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1 – 2015 Top 25: Gala Keynote by Philomena Lee

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29 jun. 2015

2 Philomena – Winner American Airlines Best International Film IFTA 2014

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22 apr. 2014

Winner: Philomena Accepted by: Philomena Lee and Steve Coogan Presented By: Gráinne Seoige

3 Real-Life ‘Philomena’: Journey to the Vatican

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6 feb. 2014

Subject of the Oscar-nominated film reflects on giving up her son for adoption and forgiveness.
I think it is absolutely disgusting that this scandal ever happened and I say that as a devout and orthodox Roman Catholic. I definitely condemn the actions of the nuns who caused this to happen. But even though I was not affected by the scandal in a personal way, I do forgive them. I do hope that Pope Francis allows the adoption records to be opened so that the now grown up children can be reunited with their parents. I think that this action by Pope Francis would go a long way in healing the wounds caused to many by these grievous actions.
Ayush Singh
I saw this movie when I had no one to compare her to. I still don’t think that I’ll be able to feel the pain that she felt, but now that I have a nephew about the same age and thinking of him be there breaks my heart, I’d go into a manic episode if if it happens to me. And to think she met the leader of the cult that did this to her and many other mothers and him being so shameless to see and stand in front of her, shame.
Elizabeth Di Francesca
She did not “give her child up”…unwed  mothers were locked away, insulted and harmed she was restricted from her child for 3 yrs and then they took the child away. It was 1950..and it was still going on for many years even the Phoenix Az Catholic hospital and church in the 70’s Chicago my aunt was tormented to the point they gave her electric shocks…………..they were abusive and evil and even in the US they tried to force you to give up a child and got mad and punishing if you said no.
How I wish I could go back to talk to the nuns from my 2nd and 3rd grades. A few of us to visited the convent a few yrs ago, but the nuns had disappeared, gone into hiding. We simply wanted to ask ‘why were you guys so cruel? What was your reasoning to be so cruel?’
maria alfaro
The Pope must have opened the files the day after Philomena, went to the Vatican. This is unforgivable. and all the nuns that knew this, all the foster parents all the system should apologise to this naive and helpless young ladies, now grandmothers. Poor souls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Urfa berwari
I will remember this breakhurte story for evere i can’t forget 🥺🥺
Denisa Be
when I watched the movie – I cried and I watched the second time and I cried again … I will not judge anyone, God will do it .. I would just like to hug a mom who had to survive this and yet she remained so strong and did not lose faith .. admirable , amazing and beautiful woman … Philomena I believe that your son loved and felt you all his life and never forgot you. May you at least be warmed by the knowledge that you have given the world such a nice, hard-working, successful son , who has lived his life happily and successfully. Honor his memory . Love from Slovakia .
Jacqueline Farrell
It didn’t stop at these women they went on to have children and they was affected by life the story doesn’t stop here!!! I know because I’m dealing with it. Being a child of a maddline mother
Debbie Longo
How could a young girl know anything about life when here Mother passed when she was six sent away to live she sort the most natural of emotions someone to hod and love her . Shameful the catholic Church
Ana Ana
Anyone knows if Steve dahlhof ( partner of Michael hess ) is still alive or not ? I can’t find anything about this..
Charles Bohnhoff
A church that supposes to follow the teachings of Jesus, sure has done horrible things to people for centuries, when are they going to apologise to the world.
Patrick coey
someone please answer me if u have watched the movie is it real if it is her child might really be dead
Manuela Darazsdi
that’s why the cult keeps going…
Cj C
She is not a devoted catholic. She has stated that in interviews. Half of the shit reported here is lies

4 Movies For Grownups FF – Philomena – Philomena Lee Interview (2013)

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4 dec. 2013

Can’t remember when anything good came out of Religion. I just remember some good people who believed it because they couldn’t read.

5 Oscar-nominated ‘Philomena’ Tells Story of Loss and Forgiveness

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21 feb. 2014

Stephen Frears’ Oscar-nominated drama “Philomena” tells the true story of Irish-Catholic Philomena Lee. Fifty years ago, as a pregnant teenager, Lee was disowned by her family and sent to a local convent. There, she was forced her to give up her child for adoption. She never saw him again. Now, just a few weeks before the Academy Awards, the real Philomena is using her newfound fame to help others find their lost children. VOA’s Penelope Poulou has more.

6 Forgiveness: from Philomena

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2 feb. 2015

…the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T. S. Eliot
Sky Watcher
It is cruel to regard any child as illegitimate. Every child is from God. No one has the right to call them illegitimate just because they were borne from unmarried parents. This mentality has created judgment and hate that forces so many to resort to abortion and abandonment. Every child is a gift. Every life is sacred. Every life is from God. Every life should be valued and given respect. Every life should be loved.
נועה יום טוב
Such a strong, powerful scene
Excellent movie and powerful scene. Next he says ” I can’t forgive you” and Philomena says “it must be exhausting”, which I thought was an unnecessary line
Estefania Gonzalez
Quiero contar mi Historia en España derivada de una Excomunión a mis 2 años, por haber sido violada por orden de mi madre por sus hermanos (tíos Cura con sotana incluida, seminarista y el menor que por edad no pudo ya que tenía 6 años) y el abuelo materno, para que nadie me quisiera como mujer por haberme reventado y troto el Himen de la Virginidad. ESPAÑA NEGRA LO ES EN LA ACTUALIDAD, ya que lo derivado al Asesinato de mi padre 1957 en FAMILIAS ESPAÑOLAS por cuestiones de Propiedades y Herencias, con instigación de la Iglesia en el Régimen de Franco, cuya muerte en matanza que duró 4 días en eterno dolor y sufrimiento fue cruel, sin sentido, sin compasión y sin piedad, pesa hoy en día con una Sentencia de Condena en vida a no tener ninguna clase de Derechos para no cumplir con el mandato de mi padre en su venganza, cuyas últimas voluntades me las dio a mi. La canción del Olvido fue: “Te vamos a matar como a tu padre”, debido a injusticias sin merecer por asuntos de los Separatistas catalanes, he tenido que recurrir a mi memoria para llegar al fondo del Asunto que es de Estado en el Sistema español.
Noe Berengena
I saw a movie poster that labeled this movie a “comedy from the director Stephen Frears” — can you imagine anyone getting that so wrong?
Ewan O'Doherty
Because Sr Hildegard McNulty had died in 1995 and Martin Sixmith didn’t first meet Philomena Lee and begin to help her with her quest until c2004, it is highly unlikely that the confrontation depicted here ever even took place. It is at least worth something In that it represents resentment and anger on the parts of mothers and their children who were kept apart by religious institutions and prevented from reuniting. It has, furthermore, been claimed that the real Sr Hildegard did, in fact, help to reunite many unmarried mothers with their children in later years
This is what Jesus preached against, self righteousness. The nun’s so called “righteousness” is comparable to the Pharisees
JMCrispe 1989
I love this scene
It’s funny, we fought so hard in Ireland to free ourselves from the British. Then we replaced them with the Catholic church.
My sister lives near Templemore about 20 mins from Roscrea. She was at Sean Ross abbey to pay respects today.
forgiveness is the action which is not a reaction
Vic t Campbell
I love that line about Jesus I think it’s Jesus was here now he would tip you out of that fucking wheelchair and you’ll never get up and walk
The Question
You left out when Martin says he doesn’t forgive the nun
You edited out he most powerful part
self denial. and mortification of the flesh leads to hate and bitterness and so many evil acts.
If Jesus were here he would tip you of that fucking chair… sweet
Marion Loesch
1 things that you also wonder about is how many of those girls were raped or were pregnant because of incest they still got punished for it
Joseph Mullin
Sister Hildegard looks lost for words at 5:02
Juan Luna
Gildegard is evil 🤬🤬🤬🤬

