Turn a blind eye

Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples

To intentionally not give someone or something any attention

Ignore The buzzing is irritating, but try to ignore it.

He disregarded the advice of his doctor and went back to work.

Turn a blind eye to
Until now, the mayor has turned a blind eye to the city’s homelessness problem.

close your eyes to

The administration closed its eyes to human-rights abuses by its soldiers.

Cambridge Dictionary

To ignore something that you know is wrong:

Management often turn a blind eye to bullying in the workplace.

Cambridge Dictionary

If you say that someone is turning a blind eye to something bad or illegal that is happening, you mean that you think they are pretending not to notice that it is happening so that they will not have to do anything about it.

Teachers are turning a blind eye to pupils smoking at school, a report reveals today.
I can’t turn a blind eye when someone is being robbed.


1 India’s Children Coal Miners

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16 apr. 2014

Children as young as ten are being used to mine for coal in cramped and dangerous conditions in India, but there is hope that some of them will find a better future.
Dateline reporters scour the globe to bring you a world of daring stories. Our reputation is for fearless and provocative reporting. Australia’s beloved, award winning and longest running international current affairs program.

2 Slum of Kathmandu, Nepal

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2 dec. 2019
Slum settled near river in Nepal where the community has their own life styles. But the question is how their lives affects others.

3 Syrian refugee crisis: ‘we left one war for another’ | Guardian Investigations

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14 jan. 2014

Syria: a crisis at Fortress Europe’s gates. Since the war began in Syria, thousands of refugees have made the precarious journey to Europe, through Turkey, in search of safety.
We follow the lives of two refugee families as they encounter people smugglers, border guards and shocking conditions along the way, and find themselves torn apart, not by the war back home, but by a new enemy: ‘Fortress Europe’.
Roddy Pedro Carbonell
This is a culture so amazingly patriarchal, there are few women refugees. Most of them are men.
Nessim Stevenson
The country labelled as Israel on the map at 13:13 is actually Lebanon. You would think the guardian would know the difference
How do we balance this with the knowledge of the rapes and violence? How do we take care of these kids and make sure European children are safe as well?
Ashish Hora
This is really heart breaking. please god help them. i wish them good luck.
Suilven Mountain
Don’t give money to the Guardian. Don’t buy the Guardian.
Roddy Pedro Carbonell
Everyone needs to read Submission by Michel Houellebecq
r.i.p europe, you guys had a good run
Jeddah Smiles
Tarik’s looks changed a lot from the start toward the end of the clip! I wish all of the refugees and the ones trying to become refugees all the best and safety. I wish you’d do an update about them in the future. Thanks for sharing.
Why do they have so many kids? Why? seriously
State Crime
Thank you so much for posting. I knew things were bad but not pure horror like this.
Thanks for your videos. LOVE UUUUUUUU
Syria must be stabilized by force and them put back in it, do some journalism investigate where they come from in Syria which village which area ? and find out about the state of war there? any resettlement must be done in the middle east, as its 20 times more cost effective than in the UK. Our lower class communities here are fractured beyond recognition with feudal replacement, endorsed by a middle to upper class who write a cheque of charity, they never pay for in their own communities.
Carol M
So sad. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Saudi Arabia With all it’s wealth be willing to fly the Syrian refugees back to Their country no matter where they escaped to.
Kranti gouripur
Learn through Hinduism to bring peace. Every where in history it was said that war is to be prevented in all was as possible. When people said they wage war for peace the people will come to them to ask for peace. Naw that war bout peace to these people these people should help them live in peace.
Phil the Stalker
05:54 — Each day the shame on America grows. This is not Europe’s shame. The only shame Europe should have is for going along with America on this Middle East madness they have done. For the oil. This human crisis is for the oil control. There’s plenty of oil and peace for everybody. America will change in November! But it may be too late for many. Too many.
Cake Maker
