protection or safety, especially that given by a government to people who have been forced to leave their own countries for their safety or because of war:

to seek/apply for political asylum

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EU countries ‘pushing back’ asylum seekers at sea – BBC News

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13 jul. 2021

A top EU official has told the BBC that the Greek government must stop the illegal deportation of migrants arriving on the country’s borders.

The Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansonn, said that the “very well founded” reports of ‘pushbacks’ at sea and on land were “violations of fundamental European values”.

Human rights groups allege that thousands of people seeking asylum in Europe have been pushed back from Greece to Turkey before being given a chance to apply for asylum.

Greece has always denied the allegations.

🇮🇩 Indonesia: The people’s smugglers | 101 East

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18 mei 2012

Australia wants to stop people smugglers. But who are the men who risk the lives of thousands of refugees on treacherous boat journeys from Indonesia?

Last year, more than 4,500 people arrived in Australia illegally by boat. In the first four months of 2012, another 2,500 arrived.

Few issues are as contentious in Australia.

Almost universal blame falls on the men who bring the boats – the so-called people smugglers.

More than 200 Indonesians accused of people smuggling are currently behind bars in Australia, and the numbers are growing. The Australian government has recently been forced to review at least 24 cases of juveniles believed to be held in adult prisons.

But are these men the real culprits or are they themselves victims in a much more complex criminal web?

