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GentleGirl Jack
I can see this being about Fergie’s “downfall,” but after both her AND Diana got screwed by the royal family maybe they should start wondering if THEY are the problem. I know she made a lot of mistakes, but damn, who hasn’t? I like Fergie ☺
Butterfly Magic with Hot Tea
What a LOT of very MEAN words and slams on such a beautiful person. Sarah is just as human and anyone else and she is quite resilient. I admire her strength in the face of all this nonsense.
Nicole Czarnecki
I see that others are already ahead of me on this, though I still think, “Now we know why Fergie cheated on Prince Andrew; and at least her affair was consensual on the part of both parties.”
Amazing to think that this doco was produced in 1997; you can tell it was before 31 August! I wonder what would have changed in its script had it been written after Diana’s death.
Carmen Dilcherd
Prince Andrew is actually not a bad looking man!!!! The palace was always making fun of Fergie and Diane!! Very very rude and disrespectful as well as hateful
Fergie’s downfall was fascinating to witness in real life. It happened so suddenly: the media who was once charmed by the “fiery redhead” had suddenly and viciously turned on her soon after she gave birth to Beatrice (she was given the terrible nickname “Duchess of Pork” because she couldn’t lose the baby weight, and the name she chose for Beatrice was publicly ridiculed). She had no discernment and was easily taken advantage of by guys like Steve Wyatt. After she wrote her book, she then lost favor with Diana. It was a disastrous domino effect that she never could recover from.
Joseph Sage
The only thing that has me upset about the royals is covering up prince Charles, and now Prince Andrew’s crime. Absolutely disgraceful. Same can be said about capital hill in Washington though.
June Greatorex
There is northing downfall about the Duchess of York she’s stood my her ex husband though thick and thin and gave the Queen two beautiful granddaughters.Shes made mistakes but we all have she a lovely lady
emma ransford
Both these women have special gifts in equal value. Neither of them were cut for such artificial expectations, even when born to a royalty authenticity it has become very apparent with the third generation royals what 😳 a strain on their individual personalities such as William and Harry. Sarah put her own signature on her royal duties, she was her person made choices that felt fitting for her special contributions. Infact Diana and Sarah were far too nice and in a way too good for the Royal family.
Poor Fergie, with friends like this who needs enemies.
DJ Holliday
I love Fergie. Always have. People love Fergie & Diana so much, because they are relatable. Royals are NOT PERFECT. They are human. They are just uppity AF due to their privilege & position. Diana & Fergie smashed the magic mirror. We all wonder how they couldn’t just be happy, with all they had. But, women need more. Humans need more.
Lynn Kliewer
It’s your beauty from within when your with people who are incapable of seeing it ,Its their problem not yours !
Cristina Filipe
Well now she knows where her DISGUSTING ex husband was when he took his “sea” trips, the royal princes made their wifes miserable and they cheated I’ll never know WHY this Andrew married and Charles marry Diana and not Camilla….they just brought pain and misery
Sheila M
What a lovely and convenient spin on the story. . . that failed to mention the photographer’s reflection is on the window through which the “scandelous” pics of Fergie and what’s-his-name were taken. Proving the person who took those photos was inside the house. What that proves is . . . Well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I’ve seen the newspapers fresh off the press at the time the story was covered, with those exact photos.
Amanda Stoudemire
I really wish someone would do a documentary on prince andrew
Destiny 100
Calling her mother prettier. In other words calling calling Fergie ugly. Fergie wasn’t ugly as young. She just didn’t bother glam up.
Philip Webb
This is a hit piece.
Juliana Ballesteros Díaz
Give it a year and there will be “Downfall of Duchess 2 “
Alan K
Thank God I live in a republic!
There are so many more important documentaries than those that pertain to the royal family.
andrea troisi
Fergie looked her best on her wedding day.
Randy Schaff
A life of duty and obligation which goes hand in hand with privilege.
