Exposing the black market for human organs – Blog

Solid Snake
The rich took their money, their future, and now they want their organs too, they want everything.
“This situation doesn’t officially exist.” That is political speech for, “I don’t want to do anything about it, so my strategy is to pretend it isn’t happening.” Yeah, how did that work out for Reagan when he pretended the AIDS crisis wasn’t happening?
Living life!
I’m doing a paper on human organs and this is to sad. I am thankful for all I have, blessed for the love from my children. It’s to bad he became sick…..
of course its hard and complicated to get help from the UN, they’re the ones who are getting a piece of the pie in those organ auctions, its literally the UN’s job to stop stuff like that but they’re in on it
Angeline Nichol
didn’t expect “it cost and arm and a leg” to be literal
PropheticSoldier ThusSaysTheLord
The rapper are always saying that the government wants your mind, body & your soul!
Ur gonna spend more money healing ur self after losing ur organ after selling it
Poor corners of the planet fall into destitution for the government’s familiar cruel practices desperation apparently also comes with a high price tag.
Why is it complicated? That was going to be the most interesting bit!!!
Winter Nunya
The earth IS the place of biblical hell. Those that deny that FACT are ignorant to what goes on on a daily basis. All the religious people who get angry when you tell them that this earth is actually and truly hell. Ignorance really IS bliss isn’t it.
Fishn Giggles
It’s happening in Mexico as well
Husam Gad
Don’t feed your demons 🤷🏻‍♂️
Loans from NGOs? Let me guess at highly inflated interest rate.
Sayema Khatun
Remarkable Investigation!
Joe D
He looks like that detective out of saw.
Nosy Rosie
The beggars now are selling their family members because they forgot to nourish the body with for themselves.
Walter Goodman
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Before this happened to me just today 1/30/20 some guys came up to me, and both offered me $100 dollars and showed them to me! I was surprised! All I had was the uno cross between my jacket while having my hands in the “got em” position, anyways, one guy asked for my uno reverse card cross for $100 (geez the stack was like $3) and I said “…this isn’t for sale…” another guy said the same thing but with my 4 Minecraft books I said no (again) then I said “Why do people think I own a black market? This is just my cult! Let me bring Kermit back from the dead in piece!” And now I own Journal 3 (gravity falls) and NOW I can bring Kermit from the dead! >:3 wait I realized in the show there was an entire apocalypse in 5 seconds… I take it back… anyways now people think i have a portable shop…
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I’m in the USA spending money I stuff I don’t need everyday these folks selling they organs so poor that’s so sad I feel terrible as a society
Nowshin Mostafizzz
I’m a Bangladeshi …and I feel bad for us
Mariam Jabril
May Allah have mercy on us
Mihai S
But if I want to sell my body for organs, how I can do it?
Johnnie McQuarley
Who are the 10 people who dislike this video?
Elizabeth Armada
Ganon talaga ang mangyayari sa katawan ng tao kapag nabawasan ng vital organs…ikamamatay nila yun…they need to eat nutritious foods to survive. ..but, the money will disappear for less than a year. ..
Jason gaming
This kind of things mostly happens in India
Emilio Cristobal
Idiots there have to be some how to get money work work I know it’s tough around the world but there’s always a way to get through it praise Allah and bless the ones who are in need
Run Ima Duck
And this was the last video ever made by him
Talk about selling yourself out😨
The Beyonder
Im starting up a human trafficking mafia if you’re interested
Mx Kat
At least 1/4 of those organs will be rejected. Worse still are the people seduced and tricked into becoming a victim
wolf boi
Im mad as hell on this black market
Beverly Howard
How discussing this world iS PURE EVIL, TOO HARD TO WATCH
Luis Burgos
There’s a black market for everything. It’s all about making profit. They know these poor individuals are desperate for money to support their families and to survive. What do they do? They offer a low price, for example: $30 for a kidney; when that kidney could well be worth $500 or even more. I don’t understand, why would you reproduce when you know your children will suffer? Organs are worth tons of money. Organs can save someone else’s life.
silver sheep
You Like Torture Don’t You!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luis Powell-Moreno
Whao wants to be a millin’are?!?!
Raju mahadevan
Which is the most dangerous animal????????
Nabi Isa
Sell animal orgam
Saturnina Lopez
How dear the do this you all die .if u dont have youre own organ.God is sad to see this things.say no not to sale youre organs
Boy Gaming
Cody Shepard
Why not force those on death row to give up organs?
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Brah this hit me so different this is not right bro as people we have to stand up for situation like this we all human that’s crazy brah
PropheticSoldier ThusSaysTheLord
America and every other country are doing the same thing!
Karmi A
this is so sad….omg! in which world we live in. I believe Sushant Singh Rajput was about to expose all this and he was murdered.
Flaming Dragon
Hmmmmm but why ……. this isn’t what peope are meant to do ……….. there pissing me off ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Christy Hoover
U.S. had a problem at certain hospitals where patients’ organs were harvested while still alive – ended up dead, reason why not a donor.