Leak like a sieve

To leak a lot

Cambridge Dictionary

When someone says “leaking like a sieve”, they mean that something is leaking or losing information, resources or secrets very easily or in a large amount.

The metaphor compares the leaking thing to a sieve, a tool used to strain liquids or solids, that has many small holes or spaces that allow the contents to escape or pass through.

“Leak like a sieve” is an idiomatic expression that means something is losing or revealing information at an alarming or uncontrolled rate. The metaphor refers to a sieve, which is a device used for separating solids from liquids, typically with many small holes or pores, implying that the information is escaping or leaking easily.

In a broader context, the phrase “leak like a sieve” can be applied to various situations beyond information leakage, indicating a lack of containment, security, or control. For example:

  1. Information Security:

    • Refers to a system, organization, or process that has significant vulnerabilities, allowing confidential or sensitive information to be easily accessed or disclosed.
  2. Confidentiality Issues:

    • Describes a situation where private or sensitive information is being exposed or shared unintentionally or without appropriate controls.
  3. Financial Management:

    • Indicates a situation where there is poor control over financial transactions, resulting in money or resources being wasted, lost, or misused.
  4. Data Privacy:

    • Implies a lack of protection or control over personal data, leading to potential breaches or unauthorized access.
  5. Lack of Control or Oversight:

    • Can refer to any situation where there is a significant lack of control, management, or oversight, allowing unwanted actions or outcomes to occur without restraint.

The phrase is used to highlight a problem or weakness in a dramatic or exaggerated manner, emphasizing the urgent need for better management, security, or control to prevent further issues or losses.

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