A story

A description, either true or imagined, of a connected series of events:

Will you read/tell me a story, daddy?
Martha chose her favourite book of bedtime stories.
He writes children’s stories.
I don’t know if it’s true but it’s a good story (= entertaining to listen to although probably not true).
She gave me her version of what had happened, but it would be interesting to hear his half/side of the story (= the events as described by him).
Apparently his first words to her were “Will you marry me?” or so the story goes (= that is what people say happened).

A report in a newspaper or on a news broadcast of something that has happened:

The main story in the papers today is the president’s speech.

A lie:

He made up some story about having to be at his aunt’s wedding anniversary.


So socking

Fake Homeless

Con Man

Current Page

Living a lie

No Conscience


‘Statesmen will invent cheap lies and blame their war, on the nation under attack.

And every man will delight in the falsifications of conscience and will study them diligently.

And will then refuse to examine any refutations of them.

And so, by convincing himself that the war is just,

he will, thank God for the better night’s sleep he enjoys,

after this process of grotesque self-deception.’

Mark Twain

Frank Abagnale is a former con artist, forger, and impostor who became notorious for his criminal activities in the 1960s. He later turned his life around and became a security consultant, lecturer, and author. Here are some key points about Frank Abagnale:

  1. Early Criminal Activities: Abagnale began his criminal career as a teenager, posing as a Pan Am pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer, among other professions. He used his skills in forgery and deception to cash fraudulent checks, travel the world for free, and commit various other crimes.

  2. Notable Impersonations: Abagnale’s most famous impersonation was that of a Pan Am pilot, during which he flew over 1 million miles to more than 26 countries, without having any pilot’s license or formal aviation training. He also posed as a pediatrician, a college professor, and a prosecutor, among others.

  3. Arrest and Imprisonment: Abagnale’s criminal activities eventually caught up with him, and he was arrested by the French police in 1969. He was extradited to the United States, where he faced charges for his crimes. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison.

  4. Cooperation with Authorities: Abagnale made a deal with the FBI to cooperate with them in exchange for a reduced sentence. He used his knowledge of forgery and fraud to help the FBI catch other criminals, and his cooperation led to his early release from prison after serving only five years of his 12-year sentence.

  5. Redemption and Rehabilitation: After his release from prison, Abagnale turned his life around and became a security consultant, helping companies and governments detect and prevent fraud. He has also worked as a lecturer and author, sharing his experiences and insights on fraud prevention and personal security.

  6. Author and Speaker: Abagnale has written several books, including his autobiography “Catch Me If You Can,” which was later turned into a successful movie. He has also been a sought-after speaker, sharing his story and expertise on fraud prevention and security at various events and conferences.

  7. Awards and Recognition: Abagnale’s story has gained widespread attention, and he has been recognized for his contributions to the field of fraud prevention. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the prestigious “President’s Award for Fraud Prevention” from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

  8. Personal Philosophy: Abagnale often emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior, honesty, and personal responsibility in his speeches and writings. He advocates for strong security measures and awareness to prevent fraud, and encourages individuals to make positive choices and learn from their mistakes.

In summary, Frank Abagnale’s life is characterized by his early criminal activities, his cooperation with authorities, his redemption and rehabilitation, and his subsequent career as a security consultant, lecturer, and author. He is known for his expertise in fraud prevention and personal security, and continues to share his insights with audiences around the world.

1 Real life Catch Me If You Can con artist reveals tricks | 60 Minutes Australia

14 okt. 2019

Catch Me If You Can stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale, the greatest con-artist of all time. What makes the film stand out is that Abagnale’s life of lying is all true.
Full Episodes here http://9Soci.al/vZSv50wA98x

2 Frank Abagnale: “Catch Me If You Can” | Talks at Google

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27 nov. 2017

For Google’s Security and Privacy Month, we are honored to present the real Frank Abagnale, Renowned Cybersecurity And Fraud Prevention Expert, Bestselling Author & Subject of Catch Me If You Can.
His transformation from one of the world’s most notorious con men to an international cybersecurity expert trusted by the FBI has been mythologized in film and literature – but the takeaways he shares are the real deal.
Frank’s contributions to the world of security are immeasurable. He has become a hero to hundreds of public and private sector organizations for his indispensable counsel and strategic insight on safeguarding information systems and combating cyber-fraud.
With an eye on the latest techniques developed by high-tech criminals to deceive and defraud, Frank leaves audiences with a deep understanding of today’s evolving security landscape, and more importantly, a vision of how to make the world a safer place.

3 Catch Me If You Can: Frank Abagnale’s Story

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25 jun. 2014

Frank Abagnale, who evolved from being a brilliant young mastermind of international deception and fraud into one of the world’s most respected authorities on forgery and embezzlement, tells his life story. His intercontinental saga prompted Steven Spielberg to turn Abagnale’s life into the movie Catch Me If You Can starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This talk was given on November 30, 2010.

4 Frank Abagnale Interview

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8 nov. 2017
IPTV’s Terri Hale sat down with Frank Abagnale for a more in-depth conversation about his life, his career at the FBI and more ways to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft and cyber crime.

5 Keynote – Frank Abagnale – 2011

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6 sep. 2016


6 Prairie Pulse 1601: Frank Abagnale Jr. Part 1

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31 aug. 2018

Doug Hamilton interviews famed, or infamous, con man Frank Abagnale Jr., whose story was told in the 2002 Steven Spielberg film “Catch Me If You Can”. Abagnale talks about his youthful indiscretions of impersonating doctors, airline pilots, etc. which eventually landed him in prison. He also talks about his advising he has since done for the FBI, security and fraud issues, and what his message is to seniors while speaking at a Fargo gathering of AARP.

7 Prairie Pulse 1602: Frank Abagnale Part 2

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31 aug. 2018

Doug Hamilton continues Part 2 of interview with Frank Abagnale Jr. as Abagnale continues to discuss the various ways people can be scammed these days. He basically says most of our information is already “Out there” and people need to be extremely careful with any kind of transactions. His company is called Abagnale and Associates. Also, a story profile on Cold Spring, Minnesota stained glass artist Christi Becker.

Production funding provided by the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund and by the members of Prairie Public.

About the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund In 2008, Minnesota voters passed a landmark piece of legislation — the Minnesota Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment — which provided funding to public television stations serving audiences in Minnesota. Its mission is to help preserve and document the treasures of culture, history, and heritage that make Minnesota special, and to increase access to the natural and cultural resources we all share.


8 Catch Me If You Can con man redeemed

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20 jan. 2014

9 Frank William Abagnale: Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot… (Not)

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20 sep. 2018


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Source/Further reading: Catch Me If You Can by Frank Abagnale (Kindle Edition)
Encyclopedia of White Collar and Corporate Crime by Lawrence M. Salinger (Kindle Edition) Frank Abagnale:’Catch me If You Can’ – Talks at Google (YouTube)


Marc Scordato
He must of been highly intelligent as he passed the bar. I’ve lived an honest life but I must admit I kind of admire his style
This guy was so good at breaking the law that the law ended up hiring him.
You can't handle the truth
This guy is nothing short of a legend.
Take The5th
This is just him telling a story. Reporters investigating his “story” could not verify it. He gets very evasive when you try and pin him down.
The Matrixx and Rhodes Show
Frank is a legend. He was such a scam artist that he got rich my helping companies avoid scams as his. He scammed his way to Hollywood.

10 Catch Me If You Can Author Frank W. Abagnale Speaks at Clarkson University

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19 jul. 2016


Frank W. Abagnale, the bestselling author and subject of the film Catch Me If You Can, shared his story at Clarkson University’s 2016 Alumni Reunion Weekend.

A renowned cybersecurity and fraud prevention expert, Abagnale is one of the world’s most respected authorities on forgery, embezzlement and secure documents. For more than 40 years he has worked with, advised and consulted with hundreds of financial institutions, corporations and government agencies around the world.

Abagnale’s blend of knowledge and expertise began more than 45 years ago when he was known as one of the world’s most famous confidence men. His bestselling autobiography, Catch Me If You Can, was adapted into the 2002 Academy Award-nominated film, in which Abagnale was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. A Broadway musical of the same name also won a Tony Award in 2011.

Apprehended by the French police when he was 21 years old, he served time in the French, Swedish and U.S. prison systems. After five years, he was released on the condition that he would help the federal government — without remuneration — by teaching and assisting federal law enforcement agencies.

Abagnale has now been associated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for more than four decades. More than 14,000 financial institutions, corporations and law enforcement agencies use his fraud prevention programs. In 1998, he was selected as a distinguished member of Pinnacle 400 by CNN Financial News — a select group of 400 people chosen on the basis of great accomplishment and success in their fields.

