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Vic t Campbell
It’s amazing to hear the whole story and not just the glossed over version the fact that Rosa suffered for what she believed in and just for taking a stand that companies wouldn’t touch with a barge pole after her amazing act of of standing up for herself and other men and women in her situation the fact that she was penniless and her husband as well well as sad you would have thought she would have got more respect after what she done clearly not this version should be told in instead of the glossed over version
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“I would like to be known as a person who is concerned about freedom and equality and justice and prosperity for all people.” ― Rosa Parks
Wo Wa
“The same old crap you still see today: slander the messenger so you don’t hear the message”. Lovely written sentence as everyone understands who you’re talking about without even mentioning a name.
Absolutely amazing presentation! I struggle with the sanitized black history my son has been learning in kindergarten. It hurts to share with young kids just how ugly this world can be
Jack Scott Denton
An incredible human being, I’m moved to tears.
Johey Jonsson
Imagine recieving death threats for the idea that all humans should be treated with kindness and respect.
Nichi Wilson-Keshane
Thank u for telling her story, it brought a tear to my eye. She was a beautiful strong woman that endured more than we can ever imagine. I’m Native American living in the UK & used to face alot of racism but nowhere near what her & other black people endured. One person really can change the world ❤.
Omar Oba
Respects to you Biographics for talking on CIvil rights and race stuff, Alot of history and Big Youtube history channels dont like talking about, As a Black man RESPECT 🙂
Venomous Nate
“Weapons grade douche.” That’s an understatement.
Mr. Friendship
“People always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn’t true… No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.” ~ Rosa Parks
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas
Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others. ― Rosa Parks
Also, look into making one for Ida B. Wells Barnett. She did what Rosa did but used trains as the median instead of buses
Might I make a suggestion? Y’all should do a piece on John Lewis, Baynard Rustin or James Baldwin. Those men lived riveting lives during the civil rights movement and I feel that their stories go overlooked even though they were such impactful figures during their time and even in the current day.
Raven Phoenix
I met her when I was in elementary school. I did an essay in her and my aunt brought me to her friend’s house, who related to Parks. She was a lovely, wonderful woman. She was so happy to listen to me tell her about the essay I did on her, like she didn’t live through it lmbo! She was patient and listened to my endless rambling! Loved her so much!!
steve randall
Simon; EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT EXCELLENT. I’ve been waiting for the Rosa Parks story for a long time. Many thanks.
Nick Mauldin
Another great bio from y’all. I live in Alabama. Every school kid is taught about Rosa parks. At least that sanitized version. Great hearing the whole story. And that’s why I love your channels.
Girth Brooks
My fifth grade teacher would help Rosa take out her trash when she was older, as he lived on her block, I just thought I’d share that.
Derick Mugambi
You’ve told the story so well that towards the end I had to hold back a tear.
This is actually so much more inspiring than the original story. I’m in a minority group, not a person of color but a different minority, and have suffered so much. I constantly feel this tired edge-of-giving-up feeling but continue in the hope that the babies born into this minority now will never know the pain I’m feeling. I worry that my lack of formal higher education will make it impossible to be heard in today’s college-driven world. But Parks didn’t even get the full k-12. I worry that the nobody listening now means nobody will ever listen, yet that’s what happened to Parks. I worry that company’s refusal to hire me will lead me to unending poverty, and it might, but that didn’t define Parks. I always hoped to be the MLK of my minority, but maybe I’ll be a Rosa Parks instead. And hopefully, like her, I’ll live to see the impact.
One of my favorite favorite things about humanity is the founder of Little Caesar’s pizza secretly paying her rent for 11 years until she died.
I wanted to write “I’m wearing her shirt!!!” so badly, I actually changed into it just now The one Michael Che wore on Seth Nah! – Rosa Parks, 1955 Love it!
Anthony Conino
Many people don’t know this, and I’m surprised it wasn’t brought up in this episode, but she was NOT some random black woman who just one day decided to NOT give up here seat to the hated white man one day- no- she was carefully selected by the NAACP. Many people knew what was going to happen that day. Now what she did was very brave- no doubt about that- but there is much more to the story. But don’t take my word for it. Go investigate for yourself.
Kurt Borkman
I love hearing real full stories, about people.This is classic serious Simon Wisler story line.
David Frederick
Rosa Parks, the mother of Civil Rights…Why isnt her birthday a national holiday!
Ignition [FR] n2
1:35 – Chapter 1 – Strange fruit 5:20 – Chapter 2 – The activist 8:50 – Chapter 3 – Waiting for the spark 12:20 – Mid roll ads 13:20 – Chapter 4 – Battleground 16:40 – Chapter 5 – Direct action 20:10 – Chapter 6 – Aftermath
Wendy Chavez
Thank you for helping us know the full story. I’ve always thought there had to be more to Mrs. Parks than the common story.
