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Chris Handsome
This is the craziest case ever. The most powerful people in the country were involved & covered it up. The more you look into it you will realize that this stuff goes deeper than one could imagine & is going on all across the world
My blonde sh*t show!
The fact those cops heard children talking when they went into that animal’s house after he was arrested that first time and didn’t search for them is disgusting. How did they think that was okay to do? Julie and Melissa would have survived had the cops done their job.
Tomatofaced Disgrace
What Julie’s father says about how the police were taking the tiny crimes so seriously and ignoring the horrendous ones with passive ignorance really hits home. It’s still going on today. EVERYWHERE. It’s ingrained.
Speedy Tomato
This case has haunted me for years. Maybe especially because this is probably the tip of the iceberg! How many children are suffering the same faith at this moment, and there is nothing we do/ can do. And now with the rise of the internet basically every child is up for grabs & it make my blood boil & my heart cry! It just makes me feel so helpless & tired …
I watched a documentary about a psychiatrist who worked with that Dutrux. She visited him in prison. She said that his crimes were the worst she’d ever heard of and Belgium wanted to bring back the death penalty for him. His crimes were so horrific! It’s terrifying to know there are such evil people in this world! Those poor girls xxx
In view of everything he has overseen, Stefaan du Clerk manages a total absence of sensitivity and manages to describe every event in the appalling murder of 4 children, in terms of his own inconvenience.
Helene - The Cariad Collectif
The dignity the families have shown is amazing. They’re a credit to their daughters memories.
Em Bratsch
This case is SO beyond sad! They could have been and SHOULD have been rescued 10 times over! So disgusting and infuriating the way it was handled by the authorities 😔
The authorities should be held accountable for the negligence in the case. The two girls could have been saved. There were so many lost opportunities. My thoughts go out to the parents who were grossly let down & the tragic loss of the children.
Mischie13 Adams
The police really let these families down. My heart goes out to the families. A tragic story
Annabelle Rankin
Hate it when police tell parents their child ran away, not only because they cannot possibly know they have but also because when a crime has been committed the most important thing is to act quickly and investigate.
Garrett Meadows
The way DeClerk minimizes his culpability is unconscionable.
B Saunders
I often think of those two little girls who were left together, down in his cellar, to starve to death. It really badly haunts me
Nicola Todd
I read about this appalling case not long after it happened, there have been several true crimes books (yes people, remember books?) written about the case. I purchased Sabine Dardenne’s book titled “I Choose to Live” which she had published in 2005, as a gesture of support, albeit a minuscule offering. Thank you for this upload because even though it’s heartbreaking to watch, these stories need to be told. Cheers from Oz! 🦘
The Amateur Animator
Those 2 girls could have been saved by those first police who searched his house, if only they searched that cellar properly when they heard the voices. Horrifying.
Dora Matthews Whorley
While I realize this is about the mistakes made by police, I think it not acceptable that his wife’s part in these crimes are ignored. She literally starved the girls to death.
Amber Leigh
RIP beautiful girls I’m so sorry all of you had to go through this awful awful things that happened to you all ! It hurts me and bothers me that this happens all around the world more and more with pedophiles . Obviously can’t count on cops to do there jobs sad thing is there is a lot of high profile people are low down pedophiles. Thank God the families kept fighting ! God bless the family’s
Useless, arrogant police and local authorities made an absolute bollocks of this. Shame on them. The families of these girls went through Hell and the way they were treated by the police sickens me. Those poor girls could’ve been saved had the filth done their job properly instead of robbing off the parents and being rude to them. I’ll never understand the attitude they took.
julia taylor
Those poor parents their pain is beyond imagination, though he is still alive which is beyond comprehension.
