The Colony: Chile’s dark past uncovered | Al Jazeera Correspondent – Blog

Felton Gailey
Broke my heart when the gentleman talked about not being able to sleep at night because he did not know his mother or father. Way too many stories like this throughout history. Heart-wrenching.
Alexander Hikel
It’s incredible that at the age of 20 not knowing even how an automatic door works and being abused his whole life , he has turned into such a fantastic, articulate, incredibly caring and humane person , it just proves that good can survive in even the most insane environment of evil, we should never give up the fight to end these atrocities
Lula AMH
I love Al Jazeera because you hear about stories that the mainstream media shy away from. Important stories from people who need to be heard. Excellent documentary but harrowing story.
Appalling that the Colony is being turned into a tourist attraction. It should be a museum to remind humanity of the atrocities that we are capable of. Justice needs to be had.
Truly shocking. I praise Al Jazeera for this very important documentary and for the survivors and journalist for bringing the story to the masses. I hope that the court case is successful and the survivors finally get the justice they deserve. Any nations and their citizens that do not want to acknowledge the dark parts of their past will be doomed to repeat them again and again.
Reyes King Doom
It’s crazy how much evil is hidden in the world.
RejuveneC Bella
I am chilean, and I feel very sorry for this evil situation that happened in my country. I feel embarrassed about my liders, seeing Ricardo Lagos saying it has happened a long time ago!!!!! WTF!!!! That was happening in our country!!!!!! What a shame .
James R
The fact that the German Embassy in Chile gave Schaefer diplomatic status proves that it was complicit in his crimes against humanity.
S Darling
Lucia Newman is such a professional and dignified journalist. She speaks well and clearly and it’s a pleasure to listen to her…always.
Never heard about this before. Watched the Netflix movie Colonia and was shocked to see it was based on a true story. There’s a whole is evil in this world. Every victimizer should be tortured to death. What a horrible thing.
Molldog One
It was so nice to see and hear Lucia Newman reporting. I love her tough, sensible, well spoken way. I hope all victims continue to recover respectfully.
Nikki D
Psychopaths! These poor dear children. I wish I could remove all their pain and lifetime suffering. Thank you for exposing this.
I can’t believe something like this was happening in my lifetime. My heart goes out to all those children. Amazed at those who have been able to move on and zek justice. 💔💗
kimba dull
I was in Chile in late 90’s with a Rotary exchange of young professionals- one of our sponsor couples spoke fluent English ( most did not) and gave us a shocking accounting of how untouchable this place was. The horrible hidden secret in plain site. “Your life goes much easier if you ignore what is happening, while your heart is breaking”.
ishe nicole
A heart breaking story… Well done to the journalist presenting this article no one could of done it better.. A brilliant documentary flowers 🌸 💗💓🌸 🌹🌹💐🌺 🌼🥀 Hugs for the victims.. for the suffering and trauma they endured at the hands of these psychopathic perverted control freaks.. makes me smile they have moved on become educated married reunited with family.. 💓🌸🌹
Eileen Hernandez
These survivors are so strong, so brave Thank you for telling your story. I pray God heals every memory, every painful one & uses your story to heal other victims!
Carolus Parvus
I first learned the name Paul Schäfer at the age of eight, when my family moved to a new place in Germany. There he had done a lot of damage to the christian community, but nothing in comparison with what he did in Chile. This is the best report on Colonia Dignidad that I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much, Lucia Newman and Al Jazeera! Great work!
tempera 24
The movie with Emma Watson is amazing, and what’s even more amazing are the ammounts of prison time sentenced to those f-ing animals!!! My heart goes out to all the victims
Bianca Ives
It is painful to know that this kind of torture/ treatment/ abuse still exist and the victims can not voice their suffering because there is a price to pay if you complain.
Bob Davison
Excellent documentary, a real eye opener. Well done.
I’m so sorry people have to live through things like this that seem so unimaginable in the western world. I doubt they will ever receive justice, but hope they can find some kind of peace. It is hard to believe that kind of evil exists but more and more of it keeps coming to light. Win your lawsuit.
Lito Gulian
I hope the victims will get thru this and may all the best and goods come for them in life. my deepest respect. thanks to the people of making this documentary. more people should know about this.
Patrick Gallegos
Let’s start by saying the reporter did a superb work. This was a subject that always intrigued many, but the secrecy was hard to overcome. I hope all the victims are compensated accordingly sooner than later.
Ekkard Bäuerle
In german media, this was a wide spread, true and horrifying story. Even movies have been made about this topic.
Rosemary Hoad
I am shocked to my core!! This needs to be known by all decent people. I hope the law and justice does recognise this hideous atrocity and that any victims alive or deceased be compensated financially and morally.
The cruelty of these people is unbelievable. They could have had a successful operation with much less tension or opposition if they’d simply allowed their people some small freedoms like one day off from their slavery a week or some decent night’s sleep but it was more important to the people in charge to absolutely crush those under their authority. It’s sickening.
Maite González
El documental hace énfasis en los atropellos a la dignidad humana de los colonos de Colonia Dignidad. Eso está muy bien. Pero hay otros temas de tanta importancia como esa que hay que resaltar: En Chile, el ministro en visita que lleva la causa de Colonia Dignidad, ha dicho que no pondrá a disposición de la comunidad las 40mil fichas donde Schaefer y sus cercanos colaboradores anotaron durante décadas hasta los más mínimos detalles de la vida cotidiana de la colonia. Esto, para no poner en peligro la seguridad del Estado de Chile”. Se trataría de situaciones comprometedoras como la producción y tráfico de armas y drogas, personalidades chilenas y alemanas vinculadas a estas y oras actividades, políticos de ambos países que colaboraron con Schaefer, destino de los detenidos desaparecidos en la Colonia, lavado de inmensas sumas de dinero, orgías sexuales que comprometen a los políticos que dificultaron la captura de Schaefer en Chile. Sin duda, hay más temas de relieve internacional y que pueden estar gravitando hasta el día de hoy.
What a crazy story. It seems like something someone would make up, a book or something out of this world. Insane that it was a reality.
George Kraft
An intense and sad chapter. A well done and informative documentary.
Michael D. Williams III
I’m here after seeing the film Colonia starring Emma Watson this was deeply horrific to watch but as the late Eli Wiesel has stated… We must bear witness, this is just pure evil.💔
tipperary links
Winfried is an amazing person. Intellectually – law, Spanish, modern life – after such terrible abuse. I wish him peace as time will allow. You can see the pain.
Keri Ioppolo
So sad what happened to these people. I feel so bad for everyone who was there
Nic D
I’ve never heard of this until just now 😔 Omg that is horrible what all those poor kids had to go through.
Agha Ayub Ahmadzai
I am sorry for what these people had been suffering through all these years and I don’t know why people inflict such harm to other fellow human beings. This documentary had been suggested to me by YouTube some years ago but I watched it today from 1611-1705 on 14/05/2020.
Angela Carter
That poor man when he crys it killed me 😢
Jane Smith
I heard about this in the past but this is the best programme I have seen on it. Any group which isolates children and particularly removes them from their parents makes it much more likely abuse with occur. We see it time after time from Warren Jeffs in the FLDS group even removing some children from sister wives to other groups.
pobres personas….se escucha el dolor inmenso cuando hablan del abuso 😟😟😟😞😞😞😞
Donald Duck
This was extremely informative for any Others who are extremely interested I highly recomend the movie Colonia starring emma watson it goes into detail about the torture methods used and how horrible the people there were abused.
Amanda -
I just watched colonia which brought me here. I have children. I couldn’t imagine. That man at 2:20 crying 😢 I can see the young inner child in him, all of the pain and sadness. This just kills my heart. And I’m a person that can’t do anything about it. Can’t change it. Can’t rewind time for him and all of the unfortunate others 😢 so sad
What a horrific story. To think that until quite recently this place existed really shocks me. This just reminds me that man has an insatiable appetite for power and it’s twin, evil.
So nazis did crimes in germany but also against their own people in another country.
Patty Souza
I remember hearing about this place years ago. When someone has absolute control then horrible and horrific things are going to happen.
Daniel OBrien
So well reported. You are an amazing journalist. Well done!
Horribly, I pray for all these people that God give them Justice and peace.
