Living a lie

Live a lie

To live in a way that is dishonest because you are pretending to be something that you are not,
to yourself or to other people:

She doesn’t know you’re married? You have to stop living a lie and tell her.

Cambridge Dictionary


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Fake Serial Killer Expert | Stéphane Bourgoin Case Analysis

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13 dec. 2021

This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of Stéphane Bourgoin?
David Brien Lantry
“What kind of person writes books about serial killers?” Cue, Dr. Grande reaching for his two books on serial killers! Dr. Grande is the Bob Newhart of Mental Health Professionals. Very droll, dry and excellent comic timing.
Dude, imagine how embarrassing it is to have a literal serial killer say “I don’t know him”
Nick Lager
God that dry humour gets me every time. Always delivered deadpan and with a straight face.
😂 I laughed so hard when you pulled out your two books on serial killers!! I actually said out loud “what kind of person is researching all about serial killers like that?” You made my night as always with your sense of humor.😂
Lol Dr. Grande answered the serial killer question brilliantly by plugging his own books. Perfect timing too.
OMG Dr. Grande, such a clever book promo…had difficulty suppressing the laughter when you whipped out both of your books so nonchalantly after the question about serial killers: “What type of person would write books on this topic in the first place?” Thank you…still smiling.
Jo Jo
If he didn’t lie about his personal experiences with serial killers he would probably still have a career as a serial killer expert today.
Victoria Meow
“What type of person would write books on serial killers in the first place? He must be a terrible person” Proceeds to pull out 2 books on serial killers he has written, available anywhere books are sold. Dr. Grande, you 😂😂😂
UnderMyRock 7
I was disgusted to learn about the graphic novel about serial killer Michel Fourniret he co-made, using the experience of surviving victims and changing parts of it for additional drama. He did so after getting close to those women on purpose and gaining their trust , without telling them about the book and not giving them a cent (the book was cancelled after the scandal of his confession of fraud). What a horrible man…
Emir Osmanovic
I believe he just got stuck in a lie he told in the early 90’s (pre-internet where you could pretty much tell any story without being double checked) and the only way to get out of the first one was to tell another bigger one…
Ravenika d'Veldrin
I rewound (replayed for you younger folks) the “who would write..” section 5 times, or in other words, until I quit laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. 😂😂😂 You are the absolute BEST Dr. Grande!
Christine Perez
He wanted fame, he wanted to be seen as someone important. By the way love the way you plugged your books in. Well done Dr Grande!!!
😂😂🤣🤣 Dr. Grande is hilarious. “Who would write books on serial killers?” Dr Grande: “Please check out my two (no less) books on serial killers. One non-fiction & the other is fiction.” Moving on… Priceless 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Maude Mathilde H
This brought to mind an episode of “The Twilight Zone” when Rod Serling said something about; “we never know who we nod to and say our hellos to on the street”. This case proves that sometimes people aren’t who we think they are.
Ray Ross
Today’s question is, “will Dr. Grande ever run out of people to not diagnose and just speculate about?” I think not. Please cover the Shafia family murders in Kingston, Ontario?🥸
Hunter Bungay
I absolutely loved your segway into your two books on serial killers. Bloody brilliant and, damn! – funny as hell! My wife and I laughed and laughed. Great critique is always Doc. Huge thanks.
Rejane Oliveira
Talking about books on killers, Harm Reduction is a book I can’t put down. I am either reading the book or thinking about it, truly captivating. As for this case, I think people may forgive other people’s flaws to a certain degree but deception is something difficult to disregard. Once people lose trust in someone it is extremely difficult to get it back, imo. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Dr. Grande.❤
I’m glad you’re talking about his case, I made the suggestion months ago and here you are. I was appalled and so disappointed when I learned about his shenanigans and frauds because I found his books quite interesting and France didn’t have many serial killer experts.

1 MINDLIAR : L’imposture Stéphane BOURGOIN – Clément FREZE

In première gegaan op 16 mei 2020

Aujourd’hui, je vous présente mon premier documentaire. Un film YouTube sur l’imposture Stéphane BOURGOIN. Ce film a été écrit monté avec une équipe réduite, et réalisé en 1 mois en 100 heures seul, ét écrit en plein confinement.

Le site de 4ème Œil :
Le site de la pétition :…
La page de « Parcours de victimes » :….

De plus, cette vidéo n’est pas monétisée, alors n’hésitez pas à passer sur Tipeee :

J’espère que cela vous plaira. N’hésitez pas à partager.