7 Dame Judi Dench Interview Philomena Premiere

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17 okt. 2013

Dame Judi Dench Interview Philomena Premiere
David Gantt
Brilliant movie.  Perfection, really.  Dench must get an Oscar for this film. Definitely a front-runner for many Oscars.
Sharon Sutton
Steve Coogan and Judi Dench – total Legends! Philomena Lee – heartbroken for her but so happy her story is out there to help others.
Can somebody just keep that Meryl Streep at home for at least the next 3-4 years and let the sweet Judi Dench win the Oscar this year. I went to the film today and she was such a delight to watch. A beautiful real-life movie.
Bravo for doing this Dame Judi. You are my long time favorite.
Claire Smith
Judi, brilliant as ever. Steve was brilliant serious actor, hope to see more.
Susan Sharp
I just loved this movie and i just love Judi Dench
AMAZING movie!!! AMAZING Judi Dench!!! So INTO the real life character!!!
Jane Hummel
You validated my childhood fears I was born there in 1951 and left in 1952 to Chicago and was visited by Bishop Lane on a monthly basis all through my grade school years. I am not ready to forgive the nuns or the Church since they still harbor pedophile priests and I have had clergy in my family so I don’t come by this opinion lightly.
really good movie and really great acting.
Cyndi Foore
So much respect for Judy Dench, and Philomina.
Olena Yangazova
Brilliant movie, brilliant Judy Dench!!
tree top
Couldn’t stand Steve Coogan till I saw this., He should drop comedy and tun to serious acting. He was absolutely brilliant in this.

8 Magdalene Laundries: Our World, BBC News Channel 27-09-14

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9 The Magdalene Laundries Ireland – ‘ Magdalene Survivors Together’ campaign

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17 feb. 2010
Magdalene Survivors in Ireland marching for justice in Co. Carlow Ireland, 21st September 2009.
Dianne Kilic
Just hearing about this and was shocked to hear that these were still in existence until 1976!!!!    It seems Victorian!   I will find a way to help support these survivors ….. BTW, loved the singers voice.   Does anyone know her name?
Sheva Burton
beautiful song , sharing and hoping you get some justice, not that it will excuse, what happened, it should not have, the pain and suffering is clear to see, so sorry this happened
Seán Ó Sirideán
Fair play to all concerned! Tragedy and shame of our country needs to be shown for what it was,state sponsored cruelty and thuggery! Seán in Belfast!
Rosemary Lawler
Disgraceful the way these women were treated they deseve an apology and compensation for all the hard work the done
jo jo
You should sue the Church..they knew what was going on….
What an embarrassment on the Irish people that so few showed for this march and ceremony. Whose spell is Ireland under?
Conor Spillane
Why don’t you bring your case to the European Court of Human Rights I contacted them about ye. I complained that they were going after Ireland over peat bogs and island with a former steel mill but not 30000 women and children held in slavery and a considerable number were worked to death. They have said they will investigate if application, complaint is made they know about but they do not start investigate without somebody calling them
Feminism Debunked
The Pope Refuses too say sorry for this. This makes me so Angry.

10 WASTED LIVES Released in 1972 – part 1

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5 aug. 2010

Released in 1972
Hrhr Hrhrhr
Sad very HEARTBREAKING 💔 RIP to all who have died there this is unforgivable,
Earl Lopez
I wish there could have been a follow up to this film. I find myself watching it over and over again wondering whatever happened to these women. One thing I suppose that we know for sure is that they are all dead.
Patricia Hall
Breaks my heart , oh dear God such utter cruelty , poor Lucy she never had a chance , threw in a room & locked up for good …..who the hell gave these people the right to make these laws , you horrible wicked people , God Love all these people in this video , broke my heart watching this .
emily jackson
I know it was a long time ago, but so sad to think that she was committed simply because she had a child out of wedlock. Just goes to show how much society’s changed x
she was just put away, locked. How is this possible ? just by having 2 children. how evil
How very sad God Bless them may they be at peace
Foot Steps
This lady brakes my heart all her life
graham edwards
you get less for murder in the UK now, she did 40 years for nothing
Sarah Gill
Heart breaking…totally horrific what atrocities people can inflict on each other….
Joanne Hurst
.. this expression of human life is so sad. Lucy was robbed of her life .. and her chance to feel motherhood. So sad. Would anyone who knew her, .. family .. friends,….. feel able to express their memories of Lucy please ? Or indeed, would anyone feel able to recall .. the life and experiences of others who too were incarcerated. I feel, .. absolute aching heart …… and so soon ago in history. I feel that each of these persons should be accounted for .. respected in some sort of plaque at the very least. Or a remembrance garden, which highlights and gives some indication that many lives were ruined and taken without justice. Stating that times have changed does nothing to honour those who must’ve suffered immeasurably. Although a peace garden sadly cannot help them now, at least it might serve as a mark of respect and a symbol that people were wronged. Culturally we learn and adapt and change, but to do so we are standing on the ….. immeasurable suffering and .. day after day after day of incarcerated .. what must’ve been incomprehensible suffering .. and the way patients must have tried to cope mentally feels impossible to grasp. I wish we could name every one who was detained here …… and give each of them a place in our hearts.
Meer tonen
We as humans are still learning and making colossal mistakes.
Paps K
Linda Thrall
Matthew Denham
Heavy these dudes needed more than a few hours to get together
yes thats very true,women who had babys back then were shunned
Polly the Andalusian Podenco
Lucy was a bit of a girl wasn’t she…love her.
Ivor Grumble
Lucy didn’t become a bit of a slag, she became a total slag.
WOW this is tragic. How can anyone justify this .
Caroline Coffey
My poor aunt was sent away as she was raped at age 19 until her 70’s so sad
Stephen Connor
This is very very sad and needs to be addressed now!!!!!!!!
Terri Backhaus
Shame on their families
Sherrie Bird
yes it is sad to see these women!
Sherrie Bird
there would be an awful lot of women in mental homes these days, by those standards!
Michael Smith
Very sad film. Such a waste.
Sean Logan
No wonder my Mum didn’t talk much about her past,
The Respected Lex
Obviously this illegitimacy thing didn’t last, as a stigma.
I wonder whether her children tried to look for Lucy
brian sutherland
Orrr God bless the ladys, you picture your nanna it she was in there shoes.🙋👍👌
Rosamaria Mendoza
Stuart Barrett
Bet Lucy was a real looker back in her day.. by the sounds of it, men couldn’t stop getting her preggers.
Zoe Dark
Did Lucy have learning difficulties?