I wanted to hear the story but had to turn it off after on fourteen minutes. The first hand retelling of the details of the abuse just hurt my heart too much. I know – they had to actually experience it and are now going through the painful process of sharing their story so it would seem I should at the very least be able to force myself to endure simply listening to it but I’m not even strong enough. You know, some of us feel like we had difficult times during our youth – and I’m not trying to diminish the pain of anyone else because it’s not my place to, but when you hear about what we could have gone through instead – stories like this for example, we realize that there but for the grace of god, this could have been any one of us and we should be grateful for simply having a family and being allowed to have a childhood. So I’m sorry for carrying on like this but just knowing that there are people who are capable of inflicting this type of abuse on children makes me not want to live anymore. Not in this world where such a degree of evil exists.
great documentary ….never knew such monsters walked on this planet earth
Bulou Vuso Nawalowalo
Truth will always prevail, whatever is hidden will be revealed. God bless you for telling this story.
Sally Brite
It wasn’t just the leader or “the Colony” that was responsible, it was ALL of the adults living there, who supported the abuse and exploitation. All of them were both victims and perpetrators at the same time. That’s why they stick together and now continue to live in the same community. A love for order can be a good thing in the right dosage, but can easily turn into a totalitarian regime, when horrific things are overlooked by everyone just to maintain the appearance of “order”. And chances are these were not random German families who simply heard about this cult and decided to join. These were people who had something to hide and chose to stick with others just like them. The Chilean and German governments definitely have all the info. Heck, the German embassy sent the victims back into the colony when they came for help! Disgusting.
Mary Schultz
When he spoke about the “uncles” and “aunties,” it made me sad because it was so opposite the wonderful usage of those words in other cultures such as African and Asian. In those cultures people have many “aunties” and “uncles” while still having the support of their parents and siblings. It seems to me it would be so wonderful to live that way, but not the way it was perverted in this colony.
I know the world isn’t a place filled with rainbows and unicorns at every turn, but as a 26 year old man I actually still struggle to wrap my head around the fact that there are people this evil, sociopathic and criminal roaming our streets and breathing our air. There is being a bad person, and then there’s this. Methodical,, relentless manipulation and pain inflicted by real life monsters.
Ivanoe Cubillos
It is great the history of the ” Colonia Dignidad” is known internationally with testimonies of some of the residents of the “Colonia Dignidad”, who were born and grew up there, also political prisoners who were tortured and interrogated and survived where others killed and disappeared. I only want to correct a comment told by the journalist in this documentary. She said: “It wasn’t the communists who brought down Paul Shaffer, it was the return to Democracy”, however the return of the Democracy in Chile was possible only for the struggle mainly of the leadership of the left (that included the communists), (those who survived the dictatorship, organized the resistance against the dictatorship and the organizations of the Chilean people opposed to Pinochet and the dictatorship..
Cesar Galicia
I feel sorry for all of them may God bless you all.
Beatriz Ortiz
This is the shame of chilean democracy, police never did anything, a journalist had to find schaeffer, this place still function and now its opened for tourism, runned by the same people who were at the top with schaeffer. The chilean state should be ashamed of itself and us chileans must stop supporting villa baviera and their business, its shameful.
John A
Thank you for shining a light on such a disgusting part of history. Please don’t stop.
IFuThrive IThrive
Winfried Hempel, un gran héroe. I know it must have taken a lot of strength for the victims that live in Germany to forgive their aggressors. It helps many in the healing process. Nevertheless, forgiveness is not meant to absolve people of their crimes. On the contrary, I hope Mr. Hempel is successful in prosecuting and jailing the enforcers of this camp of horrors, even if they are in their 80’s. In addition to that, the Chilean and German governments must not only acknowledge the victims abuse, they must also apologize by way of reparations. They are both guilty of either participating or ignoring the atrocities committed. This will not only validate the lives of the survivors, it will also give other victims the courage to speak their truth. Atrocities such as these need to be stopped.
Maria Badillo
Thank you for such a documentary.about Chile’s history.
It’s documentaries such as these… along with modern technology( internet) that has woken me up to the fact that I have been living on the surface of what I thought was a ‘wonderful world’. What truly lay ‘ beneath’ … does not give me much hope for the future. Totally feeling disgusted in mankind…. what we have done and are capable of doing to one another throughout history .. past and present truly sickens me to the core! God help us~
I can’t “like” the movie…my heart cries for the victims. But my complements to the story creators.
without Al Jazeera we would not know a lot of what is going on in the world thank you very much for your news and Outlook
Diedra Payne
Such bravery and great courage displayed by the weakest and most broken. Love sent your way.
Logic Time
Great episode and great documentary, Thanks Lucia and AJE
🙏Praying for mental, emotional, and physical healing of these victims. 💞✝💞 Hope Winfried Hempel wins against the Chilean and German governments for these horrific crimes against children and adults.
😱😩Wow. 😔 🙏Wishing blessings, healing & justice to all of the victims. 🤗💞🤗
King African
I can only imagine, the atrocities these poor ppl went thru..
Wilfred Paulse
Thank you for your informative, though sad, documentary.
Michelle McCarthy
TY for filming & researching this! The shame lies with the Abusers, & the People that enabled them. Pls, bring Justice to all the Many Victims 😡❤️🇨🇦🙏🏼
Achilles E
How can parents betray their own children? They are suppose to protect and shelter them from monsters like that demon, yet they brought their children to the Demons and Monsters. I pray for the victims of such atrocities that they can find peace in their hearts🙏🏻
Stephanie Moreno
These poor helpless babies❤️ My heart aches for those children
Gianna Sottile
How can someone be so heartless to take advantage of babies like that.
kiran kandari
There is movie under the name of colonia dignidad. It’s so heartbreaking and difficult to believe that how cruel peoples can be. And still victims and there families fighting for justices but no one cared about them same like before.
Pamela Joyce
These revelations are so awful, almost unbelievable but they so much need bringing to public attention. Thank you, Al Jazeera
Ronald Tito
Probably doesn’t help recalling the experience every time a reporter wants a story, heartbreaking story though
I would never forgive my parents if they brought me to a place like this
I found out about this horrible place when I saw a movie that they made. It broke my heart, children never knowing who their parents are, because they never allowed mothers to show any affection for their children.
eduardo salvo hernandez
David Cornejo
If they keep digging someday perhaps they will find bodies. It’s hard to understand how everyone knew about Colonia Dignidad but no-one could do anything about it. You have to mention those germans did amazing things to the community around colonia dignidad but only to protect themselves. Evil works both ways
Cheryl Carr
We have this happening right now in 2021, at a little place called Gloriavale in the South Island of New Zealand. People have been trying to escape for years but the control over these people is just the same as in this documentary.
This reporter did an amazing job
Al Doyle
Speaking as a Bible believer, those who claim to “follow the Bible” often take it out of context and twist verses to make it say what they want.
Ralph Canfield
Thank you for sharing this story
Regina Fontenot
lets be honest and call it for what it was. not a colony but a cult!!
Sander Van Hove
Most modern Nazi’s have no knowledge at all about that dark past. Specially when the younger followers, adepts and misfits probably believe that Göring is the manager of the German soccer team and that Seyß-Inquart is a modern painter. That lack of knowledge makes them quite dangerous, like uncontrolled projectiles are.
Ahoy Captain
How many times in history have governments sided with evil or done nothing about it!!?
Patricia Lavender
I have just seen the film “The Colony” which is a true story of what went on here. That man should have been executed slowly.
Julie Ionache
what I don’t understand is: in the beginning when he fled to Chile with his flock, Schäffer was still just a priest, but as far as it goes he did not have any power or authority except for the “word of truth” to his followers. In the moment of establishing the community in Chile, how on Earth did he convinced families to split up, and take kids from their parents. I assume at that stage he would not be able to do it by force and I even as powerful as it goes the brainwashing power of cults and religion I just can’t accept these families just accepted that without thinking “this is wrong”. Can someone explain?
Pinay Mom in India
I want to give Winfried a virtual hug and say everything will be alright. Same goes to the other victims.
WHY would anyone stay at that hotel?!? It’s like renting a room at Auschwitz FFS!!!
Rita Daniels
No matter how hard I try, I can not understand how (under any circumstances) mothers and fathers bought into this and allowed it to happen. The leader and all who took part in this horrific abuse should have been tortured and brutally raped every day of their lives as punishment.That would be justice!!, although nothing can take away the traumatic events and now memories these victims have to live with. Thank you for giving the victims a voice as I had never heard of this before now. Keep fighting!! although that begs the question why they have to FIGHT in the first place, surely everyone in power should be falling over themselves to acknowledge and do all they can to help
Michelle Lowe
Such a beautiful place to hide such evil!
