Initiation rite goes wrong


The activity of playing tricks on someone, especially a new person in a fraternity or sorority (= a social organization for university students):

Ten fraternity members had their heads shaved during hazing last week.
A hazing incident ended with one student in the hospital.

Cambridge Dictionary

Leuven University 

Flemish education minister Hilde Crevits has demanded a meeting with the region’s five universities and their student clubs, after a 20-year-old student died as a result of an initiation rite.

The youth, who has not been named, was taking part in a ceremony to join the exclusive student club Reuzegom. Student clubs at Belgian universities are somewhat the equivalent of US fraternities: they are not interest-related like chess or drama clubs, but more social gatherings.

Reuzegom is known as being more of an elite club with a tendency to excess, and with a tough test for entry. The ceremony this week took place in the town of Vorselaar in Antwerp province.

The youth who died was made to drink fish oil, which according to doctors caused a swelling in his brain caused by the sudden intake of a strong salt solution. He was taken to Antwerp university hospital already in a coma, and never regained consciousness. Two other students were treated at the same time, but their condition is not serious.


The university said it was “shocked” by the news. Rector Luc Sels called on all student clubs to sign a charter on the limits of their behaviour during what they refer to as “baptisms” of new members, which usually involve some activity which is disgusting or humiliating. The charter has, however, been in existence since 2003, and about 15 clubs still refuse to sign.

Crevits, meanwhile, intends to call in representatives of the clubs and the universities, and the threat of withdrawing financing from any club that continues to refuse to sign the charter has been floated.

Those involved in the Vorselaar incident, however, may have more than the minister to answer to. An autopsy is to be carried out on the dead student, to determine the exact cause of death. If necessary, charges could be brought against the organisers of the baptism.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times

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Although it’s generally against the rules, hazing still exists in some places.
No one should have to accept the ridiculous behavior that is a part of hazing.
He was wearing a cheerleader outfit as part of a rookie hazing ritual.

Cambridge Dictionary

student hazing: Studentendoop

hazing { noun }
humiliating initiation practices

Ontgroenen: inwijden in een groep door te kleineren

Van Dale

The case Sanda Dia in the video underneath starts at minute 2’10”

The video is well done, dignified and with a lot of accurate details.

1 Sanda Dia: Was He Murdered by His Fraternity?

20 sep. 2020

In this video, we discuss the Belgian case of Sanda Dia.


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What is Hazing Hazing is the creation of an environment in which dignity and respect are absent

What is Hazing Hazing is the creation of an environment in which dignity and respect are absent

Student dies after downing oil and sitting naked in forest for uni initiation – News Live

10 dec. 2018

Student dies after downing oil and sitting naked in forest for uni initiation – News Live Hospitals,Education,Blood pressure,Heart attack,Heart disease,Politics…  
A student died downing pints of salty fish oil and sitting naked in a forest for a bizarre Bullingdon Club-style initiation.  Sanda Dia, 20, died from a heart attack which  doctors believe was brought on by salt poisoning in the incident near the town of Vorselaar in northern Belgium’s Antwerp province.  Mr Dia collapsed during the initiation ceremony for the notorious ‘Reuzegom’ club for wealthy students at the University of Leuven.  .  It attracted controversy five years ago when freshers were forced to shoot a piglet with a rifle and slaughter a rabbit as part of their initiation.  He was taken by his fellow students to a hospital in the town of Malle where doctors found his body temperature had plummeted to just 28 Celsius – nearly 10 degrees below the normal 37 Celsius.  Mr Dia was with a group of 20 other students who had spent several days in a log cabin in the forest under the instruction of senior members of the club.  After drinking large quantities of fish oil they were told to strip off and sit naked in the freezing forest where water was poured over them. Mr Dia and two fellow freshers soon began to feel unwell.  Prosecutor Kristof Aerts said: “The organisers themselves brought him to the hospital in Malle, where his condition rapidly declined. The student was then brought to the Edegem University Hospital.”  Mr Dia slipped into a coma and died after suffering a heart attack. The two other freshmen survived the ordeal but are still being treated in hospital.  Local media quoted an unnamed source as saying: “His body temperature was only 28 degrees and his salt concentration was abnormally high. The doctor said that he had never seen anything like it.”    Police are investigating Mr Dia’s death and are awaiting the findings of an autopsy to see if they confirm doctors’ suspicions of a link with the fish oil.  Toxicologist Jan Tytgat said the consumption of large quantities of salt, which is found in fish oil, can be life-threatening.  He said: “With salt intoxication, the heart is the first to be affected. It has to beat harder, the blood pressure is rising. That can lead to cardiac arrhythmia or a cardiac arrest.”  Mr Dia’s family are urging prosecutors to charge those responsible but they fear that some might get away with it due to their wealth and family connections.  A family member said: “This story should not be covered up. We have a right to full transparency. It should not be so that just because they come from well-off families the case is not fully investigated.”   
Boy, 16, accused of raping and murdering 14-year-old girl will NOT give evidence   Police have so far questioned 15 students about the incident. No arrests have yet been made but the investigation is ongoing.  The Bullingdon Club is an exclusive all-male dining club at Oxford University, noted for its wealthy members, boisterous rituals and destructive behaviour.  Some members have gone on to become part of Britain’s political es