11 DP/30: The Real “Philomena” and her daughter, Jane


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29 nov. 2013

Judi Dench stars in Philomena, the true-life story of Philomena Lee, who is searching for her son who was sold to Americas in Ireland by the nuns who took her in when she became an unmarried pregnant woman. The movie (directed by Stephen Frears and co-written and co-starring Steve Coogan) is getting loving reviews and word-of-mouth. But here is the opportunity to meet the real Philomena Lee, accompanied by her daughter Jane. They spoke to David Poland about the movie, the real experience, and the differences.
Shot in Los Angeles, October 2013
She is such a strong, amazing woman! Her story fascinates me- I listened to every word she said. Those awful crimes committed against un married pregnant women were unforgivable!
Paula Lane
When I was growing up, all we knew was that Michael (Anthony) was adopted. We were his West Coast cousins from California. We didn’t know all the particulars, or at least I didn’t. When we heard there was a book and a movie about his adoption, we of course went to see the movie. It was my aunt that adopted Mary and Michael. The movie was such a tear jerker, especially for me since he was my cousin. Didn’t really know anything about this. All we knew is that he was adopted and that he started to learn how to read when he was two. We were informed that he was a very bright boy. He became a lawyer. He turned out to be a very successful young man. It’s heartbreaking that the two of them, Michael and his mother, never got to be reunited. And it wasn’t for a lack of trying.
This almost happened to myself when I was 16 and pregnant award of the state. I ran and had my child under a different name and social security number and stayed in hiding until I turned 18 than I went to court to claim maternity on my Son. This story could have been an reality to me and was very emotional for me to watch. This is such a story of heartbreak and gut wrenching pain missing her Son. I so wished for a better ending of the story for her and her son, and she is def a inspiration to me especially when she forgave the Sister…I know I could have not.
Blue Sky
The film left me in pieces, and it’s such a joy to see how witty and fun and clever the real person is, even as I adored her in the movie. Being from Ireland, the whole aspect of Catholic guilt and the constraints of Irish culture – especially back in the era of the 50s – it really resonated with me. It’s a colossal tragedy that so many families were split apart and kept from one another, and I agree with Philomena that it’s something that should be talked about more, if not to make those culpable accountable, then to reunite the mothers and children. It’s terribly sad that Michael/Anthony and Philomena never met again, but hopefully some other families will have happier endings. Maybe even thanks to Philomena and Martin’s efforts to bring this issue into the light.
Meer tonen
Karen Riggs
Tragic story and it happened to hundreds of young women. My aunt was in such a place in Canada and I have been unable to get any justice or records from the Catholic Church or from Justin Trudeau’s office. This interviewer failed to bring out the depth of how the Church deceived Philomena for years, regarding her son. It’s disgusting.
I went to a convent school and I witnessed first hand how cruel the “Sisters” could be. I could never understand how they called themselves Brides Of Christ. There was an orphanage attached to the school and those children were treated so bad. I have just finished watching the movie Philomena and my heart is broken for what she went through. Her Son was taken from her twice. What little happiness they could have had together was cruely denied them by these so called Sisters
My dad was given up to foster homes in Ireland in 1942, he was severely abused, in 8 different orphanages in the first 7 years of his life. A child needs to be with the people who love them.
Scottie W
I am an adoptee who has recently been reunited with my mom after 47 years of adoption-separation. The horrors of adoption are quite real and though I was adopted right from birth my mother has told me about some of the pain that she also had to endure because of the horror’s she had to go through….I think that I need to see this movie but my mom has decided that it would be too painful for her! I am ELATED that I found my mother and she is AMAZED that I “came home” as I am the ONLY child that she ever allowed herself to have because of the Trauma involved in her decision…..Thank you Philomena and Jane for sharing your story! RIP Anthony!
Sharon Song
Thank you so much for your true story. It means a lot to me cos i was also adopted out at birth as my biological mother was 16 years of age and un-married when i was born. I was born in Nelson, New Zealand in the year 1963. My mother was told she had to sign the adoption papers early in her pregnancy by her parents. There is much more to my story BUT this isn’t about me… this is about Philomea Lee who i respect greatly. Thanks again. <3
Beatnik RN
I haven’t cried in a long while over a movie, but this one had me bawling. As we get older we realize what sort of pain people went through for such a senseless and outdated principle. My biological children were born in Thailand, and at the time I had a difficult time trying to get their passports, and to get them out of the country. (You don’t realize how hard it is for an American parent to get on a plane with two Asian children until you see it first hand). At one point someone from the immigration department said I would need to go back to the US, then return for them once the paperwork was straightened out. I made quite a scene at the airport telling them that I was not leaving this country without my children. (There is a future book/movie in this that my children may one day be telling). So I could only imagine her helplessness and grief. God bless you Philomena.
Meer tonen
Anastacia Louise
What an extraordinary woman! I could never forgive the evil those nuns committed! Shes a better woman than most. God bless her x
Nutsy B
What a lovely woman. It’s such a tragedy that her son died before she looked for him but at least she got some closure and to learn about his life. She can be happy that he had a good life.
She is saying that she was a nuisance by crying and being heartbroken for having her baby taken from her. She was not a nuisance. She was having a NORMAL reaction. I am heartbroken just hearing this story.
Susan Carlin
I’ve read the book and seen the film I find it heartbreaking. Wrong on so many levels and they had the audacity to remove her son then send her to look after other children. It never ceases to amaze me how human beings can hurt one another . What a wonderful lady xx
Dee Cee
Just came across this… having watched the film, and now this, I would really love for Jane to write a book about the journey to make this happen. She seems strong – like her mum – and I am pretty sure that her investigation skills would help so many others. Essentially, I am saying ’thank you Jane for loving and supporting your mum through this. It’s so touching to see how Philomena refers you with love and admiration’. I think Jane has her own story to tell regarding this journey, and one which would equally compelling
Jacqueline Devonshire
As a Roman Catholic women with Irish and Italian ancestry I am heartbroken for these ‘Magdalene’ women and their children. Is it little wonder that Irish women are now at last able to raise their voice and are so bravely demanding what every other women in Europe has been entitled to for years. I’m not advocating abortion on demand here, but for women to have open access to education and sexual health services. The women of Philomena’s era were treated and discarded by church, state and sometimes family in the most cruel way. My heart weeps for Anthony and his mother who were robbed of finding each other. Although the book and film differ slightly from the actual truth it has finally given Philomena her voice.
Her story 💔is so heartbreaking! I can only imagine, the pain she would’ve felt wondering about her son for all those years🤧 and also for all the Irish children who were taken away from their mothers. This makes me SO MAD.. May God bless her soul and that of her family, especially her beloved son. RIP Anthony! ❤
I saw the movie today and it was extremely powerful and moving. It is heart-wrenching. I am so grateful to Philomena for sharing her painful story which she kept private for so many years.  
Marina Rozenkevich
I just cannot believe this happened only 60 years ago….Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope it will help some children and parents find each other
