Harry & William: Royal At War – Part1 – British Royal Documentary – Blog

I hope they get together soon, miss them being happy together
Joanne Curry
England isn’t England without its monarchy our queen has worked so hard for us William and Harry are so down to earth she installed in them that just because you are in the royal family doesn’t make you better than anyone else we have a good future king in William
Carla McCourt
Heartbreaking to watch considering where their relationship has been the last year. I never thought they’d be separated like they are 🙁
Feyha Nemli
After a.l these years I still cry.
G Daudencia
And I understand they need the relationship with the media but atleast to some extent they should have condemned some of the coverage, especially that with racial slurs and undertones. Just to show solidarity and support this would have even put them further in the good graces of the commonwealth countries. ‘Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced’ Baldwin. They failed to show ‘publicly’ where they stand on some of the coverage that was racially motivated, the press might not change but atleast people of Britain and of the commonwealth espacially people of colour would have a statement from the palace as positive. Harry maybe also jumped the gun to early by making the decision to take his family out as conversations were still happening and they needed time to come up with a solution but I would be desperate too if i was him knowing the state his wife and mother of his children was in. God bless all of them though hope they can heal.
Dirk Diggler
This is a tough story to sit all the way thru, I’m going to watch it with captioning next time. I always thought lady D’s demise to be a murder but now I see it either as a way for a person to escape (Elvis Island) or it was purely intentional upon the persons attempting to chase OR the driver. That is a lot of directions to go if one is looking for answers.
Mandy antao
Brilliant documentary
K. Rajesh
My Honourable Prince’s
Hilda Nieva
Harry is an honest man, funny and easy to be with we love him more.
R. Chayka
Thought it would be about their military carreer, but in this video there is very little about it
Lee Ann
Sooo … REALLY, (truly), Chelsy & Cressida are the two luckiest women, ever, ever! Its a shame that harry’s wife has never seen a lovely tribute, (such as this), afore she went to the UK.
Cheryl Bristol
Opening words…”privileged ignorance’. This ignorance went on for far too long.
Simply adore this 2 brothers the most .love seeing them walk their long strides side by side together .sad it took a woman (evil) drive a wedge between them Long live Prince William and Prince Harry ✌👍💕
Pamela Meadows
I’ve noticed that documentaries were being called movies more and more often is kind of confusing when you’re trying to find something to watch
Adriana Buglio
It is almost the same documentary as the one about Kate
Tamara Rutland-Mills
The ongoing story: A handsome prince marries a greedy, gold-digging, narcissistic manipulator, who feigns genuine love for England. Then, with cries for privacy, runs for the Hollywood Hills — the world’s least private place with dollar signs gleaming in her eyes, thus breaking the heart of a nation. From which place, she schemes to enter political life in an attempt to gain more power, fame and riches but having to content herself for the present with manipulating the media against democracy — for there is no way she could gain the vote. For it in only by the global socialism that she is promoting can she gain appointment to high office. The once handsome prince, the shining pride of a nation, is now a far cry from his former self. And, no one is living happily ever after because they both remain leering down at the rest of us from their ivory tower.
Lesley Allinson
Shame harry has betrayed his brother and his whole family, I was 3 when we lost my mother but I didn’t use it the way harry uses his mother death and remember harry your brother William lost his mum too !!!!!!!
KittyNice 98
Very Joly, Charming, Amusing…That`s what Diana was before she met this prince Charles…AND WHAT A BITTER THING SHE BECAME AFTER… b/c of him & his mother
G Daudencia
Omg now i see that Kate suffered with the press in the beginning too but my question is why did they not protect Meghan too (Harry’s wife). Why was it only Harry making the statements to condemn her coverage by the press and I understand that Harry is very much down the packing order of the throne but his wife was suffering. This is all too sad.
Lesley Allinson
I loved diana and always will, but come on diana had no idea what it was like to be anything but high class she had a privilege. Yes she did a lot to teach the boys there are people who are not well off, but you tell me of one person from public school and council house brought up friends. None of them
Carol Berwind Scheffler
Philip was there for them at the worst time but Harry couldn’t do a thing for his grandad. He turned on him while he lay dying. He cares or is loyal to no one.
Hilda Nieva
Harry just need attention and love.
You can’t tell me that Charles wasn’t happy that she died. He wanted her out of the way. I don’t think He had her killed, but I think he was relieved. He didn’t love or care about his boys enough to be sad about their mother’s death.
Vangie Gudgeon
My opinion i don’t think that Charles got a heart actually if he did he is very Frigid towards his beautiful virgin lady like Lady Di’ The Princess of Wales i loved & missed her to be honest but to watch her in Social Media brings her memorie’s back to life you are always in my heart forever🙏💖💞💖🐾🙏👍!!!
I love my Royal propaganda.
Vilda Olsen
No 2 brothers out only William is in charge Harry is gone hes no longer a Royal he might be called Prince because of his blood relatives but he is the United States hes living in United States cities not a Royal anymore and hes not welcome back to England so it’s only William thank you very much and Princess Anne would be helpful Queen Elizabeth’s sister
E Land
Well Harry turn into a mess!!!
Luann Louch
Just another movie based on information from observers and very little from anyone of the royals themselves.
Dolores Mentil
charlotte was born May 2nd, not 5th
Jayne Crawford
The American giornalists always have some wrong things to say
What was it they were saying about the brothers being really close? These commentators haven’t got a clue.
ooga booga
Prince Andrew had the same girlfriends as Epstink. Prince Charles and Jimmy Saville…. well, you know. 💋
Patricia Campbell
……………see the Evil in their Eyes. Nothing is what it likes……….wake up people.
C’est pas en Français ?
Erica K
Their men now kate Nicole’s!!
Morton Family Tree
Wow! Harry looks exactly like Diana!
Colleen Macdonald
Harry looks just like his Mummy even more than han William…… Wow
Ida Feuerfrau
Diana would have driven Meghan away all, on her own. Two people loving the limelight? Impossible!
Dawn Marie May
She could have dropped the flag to half mast for the Children s MotherThat alone speek s volumes. She should muster up some of that ice heart for what MegMan is so deserving of after all she’s done in such a short time. Now that. One is a really and present danger to the monarchy
Dirk Diggler
Came here for the comments.
john toet
another two aristo cats.
Liv Andersen
I cannot stand Harry. But admire William !
Mike Gray
DNA not required; you can see Charles is not Harry’s dad = no royal title = no royal title = no megan malarky Diana expressed surprise and puzzlement when she discovered she was pregnant for the second time. Charles was also. And Harry’s birth was the end of their intimate life, as Diana told a number of people. Hmmm…………Grudge pregnancy….Hewitt had it in for Charles!! Harry doesn’t half look like his dad. (Some people say it was a shame Megan’s father was not at the wedding, well neither was Harry’s!!)