101 East travels to Indonesia to meet the people smugglers and the families they leave behind.

imron fauzi
the indonesian boat crew is victim of the real smugglers who organised everything, the people they bring asking for assylum and the boat crew going to jail, so sad story…they didn’t know what will they get bringing those people, this smart (in negative way) the real smugglers are using young and brave indonesian youth who didn’t know what they are doing and didn’t get the information before…(indonesian living in java)
Bilal M
I agree, Man needs to see himself as servant rather than master
Jay Dapiosen
I just came to realized that our neighbor Indonesians looked very much like we Filipinos.
There’s good and bad in all of us. Just which one do we let win more often. We should strive to behave better.
leo pang
“merantut”in normal term is tran immigrant for the Indonesian citizen
The detention in australia was pure luxury, with medical threatment and good welfare! hahahaha
the most guilty is the captain of the ship. because he knows the ship’s destination and he is the one who leads the ship.
Bilal M
a united common purpose, not extreme individualism, but not without acknowledging the individual, not aggression but protection, not nations competing or the “survival of the fittest” but a world we share. We need to change our thinking, not divert our purpose or respect towards the accumulation of wealth, but towards duty, community and responsibility. I am positive because people have begun to realize capitalism is unsustainable and that we need to work together to form an alternative.
wow such a beuatiful island in Kupang, its very good income for local people earn money if indonesian govermen can promote for tourist destination.
thank you stuart jay raj and david svoboda ^^ 
ive said to many things i regret in this argument,lets end it with out antisemitism being added
Beverley Lumb
Maybe this has something to do with the Australian guys that got executed
Bill Hanson
And, too good to be true.
Bilal M
yes, very barbaric of you. One word “uprising”.
aaron reed
surely by now if the smuggler are offered such large amount of money that they are doing something illegal !
Its called conquered land. The British conquered Australia and made it a colony, which later became an independent nation consisting mainly of the British colonizers who now identify themselves as Australian nationals. The aboriginals no longer rule the land. Since you’re an Islamic reformer I’ll give you a more familiar example, Turkey. All Greeks in Turkey should kick out the illegal settling Arabs out that conquered the Latin-Christian Empire of Byzantine hundreds of years ago.
trying to make a living this way. what a complex world we live in. why are these people forced to make these kind of choices? it’s easy to say are they should be getting other jobs..but what if your choices are limited?
So somehow that Indonesian official found a way to justify his countries indifference toward people smuggling and blame it on Australia. Like we are all living in the 19th century and moving from one country to another without any documentation or permission is still the norm and nobody in Indonesian who is doing the smuggling knows that there are laws in Australia. The adults don’t seem to understand that if you don’t have money, job prospects or food, you shouldn’t be indiscriminately multiplying , having so many children that you can’t feed. And then, regardless of years of men around you being shanghaied , you claim that you don’t know what’s going on. One of the greatest accomplishments of men in jail is learning how to play dumb. Sure, some of them didn’t know they were going to work on a people smuggling boat. But all of them ? Wait till they go back and tell everyone how nice they were treated in jail. Everybody will learn to play dumb. One million dollars to process each illegal for working in people smuggling and of course it’s all Australia’s responsibility. Nobody in Indonesia knows anything.
Bilal M
has contributed a lot more in regards to compassion and faith than the materialistic, spiritually void Western Civilization. The world is full of corruption and is dangerous, if you are a traveller and you get hurt, you are stuffed. How could you pay for astronomical hospital bills and if you want knowledge, extreme fees. You so arrogantly call yourself civilized. But your societies are divided, nationalistic and racist. Muslims provided all those benefits to anybody of any creed or colour.
Saveourn Srey
18,000 and you’re not guaranteed to make it to Australia save and sound, why not use that 18,000 u.s dollar and make a good life out of yourself in your country, poor country or not. That can go a long way. Or pay 18,000 to be in jail for years and get send back. Crazy!!!
Roshni Rampadarath
When the white people do something its OK, but when dark people do the same thing, its illegal and smuggling.
Bilal M
Well then why kick out boat people? I mean logically speaking. Why the borders? Am I naive in envisioning a world as one?
ศรรา อีนคํา
Bilal M
I haven’t actually heard of the massacre you talked about, sorry, I tried to wicky it but sorry couldn’t find anything, just a big section on Greek Muslims, wow thanks. Perhaps you could give me your source?
Yunus Kaya
Plastik boru tekneler
In that sense the Islams slaughtered hundreds of Christian-Greeks and conquered the Byzantine Empire now called Turkey. No culture, religion, or race is innocent of slaughtering and conquering each other.
anaci paulina
Omg..people travel from rote island to aus..bajo people use to do this job.
putra mahkota
Malaysia is a gateway for them, because Malaysia giving free entry visa for “problem” country finally given problem to Indonesia also, I’m sure they entering to firstly before coming to Indonesia because Indonesia not giving visa for country such Afghanistan or Iran
who gets on a boat and does not know where they are going? He’s a liar
LOL. Very sad story, but I had to laugh at one of the bylines, at 10:56. It simply said, “Java, Indonesia.” Java is about the size of England with 135 million people. Just saying “Java, Indonesia” is like reporting from England and saying, “England, UK.” That doesn’t give me much to go on. For a place that big, I would like to know at least which city they’re in. This is why Westerners are sometimes considered very ignorant (I’m a Westerner myself). SMH…
Zero tolorence… Go australia!
Wahyu Tyas
Misconception why poor Indonesians do not want to migrate to Australia …
Bilal M
I only know of assimilation. However in my studies of history one thing stands out very clearly. The way Salahidin treated the Christians conquerors to leave Jerusalem and how the Christian revelled in blood up to there knees when they conquered Jerusalem. As far as body counts go, I would of thought in your barbaric culture you would be proud of Western societies astronomical body count of humanity. Enough to paint the earth red I believe. So your one to talk about massacres
Kingslea Hearne
Abbott taking care of business. Gillard and Rudd were the usual left wingers on this issue: useless
Bilal M
Some of the most evil people in the world live in Australia.
John Smith
Have a established livelihood than have a family not the other way around.
ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.
Where do they get the thousands of dollars to pay for their boat trips to Oz ?? as they are so poor ??
whrn did a white army loose to a brown one?
Redmond Walmuk
It should’nt matter. Thugs in Thugs cuntry.
They interviewed a 22yr old Afghan who paid $22K U.S to escape…who claims he worked for the US Army as an interpreter???? This shows up a Red Flag for me !!!! Terrorists sleepers amongst the refugees. Give him a few years in OZ where he will then set up the Terrorist Network connection.
Yuv Raj
Malaysia always famous for all the corrupt things.
John Smith
Diversity enrichment coming to Australia . Like it or not. RIP Australia.
Bilal M
Talk about derail this topic with trolling Islamophobia, this is Australia the land of criminals we are talking about, where they still put Abo’s in concentration camps, not some other century depicted inaccurately by your inaccurate interpretations of History, move to the future mate
The lord gave everyone their own land to call home why don’t thay stay their
Bilal M
InshaAllah another even greater Islamic civilization is coming and inshaAllah it will have its ear to the earth rather than head in the clouds.
people should not run from their problems but rather fix them.
Scott Smith
Australia is full of the worst kind of snobs. Just because people are migrants it doesn’t make them scum. Really Australia you are far from over populated. There’s tons of unused land in the interior. If you don’t want these people as neighbors set them up in their own communities where they can build a town. There is so much room there. Also stop looking for excuses to export good people on technicalities.
Colin Richards
Don’t waste your money to get to Australia because you wont get in here,i promise you……