This went on until later than you would think. A friend of mine from Kerry became pregnant in the 90’s, and went to a convent rather than tell her family she was pregnant at 18. She told her family she was working in England, but she was really in a convent in Ireland. She would write letters about her supposed working life to her family, and the nuns would send her letters to a convent in England. The nuns in England would post her letters back to Ireland to make it seem like she was really living in England. (So they would have an English postmark on the envelope.) After a while my friend’s family became suspicious, and decided to visit her in England. At that point my heavily pregnant friend and the nuns made a plan to pretend she had been transferred to a job on the island of Jersey, making it much harder for her family to visit. From then on, all of her letters were sent from Ireland to Jersey, and back to her family in Ireland with a Jersey postmark. She had her baby in Ireland, and was given three weeks upon the leaving the convent to come back for the baby. As soon as she went back to Kerry from her ‘work’ in England, her family knew something was wrong. Within hours of her return to the family home, they were in a car on the way to Dublin to get the baby back. That baby is now in her 20’s and she is adored by her family and friends. Love to all of you who have gone through similar circumstances. XOXO
Meer tonen
Lisa M
I so love hearing the TRUE story.  God Bless Philomena Lee.
Bianca Nevernever
This lady has such dignity and no apparant anger towards her experience. Someone to learn from. I’ve lived with nuns in boarding school (when I was 6 years old through age 10) and mother superior came through in a sitting with a medium. Here is what she said: “I feel on behalf of the four of us we owe you a great deal of apology. We didn’t know any better.” It helped tremendously and I understood the times very well.
Lovely woman. Her daughter is awesome, too. What a cruel thing she had to go thru. Spain is full of similar cases and they are only being discovered now and one nun went to trial.
Saw the movie just then and loved it. Seeing the real Philomena tell the real story is also very interesting and enlightening. I kinda knew about what happened with unwed mothers back in the day in Ireland from the Magdalene Sisters movie so hearing her tell that different orders were involved in similar things was quite unnerving. Anyway she seems like a wonderful person in real life judging from this interview. Good sense of humor as well.
Audrey Heiligman
The scene where Anthony is taken away in the car and is looking out of the back window … it couldn’t be more poignant if it were made up, such a wrenching scene … what heartbreaking years this young woman had in the convent. 
Suzanna Smith
This is a sad story, however, people fail to realize that times were different then. My mother would tell me about how shameful it was for a woman to have a baby out of wedlock. The majority of men, if they got a woman pregnant would marry them. She would tell me that when someone got married people would count on their fingers how many months until the couple’s first child was born. If it was less than 9 months people would snicker to each other. Society, not the Catholic church, felt this way. There was not a big welfare system like there is now, as a matter of fact, most families were barely scrapping by let alone a woman alone with a baby. In those days, there was no having babies out of wedlock and the taxpayers funding you… were on your own, and held accountable for your actions. As I said before, whether Protestant, Catholic, or atheist society had different unwritten rules then.
Meer tonen
Good on this lady for abandoning the Catholic religion. What despicable people they were! I speak from experience as I was raised Catholic and also abandoned the faith decades ago. I feel such sorrow for ‘Philomena’ . My heart breaks for her and the millions of others in a similar situation. Personally, I could never forgive the nuns had it been me in this situation.
Jennifer Dyster
She looks fantastic. And such a humane perspective. A triumph of the human spirit. It’s really amazing how moral corruption develops, is entrenched, and then defended by the Church.
Harry Potter
She is a great woman and I LOVED the movie! I do feel sorry for all that those girls went through. Those nuns should be at least ashamed of what they did.
D. Garbato
Wow, she kind of reminds me of my mother, another old Irish lady the same age. My mother didn’t go through what she did, but she had a baby die who she wasn’t allowed to ever see or mourn properly. I don’t know that she has ever had true closure. He is buried in a mass grave w/other dead babies in NY where we grew up, although they do list all the names buried there, so it’s not like they totally disappeared.
Evelyn Hall
What a beautiful mother and devoted daughter what an amazing inspiring story 🤗
Zelda Lang
What an amazing woman you are. I think your right your story will hopefully enable others to find their lost families.
Carolyn Lighthart
No one should ever apologise for a life.  having a child is never a “mortal sin”. This is a real sad thing and happened so many times. Stolen children.
Such strong, courageous women! Sad, but inspirational!
Spencer Woodhouse
This movie will tear a hole through your soul, drain you of every tear you have left in your body, and set up residence in your mind. What genius. I’d like to meet everyone that made this film and thank them. Their use of dramatic action to convey what lesser talents would spend dozens of script pages of dialogue to explain was, I can’t put it into words, just, as perfect as you can get in an imperfect world. The legendary Robert McKeee could use it as a poster child for his teachings. Watch this movie. If your a laymen, you’ll love it, if you’re a writer, an artist of any kind, you’ll see the gift we all search for, the level of talent we all hope for. As a writer myself, someone who’s trying to put his own film together, I beg the universe to unite this posting and anyone involved in making this film in hopes that such mastery could be brought to my own project. Spencer Woodhouse
Meer tonen
Slavica Damjanovic
I cried so much watching this movie and wanted to find out about her son and his search to find his mother.
Two class ladies… calm and logical. Well done plus a great +++ movie
forza Roug
Her story is just simple amazing.. the movie its even better.. I love all from this.. thanks for sharing this Philomena … much love 
Nancy Williams
I love her strength. I also went through something similar, not quite as tragic. The emotions are the same none the less.
Marlene Ful
so many that are adopted do not know that so often the mother had no control over if she kept the child. So many mothers look for their children. This was not just in Ireland and not just in the years that her son was born.
Appalled at this interviewer who thought her having other children would cancel the pain of losing her firstborn. A mother never forgets a child no matter how many she had.
Margaret Cunningham
I love my Irish heritage but this part of it makes me so ashamed but it was all the fault of the Catholic Church. Philomena you are an amazing person and as is your daughter you have been trough so much heartbreak but I’m sure Anthony is your guardian angel watching over you. R.I.P. Anthony and God bless you and your family Philomena 🙏🙏💚☘😢😢
first shown in 2013, how I missed it I don’t know it’s one of the very few best films that the BBC have shown in a long time, The outcome of the film was totally different to what I expected, you know the scenario mother searches for long los son, mother is reunited with lost son, how wrong could I be, Superb acting from both Judy Dench and Steve Coogan, Steve along wit a Jeff Pope wrote the screen play Coogan also produced it, Credit should be given to the investigating reporter Martin Sixsmith who wrote the book in 2009, I also noticed the young chappy in the pub bar the thin featured one was out of Ballykiss Angel. On the whole this screen play was the best that I had seen on any tv channel, the film it’s been said has been put forward for a factual award and quite rightly. Question; is there any on going investigation into the Nun’s activities at the time, because if there isn’t there should be, The attitude of both the Catholic Church and the Nun’s can be smelt around the world, The arrogance of these people is unbelievable, They were nothing less than children traffickers and slave labour louts.
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NachtHexe (MTB)
The movie is completely different from the book (I’ll leave it at that as I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone), but both are fantastic.
D. M.
Yesterday i saw the movie, at the end of the movie i realized that it is a true story.i could not believe this, i did not want to to believe this awful story had really happened. i read the whole night about this, and saw the video of the irish parliament when the apologize was spoken. it is unbelievable how the katholic church handles this, they dont even want to pay for the victims. ireland, a beutiful country with a bloody shamed terrible church until today. God bless you, Philomena. And i mean God bless you, not church bless you. The church is not god, and the katholic church with this story is coser to hell than to heaven.
