Justice from the heart of a child

Come from the heart (also be from the heart)

To be sincere:

Her speech came from the heart.

Cambridge Dictionary

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1 “I Won’t Eat Animals,” Girl Tells Her Mother

1 sep. 2016

Realising, to her horror, that meat is made from animals, five-year-old Zada tells her mother she’s a vegetarian. And her mind is made up.
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2 – 3 year old kid fighting to save his animal friend goat

9 jul. 2015

Can one boy’s compassion change ages of old habits?
In Nepal, when people go to Temple, some of them take a goat or chicken to sacrifice. This was Adrian’s first visit to Nepal and first visit to a Temple. When Adrian accidentally spotted a goat being slaughtered, he realized his new animal friend was next in line. Watch what happened next.

3 Little Boy Saves Chicken From Slaughter

22 aug. 2018

His father wanted to slaughter his chicken friend but this compassionate, brave Pakistani boy fought to save her life.

4 Boy Tries to Save Goat from Slaughter

30 jul. 2017

Can the compassion of one boy change thousands of years of tradition?

5 Squirrel Visits His Rescuer Every Day For Years | The Dodo


14 jul 2023

Woman rescues a baby squirrel — and 4 years later, he still comes back every day for kisses on her porch

6 Brave Kids Save Animals From Slaughter

3 mrt. 2019

We can all take example from these amazing kids ❤

7 – Little Boy wants his Mommy to Leave the Chicken Alone

13 mrt. 2016

This sensitive boy who wants his mom to leave the chicken alone will break your heart. “I will take care of her.” ♥
We are all born with compassion. Let’s reclaim it.
Original video: Renata Ferreira

8 Compassionate Girl Protects a Chicken in India

21 jun. 2018

This kind girl can teach us all about compassion towards other animals. We are all born with compassion, let’s reclaim it.

9 A small girl crying with a dead hen

10 Little Girls and Boy won’t let their Dad Kill a Chicken

22 aug. 2018

Can compassion of children change thousands of years of tradition? Amazing girls and boy.

11 Cute kids around the world react about eating meat – Kids VS Adults

26 sep. 2018

They are so cute! If this doesn’t touch your heart, nothing will! We were all born with compassion. Kids true reactions to their parents wanting to eat animals.

12 What a Child Sees

3 mrt. 2016

Learn more about making kinder food choices: http://tryveg.com. “I’m vegan because animals want to live.” Many children are born with a natural love for animals. These compassionate kids have made the connection that “meat” comes from the animals they love – animals they see not as food, but as friends. Filmed at Pasado’s Safe Haven sanctuary in Sultan, WA.

12 Heartwarming Animal Friendships Between Different Species

6 aug. 2020

These animal friendships between different species will warm your heart.

13 JFL Hidden Camera Prank: Boy Change

30 mrt. 2011


Japanese tourists magically change one boy for another greatly upsetting the fragile mental balance of these people. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra caché la plus comique de la télé!

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Tears of happiness

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