Curious Number Of Russian Oligarchs Have Died Since Invasion Of Ukraine – Blog

Coastal Seasider
The Kremlin/Putin keeps doing more harm to their own people & definitely to their worldwide reputation. Even to the children – theirs & in Ukraine. Aside from this horrible news, am SO glad to see you back stateside, Ali. You did a sadly amazing job of it, as heart wrenching as it was & still is. Welcome home!
I feel sorry for those journalists and their families. It takes a lot of courage to be an honest one in Russia.
Remember this is the same country Tucker Carlson said he was rooting for over the Ukraine.
This gives me even greater respect for Kasparov, not a shy putin critic for years. A serious gambit.
These stories are a classic. This has been going on in the Russian realm since the 9th century.
diamond Tran
I remember Anna Politskovskaya, who was murdered by Putin in 2006, for daring to tell the evil deeds Russian troops were doing to Chechnya and Chechen people. RIP, Anna.
Stephen Smith
One Russian Oligarch to another: ‘Sergei, what are you thinking?’ ‘Why, Vlad… of course I am thinking exactly what you are thinking!’ ‘In that case Sergei, I arrest you in the name of Mother Russia!’
“We did not made him drink Polonium tea, he did it to himself! Honest!”
Charlie Wright
Oh but we have to care not to upset Putin, we have to take Russia’s “Security” concerns seriously, we have to engage in “Dialogue” with Russia or aka Appeasement. Eff all Putin apologists and supporters.
Sean Patrick
And people are seriously still asking why there are not more protests in Russia. 🤦🏻 Прекратите войнy! Желаю силы украинскому народу. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 И желаю мужества российским протестующим.🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 Stop the war! Strength to the Ukrainian people. And courage to the Russian protestors.
Rich Stanton
“Connect those 4 dots.” Also the manner in which two of the oligarchs’ families were killed are especially brutal before the oligarchs allegedly committed suicide. These are messages.
Mykle Bust
” Death solves all problems. No President. No problem.”
Tom Armstrong
Sadly it goes right over the head of ‘the base’ that mysterious deaths and disappearances are not uncommon events in authoritarian societies.
Nathan Heng
Funny coincidence, Stalin was known for doing something similar to his opponents. He was even quoted as saying, ” Death solves all problems. No man. No problem.”
The world has never looked more like a chess board to me, than it does currently.
Redmond Peters
He’s losing control. That’s what’s happening. He has to be responsible somehow. But we’ll probably never know.
Stewie Griffin
“A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” – Joseph Stalin
Irma Knight
These Oligarchs signed off their fate when they did business with Putin.
M Bak
The oil industry link is interesting. After the western oil companies pulled out Russia will be challenged to maintain oil production as it lacks the technology and expertise to do so. Maybe these people told Putin that. The next senior Official will have to lie and say there will be no impact and lie again about production levels. A bit like, no exactly like how it is done in China.
L. Ron Gardner
They didn’t die; they were just reassigned to special underground operations.
Vanessa JazP
All these people carrying out Putin’s hits … do they not realize how one day it will be them in the crosshairs?
Matt G
Russian Oligarchs, and plenty of generals, and other military leaders as well. Sucks, it really does, but “it is what it is”. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Hopefully it comes to a swift conclusion, but it’s gonna take a miracle. God speed, from America 🙏🏼 Slava Ukraini! – Heroiam slava! ✊🏼🇺🇦✌🏻🇺🇸
MIke Trusky
“When Coincidence becomes common place, it is a plan”.
Tommie Brown
Every Russian leader throughout history has professed to the world that Russia wanted to be feared and hated. They strive to achieve that everyday and are very successful at it.
Btw, their security cameras “malfunctioned” during their deaths. Their body guards also “fell asleep.”
Anton A.
Putin isn’t even trying to be creative when it comes to shelving those he doesn’t like. Always the same crap.
Jessica Causey
There was also the case a few years ago in Salisbury, England involving a man and his daughter who became very sick. The poison was found in perfume bottles underneath a bench by two unsuspecting people.
Eo Tunun
“Murder was in fact a fairly uncommon event in Ankh-Morpork, but there were a lot of suicides. Walking in the night-time alleyways of The Shades was suicide. Asking for a short in a dwarf bar was suicide. Saying ‘Got rocks in your head?’ to a troll was suicide. You could commit suicide very easily, if you weren’t careful.” ~Terry Pratchett Moscow, where fiction becomes fact and one can’t laugh about any jokes anymore.
When Spanish, UK’s, … authorities say: “Nothing to see here, move along.” You know exactly where to look.
When you make a deal with the Devil, you have to accept the fact that one day he’ll call in his marker.
Norm MacLeod
Hard to feel sorry for the deaths of Russian oligarchs considering that they divvied up the country along with Putin after the fall of the Soviet Union. Gotta feel for the wives and children though….that IS monstrous.
Czarek P
If you’re surprised that they’ve killed themselves, imagine their surprise when they were killing themselves
L Rom
Some of these “natural causes” are almost cartoonish. Expecting a piano to drop on one guy, and an alligator to get another.
Ivan Bok
Definition of Oligarch: “A very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence” Doesn’t seem like any of them have political influence.
Rachel Gaines
I don’t understand how any one can defend this man’s actions
Colin Hands
How putin gets away with this is unbelievable
Thomas Tovey
Putin’s version of “the Night of the Long Knives” and just like Hitler, it will end very badly for him.
Russian Tradition…from Ivan the Terrible to Stalin to Putin…no patsy needed.🧐🧐
You don’t need to be a genius or Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. As subtle as a sledgehammer.
traveler time
“Rich people really hate to be made poor.” , Eddie Murphy in Changing Places.
Do we know what happened to their money? My bet would be that Put-in-rear had them transfer their wealth to him before they were killed by his thugs.
lulu in hollywood
I’ve been saying for a decade that Putin IS a real life Bond villain. I know I still don’t even know the half of it.
Aron TB Suchkind
Rich orcs, poor orcs, middling orcs….orcs in BDUs or suits…don’t matter as long as they’re dead orcs. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦!
Lex Slate
Unfortunate that their family members are being targeted too. No sympathy for the crime bosses themselves. Although, the more people who might once have been considered Putin’s allies suffer ‘tragic accidents’, the more his current circle will have to be aware of how much danger they are in.
I feel sorry for the children and wives (in the case of those who legit love their husbands) // I hope Karma will finally take out Putin & other terrible ppl 🙁
Cliff note: Russian oligarchs have recently developed a very short half-life.
I think a lot of Soviet citizens need to “Beware of Exploding Apartments” again.
Robert Maybeth
The paradox here seems not too unlike Stalin’s purges during the 1930’s, and later…because, I know something of Russian history, and the question to me always seemed to be this: When Stalin treated them like the mud beneath his boots, never trusted them, and purged millions of them, WHY would anyone in their right mind, even TRY to be a Soviet officer? The same question could be asked of ANYONE serving Putin. When you realize your boss is a real-life James Bond villain, who except a mad-man would ever do anything to wriggle further into the snake-pit?
Samuel Weir
(Russian military surrounding Ukraine): Putin: “Just training exercise!” (Russian military invading Ukraine): Putin: “Just special military operation!” (Moskva sinks): Putin: “Just fire accident!” (Multiple mysterious deaths): Putin: “Just coincidence!”
boogey man
I feel bad for the children. They didn’t choose to be born in these horrible families.
Joan Nassif
Hoping that old saying “What goes around Comes around ” is true.
Simon Goh
Putin’s version of sanctioning oligarchs?
“And in other news yet another Russian oligarch has butchered his family and killed himself. His suicide note proclaimed his love and loyalty for the greatest leader the world has ever seen,Vladimir Putin. Now to Ivanka for the weather.” “It’s a sunny day here in Moscow Ivan.”
If I was an oligarch, I’d be doing some proactive planning and action before they have an “accident” too.
“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.”― Billy Graham.
“Navalny will be the president, and Kara-Murza will be the prime minister” – Khodorkovsky in an interview whether Russia can be a normal democracy.
Time Surfer
“The door was locked from the inside, therefore it had to be an Inside Job.” Yeah, right…
Charles Rezac
How many Ukrainians died at the hands of Russian invaders during the same period? Which do you think concerns me more?
gabriel constantinescu
Nice story. But one which is nicer: Putin asks a clairvoyant: “What will the May 9 parade be like? Crowds will shout your name! And how will I be dressed? I don’t know, the coffin is closed!”
“Coincidence takes a lot of planning” Malcolm Nance
m3 e92335i
“I believe in coincidences, but i also believe in the KGB” – russian dissented.
Woods Lisa
you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out it is linked to Putin and he is capable of having someone do it. this man needs dealt with as do those helping him
Arctic Haze
A problem with Russia (not the sole one, unfortunately) is that “respect” and “fear” are practically the same in their culture. This is why Russia wants to be feared and does untold crimes to achieve that aim. Of course the end effect is the opposite of respect.
Myo Min Khaung
It’s so heart-breaking to see the plight of the Ukraine’s brave soldiers taking their last stand in Mariupol. These heroes are determined to fight till to their last drop of blood. Like the heroic people of Ukraine, the people of Burma are also taking their last stand to stamp out the military dictators from the land, once and for all. The National Unity Government (NUG) which is formed in the liberated areas by the elected members of the parliament by the people in 2020 general election has declared to begin an “offensive war” from now on against the military regime, from the previous defensive positions. Loads of junta forces’ wives and children are now fleeing the city of Yangon, to the military stronghold city of Naypidaw in droves, in fear of attacks from the guerrilla forces. On 19 April 33 junta’s soldiers were killed and 42 wounded in a 15 days battle with the KNU. In other news, 5 police and 50 soldiers were killed by mines and attacks near Hteelin (ထီးလင်း) by the People’s Defence Forces – PDF (Democratic Voices of Burma DVB in Burmese 19 Apr 2022). For revenge, soldiers burned villages along the way. Students, who were protesting peacefully on the streets before, are now becoming PDFs and have trained systematically to fight back the military regime. At the beginning, they started with catapults and hunting rifles, but they now have some automatic weapons bought by donations from the people through black markets. They will not stop until they get the victory. They have trained well and are now gaining momentum (BBC in English 22 Apr 2022 “Myanmar – Young rebels fighting for democracy” & 01 Feb 2022 “The deadly battles that tipped Myanmar into civil war”). Fight on heroes of Ukraine till you defeat the Russian invaders! We will also fight on till we get our freedom and democracy! May the hero President Zelenskyy and the heroic people of Ukraine defeat the cruel Russian invaders!
Imagine having hundreds of millions of dollars enough to hire a private army and yet…did they even bother to have security guards? 🙃
Mel_ C
No connections I’m sure…. 🙄 purely coincidence
In 2010 one of the Worlds largest GAS fields was discovered in the Dombas and is still part of Ukraine. It is worth $Trillions Strangely Russia invaded the Dombas in 2014, but the GAS fields are still in Ukranian territory for now, those forces moved from Kiev are moving to encircle the Gas Fields
Thank you for this thorough investigative journalism. I know it’s important.
Julian Geen
Take this with a grain of salt, but there used to be a story of Russian oligarchs living abroad being persuaded to pay a “tax” to the FSB (or former FSB personel). My guess would be these people didn’t pay.
Any reporter worth his salary would follow up this story in a month with investigative journalism into who the new owners of dead oligarchs assets are and where the funds are flowing. This would give said reporter a story that would be wanted by every news agency world wide.