I’ll have to assume 38 nuns gave this video the thumbs down….??? Who does that? This dear woman is quite brave coming forward to expose the crimes of the Catholic church.
Moira Goldsmith
And she helped those tormented souls in the hospital for 30 years. What a marvellous lady. 💞
Paul Miller
I think the film was great, but the real story is just as interesting. One could almost accuse Coogan [who I like as a performer a lot] of artistic ego in making his character the person to do so much of the work that actually Philomena’s daughter did.  However, I do think the dynamic contract between his atheist view and her faithful one is a strong component to the film story.
Patricia Harte
I watched the movie. God bless you Philomena. Your story is so poignant.
Barbara Johnson
Philomena, what a wonderful women you are.and I know excally how you going through the same.I raised my grandson till he was 2 1/2 years old.I brought him home from the hospital he only weight 3 lbs at birth and a little over 4 lbs when I got him from the hospital.he was adopted out before I knew anything about it.a year later I finally got tosee my baby again.the adopted mother let him back in my life.then 3 years later she had me to move to the little town she lived in so she didn’t have to drive 30 minutes to bring him.I moved (ofcoursed i moved)that was in sept.2011 then in march 2013 she came picked him up and that was reason why just one day said she couldn’t stand me and took him I know the hurt. im still in the little town praying id see them passing by or in the grocery store always wondering what she told him or telling him why grandma is no longer around.its very painfull.
Meer tonen
tipperary links
I found the movie a little too flippant in some ways. In fact, I thought they portrayed Philomena as a bit ditzy when she was worldly in many ways through her difficult work. She has done a great service by going public although I think the movie did not expose the horror of the mother and baby homes. I know Philomena speaks kindly as she doesn’t want to be ostracized. This movie could have done more show dimensions of an organized system to have mothers raise their babies to age two, always knowing they would be taken away. They had no control. This would affect them for the rest of their lives, not to mention the lives of their children. The nuns worked actively to keep mothers and children apart forever — diabolical.
catthy laprade
I saw the movie 2 years ago before I saw this documentary. What a beautiful story . I have a client that went through this time in Ireland Thank goodness for her she was adopted..
Veronica Greenaway
Brilliant lady, my own mother was there around same time, took me over 35 years and had to deal with Sr Santo as well, bad nun. When I eventually found out who my mother was , sadly she had died.
What a remarkably brave woman.
Tracy Nasidka-Ciccone
My grandmother Norah Mary Tracy was in that home where my mother was born in 1945 and put into foster care to a wonderful family.
Marion Edmondson
So good to see her happy!
Vanda Human
In my family we had a couple of girls who fell pregnant put of wedlock, BUT these young girls were not sent away, or referred to as an embarrassment to the family, the family rallied around and the young girls and their babies were looked after. The Catholic Church, Priests and the Nuns have a lot to answer for not only for the way these young mothers were treated but also for all the young children that were physically and sexually abused by the nuns and priests, and those who were shipped off to all corners or the world without family consent, also the young children who were abused by the priests and the Vatican knew all about the abuse and did nothing except to send pedophile to another county, city, village. I detest the Catholic Church, priests etc and all they stand for.
Meer tonen
Thought the film was very moving but I have to say it’s a little shocking hearing what dramatic licence the film makers took. So a sister told her about her son’s death not as portrayed in the film, does make you suspicious of the film makers motives, especially as Philomena’s daughter in the above interview points out the reality was also different from the book. Still, Judi Dench and Steve Coogan are both excellent in the movie.
Cath Sutton
I have just watched this film, Thank you Philomina for sharing your story,Anthony will be watching over you now and always lovely lady…
What a wonderful, but sad story. Bless you Philomena
Jude Kay
Every once in awhile something reminds me of her and I look online. Last night Judy Dench was on a late night talk show. I’m so sorry this happened to Philomena. I pray God comforter everyday I’m sending so much love her way. ❤
yes, she is such a courageous woman!
paddymickie mickie
Great if also very sad story Congratulations Philomena & Jane for a wonderful story I had just watched a presentation by Richard Bennett extolling the virtues of Ireland I too grew up in that Ireland and don’t agree with him , there was so much similar cases swept under the carpet it was despicable . Interesting story About Sean Ross abbey . I grew up nearby In the Sixties as I went to the local market town in the car with my Dad and uncle in those days , no sound system in car ,the old boys chatted about the crops cattle houses as they drove by, of course they knew all the farms on the way ,of course as I got older i noticed that as they passed Sean Ross they went on silent mode .One day I asked who lives in that big property silence , some years later one of my mates older brothers suggested to that if we went there it would be easy to pick up a girl that would have sex with us ,as all the girls in there was easy and of low morals Sad to say that was the Ireland of the sixties I saw the movie in the south isl of NZ and shed a tear
Meer tonen
marilyn alexander
I am so sorry that this happened to you and hundreds of others, you are a strong woman and definitely no sinner more sinned against bless you
I WISH he would have touched more on the religion aspect! It was so powerful for me in the movie that she maintained her faith above all this, and I want to hear more about that now after seeing it wasn’t true like that.
Nurul Lim
I just love her character n personality. V cheerful n bubbly despite her ups n downs in life.
Rachel Manning
The daughter is beautiful in every way .x how clever to follow that process x
Ingrid Bergli
<3 this woman is so strong<3 its a sad story, but im happy that, this story becom a movie ,so other can learn. The realety can suck some times.
I love this woman and she is so strong.
Lesley Hampton
I went through a similar thing I wasn’t the only one as I think there were 50 of us in the home in the same boat.
lorettalynn Davis
This was such a good movie!
What a brave strong beautiful woman!
I think steve coogan has Irish connections so I’d imagine that was part of his motivation 🇮🇪
Marion Edmondson
What a Lovely Lady,such a tragedy what happened to her.
Formidable woman…the only actress that COULD play her is Dame Judi Dench.
Zelda Lang
Bless you Philomena. I’m sad they done this to you.
Does anyone know what became of Michael’s (Anthony’s) adoptive sister, i.e., the little girl who was adopted with him the day he was taken from his birth mother Jane? Is she still living and has she (or any other surviving family members) made a statement or shared her experience or her reaction to the book or film?
I’m a Philomena baby, and one good thing that’s come from it was that I got to tell Imelda May about it and it got me a hug from her
HoIIy Apple777
Great interview. I wonder if Mary ever found her birth mother.
Pat Dove
I. Saw the movie liked it very much. Love this video what a wonderful and down to earth the real Philomena is loved listening to the real story.
Semsem Eini
What a wonderful film. 
V Woolf
I would like to lobby the Vatican to consider that Philomena is a living saint. God bless you Philomena you have all the attributes Jesus entreated everyone to aspire to.
John Eyon
i lived thru those times – remember it wasn’t just the catholics who were harsh on unwed mothers – sure they had the convents with which to perform these atrocities – but other churches simply prevailed on their congregation to do the ugly deeds
helen davenport
Thank you Philomena for speaking out. Peace be with you and rest assured that the Catholic church will be judged by the true God of the bible. Jesus would have made you feel saved and forgiven after asking for forgiveness, based on his Biblical teachings. Perhaps it would be good if the nuns read the Bible so they would know how and what it really means to be a christian. God bless you Philomena, you are a lovely lady and a wonderful mother. Your daughter is beautiful as well. Amen
Keith Howard
