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Pankaja Pathak

Wow!! Brilliant documentary! HMTQ is indeed a Queen of all times! She is so gracious and so unbelievably hard working and dutiful! To sustain the same devotion for 70 years, despite all the ups and downs of her own just amazing! Many congratulations to her and the people of GB!
Deco DD
This remarkable woman has been such a constant presence in all our lives , despite all the changes and chaos in the world . God Bless the Queen
pamela mckoy
Legend of legends!!!! HM has always been there during my whole life and I simply cannot imagine a world without her. Long may she reign.
Lana Muir
Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful tribute to our Queen. I am 70 years old and she is the only Queen that I have “known” as a Canadian. On my parents 65th Wedding Anniversary, they received a congratulatory letter from Her Majesty expressing happy wishes on their long marriage. Our family framed that letter and it is a most precious keepsake for all of our generations.
A true BLESSING to live through her time…..LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!
Zenaida Roxas
The British people are blessed to have her as a head of State . If only we in the Philippines has a monarch like her to lead us instead of those corrupt politicians we could have been a better more cohesive society. She is such a stable, uniting figure to her country and the commonwealth nations.
70 years of reign, just amazing!
Admirable and Inspirational, a very Special Person who’ve seen and conquered it all! Thank you & Long Live Queen Elizabeth 👸
I’m a Proud US citizen and I was born in 1990 never had the pleasure to meet this incredible woman but I have known about her my whole life
Peter Funk
There’s only one or two other British Monarchs that have achieved that titlle and I think SHE deserves it!!!ELIZABETH THE GREAT!
Donna Rasberry
Such a marvelous depiction of history many of us have forgotten. It brought back so many memories…seeing the young Beatles was so touching! Think I was 8 when they came to the U.S. Life was never the same! Thank you for this documentary!
Sue Hazelton
My Mom was from England and she loved her. Congratulations Queen Elizabeth !! Mom would be so proud.
France Archambault
Great retrospective of all the decades her Majesty the Queen has presided over
Love her! She is magnificent!
Chrissy Knows It All
Thank you for posting this. I’m across the pond and love everything about England and can’t watch enough about the Queen!! God Save the Queen🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👑👑👑👑👑
Daniel Becker
God bless Her majesty The Queen!! She is a remarkable woman and the best example ever of what a true leader should be! We all should be grateful for her dedication and constant service though all these years of incredible change.
Wendy shoo
The queen is one of a kind. Very Rare. She is a symbols of Ancient & Modern Royalties combined.
Arlene Jay
What a magical documentary 😭😭 This truly was so incredible to watch. And what a life and experience the Queen has had. There will never be another royal like her!! God Bless The Queen 👏💯🙏❤
Rhonda Flowers
Can you imagine her ancestors and the pride they feel if they could God bless you Queen Elizabeth
Andleep Kausar
Long live the queen.. .amazing from Islamabad (PAKISTAN) really hope she makes it another 5 years. Ameen 🙏
Eunice Winship
God bless the Queen of England. She has remained faithful to serving her nation all throughout the years and still continues to do so. I know it is because of her love for Jesus, and her dependence on Him, that she is provided grace from above to be a steadfast in her duty to God and man. What a remarkable person. And what an extraordinary God.
Crazy how I wasn’t even born yet and the Queen had been on the throne for 40 years. She’s lived an insane life. She’s lived through so much history over the past 70 years
Ale Summer
Dude ! Im gonna be 26 years old this next September,, when I was born this woman was at the 43 or 44 year of being the most Iconic Queen Ever. Im Cuban living in Spain, and it’s feels so amazing to me the way this video got me crying cause I cannot imagine a world without her in our lives, she has touched us all in the most spectacular meaning of the word. Long may she reign, Long Live the Queen !!!! God Bless You all, and God bless you Lilibeth.
eeuu nniiccee
Remarkable. Respectable. Truly historical.
Elizabeth II has been the best thing to happen to Great Britain in 1000 years. Good Bless the Queen.
Liz Horton
I grew up in 🇨🇦 and now live in 🇺🇸. When I was younger I think I took HMTQueen for granted, she was on pictures in school, on the money and we sang God Save The Queen. Now older and wiser and living in the USA, I have a renewed affection, admiration and respect for a remarkable woman. My mother always admired the Queen and Prince Philip and now I know why. 👑 💕 🎉
Ramon Alonso
I may not be British nor a member of the commonwealth, but she is my Queen as well! God bless her majesty!
Jonny C
I’m so proud and grateful we’ve had her for as long as we have. I hope we have Her Majesty for many more years. GSTQ.
Great video, thank you for sharing god save our gracious queen in 70 years has never let us down she is a beautiful diamond 💎 love her majesty cheers from Australia 🇦🇺 Chanel linda
Daisy Duke
I remember my 2nd grade class mates listening to her coronation on the radio when I was in the 2nd grade. (I’m 76) That is a treasured memory.
Wonderful documentary about a wonderful Queen and amazing woman. Some historic events were ignored though, probably with intent. But that’s fine, especially as this is not the time and occasion to mention issues one is not proud about.
its really good for politicians to have a boss over them who is above politics, the embodiment of the nation, and a unifying force like the Queen..
Eunice Winship
God bless the Queen. She has remained faithful to serving her nation through constant change, and remains strong in her faith in Jesus. The world is blessed for such a stoic leader of her people.
Suzana Mantovani Cerqueira
What a wonderful history life. She is an inspiration in all senses! ✨❤✨ God bless, save and give lot of health and new joys to her always!
How fantastic. Hooray for the Queen ❤❤❤
Rob Newman
Three cheers for Her Majesty The Queen.
As an American, I can truly say that I admire HM The Queen. She has stayed the course, through good times and bad, and she is so much respected in this country. And to see a Platinum Jubilee is without a doubt a “once in a lifetime event”. God Bless Her Majesty The Queen, and long may She reign!!! 🤩👑
Rob Newman
God Save The Queen. Long Live The Queen.
Gale Patrick
The Queen has always worn bright colors throughout her reign and that suits her well-
Lee & Hillary
She was such a beautiful young woman…seeing all these documentaries about how young she was when she became Queen. Both her and her sister. They were beauties.