Gone Fishing
I don’t understand, if the police searched his house and then heard voices, why didn’t they investigate. It seems like the most obvious thing police officers would do. You’re searching the house of a criminal and there’s girls missing. Thst other guy had told of what he’d asked him to do. I do vaguely remember this , it feels almost disgraceful to say I’d forgotten it. Those poor parents never will. Was the guys wife supposed to feed some girls and left them to starve to death? Is she in prison for life? I hope. 🙏🙏🙏👵👵👵🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
I think the first investigating police, should have been charged with abandonment of their duty of care. Some of those kids would have been alive now if not for their mismanagement of the case. I think the whole police force in Belgium should be overturned and the whole criminal justice system. They are not working for the people, it begs the question Who ARE they working for. I really think the EU should step in to this because its unbelievable! I am really enjoying this channel btw!
I. Coelho
That father understands what most society still doesnt… sexually abused children grow to have real psychological issues because they are alive… it affect the rest of someones lives but society tells to just get over it, i love this father, he understands that it is indeed better…and in my perspective lucky… to not be alive anymore, he understands this , thank you so much, truly
Nancy Oleksy
The police were so awful to these parents. OMG. If it was there children it would be a whole different story. No compassion from those cops at all.
I feel like the unknown accomplice may have been a police officer because it’s strange that they continued to ignore looking into him after plus I also feel like someone purposely let him escape
voici je
when dutroux was in jail…he said that he paid someone to go fed the girls…was this man ever arrrested for 1 – knowing there was 2 kidnapped kids 2 – for letting the 2 girls dying of starvation?
🐨Dianne D 🐨
Police were hopeless ! Love what the mother said to the cop after he heartlessly said stop watching tv. Very sad and didn’t have to happen if the cops woke up 👍👍🐨🐨🇦🇺🇦🇺👍👍
I am Greek and I can assure you, this case was HUGE in Greece. It was so big, in high-school we used Dutroux’ name for young adults who dated our classmates.
I was skeptical of the parents, and many commentators, when they suggested that there was a cover-up in high places. Then I found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regina_Louf
Debra Olivier
Shocking! Absolutely shocking! The police have blood on their hands. Those poor girls, the poor parents, absolutely tragic. So glad the people were on their side.
Julie Blackstock
wow! never heard of this case. How sad that the police made such a mess of it
kathleen dobens
So sad for the girls who died. What a bastard. How could he do that ? And his friend who helped just as guilty.
Eva B
This is a clear example of how, throughout history, Belgian authorities have buried their heads in the sand instead of taking action. And it has disastrous and tragic consequences.
Disgraceful police behaviour. Shocking way to treat parents of missing children.
I am left open mouthed, shaking my head in disbelief at how these young ladies cases were handled- it’s a crime in itself!! All evil needs, is for good men to do nothing!🧐🧐 As I get older, i realised, people only see what they choose to see🥸🤓 That ‘chief of police’ – what a supercilious, patronising, condescending tool! Bless these lil ones, shine bright in the darkness ✨together forever✨❤️ Thanks for sharing these cases, lovin your channel!!😎 I’m still fuming at.. ‘only one, person, shout hypocrite, I was quite happy that from the people’ wtf?!! It’s not incompetence, it’s negligence! As if they had the army etc, but so little done for the young girls- the cruel irony!
MaryAnne B Phillips
I watched the documentary/limited series “Children of the Snow”, happening many decades ago, concerning child sex trafficking and murder. It was swept under the rug.
Carrie Bizz
So incredibly heartbreaking for the families. I’m a mother and its definitely your worst fear that your child might be kidnapped etc. Not blaming the parents but I personally haven’t let my kids go out walking on riding without adult supervision. My eldest is 19 and he never went out alone or with a friend till he was 16 and even then I worried. You have to assume that everyone is evil. Not any parents fault at all as you think 2 together should be ok and most people trust even strangers but I certainly don’t. These poor families my heart just breaks
Dee Eff
Great channel GuildfordGhost, one of the best on youtube – for the morbidly obsessed! Goldmine of unearthed material not available elsewhere. Thanks for your effort, very appreciated.
Estrella Ashley Williams
At least the girls have each other while in captivity I couldn’t imagine them going through that alone and it’s sad that 4 died their deaths could’ve been prevented if they just did their jobs properly and I still imagine the dead girls holding hands before they died😢😭 and I do wish the two who survived nothing but the best
chefs kiss
THANK you so much for providing this.