Teen Refugees Forced Into Prostitution

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21 mrt. 2018

He said, “I feel broken … worthless.” Those words pierce my heart. This is so sad.
Dave Kim
Arrogance & Nationalism has desensitized people from helping others who are less fortunate 🥺
Aarondekar Mandar
Seems like nobody wants to talk about why these people are fleeing their homeland. Answer is Radical Islam.
foodies asian
For food they have to sell their body… Inspite how much they hate it but still they have to survive 😭😭😭😭
Garth Bagley
This is tragic and heartbreaking,
GOLD Roger
the true colors of humanity , the audacity to have a heart in this cruel world
Kani Murad
one thing i see a lot in these comments is passion. I see a great amount of passion in what people are saying.
Joshua Lallawmsanga Varte
Sad to know this. So many problems in this World 🤧 Stay safe brothers
shuno mar
Thats how life run. I was once before till I saved some and start. I never tell the client how unfortunate I am in life. I told them that this is what I want to give pleasurement. I think its double contintment I got some money and at the same time sex is great. But there are sometimes I realized that forcing my self due to the scarcity in life I felt so down and cried in my room while thinking where I can get more money to pay my rent and to pay my tuition fee in the School. I was 20 yrs. Old that time when I became independent after my high School. I never tell my mother where I got the money to help her and to support my brother was still in high school at that time. I grown up without seeing my father and the support. Im proud of my mother, shes already in heaven.
Jorge Pagan Jr
This is so heartbreaking.
Lone Traveller
They are starving but able to buy cigarettes 😳 😱
Maria Jason
I wonder how they are doing now… This was 2yrs ago,I remember watching this…………
It’s tragic and heartbreaking to see that people have to live their motherland ……
This is so disturbing. It is so important we help people out. We’re humans and we should treat each other like such.
Lets take a moment to thank EU governments for making this possible. Also, lets thank the political left for convincing everyone that its a good idea.
aj guevarra
I hope i can help other peps in that place…. I’m from a poor family thats why i know how hard it is… Soon i will willingly help some people there… I hope 🤞
Aleks_ Ovski
the fact that someone saw someone hungry and thought “I’m going to get some” instead of “I can help” is disgusting to me.
Wahid Khaliq
I’ve helped so called asylum seekers in uk many times fed them … helped them with forms and services … let them stay at my home and listened to all their sorrow stories …. and the result of that ?… I’ve been robbed …. threatened and abused and insulted …. I’m not willing to be so trusting anymore . There are two sides to the story and desperate people like this have an agenda and can be very dangerous .
😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔 omg brake my heart 🙏 🙏 for them
venkat ganapathy
The govt taking in these refugees should have a team to recruit these young boys and train them for their army or social corps. This way Greece gets to ensure that these teens are not exploited and also used for the benefit of the country.
So sad that happening this to them to survive..
Vicente Zamudio
Heart breaking story. How may I help….😔
Adrian Ford
tears in my eyets this should never happen
Francisco Santos
Mas alguns têm ótimas aparências de Beli Boys e outros se passa despercebida mente. ! 🔷💘🔷💘🔷💘🔷💘🔷💘♠♠♠♠♠♠💙
Cris Veluc
so sad to those boys they have the looks
Gee Vitor
So sad to see people like this.. hope other people would help for them to start life not by doing this king of thing. 😢
Colin Gallagher
It’s a sad situation. I would hope that the E.U. governments would recognize that the civil war in Syrian is now over and would negotiate with the Assad regime for the safe return of Syrian nationals to their homeland, as well as for the lifting of sanctions on Syria.
John Wilson
Francisco Santos
Ótimos vídeos sobre este temas muito bem interessante dos garotos de ambos os lados da vida. ♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥💚♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
keith sprague
That’s kind of nasty. I feel bad for these kids. It’s a real shame the world is such a f——d up place
Francisco Santos
Mas , tudo se completas nas ruas e avenidas de ambos os lados da estradas desta forma nada tão fácil assim. .! ♥💙❤❤💙❤♥❤♥❤♥💙❤💙❤♥💙♥❤♥💙❤♥💙❤♥💙♥♥💙♥♥
I’d rather die of starvation than do what they do
QM rules Official
Enshallah, and in Jesus name they will get a better life in the future, seeing things like this makes me feel 💔💔💔
Dat Le
No one should ever feel plunged like this.
Pollito Pollito