In 2004, Abagnale was selected as the spokesperson for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the National Cyber Security Alliance. He has also written numerous articles and books, including The Art of the Steal, The Real U Guide to Identity Theft and Stealing Your Life.

11 A Fraudulent Account of Fraud? | Frank Abagnale Jr. Case Analysis

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18 feb. 2022

This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of Frank Abagnale Jr.?
Poor fella never expected the world to get to a point where a person could just whip a device out of their pocket and use it to call him out on his bullshit within mere seconds.
Matthew Sutton
I always thought certain details from this case didn’t quite add up. Someone that boastful about their “career” in lying obviously isn’t telling the whole truth. My honest opinion is that he’s a pathological liar, and will continue to lie about his story as long as it glorifies him or generates profit. Good analysis. I was looking forward to a video tonight.
Mr. W
Makes sense. He falsely declared his innocence when that served his circumstances, then falsely declared himself some kind of criminal mastermind when it became advantageous to do so. Malignant narcissists don’t change, but they do evolve.
this guy really took “fake it till you make it” to heart!
Fiona Burton
It’s interesting that when a con man writes his memoirs people are genuinely surprised that the book was also a con. Ironically that was his biggest and most lucrative con. You couldn’t make this stuff up!! Oh, hang on…??!!🤷‍♀😂
Help your cat to drive.
The way the human personality works is endlessly fascinating. Grande’s analyses of people’s decisions and choices, criminal and otherwise, are always interesting and useful. Thanks, Grande.
mama cito
I am genuinely perplexed and dont know how to feel. Doesnt the fact he sold his story and probably made a packet despite it all being lies actually make him a great conman?? Is this a self fulfilling prophecy? Can we be mad that a guy who was telling us he was a fraudster the whole time is actually a fraudster??? This has messed up my head. Thanks Dr grande
Wewe Mcrhyne
Why would he only claim to be the youngest and only person to escape. He could have also claimed he was the oldest, the meanest, the cleanest, and the stupidest!😜
momo 683
this case loosely reminds me of james frey, an author who got tons of attention on oprah for his supposed memoir “a million little pieces”, which was eventually fact-checked and apparently contained tons of fabrications/outright lies. James wanted his supposed autobiographical account to appear way more interesting/impressive than it was
Lori Hoffman
I’m sooo bummed now! I really enjoyed the book, the things he claimed to have gotten away with were impressive! And now, to find out that this con man was LYING? IT’S JUST TOO MUCH! Thanks for the video! 💕🌴
Glenda Sully
The criminal justice system was way too lenient on this guy.
Leper Messiah
If there ever is or was a exceptionally smart, talented and gifted criminal con artist we would likely never know about that person and they would likely never discuss or talk about their life with anyone.
😂🤣😅 he is so good he not only escaped the prison but destroyed all documents he was ever in there … oh Dr Grande has the best sense of humor! 😆
Jan Erkenbrack
I must admit, I swallowed the whole story as largely true. The biggest flaw I think I made, was assuming that the FBI or other authority would correct the record if it weren’t true. This is not the case. The FBI has no vested interest in the non-criminal activity of a storyteller.
“He not only broke out of prison, he destroyed any record that he was ever there.” Wow LOL
I wish Frank could watch this analysis of him by you, his delusions were so gobsmacking ! Arrested in how many states !? Excellent stuff Dr. G thank you . I need a coffee ☕. 🧡💥🌷🐕
Bubba Rat
Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
This is amazing. I watched this guy do a Google talk years ago. Not being American, I’d only seen the movie before that. Incredible he’s living the hussle his entire life.
I don’t understand why people are shocked or disappointed that his story is just that- a story. To me, even the DVD extras of his interviews seemed like he was full of it and I was a teen when that movie came out. I enjoyed the movie for entertainment but never really thought it was a feasible for him to do all of that even in more naive and less technological times. The timeline alone was nonsense in his interviews.
King Oreo
I read that book three times. I was a bit wary of the details, but it’s a great tale nonetheless.
I’ve noticed that the famous treasure hunting case of Forest Fenn has come to a close last year. Perhaps a video about the man himself or the famous treasure hunt he put together would make for an interesting video topic.
Angie S
Great analysis, Dr. Grande. Still, he made a progress. He started talking and writing about his fantasies. I don’t believe that people would be interested in listening to someone who was caught every time for what he did, nor would they make the film, so his narcissism coincided with our need to hear that someone could do it. That’s why people love Superman, Batman… I think it is latent demand. Thank you, Dr. Grande.
I love this case, I always am learning more! It’s utterly enthralling, thank you Dr Grande!
Wendy Mcreynollds
An interesting case analysis: have you watched “The Serpent” on Netflix? It is a true story, and I find it fascinating. Of course: to each their opinions. Frank seems a pathological liar…his tall tales fall short. Great analysis!
Eh, at least it made for a good movie. Also, I’ve worked in the banking industry for almost 20 years. A lot of details in the movie regarding check fraud methods were quite accurate. Check fraud used to be very easy to get away with, at least in comparison to how it is today. Abagnale didn’t accomplish much back then, and he’d probably be arrested immediately if he tried it now.
Jake Brinkman
If someone’s story sounds larger than life, it’s probably just their ego that’s inflated.
Prissy Pacheco
I enjoyed your analysis, it brought me back to reality after watching the movie.
Bird Flipper
If you can’t trust a compulsive liar and fraudster who can you trust?!
Adrian Janssens
I admit to becoming an admirer of his after watching him speak to several audiences in recent years. In the movie they made it look like he fabricated dozens and dozens of phoney cheques. They each must have been for $5 to achieve a grand total of $1500. Thanks for the heads up.
I recently read a book exposing most of Abagnale’s lies. It’s pretty good. When you read it all, you find this guy is way creepier than you would think.
been flat out with work, but always love hearing your speculation 🙂 gratz on 1M subs!!!
James Bowie
Thanks for this review. I’ve always had a problem with Abagbale’s versions of his life, especially the recounting of his time in the French prison. I guess when a congenital liar says a story is true, you just have to laugh.
The movie is very entertaining regardless. Leo did such a great job impersonating Frank.
Brian Garrow
Oddly enough I attended high school with a pathological liar who while in high school made multiple claims about his family wealth, his adventures during summer break, his skills, etc. The only part of all his stories that ended up accurate was that he ended up becoming a commercial airline pilot. This was verified by multiple people who had nothing to gain by covering up his youthful lack of honesty. His lack of veracity came up a couple of times when I was back home and visited with former school friends. Our consensus was that he was a very intelligent person who finally focused on his dream job and found a way to secure a path to success in that field. But he still was full of crap about everything else!
Just an Ish
I’m not diagnosing the ability to walk, I’m only speculating
Rejane Oliveira
What a great topic, I am so glad you covered this! Excellent final thoughts, so on point- “people are shocked and disappointed, they just can’t believe that a person who manipulated and defrauded people can ever be deceptive.” Lovely video Dr. Grande, I truly enjoyed.❤
I adore this case; I’m always learning something new, and it’s completely enthralling; thank you, Dr. Grande!
M. F. Richardson
Sounds like a fascinating guy. Did I get your birthday wrong? Your humor is stellar. Thank you. Peace 💕🇺🇲
How odd; I just happened to have watched the movie. Are you saying that he is not a multi millionaire for developing security features? He didn’t “study for 2 weeks” and pass the bar?Apparently he is very good at conning people because in the extra DVD features someone (I think it was Spielberg) said that, after talking to Frank for just a few minutes, he could see how he pulled off the deceptions with his charismatic personality. Thank you for ruining one of my favorite movies! 😒 P.S. ~ I still love you 🤗
Jay McJakome
Fascinating! He managed to become a successful grifter without his father’s money, and without painting himself orange!
Paddy Dunne
Oh Frank. What have you done? Dr. Grande the Komodo Dragon of analysis and speculation. Not only ripping FA jnr’s story apart, but shredding Hollywood on his inevitable March forward. Absolutely brutal for Frank and top bombing by Dr. Grande 🍀
Andrew Becker
I read about the discrepancies in his story when my friend got a job at some firm of his in Charleston and told me about him and literally no one ever believed me when I said the catch me if you can guy was full of shit. I’m glad you made this video. Also even though I know it’s not really true I still really love the movie with Leo and Tom Hanks
sandra s
