Wawahte: Stories of Residential School Survivors – FULL DOCUMENTARY – Blog

Sammie Jo 660
First I want you to know, I believe ever word you all spoke. May the true god bring healing to all Native people, for you all are the healer of this country and we all could learn so much.
Josie Mills
They broke their spirit is what they did..GOD heal your people. #Trudeauknew
monica mora
This made me so sad. The more I look into canada the more horrifying things I learn. 😳 makes me think of the story my mother told me of my great grandmother. 🧡🧡
Heather Johnson
I have heard first hand through my family members how abusive nuns were. The truth is out there now how evil the residential schools were.
Mark Wayne
If the federal gvt didnt educate them they would be blaming this today for there situation, damned if you do and damned if you dont, catch 22 with natives
Carter Blanco
This why the catholic religion will die. I’m first nations and a proud Muslim ☪️ Inshallah
Danielle Fasulo
Our natives are the most beautiful people I have ever Hurd of or that I have met
Working for God you know. The world is so so messed up
jaddy monterroso
There’s a silence in my heart as i listen to wounds of the little ones! How dare can a country hide in plain sight such atrocity…Canada is now my home and i’m so saddened to learn the ways this country broke with pride and religion the very core of this land… How can i be part of your healing dear children, precious generation.
I don’t think they should be called “schools” a school is a place to learn not to torture natives.
Why…just why………………….
Crying watching this… I am so angry that this happened !
Dan Johnson
The government won’t agree to an independent attorney’s investigation in to the residential school atrocities, instead of a truly independent investigation they labor to impose an RCMP investigation. The same RCMP who abducted and enforced the genocide of first nation’s people. The same RCMP who continue to enable the disappearance of first nation’s people. The same proven racist faction who continue to brutalize and murder first nations people.
Autumn Mist
Within 2 centuries the Native American pop. went from 80 mi;. to 8 mil. It is called genocide & no one says or does anything. Our previous V.P. Pence stated America does not have a race problem & the present administration buries his head in the sand. The movie Rabbit Proof Fence is important to all indigenous people.
Jacinthe Dansereau
Thank you for sharing those so painful years for you, the children, and your family. “J’ai pas de mots” a song from Grand Corps Malade…
Galicia Constellation - GALACTIC DRIP
This is happening all over the world today 😪 Very important humanity wakes up at this time and we take back our power and sovereignty… stand up for our children and our planet. To all who’ve endured these horrors (survivors or not) … my tears I cry with you. Your pain I hold in recognition and greatest compassion, your strength, your soul I honor. It’s time for great changes… NO MORE! That is my will, my word, my voice I’m choosing. Anyone reading this… join my heart and together let’s stop this endless cycle of fear and suffering. We are all connected … every pain we witness is in the greater picture our own. ✨💜✨
Ms Shaun
Time to disclose and prosecute the living demons responsible for the thousands of unmarked graves at the Indigenous residential schools.
John a macdonald will be judged, all will be judged for there sins, even with forgiveness there are those that have do e haness crime may be sent to the lake of fire for eternaty
Reverend marshal will be judged by God for hurting children
B Pedoniquott
Went to federal day school 1968 to 1976..what happened to our parents..continued when I was schooled..physical, emotional,mental and sexual abuse..
Nickie Wilson
I grew up during the 60’s scoop in Port Alberni as a Metis Coast Salish Wm single white mom. A few miles from the Red & she always threatened us with foster care if we didn’t behave & we knew the story’s so also lived in fear. I know when the closed they sold off the 500 sets of Canadian Villas Wood Furniture in the attic for over 40 yrs. Sold at $ 20.00 each because they were told they were savages & didn’t deserve them. My GGGrandmother was a Chief’s daughter from the Haida Gwaii. She was interned to Kuper Island during the Spanish Flu.While my Grandfather Captain James Douglas Warren was picking up body’s around Vancouver Island in his Steamships. My ansestors are Chief FREEZY, Albany, Peters etc. My Aunt Sarah Warren was a Matriarch of the Song and was interned to Sardis B.C. She was the 1st person in 🇨🇦 to have open heart surgery & 1st time win back the right’s for THE TRADITIONAL MASK DANCE. Only the truth will set us all free no more coverups this is your dirty secrets that definitely need some resolution & not your b.s.& lies anymore.
Winter Nunya
These stories are mild compared to those expressed in the book. Murder by decree. Censorship from YouTube?
Kim Brown
Nearly as bad as what the Nazis did to Jews .Poor innocent children .
angela charlebois
This is so painful and heartbreaking to watch. When my son was learning about it in School he said ” Mom i just cant even wrap my head around the fact that this actually happened.” He was very disturbed and confused. He really did not understand the divide and the hate and the overall reasoning of doing this. It made no sense to him. This should have never happened and as hard as it is to watch everyone should. Unfortunately i still see a lot of judgement, assumptions and racism towards Natives /First Nations, and i believe most of it is due to missinformation, lack of education and unfortunately pure racism but the more educated people get about history and the horrors and wrongs that were done, the more we can understand and make a chance and not ever tolerate anything like this happening again.
