Former postmasters cleared after Britain’s biggest miscarriage of justice – Blog

Ehsan Hannan
I’m in tears.😭 So much oppression in the name of justice exists around the world…and at home. What a miscarriage of justice this was. There must be so many in prison for crimes they haven’t commited, because they didn’t have adequate legal representation or they remain behind bars until they accept the conviction…. .. how medieval !!!😡😡😠😤
Sam Allen
1. Public inquiry needed 2. Public apology from Royal mail to all of the individuals and families 3. Compensation for all of those falsely charged 4. Charges needed with all those involved at Royal mail in directing these allegations against their own employees
People in the PO knew about problems – and yet this got to court and resulted in convictions. So – surely – these people should be charged?
Octávio Sá
Somehow I feel there’s massive compensation to be paid to the victims.
paul hoskin
We knew they were innocent and yet its taken years to clear them
Marvin T P Android
Thank you private eye for your years of work on this.
My heart breaks for these people. They were helpless when this dangerous Horizon system was forced into their Post Offices. All those responsible for this must be fully, officially held accountable. It’s a very hard life running a franchised Post Office. What they endured is terrifying and barbaric. Sadly their nightmare went on for many years. Years they can’t get back. I admire and respect them all and their families.
Brian Garrow
The supplier of the bad software should be banned from ever having government contracts in the future.
Mr Observer
It’s not just these cases that are a miscarriage of justice it’s also about the cases abandoned or not properly investigated it’s about those who fail us repatedly and get away with it.
Lloyd Burdis
The powers to be in the post office that allowed this miscarriage of justice must be made to pay no escape they now need to face jail time.
Misha Purser
The postmasters should be compensated and the people who knowingly ignored the problems criminally prosecuted, both in the Post Office and in the company that supplied the software.
Suzanne Looms
Govt minister has said the pioneering subs who took the first court case will not receive part of the current compensation package as they ‘received a full & final settlement’. It’s well known that most of that money went on legal fees.
tilly 21
Jesus h christ wth, the post office knew it was not the fault of these people but allowed them to be criminalised when they were totally innocent and ruined their lives. I hope they take the post office for every single penny they can get. The post office chairman who was in that job at the time of this travesty should be in a court and jailed for corporate malfeasance
Philip White
The bully boys in the Post Office investigation branch need to find out how it feels to have their collars felt.
I assume they’re going to receive millions in compensation? It’s the absolute least they deserve.
helen donohoe
I’m so sad for these people so much pain and suffering my prays go out to you
James Junghanns
I find it atrocious that a minister can state that she couldn’t focus on an issue that landed innocent people in jail because the board didn’t meet often enough… damn, convene as many board meeting as you need! These people ended up in jail!
Andy Zilla
What an absolute disgrace the post office is how didn’t they realise how big the problem was. A couple of people stealing fair enough but 50 odd all saying the same thing they should of listened.
I’m still not clear as to the role of the systems bug which caused the alleged false accounting and would have liked more in-depth reporting on this issue.
Stephen Buffery
The woman who wouldn’t give evidence when there was inquiry should be brought to justice an outrageous cover up investigate now Paula venells
Katharine Larkin
This is incredible. Somebody in the Post Office management should be prosecuted. There has to be accountability.
good report. Glad you put the politicians on the spot. Yes it does need to be a Statutory Inquiry or it will not find those to blame
Hayden Harris
What a disgraceful despicable situation, I hope the pregnant lady and man in prison sued for millions and they all were compensated enormously not that any recompense would be enough. Shame on the post office bosses who should end up in court.
Suzanne Looms
Fujitsu has been rewarded with a big government contract using Horizon software – related to the pandemic. That gives the lie to Johnson’s words today. Oh and Paula Vennells (ex Post Office head) was given a Cabinet Office job until the backlash forced her to resign.
Robert Knott
MY GOD, I’M SO LUCKY !! I retired in August 1999 after 40 years as Sub Postmaster with commendations, framed certificate and DIY tools. Aged 62, I retired 3 years early due to illness. I dread to imagine what I would have become if, in my final years, had I stayed till I was 65, and had been sent to jail whilst unwell. I might have joined the other 33 who died before justice prevailed and died in jail. This is, indeed, a scandal and another scandal will occur if the perpetrators of the injustice and cover up are not brought to trial. These people did not HAVE their lives ruined, implying things are back to normal, they ARE ruined- period This all reminds me of early employment in passenger aircraft flight testing. The aircraft don’t come off the designers drawing board, get built and go into service. A prototype is built and tested to destruction by places like Farnborough. Would you fly in an unapproved aircraft ? The Comet jet wasn’t tested properly and they broke up and fell out of the sky ! That’s exactly how I see Horizon, it wasn’t tested to breaking point. Bugs and glitches that are in all software were not scrubbed out BEFORE going into service ! Were any updates made? Everyone constantly gets updates on their smartphones, technology that barely existed when Horizon was rolled out ! Did the programmers think themselves so clever as to have got it right first time?? One more word —- DISGRACEFUL !!
The PO have to be held accountable. When failures were reported, they should have checked the Horizon system. That many sub-postmasters affected & should have believed.
Sam Allen
A shocking miscarriage of justice. Just goes to show you that software made by people and used by people is prone to error as much as people are. They shouldn’t be treated as absolute truth, which is what has led to this terrible situation.