Ayélen Ayelen
excellent documentary !!!
Shlisa Shell
I’ve now heard your stories and glad I did. I can now pray for you all.
James Stuart
The tragic reality, without seeking to diminish in any way the suffering of Schafer’s victims, is that techniques of indoctrination and social control are common to all societies and cultures with varying degrees of severity. Organisational and administrative controls, bolstered by religion, traditions, law and custom are the bedrock of civilisation. This makes us all, individuals wedded to the notion of human rights, the rule of law, freedom of the individual and one vote/one value in a democratic political system, equally vulnerable to corrupt and power hungry oligarchs. Some nations, by virtue of their troubled history, are more readily suborned by oligarchs and autocrats financed by wealthy elites. I write not as a socialist but as an old-fashioned liberal and student of history. Social democracy everywhere is facing it’s greatest challenge since, in the aftermath of World War I – hailed at the time as the war to end all wars – the seeds were planted for a century of conflict. The more things change … lest we forget.
bobby ben
Jeeezzz!!! So much evil in this 🌎 world. Hope these victims find healing
Gog Vs MaGog
18:54 Intelligence without wisdom is unintelligible and dangerous. We put far too much emphasis on intelligence, and far too little on wisdom. Wisdom teaches how to most properly, effectively and efficiently allot intelligence in the most beneficial way. Perfect wisdom is dignity and unconditional love.
Alejandro Duque Parraguez
Baviera Village so called “Colonia Dignidad” (dignity colony) is in the south of Chile not on the centre.
Defiance for Humanity
Victims rarely feel justice. There is no correcting such wrongs. Most often legal systems serve to protect the rights of the abusers, instead of the victims.
Wow. Thank you for this story. Just wow.
Margaret G
Secrets always grow in the dark. And lies always lead to secrets. And what grows in the dark is pain, and horror and is the breeding ground of more evil.
the very tall skyscraper at the end is owned by Horst Paulmann, a well known acquaintance of Colonia Dignidad and one of the richest men in the country… So I guess it will be difficult for the victims
Mando Kg
This video is almost a decade old and no one knows anything about this important part of modern history, this world is really rotting before our eyes.
Chandan Adhikary
I saw the movie Colonia and it was just broke my heart into 100 pieces and I started searching abot Colonia dignidad 😭😭😭 and it was just like 💔💔💔
Orlando Sanchez
Im right here thinking ” oh look here a nice story of a german colony in chile, this should be interesting” boy was i wrong
Bull Terror
Pinochet & Kissinger – WOW! 💥 Just WOW! 💥 Thanks Al Jazeera – you should do more on this subject of Nazi’s in Chile, seriously! 💥
Tamara P
Thank you for sharing this. It is very interesting.
Agnus Borealis
Nothing is worse than abusing a child. It haunts them throughout their lives.. So if we see or feel something thats not right in a child we have to speak up & defend.
Suzanne Brown
Horrific story. Stupendous reporting! Le agradezco!
Sasha Bordwell
I don’t know what’s scarier, the fact that this is something that happened not so long ago or the fact that this isn’t talked and taught about more… What we don’t learn from, we will repeat…
laila linuza
German embacy did not protect those victims who escaped the colony. They all need to answer for their crimes. The German government and chilien government are responsible for those crimes that they failed to investigate. They have to be count responsible.
I would never entrust a monster like Paul Schaffer to babysit my children, not even if my life depends on it.
This is one of the better videos on this subject, great job everyone.
rio k rio k
Lucia you are one the best journalist I ever I watch u for many years all the best keep up the good work
🧐🤔Every time I think that the world is sick and awful and how I wish I could start a commune or escape to live on/with one….I’m reminded of the monsters who lurk there!!! If I started one to have a simple life, I wonder how I could possibly prevent a travesty like this from ever happening with other members bringing some sick predator type thoughts and actions to our fold.😔😢😭😖😫 In the meantime, I’ll continue to isolate myself in the safely of my own silo! There are some sick monsters out there! 😡😤
Patricio Merola
39:21 el tipo feliz de la vida tomando cerveza en un lugar donde ocurrieron cosas tan horribles! Perfectamente pudo haberse tomado esa cerveza en otro lugar y con esa misma felicidad! Qué país, no?
Veterans Today Network
😳 oh my god…I’m slowly starting to realize that Scientology operates in the SAME EXACT WAY! It’s almost like this is the playbook. Wow…
Stella Shepherd
This sounds, in many ways, like what went on with Jim Jones and the People’s Temple.
Eilene Kellogg
I see some of this happening here in the U S A. It’s scary!
Ang Biyaherong Fanboy
I think Colonia Dignidad and Jonestown’s living conditions have a lot in common.
God save these tortured souls
Wait didn’t a lot of the nazis come and hide here after the war to avoid prosecution I remember hearing about this place
10:30 takes so much just to even speak of such abuse. I am deeply saddened by what you and your brothers endured growing up. 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Nikki Sokol
What a misnomer Dignidad, when there was no dignity.
I loved Chile when I visited. Been there five tim
Martha Castro
I’m shaking!!! Why? Why??? I only demand Justice! From men and God! Our children need to know that they are loved and protected! This, we must never forget so that it will never happen again!!!
Hector Salgado
Ex-president Lagos sounded like he didn’t know anything. He was the president (2000-2006) for 6 years and he didn’t do anything to help the victims. What a despicable human being.
Yafa Flores
Justice needed to be served. In Germany as well. They knew where Schaefer was hiding.
I’m against death penalty as a state law. But if some of these people would have killed this “man”, hard to me consider him a human, I would have agreed. And unbelievable how much he could have been covered by institutions for so long.
Evelyn Mackenzie
It annoyed me everytime she said ‘colony’. It clearly has all the hallmarks of a cult.
Curtis Gregory
In the early1950s I heard rumors/whispers/fear of electric shock being used here in the USA sanitariums for the mentally ill. later in the 1980s, Regan shut most of them down, I think mostly for economic reasons. It seemed to be mostly women.
Maher Shakhtur
My beloved Chile still has a long way to go for human rights… Fenomenal trabajp investigativo
Lion King
great documentary
Angelica Sparrow
I’d like to visit Villa Baviera , but, to my mind, it isn’t good to build a hotel in the place, where so many people suffered
Colville Marshall
You just have to wonder why so many people will follow cult leaders and keep suffering at their hands after so many of these cults have been exposed. Must be some deep seated need in them to follow these evil men, and be so easily brainwashed by them. That’s why I am literally suspicious of everything and everybody. Constantly be on the lookout for evil, because it lurks everywhere.
What!! A tourist attraction!! They want to erase what those poor people went through? That’s just as sick.
General Pinochet would visit here a lot.He sent people here to be tortured and disappeared. A terrible place.Pinochet would later go to London and have tea with Margeret Thatcher.
Jon Hart
The Nazis were bad but it was the Latin American dictators who gave them jobs like Pinochet and Peron etc and protected them in return for money from Martin Bormann who didn’t die in Berlin but escaped to Argentina via Spain with a whole stash of money, gold and other valuables etc.
Is it possible that some populations have a high incidence of the sociopath gene.
රංග නයනජිත් සිල්වා
Please surf history of Dark Ages of Sri Lanka in 1987-1994 🇱🇰 . You will find a same or rather worse reality which could never be even utter yet inside the country with confidence as a native. It will be disappeared as long as such investigative reveal not come in to reality . Great work. Thank you. This made us honestly emotional …
Friedrich Nietzsche
There is so much evil in this world I’d just prefer to be alone
As always, excellent job. Please guys, correct the English (from Spanish) caption; is wrong, missing or wrong words, confusing, no real meaning at the end, and, people can’t get the real horror that nuns and boys have been enduring. Please, check it out and correct it. Thank you very much.
Mr Crowley
So sad how people can be brainwashed very easily. It reminds me of some people here in the U.S. Just shows how religion and/or cults can go wrong.
N Marrs
Why do people trust preachers? Seriously.
Helen Maraki
Another twisted nasty spawn… blessings of love to all those loving souls who had to endure the horror of these sick twisted nasty spawn huas
OMG! Imagine what kink of similar or even worse stories may still be covered up within the history of the Vatican.
