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Meg'ika Mirdala
He is basically the only one on the American side to fully explain things in a very clear and knowledgeable way. Something I have been waiting years to hear.
I love how clear and concise this guy is. He knows his stuff and answers the question precisely. No beating around the bush, right on point. I generally mistrust politicians but I did feel confident with this guy. He wasn’t coming across as egocentric, just a highly competent and intelligent man focused on his role. I don’t know of him other than recently, so perhaps I’m wrong and others will comment and tell me, but based on this alone, he really impressed me.
Did you know that PBS has audio transcripts for all their written news articles. From a blind man who wants to understand the world better from the deepest depths of my heart thank you PBS I couldn’t live without you guys and the fantastic work you do
Eddie Benford
This series has been incredible. Excellent episode.
Animated Books
Magnificent interviews, thank you so much. Everyone that contributed to these from start to finish.
Extremely interesting, I would have never imagined I could watch so many hours of interviews about Putin. The more I learn about him and the more I feel like he’s just good at destorying things
Carrie Peterson
So interesting, this whole series. Thank you for pulling them up again. I wasn’t as interested in Putin 4 years ago as now. Helps put this into perspective.
Totally Not Roman
He’s such a great speaker and you can just feel what he’s trying to convey.
Great & insightful interview. Especially seeing as how this was back in 2017.
Sharing My Thoughts
Excellent interview. Mr Blinken is very well versed in Russian issues and Vladimir Putin.
Shrouded Blue
Amazed to see how much of an expert Blinken is on Russia. He knows Putin like Putin’s his brother lol
Second Glance
I appreciate how knowledgeable Mr. Blinken is and his ability to explain his knowledge. Priceless… only wish that all the politicians hear what he has to say.
R David Robinson
Fascinating to hear this full interview with our now Sec. of State.
Raluca Dirjan
This is the best description of what went wrong with Russia!! I am Eastern European so I have seen first hand how the region is crippled by kleptocracy!
Man Bogdan
Just amazing. More of this interviews. Thanks!
Emily Knight
Well wasn’t this prescient. WOW. such a phenomenal series!
Robby Umbreit
I really like this guy. Well spoken, very knowledgeable in foreign affairs and commands a room when he speaks. This guy should run for POTUS!
dav j
Out of all the people in the Democratic party this guy makes more sense than any of them.
Cheryl R Leigh
Antony Blinken was Deputy Secretary of State from 2015 to 2017. Prior to that, Blinken held multiple roles in the Obama administration, including Deputy National Security Adviser, Deputy Assistant to the President and National Security Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden. From 1994 to 2001, Blinken was a member of President Bill Clinton’s National Security Council staff. Transcripts available via Frontline PBS | The Putin Files | Antony Blinken | Interviewed by: Michael Kirk | Interview Date: July 24, 2017
Fruity Pebbles
This guy looks like such a blank slate when I see him on the news. It’s good to see him explain his point of view in depth.
SILVER Entertainment
Great interview – thank you!
Bilal Ali
Wow I always thought this was guy was being used as a puppet this interview really changed my view on him and this is coming from a non-liberal. Smart guy and I hope he truly continues the way he is and doesn’t let politics corrupt him although I think he already has
Liam Pezzano
I watched the videos with Masha Gessen, Julia Ioffe, and Vladimir Kara-Murza before watching this. They talk candidly about what operations were going on at the same time Bush and Obama were in office. Gessen and Kara-Murza especially highlighted how giving him political clout WAS his goal. Listening to Blinken at the start of this video, where he talks about both administrations being optimistic, makes him (and everyone he worked/works for) sound painfully stupid.
Ethan D'Lima
Who is here after he was named Biden’s Secretary of State
I wish this series was a podcast
Harvey Haines
I didn’t realize that this interview was over four years old when I started watching it. Jesus.
36:23 – history is repeating… Blinken was really insightful and wise in this interview.
moar schtuff
Thoughtful and well-spoken.
Juan Cardozo
Great interview, thank you!
Ian Byrne
Brilliant , really informative.
steven cole
Interesting to see a perspective given 4 years ago . Destiny has led us where we are today and I don’t think much would have prevented it .
Josh Nalder
Great speaker. I admire his ability to articulate clearly
PG Antioch
Recorded 4 years ago, remarkably pertinent today.
These interviews are awesome. I get the distinct impression you really dont want to be on the wrong end of a stern talking to by Antony Blinken.
V Mtz
Russia wanted to continue being a superpower with its smaller population and small economy. It didn’t want to accept being just another country the US dealt with. It wanted to be on the same level as the US. The only thing it had to uphold that ilusion was nukes.
Peiman Malek Marzban
Interesting and intelligent interview. Glad this guy is in charge now.
Michael S. Ruscheinsky
Well… Very informative and self reflected series.
Douglas Kaburu
One thing I like about American way of life is that it generally allows talent to shine. Secretary Blinken is a good example of this. He fits his job description like a glove. Much admiration from Kenya.
brian belton
Great info! Thank you. The moment at just past 43:00 says it all: Partisan, and political crap. I have voted D and R equally, and this interview shines light into the dark places of politics (the mice run for their lives). I will never vote for any incumbent Why? They are politicized to the point where they lose their objectivity.
Diana Woods
He is a great speaker and his family was victims of the nazi’s in WWII which is sad.
When will we finally start learning to pay attention to the psychological make up of the politicians??? Once you know what to look for, the malignant antisocial personalities aren’t that difficult to detect, and yet we continue to afford such people the benefit of a doubt, which people in such condition do not deserve even for a moment. Once you figure out that a leader has an APD, all bets are off, period. From there on you must consult a team of professional psychiatrists in order to know how to deal with such leader. This is not a joke, and we keep repeating the same mistakes, over and over, and expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity.
Michael JH
Listening to Blinken you don’t see much of an effort to identify common interests without harping on the moral high ground. Maybe now as future secretary of state his thinking is evolving, not the least because China is probably the bigger threat. Interesting interview.
Giordano Franchetti
I have watched many o these interviews, they are indeed very candid and magnificient. But there are some who still don’t understand or acknowledge the problems caused that morphed with time by the 70 years of our imperialism, and the hypocrisy of some of our actions. For the incredible merits of what we as, Americans brought to the world, we do rarely acknowledge how often the problems we see are the tumour we had metastasised since the germination of it. I think we need to learn and think about how things are cause, people never cry for just what just happens in the present, its always a culmination of many events, because we still have difficulty in seeing just a few steps ahead of what we have in front of us, thus also behind us and how the past truly affected what makes the present.
The whole “reset” was such a mistake, truly one of the greatest mistakes of that administration.
One of the most competent and serious guys i’ve ever heard of the USA administration
Sadly, I think Trump saw Putin as ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, forgetting that the President is supposed to think of the country and THEIR enemies instead of his personal ones.
Lit S
Very good solid interview. Thank you.
I’m struck by his view of the weight of the words of an American president. I hope it regains its credibility soon.
Adrian's Podcast
Really Interesting interview. Don’t agree with parts of it but great insight. Two points: I don’t think that Russia wants to be like us in all respects save for economic prosperity. To be like us means them accepting US leadership which they were not prepared to do. The second issue is there is a loss of trust. Both sides see conspiracy and underhand conduct in each other.
This is crazy that this was 4 years ago. I remember seeing this then and knew that this was evident
Andreas Sumerauer
In hindsight of the Helsinki summit of 2018 it is almost comically ironic to hear what Mr. Blinken said had to happen in response to the Russian meddling with the US election of 2016. Trump did in every aspect the exact opposite and here we are.
Nina Steininger
Amazing interview 👍
Jon _
Blinken should run. I’m an independent and would vote for him.
David Traywick
He’s smart. How can he be blinded to his own hypocrisy?
Rocío Palacios
Congratulations. Very… ABSOLUTELY transparent and so truly enlightening, Straightforward stickfast & True!
Rebecca Voodoo
The 1979 invasion triggered a brutal, nine-year civil war and contributed significantly to the USSR’s later collapse. On Christmas Eve 1979, the Soviet Union began an invasion of Afghanistan, its Central Asian neighbor to the south. First, it air-dropped elite troops into principal Afghan cities.
No matter how you break it down, every administration thus far mishandled Putin.
Am I the only one who would love to see Blinken as POTUS?