2 VRT | Terzake – 4 augustus 2020

7 sep. 2020

01:17 De (on-)rechtvaardige rector?
18:37 Lokale contactopsporing: go, maar geen geld? 
35:10 Zware explosie in Beiroet December 2018. 
Een ronduit driest en degoutant doopritueel wordt een twintigjarige ingenieursstudent fataal. Nu details over de feiten bovendrijven, pleiten meer dan twintig professoren en medewerkers van de Leuvense universiteit voor hardere tuchtsancties tegen de betrokken (ex-)studenten van Reuzegom. Een reconstructie door Bram Vandeputte. Rector Luc Sels reageert bij Annelies aan tafel. Laat, ’t is nooit te laat. Het is stilaan een klassieker in het Errerahuis. Met bijzonder bittere bijklank. Nadat het Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid en bevoegd minister Wouter Beke (CD&V) de boot halsstarrig afhielden, mogen lokale besturen nu dan toch voor eigen rekening varen in de contactopsporing. Letterlijk, want wie autonoom wil speuren, moet blijkbaar zelf betalen. Tekst en uitleg door Dirk De Wolf, administrateur-generaal van het agentschap. Bron:…

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Haze 2 nd meaning verb [transitive]

American English to play tricks on a new student or to make them do silly or dangerous things, as part of joining the school or a club at the school

 – hazing noun [uncountable]

bizarre hazing rituals

Longman Dictionary

3 Kritiek op KU Leuven na dood Sanda Dia | Terzake

5 aug. 2020

Een taakstraf en een paper. De verontwaardiging is groot over de straf die de KU Leuven heeft opgelegd aan leden van Reuzegom. Eind 2018 stierf Sanda Dia na een doop van de studentenclub. Nu meer details over de zaak bekend zijn, vinden vrienden van Sanda en enkele proffen dat de universiteit strenger had moeten optreden. Een reportage van Bram Vandeputte en Sofie Gebruers voor Terzake (4 augustus 2020)

Objectives. Define hazing and explain why it is a form of bullying. Describe consequences of hazing. Explain ways to prevent or stop hazing. Violence & Injury Prevention: Lesson 12. What is Hazing Hazing is a type of bullying. Hazing is any humiliating or dangerous activity expected in order to join a group. When people haze, they exert power or influence over others. Those being hazed agree because they want to be part of the group. This ‘sand timer’ will start on a mouse click anywhere on the slide. The ‘sand’ will drain from the top section to the lower section and when completed will show the word ‘End’. To change the timings of this timer, you need to enter the animation settings, and change the timings for the Isosceles Triangles. There will be 2 that need changing (to the same amount) – one animates the top triangle emptying, whilst the other animates the bottom triangle filling. When you change the timings these have to entered as a number of seconds.

4 Reuzegom: de ideologie van de elite

Het racisme en seksisme van een studentenclub als Reuzegom komt niet uit de lucht vallen, maar maakt deel uit van een elitaire ideologie. Lola zoekt in deze video uit hoe dat precies zit.