2008 2008
Thanks. Very good documentary with a human perspective on this <Colonia Indignidad> wich was a vehicule for many terrible barbarian atrocities.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Not the first time men have been accused of these shameful criminal acts, so lets be watchful not compliant when it comes to the protection and defense of children and those that can not protect themselves
The public group confessions- kids could have blurted out the crimes committed against them as in front of their parents; except seems like all older members were complicit and abused also
Sara Gonzalez
Very interesting. Thank you.
Kaleb Cady
People forget Joseph mengele died of old age (stroke) while swimming off a beach in Brazil under the alias Wolfgang Bernard
Matthew Treacy
It is ironic that his enemy was communism given that Colonia Dignidad was Stalin’s Soviet union on smaller scale.
A Blue
Evil never go away I know it very well. Blessings to those poor kids and adults who suffer from the hands of evil. Blessings always.
Chris Trinder
He was evil personified 😡
Piluca Piluca
All my love and support to Winfred.
Organic culinary cuisine
Brave man. Bring these nasty criminals to justice
Runswithwind z
I have largely disassociated from my species – George Carlin . Me too George, me too.
Forgiveness is a hard thing …but you get peace …
Joe Jones
Its %100 dedication to PURE evil. Crazy.
Realmente es increible lo que paso en Chile, lo que creo es que pueden hacer un libro y explicar cuál era la idea que todos los Adultos pensaban al respecto de lo que se hacian alli, ellos eran los mas cercanos a los ninos , ahora estan ancianos pero que les persuadan para que hablen y no se vuelva a repetir en ningún lado de el mundo, que 1 solo hombre pudo hacer esta barbarie hace pocos años.
One Two
Why is there so much abuse and violence wherever this kind goes?
Derek Skains
Just watched this so many years after it came out. I read through all the comments and have not seen any mentioned if the lawsuits were successful or not??
The Handyman
1.39 I lasted . I can’t stomach this stuff anymore. Heart breaking .
Pamela Homeyer
Men with too much power and girls with no parents or little boys who cannot defend themselves where were the people who were supposed to check on these folks and make sure that they were okay? Men are too easily corrupted
James R
Um, can we say Waco? You don’t have to go to Chile to find this. There are many of these situations right here in the U.S.
Brings to mind some of the traits of the Amish and Mennonite communities.
He used Christianity for his perversions. And because of he and so many other wolves, in sheeps’ clothing, how difficult it is to spread the love of the Gospel. So sad for the victims, and so sad for all of us, who are left confused about God’s hope for humanity.
Hitler didn’t kill him self in his bunker he fled to spain and eventually lived in South America for many years,like many of his closest people of the inner circle.
Christopher Scallio
Jonestown was built upon these foundational premises. The CIA owned the land in Guyana that Jim Jones’ built his ‘People’s Temple Colony’ upon. Through the OSS ‘Operation Paperclip’ NAZI’s entered the CIA. It all ties up.
ALI And Evan
Evil by any other Name! Evil never goes away in this realm.
Quincy Lamar Edwards
Why do they keep saying “flock” when it’s said “cult”?
Corinne Shea
Schaefer was opposed to Communism, yet he so thoroughly practiced it Biblically at Colonia Dignidad…
gary martin
COLONIA DIGNIDAD – THE TRUE STORY 52′ (GER, ENG subs) A true to life account of life under subjugation, abuse and torture. 44 years of repression. In late 2015, a film entitled “Colonia” also known as “The Colony”
Madeleine Maddelleine
evil has many faces, evil deceives people specially the innocent the trusting ……. evil take the face of religion, evil can only live when people are not vigilant ……
Ami Kong
Where ever there is oppression, disguised heroes with a hidden agenda always come to the rescue ,
Rosendo Castillo Perez
Si eso le hicieron a su propia gente… imaginen las atrocidades a los nativos. – If they did that to their own people … imagine the atrocities to the natives
Gerli Treial
Watched the movie ” The Colony”, with Emma Watson, in one breath, really sad, but good movie.
One of the many atrocities commited in Chile during the right wing dictatorship of Pinochet after the coup against democratically elected socialist president Allende, mainly staged by the United States in order to protect their economical interests and spread their capitalist ideology in the region. A key figur in this fascist-neoliberal alliance was Nobel peace prize awarded secretary of state Henry Kissinger, who actually admitted in his memoires that the coup against Allende was organized by the US. That is why some of us are against any form of US-american intervention in foreign affairs.
jacki jura
isolate + traumatize = the narcissist’s recipe
Mary Schultz
I can’t imagine being so weak minded and willed that I would follow anyone like this. Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Warren Jeffs, Marshall Applewhite of Heaven’s Gate cult – they were all megalomaniac madmen. Only wounded, timid people could accept a leader like this (I’m not talking about the child victims, by the way.) How anyone with a mind to think or a will to make choices could do this is beyond me. It is so sad that so many directionless people exist and end up in these situations or cause their children to go through this. I can’t explain the mass brainwashing that occurs.
Agnes Cassar
It would be nice to know what the victims are saying
Malavi Chaudhari
Variations of this all over the world. How can we allow anytime remotely like this to go on. Should not we actively fish activities like this and bring this to a total halt. Children all over the world are falling victim to multiple kinds of situations. Let us step.away from out comfort zone a little every day and dedicated a little of our time and effort in study and research and pledge to protect the children of our world. Otherwise this world is not worth living.
It sounds like Jim Jones modeled himself after this group’s cult leader!!!! The similarities are astonishing!
There’s another one of these still alive and well today as of 2021 March 20; Gloriavale in the Southern Island New Zealand, they have all the same Markers as Colonia Dignidad with child abuse and religious enslavement being rampant and there’s been enough witnesses and escapees to prompt an investigation and inadvertent shutdown of their facilities and cult, we must form an ultra nationalist coalition to address these gross violations of human rights right under our own noses and homes which the NZ government is obviously too incompetent to address. We cannot allow this evil to spread and grow anymore, even worse that they outlast us, we are not our ancestors, we are better then them and we will set this right and save everyone.
Peter Feeney
It leaves more questions than answers, like how did they all get there?
Ann Oxley
God bless the Argentinians for courage to stand up against this pervert! And may God bless all these people with a beautiful new future.
abhinav bodas
Sounds eerily familiar to the Jonestown commune doesn’t it?
D Marion
a monument should be built in memory of humans not having mattered for so long, still it seems. Its history! of humanity.
E.J. VanderDuyn
One feels terrible for Winfried (and all the others). How difficult it must be to forgive your parents after they failed you so terribly…
Some years ago I had a roommate from Chile with a last name Schäffer 😬
John Mendez
This started way before Pinochet, this started in the 50’s
Russell Thompson
I couldn’t help to notice that Pinochet’s military topcoat appeared to have a Russian design!
Doug Moore
Hitler and his top leaders were big believers in Buddhism and they believed they were a newer evolution of the Asian/Tibetan types and Hitler had teams of explorers scouring the earth for religious artifacts to enhance their occultism practices.
I m curious to know who are the 5 criminal arrested after his death, with the help of his allies inside the colonia he caused so much harm to helpless children. Who knows, maybe among the allies there are also woman, and I really suspect there are some.
How can someone be so cruel
Mali MayaLuna
21:20 not in the subtitles; that she was kept seven years in the hospital.
Helen Phelan
Why have I never heard about this before?
Стив Скотт
All have known of this. The Reichstag never dissolved. It simply moved.
Gerry McGowan
Place should be burned to the ground .
Elegante Philippines Vlog
This is a very good documentary.
M Giovanni
I’m half Chilean, I remember when my gran mother used to talk to me about her country, she used to speak in German, cooked several German pastries, dishes, etc when I was a kid. When I turned 20 I went to visit her town (Valdivia, South of Chile) and I was shocked about how organized, clean, advance was Chile (comparing it with other South American countries), the people of my age were so open minded, highly cultured, a lot of metal heads, punks, rockers, etc. Lots of white people, hospitals, schools, cemeteries, streets with German names. It is sad that we all forget or ignore this type of horrible things; now we have a stupid president who is a “white supremacist”. There is nothing great to feel proud about being a white supremacist….NOTHING!