James Anthony
Talk about cutthroat, backstabbing, non loyalty having family.. we’re all human & make mistakes some worse than others but she does have two children who are of Royal Blood so you’d think Queen Elizabeth could open the coffers & at least let Fergie raise her children without the financial hardships that none of the other Royal Mothers have to deal with !!! I get the infidelity but that is nothing new with the Royal Family or humankind in general. She seems to genuinely be an overall good person who wants to help & do well for others… Such a disgusting double standard when it comes to people with means & money.. Hope Fergie comes out on-top in the end. You have one American firmly rooting for you & your children’s well being.. God Speed & God Bless!!! 🙏
Ever since I was a child in the 1980s in the United States I enjoyed seeing Fergie. She always seemed fun and down-to-earth to me.
The Dream: Justice For All
The narration of this documentary is just rude and extremely judgmental. We’re looking for the truth, not unfavorable opinions. I’ve watched other documentaries from this series, but this one was surprisingly harsh.
Love Princess Margaret’s death glare at 1.54
Hoodoo Dino
Before I got a minute into the video I noted that the “dish/bowl” shape of Fergies hat was such that it would catch rainwater and that is an illegal regal hat.
Margaret Prescott
Followed by the downfall of a modern Duke (her former husband)
Chri8 1988
This documentary needs to add the Epstein chapter to it.
Dee Rush
How many “Downfall of a Duchess” video clips are going to be posted? Why are so many hellbent upon posting about the downfall of the Duchess of York, when it’s actually the DUKE OF YORK experiencing a downfall?
Alex S
As per Usual, the British Press are vicious and inconsiderate.
Tu Vous
Divorce never for this couple. Love is truly what they had. They knew each other since childhood. This Prince of England loved Sarah. Sarah was deeply influenced by Diana. Sarah is great. Sarah is beautiful. Sarah is wonderful. Andrew was her man. Andrew was there for her. Divorce? Not for them. Why did her parents and siblings not help her stay?
og jenny
Every time i watch these documantaries I’m constantly thinking about the poor people in third world countries who still have no running water or electricity with no chance to get out of poverty. Makes me SICK
“the fact that we’re all here in one piece is amazing” She says to a room full of amputees 🤣😂🤣😂🤔
Micheal Currie
There is no such thing as the defined rights of Kings. All hangs on a shoe string.
Honey Girl Books
I feel bad for Fergie because of the life she had to live but on the other hand she should have known better you know
juliet aruya
Lets be very slow to conderm. I will pray for him. Even if he lost titles he HAS NOT LOST GOD.
Joan Sobel
I refuse to watch any of this because you need to focus on Andrew’s downfall. Stop making these women the scapegoats for this family’s mistakes. Those old days are gone we see right through this
Funnily enough Prince Edward is keeping his head down lately.
Looby Loo
So, while she rode ponies, HE rode under aged girlies
caroline welham
This is old news that should be left now to gather dust, at least Prince Andrew and Sarah have remained friends and taken great care of bringing the their girls up in the best possible stable home and that is remarkable of them.
Anthony C Brown
What a snipey little program. Every semblance of a positive Fergie comment is a backhanded slight.
Revanth Muntha
The NERVE of Margaret to Judge Fergie smh
Carmen Dilcherd
Now we all understand why Megan markle wanted to leave. Harry loves his wife, and he doesn’t want her to go through the things that his mother and aunt Fergie went through!! In the end the life took his mother’s life!! He doesn’t want to be like his father!! He knows what his father did was wrong!!!
Andrew Lankford
Interesting timing. Wasn’t she married to that Prince Andrew guy who made the news lately?
Cool Kid
Fergie is a badass!
Joe Goodman
Still left quite a legacy
Whiteboard Becky
How do you know prince Andrew is the Queen‘s favorite son? Did she say that?
Harriet Hunter
I like Sarah Ferguson. Her heart is in the right place. When Diana died I wrote to her. She replied back herself, which I very much appreciated. She is mostly misunderstood I feel.