5 Sanda Dia ( deel 1 )

Live gestreamd op 2 okt. 2020

– Wat vinden jullie van doop-/schacht rituelen in het algemeen?
– Vinden jullie dat de ban op zulke rituelen gerechtvaardigd is?
– Welke bedenkingen hebben jullie bij de zaak over integratie en assimilatie? – Vinden jullie dat deze zaak goed werd aangepakt door het systeem? Openbare aanklager/politie…
In deze live panel bespreken we het tragische verhaal van Sanda Dia. Je kan actief deelnemen met dit panelgesprek in de live chat.

6 Inside the toxic culture of college hazing | 60 Minutes Australia

24 jul. 2020

Full Episodes: | F for fail (2018)
To the outside world they are highly respected, prestigious institutions committed to supporting young Australians as they embark on their journey through tertiary education. But behind the closed doors of many university residential colleges lurks a very different story of degrading initiation rituals and shocking sexual assaults.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producers: Alice Dalley, Gareth Harvey

7 The sickening world of college hazing | 60 Minutes Australia

6 jun. 2018

After revisiting St Mark’s Adelaide, reporter Allison Langdon reflects on meeting students whose lives have been turned upside down by residential college living and those pushing for a change in culture.
To watch ‘F for Fail’ in full, head to:
For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Tom Steinfort look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

8 Australia: Rape on Campus | 101 East

26 apr. 2018

Half a million international students, most of them from Asia, are enrolled to study in Australia. It’s the country’s third-largest export industry, worth $18 billion. But Australia’s reputation as a safe and sunny place to study is under threat after widespread disclosures of rape and sexual assault.

Far from home and family, international students can be particularly vulnerable. Most international students are too scared or too ashamed to speak up if they have been targeted, but some young women have agreed to reveal their stories to 101 East.

“I got pushed on the bed and I got raped,” says Leu, a Chinese student at the Australian National University. “He kept saying, ‘I’ll get what I want’. I couldn’t move, I could only scream.”A survey by the Australian Human Rights Commission found 22,000 students said they had experienced sexual assault in a university setting in the years 2015 or 2016.

Few students press charges against their alleged perpetrators. International students like Leu say they are afraid of potential repercussions and the stigma surrounding rape. “We thought back then that Australian law only protects Australians. And if we report things like this, they probably think we are causing trouble for them and we probably would get deported, can’t finish our school,” says Leu.

When students do report alleged assaults, women’s advocates say universities often fail to provide appropriate support. As universities face a crisis over the shocking levels of sexual harassment and assault, 101 East investigates how foreign students have become prey on Australian campuses.

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9 – 10 Most Sadistic College Hazing Pranks / Initiation Rituals of All Time

28 jan. 2016

Sometimes college life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here are 10 university hazing rituals and initiation ceremonies that went horribly wrong. Warning: some of these are truly horrific!

10 Penn State hazing death video shows pledge’s final hours

13 jun. 2017

Surveillance video of what happened at a Penn State frat party before a pledge died was shown in court on Monday. Timothy Piazza died in Februrary after a hazing ritual at the Beta Theta Pi house. Prosecutors played about three hours of the chilling video captured by the fraternity’s own security cameras. Defense attorneys will cross-examine witnesses in court Tuesday. DeMarco Morgan reports.

11 Alarming texts ex-Penn State frat member allegedly sent during hazing

11 jul. 2017

Eighteen Penn State students are facing charges in connection with the death of Timothy Piazza after a campus fraternity pledge ceremony.

12 Penn State Fraternity Hazing Death: Tim Piazza’s Girlfriend Speaks Out | TODAY

16 mei 2017

Kaitlyn Tempalsky, girlfriend of Timothy Piazza, who died during an alcohol-fueled fraternity hazing ritual, tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that the 19-year-old Penn State student would have notified authorities quickly had another pledge been in his place: “Tim would have walked away.” His father, Jim, says “Tim was not a party kind of guy.”

13 JFL Hidden Camera Pranks & Gags: Money Stuck On Shoe

2 mrt. 2011

Man sleeps on bench with a bill on stuck on his shoe – will anyone dare to take it?