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How Dictators Spent Their Millions

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30 jul. 2021

The luxurious private lives of the world’s most notorious dictators have been shrouded in mystery– but today we’re going to uncover their most lavish spending habits. These dictators had power, influence, and money beyond your wildest dreams. They had secret palaces and hidden islands all over the world. They drove luxury vehicles and bought weapons made of solid gold. From Rolexes to yachts, and hunting lodges to bulletproof trains, this is how five famous dictators spent their fortunes.

1 J.P. Morgan Documentary: How One Man Financed America

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25 jun. 2020
Only one man holds the title of bailing out the U.S. federal government two times in his life. And that man is J.P Morgan. In today’s episode of American Titan, we explore the spectacular story of America’s most prolific banker — a man so powerful that when he died, the NYSE paused all trading for half a day out of respect.

2 Rise of the Rothschilds: The World’s Richest Family

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3 aug. 2018

Diamond Back
Imagine being in a family that’s been rich for almost 300 years
Ayoub Khalil
Just because someone doesn’t appear on the Forbes list doesn’t mean they aren’t wealthier than the ones there.
Kamel Labiad
Well this family was behind all the problems and wars that hit the world, hard to believe that someone with such power would be doing good for humanity
The family are not listed because their wealth is now hidden. They are one step ahead of the game because they are the game.
it’s like, you’re so damn powerful, instead of the country collecting taxes from you, you collect taxes from the country lmfao
Mr. Unusual
I like how you tried to lie to us about the Rothschilds going broke. You’re funny bro.
You expect me to believe, a family with all that power, wealth and influence, just lost it all 😂😂😂
Mike K
Its unbelievable how many enormous mansions they own and they don’t do tours on any. Its also crazy most people don’t know about them

3 This Family Secretly Rules The World

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22 jan. 2022

This Family Secretly Rules The World.
Money, Power and influence aren’t exactly very easy to come by, believe me, it takes time, effort, and a healthy amount of under the table dealings to achieve these things. Or if you’re lucky enough you’ll be born into a family that already has.
Over the centuries these particular families have managed to accumulate insane amounts of money, power and influence. Subsequently using it to place themselves in very convenient and important parts of society.
These are families so powerful, they’ve basically won the economic game, and done a tiny bit of shaping society to their whims, these are some of the most powerful families in the world.

4 How The Richest CEO’s Travel

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3 apr. 2021

If you think a CEO ride their bikes or cars to get to work every morning… You’re wrong. Indeed, they go to work at night, in the morning, in the afternoon and they need to travel fast. Today we are going to see how billionaires travel when they have to get to their office or on holiday!

5 The Biggest Mansions In The World (2022)

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19 sep. 2021


Mansions are getting pretty big these days, it’s almost scary, but it’s always been humanity’s calling to make things much bigger than they have any right to be. So come along with us and we’ll have a look at some of the largest mansions to occupy this earth.

Thanks for watching this video: The Biggest Mansions In The World (2022)

00:00 Introduction
00:23 Mesa Vista Ranch 33,000 Square Feet
01:49 Casa Encantada 40,000 Square Feet
02:34 The Pritzker Estate 49,000 Square Feet
03:44 Fairfiel Pond 62,000 Square Feet
04:47 Gemini 62,000 Square Feet
05:53 28-A Rutland Gate 62,000 Square Feet
07:01 Pensmore 72,000 Square Feet
07:58 Tahoe Uen 72,400 Square Feet
08:50 Modern Versailles 90,000 Square Feet
09:42 The One 100,000 Square Feet

6 How The Super Rich Live (Wealth Documentary) | Real Stories

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13 apr. 2019

As countries like Greece and Spain struggle under massive debts that are impoverishing its people, the elites around the world are getting richer and richer. This report looks at the ever widening gap.

7 Billionaire’s Row Documentary 2020

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13 feb. 2018

The secret lives of the super rich Billionaire’s Row Documentary

8 The Rothschild Family and Waddesdon

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4 mrt. 2019

From their origins in Frankfurt’s Jewish ghetto, the Rothschilds became the most powerful banking family of the 19th century. Four generations of the Rothschild family have since been responsible for the creation, care and development of Waddesdon Manor.
Please note that this film replaces the corrupted previous file which was uploaded to YouTube in Nov 2018 and had received 1579 views in first three months.

9 The Most Expensive Thing In The World (2022)

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4 okt. 2021

The Most Expensive Thing In The World (2022).

Ever wondered what some of the most expensive things in the world are? Well, wonder no more. We look at some of the most expensive items money can buy. You might come out of this with a greater appreciation for your lot in life or an understanding that money is meaningless… roll the dice.