The only thing missing from this report, is how Putin is sunbathing and sipping drinks as if nothing is going on.
the problem seems to be that nobody can do anything about it…a single human has gained enough power to destroy the world for every other human on this planet…
“If there’s one thing I know, it’s never to mess with mother nature, mother in-laws and, mother freaking Ukrainians.” -Skinny Pete in ‘The Italian Job’
Just a special operation of maintaining Russian wealth by gentle persuasion
Charl Theron
Sometimes, “coincidences” are plans in disguise…
“Greed, power, ambition, and paranoia will ensure friendships ends in death.” Alexander Tran
Ironic that not even rich people are safe. We need to defeat Russia, or else this is wha’s expecting us if they win.
Brian Walter
Imagine being the low life that has to go out and do these murders. Killing children and pregnant women. How low can you fall.
They all have one thing in common.Capacity to bring down putin,specially if they worked together.
mango1973 Mango
It’s really sad,,to take this extreme horrible action,,R.I.P. to all those men and their families,,, this is because of one man on the planet,, decided to invade another country..and now is destroying it.
You have forgotten the main leader of the opposition, a great friend of Ukraine who was before Navalny, Borys Nemtsov. He was killed under the walls of the Kremlin, and at that time cameras somehow did not work. By the way, Navalny is half Ukrainian, and his father’s native village near Kyiv also suffered from the Russian invasion.
Lance Jackson
To lose an oligarch may be unfortunate but to lose several sounds like carelessness.
Esben M
Being a Russian oligarch is a lot like being a medieval lord. It’s all unbridled power and luxury until you run afoul of the crown and die in a gruesome manner.
Stuart M.
Gosh, it’s tough being an oligarch. It’s a very dangerous job but someone has got to do it. Who says they don’t deserve those billions they stole from the Russian people?
Karena Dashfield
Their combined mass wealth could go towards rebuilding the Ukraine.
deborah lariscy
I wonder if their next of kin is someone who’ll get the money to Putin. Or back into russian hands.
Bosmer From Canada
Mr. Velshi forgets the famous actor Vladimir Mayakovski. His last words before he comitted suicide were: “COMRADES, DON’T SHOOT.”
chris norniron
These were not assassinations – they were special house cleaning operations.
Luke Tarplin
These oligarchs and journalists are so careless, they should watch out for wet floors and avoid drinking coffee that is too hot. But more seriously, you swim with sharks, you may get bitten. Or shot, or stabbed, etc..
At least now we know the reason behind these oligarchs’ obsession with well-guarded and private superyachts – it must be the only place on earth they feel safe.
This echoes, very loudly to me, Stalin eliminating Trotsky.
Philip Marlowe
I recommend a very, very good movie with dark humor but showed the tyranny in Russia. Death of Stalin with Michael Palin (Molotov), Steve Buscemi (Khrushchev) and many others. You can search YT for “Death of Stalin” clips.
The Cuteness
I wonder why Putin’s killing spree is “curious.” The “curious” notion that comes to my mind is how intelligent and informed people could be surprised that a murderous autocrat is killing off those he feels are an impediment to his authority.
There’s a video of a Russian woman complaining during a town hall meeting (or some such) and an agent going up to her and injecting a syringe into her neck, and she quickly collapses unconscious. I swear, these guys have zero scruples.
Internet Stuff
That is not coincidence… this is Putin… former KGB/FSB.
They need to do a statistical analysis. How wild is all this? Especially the entire family.
Maria Mysager
Remember a case in England, where a person ended up in a suitcase. Strangly enough was the doors also locked from the i side, like mentioned in one of the se Cases. The suitcase case was also russians involved.
Mr. Muntz
Someone should really help these guys fix these unsafe windows people keep falling from.
Paul Kachur
Imagine the stress and pressure of knowing that Russia’s financial future is in your hands…it would drive any multi-millionaire depressive and homicidal/suicidal.
Some ToMFoOLeRy
“Accidents happen, comrade — they all shoot themselves in their own back with their firearms 5 times and then fall out 17 story window”
Martin M
Given this rate of mysterious deaths, by Christmas it might reach even oligarchs’ gardeners..
Kirstie Martin
It could also have nothing to with the Kremlin but the President himself. I wouldn’t put it past him to have his own personal so-called experts guru who do secret stuff. That’s my opinion and I tried to phrase it so that people can use their own imagination and fill in the blanks with their own words like I did. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas even if they are not correct.
Robin Blackmoor
Jonathan Hemlock probably needed money to buy more paintings, so he went back to work.
I adore Ali. He is one of the main reasons I watch MSNBC. Never understood why they broke up Velshi and Ruhl. Ali, Nicole Wallace, Chris Jansen, and Steve Kornacki . All tops in my book.
Ali Velshi found in his refrigerator. He didn’t find anything in his refrigerator, he was found IN his refrigerator! Do be surprised 😮
Peter Sachs
Unfortunately many peoples in Russia suffer from depression, plus coffee sometimes much too strong and windows need improvement.
Walter James
These oligarchs need to do something about Putler real soon before he coming to them one by one.
Nah nobody in their right mind thinks this is a suicide or domestic issue. The guys were rich and had everything and putin is really cracking down on anyone he considers to be traitors.
Joanna McDee
Love how truth is always Ali’s ally…Passionate values a close second…Keep it going Love! From another Canadian fan…
Reminds of when that foreman in Flint Michigan, he was going to testify against the city council, because they were going through with plans to install inadequate water filtration systems and he knew they were going to leave Flint Michigan without clean water, he died under mysterious circumstances before he could testify, and his cause of death has still not been released to the public
Oh my heart bleeds. When are we moving onto the American oligarchs?
Davis Tran
They’re not dead, they’re just in a “Special Position not Conducive to Sustaining Life”
Resident Alien
No wonder Trump has never once said anything negative about Putin even when American troops were killed. Trump had to praise Putin or say he had no reason to not believe Putin.
Paul A. McGuinness
All of this apparently is not an issue since mysterious deaths have been happening for years. Nothing has been done about it because the people that see a problem with this are too weak to confront the wrong doers. If indeed they are evil, why has there not been any action taken? It must be acceptable.
If I was a rich Russian…I’d hire the best team of hit men…and direct them at Putin
Zag Areth
Getting in prison on “bogus charges” is something, where the US is pretty unbeaten in the world 😉 Nevertheless, Putin seems to clean his environment from any kind of threat – but that isn’t a surprise, is it?
Professor X
Russian police reports: There was an axe in his coffee and he accidentally chocked on it. He was so addicted to tobacco, when he ran out of cigarettes and he tried to smoke his car muffler His mother suffered from radiation poisoning and he must’ve caught it too He was an inventor he was experimenting with a new type of parachute from his 20th floor apartment He was cleaning his gun when it went off 10 times in his head
Jay Mac
They did not die , they have suffered an unfortunate special operational issue. They no longer function and have been returned as factory faults.
Simon Goh
Now you know why Trump calls Putin a genius.
M L.
He fell on a knife nine times.
Gurhan Weyrah
Putin unleashing his own purge and red terror. Great lesson from Stalin
Fear and paranoia in Russia as Putin turns not only on his political opponents, but on his own allies, launching a new Great Purge.
Fftydg H
“They had tragic accident that hopefully others may learn from.”
Regardless the context, IF [it] smells fishy, you bet it’s because [it] IS fishy!
Matt Martin
Not a Republican but I love with John McCain said. When he looked into Putin’s eyes he saw three things KGB
Edric Dayne
“These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die like fire and powder, Which as they kiss consume. “
I knew Kara-Murza wouldnt be released after 15 days.. he may never see freedom again. Sad that he and Navalny chose to be courageous
I believe the remaining ‘unknown’ deaths were confirmed to be suicide. They chopped themselves up, stuffed themselves in a bag and chucked themselves in a river.
Grumble Woof
Curious indeed. Once is an event, two is a coincidence, three is proof that it’s more than likely that bad things are afoot.
Brenda Raudebaugh
Ali, you got me Hooked! I love watching you. You are an amazing reporter. I trust you! Thank you for coming back and I hope your ok after the devastating war. Thank you.
An Ex KGB Officer (dealing with cloak and dagger operations) becoming the President of The Russian Federation…. With great curiosity I would say “Old habits die hard, or maybe doesn’t died at all”
Mount Hykje
“So he shot himself four times back of his head with a machinegun and then jumped out from a window -he probably got the heart failure before that so I rule it “Death By Natural Causes”.”
Camse corps
What a collective wealth-oriented tragedy.
Joanie S
Anyone can lock a door on their way out… anyone can stage a scene.
Roger McCaslin
It’s almost as if dealing with a despotic authoritarian could be dangerous.
Ja Tc
Só tenho uma tristeza imensa, pela mulher e Filhos. É o que faz ter proximidade com o Kremlin.
Is anyone investigating those assigned to investigate these suspicious cases? Someone should look at their bank accounts.
“They sank while being towed home.” “What…?” “Sorry, killed in apartment by dead man.”
David Haney
I would not be surprised to see Abramovich on the hit list . Someone needs to deal with Putin and soon . IF they can get to him and I almost certain thats the only hold up .
WasWeißIch 345
You should make a longer video out of this, who they were, what exactly happened.
Point Man
I wonder if Navalny is regretting his decision to go back to Russia given the way things have turned out.
major tom
4:05 “That kind of thing is just what Russia does” is not true. It’s Putin himself.
To tell the truth in an age of deceit is a revolutionary act.
If it had been FSB operations, they had been more successful or willing to cover the traces as in the Navalny or Skripal or Litvinenko incidents…
Typically, the rich live longer. Except in Russia.
olygarchs are realized the drawbacks of being close to a dictator
Recently we’ve seeing some excellent reporting on issues that matter. Can we get this all the time instead of the usual corporate shill bias?
Toby Ding
MSNBC: so what should our newscaster looks like?” Boss:”imagine you just bought a bag of potatoes that haven’t been washed, with dirt and bruises on it.” Boss:”Oh and put a pair of glasses on it, you want that thing to look like it is educated.”
Jorge Coe
Why would you especulate on their being a possibility of the Kremlin being involved. You could be arrested for such statement.
If Trump is elected we can expect the same sorts of laws against free speech
Leslie Ann Ashing
when these entire families “died”, who gets their fortunes?
1 instance is a tragedy, two is a bad day, but more so soon means something up. Maybe they were forced to this or face worse consequences…….😖
Sander de Boer
Makes me think of the scene in ‘the firm’ when the FBI confronts the lawyer that he works in a law firm with a high death rate.
Ryan Gibson
Spain and Russia are in cahoots. I find it weird that the Spanish POTUS sealed his travel logs a week before.
Nathan Aramco
He was murdered by the SBU and his family was murdered and they made it look like he killed his family. It is disgusting
Thomas Chapple
Murdering people gets complicated, especially if they are in a circle of power rather than dissidents. Apart from the logistics you never know if someone is connected to a particular group. The chain of command would have to be rigid and trusting. Who decides who lives or dies,? Is useful or is a risk?
What a mass murderer does! Normally stopped and locked up by now though
Howard Bradley
Killed by the security services
Michael Wachendorf
Oh my god 😳 and he’s still in power WHY?
Wow, that’s just depressing. Mikhail Kordokovsky is looking more like the fortunate one.
They weren’t murders, they were special existential operations.
Julian Bradley
I’m struggling to feel sympathy but the children and spouses, shame.
Caution Human Being
Well this easily explains why people are afraid to tell him what he needs to hear.