This was one of my favorite movies Leo did. I always thought they may have fabricated quite a bit. A lot of what he said he did he was in prison at the time. He has a son who apparently is an FBI agent or does something for them. A book was written about the discrepancies and what actually happened eg. moving in with a very nice family and while they were not around looking for checks he could write to himself. He does make many speeches and seems to be on the straight and narrow now. He says he is no longer able to come to Canada because of his criminal record but I haven’t ever seen where he has made any speeches. As a young boy he enjoyed the con and also the adrenaline rush it seems. I do agree with a lot of what he says in his speeches and he really is quite charismatic. He has repeated his speech of his cons so often he almost says identical speeches everytime.
Elizabeth Hamm
My first boyfriend was the assistant director at a summer camp that I worked at. He eventually started coming up with some real whoppers. He said that he was an ex priest who got excommunicated and went on to to get a masters and a doctorate and teach Brittany Spears Spanish at JMU. He also was a veteran who got injured in the line of duty but did not get a Purple Heart (there was some elaborate reason for that of course). We snuck into the director’s office next year to check out his real resume. It was quite obviously less exciting than the one he presented. And yes, I was stupid for dating him. It’s why I don’t judge youth who make bad decisions too harshly 😂
It’s like a fraud, within a fraud, within a fraud
Linda Runge
After hearing Frank speak twice, it feels like he went straight because age was slowing him down. He seemed so full of himself that it’s a wonder he didn’t explode.
I LOVE this video. I wish Dr Grande was a consultant for a good production company. I’d love to see documentaries or features that have their eye on real psychology. Reality is always more interesting.
John Wise
I don’t know. I read the book and did think that it was entertaining. I saw the movie and thought that it was almost outrageously funny. I was also thinking that it is so amazing how easily people can be beguiled simply by a uniform or a demeanor. I wondered avout myself. Could i be so easily duped? Sadly, i would say yes.
Joanne Black
Classic Dr. G!! “Everyone knows research is Hollywood’s specialty.” 😆 Thanks for clearing this up Dr. G. Considering the movie title, he sure did get caught a lot!!!. 👍
Good early morning Dr. Grande, Contemplating what Abagnale might have accomplished as a lawful citizen…dedication to a successful career just wasn’t as appealing to his capricious criminal nature. Leave it to Hollywood to exploit his exploits—shocking! Thanks for an informative post to capture the imagination in snowy Chicago.
mary dabulis
Thank you Dr Grande for your analysis in this case. In the movie it was shown that Frank had a strange connection with his dad. It was like Frank was continuing to do these crimes because his father led him on his path to do so. I remember when Frank asked his father to make him stop and he (father) did not say anything to make Frank stop. It was very strange that in reality he did not have a relationship with his dad. I guess that’s Hollywood for ya.
L Diamondz
Watch. Now he’s going to tell everyone the greatest, most renowned, psychiatric expert in the world did a scathing analysis of him in a video on youtube. And nobody’s going to believe him. 🤣 Great job, Dr. Grande! 👍
Conscious Being
He successfully conned those admiring con artists. Oh! The irony!
Tom Voelkening
Catch me if you can! You’re prolific Dr. Grande, I hope you can keep it up. Luckily pop culture keeps popping, providing us with a regularly supply of human inspiration and nonsense.
zebra love
Final few thoughts on the analysis nailed it. He is a big liar who made bank on it. Not unlike some business and political leaders.
Joey Mury
An interesting sidenote I read was one of the journalists who recently published an article debunking Abagnale’s story mentioned a woman who knew Abagnale while he was impersonating a pilot. She was a flight attendant who Abagnale was infatuated with, and he essentially stalked her by flying on the same flights as her. They never got together, but she was not assertive enough to tell him to buzz off. He inserted himself into her life, and even met her parents, who really liked him. This sounds oddly similar to the movie subplot where Leonardo DiCarprio’s Abagnale falls in love with a nurse, gets engaged to her, and meets her parents. It sounds like the exact kind of idealized, fictional version of true events that Abagnale would create. The life he recounted was the life he wished he lived, and this sounds exactly how he’d frame that.
Dan the Man
Dr. Grande, pulling the curtain back on anything and anyone, without worrying about whose dishonest toes get stepped on.
Evan Chillemi
“Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good yarn.”
Cotton Tails
Thank you Dr Grande , the content you upload daily , never fails to make my day.
The Least of Pilgrims
Thank you for exposing this sinister creep, who continues to victimize people on the lecture circuit.
Hey Dr Grande! Have you heard about the TikTok story that’s been developing? A man started stalking a TikTok star and her father killed him. I just heard about it on the news. Thanks for the video! I loved this movie when I was kid 🤣
Lesley Boren
Thank you, Dr Grande. I can’t stand this little weasel after seeing a video of him giving a speech and talking about how he’s a member or consultant to the FBI and his son is now an agent.
Ryan Wheeler
Thank you for this. I became suspicious when I heard his talks online. They are too rehearsed. I felt I was being lied to. 😪 guess I was right.
“This isn’t a biopic but a picture of a “biographical, hypothetical, and inspired by a desire to see what could be happening in a simular situation” – Steven Spielberg
Drogo Baggins
I thought he was the real deal. I had first heard about him through a bank teller in my family who had heard him give a talk before the internet days. I found the movie hard to get into and turned it off when they first showed him impersonating a pilot. Scamming people about being a scammer is a pretty good scam I guess.
Andrea B
I’m so sad to find this out. I enjoyed the movie, and later I saw a talk he gave to google. It was great. I was impressed with what he said. It’s not a shock to find out it was mostly a con, but I’m sad that it is.
Carol Benson
Phew! He was a busy man! I was taught about this guy when I was in banking and learned how easy it was to commit fraud and how to stop these idiots. Thank you for your analysis. What do you think about his book?
Nick H.
Do you mean to tell me, Dr. G., that the guy who is a habitual thief can’t be trusted to tell the absolute truth?
limitless me
You have become a household name for my family! I’m so happy I found you! Thank you for your calm behavior along with a little comedy that I find amazing in your delivery! I love your videos!
John Notmylastname
Holy crap I had NO idea this dude was a scam artist lmao. The big oof here is that movie they made about him. One of the last good Spielberg films too.
Katie Does Crime
Love when I hear a case on Kendall Rae and then get the analysis from Doc Grande!
Kelli Babb
Thank you for helping me start my day with a laugh Dr. Grande!
Jared Broughton
FINALLY YAAY!! Thanks for taking on my suggested idea for anaysis. I now can’t take the movie seriously if 90% if not more is exagerated literally. Haha. He’s a professional liar-i’ll give him that. I was intending to read the book…meh don’t think thats going to happen now. When nonfictional stories are exagerated for attention grab or entertainment value, it looses its authenticity and validity. Steven Spielberg could have simply marketed it as fictional. The film would be just as good. Thank you again Dr. Grande
MiMi Enan
This reminds me of the escape artist “ Steven J Russel “ that Jim Carry played in titled “ I love you Phillip Morris “ . It would be great to hear you speak on that story Dr Grande. He has been in Solitary Confinement for 10 years. He claims that all of the things he did including impressionating a lawyer to go fight for his gay lover in court, all of this is because he is a love addict and claims that is the only Psychological diagnosis he has ever had. In my opinion it is inhuman to keep anyone , human or animal , in solitary that long . The reasoning for it is because he is gay and because of his love addiction he can’t or will never be let out of solitary confinement. There is a websight with a hundred or hundreds of thousands of signatures. So far the state of Texas is so far up their own butts that they have refused all attempts at getting him out of solitary. Texas is also known of course for being very conservative and having a criminal justice system that is unfair and predigest. So there would be a lot to unwrap there for you. I’m curious on the status since the Jim carry movie but I looked it up months ago and he’s still sitting there in solitary even though he is a non violent offender. Sad. But is it necessary with the addiction to love diagnosis. I think people can overcome addictive behavior and that he needs some powerful state psychiatrist s on his legal team.
Jenni Starry
Keep up the good work, Dr. Grande. Could you perhaps cover the case of Dominique Dunne or Girly Chew Hossencofft? Or both? 💫
FINALLY. Thank you, Dr. Grande! There was always such an unsatisfying dissonance hearing this man speak about his life. Like listening to a con man🤦‍♂
André Paris
I saw that film and believed it hook, line, and sinker… Thanks Dr Grande for another great expose
Andrew Bochicchio
I absolutely love that movie. I won’t lie now you’re making me not like it as much it’s still great but for real this guy is like a straight-up Criminal and not that smart one at that
Erica DiPaolo
Oh my heart- just when I needed an analysis of what might be happening……
Kristo Bonanni
Dr. Grande, I would appreciate it if you could give your thoughts on people who give ultimatums. Specifically pertaining to a relationship, thank you and my compliments on your videos
Don Simonds
Up till this point I had heard about the movie and saw trailers of it, catch me if you can, but I didn’t know any details and your analysis has my head spinning. I cannot believe how gullible people are, which means I am subject to being that gullible to , which is scary.. I guess Hitler was right , he made the statement, if you’re going to tell a lie tell a big one and tell it often and people will believe it. Thank you for the work you do and your analysis it is incredible.