Thanks for watching this video: The Most Expensive Thing In The World (2022)

00:00 Introduction
00:27 Most expensive Private Residence, $2.6 Billion
01:41 Most Expensive Yacht, $4.8 Billion
02:38 Most Expensive Champagne, $2.07 Million
03:38 Most Expensive Painting, $450 Million
04:33 Most Expensive Diamond, $2 Billion
05:33 Most Expensive Private Jet, $410 Million
06:36 Most Expensive Bed, $6.3 Million
07:36 Most Expensive Smartphone, $48.5 Million
08:38 Most Expensive Watch, $55 Million
09:35 Most Expensive Gold Chrome Bugatti Veyron, $2.7 Million

10 Navalny reveals investigation into ‘Putin’s Palace’ | DW News

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20 jan. 2021

Who owns the sprawling palace complex, with its own amphitheatre, a teahouse and a helipad at the Black Sea? Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has released a two-hour video investigation into the complex, saying the palace was built for Russian President Vladimir Putin using taxpayer money. The Kremlin has denied the allegations. The video was posted by Navalny’s team two days after he was jailed upon returning to Russia.

11 Putin’s Palace by Alexei Navalny in ENGLISH VOICE OVER ( dub ) | FULL MOVIE DOCUMENTARY

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In première gegaan op 6 feb. 2021

‘The Story of the Worlds Biggest Bribe’
We created this Voice Over from existing subtitles out of a passion for the story.
The Navalny team has updated their video with an English dub here. Please subscribe to Navalny’s account! : @NavalnyRu
(Our dub has more personality.)

Understand the ongoing protests in Russia

Having recovered from poisoning Alexei Navalny has returned to Russia, where has was arrested immediately. This video was released shortly afterward. Navalny has now been sentenced to prison for 3 years, and his associates detained. Ongoing protests in Russia are being met with force and thousands of detentions.

We are in no way affiliated with Alexei Navalny.
See this as a community service in the name of knowledge dissemination, and your ability to watch this on a cell phone at the gym or otherwise.
Please forgive our pronunciation.

– Running Dog
* English dub * Spoken in English * Translation * Voice Over *

Roger Quintanilla
Roger Quintanilla
1 jaar geleden (bewerkt)

00:00 Start
00:27 Navalny in Dresden.
5:00 KGB balls, dances and first friends
9:45 Young Putin, Banditsky Leningrad and the first big bribes
13:41 How Lyosha Miller accepted envelopes with money
16:59 MOSCOW
19:24 Letters from Lyudmila Putina
22:19 How Vladimir Vladimirovich and Igor Ivanovich quarreled
24:40 Putin saves the Yeltsin Family
25:50 PALACE
30:40 Flight over Putin’s Palace 🏰
48:32 Putin’s royal habits
54:05 The most expensive interiors in Russia
1:06:47 A very expensive hobby of the president 🍷
1:15:19 An even more expensive hobby of the president 🍷
1:19:09 Putin’s “defense” oyster farm
1:19:58 “OWNERS”
1:20:58 A complex scheme of simple theft
1:25:50 The most generous uncle in Russia
1:31:27 SPONSORS
1:38:40 We suggest why all this luxury
1:39:41 WOMEN
1:40:53 The President’s very secret mistress
1:43:26 Not a very secret president’s mistress
1:47:34 Conclusions

12 Vladimir Putin: Russian palace in Navalny video not mine – BBC News

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27 jan. 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin says an opulent palace featured in a video by his arch-critic Alexei Navalny “doesn’t belong to me”.

The video called “Putin’s palace” went viral on Russian social media last week – more than 86m people have watched it.

The palace, by the Black Sea, was allegedly financed by billionaires close to Mr Putin. It is said to have a casino, skating rink and vineyard.

Thousands of people rallied for Mr Navalny across Russia on Saturday.