Lucy Smith
She refused to stand for a white man to sit down, she was an activist, she was a hard working woman, she changed history, she is Rosa Parks, she is a legend and my ultimate hero
Thank you so much for this! Like many others I thought I knew the story of Rosa Parks, so it was really great to get a fuller picture of her journey, especially right now. Great piece.
This one is especially well researched! Really appreciate the inclusion of what life was like during the boycott especially for Rosa – that is a part that is absolutely sanitized from our teaching and remembering and even celebration of the story.
Christopher Kruse
That was more interesting than I could have imagined. All I’ve ever heard about her is like 2 days of her life.
William Sanders
I love her, she was such an amazing, strong human.
Dean Snipah
I bought a tshirt that simply says: NAH – Rosa Parks 1955
Thank you for this video!! Such an important person in American history and you covered it better than I’ve seen any textbook or class that I’ve ever taken.
Loved the video, Simon! Great narration as always. Hoping to see a Biographics on Matthew C. Perry one day. 🙂
lisa ahmari
One of your best yet. Fantastic! And thank you for telling the story all the way to the end, as so few sources do.
This reminded me that my fourth grade teacher knew Rosa Parks. I learned this because he was teaching us about desegregation and when he got to Rosa parks he talked about how he knew her. He even showed pictures he had from about six(?) years before from her coming to meet his class at the time (this was in 2007). I dont think he ever told us how he knew her, just that he knew her well enough that when he called and asked her to speak to his class, she did.
Maddy R.
I remember learning about her in elementary school and admiring her so much I named my pet beta fish Rosa Parks. I loved that damn fish. ❤
Michael Carlson
I remember the Parks funeral. I was in middle school and my US history teacher basically cancelled the class and turned on the classroom tv and tuned into the tv broadcast. Definitely left a mark on me.
Wayne Richardson
Simon, I have a degree in History and I must say you are spot on! Love all your channels!
Daniela Silva
Don’t forget Claudette Colvin, she deserves the same level of respect as Rosa Parks!
It’s sad I found out more about her history and life in a YouTube video then in school. She did so much more then not give up a seat. She was an amazing woman.
A Random Yorkshireman
Good biography like always!
Tricia Cook
Thank you for the honest story . She was fierce ! She was also methodical . Every time you go up again an injustice you will face hate.
This is the most proper biography/tribute to Rosa Parks that I’ve seen.
Quimmah Beacham
Rosa Parks truly was a wonderful lady! I can’t wait to see more civil rights leaders. I hope you do Dr. King, Mrs. King or Ruby Bridges. Please do these three in the future! 😄😍😄😍😄
I love you for this. Thanks for way you covered this inspired person. You stand with the struggle.
Rami Ungar the Writer
I think the Doctor Who episode about her did a great job, and even mentioned how much she suffered afterwards. Please do videos about the following people: 1. Dennis Rader 2. Jack London 3. Upton Sinclair 4. Jack Ketchum 5. Jane Autsten 6. Anton LaVey 7. Annaliese Michel
Harvest Moon Howl
It would be great to see you upload a biopic about John Brown, a Kansas Territory militia leader who fought against pro-slavery idealisms during his era. His revolutionary career was short, but, he does have a mural in the Kansas state capital building of him holding a rifle in one hand and a Bible in the other. What he participated in was a sort of proxy war which precipitated the United States Civil War, fought between largely anti-slavery groups in Kansas and pro-slavery counterparts from Missouri.
Kate Maloney
Rosa Parks has always been a heroine of mine. Could you please do a biographics on Betty Shabazz, the widow of Malcolm X? She, too, was quite a remarkable woman who is barely remembered by history. Thank you.
Phantom Beard
Biography on Louis Riel or Viola Desmond, Viola was very similar to Parks’ act. Riel was a Metis man who founded Manitoba and fought the Canadian government. love ya as always Biographics!
Ethan Ramos
“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right” Rosa Park
Pete Garofalo
Excellent work Simon and Team. Very timely. Suggestion Box: Emmitt Till, Medgar Evers
Another fascinating video!! I’m currently in Montgomery, AL while on a road trip. Whenever I travel I like to focus in on the history of where I am. I’m visiting where this happened tomorrow, as well as the Freedom Riders bus station.
philip bond
emmit till was butchered . dear biographics i would like you to do a video on emmit till , as this story made me sick to the gut and should be shared to the greater community
Daniela Lorenz
That was an exceptional good episode! Thanks a lot.
Everett Guenther
A political science professor I learned from when speaking about social movements and civil rights in particular made sure to drill it into us that nothing Rosa Parks did was incidental. Her decision to defy the order to leave her seat was carefully planned and meticulously engineered by the NAACP to be the catalyst for the movement. It may be convenient to regard her as a simple individual who sparked a movement but she had the backing of the organization from day 1.