Rik B
I can’t imagine what those two girls in the cellar went through.
Tony Burke
Holy crap, those useless coppers actually heard the girls took a half-assed look and walked away. That she’ll be right attitude makes me so angry. In the Maddie McCann case in 2007 the cops knew from the start what had happened it was the British police who derailed the investigation.
4qu4 3n1gm4
It’s awful to know that no matter where you live in the world, there is always people like Mark and his wife and police that just couldn’t give a damn.
G e r r y Jones
I’m so very very very sorry that happened to your children your girls my heart goes out to you and I understand you all should rise up and do something about your justice system. I probably understand a lot more than most people because I lost my son and they had him in the morgue for 3 months before they even told me he was there or dead no one in the justice system ever and told me one thing about him being in the morgue and dead. We have a lot of lot of trouble here in America with the law and the people that work with the law and most of all we have a lot a lot of trouble with our government they’re just about all corrupt every one of them
Wendy S
The poor parents, my heart breaks for them. And the coldness of the police, their offhandedness, was like salt in the wound. Poor poor girls, poor parents, all because of a filthy pervert. And the police attitudes were disgraceful, even now they do not seem to appreciate their failings.
A lot of people question the fact that the police didn’t intervene when they heard children voices while doing a search in Dutroux’ house. There’s a reason why and its simply because Dutroux was hired by rich and powerful people to provide them with children. Dutroux would get an order from his higher up and kidnap a girl that fit what the client wanted. I would argue that the police didn’t bother trying save the girls during the search most likely because they were instructed to not intervene. It is known that Dutroux had connections with prominent people. My heart aches for these girls and I wish they received real justice.
E o Dubhghaill
Wow very similar to the abduction of Rui Pedro Teixera Mendonca in Portugal, the police acted with complete indifference and incompetence. Rui Pedro’s parents and local journalists had to do most of the investigation and uncovered more than the police.
Robin Johnston
This makes me so sad, so angry, so upset. Those poor girls to have suffered the way they did. Prayers and love to the family.
I promise you I’m outside Belgium and I’ve never forgotten this case.
His wife, did not feed the kids and let them starve downstairs and yet, she and the other involved are long free. And Detroux , is complaining about his prison conditions . There is no “life” in Belgium, so imagine…De witte mars was the only time I saw Belgium so united. Arm Belgie!
nora martin
Such pain ,poor children and their families. There are no words to describe these monsters and the police
Craig Finnegan
This is clearly a case of “sympathy for the devil” by police investigators and the courts. The only real explanation for both the grotesque incompetence and obscene leniency of punishment for Dutroux’s wife (and possibly Dutroux himself one day) is that the authorities involved felt a subconscious identification with the perpetrators. Keep in mind that people who choose professions like policeman and judge enjoy having power over citizens. Connect that to the Dutroux couple enjoying power over those girls. I was once told by a woman social worker who interviewed a lot of drug addicted prostitutes in L.A. that a lot of their customers were in the legal profession, including judges, and their overwhelming preference was sado-masochism.
Big River
Nothing surprises me at this point when it come to incompetence on the part of the police and law authorities. it is disgraceful the world over and we need reform. Victims deserve better and the situation has only deteriorated in recent years. We need highly qualified police specialists and accountable law authorities.
Faery Odd Tales🐇
Cases such as this make me sick. Innocent CHILDREN gone, girls disappearing, anguished parents and police not even taking responsibility for their job. They’re just as guilty as the perp!!
Absolutely maddening!! My heart breaks for the families.
thank you, a brilliant documentary, bless those children.
rice withaspoon
holy…… just watched all Cannibal episodes, I think I will be stuck here for a few days..you have ah-mazing material. Thank you for having recorded them, thank you for taking the time and uploading them. All of this is such invaluable material. E to A: how come this documentary isn’t listed on IMDB?