RoseBud TV
35:5537:30 This can very well be said today only to a far higher extent. Putin hasn’t learned anything.
How could they have such a thorough knowledge of Putin and the political situation, and not predict that he would invade Ukraine and act accordingly to avoid it? It should have started years ago with Europe not depending on Russian energy the way it does
Johannes Kirves
Anyone who watches Mearsheimer should also watch this. Despite everything, the amount of intellectual dishonesty in the american narrative is way less than in the narrative that sympathises with Putin.
Calos Santana
You are telling a truth and the truth died when Russia attack south Yemen capital Aden. I remember that Aden was the source of gold. My grand father who works with the British military and fought for the British. My grandpa had a British pass Port but the Russians made him give his password in order to a citizen of Aden. He gave his British password to the communist leader.
Guardian Angel
Blinken seems to be really smart and probably the best prepared Secretary of State nominee in ages. All that being said, he comes across as someone way too timid and thoughtful to be a successful diplomat in the post-Trump era.
Bliss Pop
We learn from history that we do not learn from history!  😥
Now I see why Blinken was chosen Secretary of State. He is brilliant and of high ethical standards. Most importantly he is respectful of others. I want to believe him when he says that the Maidan coup was not instigated by the US government. Could it be big business at work?
Jack Steinko
Mr. Blinken, referring to your point at 14:50, isn’t it true that US points her finger at China for her economic problem at home just like Russia did to the West for hers?
Thomas Larsson
Putin’s short game in Ucraine rather good but comes in expense of his long game strategic position visa vi Europe (EU) that has gone sour. Ergo: Putin’s future looks increasingly grim.
lawful neutral
17:27 Did he just give all the credits to the Russians? All these are the merits of the United States, you can’t just give them away like that.
There are similarites in his reasoning, delivery and style to how Obama talks. Clear and logical. He is in the right place now, when there is no time to fool around or sending muddled messages. Like you-know-who.
its too good its way too good
so glad this guy is secretary of state
It’s interesting to hear the perspectives from 2017-18 to now, 2022.
SolSere Jeremy
Watch this, then you understand the prelude to Russia’s war on Ukraine.
Yoni Samber
It is clear after 5 minutes of this interview that this man has more understanding of how the world works than everyone in the Trump administration put together.
Chris Tatnall
Wow, this is a fantastic interview! Isn’t it refreshing to have an articulate & thoughtful Secretary of State again ?? 😀
According to one estimate by a Russian economist, as many as 200,000 Russians have left their country since the start of the war in Ukraine, with more than 25,000 alone arriving in Georgia since Russia’s invasion began.
Immensely interesting. Knowledgeable, intelligent, without pretense. Also clear and precise in all his answers. What an asset to his country, and to us! I Thank you.
2020: These interviews from Frontline abt Putin are so prescient, today. Especially true when Blinken talks about how Trump’s talking points are similar to what day espouse in the TV network, Russia Today, RT. Blinken so correctly pointed out that Putin has raised lying deceiving and to create confusion as an art form. Also, that battling this Falls at the feet of the President of the United States. Well…we can see how well that went I am so looking forward to the t Admin of Joe Biden, with all the bright Minds and it like Anthony Blinken. He is going to be excellent as Secy of State (this is the American in me talking…not the VLAD monniker,LOL)
Sax Matters
What clarity of mind and strategic awareness. Always held this guy in high esteem and it’s such a relief he’s involved at the highest level again after those dreadful Trump years.
Vibhav Agarwalla
Why aren’t you guys, those in the know, taking these conversations into the heartlands. Why do people in power underestimate the maturity and horse-sense of everyday folks to grasp and appreciate these foreign policy issues? You guys not doing that leaves a vacuum that conmen find easy to fill with fabrications.
Dave Hales
Looking at this interview and point of view, doesn’t leave me with much solace, with the current situation in the Ukraine, at what point do we look at America and realize it’s not the democracy that we are told it is, lobbying interests for the arms industry would never like to see a fully aligned Russia, what if over the past year or so, Mexico and Russia were in discussions about a none aggression pact, how would America react,??
Jonathan Gammond
Has Putin really played a bad hand well or is it rather the case that the West hadn’t realised a new game had started and the rules were different.
John Cronin
With Mr Blinken we are in good hands his message and delivery is crystal.
Great interview!! GREAT 👍
u t
I remember being on my last boy scout trek which was a 50 miler in the beautiful Wallowa mountains. I was camping about half way and had a horrible nightmare Russia was burning. I told everyone what I had. Come to find out there was a coo.
He was the right guy for the job 💯
Matthew Williams
It’s interesting watching this after the Invasion of Ukraine and Kiev
H. A Simons
33:50 he predicted exactly what’s happening right now after the current administration did the opposite of arming Ukraine
Maxim Popov
Blinken Rocks ☮️ Peace Love and Democracy 💜
Stev En
Here after he has been chosen Secretary of State
Клюев Сергей
29:00 This is it. That’s exactly what Russia is about! This very psychology makes good people in Russia “ guilty” before a perpetrator. Because “ how dare you, a victim, judge me?” You are just like me”. “ who are the judges? “ This is a perverted Christianity, christianity put upside down where a criminal is allowed to do whatever he or she wants and a victim is not allowed to complain or judge, lest commit a crime of not being “ a good christian”.
YouTube is watching YouToo
51:13 Right, and now we have a pretty clear idea of who was lying.
Vibhav Agarwalla
They may have ALWAYS had a zero sum view but timed the expression of it with modernization of their military and conclusion of gas deals with China
Kelvin Keter
I can tell 90% of the people here don’t know what this guy and Victoria Nuland did in Ukraine in 2014. Am sure He knows he bears responsibility for what’s currently going on
Daniel Minutilli
He says repeatedly, we miscalculated and they outsmarted us and that there was a lack of trust when events occurred. Oof.
Fenrir Unity
Blinken can also play the guitar and sing like an angel. His vocals is like a more raw and masculine version of Depeche Mode. There’s a video on youtube of him playing live blues as well.
Les Cantlay
How could we know so much and not do anything? We need to cut Russia out of all internet and other commas.
Billy the Earthworm
Following US Politicians & Bureaucrats for the last 66 years of my life I am thoroughly convinced that to be a good US Secretary of State you have to have the ability to offset in question and debate with a strategic demeanor, and manipulate the narrative masterfully. 😉
YouTube is watching YouToo
57:29 he just said he suspects trump was colluding with the Russians. Then he says he was ‘convinced’ that trump would confront the Russians about meddling. Which one is it?
Michael John Little
Given the war that Putin has started, and now here is Anthony Blinken is a key player…. amazing…..
Jody Huston
I remember the picture of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton humorously giving Putin a big red plastic “reset” button as a gift. Putin didn’t understand, the idea of the gift flew over his head. And he, quite paranoid, made a serious enemy of Hillary Clinton.
N Domingo
ABlinkin surely knows his stuff!
There is no way to deal with crazy. They will always escalate because in their mind everything in the world is a threat.
Very interesting and frightening interviews. We see on US side intelligent, nice, well spoken people, pleasure to listen. But on second thought we don’t get what was their (US, Obama, Bush) strategy. We don’t get the impression of their calculating several moves ahead, we don’t see fundamental economics. We see good general knowledge about Russia at level of Wikipedia, we don’t see expert deep understanding, which requires decades and decades. We see they did not have good intelligence on Russia military moves before Crimea – despite all the satellites, etc… And if there are such gaps about Russia, which still is more or less an European country, on which you can have lots of expertise in Eastern Europe and in particular in Slavic speaking countries, but also in US academy and intelligence….. if such blunders and miscalculation can happen about Putin (in reality Putin is just the face of the problem)…. Can we imagine what mistakes are made about China? China is much bigger than Russia as population, has nearly10 times longer history than Russia, not to mention than US and most of Europe. It has its own languages, which are not easy to master, huge body of literature, most of which we in the West don’t even suspect about. These nice people in US come and go with different administrations, but what chance do they have against the strategic depth in Asia, which includes also India – another ancient civilization, and quite a few others like Japan, Korea? These nice people just bounce on the surface. The North Korean Kim with its tiny state managed to play them and became a thermonuclear power…. And there is very little practically possible to be done against him. China managed to snatch South China sea under the nose of these nice guys – and China nearly 100% switched Philippines (where lots of American blood has been spilled during ww2) on its side. Scary!
