Barack Obama pays tribute to the Platinum Queen – Blog

Stu Neil
Now that is class from a class man. Loved him in office and continue to love him as a beacon for America. And I’m a Scotsman, not a drop of American blood in me. Stay classy Mr President, stay classy.
Maz K
Fantastic tribute, he has the same grace and diplomacy as our queen, best POTUS they ever had
What a wonderful, and fitting tribute to Her Majesty.
D Romanov
What a lovely tribute to our Queen 🇬🇧👑
Jean Burkhart
Clearly a gentleman and the coolest man on the Earth.
Singing-in-the Rain
A wonderful tribute from the coolest POTUS ever. ♥️😎♥️
Ralph O
Obama is another legend the Queen befriended, Nelson Mandela, another one and Kennedy another. God bless you mam for your service and duty loyalty to country and commonwealth. But above all your kindness ☺️
Gabrielle N.
What a loving tribute! What a president!!
Cathy Cooper
I’m sure the Queen will greatly appreciate your words, Barak. It was obvious from the photographs of you and Michelle spending time with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh that the warm feelings you express were mutual.
I may not have agreed with his policies, but I’ve never thought he wasn’t an amazing man. That tribute exudes class! Thank you Mr President for honoring my Queen.
John Simms
How a president is supposed to be.
Rob Yates
“May the light of your crown continue to reign supreme.” Class, just class
Kiki Cardenas
Aw this was such a good speech !
Jonny C
Loved him and love him more now
climate change
Nice speech, when we bringing peace to the world.
Barack Obama…I will love him forever. God bless…
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens
Our Queen is simply superb, Her Majesty does not deserve the rest of those “Royal” hangers-oners
Hanımefendi güzel kraliçe…
who sould belived that a handful of fingers rule the world
Back Off
Catch me if you can
damage collateral
Bonjour et salut from Charlie-hebdo. No more gheeii seggshual abouse. No more psichopatic, souciopatic, nharceesist abouse. Many reporters and politicians around the world have all witnessed the years of abouse crime against the collateral damage victim. The U.K. royals is one of them.
This man sounds like a robot.
Maus Haus
He doesn’t get it does he? The Queen never came to power. He just doesn’t get it. I feel embarrassed for him!