Anthony Chew
2:42 War, no war, children will always find the time to play.
Donna Kerr
I was a teenager in the sixties and I know exactly what Len was talking about . In some ways it was difficult but in others , we had the world was our oyster!
Gail Evans
God bless our gracious queen.
Bruce Moodley
amazingly incredible lady and life -god bless her always
Johni Salusalu
We were once a British Colony but I still hold enormous admiration for this woman. Loloma From Fiji 🇫🇯 🥺🤍
Her visions should be spread across the world! ❤
their will never be another queen like Queen Elizabeth she is an amazing woman and beloved by all Long live the queen
My american mother (who passed away 2021) was a school girl when the coronation took place. She and her friends were strictly told to stay home from school and watch the entire coronation on tv (and invite friends home who didn’t have a tv-set). Because as their teacher said: “It may be a once in a lifetime experience”. My mother remembered that day clearly the rest of her life.
What an informative video. Loved it.
How beautiful the Queen is after 70 years of serving her country. I am sure that she misses her husband and partner terribly.
Wonderful film about the time of my life! Thank you!
louise owusu
This is brilliant. It’s a nice mix of UK Social history, popular culture, as well as the Queen’s story and contributions. Great!
We received LIFE Magazine for years when I was young boy.. I will never forget when I fell in love with Princess Elizabeth. , I saw a picture of her and her sister changing a tire on a military vehicle as she was active helping with the WAR effort. What a Beautiful Girl!
Ma. Sol Recalde Dueñas
✨Amazing in every way, God bless the Queen. ❤
Susan O'Brien
God Bless Her Majesty!
Nobilangelo Ceramalus
A true Monarch, a true Queen, a very special person.
Lord Williams Uzoamakah
A Nigerian here, living in Abuja. God save the Queen. Much Love!
Leonie Taylor
I wasnt born yet but the history is transforming
Putin's BFF
I have never met the Queen but I saw her and Prince Philip headed to an evening engagement once around 15 years ago and she was in a tiara and beautiful jewels and I truly understood the meaning of the word ‘majestic’, she was simply stunning. I have met Princess Anne before at a ceremony for the Brownies and she wasn’t what I expected; she was soft-spoken and very nice whereas I expected her to be loud and gruff. I saw Prince Edward and Sophie at a benefit once but I didn’t meet them. They seemed very nice as well.
Diane Hodgkinson
Watching this HM The Queen is incredible – like the majority of Brits I have never known any other Monarch, she makes me feel proud to be British – unlike politicians and such nonsense! HM Q.E. II Rises above all this and no matter what gives us hope and reassurance constantly – God Save and Bless you. Long may you continue to reign. (On a side note – has anyone ever noticed that 3 of Britains greatest Monarchs have been Women? Elizabeth I, Victoria and HM Elizabeth II?)
Bill Conley
Love this unbelievable woman❣ Bill..West Virginia..USA
Carol Horan
The British people have had the blessing of this wonderful woman to keep their lives and their country on a positive trajectory. God bless The Queen and thank you ,Your Majesty, for being a constant positive influence in our lives.
No name Noname
I’m shocked at the brainwashed praise of the Queen whilst describing extreme malnutrition and abysmal living conditions. Meanwhile the Royal family lived in extraordinary luxury, never going hungry and, with copious extravagant housing.
Ronald Giroux
For all of us born after 1948 or so she’s the only monarch we’ve known! We’ve never sang “God save the King.” My mum was just a girl of 14 when the queen was crowned. Today she’s an 83 year old great granny, that’s how long the queen has been Queen!
Lee & Hillary
She really was born for such a time as this….right out the gate she has weathered so much. Omg
Sandra Ashton
There’s simply no one who can compare to Queen Elizabeth I have only known one Monarch of our wonderful Commonwealth as I was born a decade after her assention to the throne the thought of her not being around I can’t even think about as some of the people in the documentary said she has been one of the rare constants in my life 👸🇦🇺🇬🇧Blessings to Queen Elizabeth from Melbourne Australia
Working mothers in those days could have it all. They did all the cleaning, cooking, laundry, and childcare and worked a full day.
Marcos Salazar
I´m from Chile…and the only thing I can say is…such a lovely girl you are Queen Elizabeth. Lots of changes that have passed throughout the time, and you have been with them making and living a more modern world. Long live to you Lillibeth. You are amazing!!!!❤
Kathleen Huguenin
70 years of serving one’s country has to be the longest time anyone l liked a position this much. What a resume and profile how many MBA”S and BA”S is that or Documents signed, affairs attended too and pictures sat for. Favored is the Queen in the Royal Carriage. She was in fact the first Cinderella and the Carriage or similar likeness is still used in remakes of this film. beautiful display of Horsepower as well. Nothing but the best and wished the best forever. Not to mention the first Prince imagine! Happy 70 years of service!
April Melanie Torres
I am not British but I have a lot of respect for Queen Elizabeth. I think she is God sent not only for the people of Great Britain but to the whole world. God bless her.
Maria Springer
We did not have TV. We only have had Radio. And much earlyer, my parent did not have a Radio, they only worked much more than other people. But the Queen have need to see and know everything about her country, so I think she have had more to tell about all the times than any another King, Queen or human. It must be strong and hard to be in such discipline and responsipility. Congratulations!
Sharon Shook
Long live and God Bless our Queen !!
Grey Aram
Dale E. Taylor
A lovely visual canvas of the Queen’s reign. (Editing issue near the end of programme at approximate 55:30 range!)
azeem qureshi
The by-birth “NOOR” of Royalty, the Highest Light of Excellency, the Light of the Century, The Light of the Courage, The true star ⭐ of Honor and Dignity, The Luckiest woman of the WORLD’s history as the “NOOR” and the light of her beautiful and courageous personality helped enlightening and illuminating the whole WORLD. MAY ALLAH BESTOW COUNTLESS BLESSINGS UPON HER, ALWAYS PRAY FOR HER HEALTH AND LONG LIVE. The true “NOOR” and Light of KINGDOM. The “NOOR” and Light of her family has actually enlightened and illuminated the KINGDOMS of the rest of the WORLD. The great QUEEN ELIZABETH. Thanks and Regards. Azeem Qureshi.