Erica In Chains
Perfect timing! ☕ Coffee and Dr. Grande. 🌵❤
Castiel Cason
Hi Dr. Grande!! You’d be a great teacher honestly!!
I only ever saw him one time on You Tube in a video, I believe. I remember thinking most of what he said was too fantastic to be believed. I remember when he talked about his Pan Am career. I knew two commercial airline pilots in my life. One cannot just get on a plane secretly and begin being part of a flight crew without being discovered and apprehended immediately. His stories were just too unbelievable. I think what you said, Dr. Grande, is true: his biggest con was of anyone, us, believing him at all.
Anonymous Adult
I could never be Frank- I’d be too embarrassed to face people after all those lies!
Danaea Fugate
I literally just watched Kendall Rae talk about this same case then see you post now I’m here for your Analysis🤣
John Noone
After I saw the movie, I always wanted to see what was true, false, or an embellishment. The reason is because I was in law school at the time and I was exposed to many lawyers (and a few medical doctors) and I seriously doubted how so many people could have been fooled. My initial research was confirmed by Dr. Grande when Frank A. stated the movie exaggerated some of his experiences in life. There is now more on-line about Frank A Jr which was can researched further to determine what is true or false. Dr. Grande’s presentation here gives the best assessment as o how to view Frank A. Jr..
The movie is about an impersonator impersonating an impostor impersonating a petty criminal.
Sabrina Rodriguez
Another wonderful video DR. Grande! 👌 I heard recently that BRANDON LAWSON was found and if you search his story it’s quite interesting i beg you to give us your analysis of what happened! Please 🙏
Tomi Vainio
May I suggest a case; Steen Christensen. A Danish bank robber who escaped prison and ended up in Finland where he robbed a hotel and on his getaway executed two cops. He is currently trying to get paroled.
Your fearlessness is taking down high-profile criminals and con artists is admirable. I think it’s vitally important someone does it, and you do it so incredibly incisively.
Catherine Fisher
Thank you for doing Frank Abagnale – He’s a fascinating character & your summarizations are multi faceted, well researched, hilarious and interesting.
i’m waiting for the day Dr. Grande gives his analysis and it’s “ yeah… this guy is just an asshole.”
John James Baldridge
I just noticed the book, “The Greatest Hoax on Earth: Catching Truth, While We Can” by Alan C. Logan, is available on Kindle Unlimited or $2.99. There is no audiobook version.
helen smith
I guess he was the co-writer of his book. It’s sad that he feels so small that he has to make up all his escapades, but it still angers me that he’s not been stopped.
Maureen Smith
Years back my partner worked for a bank. Frank gave a class to the employees about how not to be a con. He had a nice suit on and what my partner thought to be a handkerchief in his top pocket, but he pulled the handkerchief out and it was a pair of ladies underwear.
Getting Leo & Spielberg to play him was like a cherry on top.. But imo, most con-men subconsciously wish they were movie stars. so perhaps, watching his biopic, earning $0 and getting no cameo..rly is a suitable punishment 🤔
Donna Golder
Thanks, Doc. You saved me from watching what I thought might be a good movie.
Too funny that Frank was on the show To Tell The Truth. Thanks again Dr. Grande for another great video that are always interesting and entertaining. I learn something new each and every time about our human condition.
Rull Mourn
You can’t stop a conman from being a conman.
Zena Warrior
Don’t remember if the movie stated some claims were unfounded; fascinating case, shows people love a charming lier🙄Leo always great. Happy Fri & Thanks Dr G😊🧡🧡
I worked for Cullen Frost Bank in the early 80s, and they sent us to a banking conference where he spoke. I was expecting him to talk about issues of fraud and theft specific to banking. It turned out to be him telling the story we’ve all heard, just all the ways he got over on people. It sounded implausible, but interesting story telling. When the movie came out I thought someone must have checked his stories out with the DA job he had, working in the hospital etc. I guess not.
Mike Legare
Dr. Grande, appreciate your channel and your work. I have two requests for you, if you would be so kind to consider these evaluations. First, would be your views on the suicide of the esteemed Miss USA (2019), CHESLIE KRYST, who threw herself from the 29th floor of a New York highrise building on January 30, 2022. This is a troubling reality for many people who looked up to her as she had accomplished so much in her 30 years of life. To have a prestigious and qualified psychologist, such as yourself, to look into this sad ending of America’s Girl would be most urgent and appreciated. As I have already stated, many people are still grappling with the shock of the violent manner she chose to end her life. Secondly, I am aware you gave Jorden Peterson an esteemed review two years back, however, it would be most interesting to see your views now in the year 2022 as he has become the new buddy of Joe Rogan and his non-stop rant about his views on Jesus Christ to the point he even has Sam Harris second-guessing his strong stance on atheism. Oh, how I would love to see the late Christopher Hitchens give Jorden Peterson 15 minutes of his razer edge views on the crazed religious rhetoric Peterson has been stirring for the past two years. Thank you, Mike Legare…a fan of yours and a lifetime loyalist to the late great Christopher Hitchens.
Andrew Bochicchio
I mean how the hell Goody’s people constantly get arrested day after day and yet they somehow still keep getting out and committing more crime it’s almost like you have to expect that type of person to get out and commit another crime
Getting away with some of this is harder now, but one thing has not changed: people who either grift or f things up to a fairtheewell fall up. Those of us who are in positions of responsibility who try to shovel out the stables after they leave more often than not wind up being reviled as we honestly and timely deliver bad news. Why? Frank named it; those who get sucked in do not want to admit it, ever. One would think embarrassment is fatal. All I know is that I’m sick of it. And I can name names and organizations. Honesty comes with a very high price, and no one wants to read a bs book or watch a bs movie about integrity.
By Hollywood standards, Frank can still honestly claim that his book and movie are “based on a retelling inspired by actual events.”
Hobo Nickel
The first time I saw one of your buddies I had to see if you were a real doctor. It was 100% factually, but the dry humor made me think “Is he a doctor, or just making amazingly funny videos.” Luckily it’s both!
Bumtoot! I watched the film, loved it. Read the book, loved it and believed it. More fool me… He’s still more honest than governments and mainstream media though and has actually entertained me. So weighing everything up – it’s cool
Mary Anna
It seems as though Frank is a masterful storyteller. Perhaps he should continue writing 😆
Omg what a cool topic to cover. Dr. Grande keeps me company while I get ready for work. Always excellent timing.
I think it’d be interesting to see you guys go more in detail with this story on the podcast
niaz noori
thank you so much for this video! I always enjoy your wonderful videos!
Man. The delusions of grandeur, gaslighting, blame shifting, deflecting would make any narcissist proud.
Jon S.
Good grief, this guy was unbelievably busy. If only he could’ve directed it towards positive productivity…great work doc, your videos are always interesting 👍
Robert Giles
Just about every “true story” film made is full of false or distorted information.
Simon Wotton
2:39 Frank even managed to sneak in to Dr. Grandes office to have his picture taken in front of Dr. Grandes famous brick wall! Nice!
Conor Fitzmaurice
He was funnily enough still successful in manipulation, thank again for the interesting video.
Maureen Ingleston
He started out as a creepy small time con man, and nothing ever really changed he just got older.
This site gets better and better…thank you Dr Todd Grande.
FeFe LaRue
Sounds like a petty criminal that needed to be given a 3 strikes sentence.
In a way successfully lying himself into becoming a big con artist makes him a big con artist. Edit: nice, Dr Grande came to the same conclusion.
The Al Show
I saw Catch Me If You Can in a library years ago and ended up reading it. Some aspects of Abignales life never quite added up for me but admittedly I never gave much thought about until hearing about Allan Logan’s book about Abignale . It’s quite meta when you think about it: A unsuccessful con artist who lied about being…a successful con artist and made a career out of it A liar who lied about being an expert liar. That’s a true criminal .
I really enjoyed Catch me if You Can but I thought his character was a bit too clever his schemes a bit too large and his heartbreak a bit too over the top. I remember feeling the same way about Patch Adams and A Brilliant Mind. Two of the three are gems, but they are all about as real as What Dreams May Come or Titanic.
It’s sad to see him making up so many lies which are really obvious and easy to disprove. It reminds me of the Anna Sorokin case, but even less successful somehow.
Hi Dr. Grande, great video, I would like to request, on behalf of the internet the Cynthia Perkins Louisiana Teacher case analysis please!
Thanks Dr Grande , This country is neurotic in that despite all the laws and all the “morality” many criminals are admired proposed to.. and being cherished by many who are fascinated with very strong anti social qualities. please present Ross Ulbricht the most unfair two life sentence in this country
Sanam Janamian
