BBC to pay damages to former royal nanny – Blog

Scott T
Always adhering to the highest standards of journalism, once the facts were known the BBC was quick to…fight in court to stand by the lie. The apology is a joke. If they were so sorry why wait decades to apologize?
I’m glad she got Justice. Probably doesn’t makeup for 25 years but good for her. I remember this going on back then. Now sue Brashir.
Jasss 👑
Okay this info makes sense of the betrayal and raw anger Diana had in that interview. She must have been thinking of this along with all the other years of unhappy marriage. Wow, how incredibly sad for all involved. She died believing these lies
Microwave Mick
Absolutely amazing isn’t it that journalists have such boring lives that they need to fabricate something so fantastic. I wish i could do that and still have a job.
Ronnie Alex
Legal proceedings must be brought forward by Tiggy Basheer must be arrested
p s
I think Mrs. Pettifer seems so lovely and she loved the outdoor life, which was great for the young princes. How sad she stepped forward to help Charles raise the princes, as she was a close friend of the family, and Bashir’s lies were her reward.
👍👍 for the nanny.
Mary How
Ahhh, this makes sense finally of Diane’s comment “there were 3 in the marriage” for those who thought it was Camilla!
Daisy Day
Martin needs to be banished from any public speaking after the lies and damages brought about.
Adrian John
my medals of honour on my chest are as follows and includes: banned, redacted, honesty, The Truth and my chevrons are gold steel reading in Aramaic IN GOD WE SERVE AND TRUST AMEN 🙏 ❣
tiggy was quite the new item back in the day… poor girl has had a lot of years anguish no doubt
Luke Tarplin
Taxpayer’s money wasted by the BBC. Is somebody being held to account for this? Fired / prosecuted.
Poor Diana was so convinced by Bashir’s lies that she confronted the nanny over the affair and the abortion. At the time Tiggy Legg-Bourke had to get a solicitor to send Diana a cease and desist letter to stop her spreading this untrue story, which Diana, apparently, was very vocal about. Both these ladies were victims of a man’s out of control ambition and hubris. Bashir seemed to think it was acceptable to do anything to get the scoop. After the interview aired Bashir went first to ITV, so no loyalty there then, and then to the US, where after some unethical practices he got sacked and returned to the UK where the BBC employed him as their Religious Editor, Ah, the irony. By then BBC management knew about many of concerns about Bashir and that interview and employed him anyway until, finally, the truth came out. Of course the BBC didn’t sack Bashir, oh, no, his health deteriorated and that is how he left due to ill health.
I remember that interview. That guy was a jerk.
I remember Diana being the one who said tiggy had affair. It’s Diana’s slander
Danny Lo
Why I now view the monarchy as a complete and utter old fashioned system
Kyla Spence
BBC destroyed a marriage and peoples lives! Maybe Dianas’ marriage would have lasted, maybe she’d still be alive. It is beyond disgusting what has been done. Apology all very well but now Bashir etc need to be held accountable!!
Krystine Cardona
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Terry Jackson
The BBC are out of control.
Bobby Carter
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Colleen Jones
Poor Diana and poor Charlies and all those touched by this.
Lily Bond
Martin Beshear: I got the impression he was a man of no integrity however I picked up on that back in the day.
the BBC pay.? or the people like me who pay for the BBC pay?
Ander Ander
Remember when the BBC was the go-to place for news?? MANY MANY years ago.
Netflix, pay attention. Lol
Eddie Pecot
the damage is already done
Elaine Coyle
Regardless, Camilla was the real issue. Diana didn’t deserve that marriage.
Meredith isme
Defund the defamatory grubs
This money should not come from public funds,it should come from the individuals who covered up these lies.
The Super Psycho Killer
The money should come out of journalist’s personal bank account / assets not from the tax payer funded BBC.
Sounds like the name of an adult film. 🎥
Fatema Zohora
How in earth martin bashir got away with this deception
Average Joe
What did Prince Charles say or do at the time? Did he come out and say that there was no relationship? If not then isn’t he complicit in these lies?
Grassy Knollington - Conspiracy Theorist
Looks like I stumbled into the ‘Woman’s Day’ letters page!!
Glen Quinn
The nos of the BBC should pay them not the licence paying publick
Who pays the fine?
Dawn Pettet
Hmmmm ! This saga is like a pebble in the pond. Who next will fall in. ?
Ronin Hood
Another win for multiculturalism!
Peter Finucane
Martin Bashir, or “Bash Ear”.
Tom Earnshaw
So they don’t give a shit.
What’s all the noise about Diana? Seriously, she is one of those celebrities used to create and shape up the Woke shit we live through now. Imagine if she is still alive, how much Royal BS we have to put up with…
John Haworth
She is just lucky she made it out alive. Princess Diana did not leave soon enough.
Sounds like the name of an adult film. 🎥