1992 BBC – Elizabeth R – Blog

Sondra h
What a wonderful and dedicated lady who has given her life for her country. May God watch over this remarkable queen
Canadian Girl
She is a lovely and natural. Love her laugh. May God bless her and keep her safe
Marina Dubois
She has worked, very hard, for 70 years! I’m not a royalist but it’s clear that she’s taken her responsibility and duties seriously.
Patricia Barkley
I admire and respect Queen Elizabeth ll more than any other leader. She is so strong and yet down to earth. She is amazing. God bless Queen Elizabeth ll.
Lee & Hillary
She is quite talkative in social settings. We are so used to seeing her just standing and walking into and out of places…but honestly she is quite the chatty Kathy lol I just love her personality. Long live Elizabeth, long live the Queen. She is absolutely irreplaceable
I Don’t recall ever seeing this documentary before, but I’ve really enjoyed watching it now. Many thanks for posting it. Love the Queen.
Rian Shafer
So enjoy this documentary! It’s the first one that I have ever seen that is so candid with her actually the “star” of it and not just clips every other doc has done to death. I watch them anyway, I just love her! Can you imagine being born to live her life long duty & stay so dedicated? I hope to live long enough to see William as King. I truly believe he will be an excellent King and avoid the embarrassments his father has caused. They are all human, it’s nice to see that side of the Queen here.
Gary Boucher
Absolutely wonderful glimpse of royal life, and all that rests on the queens shoulders. Marvelous program. Well done!
C Berry
The wonderful documentary called “Royal Family 1969” is an intimate look at this incredible family!!
CoCo Pup
Binge watching the royals..Wonderful videos 🤗💛💛
Jeffrey Louis Peikin
the Queen is such a dynamic lady, here! It’s wonderful to see her in the prime of her life!
Carol Van Goethem
What an amazing monarch! God bless the queen.
Lynne Gulbrand
God bless the Queen. She’s amazing.
Poussin Hamzah
Absolutely fabulous lady. Despite my republican soul I admire and have the utmost respect for Her Majesty The Queen.
Lilibeth Temples
Remarkable to watch this in 2022 basically 30 years.
joshua kampamba
I very much adore the Queen
Lee & Hillary
She has got that fabulous dry humor😂😂😂😂 I love her😂😂
K Great
Well done Your Majesty !
Swin Meis
Did you write in your own hand..?? Yes yes…., 🤔🤔🤔🤨 Well I can’t write any other way.!! Fucking classic..!!
joshua kampamba
Proud to be part of the Commonwealth
The Queen Elizabeth II.God Bless Queen And The Royal’s Families. This is last update 15 Oct 2019 right.
Paul Wright
The drives like a bat out of hell. What a woman. 😀
nicola dollard
she is a different person watching the horses more relaxed
John Winston
Diana at her most rebellious
“Keenyah” it’s Kenya
1992, aka “annus horribilus”
Plum Duff
Bunch of spongers
Olivia Pate
Was NOT expecting the Diana cameo in this. Crazy she’d be dead 2 years later. What a waste, if she were about to be Queen rn everyone would be drooling over it. What a waste of a beautiful person and woman.