Kamaljit Beesla
He destroyed too many kids life and family even these family still didn’t get justice god gave them strength fight against corrupt system they can win against bad peoples
Arcelia Cody
Victims of this abuser, expose all that participated in the crimes. Good luck! You all be strong. By doing what is right. You all are helping others to stand up strong. Peace and love to you all.
Just 11 years for his accomplices, there were no justice there I hope they rot in jail. What about that guy paul ?
Dylan Whitton
Just watched the movie on this place insanity to say the least !
Carol Ann Miles-Hughes
A sad commentary on people covering for Insane Savage men, that take great pride in Freud too!
Jean Hawken
Can you imagine what it would be like without a media. No one had the guts to stand up for the children. The rotten men that did this still exist. The greed for power. The wickedness of the German church now preaching forget and forgive. What absolute rot.
Great!!! Thank you for Have knowing such documents need world to know About
chaz Gurrero
Each one of victims deserve JUSTICE!!!
Ms Cris
Heartbreaking story,I wonder if the Chilean government has opened those files, you would think all those responseable are all finally dead now, so they can see the truth. They will get passed this horrific beginning.
Jayla A
How was the colony still running in 1980???
Alex Granada
Al-Jazeera produces some really great documentaries. I just wish that they do away with the translation/subtitles and do a voice-over translation instead. A lot of viewers are watching on their smart phones and those tinily-printed subtitles/translation gets in the way of enjoying the video.
Halpuda Mikko
Those hugo boss uniforms are sick glad Chile still keeps it!
Peter Nicolini
These things still happen in Germany. Who disagrees, risks to disappear. Even if it’s a young beautiful blond German girl. Or sent to a psychiatrist
richard martinez
this is all too clear how Jim jones also treated his congregation, separation of families, punishments, sexual abuse of children…working hard in the fields with very little food. Eventually killed by poisoning nearly 1,000 people, along with children.
this crime needs to be told the way it went down,not how its covert up!!!
Jamaican Patois Psalms
People like this monster gives Christians a bad name.
Rachael LeValley
I am so glad this information is out and people are learning about this.
mondomacabro major
Series 2 of Hunting Hitler touched on colonia dignidad – but nothing like this in depth doco ….
Rudy Van Autreve
I have chills on my bones hearing about Chili. Country was liberat3d of the spanisch by a Scott. Keeping thisspanish evil . Until now .
Calvin Royal
All with the full blown support of the U.S.
percymooch onehteem
No parents with a relationship with Christ would ever subject themselves or their children to such horrendous abuse nor would any “so called” christian join such a cult if they were biblically literate. The only solution to any such possible future problems is Jesus Christ and obedience ti His word. Hes the only way to go
Vanessa Williams
THESE MEN WERE “MONSTERS … and they were CRAZY … TOO !!!!!!!! ….
It certainly shows what the agenda is when they want to teach us in school about George Washington‘s wooden teeth but not this
Felix Guerrero
The structure of this group is very close to the early Kibbutz, communal work and communal family system. This violates basic Christian principles which promote the family-household structure.
Naarah Jane Morris
God Bless All the Victims there should be a Memorial Plaque for all the people who were Murdered it,s So wrong that They opened it up as a Restaurant & Hotel where people & children were sexually Abused it,s Sick what they Did to Innocent people & children, I Pray that Justice will Prevail for, The Victims.
Nina Jefferson
The only person you say is responsible is Shaffer. What about his accomplice?
Astrid Melodie
Im so sad of all those children, than now are adults…
Moni Pl
SHAME ON YOU CHILE!!!! I have no words…
car54 whereRU?
I pray that the survivors win the lawsuit ! But, I won’t be surprised if they don’t. The people who had authority and power to stop that abomination turned away and did nothing. You cannot get the attention of officials, etc., unless you get them in their wallet
👍😍Winfried is a beautiful person. 💝
Until we learn to eradicate those who caused us harm without consequencies(43min 43sec in video among others), we will let them survive to carry out their evil work again.
Sheila Reynolds
We know that he was a very evil person. God is his judge and dealing with him now. We pray for his victims. Satan will ALWAYS use the church and “religion” to look good and attract unsuspecting victims. But that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t seek a relationship with Christ and other Christians . We are to be disserning
Laura Vaughn
They should have destroy that place!!!
Alberto Schiavo
“man produces evil as a bee produces honey” William Golding
James R
Now, people like Schaefer go to S.E. Asia to find their “supply”.
Deborah Minter
To bury the past and convert Colonia into a tourist attraction makes the inhabitants no longer victims but accomplices. Strange that followers and leaders are still practicing “spiritual” gatherings together.
Charles Abernathy
Most of the people were, perhaps, abusing their own kids as well. Therefore, they really didn’t care. The plaster was with little doubt doing them financial favors and holding the communities together. Needy people don’t have the moral fibre to worry about what happens to children. Kids are a burden to developing communities.
39:15 making that place as a tourist destination is similar to building hospital in the place of Abu Grabe prison in Iraq.
Gelatinous E. Beanmire
I just watched the wolf house, jesus, i will look towards ways to support the Chilean people.
Chris Wyatt
I wish somebody had told David Letterman about Paul before he gave him a job lol
Chile’s past looks like the near future of the US.
Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.
Ok one joke. So Pail Schafer -“ TJE music man for David Letterman , was the torture dude!? I knew it!
Thanasis Athanasiou
I think there are countless similar cases,completely unknown /untold. And the worst is that there is no real justice and punishments,because they just obey orders. It’s awful, how easy people forget their humanity. NEVER AGAIN.
Brian McMahon
Wow……a real journalist? Can this woman please come to US?
DogCat Party
March 2020 See videos at The Film Archives to learn about how the USA overthrew Allende, the president of Chile and installed Pinochet. Prince Philip, married to the UK’s Queen Elizabeth, is said to have about three sisters who married high level Nazis in Germany. There are a number of books out since the 1980’s about Project Paperclip, which brought over thousands of Nazis, changed their names, put them in USA military uniforms, NASA jobs, Forune 500 jobs in suits, etc. Listen to all of Mae Brussell’s archives (for sale on her official website) at the search engine Ecosia. She devoted her life to researching the Nazis and political assassinations. She read at least ten newspapers from around the world every day and connected people by who attended the same weddings and funerals, etc.
Cuchi de Soto
That place should have been bulldozed and the ground leveled. No museum, no nothing except grass and trees. It’s an embarrassing reminder of revolting past issues.
Elly Greaves
How is it starting to happen again 80 years later ? Does mankind never learn ?????????????????????????
Hulk Hogan
Gotta love an anti communist commune
Peter Nicolini
An example of how the whole German state works
Dr. Pepper
Those same kind of communities exist in Utah and Colorado that are run by Mormon offshoots. Yet they get away with it. Child abuse is rampant in Utah. The rate of abuse is ten times the national average among mainstream Latter Day Saints. It’s pathetic that so many abusers go unpunished.
Layla Ali
I saw the Netflix movie it was heartbreaking what happened these children
Tino Correia
There must have been a lot of inbreeding going on in Germany back then
NoWork NoFood
knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers, but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Jesus Christ.
Francene Dwyer
“Man has dominated man to his harm” Jeremiah 8:9 N W T.
Musica ¥
I am Chilean and I am ashamed that now that building is now a tourist museum. Greetings to all the numerous German colony in Chile
Klaus Bolvig
Once again extreme abuse hidden behind an insane religious ideology. Strange nobody seems to be afraid of eternal punishment after death due to faith. This is something that has been seen in so many religions, that It makes me wonder why so many people need to believe.
Kelvin Daniels
The Germans should be held accountable of the horrors in Africa……
Wait so they don’t believe in communism but they basically practice it in there community?🤔
joker adviser
What a tragedy! And almost no one knows! F MONSTERS!
Cristina Santos
Promised Never Land first thing that comes to my mind ;(
arti choke
It is easy to habituate to anything if one has no idea how the mind (mind is thought in Buddhism) works. And, there is a Buddhist science called Abhidharma which teaches how the mind functions. Buddhism, in general, has answers to many questions- it has answers to all questions as a matter of fact. Having in mind that Buddha means an awakened one or being awake. Meaning, being present in the situation so as not to make a habit, at least, and developing compassion. It takes a while to enable oneself to be aware of one’s thoughts and how to not get attached to them through studying, contemplation, and meditation. And, it is definitely worth giving it a try, especially after having watched this documentary. Otherwise, there is no way to tell when the monster asleep in each of us could awake.
