“Tales From The Organ Trade” – Blog

sadie elizabeth
It’s not organ trade it’s organ trafficking g
HeyMzz.CookieBlackSoulsistah Echols
They are stealing minorities organs by any means necessary .
The same people telling you this story are the same people behind it. They are all involved
The old guy with dark hair seemed entitled to me,he already lived and something seemed off about him. Even his own daughter refused to give him her kidney.
Ercushka Kulmetov
Us westerners eat too much and that’s the biggest detriment to our health.,Diabeties,Heart disease,clogged arteries,obesity etc… The body needs rest and yes even from food.
Daddy X
This stuff low key scary
mel ford
Tons of kidnapping in philippines just for their organs. I’m surprise they didn’t talk about this.
I love how all the ladies are arguing with each other
Kathryn Harris
There’s a simple solution to have more organs AND against exploitation of the poor: It’s called an opt-out donation system. Win-win.
brian 5
if you allow selling organs you allow businesses to become organ sellers. didn’t china do that and create even greater demand for sustaining the transplant industry and causing a greater demand in the market for harvesting organs illegally?
Elizabeth Armada
Poverty, ,,nothing else is the reason why many Filipinos risking to sell their kidneys. ..sad but true…
shakai handy
the ladies that ended this said some raw shit!
Back when cnn had respectable programming
frank sigwart
sick, justice will prevail.
World of Variety
People are being murdered for their organs
October 10, 2135
God says….. No longer allowed by heaven 💔💔💔
M gdhse3
Needs to be regulated! Too many humans gone missing for sexual predators an organ transplants.
syakir haris
It is hard to believe this, are they really from respected universities in this world? If human organ transplant from inside the family members itself with the mutual clear agreements from all family members then I think it is OK, if someone die, then it is family matter.. but if the organ transplant is from strangers especially from foreign countries, the agreements are always unclear, people is just desperate for money without thinking future consequences, talk different language, different culture, probably a lot more people under their responsibility will suffer more in the long term.. it is always not an ethical act and against human right.
Janice Harden
That’s when Marshall law Comes in ; not by God laws.
This is why all these kids are being kidnapped and not found. Americans that better care of their bodies then these 3 world countries. This bigger then people think. Please keep your kids and young adults close
Upstream Colours
What is the exact name of the organisation? Is it flaun gong? 🤔
hum ams
If it wrre legal ppl wpuld go missing all the time and it would be easy to covet their tracks by justvsaying they sild their organs. This is a all atpumd bad idea. Unless it can be guaranteed noone can exploit this the i dont see how its reasonable. Think about car sales men they are rewarded by money by selling overpriced cars. Where there is mo ey to made ppl will rush in
Anthony Man
Talk about minimizing! It’s 1000s/day and $trillions/year!
Lisa Saytee
24 people who dislike this are people who harvest organs
JJ Made The Lesson
Could you activate subtitles please?
dellboy 84
Transplantation should be banned.
Knowledge Center
As long as you keep people poor you will have donors.
Michelle Soto
So I believe that when someone die they the hospital people will take the dead person organ’s without anyone knowing, that is for every dead person…..
saturday samsooey
Human organ farms big pharmin pharma
Whos selling a pancreas on here?
Bobby Bloodbaths
Justice. Justice is not real
Anne Chester
No such thing as brain dead people..don’t disconnect your loved ones..opt out of organ donation
John Doe
Those people are lucky they got paid an weren’t just killed for there organs
SirEnderLord II
I would do anything to save me life
Love Birds
This is happening right now in my country (Philippines) they kidnapped teenager
gnd08 light
Too busy looking for marijuana sellers 🙈
Pooja Rawat
I want to sell it plz
pink wolf
he’ll yes if i.neededto eat n feed my family
R Peter
Does anyone look into girls trafficked and then taken for mri/cat scan for organ sizing and sales? Maybe starting even in Canada now as well 😢 my friend Wendy Hutton,
Caroline Wong
Not worth it, so many side effects of donating your kidney.. the money the donors receive is so little and the low quality of life that follows… Sorry to those who need a kidney but at this point there’s no gaining.
Charles Joseph
Unfortunately soul is invisible
Kris Jenner turned news anchor I see!
The people in this world are f*cked up.. People around the world will make this a business and force people to do this by either frame, or hostage.
Salomae Pawelzik
People who desperately need the kidney and people who desperately need the money get together and both consenting parties make beneficial exchange that both are happy with… then it’s no one else’s business to stop them. Why should this fair exchange bother anyone but those who loose profits caused by this direct exchange. Whose profits or business is threatened by this? Who stands to loose? The organ traffickers/thieves have a lot to loose. And then the Medical professions and Politicians rush in and stop these fair exchanges, why? Their profits are being threatened, that’s why. They are the real organ harvesting thieves and traffickers.
Nabiha Habibullah
Curse on those hypocrites who predend to rush to stop this deadly trade in order to make more money for themselves and give little money to the donors. They put the rules of this deadly game and should pay a high price for their crimes against innocent poor people.
raw data
Easy answer to this problem. Offer cash posthumously for organs. Men are noble enough to give for the good of their surviving family. This involves the medical industry. People are paid in the process either way. Doctors and hospitals make out very well in the deal. Why not the donors family?
Serena Artista
It would be better if transplantation was ended. Period. If we think of it as natural selection, that’s what’s happening. We aren’t meant to have other people’s organs.
Nicole Haining
theeerreee byyyyyyyy
the boss
as bad as it is to buy an organ, when it comes to our own lives we would all do the same if we have the money.