Most of their friend was buried underground of canadian church.
Patricia From Mexico
Of course. Why would u educate them on history? If u need humans who dnt have dreams and ideas of heroes or wars fighting to recover lands….!? That made them all shy and obedient knowing this is the end of their small world…
Patricia From Mexico
Hell on Earth….! Too much cruelty. Obviously previously studied to break them psicological and emotionally so they will obey…
Who is here because of what they discovered? #2021
Kids that ended up in day school usually had parents that already attended residential school
joe joe
Good doc ,, gives a fair report on the residential school system. Some of the students like Bunnie had a good experience at her school. Not always a horror show like the media wants you to believe.
The Hopi natives had a foretells that spoke of not relocation not losing there lands which has happened but of the crows that would take their children this was the ending of their tribe. Beware of the crows! Nuns in habits at residential schools.
Christa Bonilla
People have no clue what is coming to them. Their is a God and he is going to reward the wicked for their wickedness and it is not going to be cupcakes and lollipops. God is a righteous God and he does not like a false balance. Proverbs 11:1 “A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.” Nahum 1:3 3The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked
Jesus had said, “Suffer little children to come unto me for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven” But the people running these schools did not know what that meant. They were psychopaths.
Ganna Gil
Native people have the right to believe in what their ancestors believed. Christians of all confessions should stop imposing their god onto them . It has been happening for far too long and it’s another form of religious abuse
I find it abhoerent that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would state that burning of churches and damage to public property was unacceptable. I mean, even after it has been proven that the Canadian Government and the Christian churches were one and the same with Satan and instrumental in crimes of murder, theft of native lands from day one, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual and physical abuse beyond comprehension. Beyond comprehension because said crimes were committed against children between the ages of 5 to 18. How can anyone in their right mind say without a hint of guilt or remorse say its unacceptable for survivors to burn and damage EVIL churches and government’s property? They can’t say it or admit it because the evil is so ingrained in their psyche they are unable to see or hear their own EVIL which for generations have been interpreted as the WORK OF GOD. They are deaf and blind. DEAF with so much ANGER and BLIND with HATRED of Natives that they refuse-to admit to their being in LEAGUE with the DEVIL.
Debbie Black
I am not ashamed to be Canadian , it was not myself who did any of this, I am ashamed of those who stood behind the name of God and did this. It needs to be in history books of Canada, it needs to be looked at and heard so that it may never happen again. It was not the Canadian in those that abused, but the ignorance and cruelty that came from their hearts. There were those who could have said, “No!” It was sign of the times when there was no courage to say “this is wrong”. I pray we always have courage to stand against what is wrong….even if just for the sake of the children.
Sheila Kirby
Sheila Kirby
Ale Hdez
It’s very consoling that many survivors has overcome the experience in some way and found the peace of mind. But the society has the obligation of give them justice, because that was not something that just went wrong, it was a crime.
Ale Hdez
Auschwitz for kids. Unbelievable.
Christina Hope
Thank you for sharing.
Netizen Capet
The process of converting a people born free (where free = the real collective (versus fake Bolshevik) or individual ownership of the tools of survival, organs of economy, etc.) into an obedient rank and file workforce content to churn away giant swaths of their waking hours comlpeting repetitive processes for even a comfortable pittance in comparison with the wealth their activity generates for others has never proceeded except by brute force. After the free or partially free people not subject to this predicament has been subdued, its newly conditioned parents will reinforce their own subjugation upon their offspring so that their captive offspring can achieve slightly more within the narrow range of subjugation applied to their once but no longer free parents by getting a head start, beating the curve so to speak. Thereafter is the formation of classes wherein the propertied and the propertyless alike forget the origin of their position and attribute it to luck, themselves, or a general history grown too vague to have real impact… but there are always specific and real displacements, uprootings, disposessions, confinements, beatings, conditionings at the root of any large scale incorporation of humans into the wage labor system. Canada’s First Nations peoples had already been deprived of their own means of survival by the late 19th century; the next step was forced eradication of the language, knowledge, historical memory, tradition, and most of all comradery associated with the mastery of those means of survival.
Patrick Laud
When so many were abused you throw in this rare story? Disgusting to the survivors
Ompong Galapong
Karen Otte
I wish you could of gotten away from them.Where is Jesus ???when will he come for the 81 generations of children of the poor that suffered at the hands of evil people. It has to be dealt with it must.
