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Will Wahl
It continues to surprise me about how much of world history is ignored in American schools. I have never heard of this until this moment and I am 27 years old. I am deeply saddened this this happened and hope that every family either gets a reunite or an answer. How incredibly awful. I can’t even fathom the horror of the victims and the families of the victims.
Said Toshimaru
To me, as an Argentine, is heartbreaking to see this, but I’ll always admire the fight of Estela and this wonderful women. Unfortunately, there are still people in my country who deny this reality, or even attack the disappeared as “terrorists” and saying they “had it coming”. Yes, people still justify this attroicities. Nunca más. Never more.
My grandfather was abducted and tortured for seven months, my grandmother looked everywhere for him but couldn’t find him. Some random day a car left him at the family’s house, he never told us what happened, not even to my grandma, he died 14 years ago from cancer and his last months between his pains, delirium and agonies he remembered those times abducted and cried like a little kid, always hiding in his bedroom, he had to sleep with the TV on at full volume to not have nightmares. I hope he found peace, only God knows what he and the rest of innocents went through.
Fun fact: The CIA gave economic and tactical support to the Argentine, Chilean, and other Latin American dictatorships during the cold war, in what’s called “el plan condor” or “the condor plan”
Ash- Bob
Never, ever, underestimate the power of a mothers love.
dylan raymond
This retro report series is criminally under-viewed, pardon the pun. Great editing, storytelling, and visuals as always.
I hope Retro Report is winning awards left and right, they deserve them.
I´m argentinean and i´m literally crying while watching this video. The story is so powerfull. And there are so many details that I never knew, becouse in Argentina they don´t really teach you about the dictatorship, it´s like a taboo topic, and it shouldn´t be.
Janet S
I am a grandmother of a lovely little boy. My blood runs cold when I think of how horrible it would be if he was stolen from us. My sympathies go out to these women.
Joani Paige
Determination fed by love. What an inspiring story. Wish them all the very best.
Anna Dorman
I had no idea about the planes. Holy wow. That’s absolutely insane, it’s like something an 8-year-old playing war would think up before they understand about the permanence of death.
These women are incredible.
Rose Kellah
I’m from DC and Isabel Mignone was actually my substitute teacher! I had gotten recommended this video and remembered her sisters name and I was gonna tell the story here but that’s absolutely crazy. I remember her telling our Spanish class about her sister, about how she was sedated and dropped in the sea, and afterwards I went up to her and asked more about her sister and she wrote down her name for me. Looking back now I feel so bad for Ms. Mignone cause the class was so disrespectful and wouldn’t listen. I hope she’s still doing well 💕
I’m from Argentina, I’m 15 years old. I wasn’t even alive when this happened, but this sends shivers down my spine. We won’t let this happen again. Nunca más.
Horrible and beautiful story. Let us remember so it is never repeated. Here in Brazil we also has a terrible dictatorship, albeit not as bad as in Argentina, so I send them all my best wishes for the present and future.
she’s such a strong, formidable person! in a way she reminds me of my own grandmother, still active and busy in her 90s. i’m glad she was able to find and connect with her grandson after so many years apart
Samantha Braun
What an amazing woman that Grandmother is!
Diane Robin
This is so horrible for the innocent victims, and heartbreaking for all who lost those they loved.
Miss Cindy
What a beautiful Lady, what a horrible thing they did to those people.
Candela Palacios
My grandfather was in the argentinian military during the dictatorship, but he was only a vet, he didn’t know this was happening. But a friend of his knew. He told him to control my mom, who was a left wing supporter, because she could be in trouble if she kept speaking her mind so openly. When I think what they could have done to her had she not been lucky, I know I’ll always fight for this not to happen again. Nunca más.
This story was heartbreaking and hope inspiring all at once. The depth of inhumanity and the heights of love. We are capable of heaven or hell I hope one day we all choose heaven and love. But to think this is still happening all over the world. Dictators murder just so they can sit on a throne.
Aw I’m glad through everything, Estela found her own grandson.