Julius D'mello
Matthew 3:8,10 KJV Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance: [10] And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
The evils of this world!
Fawazia Ali
I lived and taught in Chile for one year. I visited Colonia Dignidad as it was called still in the 1990’s. I had lunch in the German restaurant. They played German marching music the whole time . The people dressed like Mennonite. I was amazed that a little German colony existed autonomously in another country. I was not aware of it’s heinous history. Glad to hear that’s it’s over!
20:07 now that school of thought is oddly familiar in the US.
dwd ded
If everybody checked their backgrounds they would be shocked to see what they find
Belltown Daisy
I don’t understand how that guy and his Chilean wife who left for Germany can keep birds in cages. You would think that they of all people would understand freedom.
Rev 2:11 He who overcomes will not be hurt by the second death
Angelica Jensen
I know this history. Chile is my birth country and I shame of the justice in my country because it doesn’t exist! I leave Chile and I don’t come back! It makes me cry that Pinochet didn’t pay for anything he committed! This monster Paul Shaffer just lived in prison only a couple of years. Only in f** Chile😢😢😢
Anahit Karapetian
This is horrible, but what’s more horrible is that in modern days people and countries that clame human life as a highest value don’t talk about this louder and don’t accuse the states who are guilty for this crime. It’s so sad when you think what those people have survived.
Swami Vrashtacharya
And the entire Nazism in South America was sponsored and supported by the US – apparently the US was so worried about communism that they preferred Nazism! Hypocritical at best
Manouska Doorson
Satan’s minions. Just horrible. I just can’t even phantom the horribleness. As a human to another human alive or deceased i apologize deeple that those things exsisted. Rest in peace
Darius Acevedo
I recently took a dna test and found out not only am I Puerto Rican, but German and my family name was changed in Germany around 1945. They immigrated to Puerto Rico marrying a Taino native girl, named Domingo. She’s my great grandmother. we were told my family was Puerto Rican not German, doesn’t seem like much a stretch if there’s a connection there. I’m more curious on what my family name was before they changed it.
Bull Terror
It’s like a condensed version of the Colony known as Australia
Froggy Productions
Chile today is rich, peaceful, and prosperous (richest in South America) today because Pinochet (appointed by Allende, not a right winger) and patriots of Chile ran off the communists (at the request of the congress).
What’s up with Germans and all that crazy testing on human subjects?!!!
Y. Harvey Norman
Can AJ do a report about Arab Islamic states that sheltered Nazis after WW2. Also about Islamic fascination with the Nazis till this day and Holocaust denial?
Joe M
It’s why I raised my children as humanist without any gods. “Religion is an insult to human dignity. Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” Steven Weinberg
John Mendez
There’s two of them, one in Parral and the other in Chillan. They have a huge restaurant there.
Ray Beaulieu
Aljazeera has the best investigative journalists in the world today. I’ll trust their reporting over any other news agency because they don’t let corporations and political views control the TRUTH.
Ufology Explored
German government still the same just a different name from the 30s and 40s they have not learned and there mindset is probably still the same. God bless all the victims of the abuse in this our world.
smurfiennes blue
There were 1000 eyes, 1000 ears, but controlled by only 1 brain. They saw tortures and murders, they heard cries and screams, yet nobody spoke up.
Alaska 49
That’s not how early Biblical communities were set up. That guy was messed up.
Imminent Hope
i feel like most religions operate like this on some level. this is the world trump-desantis republicans would have for us
J Stevinik
Description of the video: “No mature content” Me: Seriously!?!
Yola Montalvan
Why the Chilean Government didn’t investigate them?
Vanessa Williams
Tsega Berhane
Shame on the government of Chile and Germany!! Mainly on the Government of Chile , unbelievable Victims need to be compensated !!
Satanas666 Reyna
That’s very sad 😢 poor kids
The Horrors Of Mankind
You can’t blame Germany.
Pílula de Internet
Netflix’s recently made a documentary about this with way more details. “Colonia dignidad”
Thelma Parker
Sounds like a cult
Sick-minded people use religion to execute their evilness. Shame on them. Their souls burning forever in purgatory
Deborah Wright
Who in their right mind would want to go there for rest ? If people didnt live in this place it should be burnt to the ground.
You can thank the US for the Pinochet Regime…
saskia wells
What a horrid world
johnathan Juarez
A disgusting despicable kind of people, Neither human or animal
Benny Skyn
Maybe Schaefer and Warren Jeffs are burning together.
Ivy Athena
There is no place on earth that woman r children have not been abuse sexually. This is so hurtful The things we woman go true
Never seduce people with power, they will abuse it.
Anne Lin
how did Luis get out of there?
The people in charge and over these colonies should be the kinds of people sent to devils island ⭐
Sounds like Scientology
Lourdes de Oliveira
I have known about THAT …in Australia! People from Chile told me.
Where in the world are there not a group of Germans? The things that happened inNamibia was shocking and it is not well known. Namibian Germans are exremely rude not as nice as other Germans I’ve befriended.
A german Hotel what is this ??!!!!! Why !!??? Who goes to a place like this i Dont und er stand this is sick
Hellen Beer
People should be outraged by the colonization from Spain not the US. Look at Central America, the Philippines, but because America is weak with deep pockets you don’t hear anything about Spain’s imperialism.
seb engeli
This is like those Irish magdalen laundries
Thunderman Dead End Scribes
0:39 can you say it louder for the people in the back?
mediocre man
35:24 – I never thought it possible, but there it is: I have the urge to take an iron rod and smash in the smiling face of someone helpless.
Reina Treviño
I saw the movie and I bet it was worst than that
those poor children.
Hitler’s vision of humanity played out in Chile. Where else has this happened?
😢🤔Anyone know the outcome of the case?😢
Tamora P
What a monster. He destroyed many lives without getting a punishment according with his crimes.
Roger Flores
Margaret Thatcher’s ally and friend….Pinochet….that’s Tories and Thatcherism for you
Lifes Prodject
This type of reporting should be on the evening news. Get the truth out!
It almost seems like a choice. You mean, there was all of y’all there…?
So, basically like Jim Jones?
King African
Fast fwd 30+40 yrs and check the mental health of the victims..check how their lives have gone and RELATIONSHIPS.. deep
Ecuador Expat
Horrifying absolutely Evil
Violet N
The evil that men do.
I don’t know what happened. They tried a socialist commune and abandonded family like Marx suggested. Why did it not work?
Amelia Hare
This may have inspired Ron L Hubbard and his moonies,,,,lol!
Amadeus Grandson
Makes you wonder if the pope was chosen because he is from Argentinian/German decent
Tomas Pressel
watching after the movie Colonia. whats wrong with this planet?
Peter Bradshaw
Jim Jones in a form.
Subdivisions of BLACK
Is this any different than 400+ yrs of slavery?
Sam Buydens
The colony where a central organ decided social, family, economics,… was held together because they saw Communism as the enemy?
Michael Re
Random but I wish YouTube could be played in the background while using your phone.
L Allen
at 20:16—he’s talking about this current US administration!
Jewel Mathews
What, you thought the nazis stopped being evil just coz they moved house?? Not even!!
Laila Refaat
They turned it into a touristic destination!!!!!!!!
Ana Flora
“Let’s continue the horror in South America.”
Margaret caldarone
What in the world, what is this ? I know moral is not in their dictionary? What kind of evil possesses these people. I never understood that my grandfather refused to admit he had German blood, that was around World War 1.
Marc Duke
Sounds like Jim Jones.
Powder Skier
Many thousands of Germans and Croatians escaped to Chile and Argentina after WW2
Long Road
Since it’s an Arabic channel and corporation, I expected Al Jazeera to put another lingual option in the caption for Arab viewers!
saskia wells
I can’t believe this where is god
C Beezey
Joe Rogan and Tim Kennedy brough me here
katherine Poletto
Whoa.Thank You So Very Much.Very,Very good report.i am Grateful to You ALL For bringing this to Light.I think i am Close in Age to Many of You.k.poletto.
Irgend Was
When the woman walk though Krefeld a few times she always walk the same way up and up again
René Moncayo
Talk about Spiniak and the Kast family
Yes, somehow they got here to run CPS. Same philosophy.