Shelby Jones
Seeing this March 1, 2022…..Profound.
Excellent interview, gives the whole perspective of how the mess (present day war) developed in Ukraine and why. Hi from Mexico. We have an interview on our channel where Vladimir Pozner is interviewed on the same subject, also giving a staunch testimony on Putin, and how this animal developed. @24:20 in this interview-as Antony describes Putin; I couldn’t help but think of a pile of episodes i’ve watched of *HOUSE OF CARDS*…and how the Russian leader is depicted in those… @31:30 Antony refers to “the credibility of a President”, I couldn’t help but think about Trump and what happened to him> it was basically a credibility issue, he lost it with the American public, and subsequently lost the election. Also, thanks PBS, these interviews are always amazing, revealing, to the point where one could literally make a movie around them.. 🙂, the closeup of the interviewee is great, it shows depth, clarity, and of course the person, (which is the main idea behind the constant close up), although i think a variety of shots and a few pans now and again would have made it more interesting to watch.
Jeff Luehm
Mr. Blinken seems very competent and coherent. But, his statement that “It was our belief and conviction that President Trump should and would do (the right thing)” is a head scratcher. Did they not know anything about him at that point? 🤦🏻‍♂️
SolSere Jeremy
Watch this, then you understand the prelude to Russia’s war on Ukraine.
Nils Coe
Appreciate how frank the secretary is here.
Terri Bryan
He should show proof of how we brought them up let their people see it and know it
This comment section has excellent etiquette 🥇
Maxim Popov
Blinken is a genius 💜☮️💜
Jonny Sparta
Looks to me like Biden made a great choice for sec state. I’m looking forward to following this guys upcoming accomplishments.
Esphaeras Praestans
He was always like that, it was just an act.
Diana Maria Olsson
Great interview! I listen to Blinken before sleep. Just hear his voice and I’m calm.
Patrick Condon
Unbelievable information
eLLe Booggie
Mr Blinken you were right, unfortunately. 🙁
Cute Pops
Watching this as the Russians try to invade Ukulele.. I Pray for this war to stop now! 🙏🏼☮️
Good Interview
Tony Sansom
Prophetic final comments from AB!!
wow, same scenario with the other big country, Russia’s apprentice.
Wow, to hear this today’s circumstances 👏 06.03.2022. Explain everything. Thank you for the interview.
Billy the Earthworm
the “Dunnings-Kruger Effect”! Proverb: When arguing with a fool, first make sure the other person isn’t doing the same thing.
John Danielson
Listen to this man and then listen to Mike Pompeo.
Mosaic Crone
Having grown up on Maryland’s Eastern Shore just a few minutes from the Russian compound in Centreville it was obvious to us locals that these were not “diplomats” they were spies. The location of their compound was no accident & the fact that they were allowed to have it there shows extreme ignorance on our governments part in more ways than 1. Before you get angry over that let me explain what we saw that had me decide I didn’t want to raise my kids at ground zero. They moved at the end of the Cold War. We were leery if them from the get go because while YOUR Cold War Drills consisted of getting under your desk OURS went the extra step of making us aim our uncovered heads at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Yes I said Nuclear Power Plant. No idea who thought putting a Nuclear power plant that close to out Nation’s Capital & smack dab in the middle of our most important military bases when it comes to our Nation’s 1st line of defense but they did. And I mean it is RIGHT on the Chesapeake Bay so they can use the Bay to cool it. You remember who else was on the Bay? Yup, the Russians. From their private dock they can be there in approximately 15 minutes. Even faster by their private helicopters. And that’s not counting all the other things that they could observe right from their strategically located property. Many times over the years we reported odd things we saw & local police didn’t want any parts of it. Something I personally reported was in the Autumn of ’98 when the Rockfsh were running. My husband & I decided to take the kids camping at Taylor’s Island General Store & Campground so he could fish while the kids played. Directly across the Bay from this location you can see the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Lusby, MD. There was a group of men there pretending to be fishing but they didn’t have the right set ups & they never opened their bait. What they DID have were Russian accents when they did speak English, some very fancy cameras, electronic equipment & a keen interest in the power plant. I walked right in the store & told the shop keeper. He said they are regulars & he’s already called this visit in but he never sees a cop come out when he calls. If you pull up a map of the Chesapeake Bay find the Bay Bridge as your central point. On the Eastern Shore JUST above the bridge you will see Terrapin Park & Love Point. Their compound was right there in the Love Point area. Now south of the Bridge on the Eastern Shore of Maryland find Taylor’s Island. Look directly across the Bay for Lusby. THAT’S how close Russians lived to the Nuclear Power Plant near Washington DC for decades. THAT’S how close they were to spy on major points of interest by boat, helicopter, small plane & car not to mention their ability to hack CCTV in these areas as well as phones etc. And rumors from back home said Obama kicked them out but Trump let them right back in. I wouldn’t doubt it if he did. But knowing all that & given Putin’s current invasion of Ukraine 🇺🇦 with all his war crimes he committing by killing civilians & directly bombing shelter locations that have CHILDREN very clearly written to be seen by air & on land it’s easier to understand why Biden won’t close the air over Ukraine & he won’t allow Poland to give them MiGs in exchange for our F-15’s. If you still have trouble figuring it out find a map of the Delmarva Peninsula & look for Wilmington Delaware. That’s where Joe Biden is from. As the Crow Flies if Russia strikes Calvert Cliffs & God forbid if they strike it with a nuclear warhead it will be worse then Chernobyl & Fukushima combined. Right there near DC & practically in his own family’s back yard. It’s proximity to DC alone is why Presidents care extremely cautious when dealing with another Nuclear Power nation. Most AMERICANS don’t even know there is a Nuclear Power Plant in extremely close proximity to Washington DC, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Military bases from Norfolk all the way up the Bay & all the other things right there in close proximity to their compound that locals have just learned to live with right there on their doors step. YOU didn’t know it. Russia did. Why do you think they chose to request this property for their compound?
Ton Hettema
At 4:00 ‘we weren’t going to accept the proposition that one country like Russia could tell other countrie what they should do or shouldn’t do, with whom they should associate or not…’ Is not that exactly what the US considers to be ITS privilege and monopoly? How does such a demand from one party (the US) look anything like a balanced and fair start or reset of a new relationship?
Mohammed Kamil
I don’t know why I feel that Antony Blinken looks like an undercover vampire😂😂
Sassy The Sasquatch
4 administrations and we couldn’t prevent what’s happening now, it’s tragic how evil can take action so easily
Stephen Price
It’s like the cold war never ended.
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35:00 I take it that Blinken wanted to arm the Ukrainians.
Jesus Leal
My question for Secretary Blinken, are we now in a zero sum game with Putin?
True Quan
Wow listening to this 5 years later, in the aftermath of President Trump, and his Ukranian based impeachment, and now Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, I think we need Obama to stop making National Park Video’s on Netflix; we need him back in the game.
Shag Well
Four years ago ,now again ,with Putin.
Kazuyo Leue
The history says that Russia took 4 islands from Japan after Japan was slender. When Putin ignored to deal with that problem and kept 4 islands, I knew he is no good.
Gina Monk
Dear, Mr. Blinken. Please follow on the influence of Russia in South America, specifically in Venezuela. A Kleptocracy has been cooking there for a while. Check on the design of the opposition, the way is organized, and how they never “agree on anything” is the perfect alibi to waist everybody’s time. Check on the links between Venezuelan oligarchs, and big figures of the opposition. They have had it too easy so far, the region needs democratic Venezuela.
Valentin Ursu
Somehow, information release being a coincidence does not justify that information existing. Best way for not being hurt by people finding out “at the wrong time”, what your candidate did, is for the candidate not to actually do it 🙁
Darren Dickson
I’m English I absolutely adore Anthony the maverick blinker I love you my friend your so cool
Duane Lewis
All this does is: in my view, is drive the Europeans to become an independent player and, eventually a unified superpower on the world stage, It also, because of the position Russia is in, economically, demographically, and militarily, it demonstrates that Putin is running on fumes with his war against Ukraine and the democratic processes he is trying to de-rail all across Europe.
Marcos Draco IV
very informative very!!!