He’s starving but has a fresh cut, I call bullshit.
Luciano Bezerra
I wish I could help them all…
Caps Lock
No money for food, but afford to buy cigarettes.
Jul-iza Mindoon
Please help them 😢😢😢
Romella Karmey
I watched the full docu already.. They’re really handsome though.. They’re my type too
Brian Brennan
Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation we are not comfortable with, or penniless or hungry… or any number of problems, but these boys were NOT FORCED to sell themselves by anyone. Be honest with your headlines.
I hope anyone who goes through this gets financial help.
Rjmsamot #18officials
Give them work guys don’t allow this guys to do this. Yes they are good looking but get them in a normal way don’t force them to do those bad things, give them work or something they could earn in legal way or in a good way.
Th world will never run out of people willing to USE others. Shame on all of these ‘adult men’.
Bruce Wayne
That hurts me so bad😟
travel with yashwardhan
One day these people make Europe also hell like their home country,don’t worry
Dewey lee
Feel sad when see people got in trouble like these
Octavio ToribioAyala
If you went here in the Philippines You won’t feel the same thing that you’ve experienced. Because we respect everyone it’s doesn’t matter to us your nationality. because we believe in Give food to the hungry and water to the thirsty.
Jaishema James
You fellahs are lazy and just like the vice , …there are groceries, gas stations , businesses who will need extra help…yes they will underpay you but .. it’s not prostitution…you all like what your doing ….stop the hypocrisy
Paulie Jojo
Shame to the government of Greece for not protecting these innocent children !!! Budget for food and shelter are nothing, thinking that these kids can help their economy in the future if they were loved and sheltered.
Dat Le
I dont get men ever though im one
Braulio Alberto García
It happends all the time in the world. Visit Alameda Central park in Mexico City, you’ll see.
bobzkie Bertulfo
#thehungrysyrianwonderer please basel help your countrymen..he need your help,bring him to the Philippines and please give him work your #yulorestaurant
Craig Dallas
It’s good to learn a trade.
vhal santos
Where is the full docu?
Mean while the once great country of the United States can’t get pasted something that happened 5 generations ago…… While these poor souls are faced with these issues today……. This very day!!!!!!
Jessica Lewis
tears in my eye yes go back to your country and fight for it its your own country
Help those who need……its not too hard to help others,giving shelter,food,living,sharing,caring etc…We all are brothers and sisters.We all are one family,though segregated territory…Keep faith yourselves,do good things,it will come back to you..
FIRST: Why are they all coming to Europe? Which has a culture and religion they despise. Why not flee to wealthy Muslim gulf states? SECOND: Where is the Greek Orthodox Church? Why isn’t it providing help? The Greek State? The EU?
la mexicana
What ? You sell your body to have money ! I’m woman i never will sell my body to have money i prefer to beg.
roysce enrile
People start to giving birth and adopt them
Guill Auxilio
There’s a lot in the Philippines too!!!
Davon Simmonds
Is that the best thing two men can do together, where are the women, they don’t love them anymore in Greece?
Dino Amparo
Go home and fight for your country
Nev Hop
They seem to have a lot of money for ciggies and expensive haircuts and smartphones. No sympathy from me for sure.
Anban Naidoo
Solution is very easy. They should go back to their home and build their countries. Why are well off Muslims not coming to their aid if their condition is bad ?
Mufazzal Mansoor Ali
I would die of starvation than doing prostitution.
White Blue
this is my powerful prayer “God will soon very soon help these young boys” stay tuned
learning for everyone
isn’t there the possibility of adoption of the ones 18 and under?
aashar aalo
They say they are soo hungry, but they have fancy haircuts…
El carrer dels gaivots
You have to be a horrible human being to pay for their services
Kurt Necole Cañete
1:15 he looks like Charlir Puth y’all what is happening 😭
Miguel Miranda
Try to looking for study be careful with the people’s some times sick don’t telling.take care byyouself protect
Richard Leuluai.
This is sad.Usually it’s western women addicted to Afghanistan heroin having to suffer this indignity.
I have lived in Greece doing research work. The Albanians came to Greece and worked hard picking tobacvo, doing labor work. They are very successful people. Prostitution is easy and demeaning. Those haircuts and clothes and cigarettes are not donations. They have the mentality of easy money..
Kris Chang
So painful to watch
srinidhi m v