Alex Tran
MP’s should be put into prison by mistake and see how it feels.
Niccola Machiavelli
I find it somewhat hypocritical that the interviewer asked the politician if she had done enough to help these people in their plight. The only media overage of this fiasco was via the Private Eye magazine who, repeatedly, had coverage. The main media ignored it until they were found innocent
Where’s the monetary compensation for these poor people. Unbelievable and disgusting? Justice long time coming.🙏🙏🙏
Mark Axworthy
Why are the pensions of state employees never at risk when they make wrongful decisions at the expense of the public? Even if they lose their jobs, or retire before they are sacked, they still walk away with their pensions.
Mark Gillespie
I can’t believe they put a new system in and suddenly 700 workers were stealing? And nobody flagged it up. And when it was flagged up. It was brushed under the carpet. They need a good pay out for this shocker.
harry mccallum
Each and everyone involved should be jailed like they did to other and the lives lost in this absolutely shocking, stop the blaming and take accountability for what you put everyone through
It sounds as though the really guilty party is Fujitsu, although the enquiry might reveal that the PO Board put Fujitsu under undue pressure to meet an untealistic price while at the same time moving the goalposts. If my Excel files tell me that one of my employees is on the fiddle I won’t waste any time considering that the problem could be Microsoft selling me bad software. Fujitsu need to be held accountable as well as the Post Office Board, MASSIVE fines need to be imposed and the wrongfully accused subpostmasters need to be given MASSIVE compensation.
The Post Office are going to get a real financial spanking for this (and the clowns who designed the software) Bend Over!!
Chris St Clair
Words I thought I’d never say, “Nice one Cummings”. lol
TheMysticalUnicorn 87
Big compo coming their way 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Leeds United John
Atomic Fairy
Highly disturbing the woman who wanted to kill herself because it’s a disgrace to the family to go to prison in her tradition. What other women kill themselves in her tradition for similar and other reasons?
Elvira Jameson
Do you lot forget you’re literally the reproduction of slave owner’s. That’s a bigger miscarriage of justice than this 🙄😂😂
Scott George
Obviously there was NO management of the system’s integrity and auditing that was correctly or properly carried out by the computer technicians. The system was flawed and HAD to be known to be flawed; absolutey. This was a crime agianst those innocent people. There was also a lacking in defence, that no one investigated so many similar allegded crimes. This must be investigated further and charges brought.
Pat's Amazing Blends
Absolute disgrace. Every single person affected should be compensated accordingly. Criminal.
Rowan Gallagher
I think you’re missing some quote marks in that title. There are a few Irish that would disagree with that title…
Disgusting attitude by the Post Office. Computer billing/accounting software glitches are nothing new, but this was of no concern to the arrogant PO – or Fujitsu. The victims deserve adequate compensation and criminal procedings against individuals in the PO and Fujitsu.
Hunc HancHoc
Some of these postmasters had given faithful service for donkey’s years. Seriously, did nobody smell the rat when 39 post offices all suddenly started committing identical fraud, just after new computers/software was installed ??
Names of those potentially responsible were missing from this report, conspicuously so.
Criminals did this and will never be held to account.
william hung
no one will prosecuted for this, the establishment will see to that
Roy Moulton
The usual Phrase, Trotted out, ” WE NEED TO LEARN FROM THIS “, !!!!!!!!!!.But NO ONE, will be held to account. EVERYTIME’ !!!!!!
Dave Anon
I hope they receive millions from the post office such a disgraceful organisation
jacquie moppett
What about the ones who have died?
Angry Foetus
“Britain’s biggest miscarriage of justice”? That’s a bit of a stretch. It’s fucking awful that’s for sure but it’s not the worst.
All involved should in the denial should now face prosecution, no escape.
These people need to be payed the money they payed back to the post office and then some. This should never have happened, the post office should be broken up after this and given to someone who knows what they are doing.
Sister Num
The boss of the post office company should go to jail.
Sister Num
My local post office was affected. This was so sick.
Debbie Barrie
The sheer scale should of red flagged it wasent the individuals
Kiron Manuel
If there are such cases how to alert the world?Let me know please.
Ryan Sykes
3.06 saying the Post Office is publicity owned 🧐
david rose
This is absolutely dreadful. Its probably not the largest misscarage of Justice, ehen I think of people held for long tines for terrorist attacks they had nothing to do with. Nobody pays for these misscarage of justice and so they will continue.
Ionia Brown
Disgusting bullies they have blood on their hands.
Edgardo Carrasquillo
An the guilty relaxes on the yacht.
My guy in the thumbnail is pouring one for the dead homies
Justice was not served 20 years is too long. Nothing can compensate for the trauma. All in charge should be charged and arrested. Those in charge should have gotten the computer system properly checked and when they still getting complaints get an external company to access the computer system. It is evil that a computer fault destroyed so many lives and no one is held accountable. This is injustice but Slavery is the worst injustice on earth.
I’ve had so much Xmas and B’day money nicked.
Fiddlers on the Ramp
Were is their compensation money?
Glenn Leinster
They should be in prison
Disgusting utterly disgusting I hope they sue for billions.
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Poor Seema. What an outrageous miscarriage of justice!
Simone Dury
Sorrys not good enough for what these people have endured bcos of a cockup
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‘Britain’s biggest miscarriage of justice’. Hardly!