I’m on minute 3:14 and I like how Dr. D has Frank’s pilot impersonating photo there the whole time as he’s talking about him impersonating a pilot. The photos usually come and go, but this one stayed.
Did this guy do anything that wasn’t illegal? I can’t imagine a type of personality where you are constantly lying and breaking the law!
I just realized that Tom Hanks has now stared in two movies based on supposedly “true stories” which later turned out to be pretty inaccurate, the other being Captain Phillips.
Jesse Hayes
“Research is their specialty” oh Hollywood when and why have ever given us reason to doubt? Lol!
Blorn Blad
Hey doc, I’d love to hear your analysis of the Black Alien Project.
It’s surprising how people are always surprised that a liar can write a book filled with lies
Candy Vigil
How can you ever trust someone who has lied their way through life?
The Amazing Guyulnevrb
Frank: Catch me if you can. Dr. Todd: I can.
Michael Stow
Aw Gawd. I fell hook line and sinker for the film. Lesson learned. Thank you Doc G.
Uncle Joe
The thing that didn’t add up in the movie is someone who put that much thought into their crimes wouldn’t be that easily identified.
Ms. Patti Catlady
In grade school, I developed a habit of embellishing the facts. Since I was a child, and there wasn’t anything nefarious about the stories (just attention getting), no harm to anyone was done. My Mother broke me of that habit (all before age 10) by asking me, “ok, is this a story, or fact? Story, ok, go ahead.” After several of these exchanges, my zeal for exaggeration diminished. Too bad this guy’s Father didn’t care enough to do the same.
asshoIe ©94
so, the guy who lied about everything his whole life, might have lied about how many lies he’s told? i don’t believe it.
Stephen Gillie
Frank committed all his “business feats” in the Berenstein universe, and that’s why there’s no record, because we swapped into this Berenstain universe where he didn’t do them.
Joshua Bruner
9:56 “Only and youngest… ” I guess “only and oldest” would be just as true. Only and any adjective for that matter, take your pick!
Zhu Baba
Dr. Todd Grande, can you analyze Howard Stern? Especially during his marriage to Alison? I believe he wanted the marriage to end. He claims he was shocked by the divorce. His behavior through the 1990s on the E! channel was ridiculous- constantly trying to grope every girl in the studio. Nowadays Howard pretends like those days never happened. I believe his movie Private Parts was a dishonest portrayal of the kind of husband he was. I believe it is also a dishonest portrayal of his behavior compared to everyone else.
Chelsea Whittaker
Hi Dr. Grande! I am a big fan of your channel. I am wondering if you would consider doing a video on Kamila Valieva, the events following the positive drug test, and the women’s free skate event and medal ceremony. It would also be worth looking at the very different reactions by her Russian teammates as they medaled. Thank you so much for all the insight you share with the world in your videos!
Auggie Contreras
Sounds like his scam is going brilliantly.
Prissy Pacheco
I wanted to add your analysis actually gave me a kick in the face saying like you shouldn’t be dreaming like that!
Great analysis of this case Dr. Grande.
Lerch 2013
So Frank basically told the truth, except for almost everything. I enjoyed the movie, now I feel ripped-off.
Kristi Patterson
Thanks, Dr. Grande. Happy Friday. I hope you and everyone else has a lovely weekend! 💙💙💙💙
L Diamondz
He reminds me of Tommy Flanigan, Jon Lovitz’ old character on SNL. “I’m a..a..I’m a doctor! Yeah. No, no, I’m a, uh, an FBI agent! No, that’s not it. Why, I’m a, uh, I’m a PILOT! YEAH, a pilot! That’s it! That’s the ticket! That’s the ticket!” Lying all the time, it’s like a disease. The guy’s got liabetes!
Well done Dr. Grande.
Nadia Cusan
Frank has always been a conman I guess he has never stopped
Psychic Reverend Donna Seraphina
I thought of a great idea. I would love to see you do a segment analyzing laughter Yoga ❤
Vivian S.
I get that he’s a small time criminal/anti-social PD/possibly a psychopath, but do you think he might be a bit manic too? I’ve seen true bipolar who impersonate doctors and lawyers quite successfully, including one who was literally in the hearing for his own civil commitment and kept saying “all rise” every time anyone entered the courtroom and – everyone did!
Kaesar Soze
Hardest working man on YouTube!
Catherine H
Grande tackles the grandiose and it is grand!
Elizabeth Stafford
Well he may be one of the greatest con artists. I mean they made a whole movie about his version of the truth.
Lilam Jazeefa
See I believed that the movie was true not because Mr. Abagnale had made the claims, but because I figured the script writers and producers would have consulted former FBI agents to gain more facts about their side of the events. That would be necessary for the actors to be able to tell who they are trying to portray, and would coincidentally act as corroboration of Mr. Abagnale’s account. But apparently they mustn’t’ve done that. Had they really, the movie would’ve been far less interesting.
Andrea Longwith
Thank you for your fantastic humor!
Tamara Campbell
Dr G. Can you PLEASE speculate on what might be going on with the trucker convoy protests in Canada? Canadians, revolting? How can it be so?
Would you consider doing an analysis of The Black Alien and his extreme body modification?
Andy Andy
Never send your kid to one of those huge, faceless, corporate camps.
Muhammad Adam Ghamkoley
He looked and sounded pretty decent. One wouldn’t have expected him to deceive. Didn’t appear to be a fame chaser.
Chris Jones
Bank of America paid this crook thousands to speak to their clients at a meeting. I just kept thinking here stands a confessed criminal being paid to tell his story, which we now know was fake.
Cassie Not Lassie
I was so mad when I learned this guy was a liar. Should say “based on a phoney story” at the beginning.
Malika Bourne
The movie made him look perhaps more like Frank saw himself – more grandiose than he ever was.
Frank almost never does Interviews. He’s made his money based on his scamming ways for which you pay big money to hear about. It all means hey I’ll tell you how I scammed people and companies out of tons of money in travel AFTER you pay me. So is that paying back society for your crimes? Is that restitution Frank?
Rick Shelton
who do so many people buy into his fantasy, Doc? side note. Once a passenger jet pushes back from the gate it is all but impossible to escape said airplane without alerting the pilots an outside door is open.
B Thomson
Why can I feel the beginning of the hatred of the elite in this case? Or maybe that hatred has been there for a long, long time!
Test Boga
Interesting! I always thought he was legit.
Brian Warner
Hell yeah Frank was a sophisticated criminal, look how long it took Tom Hanks to catch him!
WOW. Amazing! So Abagnale is just a con man still, fooling everyone with his lies and tall tales. Wow.
Dwarf-Elvish Diplomacy
Interesting, he was active about the same time as Gert Postel was doing his Con
Bruce Wayne
Dr. At least you will never run out of material for content. Especially with the crazies right now.
Richard Di Bernardo
Let me see if I got this right: He became a great con man by telling everyone he was a great con man?
Iemran Juffri
To have become so famous, nobody could deny his real talent at public relations. Trump should hire him for 2024.
Matt G
It’s more profitable to be fraudulent about your fraud
I like this vid. Good insight and great anaylsis…
The Weird Mind of Tony Rice
I know lots of chronic liars who live in utter poverty because BS doesn’t pay the bills. I think Frank is proof that there is a force in the universe called luck.
Kay D.
Hey, I wonder if someone can tell me how and where I can submit a question for Dr Grande to discuss?
Darrell Covello
Really sounds like they were able to catch him over and over… but I guess “Catch Me Again Because You Can” doesn’t have the same ring to it.
Help your cat to drive.
In the movie, his stories didn’t add up.
Frank may have been successful at writing fiction.
YAY ❤ THANK YOU Dr. Grande !
Ride or Dis
Dr Grande please do a video on the divorce accusations made by Ioan Gruffudd against Alice Evans.
With narcissism in mind I detect an exaggeratist houdini who could never cooperate with anyone. As for early development the child likely never listened to any worthwhile advice, perhaps from peers in general. Ironically at a later time in life (be it known) he pulled-off an ultimate achievement, an entertaining (for some) heist of being someone better than he himself might or could not be. Criminality (yes smalltime doing lots of thyme) mixed with the compulsions of lies and limited moral perception. Penpushing thrillseeker out there with a missing pen take note. Sure Dr Grande, he wouldn’t have got far really with ‘the big cooperations’ as far as they had. Maybe the movie even was done on a ‘make it or bust’ budget and roster funded by FBI Intelligence initiatives. Better to escape from a planes kitchen area than a toilet, atleast in the end story. You gotta ask yourself sometimes, who is being fooled by the foolery? Is it just a means of expanding the imagination. 🤔
There’s a story of a similar flavor: about a Mr. Street (there’s a 1989 U.S. movie about him, titled Chameleon Street).
Angel Cross
Bro this whole video had me rollin’! Dr. Grande you’re the man! Haha
Rachel Colorado My3kidz
I do love that movie and the acting is so Good! Entertaining All away around
Dame Anvil
Thank you. Very informative.
Kellie Arnold
Great job. Think of all the good frank could have done if he set his mind to it instead of bad.
Thomas D
Yeah, like the movie Sybil, totally debunked. Both entertaining movies.
Richard Di Bernardo
If he were really a smart and great con man, he would have started a new lucrative religion or church.
Nandi Thompson
I think the bigger story here is how he was able to steal cars and write bad checks across America without ever facing more than 10 years of probation.
Roge BGoode
I’m surprised he’s not here on YouTube, Trying to redeem himself, Like these Former gangsters
My Surfing