Louise Mckinney
That was the craziest case I’d ever heard of in my life. How can the government treat the parents of all the families like they weren’t the victims? How would those people feel if that happened to them or there children.? They certainly wouldn’t want to be treated like they treated these parents. You should be ashamed of yourselves for being so damn cold to them all and not treating this whole case a lot more seriously. So in today’s days what has that government learned from this whole situation?? Have you even learned anything yet?, Or at the least tried? I’m so very sorry for e families that weren’t able to get there kids back safe & sound. I commend you for your bravery in all you have had to deal with and put up with!!! I know your children are watching you from the heaven’s above!!! RIP tiny spirit’s, free of the evils in this world, free of the pain and sorrow, fly free little ones, soar to the heaven and collect your haloes and wings, spread gods good word for all to hear,so as we all may learn his wisdom. Go with god his beloveds, go with god,!!!!! Amen ✝️🛐☯️💐💞💕🍁🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦🌹💖🌅🌈🎄❤️
Mary Gill Keir
The reason the Police were so hesitant……they were involved from the Top…Down.
Gabrielle Meadows
Thank you for bringing light to this! It is much appreciated indeed.
Marta Mariotto
Something IS rotten at the core of EVERY country.
Richards Galaxy
And I thought we were soft and corrupt over here in UK, well all I can say after all the failures they made, they actually allowed him to escape, absolutely disgraceful. Thought Belgium was better than that.
Jeannie Campbell
So many missed moments ..I feel for the parents ..heart breaking .
Bilinda Law-Morley
@17:10…oh, Dear Lord. I don’t know if I can go on watching this. “Police heard children’s voices and didn’t check further”. I feel nauseous, and I really want to find those officers, chain them up in a cellar and let them starve to death while underground vents dispense odours of delicious food On second thought, I will keep watching. It’s a small enough tribute and remembrance.
Tina Perez
The police should be held accountable and fired from their job due to their incompetence.
Unbelievable and I have never heard of this! Keep your children close! Too many perverts around.
From 49:20 you can hear the key sentence. “I could never believe that such people existed.” This is a far too well-spread belief. People think or pretend that evil does not exist and educate their children to believe this nonsense. They do not read them tales by the Grimm brothers or Andersen any more. They think there is too much evil in those tales, and evil does not exist at all, or not that much evil exists, or children are beloved and safe. But evil exists. Parents should not lie to their children.
Rosalía 47
😭😭 No child deserves to go through this! No parent deserves to go through this!
Kate Carlisle
There is no satan , only neighbors. 🤔🥺
Amanda Joy
I can’t even wrap my head around how the kids felt being sent back to that.
Heather Cloete
Thank you for sharing this story
Wendy S
That De Clerck struck me as a phony. He mostly cared for his own position, and wanted the problem to go away.
Wendy S
What! the guy is still not convicted, still waiting for trial? What is wrong with those authorities? The Belgian people seem so intelligent and nice, how do they deserve such worthless police and courts?!
Can’t help but think the police were negligent for a reason ..
Lisa Wentworth
Wow, I never knew about this case, and can’t comprehend how badly it was botched. I know nothing about the Belgium police situation, but know well in the US or UK that when a child disappears, it takes priority…
brandy sweeney
Rock Girl
Unimaginable horror for these families.
Omen Nemo
Sounds like law enforcement in Belgium is like law enforcement in the U.S. All I can say is thank God for journalists.
Trashy Basher
It was not so much incompetence but gross negligence and dereliction of duty !!!
Lynda Delport
I echo you Chris.Sadly things are just the same as hundreds years ago.The abuse of women and girl children has increased and due to advanced technology.It has become easier covered hidden etc so easy.I can only pray for our women folk out there.It can only gain the garden special out there ..
Jane Bibby
This guy definitely had friends in high places, think he was procuring children for wealthy clients
The neighbour told the police about MD and they told him to not get involved? Sounds like a cover up to me.
James Nolan
Dutroux’s name and intentions were given to authorities! With no real leads but him, why they didn’t Hound that man till they knew for sure,one way or another!