13 The Vatican’s Unimaginable Wealth

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13 dec. 2021


A mini-documentary about the Vatican and the Catholic Church


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14 Can the Vatican reform its finances? | FT Film

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11 nov. 2021

The FT investigates the Holy See’s finances and looks at how landmark proceedings linked to a controversial London property deal are seen as part of Pope Francis’s reforms in the city-state. Read more at https://on.ft.com/3ofZkrC

15 The Vatican: Digging Up the Bank’s Secrets

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9 feb. 2015

Feb. 6 — Gerald Posner, author of “God’s Bankers,” discusses the history and operations of the Vatican Bank with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox on “Taking Stock.”
Here in the Philippines,a catholic school run by priest is registered as “non profit” institution 🤣
Debi Ferg
Vatican bank accounts in Switzerland are not named but numbered.
Rick Peuser
Reading right now.  Absorbing and absolutely fascinating!!!  Footnotes chock full of  archival sources!!!  
Danger Mauz
The Godfather 3 movie reveals that the “God’s banks” aid and abet blood money.
e c
That should say “Devil’s Bank”
Justinian Banking 🌐 Atlas
Much Appreciated Thanks 🎉👍😎♥
doggy dog
It ain’t God’s bank ! It’s the devil’s bank !
Alex Topno
We feel sad but reality should come out
Ciprian ionut
The priest are the most dangerous treaters
Ryan David-Joseph Sauvageau
During and prior to the papal election didn’t someone stop Vatican Bank transactions electronically?
Remo Bandini
Bwahahahahaha. Posner. You could be correct. But. You are about 137 years too late to expose anything. You’re forgiven..
The woman sitting on the beast, in the book of revelation.
Luka Skywalker
where my christians at whoo whoo 🤣🤣🤣. All religions are silly, my story is right, no mine, no… BOOOM!……………….. lets teach all our kids this?
The truth will make us free n
What is the church of Christ?
Melanie Van der bril
The devil in the right place
Rey Juario
He is trying to be famous like dan brown.
J. K.
Your old anti Catholic propaganda. Nothing new.
sup people
This guy is using some facts to pad his anti catholic propaganda

16 The Farmer Boy Who Invented Ford

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6 apr. 2022

In 1879, a 16-year-old boy left his father’s farm for Detroit. At the time when means of transportation were trains or horse carriages and the first automobiles were mostly seen as racing machines for the rich, he would later open a car company and change the course of the automobile industry to what we know today. 35 years later after his arrival to Detroit, half of all cars on Earth were carrying his name, and Henry Ford would become one of the wealthiest men in American history.
00:00 – 00:38 Prologue
00:39 – 02:48 The Farmer Boy
02:49 – 04:57 Moving Out
04:58 – 07:37 The New Engine
07:38 – 11:29 The Business Failures
11:30 – 15:34 Ford Motor Company
15:35 – 18:59 The Assembly Line
19:00 -21:36 Trouble In Paradise

17 The Orphan Boy Who Created Rolex

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Rolex is one of the most Luxury Brands in the World, valued today at around $8 Billion Dollars. Its history dates back a century ago and began with an orphan teenager whose inheritance was stolen away from him. After a few years working his way out, he decided to follow his passion and opened a watchmaking business. Little did he know that this business venture would lead him to pioneer modern wristwatches, changing its whole industry and creating a Billion-Dollar Empire. This is the story of Hans Wilsdorf.
00:00 Intro
00:40 A Series of Misfortunes
02:47 On His Own
05:14 Wilsdorf and Davis
08:06 Rolex
12:05 The Genius Mind of Marketing
14:31 New Models

19 The Poor Boy Who Invented The Most Luxurious Car in the World

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21 apr. 2022

Rolls-Royce is a true household name in engineering. A Rolls-Royce is one of the most successful luxury cars that money can buy. And with over 130 dealerships spread over 40 countries, the brand is known all around the globe. Kind of funny considering that it all started out with a poor kid that had a passion for innovation. When farm boy Henry Royce first started out tinkering with engines, nobody could have guessed he would one day create some of the most expensive cars in the world! And when he finally met his daredevil companion, history was truly made! Don’t miss this story!

20 The Poor Orphan Who Invented Rolex

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3 mrt. 2022

Rolex is one of the biggest and most prestigious names in watches. Over 2,000 Rolex watches are produced per day, generating billions in sales. And it seems like everyone around the world loves them. From Pope John Paul II and the 14th Dalai Lama to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.
No matter the country, most people can recognize a Rolex. And as far as brand recognition goes, it doesn’t get much better than that. But how did the company go from being founded by an orphan to the billion-dollar empire it is today? Watch the video to find out! Sources

21 How A Poor Boy Created Mercedes-Benz

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15 mei 2023
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Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest and most luxurious car companies in the world, worth around 80 billion dollars. But being among the most desired and expensive cars today, it’s easy to forget its early humble beginnings.
It all started with a poor engineer, who faced many doubts, hates and failures in his pursuit of building the first horseless carriage. In spite of that, he proved everyone wrong and turned his small venture into the world’s first and biggest production car company during the 1890s and early 1900s.
But what started as an inspiring success story, took a surprisingly dark turn, when the company profited from supplying military vehicles to the Nazis under the works of forced labors.
So well, sit back and relax, today we’ll be covering the insane story of Mercedes-Benz, and the man who brought automobiles to life, Karl Benz.

