Qatar every year……and the politicians don’t even want to give us a stimulus check because it’s socialist.
Montrose Williams
I would never visit a dump like that. Everything that glitters isn’t gold. Sacrificing people’s lives for their evil selfish gains.
Qatar mundur aja lebih baik Indonesia yang menggelar🙂
tit lit

Good luck to those seeking employment in Arab-speaking countries.

cory ddp

This is the only TYT show I can watch. I rather be uncomfortable and know the truth so I can start to understand my privilege
M Palmer
This is insanity..!!! How such a travesty could happen in modern times??? These ARABS are acting like Pharaoh..!!!! Then come up here praying 5 times a day? To whom?? Who’s answering the prayers??? Sad
The Rich will always take advantage of poor
Lilia Chan
First class citizens always in need of slaves. That’s what unregulated greed does to society.
E Chan
Boycott all the sponsors, this need to include the media
Jackie D
Reality is the players make most of their money playing for their clubs. They could all afford to boycott the World Cup easily. Also its going to be in November which is absurd.
Marlene Mounce
❤️we have to get them out.
Gabor Wendler
This has been projected right after Qatar has been promoted for the tournament.
Roger Johnson
It appears the rich will always take advantage of the poor…no matter where they live in this world.
SLectSound Official
Those who took bribes equally as guilty
Carla Moore
This is such a sad story. How can we help?
Dorothy Dean
What is the fascination with the word deploy? Why not just say “use”? I’m not impressed with the strange use of “deploy”. Deploy means moving soldiers to the place they need to be to make war.
In this day and age, I can’t believe this is going on. Lord help them. Put a couple black people from the U.S. there and see the attention it gets, they’ll start a world wide movement. ALM!
1:31: “The Vinnar for the 2022 World Cup is……” slowly pulls the envelope The Hottest Place in the fucking world” Entire Football World: “but why?”
Sir Smokealott
Dayum even thé construction of the Colosseum back in thé days didnt cost that many lives, and that place was build for death (entertainment).
Tracey Bee
Wtf? These poor people 😭
Fl Mobile Everything
This is what happens when one person gets too much money
Brad Krauss
It just seems that almost all major sports are full of greedy, money hungry jack holes that couldn’t care less about life or their fellow man. Sad what money does to people. Sickening.
Builders that can’t improve their own living conditions? Third World mentality. As a military member we have been plunked down in the desert and rotation after rotation of personnel we work to improve the living conditions. This we do because we have a mentality of “Leave it better than you found it”. Those that come after us find the living conditions more and more tolerable and strive to improve upon them even more for those that will come after them. Those that own and run Qatar should provide even the most basic of materials so that the workers can utilize their skills to make their living conditions tolerable. And for those of you in the good ‘ol U.S.A., realize that you ARE living in the most socially advanced and compassionate civilization that has ever existed on Earth. Even the poorest have much much better living conditions than those non-Nationals working in Qatar. An additional bit of food for thought: Rich Middle Eastern Countries look down very harshly on non-Nationals. They have no respect and very little tolerance for anyone that is not of their own nationality.
I don’t know if this is true or not but this isn’t really the reason as to why I’m commenting. I’m commenting because people are calling out ALL ARABS for “allegedly” doing this. Let me set an example: “oH No sAuDI ArAbIa iS IN tHiS bEcAuSe tHeY aRe nExT tO EaChOtHEr!!”. What type of logic is that? Basically what I’m saying is that don’t generalize all Arabs since they have nothing to do with the stadiums and etc.
Darrol Dewey Jones
Karmas real and these Quatarians will find out the hard way .This is apalling .
All of this injustice and inhumanity for an event that will only last a month and stadiums, etc. that will eventually become a ghost town left to rot away like the ones in Brasil. But as long as people are willing to disregard such injustices and instead patronize the games, FIFA and their investors will continue to do business as usual.
scare force 1
They just feed them and let them work without giving payments or looking after their health. They don’t even let them leave… We should boycott
Eric Pirillo
Opiate of the masses def comes to mind with this
The Phoenix
If the United States sends a team to compete in this World Cup with these known facts, the US loses the right to stand on a pedestal screaming about human rights abuses. In my opinion we already have based on our own domestic abuses.
Paul M
Organize crime and it’s finest
so annoying how everyone basically forgot this happened since it’s been going on since 2011 at least. watch in a year and a half’s time, everyone will be “singing the praises” of how amazing the Qatar World Cup will be. Boycott it folks
abe zeke
The problems brothers and sisters that those rich people had been buying people asses for decades includes US Politicians Citizens
Fifa is as responsible as qatar….
Colin Campbell
Thank you Sepp Blatter for being a horrendous human being
Patrick Browder
I’ve been to a few world cups – USA, France, Germany, S. Africa, but when they announced Qatar was hosting, I pretty much gave up on FIFA. I saw S. Africa first hand and it turned me completely off. Went from rabid to, meh. Greed strangles the life out of everything.