Karen Otte
It’s always the children of the poor that suffer. And it’s getting bad again children are being stripped from their entire families right here in the United States to this day. I’m living proof of it
Christene :D
I’ve come to learn there were Canadian, Australian AND German residential schools. I want to see full disclosure of every Residential School ALL OVER THE WORLD guilty of this genocide and indoctrination. How many hundreds of thousands or MILLIONS of Aboriginal people were targeted??!! I want all Countries to admit their dark history. Canada should not be the only country reported about, but just the beginning to expose the whole truth. Governments responsible for these disgusting behaviours and practices goes further, wider and deeper than what we’re being told. So far, we’ve been told the last residential school in Canada closed 1998. What about the rest of the world??? We need assurances that the government has no current practices in place that render aboriginal people helpless in any way shape or form, anywhere!!. I know for a fact some aboriginal communities that are being withheld clean water, for instance. This is equally unacceptable. The road to rescue, resolve and healing needs to start now. So far, I’m hearing nothing of the sort. I want ACCOUNTABILITY not excuses and delays. 👹 It’s 2021, there’s no lack of resources or the technonolgy to act now. 💔💔 🙏🙏
Hope E Cochrane
I read an article a year or so ago, about a class action lawsuit in Canada. It was Indigenous women against a particular hospital. I can’t remember where, but these women were blackmailed by the hospitals. They had given birth, and were told they couldn’t leave with their babies unless they agreed to be sterilized. I was horrified, and this wasn’t that long ago. So, for those who think the racism has ended for these people, they are mistaken. It has not ended. The institutionalized racism is still in full effect, and we need to speak out about it. This was the land of the Indigenous. It was stolen from them and in the most violent of ways. It is our responsibility to do what we can to make up for it. Nothing can erase the damage done, but we have to try to at least assist in the healing. Let us not forget what our ancestors have done because if we do, then we become complicit. I remember the first time I learned about slavery..I was shocked and disgusted. It wasn’t until I learned of the genocide of North American Indigenous, that I felt absolutely heart broken. Such a beautiful people rich in culture. The ignorance and evil of the colonizers. I cannot fathom it. Here it is, and it never ended. Lets start with the Catholic church. Why won’t that Pope apologize? The Catholic Nuns and Priests got away with this. That alone makes me rage when I think about it.
Arfath Khan
USA🇺🇸, CANADA🇨🇦, SOUTH AFRICA🇿🇦, AUSTRALIA🇳🇿 AND NOW PALESTINE🇵🇸 & Xinjiang🏳! Apart from supporting these first nations indigenous people, Please stand with those indigenious who are being colonised and oppressed today!
Jennifer Leaf
Thank you for sharing
Thank you for sharimg
Murray Wiebe
This is my way of paying my respects to the kids who never came home. This is NO DIFFERENT then what the Nazis did in the second d world war, or what Josef Stalin did.
Line Frenette
As a Métis, I too cried when I discovered the remains of 215 Indigenous children in the city of Kamloops in British Columbia (Canada)😭😭😭
quitina dewey
For all those that want to criticize that don’t know the whole story if a father refuse to let their children go to these boarding schools he would go to prison and his children were forced to go to the schools also this happened for over a hundred years that’s why a lot of natives don’t know how to speak their own language and are still ashamed of being native even today
Sophie Claxton
These historical events that I’m only now learning about in my THIRTIES, break my heart. I feel shame, pain, disgust and sadness being white, British and a Christian. I know it hardly means anything, but I am so sorry. 💔
Lucia's Choice
It makes me cringe just the thought of these monsters that held the Bible in their hands to cover their devil ways. My heart will cry for a long time for all these lost souls . Being a mother of two beautiful children…This hits me hard and I hold them tight. Having someone walk in my home and forcefully take my children away is every parents nightmare 😭💔
Marianne Moroney
Absolutely amazed and thankful that all these people and their communities continue to show tolerance and compassion towards us settlers. This systemic, caustic and traumatic system to obliterate the cultures of all these people and that it almost achieved its goal is sickening.
Mehdi Hashemi
This biased stories of residential schools are very unfair. The bare fact is that the idea of residential schools was to educate the native children. I am sure if such efforts were not taken, for ever the native population of Canada were complaining why they were not given the chance to upgrade their lives. Above that the standard of life 100 years ago than today was quite different. I my self borne 85 years ago in Europe did not enjoy all in schools. I was punished, scared and humiliated any times. Over 100 years ago thousands of white British children from London were so poor, ignored and lived in bad conditions that charitable organizations organized to ship them to Canada to work on the farms. If you read about their lives in Canada, you will cry. Many of them were not taken care and had to work hard without any hope to see their parents ever. The British Home Grown Children never had luxuary of education, enough food or comfortable place to sleep. However, because they were white and British no one ever cared. The Canadian government has paid more than 3 billions of dollars to the so called survivors. All the natives have all the rights and no discrimination at all. Why the natives are not working as hard as immigrants to make a better lives for themselves? Looks like they are crying again for more money, not justice. The fact that a good portion of money goes into the pockets of lawyers, means that lawyers are exaggerating about it. I like to know if Residential Schools were so bad, why the parents did not protest and did not go to bring the kids back?
Tony Cabellarial
This is really horrible, but I can’t stand natives that never lived in those places and most people these days haven’t use this an excuse for current problems. They say the last one closed in 1996 but they were pretty much all closed by the end of the 80s. We have to stop using this an excuse for current bad behavior. I’m seeing young native children go into the local downtown mall and stab people for “gang” initiations. These residential schools were horrible and we should never forget what happened. But we need to help the current problems of the native community. I see young native kids say all they want to do is escape it but they can’t. They say if they do well and make and good money that their family will be at their door every day asking for money and harrasing them. Basically makes it so nobody can get ahead with their family around, and a big part of it is because they don’t like seeing their family member do well while they are not doing well.