I’m happy to let them in, they have been through a lot and deserve to live normal lives just like you and l. They are humans, now is not the time for politics.
Stop the Censorship
If we would of never invaded iraq this would of never happened but this was the U.S. plan all along
Thedarkhunter Ofthepast
For sure the rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE do not give asylum to them as they have understood that Europe will pay the cost and will gradually get islamic. So they win by exploiting the majority of these desperate people. Not all of them are desperate , though. And not all of the are from Syria. Many have just thrown their papers away in order to be protected as refugees and not as (illegal) immigrants. This is the unconvenient truth.
No matter how poor people are, there is always enough money for cigarettes.
John Doe
Hungary is the only country which has the balls to close their borders.STAY STRONG
European Fox
I’m speechless …
Μιχαλης Επιφανης
Syrian havet lifenback honen ope farmenyoucandry
European Fox
I’m speechless …
Shivanshu Goswami
A free Kurdistan could be the home and strong hold of these people and the Kurds who have been persecuted for decades.
Μιχαλης Επιφανης
Fil US tipennot honom havet secret mobil stop film
Avena Neumann
The individual stories are hearbreaking
Starte Christ
Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to my brothers in Syria, Haiti, Africa, Chicago, Detroit, Greece, Turkey, Canada, and elsewhere; help them live free and easy.
Paul Arlos
If theres only a way for me to help and to take good care of the kids i wish i could do it. PEOPLE!!!!! they are muslim immigrants but they deserved to be treated as humans too. I understand your opinions but it cant help at all, why dont we just pray and maybe gather our thoughts so we can help them….
Cake Maker
What would you fortunate people who are unwelcoming the needy do if you were to continuously lose your family members in a warzone, not knowing whether you will live tomorrow, being too scared to step out for a loaf of bread, not being able to send your kids to school. You’re all just too comfortable with your lives, so much so that you have become blinded to the state of other human beings. Division is bigger to you than looking out for your fellow humans.
Raymond Bonington
When they do get to there new country I’m afraid they expect to much ,in Britain they are moaning about centres , there are not enough jobs houses for our own people .
Que triste y pensar que no tiene para cuando acabar el conflicto en Siria y su gente sigue sufriendo hasta ahora en el 2018 Ojala pronto cambie para bien su situación.
alex black
that refugee is making fun of the precious borders and national pride but he wants to true them.
6 yrs later… what has UK, Sweden, Greece, France, and Germany become. Like the border man said, many are not fleeing war. These able body men were fleeing towards economical opportunity, not persecution and used EU’s kindness as a weakness to do so.
Alaa Abu kaf
DUAAH all you need brothers and sisters
Mohammad El Bashir
Cant beleiev the guardian has mistaken Lebanon for Israel in 13:13, need geography class??
Let’s let the world in and destroy all we have. Maybe we’ll help lefties feel better that way.
Bon Mcf
Good luck rebuilding your home and country..
August Moonlight
Meanwhile homeless Europeans get nothing
Ingrid Arvidsson
Other economic refuges are conquering you in a strategic war on a run. But people on run of the war it’s much different. There are always adventurists. They are moving from point a to point b. And when you, from war, comes. There are to many of the economic refuges people allready there. It’s a huge problem. What I can see. Thanks to the leaders and non leaders. If you don’t have a leader. Be one. Do you see anyone else? Thats the problem.
I Love Carlito Ganja
“We’re not doing this just for the money.” You aren’t human trafficking for the money? Lie some more.
They should have gone to Canada. The syrian refs are having a ball over there.
Ashish Hora
This is really heart breaking. please god help them. i wish them good luck.
Magdalena Os
So they were safe in Turkey and they want to go to another country? That mean they are not refugees anymore.
Aisha Hatem
Uh it’s touchy I hope that he could find a way to meet his family
Emy Schmidt
Luis Sousa
It seems their only priority in life is to have more children regardless of how hard it may be.
Why not fix your own country?  Why not improve where you come from?
BeenThere DoneThat
They should stay in their homeland, fight to resolve their problems with the same zeal they fight deportation form Europe.
Kelly Hauser
What a shame for humanity. We have to keep the weakest safe and in decent condition…. there are always people who could help… only some do. I wish all of them peace and a safe home
Neville Fleming