Little Relief
I’ve been to Argentina twice, but 2018 was my first time to the march outside the Rose Palace. If any of you have watched this and what to know how it feels to be there, I want to give you this: The park is beautiful and there was a bunch of teenagers drinking and smoking. When the march starts, a gazebo is set up and a nursing home bus arrives with the oldest grandmothers and a group of allies numbering about 20. As it begins, these teens are cleared out but do not argue and some stay and watch in solidarity. The air becomes dense as they match in a wide circle and there is never police intervention, as it has the feeling of ‘this event will only continue as long as these woman are alive’. The grief is like the feeling you get when you choke on air, it is palpable and it makes many break down. The photos are old and fading.
Zero Effort
I usually dont like the new York times but these retro reports are quality journalism
per sebra
I remember hearing something like 30,000 disappeared, but I didnt know the dictatorship had only ruled 7 years!
Ms.Martie Gallego
What a sad yet beautiful story!! He is so nice and good looking !! I’m so happy for the Grand Mother!!!
Sofia Nemov
As a person who lived in Argentina back till 2019, I can confirm that the families are still looking for their disappeared children and grandchildren. You can still see big papers glued to the papers with a human silhouette with a word disappeared inside it
Phil Rabe
Another horrible legacy from our CIA interference in the affairs of every country south of our border. The planes were the worst export Boeing ever made.
abner aquino
uma triste realidade que marcou a america latina por decadas… e sem duvida, uma das razoes por sermos uma regiao que, embora abastecida de inumeros recursos naturais, nao passamos de uma regiao subdesenvlvida.
Francesca Colby
We learned this in my law class called human rights and research practice. My professor was in Argentina as a human rights forensic worker and was in one of the coups and he taught us a lot of other stuff happening in the South America. It took til sophomore year of college, upper division classes in prelaw courses to learn this. He wrote a book on it to. Eric Stover. He did some great work in Argentina. The students that went to University of Buenes Aires. They did archaeology and forensics investigative work to discover the “ disappeared.” Argentine forensic anthropology team did some great work identifying bodies using skeletons and forensic work. Hard to reunite everyone because the international community is not funded well. The missing in the aftermath of war: when do the needs of victims families ne international war crimes tribunals clash by Eric stover and Rachel shigkane.
Liliana webb
El bien siempre triunfa. Porque gente valiente como esta Sra. decidio buscar JUSTICIA.
Their determination makes me happy but at the same time I feel angry because our goverment deny this genocide in some way and that say a lot about our president and his team.
Beena Plumber
It’s dangerous to compare, but Estela de Carlotto reminds me of Simon Wiesenthal. Both were driven, even into old age, to find people (some in Argentina), though when Estela finds someone, it’s probably a happier occasion for the parties involved in the search. When Simon W. found Nazi criminals, I doubt he hugged very many of them. I mean, his work was rewarding, but it’s somber business.
Maria Rogers
He’s very lucky, wish I could also find my parents in Argentina and see if I have family still there too!!
xana irigoien
I’ve met these women they are some of the kindest, strongest and most dedicated women around. Les respeto señoras
Christina C
This is a tragic, heart breaking story of grandmothers searching to find their beloved grandchildren and mothers searching for their beloved children😢 My heart truly breaks for these mothers and abuelas💔 However, I admire their fierce spirit and their strong hearts, & I do wish them the best!❤
This is the best retro report ever
Bianca Slamet
This is so heartbreaking, power to the Abuelas <3
Larry 306
Wonderful story..
Jay Persing
We should do this with the native American kids who were adopted out
Angie vincent
I am so happy that she was finally able to find her grandson!
This Grandmother has aged magnificently. She was attractive forty years ago but is beautiful now. And her grandson looks much like her ❤
Ashley Sutherland
During the late 19th and early 20th century argentina was considered one of the most economically prosperous nations in the world with the best standard of living and highest PPP, but since the 30s it’s been nothing but dictators, military coups and massive fall from grace. This was also the same regime that invaded the Falklands in 1982 to distract from the political upheaval that caused its 1983 downfall
Zaire hart
This is so heartbreaking and so sad 💔😪
Yeah Same
Wonderful ending to such a tragic event in history
Pamela Leanne Freeland
What an incredible woman! Wow.