Trevor B
Girl in video says she was slapped by an adult. To her this was unheard of…. is that really true? The Canadian journal of psychology reports that 29.7% of cree adults reported sexual abuse, 47.1% reported physical abuse and 52.9% reported emotional abuse…..in their own communities…..
Wild Bill
My white friend told me he only has grade 6 and wasn’t aware of any of this. He wasn’t taught about it when he was in school . He’s almost 70… He also said sorry for what his people did and feels guilty just being white.
J. B.
This didn’t jus happen in Canada it’s happened throughout the whole U.S. Jus imagine how many native children had to go through this. There has to be more mass graves of little kids. They suffered, they were beaten, abused, starved, and killed for being Native. All the hardship we been through we are still here. #NativeStrong ✊🏽 RIP to all the kids who lost their lives at these residential schools. 😭🧡
It is sickening and tragic as many other tragedy in history of the handy cap schools as well what they still were doing to them. In Russia the baby experience no touch. I don’t think MORE money solves what theyve gone through. If anything should help the ppl with mental care hospitals. Instead of building a horse race Track with the money already given. That could be a way to help the ppl who suffer now on drugs. They need to help them with their own medical mental health wards. Properly ran with professional Dr. Phychirtrist, nurses. Etc. This was horrendous tragic as most in the past by all man.
Star Bright
Happened worldwide. Still happening worldwide.
sasquatch brett
So many deceived by church & government devience for control of the human race. The core of US is black slavery; Germany the holocaust; Canada genocide of a native culture through children. SHAME
butterstix 24
This is why no one likes Christians.
couch photography
Justin Trudeau needs to be sat down and made to watch all of these videos, made so long ago. Canada’s shame is here for all to see. I am just disgusted that this happened to any people, of any race. Live and let live. What are the whites so afraid of?? There is so much to be learned from the First Nations culture and way of being. The deaths of the 215 children just found is the tip of the iceberg….probably millions are not yet found. Its a disgrace, but thank goodness it’s all coming out now. There is nowhere for the government to hide any more. Everybody knows Canada’s dirty secrets….
Kevin Wilson
These Residents school r run by and Catholic priests and nuns how could they treat native childrens so inhuman
Ashlam Nunhuck
We are unanimous to condemn this inhuman practice. However the Chinese government appears have been inspired by this and doing something quite similar these days. Will the world condemn the present situation?
Danny V
And is anyone waking up now to what our governments true face really is?
Charmaine Onespot
This is really sad 😭 where still hear an where going to fight back now
The teachers should be shot
I cant help but feel angry listening to this. I hope the priest and nuns involved have had a shitty life and a slow death. And even that doesnt make up for everything they have done.
Kelly J
so sad, what they did to those innocent children and their families
Cynthia Miller
These Catholics are just like the SS in Germany.
I always look at thoses nuns like devil. They bit childrens like demon’s. I can imagine how many childrens they bit to dead starving and abused
The school where the graves were found was in Kamloops, this school was closed in 1978, my father was NOT Prime Minister at the time
S Love
Seems like they were forced to attend a residential school only for natives indians. They didn’t like brown skin native indians. Included the ones who couldn’t speak english. That is the government and Catholic church for you. Only controlling everyone and making unfair laws so we would loose the relationship with each other and be controlled and forget the real truth. No human being is illegal. We are live in this world together. Imagine how Honduras families feel like when they got separated upon entering other towns to call home. No one is free in this world because the government likes to be in control of everyone and own everything. Very sad times.
quitina dewey
The more I listen the more I realized why I was treated the way I was treated by my own people and why they did certain things that they did. I’m 30 years old but I never had it as bad as our ancestors did in the in the beginning of these boarding schools. I really just want to be a better person for my people and my culture. Being aware of the truth is my biggest motivation to be stronger for my people BTW im from the Windriver reservation in Wyoming.
Tina Saunders
Cultural genocide….this is horrific…..our history books need to reflect the truth of what Canada did to these families…..suffer the little children…..my heart breaks…..your 215 plus souls can now be set free….free from the evil of what we did. I’m ashamed of being Canadian
Josee Noel
This is awesone, I’m a chick forest technician who majored in Sylviculture and worked 2 hours North of LaTuque yrs back. It is truly disgusting how many French view the Indians. The protestants also view the French with distain. There is much wrong with our school systems also, so many at war with nature, peace ✌!
Cindy Lamajan
Came here and research because of the news that they found the dead bodies of 215 kids recently.. hhmm really tragic!