Marie Streeting
How bloody useless were the Police. They should be charged with something.
Gina Cable
I love documentaries better than films thank you for uploading.
Treasure Hunting Nana
Sounds like police were being paid to ignore the missing girls.
Tanith Day
Really really sad, I’m so glad, that everybody came together. It doesn’t make it easer , . Let’s hope the orforites that screwed up get sacked an , they get people in power that care an want to make a difference, GOD Bless You all. Can’t imagine what you are all going through. Lot of love 2 u ALL.xxxx
Chloee W
These girls are with the Lord.Peace..
Maria T
Bring back public hanging! This is happening all over the world! God bless the children and may they rest in Paradise.
Ronell Lambert
The White March was BEAUTIFUL!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Lou Winters
So they covered it up because there were people in power visiting that dungeon A load of people connected to the case died under suspicious circumstances too.
Dancing Firefly
This American mother’s heart aches for these girls and their families. I honestly don’t know how a parent can go on after losing a child, but especially after losing them in such an horrific way as this. ❤️
They omitted the details about all the sexual abuse and manipulation that went on down there. Sabine Dardenne, one of the kidnappees, once asked for a friend and as a result Laetitia was kidnapped. Such a horrible and tragic case and misconduct of justice.
where is the man that was supposed to feed them? he should have a life sentence as well because he knew about it and didn’t let them go
anna wright
I think is absolutely mind blowing that the police forces openly and loudly claims that they Will Not Search for reported dissapearances sooner than 24 hrs, Because: listen here: because the kids might just ran out…and these people are paid from the money of the desparate parents who beg for their childred to be searched for. I mean, who dared to establish this “policy” and no we just accept this. How many children would be still alive today if police would have taken the parents seriously and beggin the search right away?
katty dover
İ cannot possibly believe that when the police went to investigate, heard children’s voices and just ignored it!! What is all that about. How stupid and ridiculous. Two children that could have been saved and alive. İt beggars belief it really does. İ am so sorry for their famiiies.
Andy Jay
Extremely sad. God Bless!
Adriana MacLennan
I cannot fathom the resiliency of these parents.
Charles Wright
I do believe that the police in the United States would have found those girls in the the underground shelters they starved to death that is ultimately horrible I am so sad right now to hear the remainder of this video it really gots me I have daughters and nieces and this is just horrifying
Rosey K
” passive complicity supports the criminal system, it’s been that way here for years.” Says it all really!!
Brian Graves
Passive complicity is also world-wide.
Your daughters will never be forgotten.
MisGuided Me
Perhaps it is time for some good old vigilante justice
Kerstin. Jitschin
I remember this horrific case,like it was yesterday,will never forget,all my prayers to the families,coz they are still suffering,for sure 🙏🙏🙏💜🙏🙏🙏💜this evil dude has opened my eyes,how far pedophiles are going and still do,and now a days it turns around the sa trafficking and even family trafficking 🖤 and I m trying all my best to fight against ,but it’s not much I can do! Just going through life with my eyes wide open,and step in 💯 better one time to often, than miss one 🛑we all have to fight for stopping it, that’s what I will try for ever,and do 🆘🆘🆘
jenny taylor
I’m so sorry these beautiful, good people had to suffer because of a psychopath, but worse because of an incompetent policing and criminal justice system which displayed an eerie degree of laxity and indifference in response to the kidnapping, rape and slaughter of its own country’s little ones.
Stephanie Sealy
Very poignant. I cannot even begin to imagine… any of it…. Just horrific circumstance with everyone who had the power to change the outcome denying their part in this absolute train wreck of an investigation… “It’s not my fault!” “It wasn’t me” “Our hands were tied” “Government reviews” “Only one man shouted hypocrite, so that was ok, the people were very controlled” (Translated as.. ‘I wasn’t embarrassed in public or lynched by the masses’). The Government washed their hands, turned their backs for one simple reason, they loved the perks and positive public image of their job climbing the career ladder but were completely incompetent! They couldn’t have found their backside with a torch, a handrail and a map! I’ll stop ranting now…. my thoughts are with the victims and their families and friends!