Alexandra Lynn Poyser
George Carlin, I’m gonna keep asking Simon. 😂
Neal Hoffman
One of the things I always found odd in the racism of Jim Crow was the bus designations. In… at least the Navy, possibly the rest of the military, the back of a transport, such as buses, the back of the bus is for officers and rank goes down as you go forward. On school buses the upperclassmen usually dominate the back of the bus with it getting younger as you go forward. The racists somehow flipped the status of seating on its ear… then again if they were logical and consistent, they wouldn’t be racist
Steven Stewart
She is a total boss i feel more knowledgeable and humble to know of a great woman of this level💖
Reinaldo Perez
I met Ms. Rosa Parks once during the democratic convention in NYCs when she was attending the event in the company of NJ Sen. Bill Bradley. I was in complete awed at the opportunity to meet someone as great at the sweetest person I’ve ever seen. Never will forget that day. Wished that everyone would have had the opportunity to meet a real icon. R.I.P. beautiful lady, you’re now with the Almighty, see you again some day. 😇🥰😍
David Brennan
It makes the writer that exploited her in an episode of Dr Who so dirty, what a fighter she was. Respect to her.
Black Iron Legion
I’ve never heard her full story, thank you for the great video!
Vic t Campbell
She is one of the greatest heroines of the 20th sanctuary young girls look up to her more than the so-called celebrities
Ismail Babatunde Bashiru
I nearly cried thug tears. Her story is bitter sweet. I’m glad she didn’t die in poverty even though I imagine their poor financial state for a long period might have sent her husband to an early grave.
Stephanie Graham
What an amazing example for today’s current events!
Wow I didn’t realize she had still been alive when I was 18 years old. She died the year I turned 18. Speaking as someone who was born and raised in Alabama we learned about her. We learned what she had done but as you said the bus ride and the subsequent boycott are all you hear about. None of my teachers even mentioned that she was still alive. That she was still dealing with the aftermath of her actions that day.
Trevor Slinkard
Amazing! Keep going with these heroes! MLK! Newton Knight! John Lewis!
People like Rosa Parks are almost hard to picture as real people. Such an important historical figure, who was involved with so many important events: she featured heavily in my history class in ireland when learning about the civil rights movement in the states. Yet she was alive during my lifetime (until i was 20!). Some people end up with that haze of “historical figure” that makes them seem much more distant in history because they so immediately effected it. This was a good video, glad I’m finally working through this channel.
Otto Fifita
She has my respect.
Morris Foston
I was fortunate to meet Rosa Parks when I was a young boy in Tuskegee, AL. The deacon of my church was her attorney during the bus boycott. The first and most important celebrity I would ever meet.
Hi Simon, Great, but sad story. Here are some other people you might want to consider for your Biographics channel: William S. Burroughs, Pol Pot, Janis Joplin, Jackson Pollock, Ho Chi Ming. Just some ideas of interesting people.
Charlie Vardar
Well, this is the story of the poor people – they become victims of oppression or heroes ‘fighting’ against it, which actually has nothing to do with fighting – it’s merely staying alive for long enough to see yourself depicted as a hero, which is something no one defending any cause has ever get promised. You have 50/50 chances for both – becoming a victim/hero. And NO! One person cannot change the world! I don’t remember who do I quote: “If there’s only one person able to save the world, this world isn’t worth saving!”
Autumnal Sunsets
As a white woman it gave me goosebumps listening to this. God Bless you Rosa.
J McCall
Thank you for including Claudette Colvin in this story
What started the Civil Rights Movement was the death of Emmitt Till and it also inspired Rosa Parks to do what she did.
B0bby ai
Bro you have a potential in gaining a sponsor selling beard products lol. On a more serious note thanks much for doing this one, very powerful heroine that fought movement that sadly is still in progress. I think one day we will have the world like the one Parks experienced on base.
Can we hear the story of Freddie Mercury
drew mack
If you guys take suggestions, could you guys consider covering Padriac Pearse or James Connolly or the other Easter Rising leaders
Petra44YT Nein!
Rosa Parks was even mentioned by Michael Jackson in his HIStory album! That’s in the track “HIStory”, from 6:05 to 6:10 and as it says, “March 17, 1955, Rosa Parks refuses to give her bus seat to a white passenger.” … And it’s read by a more dominant male voice – it stands out enough to remember it.
It’s sad that today there are people, with lesser quantity of braincells, that still despise what Rosa did, and for what? It’s stupid to treat others differently because of how they look, because at the end of the day, we’re all human, no one more or less than another…
Jalen Ikezeue
😢 I have say it once and I will say it again I am Proud to be a black man and I am proud of what may people have accomplice over the years ✊🏿
Been watching you cover alot of historic people. Surprised you didnt cover François Papa Doc Duvalier yet. Might need to keep watching I guess. 👍
Pamela Mays
Well done! Still receiving death threats in the 1970’s. Petty, and cowardly! The fight for equality continues, though it’s the 21st century now. Hopefully, my grandchildren’s grandchildren will live in a better world.