David Young
You see the image at 14:32, and you would think you’re looking at Zara, but it’s her mum, Anne.
I could listen to Brian Blessed recite stock listings and be transfixed.
david Hocdé
Keep smiling, that is what comes in mind when I see HM “Wonder Woman” Elizabeth II.
dark king 123
Wow 70 years on the throne what a remarkable Woman
Kuyang Mags
I think we all knew that if the Monarch’s name is Elizabeth it is surely a badass, best, and awe aspiring Queen
Kevin LeBlanc
The Queen Mother, Class and all things good.
She was such a beautiful young woman! That skin!! She’s still lovely💖
Lovely documentary, very interesting.
albert peckham
What a most gracious queen! Thank you!
I am terrified that the Queen I’ll pass before me, I know she VOWED to serve us until the end, but please do not hold her to it. Enough is Enough, Please let her enjoy what time she has left. I Adore her Majesty and want to see Her smile more often. It’s a pity the family have not made it easy for her. But that is Family. GOD BLESS HER AND FAMILY
Orange Tiger Lily Lane
I’m not British but I love this Queen.
Mary Lincoln
What an honor It Has Been For Me Too Be Born In A Time Such As This.. Queen is like Queen Ester Of The Bible.. She Was Born For Such A Time As This.. She Is to be honored and Respected… And What Her Two Sons Have Done To Her Is A Shame.. There Choices They Have Made Tarnish Her and Her Husband Name… NITHER ONE OF THEM DESERVE TO SIT ON THE THRON!!..
In the goodness and well being,I am blessed by Queen as servant of proletariat
Jayne Coleman
What a wonderful documentary on HM the Queen. 🇬🇧💙🙏♥🌹
Silvana María GA
Admiration and respect for your wonderful Queen. Regards from South America.
God Save the Queen of Canada!!! 🍁
evangeline douros
What year is this video from I love it may Elizabeth live 100 more years God Bless her
God save the Queen, I love this woman so much and I’m not even a Brit
Maryanne Melenka
Cliff Richard , Mcartney, Petula Clark, wonder British artists
This was beautiful!!!
Kyle Kurt Moerat
Diane McDonough
Priceless, Beautiful, Dedicated, God Bless Her Royal Majesty ❤🤗
It appears that very little in the documentary is actually about the Queen. It is more about the social and political history of post-war Britain with some indirect references to the Queen in context.
Charlotte O'Neil
Does anyone know what the peice of music in the opening credits is? I love it x
Leanda Ferreira
Brilliant! ❤️HM the Queen
David Logan
Our wonderful Queen.
Fran Ditri
God Save the Queen! I know I’ll ever see her but read and watch anything I can.
Judith Lee
My husband and me were able to hug cry and meet ours sons after 2 years apart because of Covid
Jordan Gabenite
I wish I can go to her Platinum. I love my My Queen Elizabeth II. 😂
Peter Funk
I really think she must get the moniker of THE GREAT!!!!
Jake Anthony
God save the Queen. Her Majesty has so much to celebrate during this Platinum Jubilee year. Long may She reign! 🙂
Sima Mendapra USA
YES Very Long milestone wonderful. & Birthday respected Journey 🙏🏻❤
Nicole Wilson
@King & Queen of England. Love your channel. Thank you for sharing these great documentaries. Keep up the great work.
vagrant wanderer
Long live our Gracious Queen
Queen Elizabeth is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The greatest legend and Queen of Queens in the universe 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 more 💓💖💞💕❤️ coz it’s February moods and it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
TJ Wass
God save the QUEEN!!!
Juni Soehardjo
You will never know how blessed your country is and the associated commonwealth countries are when compared with so called democratic country. Most of the countries in the world has the head of state who is also head of government. The head of state and head of government role in one person who fights against all rival politicians once in 4 or 5 years. And who might divide your country into deep wounds due to political altercations. The winner will spend first years to make sure he pays his debts to all who helped him achieving the highest office. And the winner will spend the last two years to ensure his friend/colleague/circle/party to succeed him. There is no devotion to serve the public interest when he must defend his last years in the office from misinformation, hoax, malfinformation maelstorms surrounding the head of state – made by rival politicians. The transitions phase between changing governments/regimes always make the development or long term plans for developing your country shall be unused or completely ditched due to different aspirations by the winner of the current democratic elections. It is not a bad way to have a devoted and lifelong head of state in monarchial form, even it will give you stability and national pride in one way or another. A head of state will have the lifelong duty to keep her country and the public served. Head of state shall serve a balance to head of government who are all perpetually swayed by their own party interests. Especially when that head of state is the one with such a devoted and courage in serving her country such as Elizabeth II. Gloriana!
Mary Guy
She and Philip grew old together Grand couple Now he is gone and Elizabeth is left to carry on
Al J
Her Majesty the Queen is really the world’s Queen. No matter what country you are from she captures the world with her speeches like no other person has ever done. Her speech of the covid crisis had us Americans in awe from something our leader couldn’t do. She gives you hope that everything will be OK. Thank you England for sharing your Queen with the world.
She is a remarkable woman; history will celebrate her.
Príncipe Aleksandrovitch
Elizabeth II é um livro de história vivo. 😮😮😮😮😮
mark amon
Dear GOD thank you for the BLessings in the life of Queen Elizabeth II 🌹👑🌹 Her life is a beacon of hope,faith and love.You have reflected Your Glory in your life,GOD BLESS and GOD SAVE THE QUEEN,Thank You for her life .I’m sending highest respect to the Queen Elizabeth II 🌹👑🌹 and THE NATION of UNITED KINGDOM
I was born a British colonial subject. I am a citizen of a republic now. I still love my Queen.
Really great informative video.
Никита Аверин
The Mother of the Nation!
Alexandra Dane
I do not deny the Queen”s commitment to duty but really…… what 70 GLORIOUS years ? The last 70 years have seen the complete dismantling of Great Britain – year by year on year , presided over by the Monarch who watched “over us “ .
