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The Young Children Working From Dawn to Dusk

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12 jan 2023

In Nepal, over a million young children are working, many in brick factories. 11-year-old Arvind has been working for the past three years making around $1.75 a day.

The law strictly prohibits the employment of children under the age of 14, and is a crime punishable by a year of imprisonment and a fine. Yet around 10 percent of the workers in brick factories are underaged.

VICE World News Sahar Zand speaks with child laborers, their parents, and a factory owner to find out why these children are working.

Abusive Father 101: The Baby Throw

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10 jan. 2013


See a friend walking by? This father of the year casually throws his baby into his car and runs off to meet an old buddy of his who calls to him!

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