Issac Brott
All sickening.. Very German…it’s in the DNA
1 day off per year, zero compensation. Jesus
Luna Saucedo
Omg this is so horrible !!!!!!! I could never stay at that hotel !!! Chile should destroy that place !!!
Doris C
Don’t go to that hotel!
All the comments saying “I never knew something like this happened “. Don’t people read or watch documentaries? Every time I see or hear something that I don’t know, I always go and google it and read about it. I mean how can people live without hunger for knowledge?
Lifes Prodject
Just saw a documentary on the Palestinian people now moving to Chile. Hope they will be aware of dangers there also.
Why does this sound like boko-haram’s religion?
James R
This is the first time that I have heard of a mobile gas chamber.
Martina Kuticic
And they received almost no punishment in Germany 😉
Henry Lecomte
I’ve talked with Renate Schnellenkamp she is a very nice person I’ve even considered moving there I just don’t have the funds at the moment
Kay McMahon
This is for YOU, PONTCHA, My beautiful, beautiful SUNDANCE SISTER…WHOS DANCE CAME TOO AN END, in this realm….thanks for sharing your STRENGTH WITH ME IN our DANCE We WERE HONORED TO BE in together….thanks LAKOTA NATION, BASIL BRAVEHEART AND YOUR Realtive MARLON….TAKU WAKAN Skun SKUN….FOX WOMEN
🤔What’s the man’s name @ 1:11? Anyone know? He speaks a few times throughout the video but I never heard her say his name.
Bbarkerthecrew G
Joe Rogan and Tim Kennedy brought me here
Gopidas K
So we know what kind of democracy inspired prosecution of uighurs in China. China understands the west better than most of us know
You’d think they just focus on raising the population.
24:44 Haters of communism. Sounds nice, however that is hypocritical as they all lived in a commune
joe barriga-
How is it possible for anyone to transport hundreds of people to a faraway place. Must have had the support of the both governments. Recall the jim jones colony in Guyana,. Who was paid in the power circles of society to make this possible.?
richard lopez
Very shameful Chile, and yet this is only one of the many shameful disgusting things of that country.
Tim Kennedy brought me here!
MissX Legion
And they call us indigenous people savages
Terry Baker
I’m horrified, shocked, disgusted, repulsed that the site of this evil is a @#£&* hotel
Mary Kathleen Sapp
There was no depth to the evil wrought by these Germans. Paray for those who were their victims…
Chris W
emma watson brought me here
Randolph Garcia
Karen Otte
We don’t see children like we used to Stacks and stacks and Stacks and stacks of cases in every state in the United States of children taken away from their families we were told it was none of our business where our children are I raised two children myself am a widow my daughter-in-law is a manager at her job now and my son is back to work you wonder where they doing this to the children at now I guess to let Man live to be a hundred and twenty puts the lives of many children in danger so you ask yourself was man even worthy to live to be a hundred and twenty?
Frank Joseph
Anyone hear about this from joe rogan?
Carlos Disla Cuevas
Colonia Vergüenza. That’s the name that place should be called now. A dark place such as that one should not be visited any more, less used as a retaurant.
Steve Ortiz
I knew their was something weird about chilie , Argentina, portguio and Spain …..their not Latinos their Europeans or at least they wanna be….
Just like guantanamo a torture center based in an other country
Wardog 03
All you SJW’s should tell the Chilean people, who endured the Pinochet regime, about how your oppressed.
M3 dunkman
En pandilla de sangre, ¿cómo se perfecciona la pedofilia? On bloods how do you perfect pedophilia 01:42 I know the Reich didn’t practice that
rio k rio k
so many people around no body said anything unbelievable how ignorant people we are
Jova Matttos
Why someone deslike this documentary? I cantl’t undestand!
Fettane Azeddine
اي ترجمة للعربية
Nice one al Jazeera, how about a documentary on human rights in saudi arabia next? Or rape and abuse in the name of ISLAM?
San Patricio's Space Dolphin Brigada
God Bless Camila Vallejo Dowling. The End of Pinochet forever. Viva Chile y Irlanda
I clicked on the thumbnail thinking I’d see some beautiful Chilean scenery; f%@k me…
Paul Scally
Terrible, really shocking, such evil.
Anne Villa
For him to become a lawyer. You have no excuse
Madison Hang
@36:00 the Chilean State, or the Chilean Estate
joseph smith
There is a movie about it its pretry scary but very factual
Tina Chandler
The gentleman in this documentary went back there with the Hunting Hitler team. They still can’t get into that place completely
tirzha prinsloo
If this man Sheppard is still alive he must be bring to court. This is un aceptable that these people starting communities, and doing al this evil deeds and nothing happened to them. They must be bringing to trail.
Jasmine Alleyne
The child abuse that kill me der I hate to see that part of the movie
21:56 and that’s the reason the federal government keeps bailing out Amtrack. 🚅All aboard!💨😵☠😵💀😵☠😵💀
In 2021, a question must be asked. Did Joe Biden make any military or political visits?
Erich von Manstein
Absolute power corrupts absolutly.
Sargint Rock
I’m sure the Merkel Regime will see they obtain Justice, Hah!!
ben lillistone
What has happened with it now is it still a colony
Blix Huxley
Same as it ever was concerning Humanity. All this time and it still refuses to learn from mistakes. Makes the cosmic traveler wonder if there is any hope at all for it. Yet, we must continue. It is implicitly understood who rules this earthly domain. You know who. Guess who rules the Beyond though? Yeah, thats right. This journey here is your school and depending on your aptitude, will be graded and will determine if you graduate or not. Live for forever and not today. Yes, Evil ones exist all around you. They have been given dominion on this planet. Understand that there will the Great Accounting for ALL souls, though. Be the Light. Dark Shadows are Temporary.
Jeffery Schirm
Ex. For the perps. only justice ! Sad !
Claire Ann Sansolis
So why does the Chile government allow it?
Peachy Pound
Doesn’t the female host/narrator sound like “Quahog’s Asian Correspondent Tricia Takanawa”, from Family Guy?
michael makram
ممكن الفيلم دة مدبلج ؟؟
Kiri Jones
Human’s can be so weak.
Swati Jaiswal
Is that he same Dieter who was shown in the movie?
Sad ,what are the govts doing.
autumn leaf
What is going on this is crazy 🧐😬😱
Frida Feist
🙁 I canot carry on watching this, it’s horrendous 🙁
10:30 My thought if I was called to Permanente Uncle bedroom: “got dam now he’s going to make me assemble Ikea furniture?” 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Jonestown without the mass murder/”suicide”.
victor 003
Who came here after watching the movie Colonia
Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth
Can’t blame a book like the Bible for what does who claim to read the book does when what they do is not written in the book . If they never had the Bible they will be worst off as the Arabs had done far more atrocities than this and covering up is the way
steve g
I suppose lay people are referred to as a flock or sheep for a reason.
Joe Rogan: do they sell DMTs there?
heekyung Kim
How this possible…. He is devil himself….
Crazy Alice
Gotta blame the weak parents for offering up there own flesh and blood to pedophiles and false idols…
Noah sagutch
Liveing like your race is the best will lead you to ruin the human race could be strong if we work together
Nicolas Zajaropulos
Era una escuela de monstruos. Para la creación de monstruos.
David S Cameron
Peter Levenda talks from experience on this disgraceful establishment, check out spitfirelist dot com.
Pierce Hawke
And the irony is those Chileans of German lineage would be considered Latinx/PoC here in the USA; blond hair/blue eyes/pale skin be damned.
george george
“permenat oncle ” is not German!
What Dreher’s Benedict Option amounts to.
Watch hunting hitler ,they go into this place proper scary 😳
Astrid Engelbrecht
Colonia Identität ist erst durch den neuen Film für mich bekannt geworden. Dieses mistkerl schäfer
Shades of Jim Jones.
ric david
The music is really irritating
There is a Netflix docu called Colonia Dignidad
Madison Hang
Augusto Pinochet looks like Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband @30:53
garry davies
Chile, a long time ago. America, right now. Pun intended!
Nimrod Sentinel
Chile, where monsters destroy lives and die with impunity.
Vein Banger93
Mark Jewkerberg needs to go to this place
Ms. jeff
Thats crazy. They should have deported him.
william eason
What’s up with corporals?