Claudio Serra Brun
Solidarity with Ukraine! Ukraine heroically resists the Russian invasion. Get out Russian soldiers from Ukraine, Go back to Moscow and capture the tyrant! Judge and Convict him for War Crimes and Genocide! Slava Ukrayini Glory to Ukraine
Alan Marston
I am just old enough to have heard this before.
Richard Brown
I’m curious as to what happens to the wealth / money and other assets controlled / owned by the oligarchs given that not only the oligarchs, but also their immediate families are dying? Who gets that wealth?
Zawisza Czarny
Considering France and Germany was delivering arms even after the embargo we can only imagine what was really going on between western europeans and Russia. Seams like some of them knew to much and could bring downfall to those goverments.
“If the man is gone, so is the problem.” – Stalin
Michelle Schultz
Gotta hand it to Putin. He knows how to deal with his political enemies. The Soviet way.
I get the strange impression that being an Oligarch could be hazardous to your health.
Textbook KGB/FSB stuff, although it could just as easily be some CIA/SBU stuff. It’s weird that this isn’t getting more exposure.
Pakesh De
I feel like if they were not murdered they would have fallen down a elevator shaft, through a window, then into some bullets. But of course we all know who wacked them and why of course..
bibi bibi
I attended the Southbank University London UK where ex KGB OFFICERS were in my MBA Course in 1992 – and when in Class the Lecturer asked us what we would do to deal with Competition, and the KGB Guys stood up laughing and said that they *would SHOOT THEIR COMPETITION *=🤣🤣🤣🤣This is the mentality of KGB/PUTIN 😅🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣&This what will happen to their aiding /abetting UK /EU Lawfirms as they hold the 🗝️🇬🇧💯Key to their 🖤🤑assets
My More
Me: Looking around. Putin: It wasn’t me. Me: Of course NOT.
Rosemarie Bredahl
The GOP should consider this when they imagine that they’ll be more powerful with Trump calling the shots.
HeartDoc Andrew
“Curious Number Of Russian Oligarchs Have Died Since Invasion Of Ukraine” so let’s “Convince It Forward” with Slava BOHU
Dann Marceau
“Just coincidence.”🙄
Kraft Lubin
“…22 yrs have been in power, 25 journalists have been murdered. Apparently, they just…fell out of a window” 🤣🤣🤣 classical Russian Mafia tales
Christophor Faust
Just how many Russian oligarchs are there? They seem to be dropping like flys. Which bring to mind, isn’t Putin an oligarch? Things that make you go hummm…
Tom F
It just makes it more likely certain people will get their heads together and take out putin. People who may be worried that they may be next.
This would be, to paraphrase Trump, a “genius” move on the part of Putin
In the case of the rich people that made (pilfered) money from the RUSSIAN PEOPLE, I don’t have lot of sympathy in the first place. But you do have to wonder how they can get to these people in place like LONDON or Scandinavian countries.
Otro Librepensador
Putin ordered his Army in Mariupol that “not even a fly can get in”… Someone brilliantly wrote: “Zelensky finally got his wish: A NO FLY zone”… 😂
Кирилл Александрович
Kara Murza poisoned twice, survived with no health problems. Either poisons do not work (which begs for question why to use them at first place?) or he is unique poison immune human being.
why am I wasting my time on this
“Zey vere just depressed, vats ze big deal” – FSB
tSwVxYas TswvyeEj
When you are so rich, you need a large army to protect you and your family.
Marylynn Hughes
So glad to see you back Ali❗
Paul Gibbon
Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.
Mary McGuire
Psychopathology is IMPULSE driven, and quite aggressively so, along with sadistic enjoyment.
For balance, it’s worth remembering Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowdon, Jeffrey Epstein, etc.
Where’s Bond when you need him.
bar sam
𝗥𝘂𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗮-𝗨𝗸𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗪𝗮𝗿: 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗿𝗮 𝗕𝗼𝘅 𝗶𝘀 𝗢𝗽𝗲𝗻 The ramifications of this war run much deeper than the impact it will cause to those directly involved in the conflict. It will reshape the world, as it is likely that other latent frictions between countries and territories will be activated as a consequence of the Russia-Ukraine situation. This war just opened an era of wars, small and large, between different peoples. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently said that this war could easily become “the biggest war in Europe since 1945”, and I agree. If countries with similar backgrounds cannot reach agreement between them, then how much more likely it is that several countries that have big differences and ancient conflicts may easily slip into war for no apparent justifiable reason. On a personal level, it saddens me to see how fate turns around and once again we find ourselves at war. I am sorry and restless since I have many students in Russia and Ukraine who are under threat and feel how the deteriorating situation is affecting them and the whole world. In Israel, too, I have many students who follow with concern what is happening in Eastern Europe, anxious about the fate of their family members and friends. My hope is that the manifestations of hatred between the Russians and the Ukrainians will stop soon, two peoples who have lived side by side throughout history. If it were still possible, I would give everything I could to silence, calm down, avoid the escalation, but this is impossible for now. There is not much that we can do at this stage. We can only long for peace and a ceasefire, talk about all parties showing restraint. The parties in conflict could follow the example of the Native American tribes who buried their hostility in a ceremony during which previously warring tribes agreed to settle their differences and live in harmony, and sealed their agreement by the chief of each tribe burying a war hatchet in the ground. Such a scenario does not look realistic under the current circumstances. Thus, above the forces of hostility, above the egoism and control as the driving forces of all the conflicts in the world, we can only raise a global prayer for peace, asking that we all get along with everyone. Because only in the power of connection and in the connection between our hearts, can a great positive force arise, a force that is able to unite all parties, to reconcile the haters, to awaken the truth in us all that we all belong to one soul. As it is written, “He who makes peace in His heights, may He make peace upon us…” (The Book of Job, 25:2)
Sniper 1s2k
🇺🇦🙏 Glory to Ukraine 🙏🇺🇦
Mind and Body
I thought everyone would be happy since you wanted to sanction the Oligarchs….so which is it? Love Russian Oligarchs or hate Russian Oligarchs?
Andy Ochieng
What I love about history is that we all know how it ends for Dictators. It’s never pretty
Herman ten Klooster
“It was entirely accidental. He shot himself in the back of the head six times.”
Jerome Narimole
What a sad story indeed UNBELIEVABLE happening
john winner
Some say it’s better to be feared then respected other say you live longer if your respected.
Bill Black
You forgot about the doctors who complained of being over worked during the pandemic and massive people sick and dying that literally had doctors and nurses working insane hours!!!!
Lee B
And this is the man that so many republicans look up to and admire.
William Mudloff
If I were a Russian Oligarch right now, I’d be crappin’ my pants-DAILY!!
Dmitry Deev
it’s comical how the term “oligarch” is overused(and misused)
Conservatives, knowing all of this about Putin, would rather have him as president if it meant they’d be in power.
Fahd S
terrorizing, murdering, decapitating opponents was common place in human society for most of history …. its sickening to hear about such heinous crimes still happening in modern times
Great reporting MSNBC
David Handley
I think the take away from this is, just because you are loyal to Putin, doesn’t mean that he will be loyal to you!
Ajile Branch
I’m not saying the Mad Fatter is indebted to Putin, but it’s probably best if he stays on the first floor and has Don Jr. pretest his KFC. Just saying….🙄
He’s become more paranoid, delusional, irrational, desperate, and dangerous—it’s what dictators do.
David Johnson
Boy, years ago after watching the movie “The Omen” and its sequels, I thought the character Damien was the personification of evil, but now, watching how Putin operates, Damien can take some lessons!
Lars Ronæs
“400 million dollars, textbook example of an oligarch”…? I thought oligarchs (being so very powerful) were supposed to be rich? I’m terms of being rich and powerful 400 mio. $ isn’t much, I would rather suspect oligarchs to have dozens of billions of dollars.
Katie Hettinger
Trumpkin should be looking poverty his shoulder about now, he knows to much.
Iain Pirie
Many of these oligarchs will have seen their business suffer as a result of sanctions. I can actually believe that if they had long-term mental health issues etc that the pressure of the situation pushed them over the edge. I entirely opposed to the invasion of Ukraine and clearly Putin has killed dissidents in the past but I can the official version being true in this case
The more crap you got, then the more crap you got in your way. Deep thought from my Highmagination 😌
Kate Riviello
Who got their money and positions at oil companies? No way they offed themselves!
Kim Carstensen
You are a GREAT and thanks for filling in for Rachel Maddow. Always enjoy hearing you.
Google User
The BBC interviewed that first guy when they first sanctioned the oligarchs and he said it didn’t affect him but it was stupid.
Laura Lafauve
Welcome back. Wish there was better news. Remember when Russian doctors kept falling out of windows, too?
Like they say: “money don’t bring happiness” This is also a testimony to how well organized is Putin if he managed to get rid of so many rich and powerful people while none of them managed to get rid of him.
I can not understand, after all that how Russian people still believe Putin.
Ed Hart
No way, the killers locked the door on their way out.
jus sayin
If this keeps up there’s going to be a lot of orphan super yachts up for sale.
Elsie Schmaltz
Or because Putin drove them crazy because he is crazy and those that are with him and still know what kind of person he really is. I think Pu- tinman prabably had alot to do about it .It was really sad that we did not acknowledge about Pu tinman sooner who has no 💜.
Photography by Janet Lee
Ari you are doing a fabulous job filling in for Rachel. You two are a fantastic team!
Ruby Testarossa
Four obscenely wealthy oligarchs and their families, who all lived lives of unimaginable luxury, are dead. They gained their wealth on the backs of the Russian people who live lives of crushing poverty. I feel as much sympathy for them as they felt for the Russian people they robbed and cheated.
I have an isolated shack in the high country of Australia that I could rent out for a really good price.
I’m guessing their fortunes get funnelled back to Vlad to prop up his own sinking fortunes.
Sheri Evans
DeFenestration, is, I believe, the term used to describe death by ‘falling’ out of a window. A favoured method by those seeking to rid themselves of an inconvenient individual/colleague/family member etc…. Affording deniability and difficulty in determining causation and/culpability.
One would think that if you made $400 million from deals with the Kremlin, that you’d have a 24/7 security detail from the best of the best.
Followthemoney always
So sad but we all know who is capable of directing or bring that kind of outcome on a regular basis to anyone in Russia.
New Moon
Oligarchs are under a lot of stress lately, I’m certain. Caught between the proverbial rock and hard place as they are. I could see them losing their almost certainly already paranoid minds.
Carlton Hubert
Everything is getting out of hand Russian fu💫king up the world
Surge of Rescues & Gaming
I’m so sick of Russia at this point. YES, I said Russia! I know that Putin is the one calling the shots, but the fact that the people of Russia are letting one man trample over their lives like this is absolutely pathetic.
Pieszczoch Leo
Thanks for that podcast. I wonedered who would do it first. Finally. We need more of this and in greater detail. Journalists deserve a podcast dedicated to them.
Richard Flower
It’s a way of getting their money without worrying about heirs.
James Sanchez
Probably be a good opportunity for the US to offer protection for certain groups of people.
Gato delluvia
Add here all doctors who “accitently” fell out from windows or had other acctients leading to death when was pandemia beginning. There is lot more from other professions.
It’s like the dozen JPMorgan executive “suicides” following the subprime mortgage fiasco in 2014… 🤷🏼‍♀🤷‍♀🤷🏻‍♀
This is what happens when you give bad advice to a Dictator. Someone somehow needs to remove permanently that very dictator!!!
arumugam kanesanathan
When Trump got elected by open free democratic society you know the world has gone mad completely.