Instead they can work somewhere else right….?
Jaishema James
Wash cars, find old ladies or senior citizens who need help …go to the churches and ask for work …
karunanithi tamil
So sad the see this news they are people who is looking for better life
Win Blessed
😥🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽why can’t someone just help with food and money without the S……x😥😥give them little regular chores to do.
Rishab Verma
Better if convert middle East refugee into Christianaity else whole Europe will be islamic state one day .
Souren Sontu mandal
Gay sex is a great business for someone, some people 👍 but some do it for their satisfaction and as well as for money, so don’t act so much innocent 👍
They find customers? Yet they are rough and stinky.
Reymart Paz
we are in this together
wolfgang weber
they all have to go back ! they have to exist in original Homelands! high birthrate in Islam, that’s all.
A Clem
They know what they are headed for when they leave their countries to be illegal in another. I suspect some are gay and some are expecting a life of crime to support themselves. They need to be sent home or stopped before they get to their destinations.
Keith Foester
evil country. just help them feed them and maybe change their ideologies for the better! dont do this!
Cortez NW
They suffered the WORST in Syria and here again………whats the point to be alive😭😭😭😭 Pray for Syrians
Antonio Galdones
I feel sad for them coz they are not deserved the kind of life that they’ve been through. But i understand. And if i’m on their shoes and i sees that is the only way to make me survive and i will do too. What happen to the Unity of each Countries? Every refugees should treated completely well they are human not an animal that which should be neglected. Indifference & exploitation for vulnerable refugees people like them worse than smoke
Hans I zack
Look around. Turning table
Nap Torremocha
I see that they are capable of working in restau, factories might as well studying. In other words, there are a lot of decent ways to make a living rather than depending on prostitution. Also, I’d rather save money over spending it with cigarettes.
Jeremy Bray
Don’t sell your body for money lil bro i know its hard god help them please
Nani gopal Deb
Nice face, I love you too.
Willem Venter
would not touch any of them with a barge pole
Its not a crime to sell your body to feed your self not for the drugs.. I know its hard to them to make it but its that way , we don’t have right to judge to them cause they are refugees if theirr government good they will not do it to rin away their home land .. hopefully that selling their body to earn money to feed for the maintime i mean short term not for long term.. hopefully they will search good and decent work and hopefully be safe always brother
Cris Veluc
nations to nations should help each other, those people who can share something even if it is small. there will be no more hunger,
Guruh Sepitara Atmodjo
There is no forced. They are want n will to do it. There are so many good jobs but requires hardwork n skill, n they dont have it. They are too lazy n behave badly, when anything goes wrong they are easy to blame each other for their missfortune
Rub 2004
What about the women?
Steven Babe
Makes me so angry they need help
Bitchesa mae Biglangtambling
Why not…u gotta do what u gotta do…unless gov will help then to work or at least gobto school least they are not gangs who rob peoples housesband they help the lonely oldies or who every horny person
alan saries
A esa edad lo haces por gusto no porque t forcen
Gary Pavon
bilo Z
It’s his choice. He has no idea how to survive by working: food delivery, construction sites, portering, helping the elderly whether at their home or in nursing homes or as an orderly in hospitals and nursing homes, all are jobs open for young men. They need to keep looking
Tausheed Shakil
Hungry for cigarettes it seems like!
Greg Baisan
I agree with comments here. They do not look like starved. No money but smoking? Haircuts must be expensive. Jeans, sneakers too. They like this. They are not forced to do so, or no other option.
Arizona John
Probably this crap will happen in America, with Biden letting all these teens in here that are alone. Sad
Isnt this russian propaganda ?
andrej cruz
They like it they are not forced
Ramjie Coje
The first Guy does not look Hungry and even Homeless.. He got nice haircut, shirt and jeans i doubt it they love what they do. They earn more money than people buzzing their ass working in Constructions site.
stefy hemsworth
They look ugly.. Who’ll survive for 20 euro a day if you pay bills,rent and food?
anyaar anyaar
This is what a real black cannot✋⛔🚫 do Am proud of being black⚫
Ann N
And they are became victim of gay people around the street looking for victim, so sad