Min L
The pathetic tractor fundamentally train because decrease strikingly scorch within a bumpy sister. calculating, lackadaisical starter
Trace Williams
Sooo sad….they were shown no respect, kindness nor love…just abuse at different levels and beatings. Total Shame…
donna harris
Runaways…maybe…but in light of the finding of the bodies of over two hundred children at a residential school..it would seem something more sinister was happening. Murder
Anshi Wang
say something as if this happened in China
50 million indigenous people of NA were victims of genocide. Those who committed these horrific acts, are still among us.. Their descendants carry on their DNA, incapable of compassion. 95% of serial killers, mass murderers, psychotics are incapable of compassion, share common DNA. Its not their fault. Its in their genes… “other” primate, DNA. Empathy is what differentiates homo sapien, “humans” from other primates. Only DNA testing will allow us to find “them” before they act on their unconscious tendencies, to commit the full range of “non” human acts, from simple bullying to serial killing. We can do this. We have the technology. Lets do it.
Kurtis Blow
DAMN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – Sinead O’ Connor was right.
Maori Tane
Cruel intentions pffft religion lol
Arrrgonot *
One thing i don’t understand, why would parents willingly give up their children?
Arrrgonot *
I hurt so bad and ashamed of white Christianity that I have been indoctrinated. Now that so many dead children have been discovered in Kamloops god help them! Reparations is the least Canada can do, bankrupting Catholicism a must! Death to the Catholicism! Burn the harlot of Babylon! As a white man I apologize to the indigenous peoples of the America’s.
Lala Lili
They just found the remains of 215 children buried by a residential school. How many more will they find when they look around the rest of the schools?
Life with Shir
Watching this after 215 children remains were found in BC May 2021. What a shame. The things that white people did and were allowed to get away with. And to think the system still to this day , only work for them. Such a damn shame!!! Sorry for all the lives lost😔
2051 Security
It’s good to hear these stories. But very difficult at the same time. Hearing those details seeing the pictures of the childeren. I am so sorry for everyone I will think about you. May you find healing and rest
Lookman -
Why is the Government being asked for compensation when the Catholic Church is equally culpable and was the major beneficiary. The Government of Canada should sequestrate the property of the Church for compensation. The taxpayers are less guilty than the Church.
Lexi Nield
May there god/ess bring them peace
I am glad some Indian kids were treated well at Indian Residential School. I appreciated the few staff who were kind. They lasted a few weeks. I missed them. Blanche Jackson was my group head girl. She was kind and played her guitar. I searched for her in later years but found only an obituary. Sorry I could not thank her for being kind.
I thanks to my dad, valued education. He told me too I need not live on the reserve. I never forgot his words. I retired from Attorney General, Victoria BC, legal assistant. I hate that Govt/church did such harm to we first nations. But I hate no person. Rascism is perpetuated. I chose not to hate.
At 76 I remember the horror. Mushhole, Brantford Ontario.
i dont understand how the parents,who went to residential school. would then send their children to the same school. I think I may have hidden my babies from the authorities
miss maggie
Sooo why is no one talking about the disappearance of 10 children from a picnic with Queen and Prince Phil??? Disgusting. The royals are evil trash and so is the Vatican.
Surfer Rosa
Senseless and abhorrent beyond words
S Ariyaratne
Every where white Christian people went they treated the people who owned that land like animals. I am Sri Lankan we heard people being nailed to trees for a not following their stupid laws like learning ancient medicine it was when British were there. They can be very cruel almost like non human, unfortunately. Karma is a boomerang.
Dulce Meil
It’s disgusting and dispecable that the gov and pratt removed these native american children from their family only to place them in catholic or boarding 🏫 where their identities and language and culture were taken away from them but they were abused ..not only by those caretakers at the schools but by their adopted parents..so sad for these children…
Solei Hamburgerworth
The Flag is only upside down to signal distress and danger of life. I keep my flag, in my room, upside down until the Natives live as free and safe as the rest of the Canadians.
tu meke
From Aotearoa New Zealand, Aroha nui (much love)💚https://youtu.be/Ss9LTuJo9_I
Patricia Rowe
Moh Chuduri
So Sad, what a religion. its wrong lead
Blossom Fleurie
All men were created equal and deserving of respect. Jesus Christ we are ready for your return.
Blossom Fleurie
Some things never changed. Jesus Christ returns is near. Please hurry Jesus. The time is now. We’re waiting for your return with great expectations.
patricia johnston
I had no idea this happened! I’m so ashamed to be a Canadian! Our government is no better than Hitler ! We need to protect and justify what we have done. Shame on you Justin Trudeau! You haven’t kept your promise…
Christine Adams
Christine Adams
Liz P
The church has a hell of alot to answer for.
Albert Haah
All human beings are evil.
Alison Kohne
As a proud mi’kmaq……. My heart is hurting, My heart is breaking. My eyes are heavy filled tears as I try to stay strong, the pain of reality takes over. My tears fall down my face, the pain cuts through not only my heart …..but my soul.
cherry in a box
This is why I hate . Regilon and this is why I am athiest? LIKE WTF my family is first naiton BUT I JUST WONDER WTF WAS THESE CHISTENS DOING .
That’s why I am so mad when Stephen Harper, once the Canadian Prime Minister, said there has no colonization in Canada. Shame on him and anyone believe the same.
Azazel X
Religion, especially the Catholoc religion is DISGUSTING!!!!