John Cox
Putin to Russia: “Keep your head down and your mouth shut”.
sean h
it’s more than disappointing to see how quickly the local police go with the suicide narratives
Mac Lanty
Regarding Putin “paranoid socialpath” My take on history: Lenin; Stalin; Hitler; Kadafi; Hussain; Noriega; etc. How will Putin end?, Sooner than expected i suppose, His fear is how not when. Lifes actions are great equaliserz ~
Pho-King Soup
But we’re suppose to believe Russia invaded Ukraine because of Russia’s love of Russian speakers…
peter k
Is it a “curious number of Russians have died…” or ‘a number of Russians have curiously died’?
“The Russian people will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors and will simply spit them out like a gnat that accidentally flew into their mouths — spit them out on the pavemen. I am convinced that such a natural and necessary self-purification of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity, cohesion and readiness to respond to any challenges.” – Putin
Excellent Reporting. My respect to Ali and his team.
Graeme Read
While one little sadist tries to rule by fear, and lives in fear. His nemesis is radiating strength, honour integrity and full on “grit, gaining admiration and respect across the globe .Something that must inflame poo-tin’s insatiable need to be seen as a ‘big boy’.
Chris Maggio
Bet their fortunes are somehow “returned to the government” for disposition…
Joseph Kokomo
It’s not ‘telechinko’. it’s telecinco, pronounced like ‘tell a sink, oh’. Ali made me laugh with that one.
diana armstrong
When you make a deal with the devil you have the devil to pay.
Putin: “I need money.” Russian Oligarchs: “You need a loan from us, right?” Putin: Just stare at them with a loaded gun in his hand Russian Oligarchs: “A loan, right? Right?”
Matthew Colorado
Remember: Oligarch is just a CEO. Same difference. Both Titles have more money than they could spend in a lifetime.
Gimi Gimi
It was that paranoid little man. My granny always use to say” Small dogs are the worst ones” And I am sure she was right. All 5footers I know seem to have mental issues
Stephanie Phillips
No way…this has Putin written all over it!
Lost Cylon
Isn’t it a coincidence that these were the last words any of them heard…. ”Putin thanks you for your service…”
Princess Bella
Looks like some one did a deal with the devil and now the devil’s come to collect his due.
Rik Hendriks
Come on now, Putin wouldn’t hurt a fly (even spit it out carefully!).
Casey Ford
You should lock all the corrupt people up and take all their money Then use it to make everything far better than they ever could.
Making it look like a scucide … a russian classic!
Tanner Huxtable
We’re assuming Putin is doing this, but weren’t some of these people Putin’s allies? Are we gonna assume it was the Russians when, let’s face it, lots of other people would like to see Russian oligarchs falling out of windows. Cui bono?
John Bodnar
As always Mr. Velshi is a talented reporter.
Ramon Cortabitarte
Seriously ? This has got Putin all over it. That maniac is totally out of control.
bo peep
This is Putin’s message to others.
Now there’s a question… these days in Moscow which profession is more detrimental to your health?… An oligarch or a window cleaner…tough one ain’t it. Well, when you lie down with dogs don’t be surprised if you pick up the odd flee or two.
Obinna Chiagoro
The coincidence is too close for comfort….. Their deaths need investigation
Jim Haldeman
We need more-of this, starting with Pootie
Ann Nee
But clearly Putlers close circle isn’t afraid enough that it’ll happen to them to strike first… Good for them.
Shoo Shoo
Nothing mysterious about it. Everyone knows who ordered their murders.
Here’s a thought if Putin had to make a law against anyone forming any opinion outside of the one he tells them they MUST think isn’t that proof enough of who the bad guy is? The fact that 15 years in prison is given if you even slightly tell the TRUTH about what’s happening is disturbing!
Russia: These are “Special Retirement Operations” for Oligarchs in bad standing.
Roy Singh
The pattern, timing and cause is too obvious to be coincidental. That’s what happens when the pressure becomes far greater than the will to live.
I know who Putin will keep safe and stay alive from this war ….. when he look at mirror the guy in the mirror that it the one he love and care. R.I.P for this family. So poor them.
Terence Bates
“Since every country stands in numerous and various relations with the other countries of the world, and many, our own among the number, exercise actual authority over some of these, a knowledge of the established rules of international morality is essential to the duty of every nation, and therefore of every person in it who helps to make up the nation, and whose voice and feeling form a part of what is called public opinion. Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject. It depends on the habit of attending to and looking into public transactions, and on the degree of information and solid judgment respecting them that exists in the community, whether the conduct of the nation as a nation, both within itself and towards others, shall be selfish, corrupt, and tyrannical, or rational and enlightened, just and noble.”
Zig Email
Well you would think that if putin was responsible for all of those things, that there had to be a good reason. And if there was a reason then all these people would stop Messing around. One more thing, if they did business with putin, I’m sure they did business w other world politicians and business leaders
Olga Doudesh
The west hasn’t spoken much about the murder of an important member of the Ukranian peace talk delegation, Denis Kireev. He was killed by Ukranian Security Services when being arrested. He was the one who was really interested in achieving peace. It seems like he was the only one in Ukraine and the West.
Phil A
Funny how these oligarchs keep falling over and over again on stabbing knives… An accident, in Putin’s Russia, can happen so fast if you’re not careful….
Space Lemur
If Putin asks his cabinet or other officials a question about policy or the status of, say, his military forces, what are the odds of his getting an honest answer?
Peter Adler
It’s always very dangerous to make the truth available to the public. I just think about someone who leaked American war crimes in Irak and is now already for more than 8 years a prisoner, not poisoned, not stabbed not shot, but still stripped of human liberty. We should rethink this thoroughly, if we want to make a difference !
Don’t forget, that regardless of the truth in those cases and rest in peace to them, NEVER TRUST THE RUSSIANS.
Chloe Key
Trump admires Putin because he does this sort of thing. I’m sure desantis would love that power too
Robert Rool
Many are under huge pressure, they are uncertain about the future and how much they stand to lose. Any issues between spouses are probably worse than before. Oligarchs don’t want to lose neither their money or control they have over their closest people, a lot of them consider themselves to be boss in workplace and home as well. Wives who can’t buy Dior or D&G anymore and no longer can shopping tours to Paris or London are giving them hard time.
Good one Medi! “The Kremlin could be involved”.
Russia needs a window safety inspector. They clearly have a problem with the design.
Tim Ehrler
That bucks any life insurance mortality table I’ve ever seen!
Cinzia M
During Covid, I heard of at least three doctors who dissented with the state’s stance/numbers also mysteriously fell out of windows to their deaths.
Justice Vanpool
You have to be nuts to want to be in this guy’s circle. I guess the only consolation is that he has so many people on his list that the chances of your number coming up are relatively small.
I have never forgiven them for poisoning an innocent member of the public with a carelessly discarded perfume bottle. I hope to see the day when those responsible are dealt with.
Arizona Southbound
Imagine being an assassin and you got to ax a child to send a message…
Cali Kiwi
A person committing suicide by gun is NEVER found holding the gun, the body’s reaction to being shot would be to drop the gun at the point of death…
Debbie Flaherty
Surely trump’s idol would never do something heinous! Oh yeah….he has other people do his dirty work FOR him. My bad.
Sherwood Egbert
This is a preview of DJT #2. Vote wisely, America. 😪
Spindle & Swift
If you sell your soul to the devil, you never know when he’ll come to collect.
Journeys In This Crazy World
Sounds like cleaning house unfortunately. Prayers to all their families
Willy juan
Come on guys we know they didn’t killed themselves…murder for hire
Markus Pemler
Someone keeps his table clean. Someone who is mighty enough to do/order this but is cowardly aware of his true weakness.
Toni Marie
Yes. The US wouldnt stop people telling the truth, would they? Thats what julian did.. it’s like ‘call your enemy what you are ‘..
Morris Phillips
This was a hit job, now I know what’s on the minds of Republicans.
CuriousCat LabInc
So little Vlad in addition to ‘special operation’ crimes in a neighbor country and a lot of other crimes is now also a cereal killah? Yeah, I know I’m kind of beating around the bush, but it’s the only way to get through sometimes.
Janina Kosowsska
Sława Ukraina Sława Żeleński wielki CZŁOWIEK Prezydent UKRAINY ❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍
Leave to Russian leaders to come up with new euphemisms for “apparent suicide due to two shots to the back of the head” and “accidental defenestration”.
“Man poisons himself, ties hands behind his back, shoots himself in the head and jumps off the roof of a 20 story building. There’s no suspicion of foul play.”
Chris M
I expect these were most likely murdered to cover the trail of where all the military money went when it was stolen.
javier ortega
[Irony] Guys, please, respect the domestic [government] violence… If we understand “domestic” as Rusia as entire house. This is the next level of Sopranos´s mafia behavior: “Sopranovski”, or how VP eliminates his colleagues when he is the good father and his days are in countdown
And if trump gets reelected , putin could come live over here and guess they would do the same over here.
JJ Magnificent
“The kremlin could be involved” You don’t say…
Shiv Nanda
The whole of Russia needs to protest…
Davis Designs
He fell from the ninth floor He hanged himself He slipped on a piece of soap while washing He hanged himself He slipped on a piece of soap while washing He fell from the ninth floor He hanged himself while washing He slipped from the ninth floor He hung from the ninth floor He slipped on the ninth floor while washing He fell from a piece of soap while slipping He hung from the ninth floor He washed from the ninth floor while slipping He hung from a piece of soap while washing. “In Detention” – Chris Van Wyk
Andrew Daley
Follow the money, what has happened to the Oligarch’s funds?
Tim Allsopp
Great story Ali. Good to see you and you are doing a superb job!
Mr Myth
And let me guess…all their assets have been absorbed by the state.
Uyi Osa
Putin – the man who inspires Trump and and his supporters. My heart goes out to those Americans who see what’s coming and doing all they can to stop it. To those who are either asleep or chose to play the ostrich, for want of a better expression, good luck with your sleep.
Dan Rolczynski
I’m curious; is this a refining process from the top down, or a vengence action from the bottom up?
Bambina Forever
There should be some downside of stealing and living beyond one’s means. Remembering Nelson from Simpsons “ha ha”
War Footage
And since capitalism started hundreds of thousands have died, and have gone to their graves with empty pockets.
Rocio Bany
Putin’s stamp & warning to his cronies * I also wonder if it wasn’t monetary gain to Putin’s pocket & or they spoke their minds against the evil one ! May they rest in peace 🌹🙏
agustin hidalgo
Putin: promise you won’t say anything?? Ok good I beleive you….
j coop
Pupin needs more money to steal.
David Pak
West should treated Yeltsin with all the help and respect..though he was erratic and had many shortfalls, he was humane and had no hatreds toward westerners..
The Geoffrey Giuliano Channel
I guarantee you all intelligence agencies have apparatus means and ways to lock a door on the inside from the outside pretty much a piece of cake
Colin Beck
Putin was ambulance chaser for the KGB. His job was to drum up some business for the boss. Today there are 180,000 Russian ambulance chasers in the Ukraine doing exactly the same thing.
Vic toews
NATO “Canadian” General in Ukraine. Lt. General Trevor Cadieu was to take over command of Canadian Army until he was bogged down with sexual misconduct alligations. What do our leaders do? Arrange for his “retirement” and on April 5th off he goes to Ukraine to volunteer. Some of us Canadians think, speculate, that he is in the Azov steel plant with other NATO generals.
Joe Nathan White
Its just a hard life to live as oligarchs, thats all.