Maria Pia De-Rozza
Che mostro! Masochismo e sadismo producono storie agghiaccianti
Lucky Luciano
They made a movie on this
Rick Ruffin
“The devil and communism”. Sounds like Bosonato in Brazil
Elisa Vieira
I like aljazira thanks xxx
Mad Ashell
Took her a long to find out this story in her own country..
Annie Miller
The abusers should be drowned.
gg gg
i believe there are lying in the report
Robert Keel
I know that voice – what a woman.
Bob and Carole Hardy
Divide and rule , Easy to comtrol
Kathleen G
11 years for 4 outa 5 co-ops come on
Everth Cruz
Donde esta la dignidad de la justicia Chilena y Alemana moderna….???? Nice work by the journalist….Lucia Newman….!!!!
Nazir Life101
Evils always come in the name of RELIGIOUS Facades…….
Zbth Lpz
why did chile allow this germans to enter and harm so mamy kids
Sounds like Lenin would have loved this world…
michael valdez
Sounds as a cult in N.Calif.
The Philosopher of Culture
Al Jazeera is by far the best news agency. I have compared it to CNN, BBC, Euronews, TV5 Monde, RT, China News TV, and local official news channels in my country. Only from Al Jazeera I could figure out what relaly was going on. All other channels were biased and had an eclectic choice of news that gave a false view of the world. I found it disturbing.
Armando Rodriguez
Ill a hotel and getaway?! Bomb the area I’d say
goold ali
ابغاه مترجم وين بلاقيه؟؟؟
Ian Moore
i wonder where they are today? i wonder how long the waiting list is? dont think there gone that would be a joke to say that id say drop a nuke but i can about the wildlife this is the real reason special forces teams should exist put em down
Nina Okalova
Film 2015: Colonia Dignidad – Es gibt kein zurück
Matthew Hartley
Tortured and beaten getting light big car batteries and getting tased or whatever
Michael Johnson
He was the German Jim Jones
Christi Ribbons
Anyone going to blame the parents? Raise your own children
Issac Brott
And they are still tethered to their Germanism…that is how sick it all is…
Where was the mossad??
The average chilean doesn’t know about this
Vanessa Williams
PURE …… HATE !!!
And why Algeciras doesnt reported this story earlier. Better dont interview the responsible at Algeciras for his missing involvment inthis care. Also AI seams to be very quiet after their publication 1977 until 2005.
Truly the worst of humanity
Klaus Uhlig
Where did the money come from?
Nun Ya
Why didn’t they go back to Germany a LONG time ago..???????????
Moon Moon
I’m here from Into the Shadows.
James Musk
What about Russian dark pasta d even present ?
Nice germans covering nazy one more time
Every country in the world has a negative past. I’m bothered that society wish to put band aids on wounds that need more.
Ingeborg de la Motte
Seems like all criminals from Germany moves to Chile. Read somewhere that Honeckers wife moves to Chile after the end of DDR.
Ahmad Alkhalaf
Watch the Movie: Colonia
Imminent Hope
this communiuty is similar to the kibbutz in the Palestinian-occupied terirtory of Isreal.
Jesus crust
It’s crazy that this is worst of lager of ww2
saskia wells
That’s disgusting
I like my Chile with Fritos!
Real human
I came here from terrible writing advice
Mrs Big Mama Yas
Law & Order SVU: International Edition, but real life😠😠😠
Steffi Reitsch
Germans being Germans. My people… sheesh.
War criminals holiday hotspot….. Argentina 🇦🇷 , Chile 🇨🇱
The word is Onkel not Onkle… So you know.
Sandblasting Incorporated
Waco, Texas in South America.
Admin WebWagers
WorldStar took me to Joe Rogan… Joe Rogan brought me here
Page Page
Pedophiles exposed is the funniest damned thing. Forever in history. Their choice to be popular as child molesters.
Pacaj Albert
Nemecko je ne státie pre Európu po vojne mali byť v exekúcii
Elizabeth Fuhr
Scheffer, shades of Hitler.
Matthew Hartley
People were gassed there
Vanessa Williams
Dhanyaa logs
Anybody after seeing Colonia movie?
cars usa
El jazzier. Can u make a film about the Armenian genocide also??
Jessica Yi
Those Chilean people are European like the Americans
Carolina Gonzalez S.
At least those kids don’t sell their credibility for money because civil settlements before a criminal trial doesn’t exist like in USA. My justice system is more trustworthy than American ju$tice.
Das Raddiche
There were these places all over south america after the war. Some of them still exist. Remember The CIA just released Information that Hitler didnt die in Germany. He died in Colombia
Aljazeera! you are having a laugh, love…..Pot, Kettle Black comes to mind.
Buhay sa Probinsya
There are so many cult at this Time,, ..
René Moncayo
Russian Jewish mathematician murdered and dissapeared within the community grounds
Stephen G
Bone chilling…
Ricardo Alonso Salas duran
I’m Chilean I’m English Prussian Roman(Latin) native american
Spin-C Throws Hands
Recommendations brought me here.
children – how many portraits of Dorian Gray? you sure?
Luis Martinez
who funded these camps?
Kendra Mullen
Netflix bought me here!
Sarah Humphreys
a mini holacaust again people were powerless to stop it.
Vanessa Williams
ooOO..👀. This is WRONG!! …
Hello Yosep
”Electroshockers for cattle into their ‘Vaaaah – Gi – Naaas’”
Suburban Momma 909
Why does she look like Isabel Allende??
Vanessa Williams
5🌟 ⭐🌟⭐🌟PROGRAMMING …..
Interesting the Rating for this is. No Mature Content.
Elegante Philippines Vlog
Maybe the cult is protected because the cult knew a lot about the German leader. Maybe they are both gays
Blix Huxley
TransHumanism is Humanity’s ICARUS Moment. Smell that burnt wax as those pretty wings fold up and you realize the impending doom so acutely, as your vision blurs and impact draws nigh. Tsk tsk, you and your pride were cast down once before, you dont get to come back, lol.
The hoosher
Is disgusted in German
Max Watson
I realize this documentary covers a serious topic but lmao at 1:15 Vag-a-nas
Kevin Persen Liset
Adolf Hitler didnt commit suicide in the Berlin bunker. He eacaped.
Mr. Mike
‘sounds like Jim Jones
Anyone remember Jim Jones, Brigham Young, David Koresh, ……? Follow no man but Christ. Erase all religion and then read the Bible with the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Listen to no human.
Patricia Rowe
This video is labeled “” no mature
Naj Farsi Farsi
yuo should know spanish to watch this programm,, subtitle cant been seen
Yet there are people who think God exist…
dj smith
sounds like Trump just awful i cried
Arvind Leo Pereira
Can’t watch dis, … Any human will find it hard to watch dis
Charles Foster
Shema Y’Israel…take heed Yahudah…behold O Christian: We who claim to be faithful do not follow men, but God, and while this is an extreme example of the evil that all man-centered religion is, the warning of Messiah in Mt7:23 was to believers who were profoundly religious, but still made some practice of rejecting Torah. I know Baptist ministers who outright reject Torah, which Jesus satisfied every requirement of as our example, by twisting the few words of Paul out of context, as 2Peter3:14-17 explains and warns against perfectly, while IGNORING Paul’s exhortation to follow the example of the “more noble Bereans who test every teaching to Torah!” Most Charismaniacs know more about the sign of the anti-christ 666 (which is actually the ancient greek letters chi, sti and stigma) than they know about the SIGN BETWEEN GOD AND HIS SET-APART PEOPLE in Exodus31:13…much less obey it! “WIDE is the road to destruction, beloved…and narrow and rocky is The Way to salvation, and they are few who find it!” Fear the Lord, and keep His commands if you believe the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus if you would be Rev14:12 Saints. †
baviera is aslang for the german nazis..
Dark at Hearts
The only price… BUSSY
Alexander O.
Animal farm by George Orwell
Michail Agustus Solomonic
I just get wrong Paul Schaffer 😂🔥🍻
Ellis Maytham
How did Qatar, Somalia Brunei, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria etc become Muslim? Did they have democratic elections?
The The
ANABI MOHAMMED SWS, AND ARE ANCESTORS THEY STILL AWAKES DEFENDING THE TRUTH.ANA BI MUHAMMAD Technology, To know all the hardships parents go through woman’s children’s, so sorry.this is a time to reflect think, reason, reasrch, learn together and live ed together as a one Familys hope for the best ( ASUMJUY ☪️)