Alexandra Cuco
Duchess we need you
This narrator can throw some major shade
Carol Young
Diana and Sarah are my favourite royals and always will be , at least Sarah was lucky enough to leave with her life! X
katherine savarese
4:29 “fergie’s slimmer and prettier mother……” 😖😖😖😖 how harsh and mean!
It’s obviously clear that several of the people interviewed either felt somehow slighted or just wanted a bit of fame. The way they trashed the Duchess is despicable. She handled her unhappiness and depression one way (spending money, etc) Diana another (bulimia, etc). The Firm is a nasty organization and Fergie is lucky to have gotten out with her life.
Fading film star? Really? Well we know where this reporter stands.
Some Body
Fergie seems to be an intelligent, confident woman and it sickens me that she stands by Andrew out of fear or money because he still supports her at times. She had to know his personality and the friends he had. She knows!
kelly higgins
Why feel bad with everything at your beck I’m call , “Please”, now moving forward to 2020 I do not like that we see this couples now ex children treated as though they never existed also why is it that we also don’t see these now young women working for Royals … all it’s about is William, Harry , Kate & Megan ! What goes on with Royals born do they work for the Queen or not I truly don’t understand how it all works a true reporter should think about bringing this to the forefront! Along with a where are they now starting back from our actress in what the forties who married into Royals and died but, not without leaving a child I don’t know how many children however, I know theres at least one that has to be in their 60’s or just about where are the links of this Royals children’s bracelet from the beginnings of marrying a commoner…. never once have we even seen William and Harry visit their mother’s grave if they visit it at all and shows our Queen of Hearts brother these days ? As for the rumors of Prince Harry not being Prime Charles son I once agreed but, now as he has aged I see Prince Charles more in him than William now days infact Prince William looks spit imagine of his mom! Soon our Queen will be gone what is odd is she has out lived many of celebs from the 50’s onward to my own loved ones who should be much alive born in 1969 and so on she’s out lived amazing. I believe that Queen Elizabeth, should step down while shes alive and actually take steps in that piece of history she has that power to make a ROCKING ceremony which is so needed with all that’s been going on instead of having a sad funeral with then a ceremony of of Prince Charles becoming King BUT, a HUGE BUT, it would really be the greatest for not only England but the world if Charles step off too and we bare witness to some ” YOUTH” and all being able to bare witness to the Queen of Hearts son & Prince Charles son become ” KING” omg , the tears , the celebration the History made in that making …… If anyone whose able reads this brief the Royals ! Blessings all …🖤
og jenny
“a failing pop star” wouldnt be asked for autographs
Marja Kamp
I have always liked Fergie and I still do.
norma desmond
she has always been a disaster. went for the money and the rich friends and well, still does. And now, during her ex-husbands scandal with underaged girls, she stands by him. Telling the world that he is o so grand and wonderful. That is because of the money she still gets from him and noboy else. She is over her ears in debts and needs him to get by. Prince Philip (not a prize either), can’t even stand beeing in the same room with her. When he comes in – she has to go. It’s a complete joke, this one.
Borea & Balsam Living
Deepest sympathies for Fergy. The English are plain nuts, and surviving that family earns her an existential award of some kind. The world will be significantly better off in every way when there are no more royals
Maximas Romulus
You can’t blame Prince Andrew for his courageous behavior. Everyone seems to forget the most important thing here. His love is real, never ever apologize for Love.
Sean Karriker
Duchess you are A OK for US 🇺🇸
Bitter Cephalopod
Fergie supports Andrew because she likes breathing.
Andrew Emery
“Her slimmer, prettier mother” – LMAO
And Meghan Markle thinks she has it bad and is singled out for blah blah racism blah… the scrutiny and horrible treatment of Di and Fergie was a true atrocity!! What snobby Meghan is going through is simply her not willing to accept any sort of criticism, even constructive criticism . We are allowed not to like Meghan and her crude behavior. My heart breaks for the horrible treatment of Fergie and Di which was and is heartbreaking to recall. EDIT what happened after the fact was due to the treatment she received, it was a domino effect…she didn’t start this way, it was developed over time.