The Collector
I used to think “Enemy of the State” and ” Cloak and Daggers” were just movies 🎬 🥸💀💣
i wish someone did a story about similar cases the chinese gov did in hong kong
august west
“Special family meeting “
Vary Olla
Meh! During Soviet times the klamentura underwent periodic upsets as existing power structures were supplanted by newer ones. Dictators know not to allow those in thrall to them to get too comfortable nor to exist for too long lest they begin to amass influence for themselves. Poo-tang is still very much an old Soviet.
basil tozer
It’s a bit like a high up politician in the USA and everyone joking about the people around them committing suicide.
When things go sideways, money hiding ratholes often get popped like human money-filled pimples.
Doesn’t sound like much of an incentive to become an Oligarch.
Juggi Ramakrishnan
And this is what the US can expect if DeSantis ever gets in the white house. It’s a slippery slope, folks and DeSantis is how it starts to slip.
Dan Cook
So strange friends of trumps maybe
Chris Lee
Anyone who thinks Trump and his cronies wouldn’t attempt the same if there was a chance they’d get away with it are deluding themselves
Lynne Green
And where has their money gone? Getting rid of the immediate family is a big part of allowing lawyers to tie up wills in court for years, thus allowing the government (Putin) to swoop in and claim at least part of it for himself. Maybe to help fight the war in Ukraine, or more than likely to help feather his own nest for when he loses power.
shawn leblanc
So Spain thinks its domestic violence. They might want to look at those findings a bit more.
Turd Ferguson
Those weren’t murders. They were special disciplinary operations.
Trentley Newman
To a degree I don’t see why this is even on the news what are you trying to convince us to go to war
tingeling island
when????? is this madman going to be stopped?
M Light
Sudden deaths (domestic violence, suicide, murder, execution) are different from disappearances where there is no body. While both terrorize the community, sudden death is immediate and wide-spread.
Mendje Lire
Four Russians were killed last summer in a spa in a resort in Albania. Albanian police could not figure out what did they die from so they called the Russians to investigate. We never heard back from them. This has been going on for as long as Putin has been in power, it may have intensified now that the psychopath is nearing his natural expiration. May God hear our prayers and stop hoping that he will learn any lessons and send the grim reaper for him and save humanity, Ukraine, and above all the Russian People.
The Ronin
The guy who just started selling window locks in Russia must be super happy. 🤣
I wonder what Vince Foster, Webb Hubbell, Jeffrey Epstein, etc. knew about Putin?
Toni Yturralde
It is really sad for their families. Coincidences that they were associated with Russian’s powerful?
Let’s just hope Vlad won’t trip over a vial of Novichok next.
Edward Rivera
Don’t forget that one millionaire that was flying and his plane went down mysteriously
lee wang
When I hear about these crooks cashing out it makes me happier than a Ukrainian scrap metal dealer.
Judyth Baker
Oh no! He is a liberator, a super- hero, and is a great and humble man who will go down in history. And I mean, down.
If I was a Russian journalist I’d have a single story house.
You complete me.
The answer loud and clear.,DON’T MESS WITH RUSSIA.
You can lock a door from the outside if you know how, have the right tools or were a paid housekeeper/hitman
The Sun
Were they standing in the way of Ukraine from becoming a Total War? Or the Opposite?
Chuck Taylor
If you play with the devil , you will get burnt.
dekel polak
World War III Has Begun; How It Unfolds Depends on Us We think of the Russia-Ukraine war as a local conflict, but it is much more than that; it is a global war on multiple fronts. The war is not only a military conflict; it is also an economic war of attrition. With skyrocketing gas prices and shortage of staples, people all over the world are feeling the consequences of the war. This war is transforming the entire modus operandi of humanity. Since the dawn of time, we have been accustomed to living by the motto, “survival of the fittest.” By and large, the rule was that the strong determined the rules, and the rules were often abusive toward the weak. Now, it seems like a new mindset has set in: Wanting something and being strong enough to take it does not mean that the world will accept it. The war, therefore, is being fought on the inside no less, and perhaps more than on the outside. Our very makeup is changing from abusive to cooperative, from narcissistic to altruistic. It hurts, and it will not happen without a struggle, but it is irreversible. This is the path of our evolution toward the purpose of our creation—to encompass within us all of creation. To do that, we must come to care for it, just as a mother encompasses her child through her maternal love. The struggle to transition from our current uncaring and mean approach to all creations but ourselves, into wise and compassionate beings is called “the war of Gog and Magog” or Armageddon. Since the war is about our inner makeup, we can fight it within us. If we object to struggling with ourselves over who will rule—the ego or love—the physical reality will force us to choose love nonetheless. However, it will do so by hurting us in a very physical way. The war in Eastern Europe is nothing compared to what we might have to endure if we resist the process. The horrific descriptions of our sages and prophets hint at it, and we would not want to live through it. Alternatively, we can fight this war within us without firing a single bullet. The choice is in our hands. All we need is to continue in the same direction that nature is already leading us: toward connection. If we make an effort to care for one another, even though initially we don’t, then we are moving in the right direction. If we try to resolve conflicts not with guns or even legal battles, but by strengthening the care and friendship between us, then we are saving lives and sparing torments from countless people. In conclusion, let us try to rise above the hatred and see the human on the other side, who suffers too. Let us think that this war was given to us so we would think about each other more than we have so far. After all, were it not for this war, we would not notice one another. Now that it is here, we are no longer indifferent. Although our feelings our currently negative, now that we are aware of them, we can work on them together and turn them around. These are the wars of the Messiah who moshech [Hebrew: pulls] us out of the ego, and into mutual love.
Davey Creeker
The recoil from a handgun held by a person that has shot themselves in the head, prevents the gun from being retained in that cold dead hand. Murder suicide or triple murder?
This is not murder. This is a special suicide operation. These guys were depressed because they 100 million euro yachts were seized. It was hard for them to live without the 100 million euro yachts.
Steve Robinson
I’m sure with most if not all of the family members dead as well, their fortunes might just end up in the Russian Treasury.
Elizabeth Cook
Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one to wonder about this.🙄
Meserbee Chek
If this is the tradition of clearing opposition and those who pose a threat to national security I would add myself, an American ex-pat, who is living in his homeland, who also narrowly avoided a similar situation after a night in an underground sauna drinking and feasting and almost slipping on wet tiles. It is not limited to Russian oligarchs. Look a little deeper. It applies to ALL opposition to the Kremlin and Moscow’s powers.
Jonnie Mae Middletonlotte
It is what Putin is know for when he is done with them or they don’t like what he is doing. They were involved is dangerous goings on. I think they must have know it, gambled on the association, and lost. Fair play is out the window.
Vynida Lopes
Unconnected? Hmmm….🤔
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman
“Locked from the inside.” That hasn’t been a thing since the big old church keys.
David Holmes
This is like the character Napoleon in the book Animal Farm using the dogs to get rid of anyone that may pose a threat.
I know who’s responsible for all of those Russian 🇷🇺 oligarchs dead’s. The same person who invaded Ukraine 🇺🇦
Hey it truly couldn’t be happening to better people. Slava Ukraine!
freaky disorder
what about whistle blowers telling the truth like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, sharing the truth?
bibi bibi
I attended the Southbank University London UK where ex KGB OFFICERS were in my MBA Course in 1992 – and when in Class the Lecturer asked us what we would do to deal with Competition, and the KGB Guys stood up laughing and said that they *would SHOOT THEIR COMPETITION *=🤣🤣🤣🤣This is the mentality of KGB/PUTIN 😅🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣&This what will happen to their aiding /abetting UK /EU Lawfirms as they hold the 🗝️🇬🇧💯Key to their 🖤🤑assets
Anthony Gladden
Putin’s greed knows no bounds! They all should fear for their lives and their families lives!
You might as well include the Russian doctors who got thrown out of the hospital windows during the onset of covid 19.
Austin P.
Why is the media acting like Putin killing opposition is this new concept they just thought of lol
It actually sounds like a plot of a “James Bond” novel. 😶
Special “Accidental Liberation” Operations. Literally.
Silvia Shefa
𝗥𝘂𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗮-𝗨𝗸𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗪𝗮𝗿: 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗿𝗮 𝗕𝗼𝘅 𝗶𝘀 𝗢𝗽𝗲𝗻 The ramifications of this war run much deeper than the impact it will cause to those directly involved in the conflict. It will reshape the world, as it is likely that other latent frictions between countries and territories will be activated as a consequence of the Russia-Ukraine situation. This war just opened an era of wars, small and large, between different peoples. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently said that this war could easily become “the biggest war in Europe since 1945”, and I agree. If countries with similar backgrounds cannot reach agreement between them, then how much more likely it is that several countries that have big differences and ancient conflicts may easily slip into war for no apparent justifiable reason. On a personal level, it saddens me to see how fate turns around and once again we find ourselves at war. I am sorry and restless since I have many students in Russia and Ukraine who are under threat and feel how the deteriorating situation is affecting them and the whole world. In Israel, too, I have many students who follow with concern what is happening in Eastern Europe, anxious about the fate of their family members and friends. My hope is that the manifestations of hatred between the Russians and the Ukrainians will stop soon, two peoples who have lived side by side throughout history. If it were still possible, I would give everything I could to silence, calm down, avoid the escalation, but this is impossible for now. There is not much that we can do at this stage. We can only long for peace and a ceasefire, talk about all parties showing restraint. The parties in conflict could follow the example of the Native American tribes who buried their hostility in a ceremony during which previously warring tribes agreed to settle their differences and live in harmony, and sealed their agreement by the chief of each tribe burying a war hatchet in the ground. Such a scenario does not look realistic under the current circumstances. Thus, above the forces of hostility, above the egoism and control as the driving forces of all the conflicts in the world, we can only raise a global prayer for peace, asking that we all get along with everyone. Because only in the power of connection and in the connection between our hearts, can a great positive force arise, a force that is able to unite all parties, to reconcile the haters, to awaken the truth in us all that we all belong to one soul. As it is written, “He who makes peace in His heights, may He make peace upon us…” (The Book of Job, 25:2)
Hubert Schmitt
What does USA and Britain do with Assange? Shouldn’t this be investigated and the responsible ones held accountable?
ciara respect
That’s the trouble when you let these thieves go around the world in flash places like Spanish resorts and spend their way into decent society
Ellenor Bovay
The Kremlin’s retirement program is a real bummer! On the bright side, you don’t have to worry about outliving your savings! Be very careful if someone tells you, “Putin is visiting and he’s bringing donuts!” .
Dylan Hicks
MSNBC finally focusing on some real news.
Neil Rusling
RT- “Man accidently brutally cuts of head of his wife, children and himself while combing his hair, nothing to see here”
q zorn
at least putin’s military general retirement program is working very well… it is called “6 feet under mother russia” 🤣 glory to Ukraine 💝🤳🌻🍞
putin is frank underwood lol
Zelensky’s Net Worth is $596 Million US Dollars. Volodymyr Zelensky is a Ukrainian politician, former actor and comedian The estimate of his assets was set at US$979 million, a 20% growth, and his ranking increased from 9th to 6th wealthiest person in Ukraine. The article observed that Poroshenko remained one of the only two European leaders who owned a business empire of such scale
Russia and the cartel must play from the same book. Only difference is I haven’t seen russia behead anyone, but i wouldn’t put it past them. “Russian oligarch mysteriously falls 20 times on knife, ultimately beheading himself, then falls out a window.” wouldn’t be surprised if this was a future headline somewhere.