REPENT , for the Kindom of Heaven is at hand
I pray that all those priests and nuns are now on Hell , recieving the very same torture that they inflicted on these innocent children.
nicholas sweazey
i thank each of you for sharing your painful life stories. may we all learn from you so that this will be taught in schools and not swept under the rug. may each of you find healing, that is my prayer for you
This video should be shown and used as part of Canadian History in our education system. There needs to be more awareness to what had happened in Canadian history to get it where it is today. There is so much we don’t know about our own history because we are so ashamed of our past; and our present too.
veronica horton
There is deepfake footage in here around the Christmas 22:30. Ice cream bars.
You are aboriginal, you will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
Kailey Kitsune
Did I just watch 3 different documentaries about this topic? Yes. Am I beyond enraged by how my family members had been sent away to these schools? YES Thinking back on my grandmother telling me that they would run away to get food, they’d eat poisonous berries off of a nearby bush or tree bc the food the school served them was usually rancid porridge. Not realizing how MESSED UP that really is bc I was a little girl. How she still to this day using a scouring pad in the bath bc thats how they would clean them to try and “get the dirty, brown” out of their skin. Which obviously it doesn’t work that way. Uuggghhh
cherry in a box
Like things like these is why I hate humanity
Juulia Saarinen
96? It been there for a long time, why they didn’t close it earlier.
Terri Rickert
I wish it was clearer as I had a hard time reading the information shown. Thank you for the CC also. The force use of residential schools has broken my heart.
Cassandra R
This is so cruel and sad. Absolutely horrified, more people need to know about this.
wow, im happy i didn’t go, well i mean im japanese but i didnt wanna lose my manbun so im so sorry for what yall gotta go through
Randy ThirdSun
Janet Sides
They did the same thing here in The States. Why?? European whites were horribly wrong,they were so wrong to do this.
Now the Chinese are doing this to muslims
This is sad shit
Religion the root of all evil
Adonia Mohammed
you gain it back with victory God is on the native indigenous people side
Adonia Mohammed
But everything for you lost will give back from the creation of heaven
Adonia Mohammed
The devil came to take ingenuous people belief and and because they not happy with they self
They are still doing this to me. They wrongfully accused me, jailed me, no trial. Even my lawyer colluding with the accusers who was a VIP of Alberta Justice Department. The police, the crown prosecutors, the department of Justice, the Judges are all politically corrupted. Even today I am sueing them they are doing the same thing. Not only recognize the wrong they did. They defaulted and the Judge ordered me to pay the defaulted Ministry of Justice. They are bold to continuing to abuse the system.
Travis Walsh
Makes me ashamed of my country and ashamed of being Canadian
mou tsee
it was a terrible crime, my heart is bleeding for these poor innocent little souls
Of all the traumatic stories by the hundreds from the survivors of these schools, I just cannot believe that “Bunny’s story” was not written by an impostor and that the story was fabricated.
The fing Devil!!!!!!!!
Nicodemus Blackbird
a pain that never leaves our hearts . These schools came in many forms
Nancy Deis
Government taking children from their parents at the border of Mexico/USA . Geez where have i heard of this before??? DISGUSTING
D. Roberts
Pure evil what was done to our beautiful First Nation People.
Daughter of the Risen King
What a abomination these people are deeply disgusting heartless fake wicked School’s
Mark Little
Thank you for posting this. I am learning of this at the age of 64 and am amazed that this took place. I never gave much thought of “Indians” growing up. I learned most of my information from Tv or from movies. As I have gotten older I am learning that the “Indians” are our 1st Nations,and that we should be ashamed in the way our country has tried to erase these beautiful people. I am learning more about this now than I ever did before. My heart goes out to those kids who were taken from their homes. Through watching and listening to the stories people will have a better understanding of what happened.
Bob Albany
I noticed Mcintosh train stop. This place is in the middle of nowhere and it is a car ride from there to Mcintosh School. I heard from a survivor of Mcintosh that children saw men burying and burning young children there. I assume from his story that the children were babies. Who in mankind has the will to treat children like this and see their actions as righteous? This should be taught in all Canadian schools.
Thank you for sharing.
Kelsie Kelly
Crying watching this I am a proud ojibway women both of my grandparents went to residential schools and I never got to meet them as they both commit suicide….my heart hurts for them and all our people who have and still are being affected by this horrible genocide !!! 😭😭😭
Miss Webb
Wow. They really did a number on Bunnie. Poor girl. Blind for life. Though I am not of the native main-land tribes, our bloodlines are the same, and our experiences quite similar though ours was far more destructive. I say this because with us they went as far as to not only destroy the family, but did so to the point that we no longer have that kind of love for each other, or our young, that comforts & supports as we try to return to who we were. Instead they broke our families to such a depth that we now continue these abuses on behalf of the those that, infected with such greed & inhumanity, hell bent on destroying our belief in the “we & our”, and drove the “I & me” into our hearts forever. I myself was raised by a Dark Triad of my own blood (mother). A broken human being broken by her own father long before I was even born. You see, the war they waged against us 500 years ago, goes on right up to this day. Those that landed on our beaches and determined that our girls of such delicate ages were ripe for the sexual pickings, that beat the native women, used & demanded of us how ever they pleased, drank to the point of debauchery, saw everything as a cause to celebrate, and deeply instilled shame & self hatred in us for being born who we were,…and though we are only days away from 2019, on my native island not much of what began in 1492 has changed to the present day. The domestic violence, child abuse, molestation, incest, alcoholism (and now also drug abuse), debauchery, deeply instilled self-hate, gender bias, and unfair & inhuman demands, continue unchecked and unchanged.