00:00 – 01:14 Prologue
01:15 – 06:11 Humble Begininngs
06:12 – 09:19 Benz & Cie
09:20 – 13:38 The Trip That Shaped The Future
13:39 – 19:05 The Rivalry
19:06 – 24:27 A New Direction

22 How a Poor Blacksmith Boy Invented Ferrari

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6 mei 2023 UNITED STATES

The Unseen Story of Ferrari

How did a #humble mechanic’s son, who faced his fair share of challenges, transform his passion for racing into a legendary automotive empire worth billions? A brand new #Ferrari supercar can command a price tag well beyond the reach of most individuals, making it a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. But what remarkable journey propelled this determined visionary from rock bottom to the pinnacle of success? Prepare yourself for an incredible narrative twist that will leave you in awe, so be sure to watch this captivating video until the very end.

The tale begins with #EnzoFerrari, a man driven by an insatiable desire to conquer the racetrack. Born in Renato, a small town nestled in the north of #Bologna, Enzo grew up in a family of farmers who cultivated the land and tended to their vineyards. However, even at a tender age, Enzo knew deep down that he was destined for something far greater than the agricultural path laid before him.

📺 Watch the entire video for more information!

23 How A Poor Korean Boy Created Hyundai

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10 mrt 2023

30 years ago, Hyundai was seen as a small Korean company that made cheap, ugly and unreliable vehicles. People even joked about the brand, saying you could double a Hyundai’s value if you filled it up with gas.
But now a days… they are among the best quality vehicles in the market, overthrowing giants like Ford, Honda and General Motors, to become the third largest producer of cars in the global market.
But what’s fascinating about this, is the man who started it all.
A farm boy, who only wanted to escape from poverty, left home as a teenager and embarked on a journey full of failures, misfortunes and embarrassments.
Despite the adversity, he went on to create the biggest company in South Korea and took over by storm not only the automobile industry, but also shipbuilding, construction and so much more, turning himself into the richest man in Korea.
This is the rags to riches story of Hyundai, and the man behind it, Chung Yu-Jung.

00:00 – 01:04 Prologue
01:04 – 03:56 Escaping From Poverty
03:56 – 09:19 The Journey
09:19 – 16:38 The Birth of Hyundai
16:38 – 20:11 Hyundai Motors
20:11 – 24:40 The New Era For Korean Cars

24 How a Poor Japanese Boy Created Honda

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22 jul 2022

CORRECTION: 11:05 Japan Started the Pacific War. Sorry for letting that slipped by :I

In 1922, a 15-year-old boy shows up for his first day at work at a small auto-repair shop in Tokyo Japan. The owner, who questioned if the boy was even meant for this type of business, assigned him to clean the workshop and look after his child instead. At the time, nobody thought much of him, neither they cared, but only because they had no idea who this kid would eventually become.

Fast forwards a few decades, and that boy, Soichiro Honda, was now competing with some of the biggest car brands in the world, while also owning the largest motorbike manufacturer.

This is the story of how one poor Japanese boy, went from babysitting children… to building a multibillion-dollar brand, Honda Motors.

00:00 – 00:50 Prologue
00:51 – 03:20 Raised in Poverty
03:21 – 05:57 Art Shokai
05:58 – 08:55 On His Own
08:56 – 12:35 Trial and Error
12:36 – 14:21 The Idea that Shaped Everything
14:22 – 17:33 The Honda Motor Company
17:34 – 21:45 Chasing his Childhood’s Dreams

25 The Poor Farmer Who Created Walmart

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24 mei 2022

572 billion Dollars.
That’s the total revenue Walmart generated in 2021. With over 2 million people working for the company, it is the largest employer in the World and the biggest retailer in terms of sales. But building such an empire was no easy feat. It all started with a poor farmer, who after being told he had no career in the retail business, decided to open his own store.

00:00 – 00:55 Prologue
00:56 – 03:54 Humble Beginnings
03:55 – 06:46 The Ben Franklin Store
06:47 – 09:50 Starting all Over
09:51 – 12:18 The Birth of Walmart
12:19 – 15:11 Taking Over the Industry

26 Hitchhiking Stroller Prank

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25 mei 2011

Good samaritans are asked to take care of a baby in a stroller, but a police officer comes up to them shortly after and distracts them from their task. As soon as the prank victims have their head turned, the stroller somehow hooks onto a van and hitches a ride, driving off down the street.
A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!

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