Once is circumstance, twice is coincidence but three times is enemy action — Al Capone (atrib.).
Catherine Wilson
Someone in the west needs to start a campaign to label Putin as a killer – comic style so it becomes his biggest legacy.
Pablo Hassan
Is it “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”?….. or is it “Keep your friends on the end of a leesh and your opposition 6 feet under”?…..
Aah yes the good old “falling out window” death
Perry Talledo
SECURITY For his personal safety, Putin is always surrounded by highly-trained bodyguards and heavily armed personnel. Even his own driver have to undergo rigid training on martial arts to protect him for ten years. These drivers are trained commandos capable of firing and reversing the car multaneously. Ahead of his foreign trips, his security staff, drivers of Presidential limousin car are flown in advance in a separate aircraft for safety purposes. During his road trips, Putin is always escorted by an armend motorcade. This motorcade include BMW 5 series, Mercedes G, S Class and Chevrolet support vehicles. HELICOPTERS For commuting from his home to the KREMLIN OFFICE, Putin uses two MIS helicopters. These helicopters have been modified for his comfort and above all safety. Presidential seats, communication systems and LCD screens have been installed inside the MIS helicopters. Moreover, these helicopters also have a mini-kitchen with refrigirators. Regarding his daily life-style, Putin’s suits, shoes and neck ties are worth tens of thousands of dollars. His single suit alone would cost around $5,000 to $ 10,000. Vladimir Putin also possessed an array of expensive watch collection worth $ 891,500. Moreover, reports have also revealed that Putin has stock worth a billon. FOR HIS OPPONENTS AND CRITICS, THESE LUXURIOUS LIFE-STYLE STANDS AS A CHALLENGE TO THE COUNTRY WHERE MILLIONS OF RUSSIAN PEOPLE STRUGGLE DAILY TO MEET THEIR DAILY NEEDS. .
Russell Bond
It’s not unusual for people like that to start dying when the guy in power in Russia/Soviet Union/Russia they have been using this form of expressing their extreme displeasure for nearly 2000 year’s watch what’s going to happen next
Frank Woodman Jr
The Russian retirement program leaves something to be desired.
Suzette Hayling
Really unfortunate turn of events 😢🙏
Chris Dampare
Goes to show you that evil dictators and mass murderers always feel they will live forever. Until they come face to face with the Judge of all flesh. God. Believe me, they will pay!!!
Oblivion Plain
Let’s be honest this surprises absolutely no one.
Brutally mudering former and low level gas company execs AND their families sends a strong message to any oligarchs that are thinking of regime change.
What are the odds that msnbc would do real investigative journalism in the US?
Sounds like sending a message more than a typical domestic violence case. That’s brutal what happened.
Ray Ninness
Putin remember was a KGB Agent, and they had a Finality when Dealing with any and All Decent!! 😱😱
Barbara Cameron at it again??????
Carlo Pinti
I think there will never be a tear to shed for these mobsters.
dena dar
𝗥𝘂𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗮-𝗨𝗸𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗪𝗮𝗿: 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗿𝗮 𝗕𝗼𝘅 𝗶𝘀 𝗢𝗽𝗲𝗻 The ramifications of this war run much deeper than the impact it will cause to those directly involved in the conflict. It will reshape the world, as it is likely that other latent frictions between countries and territories will be activated as a consequence of the Russia-Ukraine situation. This war just opened an era of wars, small and large, between different peoples. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently said that this war could easily become “the biggest war in Europe since 1945”, and I agree. If countries with similar backgrounds cannot reach agreement between them, then how much more likely it is that several countries that have big differences and ancient conflicts may easily slip into war for no apparent justifiable reason. On a personal level, it saddens me to see how fate turns around and once again we find ourselves at war. I am sorry and restless since I have many students in Russia and Ukraine who are under threat and feel how the deteriorating situation is affecting them and the whole world. In Israel, too, I have many students who follow with concern what is happening in Eastern Europe, anxious about the fate of their family members and friends. My hope is that the manifestations of hatred between the Russians and the Ukrainians will stop soon, two peoples who have lived side by side throughout history. If it were still possible, I would give everything I could to silence, calm down, avoid the escalation, but this is impossible for now. There is not much that we can do at this stage. We can only long for peace and a ceasefire, talk about all parties showing restraint. The parties in conflict could follow the example of the Native American tribes who buried their hostility in a ceremony during which previously warring tribes agreed to settle their differences and live in harmony, and sealed their agreement by the chief of each tribe burying a war hatchet in the ground. Such a scenario does not look realistic under the current circumstances. Thus, above the forces of hostility, above the egoism and control as the driving forces of all the conflicts in the world, we can only raise a global prayer for peace, asking that we all get along with everyone. Because only in the power of connection and in the connection between our hearts, can a great positive force arise, a force that is able to unite all parties, to reconcile the haters, to awaken the truth in us all that we all belong to one soul. As it is written, “He who makes peace in His heights, may He make peace upon us…” (The Book of Job, 25:2)
— Trump would adopt the same policies toward journalists, should this democracy fall under his rule.
Peter D
Don’t forget Litvinenko and the Skripals. One killed by deadly nuclear isotope and the others narrowly surviving attack with a long banned nerve agent in England, for god’s sake.
My God he’s killing the oligarchs now?!
Rob W
Echoes of the purges of Stalin…. Putin’s spirit animal.
Salty Dog
The new Russian law is akin to the draconian National Security Law in Hong Kong. Hmmm… 🤔
David Galbraith
sounds like ‘the Godfather’
toasted dingus
400 million is not an Oligarch. Ali even mentioned he was a manager…. These are the kind of people that die when Oligarchs are in trouble.
Tell me that FSB agents can’t lock the doors on the way out.
Ringo Cheeto from Rosemont
As Norm Macdonald would say……. “Putin…… I mean, this guy’s a real jerk!”
Pretty easy to use a key to lock the door behind you after murdering people.
vance orlando
This needs to happen to oligarchs world wide.
America: Look at these poor people being arrested for telling the truth… So unfair! Also America: So, when is Assange landing? Also America: Have anyone seen Snowden lately..? Also America: Did we really have to release Manning?
Paul Simmons
Putin is taking care of loose ends, fairly simple to figure out! Trump’s been a Putin pal and backer over the years, wonder if he’s requested more Secret Service over the last few weeks?
Ordinary Russians who disagree with Putin’s regime should just boycott the annual Victory parade on May 9.
Why are you all so upset at these dead oligarchs? They knew the game they were playing. Womp womp.
Marco Vucinic
finally some good stories! keep it up! this is my lullaby !
Killed a little girl with cerebral palsy. These people have no souls.
Sniper 1s2k
💀 Putin the Butcher!💀
Gerald Martin
The last thing we need is more Russian oligarchs.
is this a bad time to bring up Jason Bourne?
Dexter Smith
In Russia, if you look down into your cup of coffee and see a tiny fat lady singing, you should probably not drink it.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Windows and journalists definitely a fatal attraction.
Wendy’s World 💕
Just like I said with the other family they found I really don’t believe it’s a murder suicide …..his family died a horrible death so sad
Louise Cardinal
They might be next on extinction list they all deserve what’s coming their way
Renee S
Bogus charges handed down happens daily here too.
More to come…..
Justice Only
France might be like that if Le Pen is elected as the next French President
It is also conceivable that since the war many Russians who have built lives in the West, or even those left inside Russia but see what is really happening to their country, have fallen into suicidal despair at what is happening. This would mean that it is not mere coincidence, since it has a common cause (a loss of hope in the future of Russia, and their part in it), but neither need it be a planned state sponsored killing. This is not to say that the Russian regime is incapable of state sponsored killing, it clearly is very capable of that; but the deaths since February can also have other causes.
Hoodoo Texas
This is what happens when you put a KGB man in charge.
Dane Castañares
God has wisely and graciously withheld great riches from the majority of men, understanding that prosperity often destroys men.
Sean O
Wonder how much security has been beefed up in Mara Lago…
Claudia Cordoba
Only God can stop Putin as he did with Chavez in Venezuela. Be patient people, God is slow in anger yet very just.
Camilo Arango
It seems like a job well done by the secret special forces teams 😉
sun dromos
What are the chances that the recent severe sanctions so depressed these oligarchs that they ended their lives because of the hopelessness of their situations?
Who are killing these ppl? Anyone know for sure? It all depends on who would have easy access to the dead ppl wherever they lived.
Hunter Jackson
The Russian government is slowly losing control…
‘if my son’s didn’t want war,there will be no war ‘ Guthel Schnaper Rotchild –
I think these people just couldn’t bear the thought of having to be unrich.
S Alty
Hey Ali, your outfit tonight looks particularly good on you. Keep that blue combo in mind. And thanks for all your great coverage in the field!
Fine Mercury East Africa
Imagine living in a world Where there is no war, no, oh no (So pure and clean) Imagine that everyone you see Knows what we are living for, hmm (The great being) Oh, what a wonderful world it would be A world of love and peace, hmm ya When no evil can abide only righteousness And creed, yeah ah, yeah And we can do it if we only believe Yes we can do it if we only agree It’s your world and mine (Your world and mine) Your world and mine (Your world and mine) Your world and mine (Your world and mine) Imagine that everyone could give As much as they’d like to get, yah, yah, yah And imagine if everyone could learn To show each other respect, yah, yah, yah Oh, what a wonderful world it would be For you and me, yeah, yeah, yeah Then even the blind could see And the dead man could heal, whoa, oh ya ‘Cause we can do it if we only believe We can do it if we only agree It’s your world and mine (Your world and mine) Your world and mine (Your world and mine) Your world and mine (Your world and mine) Your world and mine (Your world and mine) Yes, imagine that everyone could love most I have the Savior (Father up above) And imagine if everyone could reverend The King of king and Lord of lords (Conquering lion) Oh, what a holy world it would be A world of tranquility (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Yes, what a beautiful world it would be A world of serenity (Yeah, yeah, yeah) ‘Cause we can do it if we only believe We can do it if we only agree It’s your world and mine (Your world and mine) Your world and mine (Your world and mine) Your world and mine (Your world and mine) Your world and mine (Your world and mine) Your world and mine (Your world and mine)
Joe Black
These are all pure coincidences. I fall out of windows all the time.
Rolinda Fara-on
very sad 😔. God will reveal the truth. God knows everything. 🙏
Rafal Wysocki
When you sell your soul to the devil eventually he’ll come to collect.
fire burn
So why puntin when you have those that’s trying to overthrow him ?
Putin be like, If I’m going down, I’m taking all y’all with me that I made rich.
Real Tijuana
So, Ali, tell us now about what your country’s government has been doing to Julian Assange. Are you even allowed to mention him on the air?
We can only pray that the owner of NBC is a Russian Oligarch.
Dawn Burns
great documentary.. thank youi
Bullet, ax and knife wounds, plus a hanging. “Obviously, all of these deaths are due to natural causes.” Moscow Medical Examiner.
ken adams
The oligarchs must be a ‘Special Operation’ , also.
how much money do these people leave behind? who gets to keep it? what does it take for the world leaders to get together and put an end to his reign of terror.
So why is Navalny still alive? They’ve got him, he’s a simple erasure.
Jorge M Rivera
Something similar to what happened to the Canadian truck drivers and whoever not agreed to the new normal trend?
Dylan Salacia
Can they please give Ali his own dailyy show?!!!!
And the people said that the USSR is no more “YEAH RIGHT”
Raymond Clark
I see these reports and think about Presidental debate where one candidate talks about Russia being a threat and gets laughed down 🙁
True Colors
When you make a Deal With the Devil he will eventually require your soul.
