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Flapping Arms
Scandalous. I’d like to see a full investigation in to this and prosecutions of those responsible in the post office.
chris metisse
This whole thing is a monsterous disgrace , not just for the Post Office , but for our legal system . It has taken a decade and a half for these poor folk to get justice , with their lives ruined by constant delay , yet everybody seems to think that this is quite normal . Well I don’t . — I think that ” Justice delayed is Justice denied ” . Perhaps I should try a spurious accusation against the Lord Chancellor . We will all see how quickly that gets attended to
Lives ruined for over 20 years, staff labeled as theives. Absolutely disgraceful.
To think that they didn’t bother to check and test the system for possible errors before sending innocent people to jail!
Paula Vennells and all others involved in perpetrating this scandal which ruined the lives of so many people should be in JAIL!! 🤬
There should be prosecutions over this. They knew the truth but chose to abuse the judicial system. That’s perverting the course of justice. Of course there won’t be because that’s the way it works here.
richard stone
Now how about taking the Horizon software designers to court and the post office managers who knowingly witheld information from the courts and imprison them. I know what it is like to be falsely accused. let alone be imprisoned because of other peoples lies.
Patrica O'reilly
I hope these people sue the Post Office. Shameful. Lives destroyed & stress beyond believe. That poor woman sent to prison. I cannot watch anymore 8 months pregnant Evil
Phil Howarth
Surely the management individuals responsible for pursuing these prosecutions, who knew at the time that the system was faulty should be held to account… were they not perverting the course of justice??
Sol Schwarz
Absolutely awful and shocking. I’d like to see a government investigation into this scandal
Mark Young
The reason for this traversty was “intitutionalised cronyism” involving the post office, the police and the courts who all maintained that the post office accounting system could not be wrong. It was flawed and simple independent inpsections would have found this. It really is a case of when the “establishment were full of closed minds”.
Alan Thruston
They had to go to an appeal court to get justice after the post office who operate a deliberate system of not employing ANYONE with a criminal record which in its self is an institutional bias and illegal scandal should perhaps now look at THEIR OWN record of honesty , a pure disgrace !.perhaps now they should not be employing themselves .
Lee Thompson
It’s sad that they’ll have another legal battle to get the compensation they deserve. Would be nicer if the Post Office just gave them all fat cheques.
Sharon Abbott
I work at the post office and I am reading the book! It is heartbreaking to read ! And shocking! My heart goes out to the sub postmaster! I hope they are compensated for the pain and suffering! I panic if I am £5 down! Looking for a new job!
Shoma p
Pregnant and sent to jail all the while being innocent and the company knew 😭😭, I am so angry and ashamed when she says ‘there’s no justice’
Jacky White
The victims must sue, of course. But, as in most such cases, it’s unlikely that any compensation paid will come out of the pockets of the real villains. Most likely, one way or another, we’ll be paying it. These abused people should sue, not only the Post Office, but every single person involved in their prosecution. And if it were me, I wouldn’t simply go after the money – I’d aim to make their lives a misery for as long as possible.
David Cronan
The Post Office is in reality a “state within as state” in as much as it has its own police force – the Investigation Department (described as “thugs” in Nick Wallace’s book), and it’s own prosecution department which stands separate from the Crown Prosecution Service. The only time the “proper” legal apparatus system gets involved is when the case goes to court.
A shameful incident. There must be consequences for the real culprits.
Jack Kraken
I was just watching the Computerphile episode on this, it’s pretty scary how bad the software was and it was being trusted with the truth. But anyone who knows the history of computers knows that there are always bug, although the horizon postal system seemed to have lot more bugs than would seem normal for such a trusted system
Be Free
When things like this happen no one is really held to account… ruins thousands of peoples of lives but no jail time will be served. Corporate or State crimes do not get punished. I could get in more trouble with the police for saying hurty words on the internet than those complicit in this….
Chris Viking
This reminds me of the Star Trek episode ‘Court Martial’ where Kirk is being tried based on ‘infallible’ computer data which turns out to have been tampered with. Computer data alone should never be enough to send someone to prison.
Pray for Peace
This is shocking and people need to be held to account. These poor Post Masters and their families have suffered so much. This must never be allowed to happen again.
Martin Tunnicliffe
Every time the head of the Post Office uses that nauseating phrase “historic failures” he should have to pay every postmaster an extra £1000.
Shinku Rosetta
Imagine 60 millionaires made overnight from the compensation.
jojo B
No Justice in this World, they are lucky they overturn the case but how many are unlawfully detained and prosecuted really shame.
Nick Bird
Those responsible KNEW but went ahead with hundreds of prosecutions to cover their own defects. Now they think a ‘sincere apology for historical failures’ is even remotely credible? If there are no consequences for those people who knowingly perpetrated this injustice on their fellow humans, then the concept of law and order is demonstrably worthless against any form of corporate crime.