I hope Tariq makes it to join his wife & children in Bulgaria its too sad
Ade Fegan
There are hardly any Syrians among them also VERY few women / children / elderly …………. This is an invasion
All refugees are welcome in Botswana, and could be a real support to the economy. They could receive a free piece of land in protected camps, to raise their family and crops, like they did in their homeland. The camps could be built along ancient canals, which would bring irrigation water. Much work needs to be done to make this a possibility, but the refugees are looking for work, and need something to do. Overflow refugees from all countries, who do not have room for these people in the first place, could transfer families to Botswana, and pledge support of some kind to get them started to settle in. Refugees in Germany, Sweden, Norway, UK the United States and so forth can now re-home these people closer to a climate from wence they came.
god speed Tarik
So what happened to them!?
Ben Skelly
What would you do if you were fleeing a war and got rejected by a peaceful country? Don’t judge other peoples and beliefs based upon the actions of a minority, I know Muslims, they aren’t generally bad people; We’re all human anyways, we must understand each-other! (Btw, I’m part Irish, and my ancestors were beaten down by haters when they arrived in America; most U.S. citizens have European ancestry anyways, the real citizens are Native Americans. HYPOCRISY!)
Fgdst Fygfr
more countries have to help
Lien Noope
It is something what I am wondering about, could anybody explain this to me? Why are there so many small Syrian refugee children Why getting pregnant in war time? The situation in Syria was not getting worse from one time to another. I should avoid to get pregnant when I am not in a safe situation.
Sandrine Dloch
Desgarrador, pobre gente, que Dios los ayude.
thweet htoo
they are not refugee, they just looking for a better place like anything other county people wanna go to Europe.
Diane Hooper
Should of done your homework before you left home.
Christopher Poulton
Flame throwers are the best solutions less mess to clean up only charcoal which is handy to use for your barbecues mmmmmmmmmmm
N Brown
The poor innocent little kids!!😢. The things they have seen. The things they have had to live through. The look in their eyes is heartbreaking. BEYOND heartbreaking!!’ Sadly the Africans and Iranians and Iraq n afghan people and Pakistan and etc etc have made the true victims of Syria hated because Syrians are the victims and true asylum seekers and the Africans come with the other false jackassholes and ruined it and made the true victims hated All because of the assholes. The false FALSE victims of war!!!!
nhes09 japerson
😔😔😔oh Allah i fell so sad for all this people refugees from syria
Floyd Robati
I feel for these people they need help its in human wtf is this world coming too may god bless the least fortunate
WTF? Okay, thats just missinformation. Yes, Countries are forced by law to take in refugees. That doesnt mean Germany has to accept someone stuck in another safe country. The first safe country you arrive in has to take care of your Asylum, thats the law. Everything else is just bullshit. Maybe Germany had found that one guy if he had registerd properly. How are you supposed to find a freaking ghost?
Mijn naam12345678910
changed my view on refugees..
Rain 39
I think this is right. They live exactly like in Syria but with no war isn’t that de point of be being a refugee? What do they expect a house with food worth millions of dollars?
Pippi Walker
Why was it so important for the Western countries to ruin the countries of Iraq and Libya? And invade Afghanistan?
Anil Kumar
keep on delivering babies its a perfect hobby during war
maulaali chennur
What did people gain by killing gadafi look at the mess and pathetic life of Syria now. God plz make Mankind more humans
looked better off in turkey
dulcinea agar
send tham to rich arab countries !
Patrick Wilson
This a bleeding heart exercise to manipulate the west go back home war is over
Roddy Pedro Carbonell
Why don’t they go to Tunisia? United Arab Emirates? Saudi Arabia? Morocco? Turkey?
Who’s blocking them at the Turkey-Bulgarian border? Is it Turkey blocking them from leaving or Bulgaria blocking them from entering? My money’s on Balgaria blocking them.
Don't Let The World Go Under
The Guardian=The Soros-ian, The Rotchild-ian, The Neoliberalian, The Liarian. Congratulations to the cameramen, the editors, the dramatic background music and for the professional tools you used for your professional lies.
Cake Maker
Its the Europeans who created the divisions, the arab countries were all one state once upon a time.
Vessela Hobson
“may God protect her”. Evidently not
Andrew Vallander
Have they never heard of contraception?