What a lreally ovely woman …..with real strength of character . Its terrible ,….. cried listening to this . Terrible …….  I remember this sort of thing happening in Australia . People were disowned by their families if they got pregnant …there was no use of the pill at this time and they were sent to homes where they had the baby and thern told that its best that the baby is adopted out . They signed documents to that effect , So awful …….even as a child when i knew of this i wondered how people could be so unfeeling . Most nuns were good people but misguided by a church with archaic ideas ……so tragic ……..
Meer tonen
Kevin Sutherland
What an absolutely beautiful incredible lady and such a tragic story x
Chad Lorenz
This is outstanding!
Bridget Joyce
There is also another book about similar place in Ireland “the light in the window”
Nancy Williams
Just happened across this. Lovely women both and brave.
Noreen Buckley
It’s hard to be leave how different it was then I was their and sad to think how your baby was the awful price you had to pay for not been told the facts of life. We were all so brain washed. I was told to wash my body wit my eyes closed as a young girl I washed so fast as we were told it was a sin to look at your body it’s all so Sad
Tara O'Neil
What a sweetheart!!!
Ana Ana
My Heart is bleeding right now. This is SO sad. I am so angry. I can‘t believe this is true. It’s so sad to see how much people are heartless..
what a story. what a woman.
Patricia Hall
I’m so very sorry Philomena , such a heartbreaking story , you are a very strong Lady, wicked nuns indeed ….God Bless you always 🇨🇦
Bride Colbourne
Heartbreaking true story a courageous woman ! Why would anyone hit thumbs down ? Perhaps those who were apart of such atrocities ??
I got my revenge to the nuns in 2nd grade by getting pinworms and spreading it to the entire class. They never allowed us to go to the loo or drink water. No soap in bathrooms either. Even my mother said those nuns were cruel.
Lovely interview!  x
What courage.
Lino Coria
This breaks my heart.
Ken G
Totally evil the church should pay for this ,after all they made a lot of money from selling these poor children.
Tara O'Neil
What a sweetheart! !
Mary Williams
I’m curious to know whether Mary ever made contact with her mother?
Caitlin Robertson
bout to see the movie today 🙂 looks really good
Marie Conroy
That has since changed with the freedom of information act in 2001. Adoptees can access their records now.
Boz M
How do they sleep at night ,do they even ever look at the mirror?.what the Catholic church continues to do is outright evil.
Chrispin Loves To Dance
Her daughter Jane is very supportive
I want back to the Catholic school I attended for the 2nd and 3rd grades. My memories are of being scared and cold. Even my mother wondered why they sent those nuns to teach children – as they were so cruel and provided us nothing in the way of group activities, art or music. We sat at individual desks all day not allowed to wee or play. Anyway, the school was closed with absolutely no information at all. They went into hiding for good reason! Those nuns were terrible terrible women, without exception. Edited to add that the two parish priests were later “sent away” as well. (I think I got my revenge as I got pinworms one year and spread it to the entire class, hopefully to the nuns as well lol!)
Monica Finnerty
great movie so sad Judi dench brilliant
Jean Hawken
Lovely family. How cruelly treated by the church.medical profession an public servants. No excuse for the cruel behaviour by any of them. The cruelty towards fellow human being. No excuse. There was never an excuse.
Mary Walsh
Just watched the movie it was very sad its terrible what was happening all over kids taken mom’s had no say look into the Bonsecurs sisters in tuam Co galway mass graves
Bridget Joyce
A very touching story..
Karen Harrington
Appreciate Sharing Many Blessings ❤
Luana Viliczinski
Terminou agora o fillme Philomena, exibido pela rede globo na ” sessão da tarde “
The God Botherers
I wonder if one day a movie maker will make a movie about the artificial reproduction industry and how they conspire to deliberately create children that can never have a normal parent-child relationship with at least one of their biological parents. It would also be interesting to know what Philomena’s adopted son Anthony (being that he was gay) thought about Gay and Feminist activists who claim it is their right to use donor sperm/ova to produce children for themselves?
andrea persin
In Argentina hundreds of women were tortured and their sons were kidnapped,this happened to us too,unfortunately
Ann-Marie Baker
Lovely lady, what she went through, just awful xx
Michael Crisp
How anyone could be a catholic is beyond me.
Debbie Longo
what an atrocity by the Catholic church and how sad she never again got to hold her Anthony. So glad society has a different view on pregnancy  Church still is archaic so thats sad
come play with mermaid fun
“Out of wedlock” why does no one say, “pregnant – by WHOM??? Why is the ultimate perpetrator always left out of this discussion?!?
Peter Verona
Laws in Ireland and all over the world so that you cannot  find the child you put up for adoption (closed adoption) were common in the ’60’s and put in place to protect the child and the adoptive parents from meddling. Today, the mother who has the baby, is pretty much in charge. 
Mike Parle
To fully understand Philomena’s story, one has to examine, in great, detail the “culture” of the time. Through a 21st century prism it all looks barbaric, uncaring and “unchristian”. During these years a young unmarried woman with a crisis pregnancy pregnancy, pragmatically, faced big, big problems. A large majority of the families of a pregnant girl (for deep seated reasons) didn’t want to know. Through the attitudes and prism of the 1930’s/ ’40’s / ’50’s/’60’s in all honesty an out of wedlock baby was unaccepted anywhere in Ireland. So who were the different parties touched (in different ways) by such a surprise event? 1. The pregnant girl. 2. The man that impregnated her. 3. The mother and father of the woman. 4. The mother and father of the man. So, when the woman looked in the mirror what real options did she see? This was in the 1930’s/’40’s/’50’s/’60’s. The crunch questions are: what does she do? Where does she go? In a new, young Irish state what public health supports were in existence? My opinion is that a young government seeing acute social problems like this went to the churches Catholic & Protestant (known to have over the years given voluntary health & educational services to the the state) pleading for help. So, from the beginning on such challenging matters Team Ireland were 20 points down on the scoreboard, before the referee blew the whistle to start the game. The honest thing for all of us who read the “Philomena” book or saw the film is to say to oneself – WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE? * Socially? * Economically? * Politically? * Personally? * Familywise? An honest answer to that question uncovers the truth.
Meer tonen
Matt Fritz
Celine Caulfield
May God gives you peace
Sandra Jenkins
what a lovely lady x
I didn’t know anything about this so I decided to do some research and here’s what I found:  First off, the movie was written by a Scottish actor who watched the Channel 4 special one night and was outraged at what he saw. He didn’t research the validity of the story nor speak to the women who gave their testimonies, but he wrote a movie about them. The movie is actually stated as a work of fiction, not a non-fictional or even a historical work. The “based upon a true story” phrase is overused and usually quite loose to the real stories. Actually, if you watch until the end of the movie and let the credits roll through, there’s a disclaimer at the end stating the characters are “entirely fictional”.  Example of this would be “An American Haunting” it’s based upon a true story but pretty much the only thing similar in the story and the movie are the names of the people. The supposed true encounters never happened except for one and even that was exploited over what the true encounter was. Half of what happened in that movie wasn’t even true and the other half that was, was barely.  Second, the Magdalene Institute was started as a way to get women off the streets because of the prostitute problem in Ireland. Many women couldn’t be hired for a job because of the promiscuous life they led and as unfair as that may seem, that was the time period back then. If you were unmarried and got pregnant, you either married the man who got you that way or you were thrown from the family. Women who were promiscuous were usually disinherited from their families and thrown into the streets to fend for themselves. The Sisters of Mercy started the Magdalene Institute to allow prostitutes, unwed mothers and abused women and girls a place of refuge. They were allowed to leave as they pleased once they were old enough and there are quite a few reports of that as well. Many came back though, as they had no other place to go.  