Rome’s homeless refugees at the heart of European law row

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10 okt. 2011

Europe’s refugees face a growing crisis — they cannot escape poor living conditions in Italy because European law doesn’t allow them to leave their first country of entry. Britain’s right to remove refugees and asylum seekers under the so-called ‘Dublin regulations’ is being challenged in the courts. Harriet Grant investigates

1 An inside look at France’s forced repatriation process

30 jan. 2020

France is now receiving more asylum applications than any other EU country. Last year saw some 133,000 requests, up 7.3 percent on the previous year. Also on the rise are cases of forced repatriation: foreigners whose applications have failed and who are deported back to their home country. It’s an expensive and time-consuming process fraught with legal, humanitarian and logistical concerns. Our colleagues Hakim Abdelkhalek, Philippe Maire and Delphine Chevalier from France 2 were given rare permission to film an example of forced repatriation.

2 Deported and devestated: A painful homecoming for Afghan migrants

31 okt. 2018

There is concern that the EU is returning aslyum seekers to the very instability they fled in the first place. In early October the bloc reached a deal with the Afghan government to deport an unlimited number of the country’s asylum seekers. International rankings annually list Afghanistan as one of the most dangerous, violent countries in the world.  Meanwhile, a billion-dollar dam project in Indonesia is threatening one of the habitat of the world’s rarest orangutan. There are only around 800 of the recently discovered species in the wild. Officials says the project, backed by China, will improve electricity supply but conservationists worry the environmental risk is too high. And tourism is booming in one of China’s most isolated areas: the Gobi desert. From road trip, to hiking, camping and riding camels, visitors trek along the Silk Road in tours that are catered to adventure lovers. 

3 Following the deportation of a teenager whose one mistake changed his life: Part 1

31 okt. 2020

Brandon Salinas came to the U.S. as a child. At 17, he was caught with marijuana, arrested and later sent to an ICE detention center. Then, nearly a year later, he was left on the border of Mexico.

