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All that Glitters is not Gold. Cfr. The Dutch saying:

Het is niet al goud wat blinkt
(=schijn bedriegt).

Idiom Saying
Said about something that seems to be good on the surface, but might not be when you look at it more closely
Cambridge Dictionary


Don’t marry a guy just because he prays 5 times a day.

Pay attention to:

      • How righteous they are.
      • How they act when they’re angry.
      • How trustworthy they are.
      • How fair they are.
      • How truthful they are.
1 The cruelty beggared belief

The cruelty beggared belief:
it conveys that the cruelty described is so extreme or unbelievable that it surpasses what one could imagine or comprehend.

2 The British Post Office

1 Mr Bates vs The Post Office – The Real Story

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17 jan 2024

The task is to protect the dignity of the legal system.

Often, you furrow your brows when you see key figures blatantly lying during the inquiry into The British Post Office Scandal.

The justice system is in shambles.

Please read the wise reflections, drawn from experience and expertise on the webpage:

Post Office Integrity Test: Society Disruption

Investigative Integrity in Crisis: Lessons from the Post Office Horizon Scandal

2 The British Post Office Scandal

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mei 2024
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3 Post Office lawyer accused of lying about Horizon software in Inquiry grilling

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4 Fujitsu boss cornered over Horizon scandal at Post Office Inquiry

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5 Sub-postmasters expose Post Office Horizon scandal in Select Committee

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6 Trouble at Post Office – Panorama – 17th August 2015

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19 apr 2020

Part 1 – the second part, following the outcome of the trials, was due to air on March 23 2020 but was replaced by a Covid 19 programme. Will be shown later this year.

7 “She Didn’t Take Any Responsibility For Her Actions!” Former Post Office Exec Refuses To Apologise

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26 apr 2024

A former top Post Office executive has refused to apologise for her role in the Horizon IT scandal, insisting: “I didn’t knowingly do anything wrong”.

Angela van den Bogerd began her evidence to the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry by saying that she is “sorry for the devastation” wrought on subpostmasters and their families.

But when pressed by Inquiry counsel Jason Beer KC, Ms van den Bogerd insisted she had been unaware of critical flaws in the Post Office’s IT system.

“You make no concession or admission that you did anything wrong”, said Mr Beer.

Ms van den Bogerd replied: “I didn’t knowingly do anything wrong.”

TalkTV’s Dr David Bull and Sarah Hewson are joined by journalist Nick Wallis to discuss.

8 Post Office Lawyer CONFRONTED with evidence he LED prosecutions

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20 feb 2024

Post Office Lawyer Jarnail Singh is CONFRONTED with evidence by Jason Beer KC at the Post Office Inquiry that he in fact LEAD prosecutions against subpostmasters throughout the period that he says all responsibility was handed over to legal firm Cartwright King.

Despite his previous denials of involvement or supervision, Jarnail Singh identifies himself in questions from Brian Altman QC as THE decision maker in the cases in 2014.

Jarnail Singh is also asked about a policy meeting where he appears to have involvement in both then-current Post Office Prosecution Policies as well as proposals for new policies.

3 The Scottsboro Boys

Almost 100 years after ‘The Scottsboro Boys’ (1931), the justice system is still trapped in a wrong pattern. Even when everyone knows well what the undeniable reality is, an inherently wrong decision arises.

9 – 3767 17 The Trials of the “Scottsboro Boys” The Great Trials of World History and the Lessons Th

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10 Scary Monster Funny Prank

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