People take media at face value. Most of it is at best maybe a half truth, but usually way less. Scammers can only scam because you let them. When I watched the movie I looked at it as a cool anti hero fiction story; not as cold hard fact because I’m not five. 😁
Barbara Lovenvirth
Basically..his whole life is a work of fiction! People fall for anything.
Rob B
It’s astonishing how many chances this guy got. A series of slaps on the wrist.
Tori Bern
Lol right on time Dr Grande 😁👍🏼💯
Joeyjojo Jr Shabadoo
12:18 Feel that may have hit a nerve there Doc.
DonnaJane Castle
Can you do a video on Kim Potter’s sentencing today?
Leta Voss
I guess ultimately he proved to be a pretty good con artist but fooling Hollywood is a low bar.
John Jones
I love your videos … another great one
Hrafnafreyja x
Naja he may have not been the worlds greatest conartist when he was young, but he sure is now
Juliana Rodriguex
I love Dr Grande and I hate self-aggrandizing liars.
Mark Soquet
Leo is great at playing con 🎨 artists
Don’t tell me the truth! I loved the movie!
Catch me if you can was such a good movie!
kat W
great topic and sharp insights
Evie Ryan
There’s a fantastic musical about Frank and that’s how I know him, I’ve never seen the movie. It’s called catch me if you can too.
Mr. Ripley
In the tradition of the wild west folklore, Americans tend to glamorize rebellious criminal types.
yea but if he conned the whole world into thinking he is the greatest con artist, so much so they made a movie about him, doesnt that in effect also make him the worlds greatest con artist? lol he 4D chess’d us all in the end. Even you professor lol.
John E
l think it’s obvious that Frank Abagnale is a compulsive and delusional liar and has made an entire life out of deceiving others (perhaps mostly himself). However, this video would likely have been much more beneficial if the possible causes of such pathological behaviour were explored. For example, what makes a person repeatedly lie like this; even when they suffer painful consequences repeatedly as a result? A normal person would learn from the initial pain felt and change their behaviour. So what drives certain people to live like this? When does ‘normal lying’ become a sickness? l wish questions like these were addressed.
Derp Trollington
I would have liked if the good doctor signed off with, “Remember to watch me if you can”, wink, and starwipe😂
Candice Young
At least we got a good movie out of all this. Lol . Thank you for the video 🌿🌵🌱🌵🌿🌱🌵
sean galvin
Realistic or not, Catch Me If You Can is one of the 21st centuries best movies.
As my mother used to say, “A leopard can’t change its spots!”
will Nill
He’s not the first and won’t be the last to embellish his bio, it sells I guess
Frank Benlin
What a guy. He should run for president.
Chris Hintz
Once again, reality more interesting than fiction. Deport him to Antarctica. Let him reenact Shackleton’s feat. He can brag all about it long distance from a whaling station at the tip of South America.
Patricia Emery
How about tackling the ridiculous trucker situation we have here in Ottawa right now? Downtown is bedlam. Two chiefs of police have quit over the span of a week. The inmates are running the asylum!
“Let me be Frank…” – Frank Abagnale Jr.
Frank really needs to be completely stopped for good. Word needs to be spread so he will never show his lying face in public again.
Paulette Richards
Frank sounds like he is a pathological liar and thief.
Chris L
Hold up… he fled PROBATION??? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that one.
That closes another episode of “Trashing, Bashing and Roasting” with Dr Grande 😂
That was one of my favorite movies. You ruined it for me. I can’t be that much of the story was BS!
Victoria Vitoroulis
What a character ..my son went to college in bronxville SLC around the corner from the home of this guyHe could of been a CEO of
Not exactly a criminal mastermind. All that happened is he got arrested multiple times. a B.S. artist….. and habitual liar….
How many times did the FBI arrest him? Only in America….smdh
Jazz_ In_The_Dark
You should never pretend to be your own hero. You’ll only be disappointed.
will Nill
So Johnny Carson embarrassed yuri geller I think his name was, the spoon bender, but doesn’t check this guys back story
Dr. Grande you just killed the movie for me LOL. This is rough to hear.
mary zein
I am a new fan from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦.. noticed in your old videos you were able to put photos of you smiling, what happened to your smile and why it disappeared.
Dave Atkins
I’m an astronaut. A spy 🕵️‍♀️ on weekends. When I’m not governing massachusetts. Busy guy I am.
Dr Grande will you please analyze the Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris Moore.
can you cover the case where two Texas teen brothers and their friend beat the brothers’ step dad to death to protect their little sister
Venice FMC Office
Our society sure loves criminals. Good grief. Shameless man
Mary Turpel
Was Frank Abagnale Jr influenced/inspired by the life of Fred Demara?
Pembroke Love
Dr G always comes through.
Alias SmithandJones
AND he was also once married to the beautiful Morgan Fairchild! Yeah that’s the ticket!
Usama Zulqarnain
Hi Dr Grande can you do an analysis of Jack The Ripper?
Larry Rubin
He lied about his lies. Born liar and a convicted liar
Tonja Watts
It’s interesting, whenever another YouTube discusses a topic, a few days later the same topic shows up here. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. Just pointing it out.
Martian Technology
Unfortunately for me I’ve lost all sensation in my tongue since I stumbled across something called conservative women..
Renee Catagnus
I wonder if he kept notes to keep track of his “accomplishments”?
Sean Millea
Great movie though
Rita Rita
He serve many prison time and he continue committing fraud. Does he like prison? Odd person.
Jasmine Etienne
Lot of vidéos=rush of adrénaline for me … Can you analyze thé case of Louise Peete please Dr Grande?
It might not be true but it’s a damn good movie
Julia Kane
AWWW…ruined the story for me. However it was pretty unbelievable. 🤔
So catch me if you can was based on a false story?? lol That would not look good in the credits.
Debora Copeland
He’s a con man and a good one.
Sean Ledden
I saw that movie when it came out, and something about it smelled…..off. Now I know why!
Jesus Saves
Oh my my my!! Where in SC? I live here!! So so sad. He is so so lost. He needs the Lord. !!! He will not escape on judgement day !! Oh woe. I will pray he truly is redeemed !!!
Goldena Medina
Admiration of a criminal is disgusting.
Jordan Paramo
When you look inside Frank Abingnale’s wallet and find a bunch of labels
will Nill
He stole enough from pan am to make them go bankrupt
Brad A
Dr Grande, you should do a video on Putin.
Lan Le
Sounds like Frank loved that movie with Tony Curtis, called The Pretender.
Krystal Palace
Even google payed him to speak about his lies.
What was he doing? Trying to one-up Sir Gregor MacGregor?
jim hale
So he went from bs ing people one at a time, to a million at a time. Way to scale, bruh…
Weasel Worm
All in all the movie was entertaining but so shallow. You can watch it and not remember a detail. Yet enjoy it at the time.
laco voj
Hello. Would you do a video on role of psychologi in modern life?
mason playz
James H
Guess Hollywood always hype things up for entertainment purpose like American Sniper. In real life things are not as exciting as we would like.
Winnifred Forbes
I want to know what he is up to today!😱
g Davis
And to think Hollywood made big money off this guy.
bianca mitchell
Can you cover Cynthia Perkins?
Oren G
Hi Dr. Grande. Have you Heard about Mr. Girl’s video about Streamer Dr. K of HealthyGamerGG Ethics Violation regarding his online alleged “therapy sessions” with Reckful (a streamer) . Who later ended up with Reckful killing himself. Mr. Girl allegations are about the lack of a clearly eatablished patient-doctor relationship. I would like to hear your coments about the validity of these allegations. Thanks
Vernon Ray
And thanks for destroying my childhood yet again…… And thanks for the videos
Justin Woodward
Can you do a Biggie Smalls video?
tomg cooktown
If he had had a rich doting daddy he could have become President of the United States .. That’s exactly how trump did it. TgT
I had no idea he was still conning.
Couldn’t sleep, woke up looked at my phone and here you are!
Stelios Constantinides
Can you analyze the case of Justin Trudeau? Like why people still vote for him.
Ahhh man. Now you’ve ruined the movie, Doc! Ignorance is bliss
The Amazing Guyulnevrb
Dr Todd “pull no punches” Grande
grace Valentine
Reminds me of a certain orange fellow in the news. Colbert., Kimmel, Maher and Grande.
Harrie NoPro
Next you will tell me Gilbert wasn’t realy eating grapes!? 😬
Help your cat to drive.
He’s a natural liar. It’s weird.
nhan khuu
True story from a known liar
…i should say his lies, not delusions. 👍🧡💥🌵
Billy Mumphry
I’ve never heard an American say the word ‘lavatory’ before.
VW Golf
Would you do an analysis on KANYE WEST?
Mark Thomas
It shouldn’t be surprising that a pathological liar lies.
Emre konuk
Hi dr grande can you do Paul Bernardo case analysis?
Kris L
So interesting!
Fred Hall
His European tour with the high school wannabe stewardesses was made up?
Jefferson Ott
The only and youngest man. Wow. That’s funny
Well sir time for a justin trudeau narcissism video good doctor
Rockerboy Rage
Reminds me of Frank Dux.
Rob Ray
Guy is a professional liar.
I'm No Expert
Informative ? Broke it all the way down actually .
Tayana sioux
I am cleaning my teeth while listening😁
Asher Dog
He sounds like our President who graduated in the top of his law class… not.
julie young
Good Morning, Dr. Grande.
K Ger
Reminds me if catch me if you can. Edit: oh because it is haha
No Contact Sandy Williams
I didn’t like this movie. It glamorized dishonesty and being irresponsible. You would have to take a huge bite of incredulity in order to believe someone could successfully impersonate a doctor, an airline pilot and a professor and not kill a few people along the way. Huge eye roll for this creep.