It was not all that bad in 1945 we had council houses .coal fires , washing machines ,and inside bathrooms and toilets .went jiving when I was 12 with the older girls …peoples doors was always open ….at 15 went into show bussiness (. Never liked the Beatles ….). loved every minute of it and never left a cinema until the National Anthem had finished…. Can’t remember this keep Britain White thing…BUT LOOK AT US NOW …We may own are own houses ,have several cars. but people are not the same…I worked from being 15 and I am still working at 80. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.
Lee & Hillary
I pray God will judge her kindly…she truly did her absolute best. I’m a child if the 60’s when a lot of debilitating diseases where killing and harming kids. My grandmother told me the Queen of Jamaica we had a picture of her and Philip in our living room she had sent vaccines for all the babies in the colonies to be safe the same way her kids had access. So I got the dreaded polio and malaria and tb shots to help save lives of the children. 👏👏thank you Mam. I mean with everything transpired as far as slavery etc…by her forbears she tried to make it right and funded not only vaccines but early childhood programs for women of nursing babies and program for early education programs. Nobody remembers that. They focus only on slavery. Yes it was horrific but at some point there comes a generation of royalties that try to right all the wrongs in history. Again Godbless you Mam 🙏🙏🙏
Martha Abrahamson
Lovely Queen. Americans love her
Linda Sechrist
This reigning monarch has been with us, through decades of good and bad times. Whatever her input now we must breathe it in, process and let it go!
Claudette Lefebvre
Notre Reine 👑 est loyale fidèle 🤩 discrète 👸🏼🙇🧖‍♀️souriante réservée 👑 Travaillante 😓 aimante à le sens de l’humour trè Sage et reconnaissante 😊 Que Dieu protège la Reine Elisabeth petits en Fants Et William e Harry
Anjy Rod
God Save The Queen Elizabeth R
LynneMarie Hegland
Wow, LuLu looks incredible!!!
Lesley Thompson
The thumbnail for the video doesn’t show Elizabeth, which is an oversight. It’s the Queen Mother, Mary.
Frank Assmann
Hi the Netherlands here. It must be a difficult day for Queen Elizabeth.It’s the day her father past away. Long live Queen Elizabeth.
Bean Trader
All the photos of Liz in 2022 show her with big grins. We’ve had 70 yrs of learned, half smiles or, mostly, none at all. Seeing a smile on Liz’ face seems odd. God said we are to live on earth AS it is in heaven. There’s only ONE King in heaven & it sure isn’t the men & women of flesh that England has been worshipping for centuries. Saul was the first king the people demanded to worship as their god instead of giving the Creator all glory. Saul lost his soul. There’s no getting used to seeing billions of people worshipping men & women of flesh as though they’re gods. As a child, I was flabbergasted at how people adored celebrities in cinema, & in bands or sports. People don’t love, respect, fear, obey or need God anymore…just like the Bible predicted.
Maryanne Melenka
A true example of womanhood
James Waruingi
From Kenya,live long the queen
We Love British Royal Families from Iran 🇮🇷❤️🇬🇧
Joyce Horne
God bless Queen Elizabeth
noname noname2
If one day there will no longer Queens on the surface of the earth, there will be 5 left, 4 in a deck of cards plus that of England 😂
Martian TV
Rob Newman
For Majesty and Country.
Bonnie Ricica
Queen Elisabeth is truly a loved woman by all! And yes, Charles should take over the responsibility as the next King of Britain!
She definitely might outlive the Prince of Wales, maybe even all of her offspring, simply out of habit. What is amusing though, that when people talked about the hardships after the WW2, it sounded as if Great Britain overcame and recovered from those successfully – simply by the presence of the Royal Grace, not by the real labor of everyone in the nation.
My grandfather was the lead pilot in the flyover event for the queens coronation
Debra Nichols
God Bless the Queen 70
Pcworld Pcworld
thummapudi bharathi
I admire the Queen Elizabeth. She is progressive, well balanced and a great inspiration for everyone. Long live the Queen.
Kelly Keenan
Fully endorsing Peter Funk suggestion = Elizabeth the Great! Longer to reign over us!
Marita Baier
God save the Queen☺
Geri Williamson
Such an amazing woman.💖👍👵
Leonie Taylor
Darn right!!!!The only’darn sane human left on earth
Happy for her… She made it to the world where people live to 105. Soon it will be 120 for the elite. She now has pharma and less wars.
Maggie A
God Bless the Queen. No truer words were said that she is always calm.
James Kellogg
Your Majesty, on behalf of the USA congratulations on 70 outstanding years! My Grandfather was 14 years old when then-Princess Elizabeth became Queen and now 70 years later, he’s still here, looking forward to many more years of success for you and all the royal family ma’am!
Arman Malik
Great people and great queen
Majesty Queen Elizabeth Congratulations your honor 70th God bless all of you forever whenever whatever however always wherever 💖 🙏🏻 💛 ✨ ❤ 💗 💖 🙏🏻 💛 ✨ ❤ 💗 💖 🙏🏻 💛 ✨ ❤ 💗 💖 🙏🏻 💛 ✨ ❤ 💗 💖 🙏🏻 💛 ✨ ❤ 💗 💖 🙏🏻 💛 ✨ ❤ 💗 💖 🙏🏻
conchitina bernardo
She is wonderful. She will be such a hard act to follow. I do not think Charles and certainly Camilla will never measure up to her!
Mohamed Bin elias
Can’ t stop loving 6 ep
jamie ann curry
Brilliant documentary!
I know Paul McCartney and David Attenborough. I had to google the rest of these people. As a non-brit I didn’t know any of them.
From Down Under. I am a Royalist for only one reason, Her Majesty Elizabet R. She and her late husband represents everything that is good in this turbulent world of today. I do not know if I will have the same conviction when Charles is crowned. However whatever I feel then, it will restore my faith in Royal’s when William and Katherine take the Throne. God bless this amazing woman.
Rays Travel
Must be so taxing, everyone looking to you for help and if anything goes wrong blames ya. I understand why some move to a different country away from such responsibilities. Kinda weird with time the people that leave gets forgotten about and not mentioned. But that’s neither here or there 😉
Alberto Tubal
A great monarch in the world..
WE ❤️ ERII A Queen Like No Other.
Saz Fretz
God save the Queen.