Luna Amore
I wonder if governments would still try to pull this off in secret today? Scary🤤. I’m glad they were able to seek and find their grandchildren I hope all of them will be found and Justice will be served.
Like what is the point of doing that to your own people? Why treat your own citizens and torture them like that? Just evil.
super Cool
We studied this for Spanish and I would’ve never thought an essay based on this would interest me.
A superbly done documentary,but it anger,s me something awful there,s no mention of the evil people who knowingly raised these poor children????? Why,why, why, is this ignored?
amazing how similar they look
Bellaka C.
grandes las abuelas♥
the funhaus Zoo scea
Repulsive that’s the only way I can describe it inhuman repulsive it’s just hard to ascribe how angry I am and how sad I am for the mothers for the children and for the grandmothers and all of the families.
Luis Lugo
Me hizo llorar este video…. 🙁
Leanne Mo
Real-life superheroes come in all sizes and ages. 🙂
imelda santana
Ignacio and Estela look somewhat alike. I am glad Estela found her grandson 🙏👏👏.
Max Grind
Sad how humans can cause so much damage in such short period of time on earth.
i love the retro reports…
Still feel it 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Shelly JB
Incredible horror, at the government’s hands.
Ashley Sutherland
Its disapointing to see argentina go from one of the richest nations in the world with the highest GDP in the late 19th/early 20th century to then suddenly and drastically decline because of peronism to a brutal and cruel military dictatorship.
Nia Pgn
SubhanAllah. Mujeres maravillosas. 💪🏼❤
Átila Machado
This video made me miss my grandma so much ;(
Iris Park
I know where all the missing grandchildren are hiding…they’re holding back afraid to implicate their adopted family of a crime. Who would want their parents to be jailed for the chance to find their biological grandmother?
Woah!! It’s probably just confirmation bias, but Estela and her grandson look so alike.
sammy clark
Retro reports are so underrated
Lucy Van Pelt
Estela and Ignacio have the same smile! I’m glad she found him before it was too late
Brenda Jacobo
La sangre de madres es fuerte. Uno sabe y siente la concesión a los padres y abuelos.
This is so complicated and so messy. I really feel for the grandchildren. They discover that they were adopted, that they have grandparents, that their biological parents are dead and that the parents who raised them that they no doubt love received them from their parents’ murderers for being supporters all at once. I do hope in some way they go somewhat lenient on the adoptive parents. What were they going to tell these thugs handing them a baby? No? They would be in a mass grave, too, because at that point they would know too much and would be seen as turning against the regime.
memejuliya memepuchkova
“Some of those taken were young pregnant women, kept alive until they gave birth, at least 500 of their babies were given to couples that were deemed sympathetic to the regime” shudders in Handmaid
jack gale
i did not know this is gonna be related to dictatorship and i thought what gruesome inhumane acts were made and did happen during the time in my country when this situation also had happened before aside from the apparent symbols people use today to remember the events
I honestly never knew about this and I’m 57 years old I don’t understand because this was the holocaust all over again. How and why did they get away with this without I.S. military getting involved? This is a horror. I’m so happy Estella found her grandson though. Would of been a shame she helped find the others but not her own. Good lady there.
I think that every one that is adopted should be told what their heritage and real parents are it is not fair to ether
Shaun Dreclin
This is why people get extremely uncomfortable when Trump congratulates dictators.
Mark Riley
Had the Argentine people had guns this never would have happened. We should never surrender our weapons, less we also fall victim to a government that IS armed. As long as big brother is armed we should remain armed. Let Big Brother surrender his arms first
Zee zip
Wow he looks exactly like his mom
Sounds like something that could only happen with the support of the CIA.
i love watching this
Lore and the kid
You are forgetting to mention huge details like the “plan cóndor” against Latin America.
This needs an update….were more grandchildren found??
