Demanding Justice: The Post Office Scandal – Blog

Simon Ellison
Class action Law Suite. 700+ cases wrapped up in a massive case. The Post Office, CPS, Constabulary and Horizon need to be taken to task. It’s needs excellent QC’s that are not tied to the Government. Police IPC needs to bring officers to justice. This needs multiple prison sentences to people involved. A conviction of a month for each of the people wrongly accused affected. This should have shut the Postoffice and if it had been totally private it would have done. No lesson will be learned unless lots of people are incarcerated for life and be fair for once on the side of the hardworking people.
Louise P
I remember at the time how disgraceful this was and it was obvious something was very wrong with the software with so many postmasters involved. I hope they are compensated properly. Sending innocent people to prison!! totally disgusting.
Simon Morgan
The courts prosecuted these people knowing the system was faulty. Disgusting!
Julie Dahl
They need to re-pay these people back… They destroyed their lives… What ever happen to these people after all this came out in the open…??
Tom Nook
When writing software in a professional capacity, especially if ISO certified, it must run through multiple stages of testing and audit before the system can truly go live. If the investigation looks into their testing and external audit processes, that’s where we will see the spicy stuff, and hopefully heads will roll there
Long Ranger
No doubt those responsible will never face justice, there will be an other cover-up exercise.
Kizzy Mulcaster
This is such a sad story. Knowone deserves this treatment. Especially innocent workers omg so sad
Toni Siret
This could only happen to working-class people.
Julie Dahl
That happened here in our Post Offices… People were accused of things that weren’t there fault….They didn’t know what was happening, so we hey couldn’t stick up for themselves….
Mad Flak
Just imagine if just one person had enough brain power to suggest “maybe it is the software” after the 700th case!
Ria Davis
Too sad We are in the US with family and friends who are postal employees I could see the same theme happening here with DeJerk running the service into the ground here
colette spooner
All deserve as much help as possible for their wellbeing and families
Tom Nook
Computer says no Amazing how technology can dictate a persons guilt, financial status and fate
Julie Dahl
They were to Cheap to update the system….
Skajd แอนดรู
Awful. Those poor people.