Samantha Workman-Fenn
“Great community spirit” is seriously a good thing ……
عةقي عيااي
Fascinating history gate … rich successes .. perfect professional … shining & raising behaviour …level high interest… impressively … my kindly & friendly … 😘✴✴❤👍👍👍💚🌷🌾🌹🌷🌻🍀🌷
Lynn m Rolston
God bless you Queen Elizabeth. For ever I have Loved and Respected you 💞
She reads well from the notes prepared for her…
William Canfor
The Queen is such a beautiful woman in and out also morally correc but none of her children took these radiant traits of hers. WHY?
Play Pm X Scorpio Canada
To The Queen Of Scotts, To Queen Elizabeth The 2nd…
Nelson Vega
Ohhh wow ..what a great documentary…I laugh , I cheer , and of course I shed a few tears …this is a wonderful,wonderful documentary…the whole world should see this great compliments to all that put this documentary together and all who participate…well done …GOD BLESS THE QUEEN…
biplob prasad
Happy 2022 Platinum Jubilee Congratulations her Mejesty Orenge colors dress beautiful our Queen watch me google God Bless!
Nancy Eubanks
A woman this “brash American” admires for her immense integrity and steadfast faith! Happy Platinum Jubilee, Her Majesty!
Julie Anne
What a wonderful documentary this is..I loved it, as a Baby Boomer in Australia 🇦🇺 the Queen has always been there, in portraits in our classrooms, court houses, in our subconscious and as a part of the fabric of our lives and society..she is amazing, what an incredible achievement to have reigned for 70 years! God Bless Her Majesty the Queen 👑❤🙏
Chris Timothy
This was brilliant to watch
pens'nme 🎨
Rotzfrosch 09
Housewifes were hardly working women! Don’t forget this; especially in these years. My mom workes first in a household and in the next years in a big german hotel near Frankfurt in a leading position. This was in the years 1955 – 1970 and very unusual for women. I was born in 1970 and I think, living in the 60s in GB was a very cozy living. I might been wrong, but it seems like. The patterns of the wallpapers in the early 70s were terrible. The first female speaker was awsome! Immediatly! Immediatly! Great!! The question what is british culture? One answer only: colorful!
pk hansen
she picked the monachy over her family…
Led Zep
She was a stunner
And Idris was an amazing guest ! @Serenityvillacampsbay
Tania Patrikios
Sorry, but Elvis brought in the first teenage revolution! There would never be a 60’s revolution without him in the 50’s. The Elvis revolution changed the world!
Felix Perera
Ceylon we had a king some time ago.
Kathy soccermom
Prince Phillip was Prince— just like Queen wanted I don’t agree that Camilla should be Queen— No way. Prince Phillip wasn’t divorced and he was Prince. Camilla should not out surpass Prince Phillip.
Paul Altman
Really? The sun has set on greatest empire the world has ever known during her time on the throne. Way to go!
Prepperjon PNW
I’m in my 50’s and my mum who is in her 70’s were discussing Her Majesty yesterday. We are both from the south of England but live in America now. It dawned on us that neither of us have ever known a time when Her Majesty The Queen wasn’t our Queen. She was crowned a couple of years before my mum was born. Just the thought of someone else wearing the crown and sitting on the throne seems completely alien to us. Imagine being married to someone for 50 or 60 years and one morning you wake up and its a different person next to you. That’s how strange it will be when big ears and his slut wife take over. I wish the Queen could just say when she goes skip Charles and crown William instead lol. That would make me happy indeed. Neither of us can stand him and we blame her for breaking up his marriage to Diana. I know he is also responsible but once he was married she should have stopped seeing him especially since she was also married. I just watched a really great biography about Wallis Simpson and David King Edward. What they were put through because he couldn’t marry a divorced woman and yet Charles does whatever he wants. If they are expected to be icons of virtue as they used to be then he and dog face are not doing to well. I put no blame on Diana at all because she was barely 19 and still a virgin when she married Charles. Everything after that day was completely new and foreign to her. He should have been faithful to his wife and not messing around with a married woman. He was just as pathetic as his great uncle was with Wallis Simpson. Seriously go watch the biopic here on YouTube and you will see what I mean. Cheers
Show this in school instead of “black history month” kids today have no clue how hard a time it was to live such a short time ago compared to how kids live today with the sense of entitlement, and taught that some sort of good life has handed on on a plate to white people!
Sheelagh Halstead
This was great. Since I was a few months old when the queen ascended the throne, this was reliving my own memories of the eras. My favourite: if you had to be a teenager then being a teenager in the 60s was the best.
rob ramsay
As a catholic i Will not like to imajine the UK after her reighn is över, I love you Elizabeth
Such a wonderful celebration. Only in Britain, eh? The British certainly like fairy tales. After you read the book, a big poetic sigh, and let’s see reality. The whole royal family is mired in scandal after scandal. The association of family members with several dubious characters now and in the past is a long list. The misbehaving, the wrong doings, and the secret dealings behind closed doors also makes a long list. Most troubling historical fact is that one family is above the law should be severely examined.
Cockatiel Nation
Not enough about her Magesty and way too much of the woke agenda…
Aline Ferreira
Mrs Charlotte’s is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Angel Strong
Congratulations to UK’s Monarchy, God save the Queen!
Barbara Stepien-foad
I can’t imagine life without Lizzy …… she been with me since birth …God bless you ma’am . Why do I have streaming eyes after watching this xxxx
Kanica Khanom
I am so excited for her 😲😲😲😲😲😘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Joshua Fess
Maybe discipline is what we need now to put the cheeky brats in check
William Hoffman
Music in the 70’d and no mention of Queen and Freddie Mercury?
rosemarie brennan
My God what a woman she could have given in at any stage and passed the book but she has stayed good to her pledge that is a once in a lifetime woman and as an Irish person I’ve no problem saying God save the Queen… An inspiration!!
