What will a US investigation into Native American boarding schools uncover? | The Stream – Blog

Urius Tosh
Mass graves mostly. The history is known, just not talked about by whites.
Maybe we start not calling them “Indians” anymore?
To this day Washington wants to keep these down shut. If Blacks had their civil liberties givem to them in 1960s. Why is it United States does not give the Native Americans to what rightfully belongs to them.
Yurei Tuesday
“First Nations” or “Native American” also “Indigenous” are preferred to the term Indian
sasquatch brett
It’s about time! When you hide predators over victims; especially children; you are Evil.
Hatice Ergun
This ugly face of western culture caused incredible amount of people to suffer as a consequences of acts of assimilations of different cultures. They will be made to pay the price of their violations of human rights..!
The usual , mass genocide and destruction of native culture, civilization and history
Jennifer L
Yes, uncover all genocides all over the world. May the truth bring some healing for the Native American community. 🙏🏻
Sherri Mcclarey
START By Publishing Washington’s Views Of Indigenous Americans Andrew Jackson Views And U.S. Act of Removal Of Indigenous Peoples
Stephen Stewart
they owned slaves. they freed them, hunted them down, lynched them, posed with the corpse hanging from the tree. how can you be shocked?
Herman Spaerman
What will an investigation of the kafala system in Qatar reveal. How many expats have died, get injured e.t.c. Time to investigate Jazeera.
Shawna Jacobs
I am Cayuga from Tuscarora. CPS is trying to take my children.
elianavo _
There is boarding schools in Israel which are in real different institutions where kids are being abused. There is a huge dirty business about it in a country. I wish I could speak up and reveal it to the world !
narciso, jr tadal
hi’ AL Jazeera ✌👍❤
Mash-allah A
Many Decades USA called many foreign countries they abused it’s people, but today the truth uncover the dark side USA being doing to native Americans. It’s inhuman. It’s example that a guest come to your house, and stap you in back.
It’s so confusing! I thought that they were talking about Indians. But they are talking about NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS.
พิทักพงษ์ เรือนอ้าย
Partha Mohan
Still no news on Taliban & its brutall killing🤔
hui zhong
Yet, they still celebrating Thanksgiving.
Scott England
Read about the genocide of the Timpanogatzi Indians at the hands of mormons to learn about what happened to the parents of these native children.
Every_Bit_Is Valuable
Is there a way to follow this as it unfolds?
Native American. Indians are from India.
Finz 99
“Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.” (1 Samuel 15:3)
Daniyyel Bey All Rights Reserved
Let me fix the title for you: European Foreigners Violently Force Indoctrination on American Indigenous Population & Then Feign Ignorance When They Find The Bones Years Later.
Daniel Sander
Some still get away with abuse and misconduct no one will do anything
Abraham M21
“Far more Graves in the US than in Canada…” that’s horrific.
Cagatay Tasdelen
the atrocities committed by religion is outrageous. all relgions should be openly discussed and criticized.
Nunus News
The graphic really should not say Indian… Nor should the host have uses that terminology. They aren’t Indian for one. They are First nations, or indigenous
Rita Sanderson
Seems a bit like what is happening in America Today. …. Watch it again and compare… 😞
Miliyaa ✅
Another graveyard?
I thought it was more in Canada.
King LiKuiD
The response of your average white imperialist to a video like this: Can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Indigenous people were the eggs and white imperialist America was the omelette that forcibly consumed the eggs.
I was born and raised in Montréal, Québec. I find it extremely sad and disturbing that my entire life I had absolutely no idea that these schools even existed until viewing it here, at 35 years old, on a television station from the other side of the world. This makes me feel so sad.
Rangeen mazaj
really horrified this news for me
Pssshh…so basically america and canada did to the natives people what china are doing now to Uyghur tribe…..nooooice…
Corine Thomas
These children were forced to love a God, by people who hated them and showed them no sign of this God having any love, through their evil deeds.
mohamed ali
Asian descent should work together,Thailand,Philippines,Indonesia,japan,Korea,Kazakhstan,china etc… Still genocide happen in our indigenous people of Brazil,Bolivia,canada and Greenland..please work together from: Indonesia
Universal Life Church Sister Kriss
They still have it called reservations they are slave camps
Ice Queen
La barbarie tiene un nombre un nombre, y es Islam!
*Star- Jammer!
The same how they need to look more into the Americans slaughter of my Black People’s!
Kai Huang
Short answer no, long answer no.
Yapyap Yap
Now we know why the US and Canada have been making false accusations of “Uyghur genocides”, a red herring to divert their evil deeds. Karma reveals.
Commonsense the Cynosure
Somewhat off topic, but as I have commented before, “Americans” do not really want to know American history because believe me it is monstrous. I am not exaggerating. It is incredible, unbelievable, how can a people’s every historical event preconceived with evil in mind.
Marsha M. Ammons
We’re now waiting for the American people are going to be expected to Wake up and see what the modern Boarding school’s are still doing the same thing as in the past years of old days. Please understand that I don’t know what to say about what had happened before. For all the truth is going to have to get outside of the White mans school 🏫.
Angela Catlipoca
My hart is crying out this is hurting my hart so bad I been crying like almost every day I’m a juaneno and now know with all them children Graves it hurts my hart so bad I can’t belive how people could be so cruel them days they tried to extinct us I’m alive cause my grate grandma went to one of those schools and was a live to have my grandma so now I’m alive and thankful to be here but I could only amagin what happened to all my ancestors that never made it and every one else my hart go’s out to all the family’s of the children
narciso, jr tadal
hi Guys whats up ❤❤❤
Love the style this news anchor has. 💐 but Islam did exactly the same thing with religions all over Asia and Africa. Wiped them out and converted by force. This is what Abrahamic religions do. Scared what this investigation will reveal
Steven Wolinak
They will find lots of buried natives ,, and they dont do western burials?? Imagine that
Tesfaye Ephrem
Badr Alhazmi
No wonder why most of Europeans now are atheists after they were Christians.
Fung J
plz investigate con camp in xinjiang, you’ve beening talking this topic which happened 100 years ago for weeks.
And please lets interview actual native people, she’s white, they stole the natives identity
John citizen
qutari? why do you care???
Mika Mitena
Now those are Families who deserve some SERIOUS Reparations!
Snowdens Right
NOT American culture. Catholasism not protestant. Remember Thanksgiving that’s protestant relationship with natives.
John citizen
250 years aho? time to move on…
Goku She buu
Ok British lady … maybe yaal shouldn’t talk about Indian anything
As a Canadian, this report is FULL OF ERRORS. They were not being “Americanized” for one thing.
WhiteHair Rules
These people took English names and none of them bothered to take Native American names when they had the right to. The fact now she is high up in the government is because of the fact she was assimilated. If she didn’t learn English and if she dressed the way her ancestors did, she wouldn’t be given the opportunity. Therefore let someone who resisted speak, if there is any