Channel 420
Thats Why DONALD TRUMP and His People Support , VLADIMIR PUTIN
Putin’s revenge has a long reach.
I feel so bad for those kids.
Perhaps this is why Trump thinks Putin is a genius.
IT’S TRUE – Quantity has a quality all of its own! Lol
Can u imagine living 24/7 in total FEAR?
Blackshirt- D
The KGB & FSB are known to do and warn Russians in this similar way. Break into your home/apt, without any signs of break ins, leave hints signs they were there, JUST to let you know they are always watching you, and at anytime, anywhere, they could get at you.
Kun tanay
If you work decades in the KGB what do you learn the best? You tell me.
Why don’t they stay and fight their government? Aren’t they supposed to be rich enough to influence their countries’ politics.
Someone should get Mr Spielgelhalter to work out if these are actually statistically unlikely or not. How far out of the ordinary is 25 journalists killed in 22 years? What is the normal rate of oligarch deaths? News is very bad at this sort of context-setting.
James Knott
Putin’s opponents have a bad habit of dying.
Kristina Pence
Whoa whoa, now I heard they all fell out the window, many stories up, after tripping on their own feet hit the ground on top of a grenade and a knife and then got hit by a truck! 😉
David from America
Putin’s way of sanctioning critics.
The Church of Silly Beggars
If Vladimir Putin had a brain injury he’d be Donald Trump.
gary bennett
Stalin rises again !
Music by Artemis@Nite
I love how these fools thought they could hide from Putin just by leaving Russia. I have no tears for oligarchs. I hope this scares our American ones, frankly.
Vlad can’t have those oligarch’s changing the passwords to his money.
A. Sobriquet
Why did the war in Ukraine precipitate these murders of oligarchs, though? Did they speak out against it?
Thanks for paying attention. You wonder why Trump was so intent on retaining power: he thought it would save him from his handler’s wrath.
Mike Rockwood
O just Putin, he’s such an honest man. Didn’t he just tell us his long range nukeuler missile wasn’t quite ready. Ready for who ?
Trump would do the same if he was still in power.
Ben Bachelder
I can’t say I’m against this! Let’s include all Oligarchs
Josiah Brush
This will eventually be Trump’s modus operandi if he returns to power.
Adam Kalb
This video got 1 million views in 1/2 a day! I know many of us are grateful that these oligarchs possibly committed suicide. Either it was Putin’s fault and he ordered them to be gone, or they could not take the heat for being his accomplices any longer after Ukraine started to fight back, and they had no other job after the US and other nations refused any more oil and gas services from Russia.
Natures Garlands
Old Sovjet saying ‘You purge around and you purge around, pretty soon you won’t be around.’
Wayne Lingrell
This should also happen to the WEF leaders. Maybe the world would get back normal. This maybe a warning to the few trying to control the world through fear by creating mandemics and food shortages. I think the little people of the world are waking up.
This is what they call a Special Not Our Secret Operation
Lisa Weber
And there are two more oligarchs that have died since Jan. 1.
If only we had known that Putin was a bad actor before we allowed him to fund our 45th President’s campaign…Huh! Live and Learn
Jean Kroeber
Truly incredible.
Lorraine Van vliet
To stop people conveniently falling out of window’s thats easily solved Crimsafe window’s no great loss really.
George Heyduke
Very Scary! Who knows what means Putin will use to maintain his power?
Cavernario Galindo
So if the killers locks the door behind themselves once they commit the crime, it becomes domestic violence murder/suicide?.. Interesting.
Reinhard der Wahnsinnige
Nothing wrong with liven’t of oligarchs. Let them all disapear, no matter what country of origin they are.
Mr B.
Things that make you go ‘Hmmmmmmm’. …. .. ..
Hillbilly beer dranker
The Ollys are droppin like flies.
Clear Element
Wow, that’s a sweep if I’ve ever seen one.
Sandburg Martin
Were any of them the bankers for Trump that Eric bragged about?
Beachgirl слава Україні!
Like people think the FSB can’t make it look like a murder/suicide
America First
Let’s not forget the USA does the same and let’s not be hypocritical ! McAfee, Kappy, Epstein , should I go on ? 🤣
*cough* FSB *cough*
wally gator
Putin asked Moscow police chief Yvan Koloff to investigate so in coming days we’ll have a clear report of what happened. Koloff was also chief investigator under Stalin.
Maurice Hodgson
It’s Bond. James Bond..
Blessed is the motherland. May God send Michael Raphael an Gabriel to guide him to victory. Omega an Alpha
Skitz Daniel
Ukraine does not need the world’s appreciation. They need your help in weapons, food, military bullet proof vests, helmets and etc. But mostly need OFFENSIVE weapons, not defensive weapons. With OFFENSIVE weapons Ukraine can push Russia back, not just hold the line. The world needs to turn appreciation into material needs of Ukraine. The governments are not doing enough.
Adam Tan
Post mortems needed as their death may be related to their sudden change in lifestyle. Can’t rule out suicides
Polonium tea, Novichok, and rotten potatoes: replacing the pickax (Trotsky) as how to shut up your foes.
Joyfull One
There was a Russian Oligarch who killed himself in his mansion outside of London, England after this war started too.
Tom Mac———
Fake news! Wait there’s a knock at my door. Don’t shoot!
Derek Tailor
I remember in the ending of the film The Bourne Supremacy, where Bourne remembers what he did against a Russian family and confesses to their daughter that he killed them when he was an government agent. I see why that scene was in the movie, now. To be fair, those oligarchs and journalist do need to reason with Putin and Kremlin, a little bit and not be so critical. It is their country, too. Maybe I’ll be in Europe and have something I’ll dislike about my government, but I can’t throw statements like how I don’t want to get involved, if they make decisions that I don’t like. Unfortunately and maybe if those oligarchs and journalists did their history research to see what had happen to those scientists in Germany who had developed those V2 rockets for the Nazi and how they had to put up with it and what had happened to them, when the war ended. The only other solution Russia could have done is to drive those critics into a countries like India or Japan and tell them to get along there but I see Russia doesn’t want to do that. You’ll get better job there, so you could see why Russia resorts to having situations, like that, with them and families who suddenly have died in some domestic despite or drinking “coffee”.
Jorge Salas
Russian bots are real quiet on this one… maybe it the first time the bot farm employees actually saw an informative video that left them wondering for themselves for once
Gee…. The world is expected to believe this is coincidence? Sure it’s not.
Don’t forget China in Taiwan, in 1947, eliminating 18,000 people of the upper class. “The period of White Terror generally does not include the 228 incident of 1947, in which the KMT killed at least 18,000 Taiwanese civilians in response to a popular uprising and also summarily executed many local political and intellectual elites, though the two are frequently discussed in tandem as it was the catalyst which motivated the KMT to begin the White Terror. Martial law was declared and lifted twice during the 228 Incident.”
Lucien Vandegaart
Putin ” I don’t lie honestly”.
Gerard G
Sidrit Qafzezi
The wrong tea has become a normal thing in Russian culture…
Simple Gamer
To be fair, they could be popping themselves off after watching their worlds crumbling around them. Nobody will ever know for real.
Makiadi san
After the two oligarchs died Europe agreed to pay gas in roubles in less 24 hrs. Its all a coincidence though.
Now this is a story…woah 😳
Watch what you say and choose your friends carefully, and don’t bad mouth anyone
Greg K.
This is what happens to the people who plan to get rid of Putin.
Scott Cates
We MUST stop Putin or face global consequences for generations to come.
Peter Kavanagh
A voice, the cleaner in the media as above is
Laurindo Teixeira Lima Neto
“Let their table before them be for their destruction; let their feasts become a net to take them” – Bible.🇺🇦🇧🇷
Family murder and suicide are frequently associated with financial collapse. Has happened in the US after every market crash.
If it had been FSB operations, they had been more successful or willing to cover the traces as in the Navalny or Skripal or Litvinenko incidents…
Hi Hello
There’s some evil stuff going on.
Paul Waelder
And the USA does not threaten any of its critics! Neither Chelsea Mannings, nor Snowden nor Assange. And there were no abuses of prisoners in Abu Graib in Iraq – a country which was invaded based on absolute facts like the weapons of mass destruction which could reach London within 45 minutes. No – lies are produces only by Russians never by American presidents. (Who finds any sarcasm may keep it).
Vicious You hit me with a flower You do it every hour Oh, baby, you’re so vicious. LOU REED
Common Sense
Seriously it’s mathematically impossible for all these people who are connected with each other dies within 6 weeks
B Holmes
I wonder if Trump thinks he is untouchable from Putin?
Jorge Johnson
…and a partridge in a pear tree. Twelve Days of a Russian Christmas
nicholas gerrish
I don’t much care for these Oligarchs, but they were probably dissenters, and Putin doesn’t like that. Easier to remove them one at a time, than have them causing trouble as a group.
Paul K
That’s messed up what’s happening there to oligarchs and journalists. However, let’s not pretend everything is clean here either. Just look at what’s happening to Assange…
El Chikito
Sad, Russia has a serial killer problem. On another note, I chuckled when the guy pronounced the Spanish news channel teleCHINCO lol
Anelda Botes
Putin needs their fortunes to fund his war
Reveur Errant
ZERO sympathy for the suffering of obscenely rich people
bart pablo
met violent ends, totally game of thrones vibes
Athanasios Matsolas
Putin is making sure there are no loose ends.
“The Kremlin could be involved”…..gee, you think…..?….who could have imagined……?……
Anton Malvo
While it’s a bit of an obvious cliche it seems apropos under the circumstances, and that is : the truth is out there. Hopefully there’ll be a day of reckoning. And nothing would make me happier than to see Putin held accountable even if he ends up suffering a fate much like that of Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī
Dean gillard
Jeremy Bamber killed all his family and left through a window which would relock its self after slamming it and everyone thought the same it was locked from inside. lets get real” we all know what’s gone on
Does Putin consider 45 a Oligarch? An Oligarch that isn’t paying sufficient fealty?
As Phoenix would say, “Pick em off !”
Brutally Honest Noahide
This obviously couldn’t be the work of CIA agents could it ? Could it ??
stuart last
No doubt there will be many more yet to come !
” suicided ” 🙈🏆🤣 . Well.. Putin means business folks.
Charles Justice
Putin has obviously been catching up on all the James Bond flicks because he is acting like a typical James Bond villain. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a white Persian cat and live in the bottom of a volcano.
Sara xDouglas
Андрей Тымко
Coal mining has been abolished in Germany. But consumption has not decreased. So it is in Poland: production has decreased, but not consumption. The point is that the coal import trade lobby pressured the previous Polish government to liquidate mining so that the lobbyists could buy coal from abroad. Coal was imported from Russia for PLN 60 per ton – we received such information from the Russian Miners’ Union. And that coal was sold for 350 zlotys. The Germans have been in various conspiracies with Russia for years in order to destroy the economy and industry of the EU countries in the interests of the Russian Federation. In fact, all of them are obviously personally interested – after all, someone shares the difference between a purchase of PLN 60 and a sale of PLN 350. Hence all these fables about the technical impossibility of stopping paying the Russians – all energy supply schemes involve the personal interests of many high-ranking publics sharing superprofits with the Russians. And they plan to share more.Ordinary Germans have long and stupidly just fooled. Journalists are being bought up so that they reproduce a delusion that benefits Russia, so that politicians bribed by the same Russia can then refer to it. And the people, as if hypnotized, believe. Because propaganda is complex, cunning, diverse and often very convincing. But it does not become less of a lie. Germany has now lost any moral right to be considered a leader of the European Union. Until a full-scale change of government, this country is Russia’s ally in capturing all of Europe.