Zoebida Hammoudi
God bless this angels 😇💖💚💜🕯🕯🌹🌷⚘🌼wat erg voor de meisjes en familie wat een shock
Rock Girl
Isn’t Dutroux mentioned by Aneke Lucas in her abduction?
Wow! What incompetent Police! As police are paid with our taxes and work for the people! I would have told them if the would not help us, then get the hell out of our way, we would investigate ourselves!
Helen Sieben
On the police first search of his house they heard voices but they did not investigate than any further, if they had gone into the cellar they would have been found and the last 2 girls would still be alive.
Helen Saunders
The guy that was supposed to feed the girls, why didn’t he rescue them. He had a chance.
Karen DeGenerous
SCREECH!!!! Less than 59 seconds in and the cowards blame tactic is in. The narrator, whoever he is, blaming the whole population of Britain for the crimes that the police can’t solve is bang out of order. Blaming the wrong people is STILL all too common – it’s been gradual for me come over but now it’s become a hatred. If there’s specific people don’t have the balls to blame the correct people, they should not be anywhere in public!!
Asi es la vida
Who was the accomplice?? Did he ever go to jail? Or did the police just not feel like looking for the accomplice?? What a hot mess the police in Belgium. Why not set out an Amber alert and look for the girls. This is so heartbreaking 💔 and unbelievable
Peter Jongsma
Police have an informant and ignore his dire warnings? Cretins.
L van der Does
The so-called “accomplice” who was supposed to feed them was his wife. She did however regularly feed the two German sheperds also living in that house. The house was covered in dog filth. She confessed/claimed she opened the cellar/vault only once to put some food inside. She left water and canned goods in there but she left it out of reach to the girls. Canned food for kids who have no means of opening cans. She was released from prison and now lives in a convent as a “nun”. All true, look it up. Her name is Michelle Martin.
Crystal Bluewire
Toys for monsters. I will never forget that statement.
Dutroux’s mother told the Belgian police what her son was doing. They were told to ignore. The two Belgian politicians, Verhofstadt, father and son, held senior positions in the Belgian government at the time. Had they been invited to parties at Marc Dutroux’s cellar? Neither of them seemed normal, child-friendly people. The instructions given to the police came from him by in the government, as did the sacking of the lawyer who got too close to the truth in the investigation.
As a mother of three I can’t stop crying. Horrible horrific evil man that did this, not to mention the disgusting justice system. If it had been one of the polices children things wouldn’t have gone wrong.
Kiky Rustam
Unbelievable the government can’t even sort out one case
You just CAN’T allow your young children to walk ANYWHERE UNsupervised until they are 18, or you can expect to go through the same nightmare. For those of you who say it’s hard or impossible because they work, etc… then shame on you for being so selfish bringing a child into a world like this then not supervising it as it’s alone in the outside world. Don’t have children if you your too busy WORKING to take care of and PROTECT them!
Charles Wright
My wife was murdered and the police did not help at all with apprehending this guy I had to find them on my own show the police where he was at and then we’ll it’s really a long story she actually got shot first she lives in the shooting and then died later from the shooting the guy that shot her only got two years. No help from the police no I’m not saying all police for bad but they were hindered by their higher-ups who don’t want to investigate for one reason or another and it’s just it’s it’s a very sad deal especially when it happens to children oh my God that’s the worst
Cathryn McLean
Horrific. You have to know your rights and to fight. Its beyong neglect and incompetence it smacks of police / senior officials in govmnt being involved in child trafficking.
Marleen Vanderlinden
I’m from Belgium,the monster is longlife in prison,his wife and compagnon are free!!!
colin mcewen
he had 4 houses and he was unenployed somthing strange there isnt there i mean even the most genrous welfare system isnt that genrous.
Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker
I have heard other documentaries where the police heard noises or saw things that if they had taken time to check it out..