12 Catch Me If You Can | Frank Abagnale Jr Heartbreaking Speech

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Catch Me If You Can | Frank Abagnale Jr Heartbreaking Speech


26 sep. 2019

Catch Me If You Can | Frank Abagnale Jr. Heartbreaking Speech
My boys have grown up
asking their mother,
why is it that dad gets up
in the middle of the night
and goes down to the TV room?
Because you know he
doesn’t turn the TV on.
He just sits there all night.
That’s because there are
things you can’t forget,
things you’re not
meant to forget.
You know,
people always say to me,
you know, you were brilliant.
You were a genius.
No, I was an adolescent.
And that was why
I was successful.
I was so young that I had
no fear of being caught.
I was so young that I didn’t
think about consequences.
Everything I did was
not premeditated.
Everything was done by
opportunity or by chance.
So if, in fact, I
was standing out
in front of a bank in
Manhattan with a $500 check,
there was never a plan.
I didn’t say to myself, I’m
going in, cash this check.
If they say this, I’ll do this.
If they do this, I’ll do that.
I just went in and did it.
And I felt that there was
nothing I couldn’t do.
I had tremendous
confidence in myself.
Everything I did,
I did by chance.
Everything was all these
opportunities, but always
the confidence that
I could pull it off.
And that became just from age.
But if you believe that you’re
good at what you do, and you
strive to be good
at what you do,
you don’t need to worry about
what other people think.
You need to be
able to understand
that you have your
own confidence
that you can do whatever it
is you’re required to do.
And other people will see
that confidence in you.
The minute you start
doubting yourself,
other people will see that
you are doubting yourself.
And that becomes a weakness
in your personality.
So you always want you to
be confident in everything
you do that you can do it.
You can get it done.
You’ll find a way
to get it done.
Some say, you know,
you were brilliant.
You were an absolute genius.
I was neither.
I was just a child.
Had I been brilliant,
had I been a genius,
I don’t know that
I would have found
it necessary to break the law
in order to just simply survive.
And while I know that
people are fascinated
by what I did some 50
years ago as a teenage boy,
I’ve always looked
upon what I did
as something that was
immoral, illegal, unethical,
and a burden I
live with literally
every single day of my life,
and will until my death.
There are many
who write and say,
well, you know, you
were certainly gifted.
That I was.
I was one of those
few children that
got to grow up in the
world with a daddy.
Now, the world is
full of fathers.
But there are very few men
worthy of being called daddy
by their child.
I had a daddy loved his children
more than he loved life itself.
When I was 16 years
old, I was just a child.
All 16-year-olds
are just children.
Much as we’d like them to be
adults, they’re just children.
And like all children,
they need their mother,
and they need their father.
All children need their
mother and their father.
All children are entitled to
their mother and their father.
And though it is not
popular to say so,
divorce is a very
devastating thing
for a child to
deal with and then
have to deal with the rest
of their natural life.
For me, a complete
stranger, a judge,
told me I had to choose
one parent over the other.
That was a choice a
16-year-old boy could not make.
So I ran.
How could I tell you
my life was glamorous?
I cried myself to sleep
’til I was 19 years old.
I spent every birthday,
Christmas, Mother’s Day,
Father’s Day in a
hotel room somewhere
in the world where people
didn’t speak my language.
The only people that
associated with me
were people who believed
me to be their peer,
10 years older than
I actually was.
I never got to go to a senior
prom, high school football
game, share a relationship
with someone my own age.
I always knew I’d get caught.
Only a fool would
think otherwise.
The law sometimes sleeps,
but the law never dies.
I was caught.
I went to some very bad places.
While I was sitting in that
pitch black cell in France,
my father, 57, was climbing
the subway stairs in New York
as he did every day.
He was in great physical shape.
He just happened to trip.
He reached his arm
to break his fall.
He slipped, hit his
head on the railing,
landed at the
bottom of the step.
He was dead.
I didn’t know he was dead.
I was thinking
about him, how much
I couldn’t wait to see him, hold
him, hug him, kiss him, tell
him how sorry I was.
But I never got the
opportunity to do that.
I have turned down three pardons
from three sitting presidents
of the United States
because I do not believe,
nor will I ever believe,
that a piece of paper
will excuse my actions,
that only in the end,
my actions will.
There comes a time in all of
our lifetime, we grow older.
Just finished watching the film, and did some research about him til I found this video. One of the heartwarming speech I’ve heard in my entire life. Hands down.
Anastasiia Zakala
I can’t believe that a person can change this much. Frank Abagnale is a truly legendary man.
This man deserves much bigger recognition than “THE WOLF OF WALL STREET”
This man is old and wise now, respect!
Yasmine M
” A real man is man who loves his wife takes care of her and who is faithful to her ” , wow! He truly knows that a happy wife equal happy home, =happy children. The scar he had in his childhood made him realize the equation .
Myana Abhishek
this guy would have a lot of good stories to tell his children
Ameen Nasar
“If you have to grow up, you should recognise your inner child If not, you still remains a child” Frank is an inspiration for all those people, who have lost their path to find the true meaning of life….. ❤❤
Lynn Marie Anderson
I appreciate the men out there who make an effort to really try to connect with their kids beyond just being a good provider.
“I do not believe nor will I ever believe that a piece of paper will excuse my actions that only in the end my actions will.” #Barz
Practical Inspiration - Personal Growth & Success
Never knew Catch me if you can was based on a real person. Great video and an incredible lesson
What an absolutely incredible insight this man has on life, learned only by making mistakes & acknowledging them. A great man indeed.
Marmar c
Thomas Kim
I’m glad he got caught so he can tell us this wonderful speech.
Ignacia Vergara
One of the best and touching speeches ever. Great man
Kurt Barks
Thank you for the encouragement. I see myself in his father. It’s tough being a single parent but I love my baby with all my heart. No complaints.
bardaan yadav
This man is pure legend….
I haven’t seen the movie and I didn’t know who he was when I came across this video. A truly heartfelt speech. The fact he has turned down 3 pardons speaks volumes. Major respect for this man. He discovered what was important in his life and has focused on nurturing that. Bless him.
Damn hes still got it ! Almost had me in tears , good one frank!!
Priyam Medhi
One of the best speeches of the world. Words describe what he went through.
mrsl tarrago
I believed in that “if you start doubting yourself”. Yeah that is my weakness😢
Azizi Kasi
What a wise men . He make my day ❤🎆 God bless him 🙏
Boogie Stylez
So sad, I did not know about how his dad died. Also such an inspirational video. I love watching Catch Me if you Can!
Just watched Catch Me If You Can last night, great movie !
Tom Agar
Heartfelt speech from a man who changed his for the better during his parole in 1974
Christina P
Let’s no glorify criminal activity. Get a grip of yourselves. He said it too … Nothing to be proud of. Great man to accept responsibility and admit what he did was unethical . The last part of hid speech is incredible. God bless him.
Gator San Beda
well said,mr.frank.thank u. now i love my father even more.
Adriano Fiorini
This man is so much better than i ever will be! his humbleness is astonishing!! He confessed the sins of his heart in a true way to all world… ! i hope some day i can have this virtue
Jim Hagan
Most important,your father loved you,and u loved your father,and that is a real gift that the both of you have,and that’s priceless. Thats what counts . Rest your mind with those thoughts.
Hasan Khan
Moral: Fathers out there, never leave your children 💘
How perfect daddy he is! He’s awesome! ♥
Arun Devarajan
Well said.. Straight from the heart….
Aqib Khan
This man lives his life perfectly handsdown
This speech made me get out of my seat in the middle of the night to hug my mum
i listen & this man tells a great story about life he has my respect! everyone miss up in there life but good family hard to come by
Just watched ‘Catch me if you can’ and saw this video.. although I never really cry but this brought me to tears.
Jamu Kaka
Today i hear some wise lines that has never been heard before.
Brent Carrillo
Insightful words of wisdom
Shylene Bonilla
Bro, why am I literally IN TEARS! 😭
Daphne Tran
I don’t even pay attention to speeches but this one really had me listening & thinking
stay and play
What a wise and humble man.