Steven LaPierre
That’s all so awesome
Another oligarch was found in London, hanged in his million pound mansion’s garage 🤔
How can one man escape such horrendous acts upon his own citizens and other countries? As the world is watches and waits for overdue accountability
If I was an oligarch I’d invest less in fancy nonsense nobody needs and more in security. At least if I was against Putin, which these people must have been.
Lucy Mez
Wow 😮 The president is dangerous Rest In Peace🙏♥🙏
Shark Bait
Professional hits, nice and clean
Robert We said, Carl.
Right in line with Stalin and Khrushchev.
joseph martimbor
Trump would love to have this power
John Dozier
Sadly we have similar stories never told here.
If you devalue someone else’s life just because they were rich, just know given the opportunity you would do the same thing. In countries where extreme wealth and extreme poverty are the only two realities, people on the favored side would do despicable things to keep it and yes, that would include you too. Your morale compass is not derived from your inherent goodness, but your lack of opportunity to be corrupted for personal gain. — And this is coming from someone who has been poor all his life.
Darius Manson
The other side will just say “what about Seth Rich”
Ben Willems
This is the kind of leadership Trump wants to emulate
xx 8868oo
In March, Biden pledged that the U.S. would accept as many as 100,000 refugees from Ukraine. But March record ONLY 12 approve to enter US … 😅Joe : “Europe, you will take care my diaper load”
Could be involved?! This question doesn’t need an answer.
Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. —Gautama Buddha Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long—a man’s son may, but in the end truth will out. —Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, 2.2.68–70 💕 ☮ 🌎 🌌
West Beach
The Russian Oligarch has now been added to the endangered species list by the WWF.
Anna Bencheck
This is the man that Trump admires ? Another reason to keep that delusional lunatic out of the White House in 2024! No Democrat, no journalist, no person with a mind of their own would be safe.
(We are in the end of times) Acts 2:38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” (Pray and fast) Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Joel 2:12 “Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.” (Turn to Jesus while there is still time.) John 14:6-7 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed Luke 18:20 You know the commandments: ‘You shall not commit adultery, you shall not murder, you shall not steal, you shall not give false testimony, honor your father and mother.’” (Jesus loves you. He is The Only Way. God is real and He is Truth. The Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. God bless.) Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Romans 10:17 Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. (Present Signs) 2 Timothy 3:1-5 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people. Luke 21:10 -11Then He said “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. Matthew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, then the end will come. (God’s anger through weather) Pslams 18:7-8 The earth trembled and quaked, and the foundations of the mountains shook; they trembled because he was angry. Smoke rose from his nostrils; consuming fire came from his mouth, burning coals blazed out of it. (Deny yourself to be a follower of Christ) Mark 8:34-35 Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. Make disciples of ALL nations.Spread the gospel. Matthew 28:19-20 I suggest to download the audio Youversion Bible app & have it playing day & night when you sleep to learn & stay in tune of God’s Word. Stay in prayer and repent. Questions, Prayer requests, Bible study or just to talk about God, our Creator. See my page. I’m sharing the Word of God. God is the ONLY ONE who can save us with everything going on. Not gonna look at or reply to responses to this comment. God bless you. Jesus loves you.
María Font
Well, Assange si also in prison for telling us the truth. Never forget Assange. 🇺🇾
Danni Coltrain
If you shoot yourself in the head with a hand gun it is NOT found in your hand, the recoil throws it away.
rack biceps curl athlete
All these people only tried to retire from the mafia, or were against the mafia. Same thing anyway.
Dixie Dean
I hope the Spanish police have really satisfied themselves that these are domestic muder/suicide rather than an assassinations by the Russian state
Mwenda Kithinji
Imagine standing up to a dictator and his evil deeds only when it affects your personal wealth. Then he murders you. Dam
joe anon
“Today, the Kremlin settles all business”
Rick Cavallaro
The U.S. is not that far behind. We can’t really feel it yet, but I’m pretty sure we’ve passed the end of democracy event horizon. He’s talking about our future.
Ronald Segage
It’s all in the name of national security. Convenient isn’t it?
Russia must now put up their border line with enough troops and heavy weapons to cut of the west and any movement from the west and keep up the element of surprise. Than clean up the inside . It’s easier than to defend and keep your logistics stable.
Putin is a real life super villain. And America should never forget Trump is in awe of him.
Russell Thompson
When the family is all killed, does the state inherit the entire estate?
Michael Jones
I hope Trump’s top supporters are paying attention to what happens when you hitch your cart to depravity.
you live in a country where the second largest language is spanish and you still say ” tele chinco” to tele 5… smh
Windell Blount
I will Move Forward to Russia 🇷🇺 and live there. I hear 👂 the Weather is Great and the Food is pure just like the water 💧. The people are Loving just like Putin is a Great Blessings 🙌
Chris O
In 200 year these tactics will be remembered fondly . Like how we look at Alexander the great battle tactics or the Spartans last stand at Thermopylae. It’s incredible the reach of one man
sheila lopez
Oh please, anyone can open a door and the KGB (yes KGB lives as long as KGB-putin lives) can open any door, easily.
Biff and conservatives must be filled with awe and admiration in watching this video
With friends like these who needs enemies?
Yvonne Tomenga
This should be a waarning to Americans if voters choose pro-authoritarian candidates this fall. Whatever the flaws of the Democrats, they support the conflict that comes with a democracy and allowing opposing views to be expressed. Contrast this with the recent bills passed in Florida. Currently, that Republican government is just firing people who don’t toe the party line or legislating to silence dissenters but one can’t help but wonder how long it will take them to choose the more violent means used by Putin. Voters in other states must choose the path for the political system they want to live in . . . democracy or dictatorship. The American voters will decide this fall.
Bort Bearclok
here’s an unlearned lesson for any u.s. politician or public office seeker trying to hitch your wagon to trump’s star: you are an asset until you are a liability.
Kim Gossling
Feel sorry for the young kids in those situations. Geezus, ax and knife wounds!?!? That’s awful.
Looks like some shady government movement not at all “criminal gangs “
Mario Formosa
What it means is that Muslims and Indians are not only taking American high tech companies but also the top American journalistic positions
The seven stages of grief for EU, USA & NATO in Ukraine are: Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Depression, Pay in Rubles, pay more Rubles, and commit Hara-kiri
A mysterious case of Sudden Oligarch Death Syndrome (SODS)
Panzer Blitz
All of it is clearly coincidence. They spontaneously axed themselves while they were being towed away in a storm
Janis Kinnie
Question: who are the beneficiaries of their estates? Betcha it’s Vlad.🙄
Thomas O
Kinda wish my government would do the same to our “Oligarchs”(jettsetting elites)
Wayne Gross
That is insane! Imagine Donald Trump had this country set on the same track to becoming just like Russia. Listen to his rhetoric in the last 3 months of his Presidency. So glad he lost to Joe Biden! Hopefully it helps set our country back on the right track! Time and space along with a clean up of the GOP, is needed to accomplish this though!
Monte McCarty
With 100’s of millions dollars…what do they have to live for??
White Pride
Prayers and support for Russia. 🇺🇸 🇷🇺 brothers always!!
Brandon P
Putin is getting advice from the summoned zombie version of Joseph Stalin 😳
Stock Detective
Trump: Just like in “the good old days”. My comrade Putin is a smart man, one of the best, a genius some would say.
Silver Perry Hobart
Wouldn’t Trump salivate at the thought of such power?. That’s the kind of “manliness” he admires and dreams of having himself.
Fallen Monk
Ive watch enough mafia movies to see how they all end.
Putin is kind of like Hitler here. A lot of people a talked big game about killing Hitler, but only Hitler stepped up and got the job done. Maybe these Russian oligarchs have lived a bit too long. I don’t feel bad about them having “tragic accidents”. Maybe it is a case of Putin stepping up and getting the job done.
Bright Tucker
The conspiracy theorists didn’t see this one coming. The Qnotnone didn’t see this and didn’t discuss this
R Mark
Trump. Calls Putin a genius. And Americans support trump. But call liberals/democrats communists. Amazing.
Peter Ebel
Trump shows high respect to Putin’s intelligence.
Deep Sky Entertainment
This newscaster is so egotistical, he is happy that he is getting people in trouble.
Putin is a knight. Protecting russian royalty from traitors
and this all from trmp’s buddy who he called a ‘genius’
Tony straussano
Clear FSB hit, also I know it’s shocking but America has many hits under their belt too ,especially when you mess with one specific ex leader and his sidekick lady 🤐
Javier Pinas
Jesus loves us so much that He laid down His Life on the cross for our sins and rose again on the 3rd day He’s the only way to Heaven
Uno G
It’s time to change the “this is who we are” to “This is what they are.”
My New Life
Zelensky wants victims so that he can garner support for his war. Why not surrender like France in WW2? Save towns & soldiers lives
Neil Mansfield
There is either something going out or they have a guilty conscience. Now with dead
Oana Manole
Those are the names of the people who most likely were going to save the world from Putin…sad times for the world.
We better get used to this domestically, because if Trump is re-elected, after his test run from ’17-’21, if he gets re-elected, now that he’s had time to get all the right people positioned, and pass their loyalty tests, this sort of thing will become the norm here as well.
Trentley Newman
And that’s what every government will do to it citizens given the chance
Andrew Heffel
They all felt guilty for not supporting Putin, and killed themselves in shame.
Cristian Popa
in Russia must happen what happened in Romania in 1989 with the comunist regim, otherwise a mad man will not leave by himself
Ted Robinson
It is obvious how Trump admires the power Putin yields.
Michael Reid
No, these deaths have nothing to do with state sponsored terrorism. Just a weird coincidence, probably brought on by depression about the failures of Russian forces in their police action in Ukraine.
Forced suicide is the Russian way People fall off balconys all the time Its a message to others
Eric R.
Suicide by axe? For some reason, that’s a little hard to believe.
marianne scalise
There so many Russian spies he may be getting rid of them himself! My opinion!
Just sound like special purging / permanent relocation to afterlife operations
Nothing to see here folks. Everyone is fine. Including our food processing plants. They are fine. Everything is fine.
Swat Op
Happens pretty often these days.
Bridget Saenz
Ask Putin? He has the answer 😅
Jason Spittz
This is what happens with rich people when they lose all their money and they don’t know how to survive without it so they commit suicide.
Yemini Killskids
At least an equally curious number of people died having recently crossed the Clinton crime family. The American freak show rolls on 🥜🥜🥜
Greg K.
The rats are leaving the ship, alive or dead. The captain ( Putin ) makes that decision.
Practice makes perfect. These “accidents” are looking better.
John Taylor
And they’re not too old – and with their wealth they can afford to buy the best health care.
Al Y.
its called getting rid of collaborators / witnesses…..if pooty doesnt die soon he will face criminal court
Yep, those were the hits from Putin /KGB until proven otherwise!
When Putin ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! Yeesh!
Alberto C.
These are not deaths. These are “special travel to heaven”.
Palm Tree Media
All that Money and you still couldn’t have a peaceful life 😂 woops
geoff wyness
Putin has no time for traitors.
Jason n Brandi taylor
They want protection? Help us! Or stay Luke warm and get spit out! Pick a side or go down with the ship you’re on.
Yep most likely Pootin is responsible for many of these deaths and we know Pootin is responsible for 20 30 40 thousan