Perce Blue
They should have thrown Marc Dutroux to the mob, that would have been real justice.
rotkatze redcat
It would have been nice if De Clerk had mentioned the children, just once. Schade.
Ellie Antar
Minister justice full of himself and excuses disgraceful
I wonder if this is the group Anneke Lucas claims to be a victim of.
barbara jacobs
oh, that poor family!
Laura McClary
Sickening and horrific!
kenny v r
the minister of justice from that period was just after this case promoted to judge of the european court so he is immune and can never be questioned aboud this case
Mathew Grelr
Dude the cops seem like they are out to lunch 24/7
Veronica Bustos
Police, judges, politicians! Are these people running our safety, our lives? They are paid with our taxes to work with and for citizens, not against us. Those who don´t do respond to citizens´s reasonable demands must be prosecuted by independent and responsible organizations. S´excuser ne suffit pas. Il faut des organismes independents qui surveillent le travail des institutions publiques.
smurfiennes blue
I wonder if his partners in crime are all captured. He said that he sent these girls elsewhere.
Hilda Gumsat
sad but really lousy job some of them could’ve been saved now they r angels and at peace but not for their families who is still suffering shame on those politicians and police and esp the evil men who have no mercy that took them and make them suffer hope they will suffer too and rot in jail and in hell
Maria Nikora
Keep close to your mothers…….at all times
Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker
So very very sad and it continues on ….such evil but they get their comeuppance in the next life below in the Abyss and it s forever and ever whilst the wee children are playing happily in their Heavenly Home forever and ever….
Christine Mott
Thats Right. Follow the Rules, blend in and noone will believe it when they hear bad things about you!!!!!!!
Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker
They are still trafficked and even more now than then
Janet Kendi
I thought it’s only in Africa where police is this incompetent. Shocking
Jacob Field
Lippen brothers, King Albert II, Etienne Davignon, The Solvay family.
Angela Berni
I’m discusted by it all. Nothing has improved today. Punishment isn’t severe enough !!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Emily Lemieux
Parents do know the evil done to their kids right
Angela Berni
Who was the bastard who let him out of prison in the first place ?? He is as guilty as the rest !!! People who harm children should NEVER BE ALLOWED OUT OF PRISON !!! NEVER !!! GET IT ??
Starve to death? OMG
Carole Rodgers
The law is indeed an ass!!
wendy b
What is the update on the house cleaning of the law enforcement and other govt agencies involved in this fucked up colossal mess?
Emily Lemieux
Sooo many evil men. Yes cops did allow it. Shameful
Emily Lemieux
Without DNA how did they know
Dawn Lynch
Ok so what happened to him was there a trial but convicted him for those for girls
Sad oh so sad.
Ruby Sultra
I dont want to live on this planet anymore.
thankyou fot the upload 🙂
Block Her
The authorities failed these girls, families and public
That’s not the all story, Dutroux was a child provider for a net…
Emily Lemieux
As usual all cops fail always
Emily Lemieux
So I hope they had brains enough to dig up alll his properties
What a hopeless police force
Things That Will Keep You Up At Night
This is why the death penalty exists and should be televised.
An Paul
Police and the government were hopeless ….coz men in police government and the cord was also in the crime 😢 no they die in wain,- this going on all over the world
DIANE Quelch
How long before they found them
Trashy Basher
“safe and well” — wtf !!!
Stefaan De Clerck (the Minister for Justice) is just awful.
Marg Kropf
Disgusting. The people in charge should have been imprisoned for life.
Helen Saunders
Sick barstard that did this. Poor girls, RIP
What a dreary place
julian dilling
Belgium aren’t up to much are they?
Gie Aromin
The system is not weak,the gendarmerie is plane lazy
The home of Hercule Poirot?? fucking clousseu more like 😳😳😞
Geraldine McCormick
That Stephen guy has only his career as his interest. Doesn’t give a crap what happened to the kids.
Jay Chanchez
when the missing girls Mother shares she told the police he should watch Miami Vice maybe he’d learn something it CRACKED ME UP !!!!!!