A bolt from the blue

Something important or unusual that happens suddenly or unexpectedly:

The resignation of the chairman came like a bolt from the blue.

Cambridge Dictionary

​An event or a piece of news which is sudden and unexpected;
a complete surprise

Her dismissal came as a bolt from the blue.

Oxford Dictionary

A bolt from the blue” is an idiomatic expression that refers to a sudden and unexpected event or occurrence that surprises or shocks someone. It’s often used to describe an unforeseen or surprising event that comes out of nowhere, catching a person off guard.

Key points of “A bolt from the blue”:

  1. Suddenness and Surprise: The phrase emphasizes the abruptness and surprise associated with an event. It’s something that happens unexpectedly and catches people off guard.

  2. Unforeseen Event: The event referred to as “a bolt from the blue” is typically not anticipated or predicted. It comes seemingly out of nowhere, like a lightning bolt (which is sudden and unexpected) appearing against a clear blue sky.

  3. Impact and Significance: The event described by this phrase is often significant or impactful, adding to the surprise and potentially causing a change in circumstances or perspective for those involved.

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11 okt 2017

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