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Marie-Bernadette Benedict
I’m 10 minutes in and you are the strongest, most dignified, respectable, courageous man I have ever seen in a documentary. Society is worse off for not having you in it for 25 years. I am so so sorry you’ve had to suffer this travesty of justice.
Karen Gower
Mr Brown should receive his compensation ASAP as he has served 25 years and the system didnt wait for that. He needs to live RIGHT NOW. Because of injustice he’s supposed to continue to suffer. I am greatly sorry for your false imprisonment Mr Brown.
It is such a sad story, but I am so glad his mom made it to see him released. She made this her life’s work, she deserved to spend her final days with him home. The only silver lining to a truly disgraceful situation.
Luiz Aguilar
I’m Glad for him, and his mom, His mom is an adorable woman, that even in his hardest time, she always was with him!
Marie-Bernadette Benedict
This is absolutely disgusting!!! I’m not surprised though the system really is corrupt, but it’s still really shocking. You, as a citizen, nay as a human being, deserve so so much better
Tree Sha
You are amazing, Robert….Your straightforward, articulate words, personal dignity and integrity shout a clear message that needs to be heard….What happened to you could happen to any of us. Thank you for standing up for Justice.
ᘻᘿᖶᗩ ᐺ
Incredibly documentary. The brutal honesty. The unjustness of it all. My heart aches for him and all the Steven Avery’s of the world. God bless him and his glorious Mother. May she rest in paradise.
It's Vlad, not Vladimir
Besides seeing this Man finally free, im also glad to see his mother alive still, and finally witness the truth of the matter which has corrupted her personification of her own son for soo many years, and ultimately realize that he never murdered anyone!! Im sure that upon her realization, she could finally come to terms with her own personal beliefs towards her son’s plea, versus the general public opinion!! Now, I bet she feels like she can die happy, and/or guilt free in case she wondered and questioned her own parenthood and virtues as a mother!! For what that detective did, he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, however, I have no idea what his charges would be…if he’s still alive that is, and caught!! That BASTARD SOB has violated that man and his loved ones beyond the threshold of noble forgiveness in my opinion! It is hard to conjure a justifiable punishment for that abominable human being for what he did! No amount of monetary compensation can be substituted in exchange for 25 years of a person’s life…especially when that person is 19 years of age and has limitless opportunities ahead of his/her life..!! Although, a couple of millions of dollars or british pounds in this instance, won’t be rejected I suppose..!! If I were in this man’s position of course, I’d hire me the most knowledgeable and experienced attorney with such rare and extreme circumstances and sue the system that has taken 25 years of my most valuable years in this life, and ask for the highest possible amount of compensation!!! Knowing the initial response of my adversary, i’ll prepare myself ahead of time to not raise my hopes to high, but as a preemptive unit of measurement, i’d set my hopes for a minimum of $500k per year that i’ve spent locked-up in prison! And that’s me being MODEST actually!! A million just sounds more appealing and even makes better sense. A million per year homie! Lol…
Paul T
A really interesting documentary revealing the strength of character in a wrongly convicted man of a serious murder. It’s impossible to understanding Robert’s anguish and pain in this terrible miscarriage of justice and therefore really hard to put one’s self in his shoes, understanding his state of mind. Upto 2019 he never received the ‘Karma’ justice he seeked but power to his elbow. R.I.P. Mrs Brown…
ray robbins
There is no amount of money that could compensate this man for 25 years. Being locked in a cage like an animal .And knowing all the time you are innocent . I would loose my mind . Twenty five years is a lifetime .
dreyfus zola
Its hard to see something like this. Chapeau gentleman! You are strong, but your mother is stronger than you. My respects to this lady.
Charlie Charlton
What an amazing little mother. Waiting until 10pm to catch a bus home from visiting her son, sharing her small amount of money with him and welcoming him home with open arms. Bless her heart. This poor man is so scarred from his experiences. I hope he finds healing some day or he will remain in a locked up prison in his heart.
All his family should get compensation too omg shocking how he is treated
Nancy G:son
I’d like to know the backstory (what happened, how did he get accused, how come he got released etc). Anyone know a programme about that?
Sandee Driver
His mother was the definition of a true Angel in this decrypted world. I do not think he will truly find complete happiness until he has….. revenge.
Aelwyn Ascendant
This is an absolutely heart breaking story. This poor man.
Shirley Harrison
What a terrible thing to go through. Can’t imagine how the poor mother must of felt. He should absolutely be compensated for all those years, money can’t buy back anything but it CAN help him to get settled back in life.
“He was also given compensation for his 25-year prison sentence, of which the government demanded back £100,000 for which they deemed payment for bed and board whilst he was in prison.” How low can you go?
£100,000.00 isn’t enough for the 25 years he and his family espcly.his mom sufferred…The people behind his sufferrings should be put to justice as well so,he can hv justice himself..glad his Mom made it through seeing him released and spend time together❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏
Lori Diamond
You have forgiveness, compassion and sweetness in your heart, Sir. To suggest otherwise is to say that your mum did not have the greatest impact on your life. I can see that the apple did not fall far from the tree. That’s not to say you are not justified in your bitterness and desire for justice against those who wronged you; you are human. God bless you. ❤️
I can’t imagine being locked up for 25 years! That’s almost as long as I’ve been alive! The amount of strength that must have took for both him and his poor mother…. I don’t think I could have survived being in either position. Every one of the bastards responsible should be locked up!
Aaron Reichanadter
This is insane, that cop needs to have the same time he got. LIFE! And I just dont understand why they never get chraged.
Abdurahman Mohamed
This documentary got me through tough times. Robert Brown is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in the history of the UK.
Stephen Pharoah
Go on Rab, about time mate. We knew this time would come. This guy was and still is a true man. All the best your friend steve
Dean Wallace
Tough Man an humbled! Best to you always!! Stay Strong!! Enjoy you know!!
