IT Horizon scandal over for ex-postmasters in convictions appeal – Blog

Steve Bailey
I think the real scandal is that the Post Office covered up evidence that cast ‘reasonable doubt’ on these convictions at the time. The person or people responsible for those decisions should now be prosecuted and do time themselves for perverting the course of justice.
Brian Goulden
It ought to be possible to identify the investigators who were responsible, the systems staff who misled the investigators and the legal a management staff who authorized prosecutions. So often these people are likely to have conspired to pervert the course of justice and they should be brought to account and punished. I should say that this is a stain on the reputation of the Post Office and wouldn’t have happened in the days when the Post Office Investigation Branch was a premier non-Police crime investigation unit.
Steven Alderley
How has that possibly taken decades to resolve?
Nathan Sealey
I heard about this, it turned out to be a network error on their systems yet the post office denied it for years.
Nobby Cheeseman
The Post Office are one of those “We don’t make mistakes” kind of companies.
Good, now compensate them.
A Freeman
This has ruined the lives of these 39 postmasters. The post office was informed of the problem before they prosecuted these postmasters but didn’t take any notice. Now is the time to ruin the lives of the people that perpetrated this, hound them down, prosecute them, put them in prison and throw the key away. They totally abused their position in the post office.
colette spooner
Compensation deserved and for the families of the deceased…loss of potential earnings and also for health issues caused.
Michael Hunt
I worked for the Post Office for almost 30 years, and I am very surprised no one had the common sense to ask the question ~~~ we are investigating “X” Postmasters who have not lost a ha’penny stamp before. Why is it that now we have a new system in place these shortages are occurring. IS the new system as robust as we have been let to believe? But no, they were convinced they were right. Well time for heads to roll, starting at the top of both the Post Office AND Fujitsu.
The Casual Front
They should absolutely rinse them for compo
Craig Nedoff
In the United States a couple years ago an on-duty postal worker broke into my mother’s house and stole her cancer pain medicine and was never prosecuted never even arrested and she still works at the post office
Muhib Uddin
How about the peoples money post office actually stole as in “error” the scammers
sunny rowe
What a mess,and lives where so screwed ! Plus apology till then to screw off ! So sad !
Boycott the post office.convict the individual for making the final decision.
David Warnes
Also the judges should be held to count , they sent them to prison
Skyline is to blame never trust the bots
Why weren’t the computers tested at the time