Joy Chowdhury
Its not enough but I hope nothing more then for Qatar to be drawn in the group of death and lose every game, crashing out.
Rhea Summer
Rip. I pray that their souls have made their way back home to the Lord. Disgusting and horrible and sad.
David Lee
These people behead their own people for minor crimes on the streets without trial
2010,14,18 and 22 world cups all have problems but not the 06? Wonder why you failed to mention it🤔
England created football but we cant host it as we refuse to pay the bribes!
mr manu
Bet they will still play the games though.
Laura Walker
They should all speak out at the same time, instead of in secret if they really wanted to go home.
Cheady Cheady
All of Dubai has been built the same way….
Christian Wood
Finally not complaining about Trump and doing real journalism
J Dolan
exaggerated maybe so, but still all international sporting sanctions are sketchy to say the least. FIFA, FIA’s Formula 1, and the Olympics….. all shady.
Barbara Hartlen
VICE spoke about this at least two or three years ago and noone listened. What makes you think the world would listen now!
Cleto Bici
They should start the games with a moment of silence.
Steven Arneson
Boycott the 2022 worlds cup ! Boycott fifa
What makes human beings to allow themselves to be enslaved by other human beings. Arabs were the first to enslave Africa, the rest followed suit
Erick M
Jesus Christ is King 👑 ✝️🙏😇❤️
scott lowson
At last some sport related news. 👏👏👏
K Dsenabulya
Boycott that’s no way to treat humans at the expense of others definition of class.
Gourmet Fitness
Nope one place I will not visit. I promised myself that due to the humanitarian crisis with workers in that country.
Games will happen above graves. Such a shame
Skip Overit
Let’s hope Norway can lead the way to other Scandinavian countries & Europe taking a hard look at this. It shouldn’t be held there at all for medical reasons. ( last post)
The freest of speech
This happens to men all the time. Why pretend they care?
Marc Laporte
I was surprised Qatar was ever considered let alone chosen to host an event such as the World Cup.
Any player who participates is a part of the problem. Any fan who watches is a part of the problem. But they’ll watch. Even the nfl was boycotted for a whole 8 seconds
Hotwired PC
Progression and success will come at any expense for the rich and powerful.
On reddit (german part) a Quatari who had to flee (he went to germany) bc he opposed the slavery of foreign workers in Quatar is doing an AMA right now. He is unhappy in germany and seems to not have undeerstood yet why leftists don’t like what he has to say. Anyways, I tried to tell him to be wary of extremists in germany, BEFORE that he himself wrote that he didn’t want to go to france or britain bc of extremists that might target him, all I did was tell him that it might happen in germany too ( I even explicitly wrote it was less likely) and that he would likely be safer and get more people to listen to him in some other countries – just for that I got banned from his AMA and a mob formed accusing ME of being an islamic extremist, that wants to hunt him down….
epic peppy
Another thing that has been going on for years that will never get justice. We are all willing to ignore this just because it may affect us being entertained.
Blaise Arwyn
You can’t disrespect a thing that hasn’t earned it.
Timothy Harris
HBO’s Real Sports did a report on the Qatar World Cup construction 2-3 years ago that was eye opening and gut churning. Qatar has not only ‘stacked the deck’ in order to host the ’22 Cup but they have also been known to pay athletes and give them Qatari citizenship in order to win medals/ titles/ championships so that the country is glorified.
Bonnie Hopkins
Heartbreaking that this is still going on. Can’t believe that these atrocities are still happening and I am horrified one of the richest sport in the world is even in the slightest bit condoning or supporting this is criminal! Overpaid footballers to people being dehumanised disgusting! This event should be relocated or boycotted!
blame the people who decided to host these event in 3rd world countries with corrupt governments
Soos Nature
لا تبهدلونا يا اخوان مشولها لهالعمال
DeHart Family
In the United States, a work visa is tied to an employer, much like the Kafala system, and abuses have been rampant there as well. We all need to treat the desperate and working more humanely.
Elizabeth Moore
So we all should boycott the world cup, dont watch it.
I used to live in the UAE it’s was a very nice luxurious place for most people and had a relatively low cost of living for luxuries but the Labors there make less than $2 a day and try to provide for their families it’s honestly sad because the government gives so many more rights to locals and easy good paying jobs to their locals but can’t even pay labors enough for a meal.
mongol shonny
Simpel, no world cup
It’s all about looks lol
VIP Phothi
Boycott them every country shouldn’t go play there
FIFA has always been clean and transparent….like the IOC.
Chung ying Sham
We don’t hear about any of this on mainstream news, but everyday we hear about the Uyghur camps. I wonder why….
Boycott Qatar world cup 🚫
Brett Halvorson
The olympic federation must be held accountable for these deaths
Sean Dennis
Hope it’s built right then
WHAT!!! This is a shocker. There is no way FIFA one of the most honestly ran sports leauges would ever let this happen. Qatar and FIFA together is a match made in heaven
This is unbelievable
Butter Chuggins
Sports. How important are they?
For 6,500 dead workers this better be the BEST WORLD CUP EVER. At least better than the last world cup.
