Central Park Five appear in New York City court in 1989 – Blog

EVERYONE WATCH THE SHOW ON NETFLIX “When they see us” its about this . I literally cried! The most interesting thing ive watched about this case
BRUTAL GANG???? gang??? they don’t even know each other
deika & nyss
They are liars ,they said 15-17 knowing they was 14-16😩😩😩
Ebony Williams
They were beaten, denied food and bathroom break unless they said they did it for 2 days. They was in there alone and scared and promised the only way they can go home is by saying they did it. As a child anybody would say they did it when they don’t have a clue what they was talking about.
I really shouldn’t of watched the series on Netflix I couldn’t stop crying 💔
Shawn B.
What about the detectives who got the bogus confession out of those young men. Why haven’t we heard anything about the detectives. Are those detectives still on the job? Are their case’s going to be reevaluated? They did this to a lot more people than those five young men.
Infamous made IM
I can see Elizabeth lederer in the court room!! Never forget her!! Never
and turned out to be a racially motivated rush to judgement…..only took 30 years to figure it out….smh
Them defense team were weak af, i pray for korey
soba mask
they looked so small back then i wanna cry
Jessie Alba
This is why we need to fight back, to get these cruel individuals to apologize to those five men. They should’ve been apologized this has been going on 30 years and not one apology. We need to fight for their rights and all that was taken away from them!!
BBKeeps ItReal
I’ve watched the movie and right today I am one of those mothers my son is innocent he went in at 17 he’s still in there at the age of 45 I’m a living Witness this is happening it is 2019 and I’m still going through it hurts so bad!!
H. M.
This clip is just sad to watch. Korey is being led out of the courtroom, like he is a violent, murderer, or something.
Elaine Anderson
That Elizabeth Lederer lady needs to be indicted.
Michelle Williams
This is so emotional.
Sharmara Jones
They was lying on those kids they made them lie on each other because they stayed they could go home but they lied I cried till the end 🥺😭🥺🥺
Butt Hole
Those with power, can do what they please and get away with it.
Brianna Marie King
So sad 😞 this breaks my heart , they are innocent . Officer lied on them they didn’t have evidence… the Netflix series made me cry 😢 feel so sorry for them
Pablo Escobar
The lesson I learnt from this is never, never believe what the media say..
Jerema Sherine
I wish all the guards etc could pay for what they did to Korey, it’s a shame that still today they allow these Correctional Officers to abuse as well as instigate and turn their heads while young men are abused as well as raped in prison… I’m just disgusted by this!
Abigail Gutierrez
Daphne Cano-Aviles
This broke my heart 💔
Just Lil
Yeshua loves yall and wants you guys to turn from sin and come to him before it’s too late 🙏💕
Axl Young
I can’t believe after 30 years. The lady hasn’t shown any sympathy for these men. No she didn’t convict them or identify them. But they lost their childhood. So thankful the man came forward.
Is there a footage of the whole court case ?
Holly The Dopestress
They didnt even speak on clarence thomas
Bre L.
I pray for my child every night ! Smh. Nobody’s kid should go through this !
Tha Platform
In some of the coerced confessions, you can actually hear some of the other young men, at that time, yelling or screaming! So sad
The media is complicit. Calling it a “brutal gang rape” before any verdicts were even handed down. Creating hysteria.
Angelic TroubleMaker
AGES: 14-16 NOT AGES: 15-17
0:31, the devil herself 🤭
senhor pool
que vergonha para a polícia dos EUA
Clarence Thomas got lucky
Oronde Kairi
I wonder how clearance escaped that bullet?
New York is a slump as city
Salima 227
Smh so sad what they had to go through
Jazmynne Houston
Whoever disliked the video is wrong fo that
Dudu Dá pais
Isso acontece direito no nosso Brasil racismo.e acusações falsas muita gente presa pelo que não fez
Courtlon hobbs
Who’s here after tay k 55 year sentence.
to be honest though
…..how can a victim have a shirt full of blood and semen on articles of clothing YET the accused have no blood on their clothing and the semen not be theirs and STILL be convicted??? Equality my ASS.
Jana Tiamber
All they wanted to do was go home And being a child and someone saying to u IF U CONFESS AND SAY U DID IT U CAN GO HOME what do u think u would do CONFESS GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT bc all u want to do is GO HOME
U know who else I suspect is getting railroaded just like these boys. That kid they got for the Karina Vetrono murder. Y’all go look into that if you haven’t already.
news aint even right says between 15 and 17 when its 14 and 16
diego zelada
The prosecutor, the detectives who forced the young men to confess, they will surely go to hell, and I wish them the worst, because it is the only thing they deserve, damn they are
Why did the police do this to thes boys
Nile Horuseus
They didn’t do this their innocent
Malik Gray
I’m still angry
Olga Villela
I would’ve just told the true the whole true no matter what aways tell the true no matter what they say first thing my momma told me
Che' Debnam
Check out the Groveland Four.
I couldn’t go thru this I’m sorry
Rayshawn Ellis
wow and the attacker ended up being mexican just wow??
Tiba Succubus
Whats up with (Elisabeth) Liz Lederer? Is she still alive? Did she ever say sorry to the boys?? F***
These are few stories that people know there are hundreds of stories against Muslim how they were torchered over the years 💔😭😭😭
Julie Makram
whos the person talking at 1:00 ?
Kerlande Joseph
Why couldn’t the jogger speak out and say she was rape by only one man instead of 5? This is something she could be able to remember I guess.
Viicious Liz
I dont understand these 5. If you get rewarded 41 million i would think it isnt that hard to find a hitman ot whatever en get your revenge om that prosecuter?
Jeremy Perry
They had the worst defense attorneys
They are guilty the women would not lie about being raped and who did it
They were guilty.