yeeter mcskeeter
can we get a feels bad in the chat lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololol ur a noob
Alejandro Andrade
Bunnie you were stolen and brainwashed! Your poor parents probably grieved everyday for you! I don’t believe your account is true because it is the only school that didn’t abuse every child in the stolen generations history.
Noah Namey
What do you do with a conquered people? You try to assimilate them. Remember now, there were white boarding schools that were just as apt to use corporal punishment – government expected all its citizens to conform. I’m certainly not saying it was right, but it was a different time.
Siouxsie 06
This happened in Australia too with the ‘stolen generation’ taken into white foster families. Similar reasoning -assimilation.
Steve Shane
Also to add to my previous post!….if an English speaking kid went to a French immersion school back then….what do you think happen?….the same dam thing!
Steve Shane
It’s funny how the nats act like they were in Auschwitz and as if no one else in the world had ever experienced this treatment….everything I’ve heard here I’ve heard from my all white father…straps rulers on the knuckles spankings.. .hell I’m a survivor of bare assed spankings soap in my mouth my belongings being taken away! I watched my grandmother give my cousin a strapping with a 3 inch wide leather belt known by the family as ”black johnny” the only reason why these nats think they are something special is because they went from their cultural norm to our cultural norm….I’ve heard stories from friends parents that they use to get the spin of a large knife across the knuckles! Again….all white getting the same treatment. White kids have also been raped and beaten killed even….this does not make you special! At what point do we as a society say ok should we help these nats grow into a larger community to help them thrive or do we allow then to remain uneducated and live like cavemen until the end of time? Is that a good life for them while the rest of the world makes leaps and bounds forward? What’s the right answer here I mean seriously what do you do!? My family and friends have never complained about their upbringing….it’s made them strong respectable people who work hard….MY generation has lost that….the next generations are even worse. We need to go back to a time where teachers had actual authority and parents didn’t step in between them and their kids. Spankings need to make a serious comeback too! I see no evidence of poor treatment of these nats….it’s was literally no different from anything my family experienced and they are all white….it’s was the common practice if the time and everyone has always had to go to school because that’s law! You are entirely welcome to your culture but it’s time you start integrating with society in a peaceful manner….maybe then we won’t hear about how a nay broke into someone’s house or car or barn and ended up dead because they got violent…..enough with the self victimization already….your not a victim anymore then anyone else
Dene Pride
Blacks coming Canada should read and learn about this before talking about slavery in Canada…the difference between Slavery and residential schools is that all Blacks today have never experience being a Slave… Yet they talk about it as if they lived it and overlook survivors of residential schools that are still alive today…..
Ron Weiss
Christianity the Curse of The World.
Eugenics program of Psychiatry … Infiltrated the churches and Governments. An unholy alliance. check out CCHR.ORG Humanities hidden enemy. Tax dollars hard at work. You be the judge.
Reminds me of stories I have heard in New Zealand of Maori Children abused in state “care” and Catholic schools. Beaten for speaking their own language. A root cause of our countries terrible social problems. The generational impact of these crimes is massively destructive.
Devastated looking at all these sad little faces. I send peace to all these souls.
A National Indian Residential School Crisis Line has been set up to provide support for former Residential School students. You can access emotional and crisis referral services by calling 24-Hour National Crisis Line: 1-866-925-4419
Karen Toole
So sad the poor little sweeties can’t understand how cruel people especially religious could be to such innocent children who were homesick and sad and had a loveless upbringing so very sad a bad legacy I wish all the survivors well x
Nahh Fool
These types of schools had to exist in America. My tias, tios, mother, grandmother and nana used some of these disciplines to punish my siblings, me and my cousins. In their old alcoholic age, I can see the hurt in their eyes. Much like bunny, they lost who they are by conforming.
