The authenticity of Nepal

1 How to Survive in the Himalayas | Beyond Human Boundaries TRACKS

4 jan. 2020

Home of the highest mountain on Earth, the Himalayas is a place where you’re well and truly at the mercy of the elements. In this episode of Beyond Human Boundaries, Arman experiences life in the highest of places and the lowest of temperatures.
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2 Farmers Life in Nepal

11 nov. 2016

This is Nepali life.

3 Living in Nepal


28 mrt. 2018

RURAL LIFE IN NEPAL || Part – 1 A Documentary film by Rupak Jyoti

5 Rice Plantation in Nepal

14 jul. 2015

From mid June to mid July, rice plantation is held in Nepal. Since all the work done in traditional way , we use oxen to cultivate land, men make all the digging and makes paddy field while women plant the rice.

6 Himalayan Jungle Life of Nepal

In première gegaan op 5 sep. 2019

Himalayan Jungle Life of Nepal || A herdsman’s evening Duty in his Cowshed ||
#Herdsman_lifestyle#In_himalayan#Jingle#Nepal# – Video Concept / produce / Camera / Edit – Rural Nepal Quest

7 Every Morning in these Cowsheds || Himalayan Life in the Jungle ||

30 aug. 2019

Every Morning in this Cowsheds || Himalayan Life in the Jungle || Cowherd’s morning daily works / duty . #Morning_duty#cowherd_life#In_jungle# –
Video Concept / produce / Camera / Edit – Rural Nepal Quest

8 Jungle Hut Lifestyle of Nepali cowherds || Rural Nepal Visit – EP 60 )

In première gegaan op 27 aug. 2019

Jungle Lifestyle of Nepali cowherds || Rural Nepal Visit – EP 60 ) Visiting towards cowherd cowsheds into Himalayan jungle of Nepal . #JungleLife_IN#Nepal#
– Video Concept / produce / Camera / Edit – Rural Nepal Quest

9 The stages of growing maize in a Himalayan village in Nepal – 1992

7 jan. 2011

The various stages in planting, weeding and harvesting maize in a Gurung village in the Nepal Himalayas, filmed by Alan Macfarlane and Judy Pettigrew. For further background, please see
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10 Village Life in Nepal,living style of rural village of nepal.

28 nov. 2014

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11 Village Lifestyle Of Nepal | My Home Village Barekot | IamSuman

2 jul. 2018

Village Lifestyle Of Nepal | My Home Village Barekot | IamSuman
Hi my name is Surendra Suman. I love Making lifestyle videos of Nepali Society. In this channel, I will be posting short Movies, Village life videos, travel vlogs and many more.
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12 HISTORY OF NEPAL village live at the foot of MANASLU

16 feb. 2012… using back strap looms to weave MANASLU NEPAL the village of Lho at 3000 meters in the Manaslu Conservation District / Gorkha District in the Nepal Himalaya trekking route himal tibet nepal himalayas maniwalls chorten salt trade monasteries eight thousander manaslu trading Trans-Himalayan highest peak in the Lamjung

13 Vivir bajo una gran montaña

6 jan. 2011

La gente que vive bajo las grandes montañas del Himalaya (como siempre) son quienes verdaderamente merecen toda mi admiración, más incluso que las mismas montañas a las que me dirijo.

14 cooking and eating in the field during corn harvesting || lajimbudha ||

14 nov. 2019

villagers cooking and eating in the corn field.

15 group lunch in sheep farm along with nostalgia || lajimbudha ||

22 mei 2020

these people are not all shepherd except some one. but all of them are shepherd in any time in their whole life. yes, some ex shepherds come to sheep farm to cook and eating in a group along with remembering their shepherdhood. they became ex shepherd because they are getting in their old age and their off springs are working in abroad. || get involve and join us on ||

16 chicken curry in sheep farm || lajimbudha ||

28 apr. 2020

shepherd people rarely make chicken curry in sheep farm. because the chicken market is far away from sheep farm. some times shepherd people offer the cock to deity for sheep wellness. mostly they make the curry with wild vegetable. || get involve and join us on ||

17 having pumpkin with sheep milk in sheep farm || lajimbudha ||

30 mei 2020

these two handsome shepherds live in sheep farm and care the sheep herd. rarely elder shepherds come to sheep farm to see them. they are not only herder but they are also doing other tasks such as they carry the sheep dung in a sack to field for compost. || get involve and join us on ||

18 Dolpo Trekking to Phoksundo Lake from Dunai

10 mei 2016

このビデオの情報Dolpo Trekking , Dunai, Chhepka,Rechi,Sanduwa, Pungmo, Chunuwar,Ringmogaon(Phoksundo)

19 NEPAL. an Amazing Country. 4k.尼泊爾國家之旅 – Facts About NEPAL – Travel World

6 mei 2019

Nepal is a beautiful incredible Asian country. Let’s start from the capital Kathmandu and admire its amazing natural landscape and extraordinary cities from north to south, long history and cultural classics that will shock everyone! This is the best destination for Nepal travel guide and free travel, you can easily understand Nepal and Broaden your horizons.
尼泊爾是一個美麗的不可思議的亞洲國家。 我們從首都加德滿都開始,欣賞其令人驚嘆的自然景觀以及從北到南的非凡城市,悠久的歷史和文化,讓每個人都會為之震驚! 這是尼泊爾旅游指南和自由旅行的最佳目的地,您可以輕鬆瞭解尼泊爾並開闊眼界。

20 Beautiful Nepali House


23 okt. 2011

Sakhar is a Village Development Committee in Syangja District in the Gandaki Zone of central Nepal.
Coordinates: 27°54′N 83°55′E / 27.90°N 83.92°E

21 eating in group || lajimbudha ||

27 dec. 2019

villagers eating in group

22 only happen in sheep farm || lajimbudha ||

6 apr. 2020

this is daily activity of shepherd people in sheep farm. they feed to dog and too sheep. || get involve and join us on ||

23 Polluting Police Prank

12 apr. 2011

Police officers throw all their trash on the sidewalk and onto people – what are you going to do about it? Call the police? 
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