Liz Auger
Very good piece of television
Karma D
Such a shame about her favorite son, Andrew.
john thompson
No actually Queen Victoria visited and was welcomed
Ebrima Jallow
good evening my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis Buckingham palace my source is Lady Louise 18th birthday with her parents with James and members of the British Royal Family up up with peace and solidarity I preyer God save my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis with members of the British Royal Family up my madicin health my marriage my Education my decision in service I Love my deta up am behind my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up and start banquet the British Royal documentary up with the day of Commonwealth the favorite is for my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up with peace and solidarity up up 🙏🙏💐🎄🎄⛱
Mohamed Bin elias
2019 Off we 💊 love forever . Is live now
I don’t think I will love a queen who cannot even put her arms around someone and say ” I love you “
I just Love her!
Mohamed Bin elias
A final with the office of the united assis
Jill Farley
Wonderful documentary, very nostalgic, great memories
Elizabeth Fraser
Congratulations your majesty QE the second.
Ebrima Jallow
good afternoon my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis Buckingham palace my source is Lady Louise 18th birthday with her parents with James and members of the British Royal Family up up with peace and solidarity I preyer peace and solidarity I have respect I honest am not jump is some of people jumping is not me I believe is final my treated cancer my marriage my Education my service my citizens my decision I Love service my decision I Love my deta up am behind my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up my member of the British Royal Family I need defense in my life up with peace and solidarity up up 🙏🙏💐🎄🎄⛱️ my work place is very thefcult is very thefcult I use my respect and my peaceful my work place is very had I want people to forget her sis want to block me both my decision the favorite is for my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up with the day of Commonwealth up and start banquet the British Royal documentary up with peace and solidarity up up 🙏🙏💐🎄🎄⛱
Соня Кузьмина
why so little about Diana? just her death was mentioned – nothing about her life!
Lina Shiru
Good Morning your Highness I will go jogging dont worry I also can’t imagine you making Empty promises
70 years 🎉 I want to mention about Phillip duke of Edinburgh and hoping your doing fine dealing with losses is sad , thank you .💖you queen Elizabeth ll
Mohamed Bin elias
No also my heart’s headless and something.
Dr. Ania Sara
HEADS UP all the people that take for granted what we have. Indoor plumbing, food, shelter, and others who cared to look after us when we were small wee children.
Jacqueline M
In many ways we have ties to England, and the UK as a whole. Many Americans identify with the crown.
Until they allowed a California snake
Maria de Fatima Correa Coelho Fatima
Meus sinceros parabéns a uma das mais renomadas damas imperiais do mundo contemporâneo, no qual tenho o enorme prazer e a honra de ser uma admiradora inconteste e respeitosa com a mesma. Desejo-lhe muitos anos de vida e, que eu possa compartilhar dos demais anos vindouros de reinado. Que seja ainda mais realizada, elegante e carismática para todos com sua simplicidade.
Translated in English:
My sincere congratulations to one of the most renowned imperial ladies of the contemporary world, in which I have the enormous pleasure and honour to be an undisputed admirer and respectful of the same. I wish her many years of life and may I share the rest of the coming years of her reign. May she be even more accomplished, elegant and charismatic to all with her simplicity.
loool “you would never answer a policeman back, god, but i mean smack you right round the head, quicker than you could say jack robinson” 11:56 well shit, i would smack the shit out the policeman right back
ice wolfer
I love the Queen so much! Happy jubilee year!
50 glorious years?? Suez 1956, John Profumo, Camdrige Spies, Lady Di death, Prince Andrew/Epstein, Boris “mister bean” Johnson, George Blake, “the greatest love” charles, Ladi Di, Camilla. The Glorious is really A BAD JOKE
There is no such thing now as King and Queen of England.. when WILL you yanks remember that….?🙄🇬🇧
Helen Hall
Wow!!! What an fantastic lady. Wonderful documentary (apart from Alesha Dixon). So many amazing changes!!! 🇬🇧💗
Jay Salvi
Congradulations to Queen Elizabeth II on the anniversary of Platinum Jubilee in her monarchy regime. Words r few for the discription of her work & management she did throughout by personally being present herself.Her simplicity,humbleness & strict disciplined manners have made her shine in herself. Being just,social ,caring & loving for the poor & needy has been her speciality.Her Platinum Service to the royal family ,palace crew & the country is incredible.Applaud & Appreciation alone can’t justify the efforts she put in her work & management done prominantly in the past 70 years. Her physical presence to note,understand,react & take decisions have kept her High in her Highness shinning like a Star amongst the male powers in the World.Thanks to God Almighty for keeping her in good health & mind.A Great Monarch,a Great Woman & a Great Mom to me her adopted daughter from India Mrs Jyoti Dilip Salvi (Lewis) alias Mrs Jyoti ( Tara) Terence Xavier Lewis the National & International Co- President of NCP from India.God bless u with all health & desires come true. Thanks for all Co- Operation & help rendered by her to keep Mrs Jyoti with her as in post & making her an instead for her Highness honours.Best Wishes,Love & Prayers for splendid & remarkable 70 years of monarchy from Mrs Jyoti Dilip Salvi ( Lewis) Saheb & her son Mr Jay Dilip Salvi (Lewis).
Ebrima Jallow
good afternoon my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis Buckingham palace my source is Lady Louise 18th birthday with her parents with James and members of the British Royal Family up up with peace and solidarity I preyer peace and solidarity I have respect I honest am not jump is some of people jumping is not me I believe is final my treated cancer my marriage my Education my service my citizens my decision I Love service my decision I Love my deta up am behind my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up my member of the British Royal Family I need defense up with peace and solidarity up up 🙏🙏💐🎄🎄⛱️ my work place is very thefcult is very thefcult I managed I use my on peaceful is very had no help I want people to forget her this favorite is for my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up with the day of Commonwealth up with peace and solidarity up up 🙏🙏💐🎄🎄⛱
Mohamed Bin elias
This is BBC news love forever old is gold.
Aslim Chinapen
It is time for UK to be a republic
Alvaro Gentil Filho
Why nothing about Princess Diana was shown, only her marriage to Camila, I didn’t like it.
DUKE Hiroto
Long live the Queen … with ❤ from Thailand 🇬🇧🇹🇭
Stella Elkhenizy
An enjoyable trot down the decades. Made me quite nostalgic. Some of the changes make me a little sad, others happy.
Fran Tucker
One of a kind! Long Live the Queen!
banana Joe
Putins head gift for the 70th anniversary. She lived to see Soviet Union falling twice and maybe Germany too.. 😁
With this Queen, it’s too bad America wasn’t a British colony again.