K Ng
we should just ban world cup permanent, and imprison all of their management permanently as well
RIP to those who died. But forreals, USMNT better make it this time.
jackie moua
Football no care, this is old news. This would be a good start to start now.
Anderson Andy
World Cup is garbage, extremely corrupt set up where some nations buy their way to the finals with match fixing
bond james
People who watch fifa 2021 are just as guilty
Nathan Brady
Watch out U.S.A., there’s a new rising star of capitalism.
T_ Buddski
Well John Oliver spoke about this years ago he was not wrong
Man City and PSG built on the backs of slavery
Joseph O'Malley
The hypocritical BBC will no doubt screen matches.
“We’ve been treated unfairly” – The most ironic statement right there folks. Everyone’s welcome for the World Cup in Qatar as long as you don’t kiss in public, show any bit of skin if you’re a woman in public, don’t swear or rudely gesture in public, don’t drink in public (AT A WORLD CUP CEREMONY 😂) no e-cigarettes oh yeah and just don’t be gay?
Saus - HD
What are the main sponsors of these event ? We all know them. They deserve being boycotted as well.
Laws are made by the rich to be used on the poor ? This shouldn’t shock you
Portland 207
Is this new? I have known this for a long time.
Wout Moerman
An organisation of German soccer fans is asking for a boycott of this event. Another call is not for a boycott but for pressure on Qatar to improve labour conditions. But on the moment not much seems to be happening.
loulou nana
1991 Dodge Shadow
Another reason I don’t watch soccer
Simon Hadley
I saw the exact same thing in Kuwait over twenty years ago. Nothing changes with these nouveau riche Middle eastern nations but one day the oil will run out and they will be back to herding camels and eating sand.
FIFA is corrupt and the whole system needs to be shut down.
Boycott the game on 2022… 6500 deaths working as a slave… that’s inhumane….
Sad… I see why God is mad at the human race. We can do better than this 🙏🏾
Thames W
Sound similar to the system we living in.
I don’t support FIFA (ever) / sports (anymore). And I’ve been to UAE several times. Sad.
Ryan Maggs
FIFA is corrupt as it gets. Needs to be shut down and have a new committee take over. 100%
Brandon Martin
As someone who had to spend 6 months in that area of the world this is kinda normal for them…..
Russell James
The logical conclusion of Libertarianism
Gary Jones
If I was running the teams I would pull out of the World Cup and boycott if no one shows up they loose
Sponsors should remove their names from this very strange world cup, and countries should not participate in it.
Weaponised Potato
The vast majority of humans are slaves. The only difference are the conditions.
Y’all so there’s this sort of urban legend but many say it’s not. When huge monuments like these are made and many deaths occur supposedly these deaths are like an offering of blood ,sort of like a human sacrifice in order to keep the building standing for a longer time and so it doesn’t bring bad luck to the owners. There’s many videos out there where people tell their stories and even in the comments of these videos. I’ve heard it happens a lot in latin america and in some other places around the world ….could this be the same thing happening ?? Who knows…
Leah Tequila
It’s up to the players to say NOPE we won’t be playing there.
J Georges
It is inhumane and outright disgusting to see how many workers have been exploited, dead and crippled for a corrupt world cup that was illegally granted by corrupt FIFA authorities to a bunch of Blood thirsty Quatari who do not give a damn about human life…I am boycotting this KRAP !!
Charles Canzater
Boycott the games do not watch or support this fascist organization !
Tom P
I love watching the world cup and similar tournaments, but im definately not watching this one.
michael g
is quatar next on the list of the great USA and NATO?
Erick Monteiro Veronese
I really really hope that my country doesnt win this world cup edition. Will be hard to celebrate.
Vincent Mensah
Why? !!! Were they building the Pyramid?
Cash is King. -Lewis Hamilton.
Who is here after the announcement if suoer league. The death of football
Upright Ape
FIFA is even sleazier than the Olympics.
Maria Angel
Qatar think they are rich look what happen those people
Bob Win
God will come punish those who committed crimes against humanity.
Mt. Theodore Alan
This is so sad giving those workers so little to no pay at all. Thas appalling considering Qatar is the richest country on the planet. All that wealth and still people there continue to live in squalor
Elizbeth Federico
Thanks for letting this type of news out to the public. Hope many people will see this atrocities done to others that don’t have a voice. Sad but true, Katar just want to make a name to themselves in the world. Katar is a corrupt dump FIFA country. FIFA is getting corrupt more and more every decade. Is just a pure money making business. Only the ones on top get more richer every year.
Weirdo Willa 102
Sweet hopefully the people who can afford to go to this event will boycott or at least have a moment of acknowledgement people should not die in an attempt to live
John Schumer
YouTube lets them report on Qatar but all negative videos about China is out of the question and removed. Screw YouTube and their hypocrisy!
Elias Salcedo
The building of the pyramids all over again.
DJ Architect
What happened to the players to protest about it
Modern day slavery? To put it delicately, IM F ING P I S S E D