He is clearly an experienced and intelligent man but his record of supporting so many wars — Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and even pushing for a greater military role in Syria — is concerning to me. I hope his work on the current crisis in Ukraine can succeed and democracy can be protected without yet another and even more dangerous conflict.
Kowan McGarry
What a great interview.
Calos Santana
Russia medlle in to the internal affairs of south Yemen. According to my story that I earned from my mother’s father he fought against Russia and was given the right to choose his country. As
Rita Louise Knox
What a valuable clear speaker.
Donja Freeland
Thanks your honesty is highly honorable.
In view of recent events especially, this conversation has easily proved Blinken to be the single best Secretary of State of the past 25-30 years.
This guy’s narrative always casts America in the hero’s role.
Asian guy
Trump lifted the sanctions on Russia and told European leaders he didn’t understand why they didn’t back Russia over Ukraine. He said as far as he was concerned, Ukraine was part of Russia. Whether he coordinated with Putin or not, he may as well have.
Still aging pretty well. 14 days after Ukraine 22’
It’s interesting what he says at about 15 minutes about politicians lying but then fast forward to May 2021 and him lying constantly about Israel
We do have a hand in everything tho
Atlor Merjo
What are the odds that Putin Watches these videos
Pavel I
Amazing BS artist.. Bravo..I really hope he does not believe a word he is saying. If he does, we are about to witness a massive miscalculation. Having a vast array of modern nuclear triad, lean and disciplined military, complete agricultural and energy security as well as educated and motivated population is not exactly a weak hand.
B Bodziak
Who’s here rooting for Ukraine!
katie cannon
Yeltsin developed kleptocracy. Remember the Yeltsin Oligarchs? And, oh yeah, America helped Yeltsin to do it. Then Putin got rid of some of Yeltsin’s Oligarchs & crafted his own.
To say Medvedev was a promising Russian figure is so naive. Clearly Putin never intended to give up power, that much has been obvious since the second Bush administration.
K Xenia
Someone Lock Blinken up. Save the planet🌎
Виктория Варкиева
03/19/2021 In Ukraine, fighters of the infamous battalion of the Ukrainian DMV “Tornado” began to be released. March 2021, 4 people have been released- Anatoly Plamadyal, Boris Gulchuk, Nikita Kust and Maxim Glebov. All received prison terms for involvement in rape and torture in the conflict zone in Donbass. Tornado battalion Ukrainian Nazi fighters practice extrajudicial killings, torture and rape, including against males, fixing their crimes on video cameras or mobile phone
Caesar For Life
No US involvement in Ukraine when Nuland was recorded discussing who should be Prime Minister of Ukraine at the time of the Maidan coup. 😏
Rich Republican
International diplomacy is very complex and should not be performed by neophytes.
Andreas Kirsch
@32:00 “The word of an American president matters a great deal in these situtations”. Well that’s true. The Iraq 2003 war was fully based on cheeky lies.
Matin Mohebi
please don’t make him angry😂😂😂 you only can wake up someone who is actually sleeping not The ones who pretend they’re sleep.
Gerald O'Hare
“Wicked smart”, as they say in Boston.
The only criticism I have is against the historical context/explanation of America’s actions; every decision he makes it out to be America just doing the right thing and it’s misinterpreted the wrong way by Russia, which happens again and again over the past half century. America was seeking to influence the world in a way, that isn’t anything new. Yes, Russia has been paranoid and interpreting every action by the west to be an affront to their plutocracy. But like… that’s also exactly what America has been doing too. That’s the reason why America dropped 214 tons of bombs on Cambodia who they aren’t even at war with, and who was democratic at the time (until the government collapsed and the Khmer Rouge rose to power). That’s the whole basis of the cold war. That’s the reason for their interference in the Vietnam civil war, using rape, chemical weapons, and napalm on civilians and children who they claimed they were there to protect. It’s one thing to criticize Russia; they deserve it. Putin is a modern day Hitler. But the framing of America’s side paints them to be good Samaritans being misunderstood by Russia, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Blinken never ages ?
Cathy Bena
Why does this interview say 4 years ago?? Am I missing something??
miguel campos
please inform President Zelenkyy to live the country if he is alive no one can take Ukraine legally and he can help more from outside he is a brave man but he needs to be smart and see what is better for him and his country. if you reed this message please do whatever is in your power to help him he is not thinking in that he is so concern and worry Contact the Uk. ambassador and other members of the government to help him
Anybody who didn’t get the blunt message from Putin’s speech at the OSCE conference at Munich in February 2007 – wasn’t listening. Obviously, Antony Blinken was one of those not listening. Russia’s actions followed precisely Putin’s speech announcing that Russia was no longer going to bend over a the waist for the US/West; that actions mattered more than words; that Russia would defend Russian national security interests as defined by Moscow – not Washington or Brussels; that while Russia was still weak, Russia would apply power asymmetrically – while it rebuilt its military capacity. Putin was quite clear. Go watch his speech – or read the text. Action started in April 2007 with the cyber attack on Estonia, a new and aggressive Baltic state member of NATO. It continued in Georgia in August 2008 after Georgian forces shelled/killed Russia peacekeeping troops in South Ossetia. (Saakashvili mistakenly thought Washington would back him in his wars to retake Adjara, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia). Earlier, in April 2008, Putin had attended the NATO conference in Bucharest where he rejected US plans to deploy missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic (later in Romania), which were discussed at the summit. Putin also warned Georgia and Ukraine’s NATO membership bids crossed Russia’s national security red lines. Putin was told to stay in his lane and mind his own business; that these decisions were not for Russia to make. As Blinken states: “we weren’t going to accept the proposition that one country like Russia should tell other countries what to do, with who they can and can’t associate with”. Of course, despite the common assertion the US/West has led a rules-based order (a new term born only in recent years during the Trump administration) – the US picks & chooses what rules apply to the US – and impose sanctions on “bad actors”/defiants abroad…widely and aggressively…intervening in the domestic affairs of other countries when the US so chooses. As the American public has tired of military commitments abroad, various White Houses (and Congress) have rapidly expanded use of drone warfare and application of sanctions. From a realpolitik analytical perspective, understanding that the President of Russia has the obligation to pursue Russian national interests as defined by Russia, Putin’s actions have been both understandable and correct. Will Blinken be an improvement on Pompeo? Yes. Though, the bar was set rather low. I am wary of a return of the neoliberal moralizers, their iron fist covered with a velvet glove.
Great series pbs
Tito Rochin
Which in my opinion is not such a bad thing when you’re workin on negotiating negotiations
Great Indian poet SAHIR LUDHIANVI put this eternal wisdom in his poem about 60 years ago—THE POEM IS ALL RELEVANT TODAY AS IT SHALL BE EVEN MILLIONS OF YEARS FROM THE PRESENT “Bloodshed (of the dead victims) be it ours or of strangers, after all it is the blood of humans Let the war be in the east or west does it not vitiate world peace Battle tanks may move forward or retreat (signifying a war won or lost) The land it moves on is rendered barren The victorious may rejoice, or the defeated may grieve The living always weep for the dead.” War is itself a problem/ What solutions can a war offer Today it will rain fire and blood, Tomorrow, hunger and scarcity. “That is why oh! noble humans, avoid war (and violence) Let the lamp of love burn in the courtyard of humanity.” THE Greatest Scientist EINSTEIN already warned us about EVILS OF MEN FIGHTING MEN WHEN HE ADDED THE FOLLOWING WISDOM— “NEXT WORLD WAR WOULD BE FOUGHT WITH STICKS & STONES
Ton Hettema
At 6:10 ‘..that even if we had been speaking clearly and directly…’ So you weren’t. Speaking clearly and directly. So you were lying and deceiving, by your own admission..
Benjamin Selassie
I’m beginning to think that when someone says anything about installing democracy, that mean US financial interests at the cost of the people.
Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work by Dr. Paul Babiak (Author), Dr. Robert D. Hare (Author)
Olga Salinas
Antony Blinken sounds honest and wise and should be consulted he is also very handsome
Zenie Hudson
Russia was bankrupt , shelves were empty.Russians were starving before and during the fall of the Berlin Wall Gorbachev was desperate for any help , the west can give. Putin was working, living in East Germany and angry Russia lost their control over USSR s breakage. . Putin from the beginning started putting together a plan to recover what Russia has lost
Rob Ford
Wow wow wow. Now every thing is pretty clear. American policy and understanding of its leader is pre kindergarten at best. A 10 year old if you give him the facts would conclude that Putin is a fascist , why did all these experts on Russia didn’t in the American government didn’t see? A few things about Putin. 1. As a 16 year old tries to enrolled in KGB ( this is equivalent to SS in Nazi Germany) 2. Finally recruited and spends 20 years as a low level operative in KGB 3. After the fall of the Soviet Union works as an assistant to Leningrad major : his job is to have a working relationship with Leningrad Mafia. Funnels snd steals millions of dollars of aid money from the west into real estate in Spain and other countries. 4. Noticed by Boris Yeltsin as wily and shrewd operative and groomed as his successor. 5. Starts Second Chechen war and carpet bombs Grozny like it has never been since Dresden in WW2. And this is the guy American administration thought was liberal? Hmm…
A Grant
“Another dithering mistake by Obama.” The guy was held to a completely different standard. Give me a break. It was so hard at times that people harped on his suit color.
Andreas Kirsch
@20:00 So that’s how you supported the EU and “worked hand in hand with the Europeans”: “Fuck the EU!” – Victoria Nuland. Victoria Nuland was at that time the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State.
Pedro Nunez
That’s a smart guy. And a great part of the president’s cabinet. Unlike the last administration
Anne Dahl
Thank you all Humanbeens ❤📕
Henderson Johnson
At minute 39-41 and I quote. Russia could not change a vote but could affect public opinion. Therefore the media is responsible for the double in the 2016 election.
Tito Rochin
I don’t think Russia minds having benign handlers handling their ordeals but I think at some point they’ll think we are responsible when directions put them at a halt
Michael Read
Glad. So glad. He’s on our side.
Blinken is lying about the US involvement in the color revolution in Ukraine
Really nice and intelligent talking – EXCEPT for one thing: how can you prove that the USA indeed was NOT involved in all those color revolutions? Now imagine, it was – then you can easily see Russia’s reaction. Then the whole 1 hour intelligent talking turns to rubbish!..
Gary Ashby
You should stand for president Mr Blinken . You speak a lot of sense .
Jesus Montoya
Great thanks 🙏🏼
Putin suffers from both paranoia and delusions of grandeur. That mixed with power and an appetite for war are a horrible combination
Julian Boone
Just how could the USA miss Putin’s frame of reference in the way he viewed history. Putin has always been a huge Russian historian. Putin viewed the Tzars and the roles of Russian leadership each power source for the past 400 years each leader fell to violent changes in power. Those in power were overthrown from both internal and external forces. So Putin saw the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt, the overthrow of Libya with Gadafa, both fermented by the CIA and Putin saw these changes as violence especially with our overthrow of Iraq and the hanging of Saran. Putin looked at his own leadership as the next overthrow and who knows what kind of death he would suffer.
I like antony blinken interviews!
Red Six
This guy is not telling the whole truth. He got really edgy when he was asked about the phone call to the ambassador…look at his eyes and they dart when he is under pressure (maybe when he’s really fudging things)
Genevieve UNITY
I am a HUGE fan of Anthony Blinken
James Temple
That reset was a seriously dumb move. I voted for and supported Obama but was totally against it at the time.
juergen bertram
Antony Blinken is certainly brilliant !!
Ruoyu Li
4:01 only the us can do that !!! LFMAO
Jubei Kibagami
He’s a Boy Scout right from an Ivy League tower. The problem is he is dealing with a bunch of gangsters.
mike yates
REPARATIONS FOR UKRAINE: The western allies and United Nations should make clear to Moscow that: All arrested funds or assets previously registered to Russia and/or Russian oligarchs will be withheld until ALL reparations are paid in full. These reparations will include for: 1) Damage caused to Ukraine buildings, infrastructure, farmlands, etc, (including property damaged by Ukraine in an effort to resist Russian aggression, such as destroyed bridges, stray defensive missiles, etc.). 2) Death or injury of individual Ukrainian citizens/family members. 3) Loss if income to individual Ukrainian individuals as a result of Russian incursions. Should the above reparations exceed arrested funds, a tax will be placed on all business done with Russia until reparations are complete. This will make clear that all past and any further damage, injury, etc. inflicted upon Ukraine is in fact being inflicted upon Russia by itself.
Antony, did we (the US) or did we not promise Russia that we wouldn’t expand NATO in exchange for them not contesting the Berlin Wall coming down and the reunification of Germany? Putin is not a good guy, certainly, but the US needs to admit their faults in the relationship as well. We want to hear both sides of the story…
Treat what this man says with extreme caution. Do your homework. We don’t want or need war with Russia.
Russia is a multiethnic empire not a single country. That’s why it’s destined to be ruled by a king. With the exception of Moscow and St Petersburg, all Russians major city’s have a history of being conquered by the Russians.
Matty Family Fun
Adrian's Podcast
Both sides think the other is lying.
D Scott
Emily Corwith
Very interesting interview. Is there anyone this well spoken in the Trump administration?
Joe Devoe
Russia tried to join Nato when Putin first came in but we would not let them
The only person in the Biden administration who knows what he’s doing.
Karelian MGHOW
Blinken was 100 % right.
Andreas Delleske
Who was behind the snipers on Maidan? Who toppled Venezuela?
juuso m
Great pick for a Secretary of State!
“Can someone explain why the American taxpayer should care about Ukraine?”
Peter Garcia
We can even build little igloo castles for tourism. It would be grand..
Peter Garcia
We would be together but not TOGETHER. What else do we really need. Better education, better tourism, better use of resources, better entertainment. Yup I guess I am a bit crazy.
Well said! Germany here
The US democracy model is not suitable for every country. Sometimes the opposition parties we supported turn out to be more corrupted and incompetent such as DPP of Taiwan. Time will tell. Our policies in the Middle East has been a disaster. Regime change doesn’t always produce positive results in favor of the US.
Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi
Петр I Великий
‘kept looking for ways’?!! The USA and UK did not keep their promises to Ukraine spelled out in the Budapest memorandum.
Antony Blinken is a true patriot who has a very sharp mind and carefully articulates his statements. He would make a great President!
Different Handyman
Imagine Texas and California declaring independence. Within a year they join a military alliance with Russia and Russia places its troops and missiles there. How would you feel? This is exactly what you’ve done to Russia. Did you really expect they’d be OK with it?
Hal lo Lo
I read it as ‘the putin fails’ by accident lol
Chubu Lu
Man this guy is smart and well spoken. A day and night difference from Mike Pompeo.
Ashitaba Kyō
And oh how wrong the world was about Putin. Like a Hitler in the making in a time of peace, which was the worse kind i think.
After listening to this interview, I think Mike Pompeo comes across like a used car salesman in comparison to Antony Blinken. No offense, used car salesmen; it’s about international politics.
I personally like Tony Blinken, well educated, smart, well spoken, a singer, a guitar player and so on, you name it… The only problem I see in Tony Blinken, he is a politician, which means he is a liar as all politicians are, this is what they do for living. So, Tony Blinken is a liar! So, go Tony!!!
Valdemārs Dambekalns
I advice to view Putins files interviews with people studying Putin and of Russian’ origin. I see Americans do not understand Putin’s and Russians’ way of thinking and way of doing things. We should win the fight in Ukraine now and not to let Putin to go as far as Baltics and Berlin. Putin would not stop until stopped.
Truth Sayer
Republican silence over Putin’s attacks is stunning. Complicit is he who dies not oppose the forces arrayed against our democracy. Fortunately the overwhelming majority voted to reject their candidate, who still mouths Putin’s assaults on our structures. Putin’s gambit in 2020 is failing for all to see.
Owen Siwakorn
Lol He is the one who use a so called Asymmetric tactic.
Is it too late to waterboard these guys? They’re obviously singing from the same playbook.
iMixMusik Dj Up
Why bully the strength when within its soldiers can’t be exactly like 144. You know within all experience weapon is like wait first get signal from above takes longer then 20 years over one on one compare to World will laugh at this like bunch of jokers will be an embarrassment laughing within those who done have its sophisticated arms within its who started it just laugh like those dummies can’t be like us origin within all battles forward all the way never await within its cloud like what the Fuk are you all done getting your shet situated I myself would say puncture me I will unleash not the same worst then before before again. 😂👑🦁😜😘🥰
Joe Weis
Putin Owns Trump ! Trump Owns DeJoy !