Rosa “ I ain’t moving my ass “ parks she’s a legend 💪🏾
linda aumiller
I read the book “5 smooth stones. This taught me racism. It tore my heart as it opened my eyes.
Roman Roman
Please make one on Charles Taylor, ruler of Liberia the free slave state in which he decided to start a war in! Should be really interesting!
Steven Crawtr
John Lewis a legend of the civil rights movement who never backed down from his beliefs and ideals.
“And even on a channel where we’ve discussed STALIN, somehow James Blake still manages to be the pettiest tyrant.” LOL, so true.
Tal H
Wonderful video…Thank you for the amazing content 👏
Kim Jong Un
Great work Simon. Rosa Parks is a great woman who disregarded racial laws of US(the leader of ”free world”) and became an example of courage. All African Americans should be proud of her. With regards Supreme Leader Pyongyang
AJ Bowen
Parks was robbed in 1994. Mike Ilitch (of Little Caesars, Detroit Red Wings, and Detroit Tigers fame) moved her to a better area of Detroit and paid for her lodging until she died. This wasn’t revealed until Mike Ilitch died. Mike Ilitch is what every wealthy man should strive to be.
Steven Crawford
Would love to see the Clive Caldwell story (Australian Pilot).
B A.
I was afraid to watch this for fear you wouldn’t do Rosa justice. But this is great 😍❤❤❤
pull You In
Good video. Sad we are still going through alot of the same.
Serah Olivia
Omg loving the Billie Holiday “strange fruit” reference!
what the
It must have been pretty significant at the time for someone to photograph the fingerprinting.
Sean Brazell
Timely subject. Much appreciated.
Tyler Haggerty
Would love to see a video on the late Rep. John Lewis!
Andy Monga
Please do a biography on ruldolf diesel I will really appreciate it
Charlotte Nottingham
You should do some videos on 20th century American politicians and military figures like Eisenhower, George Marshall, Smedley Butler, Chester Nimitz, McCarthy, Nelson Rockefeller, and Henry Wallace,
Aeria Aphroditê
Also, can you guys do a video about Mr. & Mrs. Loving? The Lovings vs. Virginia case? I think that’s also great rights video 😊
Niall Malone
Love your channel Simon and co. How about Irelands favourite Scotsman , James Connolly ?
Barbara Ludden
As I have said before, if we don’t teach histories truth we are forced to relive it.
Paul Condarcuri Jr
Damn good writing and presentation!!!
Marc Digesu
I didn’t think I was gonna learn a single thing, but here I am 3 minutes in and eating my words.
MarloSoBalJr Gaming
Crazy to think, all of this took place just only 2-3 generations ago. My father was born in 1955. I’m not the one to hold a grudge but many whites (just saying) failing to understand why we have grudges against them. It literally JUST HAPPENED yesterday. My parents & other kins are alive today who lived through that.
Ron J
Learned so many new things … what a wonderful video
Joan Ford
there was also another remarkable woman by the name of Viola Desmond a Canadian black business woman who refused to give in. She was before the time of Rosa Parks, google her and read her story. Her picture now graces the new $10 Canadian bill.
Brownicus Fut IV
Oh, and I’m sure she’d be so proud of what the next generations have done to her legacy. I bet herself and MLK are just prancing in Heaven.
I would love to see one on my second cousin Arthur Ashe
Arcane Cannon
Watching these are entertaining with subtitles on. There’s a warning for the editors to avoid usis a picture of an Australian Satire show host who shares a name with James Blake.
Pipe Picasso
Rosa Parks bus is at The Henry Ford museum. To sit on the actual bus where history was changed, is one of the greatest experiences in my life.
Serah Olivia
I recommend James Baldwin, Eugene Debbs, and the Black descendants of Thomas Jefferson.
Jason Garfield Bardy
She had financial troubles until the day she died. Pizza magnate and Detroit sports owner Mike Illitch secretly paid her rent for her apartment in her final years. The day she died, U2 played at the nearby Palace of Auburn Hills, and Bono paid tribute to her during Pride (I was in attendance).
Beth Roesch
Thank you Simon ❤
Was a brilliant woman 🙂 I’d be a lil curious about a Michael Jackson bio if possible.
Munkee Finkelbeen
It’s kinda funny. Looking at pictures of Rosa Parks, she kinda reminds me of my grandma…after hearing her story, she reminds me of my grandma even more so
If I recall correctly Little Caesar’s founder actually played a part in helping Rosa Parks by paying her rent for years.