There are a number of failures in these cases, and not just the Post office. Didn’t anyone suspect that 700+ convictions all within the same period maybe had some other cause? Of course the law society would keep ‘schtum’ on this as they must have raked it in with this many cases. And of course no-one will be held accountable for this major cock-up…but be comforted that ‘lessons will be learned’. Total incompetence on so many levels……
Huge compensations for these people.
How many trusted organisations do we have left in this ”great” country now? Just a couple of charities and rights groups, everything else is dirty and not fit for purpose not least the legal system. ”Cleared their names” is almost meaningless now after the devastation caused to them and their lives in every significant way. They should receive daily apologies and a lifetime of luxury paid for by the post office and all the legal people involved in wrongly prosecuting these poor innocent people. I hope lawyers who prosecuted these people didn’t get rich out of it, but no doubt they probably did in the dirty system which calls itself the justice system
Ex Saffa
Now they must sue the post office and the company that created this crap system.
Syed Ali
There was an error in the software and the software was saying that the postmasters need to pay up when they didn’t need to pay up. Obviously the people that designed the software are to blame. Post office just implemented the software. That’s what I’ve understood from this story maybe I’m wrong….
Alan Thruston
So the team behind this hideous wrecking of lives will no doubt walk away unscathed ?.
Star Scream
People need to be held accountable. Heads need to roll. Lock everybody up who had anything to do with the screw-up.
Expert Mary Rush
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This isn’t justice, it’s a recognition of how corporate greed can destroy the lives of individuals. If any of the individuals involved in the lies, cover ups and perverting justice are still around they should be arrested and prosecuted. The behaviour of these people can only be described as evil, they should all be in prison while the legal system and the current management try to work out fair compensation a huge task in itself. If it wasn’t such a huge company I expect it would simply have been shut down, it’s difficult to believe a company could knowingly engage in this sort of disgusting, amoral behaviour.
Thomas Morin
Hope they get loads and loads of compensation.
red label
Big compensation payments on the way .
Fine Fujitsu into bankruptcy and fully prosecute the post office executives who perpetrated this injustice – those scumbags should be jailed for a long time
Sheeno’s Pumpin Tunes
Somebody should go to jail over this.
Send the previous CEO of the post office to prison.she should serve a lengthy sentence.
Life inprisonment for those responsible.
Full pay backdated,the individual sentenced for telling lies and compension.this has happened at other retail places to.
When technology and bureaucracy run wild, and unchallenged.
Why couldn’t they simply checked bank statement for evidence and sort the case there?
Megan Savage
Why do people think that computers don’t make mistakes
More Time Needed
Over 700 sub postmasters accused, many went to prison, some died before getting their names cleared. This is disgusting what happened to innocent till proven guilty. Surely alarm bell should’ve rung when such large numbers of previously honest people were now supposedly committing fraud on such a large scale across the country. Did nobody in the Post Office stop and think that this could be computer error? Why did it get this far and why is it not being pulled apart on the news.
Billy 01
Now I under stand what Scotland justice minister say about top jobs in Britain, sick who was the post detective and who was responsible for the I.T system and where did it go wrong and why and what for,,,,
No red flags were raised when there are multiple postal workers were accused of stealing at the same time?
S Barnes
Bloody scandalous, terrible
Nick Daniel
There is no question, the post office is run by some sick twisted vile individuals who should get swift justice, middle age style. They won’t of course, but, denying us the pleasure of watching them scream for mercy, doesn’t alter the fact hundreds of lives have been ruined.
Boycott the post office over this.
clarence Wilson
More to come this is just the beginning
fnp9 Melton
The queen should give each a million while the red tape plays out. What’s the point of a queen if she can’t do royal sh
Bob Ross
And I thought I had bad luck
Ron Edwards
all the victims should be paid £2 million in compo, as jeremy vine said and the “royal” should be taken off…its embarrasing for the queen….
Dean Fiori
The only thing that should happen now is to name and shame those directors and horizon software developers and they should be jailed
Quan Fung
Hundreds jailed by errors !!! What kind of country is UK becoming ? Till today NO one knows where the missing £££ is ! 🤣
Huhh megdöbbentő, ezek a programok és azok akik ezekért a vackokért pénzt kapnak, nonsense. Ezek ugyan is termékek, ilyen rossz minőségű terméket el lehet adni? Ez valami vállalat irányítási rendszer? És milyen sok ilyen van… azért láttam hasonlót…… ki is hozza a karácsonyi ajándékot címmel?!
Anthony Clark
Compensate these people now .. disgusting..
Robert Knott
Please read my comments on other SkyNews post !
michael helke
The spy engineer master husband is not seen.
New Age
Where did they think the money went? It was a coincidence they all did it?
Fred Bloggs
Should have turned it off, then not turned it back on again.
Where did the money go?