Ruthless Ferocity
Antony Blinken is incredibly good, superbly good
Daisy Fish
Watch this objectivly knowing everyone has an agenda and therefore you cant take what anyone says as gospel. This man more then most has a history and an agenda.
He sounds scripted and is using Obama speech voice I’m weak!
Nihal T
4:03 “We weren’t going to accept the proposition that one country, like Russia, could tell other countries what they should do or shouldn’t do, with whom they should associate or not associate” Its as if America and American politicians never look at themselves in the mirror… To rephrase his sentence better We weren’t going to accept the proposition that one country EXCEPT US, like Russia, could tell other countries what they should do or shouldn’t do, with whom they should associate or not associate”
The Green Guy
After listening to Antony Blinken , talking about Vladimir Putin…. he could very much be describing….. Donald Trump..!!! 🤔🤨 # MAGA 🧐😜
Nanno Believer
He clearly has intentions intervening in the middle east.
Watching this interview shows how complaisant the media is. Not once the interviewer challenged Blinken, let him go on and on. Really, The Saint US had nothing to do with the Coup in Ukraine? He keeps saying no sphere of influence, while US is everywhere. No more unipolar world, and never again. ✌🏾
This guys understands Vlad very well. So why couldn’t he avoid the Ukraine invasion?
Maxim Popov
For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them ~ Proverbs 1:32. Peace Love and Democracy 💙🤍❤️
Mick Nolan
No apparent awareness of Russia’s core strategic interests (as per Kennan, Kissinger, Mearsheimer et al), Blinken focuses only on US’s rigid principles and its assessment of Putin’s character. Shame.
Keep laughing for your doubts
Trans Air
James Theory
Can we get the Russian side? I bet it will be fascinating
howard KAHN
give it up Putin, russian soldier, what are you doing in my country!
I am no Putin’s kleptocracy fan and it is interesting to hear the US side of the story. But just the fact that Russia has to discuss Ukraine with the US shows that they have a hand in the current conflict and contradicts the “neutral stance” supposedly taken by the US Blinken is defending here. Victoria Noland was actively involved in picking Ukrainian govt members and was recorded saying “Fxck the EU” (showing how involved the US was and how much respect they have for the EU…)
Terri Robertson
Putin has been dabling in other Countries politics for over 10 years!
Hrunie Key
Why does it appear all Americans accuse of others is pretty much what they do
Linda Huckabee
We need to drop newspapers into Russia like our military did in Iraq.
The Shadow Man
Liar, Russia’s population and life expectancy has been rising for years.
re-watching this in 2022, it is heartbreaking to think about what Donald Trump has done to the credibility of the U.S. Presidency.
John Buggy
Blinken is owned by the Military Industrial Complex. He’s de facto president of the US right now.
Linda Huckabee
I hope if the times comes we or someone needs to help the Ukraine people more.
This man is smart. He knows the Putin game from the beginning. Trump kissed up to Putin, ignorant of any world political environments. And he refused to learn. Thank God we voted intelligently. Experience has driven coordinating World Leaders Quickly! Trump would have told the world Putin was within his rights, utterly stupid but that’s trump. I am so grateful we have this man with experience against Putin. Biden knows and understands Putin and hired smarts!!
Israel Vargas
Is Mr blinken aware that we have the recording of Victoria nuland saying “fuck the e u” as she installed the new Ukrainian leader in 2014? Is that an example of the hidden hand?
Bill Walsh
A vote for Trump, was a vote for Putin.
Brandon's FunTV
I think everything he said is half truths, American foreign policies are never this innocent and all about the best interests of the other countries. How selfless giving and caring American foreign policies is!!!
DJ Holliday
These are the very same people who have helped bring America to her knees (pun intended)….and they are STILL doing it.
Its all explained now, by Putin actions
Hoằng Pháp
Thương và lo cho Ngài TT UK quá, thương cho binh sĩ và người dân UK quá, và thương cho cả những binh sĩ nga đã bỏ mạng oan uổng trên đất UK chỉ vì tên khát máu putin….Thương quá nhưng mình bất lực không biết phải làm sao giúp UK. Cầu mong cả thế giới toàn lực giúp UK, phải nhanh chóng phế truất putin – 1 quái vật tàn ác, máu lạnh. Dù sau này UK được hòa bình, thì những người đã mất cũng không bao giờ sống lại được. Đây là điều đau đớn, mất mát lớn nhất từ chiến tranh. Cơ sở vật chất bị hủy có thể khôi phục dần, nhưng người đã chết thì không thể nào. Hỡi putin tàn ác hãy mỡ to mắt mà nhìn, vểnh tai lên để nghe cho rõ nỗi uất hận tột cùng của UK. UK chưa từng gây 1 chút tổn hại nào cho Nga, cớ sao lão putin lại tàn ác, bạo tàn , ngang ngược tới vậy??? lão già sắp xuống lỗ rồi sao không biết tu nhân tích đức để mai sau được nhờ. putin phải nhớ đây là mạng người cũng giống như mạng của ông vậy, chứ không phải là cỏ rác để ông vùi dập, giết hại. Lão tham sống sợ chết thì người khác cũng vậy. Hỡi tất cả binh sĩ nga, hãy nhìn thực tế đi, đừng bị ru ngủ bởi lão già putin mất hết tính người kia, các anh phải cùng đứng lên phế truất putin, tuyệt đối không giao sinh mạng mình cho hắn sai xử. Các anh đừng tiếp tục tiếp tay cho tội ác diệt chủng. Còn 1 chút lương tri của con người thì sẽ không có ai tiếp tục qua UK mà giết hại như vầy….Putin ơi, lão ăn 1 ngày mấy bữa cơm, lão ngủ giường rộng bao nhiêu thước, lão sống được bao nhiêu năm và khi chết lão cần bao nhiêu thước đất để chôn lão??? vậy lão cần nhiều đất để làm gì? Đất đai rộng lớn của nga bấy nhiêu chưa đủ hay sao??? Vì cướp đất UK mà lão chà đạp tất cả luân thường đạo lý, lẽ phải, công bằng. Lão chôn vùi tính người trong tham lam, lo sợ….Và tất cả những ai hưởng ứng và giúp đỡ putin đều là đồng phạm… tất cả rồi đây phải chịu quả báo thảm khốc sau này, vì NHÂN QUẢ CÔNG BẰNG sẽ không tha cho bất cứ một ai. Dù lão không tin nhân quả nhưng nhân quả vẫn hiện hữu khắp cả vũ trụ này….Dù UK bị cộng nghiệp của chiến tranh , nhưng những gì mà UK đã trải qua đã quá đủ rồi. UK nhất định sẽ chiến thắng. Lão putin nhất định phải đền mạng. Dù trên thế giới này không ai loại trừ được lão thì nhất định trời cao, nhân quả sẽ tính sổ với lão và những kẻ tòng phạm của lão sẽ cùng chung số phận….Mong lão sớm thức tỉnh, dù muộn nhưng vẫn còn kịp…..
Amor Fati
The warning wasn’t heeded, and it has turned out spectacularly poorly.
Red Roger
Blinken didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t use diplomacy to avoid loss of life.
das dsa
4:06 like the USA did many times before 😉
j b
this man loves war.
‘One can spend a lot of time’ un. quit
jim j
Explain our 30 trillion government debt in the context of our adversary policies.
Fast forward to 2021 – Afghanistan is a disaster thanks in part to this guy
Election Interferer
He has dead eyes. I wonder how many wars will he start?
A.Blinkin… can’t ever read his name any other way
Kasey Ainsworth
Wish everyone could see this
Richard Garcia
The word of the American President means a lot. This is why trump trash lost
Shubham Nagare
Please improve the quality of video and I hope so it was a podcast and also explanation with the help of images
Rattan Lal Hangloo
He ís a brilliant mind.
Слава Украине Слава нации Слава героев
Natalie Johnson
lolz.🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 Had they never met an African dictator? Did they really think Putin would give up power? min 7:00.
Sainik Sangh
Mr Blinken is a black out ! How has he taken this position ?
d boy
Real power is getting every enemy talk about u while u apply ur thoughts….1 man got the whole world talking…..