Third, these institutes weren’t only ran by the Catholic Church, the Church only founded it. They were spread throughout qute a few continents and other church sects ran them as well (they weren’t really an organized organization, but quite sporadic). There was even one in San Francisco until the late 1930’s. The movie only makes it look like it was only ran by the Church and made them look cruel and evil, which may have not been the case.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much known about these places, though glass on top of the walls to avoid escaping women was certainly not true. I can only go by what I’ve found, the Catholic Church did come out and apologize to anyone who might’ve been abused and did pay compensation to those who were abused. I ask though you think about this: In 150 years of these Asylums in use, there were over 30,000 women placed within them for varying reasons. Yet there was never a mutiny though the nuns there were outnumbered 5 to 1, if not more, and many of the women there joined the Sisters of Mercy once old enough–freely, might I add.   These supposed abused, overworked and poor women joined with their supposed captors and worked to abuse and imprison others the same way they had been without feeling an inkling of remorse, guilt or sorrow.   Also, if you committed some heinous crime like this, would you sell your property to a real estate agent knowing what lay behind those walls? Certainly not, but the nuns did, they sold the land and didn’t try to hide anything, if they were those unmarked graves wouldn’t have been found. Right? I’m not saying that it didn’t happen, but I don’t believe we have the whole story and there’s more to this than what “The Magdalene Sisters” shows. Actually, there’s less I should say but it’s a pity, this movie has made a mockery out of something that should’ve been taken seriously. He’s thrown people into outraged accusations and placed a large amount of propaganda out there for Anti-Catholic organizations that will now use this to pollute people’s aspect upon the Catholic Church while the validity of the situation is still undecided.  I believe if this really did happen, then it was an isolated incident, not a world wide conspiricy the Catholic Church was trying, and horribly failing, to cover up. The reason there was no pay was because for their work they received room and board, clothes, food and a place away from the harsh conditions beyond the Institute. As for the compensation, the Catholic Church has already paid it to those who showed signs of abuse and the likes. I just thought I should post what I found for others to see that the movie isn’t correct, not even close so please research it.
Meer tonen
Peter Verona
Thanks for post. Two questions: 1. Why did Hollywood have to change the much of the facts about the story? The disclaimer should say “it is based on a true story but much of the film is fiction.” 2. Why were the Catholic nuns portrayed in such an evil way? Even Philomena speaks of them in high regard. They clothed her, fed her, taught her, cared for her son, found a home for him, found a job for her in England, and then found out her son was deceased and provided her this information. Based on the Weinstein brothers previous works, this is all anti-Catholic bigotry.
Meer tonen
Alice Boulware
Was a GR8 Movie (y)
I think withholding medical care, enslaving the girls is totally disgusting.  However, back then in Ireland a single mother without any support, education or housing could not of possibly looked after their baby.  Many were teens.  Many families disowned them.  However, if you choose the behavior you suffer the consequences.  Sad but true.  Even sadder is that many of these nuns were bitter and twisted and rarely showed any love for Christ or fellow man, and even rarer showed Christlike behavior.
Kate Woodhouse
I can not understand why the journalist is laughing all the time … it’s not a Hollywood fiction, it’s a dramatic real story , I find it untactful !!
kathleen haugh
She should have the baby in Ireland now. There are more babies born out of wedlock than to married couples. Amazingly, NO ONE in my high school of several hundred girls got pregnant. It was a small town and it would have been very difficult to cover it up….no one I knew every “visited an aunt in another county” for several months. Of course, this was in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s when nuns, priests and parents were in charge, and I and the other young women I grew up with wouldn’t even consider having sex outside of marriage. We had a very healthy respect for the adults both at home and at school, and wouldn’t dream of defying them. Our parents didn’t sue the school when the rules were enforced. There was a strict dress code and there was rarely a disciplinary problem, as none of us wanted to bring a note home summoning our parents to come to the school. How things have changed back there. The young people drink, smoke and have sex and produce babies without ever considering the consequences of raising a child without a father. Fathers are just as out of fashion as they are here.
Meer tonen
Rachel Manning
Philamena Lee is beautiful like her son ,Anthony x
Nuala Dunne
The Nun, Shame on any Mother who were ashamed of of their daughter & packed her off to human traffickers or Nuns.These Woman knew that the babies would be taken away but the young girls didn’t.There are or were, Father’s who never saw their child but the Girls pain is endless no doubt.
Urfa berwari
Breakheart story 💔💔
Char Hartman
Why is this interviewer laughing so much.  What a put-off.  I couldn’t listen to the whole thing.. 
Mary Rooney
Fantastic shows the Catholic Church shamed
Matthew McGeady
The interviewer was a bit too disrespectful in my opinion.
Caroline Coffey
Similar situation with my husband mum she sent to Cork
He should be asking her questions referred from the book written about her experiences, not the film. The film is a hollywood version made to appeal the eye. What kind of journalist is this?
Carol C
The interviewer is an insensitive eejit. She starts to talk about how she started to ‘make a career’ for herself and he butts in with ‘HOW LONG UNTIL YOU MET YOUR HUSBAND?’. Seriously? We’re talking about ingrained misogyny, Women being incarcerated for the ”sin” of being Women and this guy does that? And he hasn’t an ounce of research done on her either.
Urfa berwari
How i can find Miss Philomenia could someone tell me ?!
Stephanie Samuel
Where can I find this movie
Lovely interview, but very incompetent interviewer.
Urfa berwari
Ohh my God she broking my heart spicial a way she call antony 😥😓
chacha Truth
I understand this is sad! But the babies wer not sold Donations wer given & went back into the mother & baby homes & the poor! Two things 1. You had no work no home no one to support you & ur child! So no way of keeping UR baby! 2. You must have signed the papers ! Thrs no shame The shame is with the irish fathers who run off! If the church had not of helped you would be visiting a grave maybe even one for both off you Because IRELAND was very poor & was very tough on women & babies ,no medical assistant very little finance help that why the church became the backbone off the people!
Meer tonen
Patricia Tisza
the catholic church has so much to answer to
amy clarke
S0 much judgement on someone who did a natural act that should be celebrated if the person consented it religion organised does me head in
The interviewer could be a less rude
Urfa berwari
I realy tried to wrote some word’s but withiout knew from of where wiche word should i write or how can i conecting my fact feling 🥺 i can’t but i will never forget this strong woman and if i get marrige and born a boy i will choose Antony name for him 😓 worst and baddest crimenal from nune and chatholic church
Miha D
The interviewer is incredibly insensitive and disrespectful during the entire conversation, not the first time he has conducted himself in that way when speaking to his guests. Disappointing.
Daniel Eddie
should i watch this movie man
The woman bears the shame, and the suffering. Where is the male?
Kendyl Bigelow
She has been through hell. Those stupid nuns ruined her life forever.
lois barnett
grateful for her distinction that she was NOT in a Magdalene Laundry … my ancestor was and the stories of the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland, Canada AND the U.S. are HORRIFIC – nuns and priests sexually abusing the “Maggies”, beating them, shaving their heads, HORRIFIC HORRIFIC HORRIFIC …. not meaning to take anything away from the tragedy of this woman’s life and her son’s … there just needs to be a movie made that gets this much attention about the Magdalene Laundries – 800+ children and teenage women died and buried with no marker… on and on…
DongHyun Lee
Catholic Church have a lot to answer to
Ximena Vacaflor
the church is just horrible!
Em, Philomena vhat ees dees? Vhat ees dees Philomena?
The God Botherers
I suppose Philomena’s son, Anthony, was lucky that abortion wasn’t considered an acceptable solution to an unplanned pregnancy in 1950s Ireland.