00:00:00 Générique & Introduction.
00:03:50 Une destinée hors du commun.
00:09:15 Mensonges ou Mythomanie ?
00:12:35 Mindhunter, qui inspire qui ?
00:18:46 Hey Charlie, une rencontre ?
00:24:45 Berkowitz, le fils de Sam.
00:27:37 Cours au FBI. Bourgoin begins.
00:40:25 Gendarmerie et magistrature.
00:45:40 Fourniret, l’ogre des ardennes.
00:53:51 Miss Eileen, a virtual victim story.
01:01:23 Schaefer le colocataire.
01:16:11 Pistorius et l’affaire Stewart Wilken.
01:22:30 Des aveux, ou une parodie.
01:27:50 Conclusion

2 Stéphane Bourgoin – Rencontre Avec Un Menteur en Série

17 mei 2020

Don régulier ou ponctuel : Tipeee –
Emission en live tous les lundi à 21h sur Youtube –

3 MINDLIAR : Les dessous de l’affaire – Clément FREZE

Live gestreamd op 16 mei 2020

Ce documentaire a soulevé beaucoup de questions, spécifiquement sur la mythomanie et la nature des mensonges de Stéphane BOURGOIN.
Après sa diffusion en YouTube première, accompagnée de Audrey La Psy qui Parle, Astronogeek, Defakator, Antoine ARESU et Ulysse LEJEUNE, j’ai décidé de répondre à la plupart d’entre-elles.
C’était mon tout premier live, et j’espère que l’occasion se représentera !
Réalisation : Jean-Pat

4 [PODCAST] Stéphane Bourgoin : serial killers, mensonges et vidéos

15 mei 2020

Pour écouter tous les podcasts du Parisien :
L’info en temps réel :
Longtemps considéré comme le meilleur spécialiste français des tueurs en série, Stéphane Bourgoin a reconnu être un mythomane à la suite du travail de youtubeurs anonymes. Récit.


7 mei 2020


6 Stéphane Bourgoin, expert auto-proclamé des tueurs en série : «J’ai menti. Je m’excuse»

11 mei 2020

Stéphane Bourgoin, spécialiste mondial auto-proclamé des tueurs en série, auteur de près d’une quarantaine d’ouvrages, invité régulier des plateaux de télévisions, se présentait comme une victime. En 1986, il aurait découvert l’assassinat sordide de sa compagne. Elle n’a jamais existé. Certains de ses livres sont en réalité des plagiats d’enquêtes réalisées par des profilers américains. Des 77 serials-killers interrogés dont il se targue, seule une dizaine l’a véritablement été. Il n’a pas rencontré Charles Manson, l’assassin de Sharon Tate, l’amie enceinte de Roman Polanski, assassinée. Pas plus qu’il n’a été footballeur professionnel au Red Star. Stéphane Bourgoin s’est inventé une vie depuis quarante ans. Il le reconnaît dans un entretien qu’il nous a consacré dimanche 10 mai. Ecoutez l’interview de Sandrine Briclot.
Retrouvez l’info en temps réel avec Le Parisien :

7 Stéphane Bourgoin & la mythomanie pathologique

19 apr. 2020

Un audio sur le cas Stéphane Bourgoin, mais plus globalement une réflexion sur la mythomanie pathologique.


Mise au point suite aux récents aveux de Stéphane Bourgoin dans la presse.

18 mei 2020

Depuis début 2020, Stéphane Bourgoin fait face à divers accusation de mensonges sur sa carrière d’expert en tueurs en série….

9 The Cunning Genius Who Fooled The Art World | Conmen Case | Real Crime

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5 apr. 2022

The first episode investigates the story of John Myatt, a painter who produced forged works of art for dealer John Drew. Lifting the lid on one of the 20th-century’s biggest contemporary art frauds, it reveals that Myatt painted around 200 forgeries while Drewe managed to con esteemed experts in some of Britain’s prestigious art auction establishments

10 Zilla: Ik ging zelf in mijn leugen geloven – RTL LATE NIGHT

20 mei 2014

Een photoshopje hier, een filtertje daar. Een online leugentje om bestwil is zo gemaakt!
De 25-jarige Zilla van den Born toonde met haar eindexamenproject aan hoe makkelijk je de werkelijkheid kunt manipuleren, door te doen alsof ze vijf weken door Zuidoost-Azië aan het reizen was. Vanuit haar appartement in Amsterdam deed ze verslag van haar ‘reis’ door Thailand, Cambodja en Laos. “Ik ging zelf in mijn leugen geloven”, vertelt ze aan Humberto.

10 Candid Camera TV Episode – A Car Without a Motor

14 aug. 2012

Allen Funt, creator and original host of the landmark television series Candid Camera, perfected an art that has entertained people for nearly 60 years.
Candid Camera TV Episode – A Car Without a Motor

11 Horse Police Mount Fail

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25 mrt. 2011

Policeman needs help getting on his horse but ends up down a bridge and into the water. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra caché la plus comique de la télé!


So socking

Fake Homeless

Con Man

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