4 Thousands of asylum seekers waiting in streets, makeshift camps around Paris

15 jan. 2020

After an asylum seekers’ camp in northern Paris was cleared last November, France plans to continue to break up others across the country. Although the number of places in shelters has doubled, with over 108,000 beds available for asylum seekers, makeshift camps are still scattered around the capital’s ring road, where several thousand people are living in squalid conditions. FRANCE 24’s team reports.

5 Moroccan youths living rough in northern Paris park

1 sep. 2017

For the past few months, a small park in northern Paris has been the closest thing to a home for a group of Moroccan youths who illegally entered the European Union. Most are teenagers but some are as young as ten. Living rough on the streets, they smoke, drink alcohol and commit petty crimes. Their presence in the neighbourhood has sparked both anger and pity amongst locals. And while some social workers are providing them with a basic level of support, authorities are a rare sight. A report by Jean Barrère and Norredine Bezziou, with Julia Sieger. A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett and Florence Viala.

6 Sweden: Migrants at Point Zero I ARTE Documentary


14 mei 2021

During the #migrant crisis of 2015,🇸🇪Sweden stepped up to the plate and welcomed 162,877 asylum seekers. Among them, 24,000 were unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan. The numbers overwhelmed immigration authorities who were unable to process their applications before they reached adulthood. But the moment they turn eighteen, their chances of getting asylum drops dramatically.

Sweden: Migrants at Point Zero
🗓 Available until the 12/04/2024

ARTE Documentary is here to tell you more about what’s going on in the world of culture and current affairs with powerful, refreshing and entertaining docs subtitled in English for our international fans.

7 Sweden’s U-turn on asylum

20 apr. 2016

Sweden once flew the flag for an open door migrant policy, but the Scandinavian country has now done a dramatic U-turn: introducing border controls and tighter legislation, creating one of the most restrictive asylum policies in Europe. Our reporters went there to investigate what caused the turnaround and what it means for the latest arrivals of refugees. A programme prepared by Josh Vardey and Elise Duffau.

8 Germany steps up deportation of failed asylum seekers

2 mrt. 2016

Germans are increasingly voicing doubts about whether the country can cope with large numbers of asylum seekers. As a result, Berlin’s list of so-called “safe countries of origin” is getting longer and more failed asylum seekers are being sent back. Several Balkan states were added to the list last year, resulting in a big drop in arrivals from the region. The government has now listed Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco as “safe” – this just weeks before key regional elections. A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett, Elise Duffau and Claire Pryde.

10 Broken lives of immigrants deported from US to Mexico – BBC News

20 mrt. 2014

Subscribe to BBC News Almost two million undocumented immigrants have been deported from the US since Barack Obama entered the White House, more than under any previous president.
Many of those sent back to Mexico have to walk through a door in the fence separating California and the Mexican town of Tijuana. Some were caught trying to enter the US illegally, others had lived in the US – without papers – for years. 
The BBC’s Valeria Perasso reports from both sides of the border on what happens to deportees once they pass through this door.

11 For Undocumented Workers, It’s Not-so-Sweet Home Alabama

29 okt. 2011

Read the transcript: From Alabama, Paul Solman reports on how the nation\’s toughest immigration law is affecting the state\’s workers and employers.

12 Freezing and Fighting for Aid: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

26 feb. 2015

As Syria’s civil war has raged over the past four years, more than a million refugees have fled into neighboring Lebanon. The Bekaa Valley, which serves as the main passageway between Damascus and Beirut, is now home to the largest concentration of Lebanon’s Syrian refugees. 
Currently in Lebanon there is one Syrian for every four Lebanese citizens — a population growth that has created a strain on the small villages and towns that bear the responsibility of hosting the refugees. Al Marj, a small city of about 15,000 in the southern end of the Bekaa Valley, is home to a refugee camp where approximately 400 families are living. 
VICE News traveled to the Bekaa Valley to see how the refugee population is faring as winter fully sets in, and found that the freezing temperatures are only one of their problems. 
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13 Kitty Vending Machine

30 apr. 2019

It might not be the most humane way to buy a cat, but we can’t argue that it’s efficient. What would you do if you saw this at your grocery store?

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