Cheryl Juliette
It’s all make sense now as to why she was looking for love abroad and loved American men.
Amy Fabian
The narrator points out that Fergie had everything and threw it away, that she’s a single mother exiled from the royal family who is forced to exploit her name to pay a huge tax bill ………ALL IN THE FIRST 27 SECONDS lol 😆 😂 I mean, damn lol.
G Rated
Not much like the Fairy Tales and they lived happily ever after. She couldn’t file Bankruptcy or get child support. Although starting a Non Profit would have brought any many charitable donations from the US and London. Possibly the Royal Foundation that would have a new ring to it.
ForTe StoLLen
I’m enjoying this BIASED documentary. 🤣😂🤪
Zelda Bloom
Could this “documentary” be more of a smear campaign? The tone is so condescending & vicious.
wendy graham
I have always like fergie but, all the probelms she had she bought upon herself
Audrey Kennedy
How can someone abandon their children?
Fairly Vague
Firstly, this documentary was originally aired in 1997, thereby making it 23 years old. Secondly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a blatantly biased documentary for a channel like this. I’m hardly the woman’s greatest champion but this is ridiculous and the timing stinks. Unsubbed 👋🏼
Sean Karriker
Ace reporter ms Judy wade you are brilliant 🌟
Dave Mojarra 2
She now plays center for the local Ladies’ senior rugby team. Slow, but gritty.
Samantha Allen
Now you can do downfall of her ex husband
Fergie had everything but her toes had to get in the way! LoL 😂
Oh, this „documentary“ is so mean in itself!: „she is open to autograph hunters like a fading movie star.“ Goodbye and a dislike.
baby Olman
That is depression …you resort to excessive spending to deal with the pain
Joachim Haodom
Really her prettier thinner mother the shade of it all
wait I just realized this is the prince andrew……..im disgusted
The Stream of Life
I admire get too 🙂 I feel her pain
jack Jackson3
She never helped herself with her styles and clothes . But she still no fool, she still as close to Andrew now.
Tom Hermens
Never mind her!!! What about the other one!!!!
Brenda Rooks
Why a video trashing the princess when her ex us the one tossed out of the palace
Sailor Sun
This documentary holds a clear bias from the narrator (I know it was probably scripted), but this is ridiculous. Any documentaries on the downfall of the adulterating prince? or the prince who supports rapists? These two princesses beautified the sad excuse of a monarch.
Eric Anderson
After down fall, to Jeffery Epstein, “This is Fergie, ‘call me”.
Kate Redfern
I feel so sorry for her I don’t think money mad kate
kryo Boy
🎶Girl u know u wanna make me sweat🎵prince andrews favourite song.sang frequently in a bar he’s never been to🤣🤣🤣
John B
Waiting for him to make enough money to marry her. hahaha How’d that work out…
Linda Casey
Well, I like her .
Neilybugg N
This feels like it was made in the 80s but looks like it was made in the 90s.. I can’t decide which..
“dubbed dallas palace because of its vulgarity” damn
Beatrix Pennyweather
Wow this aged. Bet she’s glad she didn’t now
Rock Girl
Major Ron’s massage parlour downfall …you don’t say.
The media were so horrible to Fergie – but the truth will out…
juliet aruya
Stop throwing stones . At times the wspePrince Andrew is condemn and spoken ill of i feel its not good enough. I pray for him and his children.
Joe Goodman
I thought she was stunning ,I’m greived she lost favor…
clayton delanie
Fergie should hang out with a better class of people.
Sarah Hall
I heard Fergie had so many shoes it strune out into the hallway! Not vein?
Khrystyne Heasley
Wow this is not an unbiased documentary. This channel usually is good quality this is not.
