Public inquiry into sub-postmasters convicted of theft and fraud opens | 5 News – Blog

Hugh Neve
I hope they give Private Eye the credit they deserve. Investigative journalism at its best over many years.
Sean Reed
Truly shocking, those poor people. They must get JUSTICE!
Sexton Blake
They guy that said he wants to see people charged and imprisoned like he was got it right. Its simply not possible for quite a few people in the Post Office NOT to have known they were doing wrong. It’s called accountabiliy and it won’t happen with the Government behind them. Evidence of innocence was suppressed, hidden and destroyed. The people that did it MUST go to prison.
barrie Williams
Heads should roll for this! Totally inexcusable!!
William Thomson
Those that plotted to jail these innocent people, must now themselves serve hard time for perverting the course of justice to get innocent people sent to jail with their reputations in tatters, justice must be seen to be done to make sure this kind of evil cover up is revealed to all, with those who are responsible named.
Brian Lopez
When will Vennells CBE and responsible for pushing the PO BS forward be in the dock ?
Andy Hay.
It was the Queen who prosecuted everyone, this should not be forgotten.
I could understand if it was a couple of people but over 700, even if they didn’t no the exact issue they would have known something wasn’t right yet they still targeted all those innocent people anyway
Angel Hart
NICE VIDEO !!! Very engaging from the beginning to the END.Nevertheless business and investment are the best way to make money irrespective of the pandemic 😷
karen swan
So awful… 😔
Fred fox
as if so many people would be fiddling the system ,that should have been the eyeopener ,somebody should pay for this and i dont mean money wise
gerry nicol
A terrible way to treat honest people the post office should look at the sorting offices and see how much is lost by theft.
Diego FC
This cannot end with compensations, the people responsible has to go to jail.
The Super Psycho Killer
Each victim should get millions in compensation taken from politicians pension funds.
Another public inquiry. We already know the outcome. No one was to blame. It was all just a big mistake. Never mind that people high up in The Post Office perverted the course of justice.
Bond, James Bond
Totally disgraceful behaviour by the Post Office. These people have had their lives ruined. The Post Office should give a public apology and these people properly compensated. Minimum compensation should be £500,000 per wrongly accused victim. My heart goes out for these hard working honest people. Plus the accusers should get jail sentences.
philip formby
Wheres the money gone? If they didn’t steal it must be somewhere
Ebrahim Karolia
Amount of money to be wasted on enquiry should go to the victims.