Post Office scandal ‘ruined lives’, inquiry hears – Blog

John Long
To listen to the accounts of the victims of this debacle is heartbreaking. Lives have been destroyed by their wrongful convictions. The pursuance of these offences can only be described as inhuman and I hope the people responsible get their comeuppance.
Robert Knott
I was a Postmaster for nearly 40 years. I retired in 1999 with an unblemished record and a certificate and gifts for long service. My wife was instrumental in our success, before computers she could run up and down columns of figures faster than I, or anyone we knew, could use a calculator!! And get it right, nearly,every time. We used to get hampers at Branch Meetings for our (HER !!) extremely exact accuracy !! I am so glad we retired in 1999, before any computer technology was introduced. I dread to even imagine what devastating consequences would have befallen us if this new system of accounting had been introduced before our retirement and we had been unable to account for losses showing up on a system of which we had no means of going back over weekly figures before submitting our balance. Sometimes we burned the midnight oil going over figures when there appeared to be an error in the paperwork and usually finding the fault. If we didn’t balance to the penny as we usually did, you had to fill in a green form telling the Chesterfield Team where a few pounds down had gone !!! If we had known that we wouldn’t have had to fill in the form in the first place !! If we had a few pounds over it went into a dedicated Post Office Savings Account All you ancient Postmasters out there know what I am talking about !! After 300 Years the Post Office Auditors could spot a bad apple in the barrel and instinctively knew who were trustworthy. Then this computer turned up with no instinct whatsoever, the human touch vanished. Gone were the days, after a successful 8am audit, were the wandering round the garden with a cup of tea, talking about runner beans and the vegetables growing calendar ! Those were the days !! How glad I am now that I got out 22 years ago !! The Post Office, or whatever responsible company or organisation, should be held responsible for this unprecedented vilification of it’s trusted Postmasters, who technically were self employed agents ( as they are known now !! ) of the Post Office, not employees. Their lives were NOT ruined, implying they got over it, THEY ARE RUINED !! This faulty system killed people. No apologies or compensation can remedy that !! So in my opinion the personal in charge of the responsible organisations, Post Office or otherwise, should receive long sentences in prison themselves !! What’s good for the Goose is equally as good for the Gander !! God bless all you innocent people.
Mary Wilson
It happened to us we lost our marriage and our sons because of this, I hope these people get jailed for destroying families
bara shah
post office should be punished for what they did….all of the victims should be compensated financially and their names should be published in media (local and national) on behalf of the government clearing their names…. post masters are considered the most trust worthy people in local communities and when they loose trust by false allegations they loose every thing….
It’s simple any evidence of executives know of the flaws they get the same time time in prison and the company fined till it hurts
gari baldi
Lets hope the people in charge are brought to justice over this sad issue.Another example of incompetence from the very top. Why not add up the total number of years that each employee spent in prison and then once you have that total divide that by the number people involved in ruining their lives,Thats how long they get to spend behind bars.I feel so sorry for the victims.
Gwyn James
Where are the police in this ? Where they complicit with this? Will those who pressed false cases against people ,who committed suicide as a result, be charged with manslaughter and the Post Office of Cooperate Manslaughter?
Alan Race
I would have thought it was obvious to any intelligent person that there was a system error causing this number of people being accused of theft. All these cases were common knowledge at the time and I would have thought that the authorities who accused these people would have realised that and investigated the systems being used. It doesn’t say much for the Post Office, the investigation or the Courts who prosecuted these innocent people and without doubt they should all receive extremely large compensation payments. Goes to show how you can be accused, prosecuted and jailed fpr something you have not done …… frightening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It would be useful if you could name the INDIVIDUALS who pushed this prosecutions. Was it Starmer and his mate J.Saville, as usual?
darragh gregory
Eh well obviously it’s gonna ruin lives, accusing people of a serious thing and there innocent the whole time, I know someone who lost their house to it absolutely disgusting shame on the so called justice team
I hope people go down for this…,
Marmaduke Tweng
Parminder Singh
Innocent people struggled long time but no one knows his pain
Andy Hay.
It was Royal mail back then. Keep digging until you get to the royal family.
I require Lemons
The tories ruin everything, theŷ should never have sold the post office off to line their own pockets.
Shaun O'Hagan
I don’t know what’s going on? What’s a post master? what happened?
Worked at Enfield in post office as post man been bullied for 18mounth by number 2In then put a complain after both bullying it’s privately tuning out