Jacob Stein
I think that Fergie was a gold digger, plain and simple. She ran from one man to the next trying to exchange her youth and beauty for money. Which is nothing unusual. She had some success, however alas not as much as she hoped.
They are both messes who destroyed their own lives.
is it me or does the author look like lord baelish from game of thrones…..so this is what the brits are willing to pay for, useless family drama?
Annette Ireland
Why didnt they help her. There is something called a stylist.
Queen of Scots
Her ex is now banished! Payback
Farhia Ismail
my God bless you my mother in Diana princess of Wales I love you my father’s King Charles very special wedding
“Handicapped skiers”??? What year was this published in???
it’s as though the script is being read by a computer – the inflections are off, it doesn’t sound quite human if you listen carefully
President Kudsi
What happened to Anne’s husband?
Mr. Steve Whyte was a 🐍nake oil salesman.
Charli May
1:16 how much does William look like Prince Andrew? 😮
Fergie fell when fergie ferg came to fake not lasting fame.
GentleGirl Jack
Everyone’s afraid of Prince Philip…
the shade of it all
David Nevin
No one cares. End the Monarchy.
Dutch =holland =netherlands this document time line is wrong its Engeland royal s nothing to do with dutch royal
Andrew is the biggest sneeze
11:00 cute&COOL Her Majesty Elizabeth!
Sonia Maria Alves de Melo
Did the psico told Diana what was to come?
Alfredo Jonstone
Narrow escape from Peter File.
she’s every bit as smarmy as andrew. Peas in a pod.
The documentary is a shady piece of work
Wendy S. King
She is physically very awkward. Something is wrong. It seems no one ever taught her how to walk, sit or stand and move….but there is something else wrong. Some illness.
Dennis Clark
Who made this The Palace?
Corine de Lange
Now people should think again why she left? She knew P Andrew was unfaithfull.
tony black
Prince Andrew liked em very young
Dan Basta
She’s a very beautiful woman. I like her.
Dave Mojarra 2
She was undignified in public.
Marissa Dower-morgan
Women need to care less about what others think
She walks like a rugby player
Catherine Homer
LOL Pot calling the kettle black!
Esther Moore
U can not b ur self n b a Royal…
Alexandra Cuco
Duchess the british royal family need your help to get union …just union can be possible be stong agaisnt evil
This is so negative. Do better.
Ann Menzzasalma
Crying because of debts. She created these debts.
Richard Wood
Stop! Do not waste 50 minutes of your life.
Wambui Mungai
Meghan what’s her name is next.
James Martin
She was too old for him anyway
CL. G.
Feminism destroyed their lives! What did they miss? As always, the OTHER man promising them … MORE?
Sonia Maria Alves de Melo
WHAT Briam could get from Fergie? Financilly kkk perhaps shake hands with some Royals for Money paid to Fergie? Half million £ a skahe !! Kkk sen d Margareth flores até for From someone else ckkkk second hands flowers kkk DISGRACE..the flowers das tired hands tô hands lots of travelling kkkk NOONE want them kkk poor flowers..say no with flowers kklk
sarah jones
Destiny 100
And they wonder why Meghan left. Who can live a life like this.
Nikki D
Ah yes, money simply cannot buy class or dignity
Somewhere in Indiana
She was always a wrong fit for the family….
RantChant 316
But fergalicious was hot
Renee Santiago
I’m only a couple minutes in and I’m like ?????? If she was married to Andrew she had PLENTY of reasons to flee him and the family. On a diff note……boy is she plain looking and walks like a man.
New Jersey Lion
So basically she is an older Meghan.
Green-Eyed Child
Aw how dare you put an English maiden down…. do you know her plieght? being the MAIN VICTIM of white man???????????????????????Hmm..Hmm! Ya its like that….f victimizing her in this show right now lay off o people Timeline one more down-a-person episode no im unsubbing now bye…