4 years ago somebody KNEW
Charles-Louis Joris
Blinken seems speaking indirectly about US-Cleptocracy-Sytem too. What else should be the actual ruling Monetarism? Look at Trump
Mike Jennings
Screw Putin god bless Ukrain
Slim Pockets
If I didn’t know better, I’d think the interview was conducted by Tommy Chong.
Mark Gilla
what the heck happened to article 5 as we speak in 2022 🙄
Bao Le
Can we put this whole series on USBs and drop it over russia?
Is John Mearsheimer the one interviewing Antony Blinken?
great speaker HELL OF A LIAR
Jesantoni Hevileon
Another way to paint a donkey with the tiger stripes. Chinese ambassador humiliate him in front of all the tv camaras for the whole world to see. Chinese official: You haven’t any strong position of force to deal with us. Blinken: silent like the moon. Blinken is a paper tiger with a rude face just for shows. Talking too much, doing nothing. Putin would eat him in and debate confrontation. Putin have 5 times more malice, history knowledge, academic instructions, first soldiers experience, manners, and will that Mr. Blinken. Lies soon or later would hunting those who use it as weapons.
Weston Par
Time for a new one with the invasion…
Eugen Z
“We weren’t going to accept that 1 country like Russia could tell other countries with who to associate and with who not to associate” sounds fair or more precisly if would be fair if you wouldn’t give that right to US?! Monroe’s doctrine is on power for 2 centuries now saying that no other country from western hemisphere can associate itself with because US won’t allow it. For that principle and “right”, you think should be exclusively yours, you were to use nukes in Cuban crisis in 1962. There are still sanctions against Cuba from the 1962. If it’s like you say then I suppose that people in Mexico could democraticly decide the enter Russia/Belarus alliance, be train by russians in Mexico and deploying russian missiles in Mexico right? And you would be saying that every country has the right to decide things like that for themselves? C’mon you don’t really thing that we arw buying that story, do you 😁 yeah, right
Wonderful World
Condi Rice was way more qualified on Russia diplomacy than this guy. US Secretory of state is supposed to be top diplomat. Blinken has no credibility based on his handling Afgan exit , China/Russia interaction and Ukraine crisis. Few wks before Ukraine invasion, China+Russia published Public statement on new world order, divisive outcome of sanctions and concerns re: US funded 300+ Bio labs & NATO expansion. Blinken the incompetent, totally misread resolve of China+Russia and played hardball resulting in communication break. US led NATO strategy was to provoke Putin into invading Ukraine, use that excuse to start a proxy war in Ukraine and punish Russia with sanctions. Europeans in particular are suffering a lot while these reckless sanctions are on. Europe no longer count on US leadership – next US may be asked to leave Europe..
Putin is going to love this guy…. Lol
karen edwards
Mr blinking understanding is reassuring that
YouTube is watching YouToo
41:00 Remarkable lack of self awareness.
Antony….you forgot about Georgia 2008
and now he is the one dealing with Putler
Freedom2Noise Media
National Security State Stooges 101. 🕵🏻 * The Wolfowitz Doctrine: Why the US and Russia will never see eye to eye – Qrius ——
Ashley Jenkins
Anything that comes out of the Russian Government is a lie, and I lived there for nearly 10 years, I’d taken 2 semesters In St Petersburg and I was dating a soldier at the time who became my husband and the things he told me will shock you.
Pedro Fragoso
And there were consequences. And a lot more to come, yet.
Haru Krentz
it’s always the west’s own interest never russian’s interest isnt it??
Jesse Dominguez
Didn’t create doubt in my mind
Shamim Huq
Putin had negative vibes from Libya and Egypt.
Terri Robertson
No more repeats nip it in this war! He will continue.
Peter Garcia
Just imagine if the world had America as the first to call for emergency situations and communist countries were backup, but they too have a chance to be number one. It would be like ….tada a world nato….world peace. Nothing to worry of and we have diversity and less pressure on Americans. I dont know maybe I am a but crazy.
Allison Eastman
Thank goodness I have a lot lot to say thank
Pivot Lee
This guy makes more sense than Harris, she is such a joke.
Halliburton thanks you. Slava the military industrial complex !
Josue Borja
Half of what this guy is saying are lies!
Medvedev… Doesn’t that mean bear ? Like some relation to a bear ? Lmfao
Dudley Hunter
I think it’s time for more people to start eating good supplied by other countries and bAn Russian supplies,let Puten buy from himself he showed no mercy on the people of Eucrain
Blinkin’s lips are sweating.
Lizanne Whitlow
Let’s do an update pre 2022 midterms. What have we learned?
Fenton Bryant
Set back and watch media destroy it self.
Terri Robertson
We need to Close down that Russian embassy in New York? The high rise that is prefabed in Russia. Do we really know whay that place has capabilities of doing!
Peter Gogoberishvili
Apartment bombings, war crimes in Chechnya, NORD OST, Beslan, russian invasion in Georgia in 2008, non stop poisonings of dissidents and they decided to RE-SET…
Mohammad Hoque
Blinken what would be your feedback now ?
David Scott
This is the real guy behind the US methinks
is he talking about the united states?
DemonWolf 1991
this didn’t age well
Jason R
Thinking I think like this guy.
Marno Rodrigo
Color revolutions fomented by US? It’s not true he says? Well. I’m out of here!
Robert Krump
Just full compromise
Kirk So
Analysis of the states voting systems for integrity
Bob Ravenscraft
Can see it Now Putin. On Democracy. How much $ do I get? Well sir the taxes that are required. No No My money Me. Lol
freaky disorder
wow not much changed in 5 years
Abraham De cruz
U like to inflate the calibre of your diplomats and military men especially the senior retired armed forces personnel. This man’s negotiation skills have failed since there is an escalation in Ukraine. So how great r these guys? R u projecting failure?
Calos Santana
What a fool my. My raisor and raising me he hid his British password. I used to see it every day when I was a child. Why my addopter lost his British password and make the commists did that.
elysian fields
Clapper and Brennan lost to Blinken in race to the bottom of mediocrity.
Eli Im
Yes yes we all see your brutal interferenc in albania in disposition of sorros
Dinko Georgiev
So many lies here!It’s almost funny!
Francisco Anconia
If you close your eyes you’ll listen to Sam Harris
stoyan furdzhev
Clinton? Pornography in a political sense, if the term aesthetics means anything.
Peter Gogoberishvili
Incompetence ,Incompetence and Incompetence… and he is in charge again…and now ukraine has to pay the price for their Incompetence and callousness .
harold beard
I’m not sure about this man??
Michael Flynn
its all been downhill since trump was elected
Drones can take out that convoy.
Beaumont Gile
Come on blinking u expect me to believe that American hands are not overthrows of some governments…come on
Professor Music
Pope called him an alter boy. Seems to do every stupid thing but for Harry Potter religious reasoning.
jim j
Do you still want to expand NATO ? Do you here how disconnected you are ?
eunsuk moon
Don’t big issues and not be the samekind
Don Bil
He keeps Blinken
Tjijandjewa Mbai
The problem is TRUST.
alex antoniu
Balance ? What about Cuba …
Jeff Henson
so increididble to hear this and its very scary to wacth ho this new hitteler is ermergeing
Catherine Wilson
Eastern vs Western mind and culture.
Ryan Rood
Sorry, but I first read the title as The Putin Fails
Why was the Malaysian airline shot down?
why United State keep a blind eye on the human right & regime of Saudi Arabia
Carol Chase
Raytheon “War Criminal”, make no mistake. In the dock. . .
Michael Vorobyov
Pretty sure Kazakhstan is largest country on Russia’s borders, not Ukraine.
ian mcgauley
Durham is coming for ya
joel Bélanger
Mark Smith
Ugh, Sandy Burger…do a tiny bit of research on him. Slime ball.
Peter Gogoberishvili
RESET was  immoral and callus thing to do and now we have a result
Elsilda Smith
William Merola
Verbal Misunderstanding …
McStruggle Nutts
Bush was was so full of crap
Peter Gr.
Jew Blinken, delivers for 2,5 billion weapons to Jew Zelinsky ? Los Angeles 150.000 homeles civilians. Make America great again ?
