Houston firefighter stolen at birth returns to birthplace Chile – Blog

Lyn Harrison
What a cruel thing to do to a mother 😪 glad they found each other ✌
Ka Ri Na
I loved this story so much! Made me tear up and smile at the same time. I’m so happy for him and his mom…and I loved his message at the end…because I’m sure he grew up having everything, so he knows what really matters in life and will last forever. It also encourages parents who may not have all the fancy things in life for there children and may think there not giving enough.
American Patriot
Wow. What a story. I can’t imagine the emotions running through his body. It has to be so emotional to find out you were stolen at birth. But it seems like his adoptive parents did an extremely great job. He seems to be an outstanding young man. I’m glad he got to see his mom before she passed away. In the 80s as a police officer we busted up an illegal adoption ring. A lawyer was involved in this same ring of adoptions. I was also a volunteer firefighter for 10 years. I’m so happy for him. Congratulations brother ❤
The Real Hungry Joe
This is a nice story! Good to hear he got in contact with his mom! That’s awesome This may seem odd but when my siblings and I were born, my mom bit off a little bit of our fingernails to identify us.
𝑴𝒔𝑪𝒐𝒏𝒏𝒊𝒆 2𝒀𝒐𝒖
What an evil and cruel thing to do…I’m so glad he found his birth mom
Ona Tara Bandruí
An amazing family reunion story. Bless them all. ❤ 👏
This is literally….. the best story I’ve ever heard. ……..”Somewhere over the rainbow”…plays in my head….
Anastasia Maria
Beautiful story – so glad they shared it with the world. BIG HEARTs – lovely people.
T Marie
He should sue! I am glad he had a good life, but, how outrageous that a bunch of professional people made a decision to rip a baby away from his mother, and then lie to her, about his death!
Unlike No Other
What is wrong with humanity?? I can’t imagine how horrible the karma was/is for all those involved 😕
Alem Almaz
Everyone involved needs to be held accountable especially since they have photos of the once involved in the so called adoption such a cruel act so glad they found each other
Daphne Pierre
A couple of months ago a haitian lady gave birth in Chile because she left Haiti because of the insecurity and she’s been living in Chile for 5 years working responsible women come to find out they took her baby after birth because social services accused the poor woman that she did that wasn’t true just to steal her baby and it’s been months she’s been trying to find out where is her baby they keep telling her nonsense and the mother is crying in agony
Maria Navarro
Amazing news reporter what a horrible injustice to this poor woman and her son ! Can’t wait to hear the outcome of this mindblowing story. 💯👍👍
I love this story it had a good ending I like it when they have good endings and I imagine he will be going back and forth to visit his mother from then on it’s too bed they have to have that trafficking do they still have it I hope not now he has two mothers that’s good
so 😔 but glad he reunited with his real bit mother sue Chile government and that monster fake mom
Mary Soto
Sorry but yet you were blessed with the out come. Many children were killed and you know someone in Chili another firefighter. My daughter finally met her dad and for 1 1/2 years she was ethetic. She passed away. He looked for her in California and we had moved to Washington State. Be happy in both places.
Kathleen Saenz
How wonderful…they have today!
I’m happy that he ended up in good, loving hands, but should have never happened in the first place. People around the world should quit aiding and abetting communism.