12 Mother and Baby Homes Final Report: Video dramatisation of individuals’ stories

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12 jan. 2021

Watch a video featuring stories from those who were resident in Mother and Baby Homes.

13 – 2021 – Irish Mother & Baby Home survivors tell their story.

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In première gegaan op 14 jan. 2021

The 2021 Mother and Baby report concluded that the homes provided a refuge. The survivors tell a different story.
The testimonies of these three survivors and many more and included in the book – Republic of Shame
Author – Caelainn Hogan
Directed by Dave O Carroll
Cinematography by Philip Blake
Music by Dave O Carroll

14 – Ireland’s ‘Mother & Baby Homes’ Report Uncovers 9,000 Deaths

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15 jan. 2021

A new report uncovered that an estimated 9,000 children died inside ‘mother and baby homes’ that were investigated in Ireland — now this man is on a mission to find out what happened to his baby sister.
Ti N
This is exactly why womens rights of health and equality of law is desperately needed around the world!
Trying to pretend that women weren’t forced into the homes by their parents in conjunction with the Church and supported by the State is just adding insult to injury.
Religion is more important than human lives?? No this is plain wrong and heartbreaking 😞😞
Darragh Bergin
I’m from Ireland and we are devastated to know this happened here. My mom knew a girl in School who ended up going to a mother and baby home. Mom also has a work colleague from Tuam. And this happened from 1922 to 1998. It is a very dark side of our history. Some call it our Holocaust.
It didn’t just happen in Ireland. It happened in the us as well. I have an older brother approximately 14, 15 months older than me and he was sold through one of these mother and child homes. I know for a fact that the trailer I grew up in and my grandparents trailer and their new car came from the proceeds of my brother being sold and I guess they’re probably looking forward to getting another payday. I was next on The Chopping Block so to say until my mother ran away. My mother was 15 when she had me and she did not want to give up my brother and was forced. I don’t know if the nuns in Trenton New Jersey whereas gruesome as the ones in Ireland but I have a feeling during the early part of the 19 hundreds that was the case probably all the way up until the 70s. This is why I tell people I’m a recovering Catholic. And if that happens there and it also happened here then it was probably rampant throughout the world. Anywhere Catholicism touched.
Meer tonen
Jamie Sheehan
Both my father and I were born in Bessborough in Cork. He was adopted, I was fortunate enough to have been able to stay with my mother who was 16 at the time of my birth. My father and I haven’t spoken in 6 years since his adopted mother died, which was the 3rd time I’d spoken to him in my life. As far as I understand it he doesn’t want to know anything about his biological parents, and I who would love to know about them can’t get any access to any of his records despite the fact that I am his son. What happened in these disgusting places and what the news clips on it neglect to mention is that the nuns sold the majority of babies! Mainly to American families but to Irish ones too! At the time my father was born, almost 97% of ALL babies born to unmarried mostly teenagers and women were adopted in Ireland. Think about that. It was procreating for profit for these organisations representing the Catholic church. I’ve heard some disgusting things to describe my mother and myself over the years, especially as a young child. I can only hope that future generations never have to hear such vicious comments in their life times.
Meer tonen
Ant Clerfont
No words to describe this. None other than sickening.
Just A Wanderer
Another example of the church not caring for babies once they’re born
Putin’s Gay Twin
My dad only found out last year that my granny had another baby outside of her first marriage. She was so ashamed my grandad only found out a couple of years ago. I’m not sure if they went to a mother and baby home but society at that time scared her enough to not talk about it for 50 years
Thu Lekovish
Horrifying and heartbreaking.
opalight orro
Absolutely heartbreaking Rest their precious souls
April Bankston
From my experience as a “child born out of wedlock,” I’ve said this once and I say it again..: these devout people want to do everything thing to make sure the babies are born but then throughout their lives from child to adulthood they see to it that those children/teenagers/adults are purposefully condemned and mistreated… For that reason I have always felt and experienced that twisted logic from the religious community and this does not surprise me at all, so sad!!
This is so sad and heartbreaking 😥…these evils have to be accounted for, no stone left unturned
The movie Philomena (2013) starring the amazing Judi Dench is about this tragedy. A must watch.
Jason Bray
When religion runs a country atrocities are commited
Raquela Ramon
Very strong Man and Person. I hope he finds peace.
Stephanie O'Regan
This is absolutely heartbreaking
Shane McRedmond
Another atrocity added to a very long list. They say it was a few bad apples. This was systemic. Shameful
This is so sad. I pray these families can find their family members and peace. 🙏
these homes happened world wide in 1972 my mother was sent to a unwed mothers home in Toronto where i was born the only way she would be allowed to go home to her family was to give me up for adoption
My mother was born out of wedlock and raised in a convent, but she had to work and beg for a living, they didn’t maintain her, she and the other girls maintained them.
Jennifer Bates
This story is so sad and heartbreaking. I really hope that they can find answers. Religion is so toxic and unnecessary for humanity.
April Sisco
This right here is why religion of any kind has no place in politics….
Macdara Ó Raghallaigh
We, as a country, want the world to know what happened. We need the world to know that no country’s past is spotless.
Remember, these people would be considered “pro life” and doing “god’s work”
Rosa Moreno
Those people who’s lives have been damaged deserve justice, deserve to know what truly happened and if people no matter their status need to be prosecuted so be it
Reminds me that my great grandmother was sent to an institution by a priest, I think I was told it was because she vandalized a church. Apparently the priest has been mocking her late husband or something. My grandmother said she never saw her mother again, she was sent to her extended family in England.
Ryan Thunderhammer
Absolutely mortifying stuff here.
jamie fagan
The fact is government of ireland were too deferential to the Catholic Church to question them
If you watch “The Promised Neverland” on Netflix, you’ll find out what happened to them kids.😞
Krista Thompson
My heart is shattered seeing those graves. Times were different back then but that is just inexcusable. I’m sorry mothers. I’m sorry babies. I’m sorry survivors. I’m sorry Ireland. I’m sorry to those in the Catholic Church and outside it who DID care and tried to help. My heart goes out to you all. Hugs and love from America. May those poor babies and mothers Rest In Peace. May those who died and tried to help Rest In Peace, and may those alive who tried to help find peace and resolution.
It-Is What-It-Is
Power to the people! Do not allow this! Love from the US. Trust me, we fighting too!
Oh, the same people who are “pro-life”.
Those people deserve better than this! Bring to survivors the justice they deserve!
Anthony Malone
Almost reminds me of the promised neverland but it’s real… scary stuff…
Diego Aguilar
If i remember this case was particularly disturbing, that location had an old dry cistern that they would dump them in, right under the courtyard, some women of the cloth those were sarcasm
Stephanie Lalor
What this video forgets to mention is that the mass grave in Tuam was actually a septic tank. Utterly disgraceful.
H Mefford
How utterly horrifying! 🥺
This why religious belief should never decide public policy.
Denise Michael
Good luck! They need to be held accountable!
Jennifer Williams
Bless you sir, I couldn’t imagine. This is a beautiful tribute and honor to sister and Mother. I don’t know if these nuns ruined God and religion for you, but I believe Mom and sister are with you in spirit, and extremely proud of all your hard work.
Anyone watched Philomena? I think it does a great job of portraying the situation of these mothers and their babies
Schäfer G.
This honestly sounds like the Indian residential schools of Canada and Australia
Kirsty de Paor
Anyone watching this I implore you to read the book called The Light in The Window. It’s written by a nurse who worked in one of these homes and the stories of the women she witnessed and the horrors they suffered. This is not new s to anyone from Ireland. I also ask you to watch The Magdalene Sisters, a 2002 film about a similar home where women were imprisoned and forced to work in a laundry as penance for their “impropriety,” namely flirting, being raped, or being mentally disabled.
Cryptic Cyclone
Smt of course many were forced to go there. by families, their churches etc. We know this. Movies made of that time period knows and books. Yes it was a refuge for those who had no where else to go but really who would wants to be away from loved ones just to hide the ‘shame’ of an unwed pregnancy. This is so sad. I hope this old man gets all the answers he can.
Priyadarsini Mukherjee
All these horrifying events that happened and are still happening in the world makes me question myself as a human being… Are we really that depraved… Have lost humanity as a race… Don’t we realise what we are doing to eachother in the name of religion or duty… My heart goes out to everyone that has suffered or is still suffering… I sometimes wonder if any other race were to visit us ever what would they think about us
Emack B
They weren’t “forced there”. Okay, you can try to argue about what the term “forced” means in a society where there was hardly another option. But notice how they never claimed it was easy for the women to leave.
Matthew Cordero
Wow this is horrifying and absolutely disgusting behavior. Thank You NowThis for reporting on this. I would of never known this if it wasn’t for you guys .
Thank you for the video 🙏 As part of the Catholic Church I feel ashamed and I hope all the truth will be uncovered. Probably I will become a nun but I won’t be like that for sure
Das Ninjastix
Religion: The great machine of hate sold on the promise of love and fortune.
I believe you 100%. I’ve known such nuns.
bob belcher
Spread the word people let people know the truth!
I read that some kids were given up for adoption to rich families who gave these institutions money and they told the mothers that their kids died. But I urge you to do your own research on valid websites.
How does one believe in God with love in their heart, yet have malice in thy hands??
Michaela Francis
This and the Magdalene “sanctuaries” are a shameful indictment of the Roman Catholic church both in Ireland and around the world. The heartlessness of this cruel religion is breathtaking.
Mary McNeill
What would you expect from a man who insulted the intelegence of the Irish people, by denying we bailed out the banks.
Erin Allen
The government voted against to open the report of this investigation. We are angry and embarrassed about our government because they are unfit and backstabbers. We need to separate the church and the state.