Mohammed Keddah
Politics is a waste of time and trouble bringer , am going to cut down on reading about politics or watching videos related to it .
Elsilda Smith
Judy P
Thank YOu Yeshua for destroying communism
How easy Puntin lies ……
Huitrch Inc
And American people file too
Bahjat Tabbara
He has his eyes on the Presidency.
January Winsor
This man goes the round the world spreading bullshits , generate hates and looking for more war! He is not in the position to criticise anybody .
Dave Smit
Blinding arrogance
Svein Åge Olsen
Og gud sa dett er enden på alt og og døde
Where’s Wynken and Nod?
Brian Skinner
So Sandy Burglar and Putin used to hang out. Not surprised.
This guy is president material.
Nora Kheroian
why the male creation cannot live peacefully why there is always aggression in them what is wrong with male human being ???
Sathish Kumar
Sathish mr.Blinken sir my help you speak mind Think mission Trantions No your help over feel sir
Thomas Beinhard
I would vote for him to be president.
Elsilda Smith
Blinken is a PoS
Edward Simbulan
war in iraq philipines 2014 with usa soldier much beter to fight in usa
eunsuk moon
Famous. Major…..gometang
Michael Knapp
Remember Hillary Clinton’s stupid red reset button? Ugh…!
Vladimir Mucka
Well when the war is over when the world burn mr blinken thet.what u.s wantt.chidrens need peace no nuklear war.
Raúl Aucapina
He says: US is not behind color revolutions. Well: The rest of the world is not so dumb as US citizens. And now, the US I going to lose the war in Ukraine. Urrrrrrraaaa Russia 🇷🇺
Red or Dead
You can guarantee Putin watched this interview.
The Gospel of salvation of our souls: 💜💕❤️❤️❤️💖✨💖❤️📖✝️🕎💡💡❤️❤️💞💜💕For what I received I passed on to you as of [first importance]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures,  that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve.  After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time,
Dean Joseph
Blinken is way-over his head just like the rest of this administration!😳
Yeah, a really impressive liar…
eunsuk moon
I am fine met my daughter. Heum….tongues for the church…bout. Father lines..principles is. …my.
Could you have a war with Russia on American soil please ?
philip koekemoer
Keep on failing, keep on getting job back
To był wasz interes USA UK Izrael .
eunsuk moon
But I was never forgiveness that’s for got it. And. My cases all ..overall life arounds
Christine Givens
Watch Frontline PBS with Julia IOPPE next. Such a wealth of knowledge.
Birk Johnsen
Weak weak. Mike Pompeo oh how i miss that teddybear 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Joe picked this guy? but he is straight and white.
eunsuk moon
But she lives not has kids.but I have one
Putin bad man. Haha!!!
Adam Gooni
Ahahahahaha” the will of the people” Who you fooling with…tell that with suids oligarch that
eunsuk moon
That you real. You. Too
eunsuk moon
You know. Fish Hong. .
No Name
Pants on fire!😁
Drama 🤡 I love this fake news very dramatic … 😂🤣
blah blah blah…..please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shamim Huq
Article 5 is stupid.
W. D.
Mr. Blinken should consider running in 2024
eunsuk moon
Yea that’s rights understand. My unbraines stockings like just a tips tongue is yea long time ago yea my styles…
Miguel Peraza
BLINKEN TO AFGHANISTAN 🇦🇫 one way ! Let him assess the situation there indefinitely !
Soft questions from PBS, why? Do ur job and hit back hard
Andreas Andreotti
Long live Putin! Long live Russia! Many countries in this rotten and stinking world should wish of having a president like Vladimir Putin. I had lost all confidence in politics until I began to follow President Putin’s tough political games. If there is to be a brightening in the geopolitical sphere, there must be such charismatic politicians as Vladimir Putin. Politicians who respect other countries’ traditions, ambitions and good intentions. Politicians who use common sense and goodwill instead of threats, reprisals and bullying! Vladimir Putin is a source of inspiration both brave and willing to compromise. He’s virile. athletic, tireless, vigilant, verbal, intelligent, eloquent, healthy, inspiring, enthusiastic, human, he loves animals, cares for the weak in society, he is popular not only in his homeland but also in the rest of the world, he loves children and is concerned with preserving quality in everyday life. He never shows resentment and hatred towards anyone is sensible and caring. He ignores the material glitter and works without getting tired to improve the Russians’ standard of living. But above all, he is a true patriot. He is a man that everyone can trust who would never abandon or betray his fellow human beings!
Trans Air
eunsuk moon
Today’s that’s girls. Such light…today’s my skin is. So very vegetables like referring 🙄 this. Bridges is. Youngsanpo
HATE his little habit to make a little sarcastic self-laugh. HEH 🤮
Trans Air
Jack Naneek
This guy is just straight up lying
Dear God💗❤️💕💕❤️💗❤️💞🙏in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the , life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness. I believe that your only begotten Son Jesus Christ shed His precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, and I am now willing to turn from my sin. You said in the bible that if we confess the Lord our God and believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, we shall be saved. Right now I confess Jesus as my Lord. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved. Amen.
engel girl
Blinken looks more n more French….than American,
Let’s go Putin
eunsuk moon
This. Way..targeting and youth targeting to. …point. is. Where. This. Not. Plaings none wanna the girls. Busy. And
Bill Wood Illustration
He Looks like a lost boy… you’re in man’s world now Blinkin.
irish anger
This guy is a war CRIMINAL
Eugen Z
Putin came to power because of NATO bombing campaign of Serbia without UN mandate, entering sovereign country of Serbia, invading it and then declaring that territory independent state. You did it, he just followed your example in Ucraine. Clinton supporting protests in Moscow? Of course he thought it was you because all Serbia knows that after the bombing you directly organised orange revolution in Belgrade. People where going to Budapest and were coming back to Belgrade accross borders and customs wearing literally “pillows” of money taped on themselves under their coats and customs officers pretended that they didn’t saw it. Clinton directly financed coup in Belgrade, there are proofs. In Budapest were operations center and people from Serbia were encouraged to go to Budapest for trainings in speech, strategy and for all the possibile means andways to overthrow legally elected government in Belgrade – including money. Now you are saying that Putin became paranoid? 😁 you invested 5 billions of dollars via Victoria Newland in antirussian policy in Kyev for years now. What you’ve expected to happen? Now when US wantrd to go to Asia to slow down China’s influence Putin forced you to come back in EU. Remember, US is not capable to have two frontlines. Putin and Xi outplayrd you this time. You shouldn’t be that aggressive with 5 waves of NATO expansion. Until you literally came to Russian borders. Would US allow russian missiles and military bases on it’s borders? Of course not. Just put yourself in Putin’s shoes for a minute. Then you’ll understand that you were doing bad moves in this chess game. Hopefully, whole world won’t pay for your mistakes
50 Pence
He has the black eyes you see in supermax prisoner documentaries convicted of torture murder.
Shag Well
Now we have ,another problem with urkrane, we should stay out of their problem s
Genki Feral
the hypocricy is astounding. the pot calling the kettle black
Walter Harris
Great track record. Fall of Afghanistan and Ukraine. He’s one more over educated, over paid, feckless, do nothing Career bureaucrat causing harm and destruction to humanity.
kevin morison
The man who started WW3
Terrance Foody
Have you noticed the tell of when he is lying?
Roubik A
Highly arrogant person ,Ukraine is Russia in many ways that you can imagine Pray for the day when Russia and Ukraine live as one family and brotherly neighbors
mp schaefer
Manufacturing a narrative for the fools.
Jean-Pierre Thiran
…a depressing confession of incompetence!…to depressing to be true!…desgusting to see!…
srpski decopravitelj
Hogwash American propaganda
mark markovic
Baby BlinkBlink is a boy-scout compare to Lt-col KGB Putin…..
Aditya Raj Chauhan
1 Hour of Anthony Blinken praising Putin
Gregory Alban
He was pushing conspiracy theories!
Celine Grenier
All those who think Blinken seems great, please look up his record on Iraq, Syria and Israel.
Secretary of the Warmongering State
Dude… this is CGI
Kazuyo Leue
Glad Biden we have. Trump had no credibility.
Aaron Holmgren
this guy is our next secretary of state thats cool
no name
lies lies lies, all I can say about Blinken