Sadly, there are a lot of people who find themselves in very unhappy marriages/relationships that make being together impossible. The ‘happy family’ scene as shown here has a 1950s nostalgia about it – Tony Soprano’s retort to his kids – ‘it might be the 90s out there but in this house it’s 1954!’ Frank A is trying to roll back the clock and recreate the family life his younger self yearned for 60 years ago.
Thomas Lissens
Came here after watching Catch me if you can in 2021, this happened for real 50 years ago, just brilliant!
Awesome content, great advices…
I say it loud ” RESPECT “
I am the master of my faith!
Aniket Kapdule
At the age of 17 he had a brain of a genius, in his 70’s with all his experiences he must be the Einstein of his field. It’s not important who you were in the past, It’s who you are right now!
Aniket Kapdule
Welcome to this video, let me guess you just finished watching “Catch me if you can”
“the world is full of fathers but only few man deserves to be called daddy by their child” – indeed
Do life
Beleive in yourself, everything gonna be alright
Park Yoongi
the fact that everyone is always talking abt how smart be was a d how exciting he made his life, but him talking abt how he was young, dumb and broke. he must feel guilt prey on him sm. but he has learned and has carried and will carry the memories till his last breath…
Rhealyn Delacruz
Gosh i’d cry on the last part after fbi carl said that his father was died 🥺🥺
akash bo53
He might have forgiven his mother but me and my friends never will
Wes Wright
Well said. You speak the truth, Frank. The truth is hard to find these days. It’s somewhere, maybe in the news, maybe not. It’s not something people aspire to any more. You get what you want, whether you tell the truth or whether you lie. Lying is no longer dishonourable. I love the truth, but I don’t know where it is any more. But I love my wife and kids and grandkids. They can’t take that from me, can they? Can they?
mcpheey mcpheey
Damn that guy Hanratty really taught him one hell of a lesson .
This man came up with absolutely all the stories he told, but in fact he was a simple petty swindler. Genius is how he was able to monetize his words without any practical justification ..
This mean why Confident is very important for life.
I love his narration about a piece of paper
I couldn’t believe that it actually happened 🥺🥺🥺
bre pilcher
i watched catch me if you can yesterday. i love the movie
Incredible quality wow
Fabio Di Lorenzo
What he said is absolutely true and I agree with that, but it’s easy to say that after leading a wild life full of extreme experiences and emotions….
Justin Sobot
I wonder If he might still calculate all of this. I mean, he seems so honest, humble and stuff but I can Imagine he did the same when he was younger with the difference that he was lying the entire time. Maybe he continued fooling everybody around him to get away from the law, like he actually did. Maybe even when he was in the FBI he fooled everybody around him without anyone noticing. Don’t want to say that I’m right, but nobody but him knows the real truth about his actions and plans. Great movie and insane story, love it
He needs the amazing love and forgiveness of Jesus!
Mr. Legendary
Me and my dad, we will mostly never reconcile. Even if I reach out he just push away
Lucas, Pripripkin
Frick, i havent cried in a while
What does it mean to be a woman? Unlike Frank’s mother, a good woman stands by her man through thick and thin, loves her children and does not make her own comforts and lifestyle the most important.
Martin r
I don’t believe you can objectively rate yourself as a dad, it is surely up to your children & your wife to do that. But otherwise we’ll said.
Joseph Forest
He tells his story very well and that is all it is people, a story . If you want his real story , check out Catching the truth while we can .
Marco Cell
One of my best movies ever
Lopez Guy
Rip mama me and pops are living and well though father seems to mention you well too often im afraid his love for you will not allow him to move on. I left for 5 years to pursue a future for myself but daily i thought of father and his drinking problems until the day i was told he had gotten a dui and come home to realize he wasnt as well off as he put off to be … I quickly realized that it was because of him i was allowed the 5 years to try and make a future when i returned i got him out of jail and decided that i would put my life on hold just like he would do for me i would do in return. Shortly after pawpaw passed and you know how close we were . im sorry to say i have done some things made some decisions in life i am not proud of but and seeing you and pawpaw pass without me having the chance to show you i could endure whatever unexpected obstacles life had to give me was heartbreaking… I never got to allow you grandchildren or great grandchildren i havent been in a serious relationship honestly since i was younger … I didnt know what to do all i knew was i was going to sacrifice my lifestyle and chance of future for my father yo make sure he was ok and not alone in this world… The house had gotten bad u mean bad so i workd 2 jobs and hussled up the money to put us in a hotel for a few months while undergoing remodel at home … Tbh it isnt perfect but its still home.. One sister is great and the other is going thru a mid life drug crisis and have abandoned her children but dont worry mom their in great hands with their fathers rip parents. Though life aint perfect ma and pawpaw i just thank god daily for allowing me the chance to ruin all of our lives at least thats how i feel. I tey to do right and work hard but often i find myself reminiscent of the lovely family and times we shared …with that said i guess some of us never get that chance so i guess i comsider myself lucky. Idk if i want to live life or not really im lost and very insecure of myself. May it be in gods hands now i love you and miss you ma say hello to all my friends and family wherever they are .. Ill be here watching pops drink amd from time to time we fish to get our mind off life i guess thats just what life is RIP
He was released from prison because his skill set benefited the governments interest keeping their $ from criminals. There’s many teenagers in jail for longer sentences for stealing less than he did, but they’re unable to help the government so they serve their whole sentences.
Brian Hayes
Fuck me, that was powerful!
Hog roamer
Although what he says is true, The message rings a bit hollow knowing his movie is wild fantasy. If he is really concerned with character, if not morality, he should clarify the extent of his actual con’s. Until then, he’s just a con man in my view.
Wow, Barry Allen got old!
I have been entertained by Frank’s story. Is he a fake? Or a fake of a fake? I don’t care. But he is not the greatest hoax on Earth as the title of the book suggests. Not by a long shot – pun intended.
Jordan Belfort is a choir boy compared to this guy.
This man is still a conman. A majority of what he says he did, he never did. Actually sad.
Rizwa Jaya
And my tears rundown my face begin on a 5:15
Uzuchiha Obito
I’m here after watch Catch me if you can on Netflix
It’s Alright I’m Kinda Dead Inside
My friend literally wanted to try this
Nath Blanca
YOURE such an inspiration,.
ah awgh
“The law sometimes sleeps, but the law never dies” China: but not for me!
I’m finding myself reading the subtitles even though I clearly understand English = P
Bon Bon
This video wrecked me. I’m glad I found it.
You’re here because you just finished the film right?
I have the same life as you..identically.Even at 46 years old i have to lie and steal to survive.I have an education as well..i,m choreographer,but in the country i live ,nobody gives a fuck about this job…so.Parents didnt care about me since childhood.I have no pity for this world…is all a shit pile. P.S: No one gives me a chance to have a decent job.
Bon Bon
Julie Ann Jaguio
watching after catch me if you can.
Macht Nichts Sei Mann
Look up Accountability in the Dictionary and it will give a link to this speech.
Manusia Pacet
Plot twist:He speak lie “lie until the lie turns into the truth”
Bryan Licup
So how did you passed the bar exam
John Gutierrez
No one else really notice he looks like Benjamin Franklin
Gauss Minigun
wow chevy chase is a pretty cool dude
Johnny Bravo
I wish he didnt forget brenda:(
Pala Babayiğit
Arkadaşlar pardon polis almaya gelmişti şimdi iyiyim
Julie Clark
He’s been paid off so he doesn’t have to cough himself to sleep at night
harvin navarro
Okay. Now frank how did you pass the bar in Louisiana
Planet KC
Please cut the stock videos, its really annoying. I just want to hear and see his emotions not watch this cringe.
Bon Bon
He has no PARENTS
caye cayo
Still conning people
This 2021. We have Hushpuppi.
He talks just as dennis prager does.
Julie Clark
He’s been converted
Here some random footage lmao
كذاااااااب لو انه ما انمسك ما قال هالكلام
gizli hesap
Movie is not real even its good search through wiki
Was his father a good guy tho? He encouraged his child to commit forgery.

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