Dr.Nikita Vaniya
Congratulations Her Majesty The Queen❄☃👑💜
Tetyana Sologub
Wonderful documentary! God bless the Queen!
I have to watch it again. Where is the Queen and James Bond, I mean Daniel Craig?
paula pierce
She has lived a life of service to her country with grace and incredible fortitude and dignity . Whatever one thinks about the monarchy – one has to acknowledge her contributions . 🌹🌹🌹Congratulations Elizabeth R
Matthew Frazer
What an incredible transformation our country has gone through in 70 years. Everything has changed and not all for the better The one constant is our Queen. She inherited a country unrecognisable today. At the start of her reign the narrator tells us she presided over the British Army of 700000 professional regular soldiers and a further 2 MILLION conscripts. 😆 Today we have 82500 soldiers for a 70 million population. We have more young men in prison than in uniform. The Queen is the last hurrah to a time and a world that no longer exists. We all don’t want her to leave us because when she goes, that’s the very last of it. The last imperial monarchy probably in history. It’s way past nostalgia – Elizabeth is all of ours direct connection to the perceived illustrious and glorious past. An almost magical divine connection to a romantic history and country and story. Not to mention our nanna’s grandmas and grandpas most of whom are gone yet she is the last of that generation that so many admire. I selfishly can’t imagine a world without her. I hope they get her a Pope mobile for the jubilee and make people come to her. Then after the jubilee celebration weekend. She should really chill. Put her feet up and make peace with her maker. She’s done more than anyone can ever expect of a nations leader, and billions of people, ancestors, and countrymen are beyond proud. Thank you. You have eclipsed all your predecessors and gone on like a gun horse. We all grateful beyond measure but now it’s time to enjoy yourself and relax. Knowing you have done one incredible job.
Leanne Smith
You said you would give your life, you have your majesty, so much respect
Marco O_M
I’m not a British not Scotch or Welles citizen ……. But she IS my QUEEN … God bless Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Margaret Maddern
What fitting tribute our Queen she is QUEEN ELIZABETH THE GREAT the finest diplomat in the world long live the Queen
Ebrima Jallow
good afternoon my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis Buckingham palace my source is Lady Louise 18th birthday with her parents with James and members of the British Royal Family up up with peace and solidarity I preyer peace and solidarity I have respect I honest am not jump is some of people jumping is not me I believe is final my treated cancer my marriage my Education my service my citizens my decision I Love my service my decision I Love my deta up am behind my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up my member of the British Royal Family up I need defense my life up with peace and solidarity up up 🙏🙏💐🎄🎄⛱️ my work place is very thefcult is very thefcult work I use my on peaceful and my respect because is had I want people to forget her sis want to block me both my decision the favorite is for my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up with the day of Commonwealth up with peace and solidarity up up 🙏🙏💐🎄🎄⛱
Dr. Ania Sara
Britian has always for many years had people from all nations.
Corinne Renshaw
What a wonderful documentry !
Cat Briggs
I admire her dignity and the unfailing example of her commitment to duty. She exemplifies inclusion of all people. She is a beacon of unity and compassion. In a world where self is too often celebrated over service, the Queen has steadfastly denied her own comfort and wishes. I can’t imagine anyone surpassing her.
Gaybriel Lookingland
In 822 days,Queen Elizabeth will become the longest reigning Monarch of All Time! Louie XIV of France is 824 days ahead of her, He became French King at the age of 4 years old in 1643,he died aged 76 Louie was King 72 years 110 days Queen Elizabeth has been Queen 70 years 17 days,so 2 years 93 days from today to go for Queen Elizabeth, to pass King Louie XIV Posted 24 February 2022
The last of her kind 😪
Amber-Lee Hodges
Frightening to think of Her Majesty having contracted COVID. Luckily, she is fully vaccinated, but at her advanced age, I will be, as I am sure many others are, anxious to hear that she is recovered. In the meantime, Her Majesty The Queen will continue to be in my prayers. She is my personal hero! I’m a proud lifelong Anglophile living in a state named for a different Queen Elizabeth; Virginia. Long Live The Queen!
Debbie Cooper
MY family was from there but of cousre came to the U.S.A in the 30ths so some of the stuff they say I have no idea what they they mean. but I still love watching about the U.K But whats funny they came to Kentucky U.Kwell it is to us
Rocky Nghaling
I am not British but with all my heart of love the Queen. The most remarkable human i have ever known. Her legacy and her presence is remarkable.
Tom Waller
Independent Scotland will hold a referendum on the future of the Monarchy in Scotland. Brexit is England’s greatest mistake.
Donna Pido
The Queen is flashing a bare toothed threat. She must have been very annoyed at someone nearby when this picture was taken.
Jonnny Ren
Never change Elizabeth. A woman who has stood firm and served as an inspiration for all. God save the Queen indeed.
jj washinton
this foucases mostly on britin during the reign of the queen and not the queen herself
QUEEN ELIZABETH is a decent and wise Queen. A symbol of STRENGTH in her own gentle way. An immovable ROCK. God has truly blessed Queen Elizabeth II. 👑
More accurately, the Queen is in her 70th year on the throne. She has completed 69 years this year and will not have completed 70 years until February 2023. I know I’m being picky, and I mean no disrespect, but 69 is 69 and 70 is 70. It has been 69 years and a few weeks since she “ascended the throne,” not 70. That said, I offer congratulations for staying the course. There must have been a thousands days when she got out of bed feeling lousy, and still showed up to do her bit as Queen. That was how she was trained and that’s what she did. I’m sure she was well aware that her role was mostly theatre & show biz. That said, I know few others that reliable… I know I’m not.
patricia hi-bridger
I truly cannot believe in human life on this earth without queen Elizabeth II
Ebrima Jallow
good afternoon my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis Buckingham palace my source is Lady Louise 18th birthday with her parents with James and members of the British Royal Family up up with peace and solidarity I preyer peace and solidarity up I have respect I honest am not jump is some of people jumping is not me I believe is final my treated cancer my marriage my Education my service my citizens my decision I Love service my decision I Love my deta up am behind my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up my member of the British Royal Family I need defense up with peace and solidarity up up 🙏🙏💐🎄🎄⛱️ my work place is very thefcult is very thefcult I use my on peaceful and my respect is had work without help I want people to forget her sis want to block me both my decision the favorite is for my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up with the day of Commonwealth up with peace and solidarity up up 🙏🙏💐🎄🎄⛱
Katherine Carpenter
She is truly a strong, dedicated, truly remarkable woman!!