Ronnie G
For £300 why don’t they buy an airline ticket?
Janet Harding
It’s so hard to see these people going through this. I live in southern California the weather is beautiful but I can’t enjoy it .What can I do to help them? when I see the young boys they look like my grandson,
Re David
I don’t understand why they breed so much even in precarious conditions???
al- adaniyah
This man is a Syrian Kurdish he speaks Kurdish with his family, why does not he go to rich Kurdistan?
One war for another…ever stop to think maybe its your people and backwards beliefs that cause your constant war…
Sherry M'c's
come to canada!!!! : )
Phil the Stalker
04:13 — Yes, he is right. “In the 21st century…”. The American government knows this. They created this. There is not help from America to a country that has taken on the burden of America’s Middle Eastern war’s refugees merely due to it’s geography? When the shame in America grows we will have a country again with a soul. And you will have your Europe back again. DISBAND NATO! Is your only hope, Europe. Your only hope. Or the world will have to destroy your NATO. And you know that means nuclear in your cities. The choice is yours. For now…
Jaki Khan
Μιχαλης Επιφανης
Livin tyrkuenzone back syrisnintsurinty rusianalasn
Dawn Lee
great, go have more kids…so others can raise & take care of them
The real refugees need help! And they should get the priority assistance, but not the young ones who come to take advantage of welfare system.
These children look so cute and harmless now. Fast forward 20 years and you’ll have a bunch of disgruntled potential terrorists who complain about Euro “racists” while living on the dole.
Cindy Weir
Life on this earth is very short, and God watches us and tests us to see how we treat our fellow humans. The fear that there isn’t enough for everyone is a poisonous belief. To help these people unconditionally is to be godlike. If you have Love in your heart, there is no Fear. These two things cannot coexist. One of them is a liar.
Please no more videos about refugees campaign… We are dealing with world population growth that is out of control – mexico, middle east, indonesia etc. Maybe a video on how to deal with population growth because there is a correlation between overpopulation, bad education, no healthcare and the status a large family gives to poor people. There is also a correlation to crime, conflict and unemployment. Refugee stories and many become illegal wanderers is a cliché that viewers are increasingly tired of… please what is the answer showing food handouts videos isnt helping anyone.
Jesse Livermore
its lke all the shit in the world wants to go to germany
It’s outrageous that the European Union is unable (or unwilling) to effectively address issues like this. 
Ship them back to Syria to Join the Syrian Arab Army.    Let them take back their homes.
Germany just dispelled the myth that Germans are intelligent. They must actually think that letting 800,000 Syrians into their country is a good idea, lol!
Uzumaki Naruto
People wie have to stopped war in syria then After Syrian Can Go in their Country but How?? If they keeps comming in Europe and Other Country the Muslim will take over all World.
Hardev Dodia
Islam is the Migraine to World Peace…
Arunabha Das
20 years later these kids will declare independance from bulgaria and join turkey for jihad
Germany made the most beautiful civilized image Respect and dignity Long live Great Germany Long live Anegila Merkel Love and salutations to all the people of Germany. Ahmed alhemyari
Mark Hart
That Bulgarian soldier kind of looks like my grandfather.. Is Haplogroup J2 common there?
sorry to say this..I do feel bad for what you are going through..but trust me Islam is threat to mankind..you wil not allow anyone to live peacefully…you should come out of the mindset which is moulded within a book ..
Like for refuges
A Thund
Send them back in cargo ships as soon as they arrive. Don’t waste any resources.
We do not need Syrians in Bulgaria. England and Germany take them you love them aren’t you when they are far way from you.
Bratty Young
Arjun Arya
Why the Saudi Arabia Dubai and the Arab countries don’t take these refugees they accept everything about the sharia law and they won’t help even there religion
Avena Neumann
There is a huge problem in Syria and the “good looking” (according to his own words) husband makes his wife pregnant!?!?!? Where is the responsibility?
Sir Bantz Alot
+the guardian nothing but bullshit  propaganda, the people of Europe didnt want this nor did they vote on this,, get all refugees out now!!!!!
Take the kids away from parents… Sick of people being taught to hate. Cut the generations down

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15 sep. 2015

Filmed in Montreal, Quebec