Monique, of Venus
He looks just like his abuelita
isabelle rubio
Imaginate como esa abuela le agarrado del pelo a la “abuela” de el nieto de ella. JAJAJAJAJA
Maria Gracia Caceres Muñoz
To think that in Argentina and Chile are people who doesn’t believe this has happened, its just insane.
Dakota Rain
I had no idea this happened
Rose Rose
The 20th century should have never happened.
Outdoor Miner
Thanks again, USA. Think about this each time you wonder why immigrants arrive.
Casper Gribling
nooit de fout maken door geen bescherming te gebruiken kindertjes ;)))) #ejactulate=evacuate
T.P. W.
Handmaid’s Tale: Origin story.
Karen Otte
The democratic government took my grandkids and I ironed the right to see them grow up
Call Me Daddy
im watching this cause my professor said so
Karen Otte
I’ll need to pay attention to what goes on at Antarctica Library of Congress and look at the pictures of
Agustina Pairola
This is for the English people who like to say: “you started the war so stop complaining”. This war was in a way “created” by the government to distract people from this reality. Galtieri (i believe was the dictator by then), was losing popularity by that time and the crimes of the dictatorship were beginning to surface. He started this war, sent young adults (of no more than 18 years old) unprepared (because they weren’t even soldiers) to fight against one of the world’s biggest military armies. Meanwhile, the media lied to the people saying we “Were winning”, people looked away from the issue of the missing people and Galtieri earned temporary stability.
Sweet Tea
My jaw dropped when I heard how they dropped the drugged people in the ocean. Evil. Wicked and evil.
Serena Moreiras
Thank you, condor operation
Ace Leone Music
delta1 inc
People forget that many Nazis escaped to Argentina mixed with a stronghold of companies with ‘special interests’ and you have atrocities like this happen.
They have the same face
rodrigo suarez
Kissinger was involved in the plaining of these horrors in Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil and Paraguay.
Someone was asking what I was watching, and I said, “The Argentine dictatorship”, and someone in the other room said, “Did he just say The Archetypal ‘tater chip?”
Fabio Costa
3:103:13 Laura looks like Millie Bobby Brown
Just like the nazis
If I was born during that time in Argentina I would have a DNA test and send it to that database to be checked. No question. I would not trust what my ‘parents’ told me until I was sure.
You Americans owe so much to US
disgusting that the adoptive parents are put on blast after that, they did nothing but care for a child thrown out at them. estela not advocating for these nice people who took such good care of her grandson is a shame, i got my genetic lineage, whatever happens to you, idc.
Ben Shaw
Britain put an end to this thank us later
Big Ounce
Who cried . I didnt.
Matias Martinez Chavanne
me da vergüenza ser argentino lpm
Argentina is bad country, so bad it makes me sad. Dictators received more justice than their victims.
Sushi Rs
1 million children go missing a year and no one talks about that…..
Salene Brom
Can they not test everyone and get the search over with
Their grandchildren were innocent babies. Many (not all) of their sons and daughters were criminals.
Franco Milazzo
Estela de Carlotto have never had any grandsons
Santiago Paz Figueroa
1_After the military regime ended, 3 independent commissions investigated the amount of death/disappeared… All of them reached numbers around 7000… Still a crime, BUT IT WAS NOT 30.000. 2_It is true that the military persecuted people for their ideology but the NYT forgot to metion that many of those who were killed were active terrorists whose goal was to set up a regime just like the one in Cuba. 3_ Before the military took over power, bombings, kidnappings and other crimes were already taking place all over the country. My father (at the time 14 y.o.) was kept hostage together with his whole family for 3 days, his uncle was shot 20 times by one of the “disappeared”… None of them were linked to the military in any way. NYT, as allways, telling only part of the story… Just the part they want people to hear 🙂
Come on NYT – you can find more appropriate experts and a narrator than this. All of these male voices speaking for these women. Badly done.
NYT should do their homework better. It’s not 30.000 and that’s been admitted by the people who made that number up, so the international institutions would pay attention to them.
Better dead than red.
Juli Hanono
I don’t justify this at all. But many of them were terrorists. Both terrorists and the army that made this should be in jail.