Karen Toole
Just been reading about this very sad part of Canadian history. I didn’t know if but as a Catholic know those responsible were not Christian or holy. Can’t understand how cruel & heartless the nuns etc that worked in these schools could be and why were they all the same. Treating these poor often already abused it orphaned little babies so bad & wasn’t it so harsh to have to leave their parents and siblings to a world with no cuddles no love. Those responsible have those crimes on their soles and will never get to heaven. God Bless all you survivors 🙏
Thank you for telling your story. It is a part of Canadian history I was not aware of in the US. Your story is quite similar to the treatment of slaves and Native peoples in our country–stripped of your language, sense of being, purposed to be broken through similar beatings, left deprived of spirit. But like us, our resilience is the very thing that drives us to exist despite recognition. Healing is personal but history can never be forgotten lest it dares to repeat itself. Tell this story again and again lest future generations be doomed to become actors in a scene well played by oppressors. We live in an evil world and those that would perpetrate an evil of this magnitude have already chosen a special their pathways to eternity. God bless you all and the families that suffered. We are three generations post slavery, reconstruction, Civil Rights, voting…we have guarded our spirits. Today my family has amassed 24 college degrees in a variety of medical, mathematical, educational, instructional leadership roles. We are rebuilding, teaching, encouraging, reminding, and building a better life for people one community at a time. It can be done. It will take time. We must remember. To God be the glory for his mercy and grace that we survived to tell of the evils against us worldwide.
tommy edwards
Katheryn Cadieux
my son feels such sorrow in his heart for these actions that happened to these children. It is important to educate.
This is the EXACT STORY OF THE JEWS.This story makes me to feel shame, shame for my skin color, shame for those who represent my God and Shame for the history i cannot bear witness to, though i feel i deserve to feel the pain all these children felt. I PRAY THAT NONE OF THESE PEOPLE THAT TWIST RELIGION GET TO TASTE PARADISE. MAY THEY ALL BURN IN THE FIRES OF THE HELL THEY CREATED FOR THE MOST INNOCENT OF LIVES.
Loud Pack
I’m embarrassed to say I’m Canadian.
Wot about the 10 kids the queen and prince Philip ate from kamloops kids home as well???
Derek Stynes
To my Cree Brothers and Sisters, My Father was brought to Court charged with been a ” Destitute Orphan ” age four when his Mother Died two years after his father Died. There where Four Boys and they where sent to a ”Christian Brothers” Industrial School” this was in 1930 Ireland and He was Beat and told He was a pauper and no one cared or wanted Him. Suffice to say He was Targeted by Serial Paedophiles in the School and as a Resident He never had anyone to help Him and He only got free when they Discharged Him at 15 year old. I am one of His thirteen Children So Please Know You where Treated this way because They Knew No Better and Everyone of Them Has to Answer to God and We will Look upon Them at that Time. My Deepest Respect to You and Your People.
EVERY Canadian must support any efforts to give financial or other reparations to Canada’s First Nations people. There should be no statute of limitations on genocide and abuse. Status cards with tax exemptions – money for broken treaties – as a white Canadian I support it all.It does not fix what happened but it is a public acknowledgement of the wrongs that were done.
lets not forget the canadian indian kids that were stolen by the queen of england ,and prince philip…..never to be seen again.RIP William coombe
Billy Hunt
hard to be a proud white Canadian
Ann Wesley
Bunnie: you were STOLEN, how can this be alright for you? and what about your TRUE family, how do you think they feel? IS IT NOT ALRIGHT!!!
Apple Taters
My heart aches for my people who lived through this. I wish I could go back and tell all these beautiful young native children that they have the spirit’s of our past ancestors with them, and that one day our people, their children and grandchildren, will fight to tell their stories, to hold those in power accountable for these wrong-doings. My heart hurts for you all, the ones who died and were buried in unmarked or numbered graves, and the ones who are still alive today to tell their stories. kisâkihitin, kinanâskomitin. <3
Joni LeViness
Just beginning this documentary and seeing that there aren’t and never have been borders to patriarchy. So ready to see forgiveness, healing and a rising up of one people, one love.
Thank God for Catholic nuns. Such a breath of fresh air in this story +
Jeanie1940 sunshine
Warm Springs , Oregon.. my story.
Jeanie1940 sunshine
Warm Springs, Oregon. 1940’s
Nicole S
will never understand how the european heart was made so cold…
I want to know this person who tells. I see table cloths – no way. Sliver causing picnik tables my time
I am glad for this peson. a medal. Thanks for your service. War started/new/way more dangerous. Trump cant deal w trollions in debt & think there is monry? dream on DJT. Mohawk Woman
This seems an older version of what I went through. Articulate lady, thank you. I went through Harper ‘apology’ & all the “Indian Residential School ‘agreement'”- years of my life & more suffering. I went the whole nine yards. Govt made it really hard despite news reports. Money to survivors-ha. A pittance to what consortium of cross canada lawyers sucked ftom us. Oh well – crap! Thanks for reading.
OMG. Triggers. I was there, same thing 8+years. I am still hurt.
I am a 9+ years survivor of Indian Rez. School. I achieved because ‘dumb indian’ were words that could never confine. I am still in my 70’s have dreams of trying to run away – steel locks. I wonder in retrospect in a fire, who would have had the keys? Distrust, that is me. Hannora.
Shawn Campbell
I watched this video at school today.
Philip Holmes
First off the priests & Nun’s where killing raping the native children, as far back as my Great grandmother to my grandmother my uncle’s to my grandfather, my father to my mother where all in these schools of Evil and has residential school really stopped in Canada? The prison system 89 % in the prison system are aboriginal, to CFS Across Canada a very high percentage are aboriginal children.& What its called is racism.