Sheila White
I was born in 1956 my parents got married in her coronation in 1953
Gina Marie Ferreira
Wow. I like when she wears bright colors. I didn’t know anything about her and why the British like her so much. I can’t imagine being 95 and still working. All I knew about her is that she didn’t like her grandson marrying a biracial American and they had to leave the country. Thank you whoever made this.
Elizabeth McKinley
She is precious. I dread her passing.
margaret neanover
Was not her coronation place so crowded it took hours to begin having a way to go back home? As I know, the law relief of death penalty and homosexuality have a two fold reactive social concern that was addressed for certain actions that gained a look like it was popular. I think while it bloomed so kidnapping and abuse unseen. I think enough time was not put on handling issues for children. The empire is part of the world…..
carole wilson
making sounds like they were wonderful times women still being beaten rape in marriage happened. women doing the same job as men are paid far less.50 and 60 still had to have husbands permission get a hysterectomy.i needed a loan i was refused because i was single woman i do feel sorry for her in respect her life is ending and her family a mess that is sad
CD_ Promo
Thatcher and Reagan destroyed so much.
Who else is here’s from watching The Crown?😅
White Dragon
I have a feeling that this lady will be leaving soon. Sad.
Emira Doyle
You’re not like us🌚look what happens now.. Queen make big mistake even American make big mistake 🌚🌚🌚
Beatrice Owusu Achaw
I am from Ghana and know who you are ideally lo:e you. God bless you
Vilda Olsen
I think about harry and Megan and I were discussing the behaviors and I was wishing that harry would watch this documentary to get a perspective on his family and what he left. Prinyet superior Prince Harry is so divorcing reality I can’t stand him
Anyone able to identify what the title / name of the piece of classical music is; that’s used in the opening & closing scenes / credits
瑜珊 張
Translated in English
This is because the money received from Hong Kong is only temporary, and I may pay them back in the future, it is all a political consideration.
SHIN suy nghĩ
able adelaide
oh please, there was never a significant prejudice, this is revisionist BS
Hail the Lizard Queen.
Vilda Olsen
Again I wish Harry grandson of the Queen would watch this documentary. I think he doesn’t understand the history of his own family! Where is his honor hes so spoiled and disgusting in his attitude. I hope he does not come back for any celebrations with regarding the 70 years because he just will drag people down with his attitude and his wife is worse
robert jarman
A nightmare family. Detest the corrupt monarchy.
Mohamed Bin elias
This Manor my heart you tuve on just
Traveler T
i just cant understand they’re all poor and a bathroom is considered a luxury and it seems like millions was spent during the crowning. how extravagant
Mohamed Bin elias
Big tech Queen elizabeth city 💯 Rihat. . love 💕 saajan saajan Tera dulhan tujko pukare 💕. And main march main video
Mohamed Bin elias
2018 now Allah all remembering A Z
Sara Rossborough-Muhammad
Lol they call oppression against women and children …freedom 🤣
john thompson
Thank you dame Floella
Please everyone Pray for me to be free from the suffering from the group of sihir sukma (Klantan-Msia) please help
Mohamed Bin elias
I’m sorry world and abu bakar. 💞 Saajan saajan Tera dulhan tujko 💞 neet marhaba marhaba
Julie Fakkema
The pill got you “out of the box”. Not really. You just put yourself in a different box.
red ted
she has never done a days work in her life,,,took benefits of countless millions,,lived rent free in our palace,,,,,,free holidays,,,servants to feed her etc,,,,,,,republic
Music not intended at the finish of this programme? So be warned. Who does this and why ? It really spoiled the enjoyment.
Terrance Giusto
lol holy cow u didint have fridge back in those days so u had bury everything to keep it fresh………..😳
David Koutsouki
this had very little to do with the Queen ….. very disappointing
cornelia montemayor
Why do they have Queen and King in England I don’t know what is there job ? what are they doing for England? How do they earn there money?
Sara Rossborough-Muhammad
Ahem…they left out child trafficking
Catherine Coy
A monarchy. What a ridiculous construct.
Jo Dalinkus
Grin all you want it does NOT disquise flaws and deficiencies of this relic institution.
Mohamed Bin elias
Queen elizabeth city world’s 2021 neet marhaba marhaba fozia khadim. Follow rad love 💞 saajan saajan Tera dulhan tujko 💞 snog world say Allah Quran on fail sitll s
All paid for by the taxpayer.
cornelia montemayor
I think the media is so dumb saying the Queen has Covid but does not show any signs 😏
Deb Harshaw
Do understand the interest in royal family. Because as a American find them very interesting. Either for all there good or bad. Put to have your life in public constantly, has to be a real metal trip. Put they are born into it, as a since of duty, some stay. Put some want the money and care free life, without doing anything to earn it. Put some step up and do a lot for human race. Thank-
sorry, but the amount of ads in this is completely ridiculous
Ice Queen
Why do we have a monarcy ?
Why not
Her people are suffering. She seems to have mo interest, only its all about her. Selfish woman
Anwar Abdullah
@2:22 what exactly did she sacrifice?
Ebrima Jallow
good afternoon my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis Buckingham palace my source is Lady Louise 18th birthday with her parents with James and members of the British Royal Family up up with peace and solidarity I preyer peace and solidarity I have respect I honest am not jump is some of people jumping is not me I believe is final my treated cancer my marriage my Education my service my citizens my decision I Love the service my decision I Love my deta up up am behind my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up my member of the British Royal Family I need defense up with peace and solidarity up up 🙏🙏💐 my work place is very thefcult is very thefcult I managed only very thefcult I use my respect and my peaceful is very had I want people to forget her in my work place this favorite is for my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up with the day of Commonwealth up with peace and solidarity up up