If i did 25 years for no reason there would be hell to pay when i got out
Broke Ann Broken
It took 2-3 weeks to feel semi-normal after only 10 months in jail. I cant imagine 25 for something you didn’t do. Cops should be sentenced double for any injustices they do if they want to judge others. Hope he made it.
There is a case in Swansea, South Wales, dubbed ‘the clydach murderd’ where a local called Day Morris was wrongly convicted, and there is a lot of evidence showing this, yet he still hasn’t been released. Would you consider do a documentary on this?
Marj Nussby
Robert, you have character and dignity to help you follow through in your fight. As all your money will take time, I hope that you use the money to make your mom’s life easier now. Your efforts will make a difference,, because you are good enough.Blessings, Although this was uploaded recently, I did not know how old your story was. I’m sorry for the loss of your mum. I think you got it exactly right, there at the end. And, even if you can’t forgive, I hope that you continue to move on, in whatever you decided to do.
Jeremiah Gabriel
Also, note to the authors of this channel: it would be SUPER appreciated if you could include the release dates, at very least the year, of these documentaries in their video descriptions, so we have some context of when things are happening/ so we know where to start if we want to do further research later on.
Fifi LaMoore
Robert , I am so sorry that this happened too you ! Your so very special!
Tom Stansfield
I hope this guy has sued the absolute piss out of the system.
pleidiol wyf im wlad
When u r brought up correctly,there is no better friend on earth as your mother.
Stories like these enforce the fact that even a judge said that he believes circumstancial cases should not be tried. The simple fact that the word circumstancial is in the conversation means that someone cannot be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt because the “circumstances” literally means that there is reasonable doubt. Jurors don’t understand what beyond a reasonable doubt actually means. They can know that someone committed the crime,but if they can’t prove it “beyond a reasonable doubt”, they must aquit. This is why polygraphs can’t be admitted in court because they’re not 100% accurate. I would rather a criminal be let go than an innocent person be put in prison and all too often is this the case.
Aileen Aileen
Dear Robert your story makes me sad 😢,but you are strong person,don’t let them to see you are sad 😞
Jeremiah Gabriel
Much as I know about humans in confined spaces, human emotions and trauma, of course he’s going to be compounding his indignation and outrage over the course of 25 years. And making plans. Of course. And yet at the same time, for him to be in that system, to see everything corruption-wise that I imagine he saw for 25 yrs, and to still, once he is out, expect fair treatment after what he suffered…. and to wreck himself further by campaigning for justice. It just baffles me. I mean of course you’re thrilled to finally be able to stand up for yourself and have a voice. But to waste more years of your life on a bullshit dude and system, that are obviously corrupt? It’s not so much me judging him, as like he said, I’ve not lived it so I don’t know. But I’m just, I suppose, trying to understand why on earth he would expect his efforts to do more than exhaust himself further. Like it’s not a failure on his part to be traumatized & exhausted, and just want to get on with whatever life he can create now/ if he can. (Though I do definitely understand the fighting for financial resource based compensation and housing. That’s a need.)
Dadzdy Ronquillo
He should be payed with rightful amount for every wrongly year of stay for the wrongly verdict! At least he could start a new rightful image of life!
God bless you and your mother ❤️
Gift Malama
This is the most saddening story I have ever come across 😔please Lord forgive me each time I complained that am going through pain and stress🥺 🇿🇲
Nobody deserves forgiveness for what they did to him… but i hope he can find some peace having the time he did get with his Mom and feel her love instead of the pain he has now. When he does get compensated for this injustice, he should move away from the memories and start his life new. That might sound harsh but believe me, if everything around you reminds you of pain, you need to get yourself out of that in order to heal. Bless him.
N Travis
Mr. Brown should receive compensation of 1 million per year he was wrongfully imprisoned. His poor mom, I can’t imagine their heartbreak knowing so much time was stolen.
Stephanie Miksell
Bless his soul 😢❤️🇺🇸
This DETECTIVE might have put more innocent behind bars Its a crime, he did, saw that later in the movie
terry ford
THIS IS A MODEL OF A MAN!! 💪💪💪!!! (SIDE NOTE: his mom is so tiny and cute!!😁 looks jus like her too)
Dean Wallace
DNA!! Convict those who Robbed him!! That’s true Justice!! Give this his Do????
This is G
Can’t wait until you take that SOB down!! I cheer for you!
West Winds
It would seem that the criminal system on both sides of the pond could use some shoring up. Police are promoted on the basis of how many collars they achieve, while prosecutors are advanced and paid on the number of convictions they secure. This amounts to a type of quota system that one can get washed out of if one doesn’t keep up. Quantity and winning are the only considerations while truth and justice are subject to individual personality control issues and prosecutorial misconduct. This approach can only lead to abuse of power coupled with a complete failure to apprehend and punish the actual offending party while punishing a complete innocent for an offense they did not commit. Not only is this a form of conversion, it is most assuredly a form of outrageous tyranny. It is of the highest onus to prove innocence as it is to prove guilt if our systems of jurisprudence are to be legitimate and valid. Politics should have no place of residence at law.
mike heap
These cases are an utter disgrace. The bent cops who fitted these poor innocent men up should serve the same sentence the justice system made them serve. An eye for an eye, life for life, theres no justice for these men.
Oretha Witcher
Sadly but this happens far to often hope he was compensated be blessed
Doesn’t surprise me, I sued the police for assault, trespassing, false imprisonment and malicious charges against me and my daughter. The police officer made up a crime. I only spent 24 hours locked up with my daughter and that was horrendous when you’re innocent. He’s a tough man to cope with that for 25 years. I don’t think I could have done if my case landed me in prison.